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09-23-2001, 07:24 AM
I will start by posting Pam's last post so it isn't missed
Well I see you'll have gotten used to me
I was very physically ill yesterday and yes I try to post most everyday. It it important to me. I lost 1 Lb this week. Of course I have welcomed that tme of the month again two weeks after the last one so this to is no helpful. Another medical thing fto see to but I have had problems in this area since my daughters birth and death (all in one go). Sue I know you will understand this well but I am a DES baby and while my female organs are not deformed they are very small. That pregnancy was a miracle in it'self. I wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant ever... so I am just thankful I had her at all. As for this weight loss problem ....yes I am again at the crossroads but Sue (my champion) I am hanging tough. I must do this for my health and for my own personal self Idenity. This week has been very frustrating but sitting with my head over the garbage can for nearly two hours yeasterday did nothing to increase my spirits. Still, I know that really it is no big deal I just have to be Patient.
I admit it is a bit strained but still holding. I visualize my goal every day. I have been eating a more varied selection of foods.
I made Liver and onions last night , something I love but perhaps frying was not a good idea. No breading of course but bacon grease. I have been using butter on my boiled eggs. my omelet was just eggs and hot dogs but these hot dogs have no fillers and is made of quality meat , I have only one place I can buy they as they are kosher. Perhaps this is still a bad idea. I don't know.
I made beef soup this past week with yellow squash ,onions, celery tomato sauce canned, garlic salt , white pepper, carrots and round steak. I eat no bread or starches of any kind including
starchy veggies. I hope I don't have to live on tuna permanently but I will if I have to. I have no stairs and couldn't use them if I did. On a flat surface I walk fairly normally but outside of that my legs collapse. I haven't walked about as much as I have been ill but I guess plain tuna will have to be the diet this week just to get me past this wall and then girls even with the Atkins book I will appreciate food input. I may go back on the drink alone for a while if tuna doesnt work. Wish me luck. Ok so pray hard for me.

Lee, I am so sorry for your loss and for the pain of your children. It is a difficult time for us all but for you and for others who also have lost love ones there are no consoling words. Just know some of us understand only to well and all of us care . Vent all you want or need to it is better to lay it out and share than wear.
Give yourself a bit of time and the support of us all. Take care.

Pam, I hope you are feeling better today. The soup you made sounded wonderful. The only thing that come sto mind as I read what you have been eating, is sodium. I don't know if it is connected but I seem to be really sodium sensitive since I started this woe. Just a thought.

I can't believ how fast the board went up. I miss it when it is away. DId well on food and water yesterday. No where near the 120 oz though. I can't seem to pace myself on the weekends like I can at work.

DH went to the MD Friday. The MD was ok w/ it diet, just OK. She did order some lab work though. I will be eager to see the results.
I can't beleive teh number of peoeple who beleive lo carb is no carb eating. WOW. :dizzy:

I have another interview this week I will be so disappointed if I don't get it or can't take it. I am already there in my head. :o

It is so quiet here ( all over the board) I hope things pick up a bit.
will check in later

09-23-2001, 06:42 PM
Hi Pam and Pat and all others that will follow. Hey pat pam snuck another one in while you were not looking i will post iy::

Wow am I proud of our group! ya'll are doin so well. I slipped once this day and had a biscuit. My husband doesn't get it and brought me breakfast. Eggs, bacon, potatoes and a biscuit with butter and jelly. I held my fungers up like a cross and hissed at him. My down fall has always been breads. I had one biscuit with my eggs and bacon. He thinks you can only lose weight by calories and no matter how I explain it.....well my Taurus is stubborn. It is my only slip and it won't happen again. I am a good kid. So my Mom say's. Really I am just not willing to let go of the vision....the day I reach my goal and Sue You already know mw pretty well......I will have fireworks even if they come from my own soul!!!!!! Love you all.

Hey pam there ias to be some reason that the weight is not comming off. what do you weigh now??? and are your clothes getting any looser?? that coutl be some of the thing that with this diet you can gail lean body and lose the fat and not see any weight change except the clothes getting looser. Pam what happend that you were puking all yesterday?? did you eat some thing wrong? or just the flu bug. ?? Your husband is thinking of you and loves you. just tell him if he does that again you will just have to kill him even if he loves you!!! :lol:

do not go to just tuna just yet. another thing is that your bosy is so used to yo yo dieting that when it is faced with a reduction on calories then it will shut down and hold on to any and all calories that it can. the only way to break that is to take in atleast 1200 to 1500 calories daily, you may need to increase your carbs slightly and do this for a week till your body gets used to having more callories. then cut out the carbs a totally for 2 weeks doing the atkins induction. that shouold beat the feast/famin mode that your body is in. I agree with pat regarding the salt. it does tent to hold the fluid in alot for days on me. the soup sounds delicious too!!! MMMMMMM

I have to confess Pam your biscut was small fries to what i ate saturday. i gave my self a break as i have been fighting it right along and then i decided to give in and eat then i can go back anc=d eat properly. i have to say although it tasted good i did not enjoy my self. i feel so guilty everybite. and then my stomach did not feel good when i was finished. I am gaoing to do my body for life challenge again. my friend that i started it in june wrote to me last week and we have been coresponding all the time since she is ready to do it again. so we are starting again on monday. I am so ready for this and i ahve been exercisisng my butt off to be ready. so for the enxt 12 weeks i will be going full force with the exercise that i am going to get to goal!!~!! (I hope) for my birthday.

Pat i am getting nervous regarding job too. i will be praying for your interview let us know when it is so we can send great vibes your way!!!

I have not found any thing available yet that is near to me. I will be checking in to the hospital this week although i do not watnt to go there. and last resort the nursing ho me.

Lee check in, joanne too and Dana also we are waiting for you to check in.

09-23-2001, 08:58 PM
Hey Sue,
Nice to see your post. I think that everyone is so used to teh move taking a few days that no body has been checking. It has been so quiet everywhere.
I am sorry that you might have to work in the hosp or N.H., What did you do before. Was it home care or did you lean toward adm.? Sorry if I seem nosy.
My interview is Tues after work. Send all teh vibes you can spare.It is at a local outpatient clinic.

I did OK food wise, water poor as usual on teh weekend.

Sounds like you are holding your own.

Pam , Dana, Terri and Joanne and Lee. Thinking of you all. Hope you had a great weekend.

To all you lurkers jump in anywhere. You are more than welcome.

09-23-2001, 09:28 PM
I was in Home care but as the nurse supervisor. I did the Nh once and really blew my mind badly i almost wanted tyo get out of nursing completely after that and the hosp wel i just put my heart in to my work and get so burned out that i can not take care of my family with it. pluss they only consider the senority there and i would be doing off shifts and holidays (all the onesw that count) and weekends. and my kids really need me to be there for them. i am willing to be a lower pay scale (like i was here) to get better hours. so i am in a wuaandry. Hey i heard that the nurse from water town is leaving// they are desperate. the pay is not so great but it is better hours. if you want to travel the distance. I will be thinking ofyou on tuesday. and have you in my prayers.

09-24-2001, 12:58 AM
Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to say a quick hello! As you can see by the time it is waaaaay past my bedtime, but I wanted to check in.

We had a very nice weekend. (Spent time at our youngest son's college and our oldest son went with that was nice.) Having to say "good-bye" to both of them today (our oldest went back to HIS colege) was NOT nice. They are still "my babies" even if they are 18 and 21. it off to bed and on to MONDAY! ( owe me a "weigh-in" babe!)

I wish you all a wonderful ON PLAN week as we travel down the long and winding road to GOAL!

I will write more tomorrow....I am getting sleeepy......sleeeeeeeeppppy.....SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEPPPPPPPYYYYYYY! :dizzy:

09-24-2001, 06:21 AM
Good Monday Morning,
My Sat weigh in was 243#

I posted a lo carb log thread for those wanting to post their menu, water and exercise daily for a week. Lo carb log sounds like an appetizer LOL.

Dana sounds like you had a great weekend w/ your family.

Sue, I completely understand about NH and teh hosp. Have you consisdered the following? ( keep in mind I am completely in the dark about Cortland)
Children's clinics( headstart)
Teaching at Boces/College
Nurse at a manufacturing company
Outpatient sub abuse clinic( Your RN is a QHP for them)/ mental health clinic.
Pharmacutical sales

Watertown and Syracuse are crying for nurses. The nurses at samaritan just passed their 4 year contract w a 3.5 percent increase. With your supervisory exp you would get a job here quickly. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, I recipricate completely.

Well I have to find some motivation to get thru the day somehow. We are expecting some changes as a result of nonsence at work. It bodes to be an extremely stressful week at work.

Will check inlater

09-24-2001, 09:05 PM
Good evening all,
Well the bomb dropped at work today. SO at least that is over. Now it's time for the fallout.
No stress eating though.

I want to say taht after skiping my w/o this am and then going to the gym this pm. what a difference. I really wished I hadn't talkked myself out of it this am. I felt so much better this afternoon. I hadn't w/o'd out since Friday and was I missing it.
Oh my gosh I am missing my working out. Who would have thought it?

Hope everyone else is doing well

09-25-2001, 10:13 AM
Hello my dear Friends!!!

I'm finally back home and ready to start life over. These past few weeks have been so tragic for me, but as I have learned in the past, life does go on.

Obviously, I was unable to stay on program for part of the time I was out of town. I never went overboard while falling off the wagon, but I gained 10 pounds. I'm sure most of it was water weight as I am back to the weight I was when I left. Other than my morning coffee and my "happy hour", I did not keep up with my water intake...not a good thing!!!

For the last 2 days I have been back on program. I am doing (re)induction (until last week, I hadn't been off of the induction phase, which is probably why I was able to lose my weight so quickly) so that I can get back in ketosis. As I sit here typing, I have a huge glass of water next to me. My appetite hasn't quite returned, but I am trying to eat...hungry or not.

I can and will do this program. Now that I have learned all the things I am allergic to and/or those which cause me to gain weight, I'm sure this program will be easier to follow and that I will start dropping the weight again. It was frustrating losing and gaining like I did...especially when I had never cheated and was staying on the induction phase of this program.

I've not caught up on everybody, but you have all been in my prayers. Please forgive me for not addressing each one of you as I normally would. I will get back into the swing of things, but I have to do it slowly. Just know that I am with you all...all the way.


09-25-2001, 09:15 PM
Lee glad to see you back. do not worry what you have gained is all water. I hope that the last week was not to tragic for you. Drink drink drink. keep the water handy for you! you will be back in no time to sheedding the poundage!!!

Dana i will not weigh in just yet i have about 5 lbs of fluid haning on me right now. i am near 180's and i know that i was down to 176 for a few days. TOM is comming and the not good water intake and the not good diet for the alst few days i have fluid in my legs and i can feel them!!!

PAT what BOMB??? (the one that you were looking for a new job?) or was there another one that i had my head in the sand for??? it is funny how the exercise makes you feel good! (see dana) :lol: I know that i am feeling better today for that and am ready for a killer workout tomorow!
there are not that many schools here i cortland or near here and they do not pay hardly at all!!! no where near what i was making. clinicks the same so i am just in the wishing stage!!!

Pam follow us up here hun!!!you sstill manage to catch the older threads just hit the newwest one with the last number. You are doing great but stay away from the crystal light!!!! that may be the key. your body is reacing to the fake sugar.

OOOOOOOHHHHHH that is why i have been dioing so badly i have been drinking about 2 L of diet soday every day the last few days!!!! that is why i am having such a hard time!!! DDDUUUHHHH well it is the water pitcher!!!

09-26-2001, 06:37 AM
Good morning all,

The bomb was significant changes at work as a result of some personal and personality problems. My job interview went well unfortunatly they can't come near my current salary and w/ teh economy as it is I am not willing to take the risk. Oh well

I caved at KFC last night and had popcorn chicken, I don't even want to think of the carbs in that. Other than that I am doing OK w/ water and exercise. Getting my 45 mins in a day.

Lee, I was glad to see your post. I am glad you are taking care of yourself as best as possible.

GBO- I had a problem w/ teh crystal light in the beginning as well. Had to get off of it. :(

Sue- Sorry I wasn't able to give you that "oh I never thoght of that" feeling about work/ job. It will work out eventulally for both of us.

Terri, Dana and Joanne:wave:

Planning an OP Day

09-26-2001, 01:02 PM
Pat thanks for thinking of me and the job. i am cleaning the house right now or i would post more. I am procrastinating so i will report a cleaner house when i get back on this evening!!!I kknow that some thng will come up soon for you. just keep lloking and put it in gods hands. that is where mine is going. I wish that there was some place near that could be a good

Hi all that will be following. Pam you can email me!

09-26-2001, 02:58 PM
Hey ya'll sneaking up here huh..... and you thought you could escape me HA! Well.... salt is another num num for me. Looove that salt. I made myself seasoned hamburger meat thaat was ssssssoooooo good , yes siree! Worchestershire ,terriachi (can't spell it), and soy sauce. Num Num and of course the result is I went up slightly on the scale and knewwww it was the salt.
Sat there last night going many ozs to a gallon HMMMMM.
I sit here with Plain water in hand doing fine. OP is the life for me!
Mind you , when I get below 300 me and my beloved veggies are going to spend some quiet time together.
I musst be losing something my brand new soft blue night gown is falling off my isn't that sad....LOL I couldn't believe it but I am glad...lets see .....a tuck here ......and a tuck there. Yea that works!!!! I am beginning to feel like the Queen Mary I sloshed when I walked last night now that's funny!!!! was just plain water. I must have drank more water than I thought. I will keep a reign on the salt too. Any year now the old body will get it and move on.
I posted this on the 100 lb club so I will share it here too as I do love this board now that is fell over it....
My top weight at age 17 was 475LBS I lost to 238Lbs. When I lived in England it at the age of 21 it went back up to 350 so I got rid of a really bad marriage and again went down to 238 so now you know where another wall is! I was not about to see 400 again......EVER!!!!!!!!! Be prepared kids for 238 it is the "other" wall. Hanging tough , making Natchos for the family with meast sauce , sour cream and all the trimmings so you know who will be eating her tuna in the bedroom tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya all, Thanks for the input and Pat and Sue I know you both will fine fabulous jobs that you will be happy in. I just know it is about to present it's self. Sue just an odd question? Are you looking to do something really different....just a feeling but I have you both in my prayers.

09-26-2001, 07:50 PM
Hello Friends!

Sorry I did not check in yesterday. After work I went to the dentist to have a root canal done. My first one ever...and the tooth was absessed. Two words: NOT FUN!
I came home and tried my best to sleeeep the pain away. I feel much better today. Time will tell if it was worth it all! :s:

my nasus.....You will be glad to know that I am ENJOYING the swimming! Only problem is that I have soooo much energy when I get home at 9:30! The pool is only open 7:30 - 9:30 for lap lanes due to lessons/classes/swim team so I can not go until late! I am WIRED when I get home! Any herbal cafeine free teams out there that will help me sleep?? Glad to hear you are getting rid of that water weight you are carring around! How about making FRIDAY your new weigh-in day now and we can all start having a little more ACCOUNTABILITY???? I know it will do me good! I have decided to make the little orange sunglasses guy my "10 pounds each" smiley as soon as I hit 40 pounds. (34 so far!) I hope all works out with your job. You are in my thoughts. I work with a gal who was a nurse for 18 years and gave it all up to be an elementary school teacher. She did not have to go that long since the credits transfered. She said the salary is less, but the hours are much more "kid friendly" for a mom and the stress is WAAAAAAY less. With your personality and all, you should not have any problem finding something else....but a career change may end up in the picture. Time.....(and God's will) will tell. Keep us posted. (And, I hope you enjoy the water temperature at the Y since you are ON MY BACK as I swim!!!) :lol:

fralick...Yes, the weekend was wonderful...then the good-byes start all over again! I miss my "kids" as they are both in college, but I am adjusting to being the mother of MEN. Hubby and I get along that is a bonus! I hope it will all work out with your job as well. (See what I wrote nasus about perhaps a job change.) I see our nasus has driven you to the exercise as well, huh??? What a gal! She is right gotta move it to lose it! I feel soooooo much better after I exercise! P.S. Repeat after me: "THE COLONEL IS NOT MY FRIEND" "THE COLONEL IS NOT MY FRIEND" "I DON'T EVEN LIKE KENTUCKY." (You caught the KFC craving from nasus.......Don't give it to me!!!) :D

gbo.....Soooooo glad you are posting here! I can FEEL how badly you want to get to goal! Keep sharing and working hard! It will happen for you! Do you have a "weigh-in day" yet? Would you like to post every Friday as I do here? Keep up the positive energy! (And stay away from the initials KFC.....something is going around that we need to stear clear of!) :^:

paula....."We do not fail because we fall down. We only fail when we do not get up again" You are UP AGAIN and on the right track! (We were holding onto your swolen ankels as you were hanging out of the bus! We will NEVER let you go, my friend!) You are in my thoughts and prayers as is the rest of this thread! We will make it because we MUST! Take it one day at a time! (That is really all any of us can do!) Would you like to try the "weigh-in day" on Friday as well? If you want to wait until NEXT Friday...fine....but maybe that will be the little boost you need to stay on course. Let me know if you feel you are ready! Stay on plan my friend. The control we feel once we have gained control over food is wonderful. We have so little "control" over so MANY things in life that solving THAT control problem is a step in the right direction. :smug:

Hey to the rest of you BUS RIDERS and LURKERS! Please check in and let us know how you are doing! Plenty of seats here on this BUS TO GOAL! We ARE gonna get there......hopefully with YOU on the bus with us waving out the window at all the passers by! Who knows...if we look REAL GOOD, we may even MOON a few folks as we go down the road!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL For now, my butt may scare a few I elect to "keep my pants on." But, hey.....YOU NEVER KNOW!!!!!



09-27-2001, 07:02 AM
Good Morning To you all.

First I want to express my gratitude to you all. You have become very important to me and my weight loss journey. As the recent events have reminded me, I am sometimes remiss in offering my gratitude and thanks to people.

Dana :eek: a root canal? OW. Glad to see that you really let nothing keep you down. Swimming is wonderful. My local school has a pool open to th epublic but they have swim team right now.
You are amazing. I am so glad I read your post this am. I really will avoid KFC :nono: . ANd must plan a emerg meal, I used to rely on fast food, and planning( or lack there of is a trigger for me). We have no place to go to pick up a quick salad here. Or I just don't know it yet. My BIL & SIL are struggling w/ their only child going away to school. Not coping very well I am afraid. Time goes by so fast I remember her at 1 year old. Seems like yesterday.

SUe How are you doing? get that house work done? I am avoiding it here. And I will be upset Sat am when I have to do it fast befor my nephew comes ( I am sitting for him). How is teh fit for life thing going? I am enjopying the treadmil. It is giving me some variety in my home gym.

GBO Thank you for sharing your story. SO you have already done this! People sometimes focus on rgaining this weight as a failure because they have to do it again I think that you are way ahead of teh game because you already know what works and what doesn't for you. Information is power. Saltis a problem for me too. I also seem to be more salt sensitive. I don't know if taht is part of teh lo carb woe or not. Maybe Sue or Dana know. Thank you for your support and prayers. SOmeting will come along.

Terri and Joanne and Lee :wave:

Gotta go ran out of time

09-27-2001, 09:05 PM
I have got to stop letting the stress take over. I was so proud of passing kfc and not having any cravings till i was asked to cover for the baby that i used to care for as the nurse had to go to a class so she could go and work at ground zero. so i did then it all fell apart i had cravings for kfc but managed to pass it. then i had a great idea for dinner as i had no time from the call to make dinner as all the food was frozen and had to get the car from ths shop right after and did not get home till 5:30 and DD had to go to girlscouts. I hit McD' (more initials) well that was not bad enough the soda machine was broke so i did not think band ordered the usual and had a choc shake with it all. big mack large ff and reg size shake. (Pat do not read that note no ideas you hear) I have a huge carb headach, and my stomach is flipping and worse of all was that it did not taste good!!!!! so dana i will give you a weigh in but it will be veryloaded with water and ranging about 6-8 lbs heavier that i should. worse was that i did exercise and did good i thought so why did i cave tonight??? i do not know and there is no excuse for it. I can be the model low carber why am i having such problems staying OP right now??? get the duct tape ans start straping i need to be back OP!!! there is no otherway to go!!!

pam yes you are getting the right vibes friom me. i am thinking of a totally different change for me. [possible nutritional, dietary stuff, maybe an exercise club although there is curves, and the y and a gym here in town, only curves is designed for women and the gym is so full of the mocho college boys and girls that there is no place for women to get serious and curves is great do not get me wrong but there needs to be more umph there. hey you are doing great and you can expect that 238 you will find us all under lifting you over that wall!!!

Pat the house is almost the same mess that it was. i have been running so much the last few days, (part of the reason of being off program) but i am working on that.

Lee i know that there is no excuse for being off program. I know that

09-27-2001, 10:29 PM

Just a quick hello as I reeeeeek of chlorine (Y pool) and need to get to bed!!!

nasus.......I feel your pain over not being on plan the way you have been. I am (we all are) only ONE piece of bread/sloce of pizza/piece of kfc away from the same thing. The best advice I can give you is to read your signature. Read it again and again. I love what you say there! You will be okay. Skip the weigh in tomorrow! Why torture yourself. Consider it a "by" week and hit the scale NEXT Friday! You have been a glowing example to us all and when you slip, we are here to make sure you do not fall! Do these 3 things tomorrow. Stop at the store and buy some of that Star Kist tuna in the pouch. It is about 1.99 but soooooooo worth it as it is a big time protein. Carry it in your purse and car for emergencies! (I also have a few of those mayonaise packages to throw on it with some pepper.) You will eat that and be soooo high energy! Get a few of the Atkins Bars to have on hand also. Try buying a few small bags of peanuts too! Be prepared! The stress is getting to ALL of us. I have come to the conclusion that the bigger your heart is the more PAIN you feel. The pay off is that you also feel more JOY when times are good....but right now.........the world is turned upside down. You are hurting because you have such a very big heart!!!!!!!!!! Try to take a little but of time for yourself buy renting a movie you have been wanting to see, calling a friend you have not talked to in a while or buying a book you can lose yourself in. We gotta get thru this the best way we know how. We all have eachother and that is a powerful thing. Again, read your signature. I read it EVERY TIME I read your posts and LOVE IT! :smug: my post to nasus for a few EMERGENCY food ideas. Nothing worse than being hungry and NOTHING on plan in sight! I learned to be prepared!!! Hope you continue to avoid the colonel and opt for Wendy instead...(I love the 99 cent bacon cheeseburger *without the bun!) Are you weighing in on Friday? I said....I gotta hit the shower and the hay! I will weigh in tomorrow, (FRIDAY) and report. Hello to the rest of you bus riders! Please weigh in too if you like and we can see how much lighter the BUS is!!! :lol:

09-28-2001, 02:48 AM
Well here I am again! I couldn't get to the board earlier it wasn't available but I am so addicted to you all that I had to come back and check. Here it is........THANK GOD. I just can't get through the day without all of you.
Sue , I don't have an address for you or you can bet I would have already!
I have drank PLAIN water , one gallon , for the second day as of today. It was a chore to start but I have set it up in my mind and had no difficulty today. I had about half a pound of fake crab meat today with 1 tblsp. of butter and a little lemon juice. I like it better than tuna or maybe I am just tired of think? I am going to have a couple of eggs and then I am done for the day.
Do we have a name yet?
I am concerned about my children of the fur as they have a nasty bug and two of them are 16 years old. I am not prepared to lose another one at this time but I do know it is possible. It breaks my heart. Still that is life and I choose life to be my friend and not a battle ground. I learned along time ago that I am not in control of anything but myself and how I deal with any given situtation all I have power over. I admit freely I still sorely miss my little son Tiny. He was my anchor in the worst of tribulations. He wasn't just a cat to me . I love him with all my heart and soul but someday I will see him again and until then I am going to make the most of every single day. I haven't been to well lately but it takes me a while to get over things since my immune system crashed a few years ago but I will get there. I am still very OP and have a few major challenges along the way but not to bad. I Think (after 47 years) I have my head on straight and hopefully I will be fine. One day at a time Sweet Jesus. I am hanging tough and still in charge of me but it is still early on in the game you know . Keep that duct tape handy!!!!!
I am smart enough to know I am going to need it!
I have weighed every Saturday but my Hubby is online most of the time on the weekends and I told him I dont care but I have to have an hour a day to check my mail and post. Still do you all have a certain place where everyone posts weight? If not why not? I would be delighted to chug right on over and follow suit.
A new thread just for logging in each week. That would be cool.
I have carefully monitered my weight this week but I do plan to stay away from the scale more than once a week. I just needed to see what I was reacting to as far as weight loss goes.
Well Darlins it is time for me to dash but I will see you all tomorrow.

09-28-2001, 07:01 PM




09-29-2001, 10:09 PM
Dana take it easy with your tooth. those buggers hurt!!! and soft diet... chicken soup with egg droped in it and scrambled a small bit. mmmmm an old italian recipe. and then there is sugar free jello and the ill fated cab solutions drink mix. if you do that the vanilla is best but they sure do mix hard. i found the atkins strawberry mix was not so god but loved the shake in the can freeze it then thaw it on the counter while you work around the house and drink it slowly mmmm that is good.

Pam good job on the water!!!! that is so much better for you. and i hope that your furry kids are doing better. give them a bit of loving from me. although i do not want any!!!!!just tell them i send my love OK????

Pat how are you doing???




09-30-2001, 08:08 AM
Hello all,
Sat for my 8 month old nephew yesterday so the day was abust. I certainly was Op though. All except the water. I tried to get the rest in last night and made 3 BR trips in teh night:o ,
Froiday was a poor day too for me. I am much better now, No carb cravings yesterday. will get the water in today. I just realized taht I really wasted teh month of September weight loss wise. I am angry w/ myself too. I maintained exercise throughout teh month. But because I became complacent w/ teh carb eating I only lost 2 #. I will measure later today. I am glad that I am taking a look at that. And plan a serious OP week. Salads here I come.

Dana How is your tooth?

Pam It would seem that you can't win for losingLOL( with the crab). You are doing excellent though!!!

Hey Sue, How has your weekend been?

Lee How are you coping? Are you taking care of yourself?

Terri and Joanne How are you doing?

Looks to be a wonderful wether day , Enjoy there are so few l;eft

09-30-2001, 10:20 AM
I am so blessed to have you all in my life. It's time I got tough!!! No more falling off this wagon...Dana and I are holding you all down. Today is the first day of the rest of your lives. However, tomorrow starts a new month...and a new time for us all.

Dana: I am so proud of your loss. Don't be upset if you find that the pain medications cause you not to lose one week, I have to battle about even taking my meds when I need them. I hope you are feeliong better soon.

Pammy Pie: I know that you will do well with this program. I am so proud for your resolve. You know that we are all here for you (and each other). As for y ou worrying about your long posts...don't's important that you share.

Pat: I too try keep a can of tuna in my purse...failing that, I head to GNC for one of the Atkins Advantage bars, but only if I am desperate. This area has so many fast food places, but they are never an alternative...except for their unsweetened iced tea. Burger King has the best. Usually, though, I stop in at the fast gas station that's about a half mile from my house and buy bottled water to carry me through my errands.

I"m really against buying any of the Atkins products. As much as I can, I try to eat all natural foods. One of the things that got us into trouble is all the preservatives that we have been eating... I don't want to sound paranoid, but I think some of those fillers helped to cause us to eat that much more food than we normally would. I only eat meats that I buy from the butcher, fresh vegetables and salad fixins. Occasionally I have fish...but only if I go out. Canned food worries me (I only eat canned tuna), so it's only in desperate times that I eat it.

Sue: I think you need to go back to induction for a while. It might help with those cravings that you are having...I am sure that it has helped me. No, there's no excuse for going off program, but I managed to do it myself. At the time, there wasn't any other food choice...and I hadn't eaten for a couple of days...I needed something, but that's all over with and soon to be forgotten. I'm back on track, and you will be too.

We all can do this...we are all in the same boat...and we are doing it together. While I can't exercise, I'm rooting for all of you that can and do. I am so proud of you all!!!

I was going to write more, but I see that Sue is online and I wanted to make sure I got this posted...besides, it IS rather long!!

Love to you all,


09-30-2001, 08:42 PM
Welcome to Black Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Pat.......Oh Pat............. I was so happy last night as I was so sure I has that glorious metallic taste in my mouth. I even dance about a bit (now that's near a miracle in its self). I just knew that I was ok any way.......The "crabmeat". ...even though I ran (another minor miracle) to read the label and to my horror....sugar!!!!!!!!!! POTATO STARCH!!!!!!!!!! aaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Now you all know I have done this all before and quite well I might add. Although I did'nt set a goal as far down as I have this time. You would think I would have more sense. I must be senile.... read the labels .... read the labels....READ THE LABELS STUPID!!!!! In great expectation I stepped on the scale........BLACK SUNDAY...... 4 lbs UP!!!!!!!!!!

My first reaction.... What the @#%@&$@@#####***** is the point!!!! why am I fighting so hard!!!!!! Ive had it!!!!!! This is *#@*@%*@!!! it for me!!!!!! A gallon of water a day and ...then I stopped angry at myself but not terminally stupid ( Thank God).
I looked up and said rather loudly"DUCT TAPE EMERGENCY!!!!!! I am just near tears at going backward after every effort and the exercise boost and water and... and...
but that is the reality. Hear the song in the background I blue...... well I am really frustrated with myself and so unhappy about it but I will not quit I have all of you to help me through this brain dead period of mine . I will make it in spite of myself.
It is really hard today though because I have worked so hard and
and it is so early on in this process but I am hoping beyond sanity that this is a sign that after the hump it will go well. Hump.....ok.....Mount Vesuvious!!!!!!! I am dug in teeth and claws in search of duct tape!!!!!!! My gallon of water beside me in my faithful milk jug. I have eaten four boiled eggs eggs with 1 tblp. of butter and a half a can of Tuna in spring WATER. I am staying wwith it but oh my friend , my dear friends....I am ssoooo crushed.
I will get over it.....hopefully we will have the September thing become an October one and I will be excited about it tomorrow...
today I am going to crochet and lick my wounds like any other self respecting feline. Tomorrow I will be enthusiastic as always and happy with life. Tonight I must forgive myself and once again .....start over. At least it is just four pounds and not more. At least I have all of you precious darlin's to hold me up when I can't do it for myself.... In case I haven't said it lately ....Thank all for being there.
Lee , I haven't fallen but I have stumbled rather badly.

09-30-2001, 10:53 PM
MY dear Pammy Pie, most of what you have gained is water...get ahold of yourself and calm down. It was an excuseable indiscretion...we all make mistakes. Hang in there, as tomorrow is another day. I/We love you and all is well. We're with you all the way!!!

Love you,


10-01-2001, 06:19 AM
Pam as Lee says get a hold of yourself. Are you taking supplements? a daily multivite is important. you don't want your body to go into starvation mode. I worried about that as you lost so much so quick. ANd you have slowed down weight loss wise, Take a minute and go to you can log in your foods and it breaks it down into cals, protiens etc. Make sure you are getting enough cals, read the labels so you aren't getting any hidden carbs and sodium. Chromium will help w/ cravings. You are doing great. Were you able to take your measurements. That will help if the scale moves to o slowly to keep you motivated. Or until you can take your measurements pick an artcle of clothing that doesn't fit yet and try it on every couple of weeks till it does.
You are OK

10-01-2001, 07:52 AM
Hello Friends!

Mr. Tooth is getting better....sheesh! What a pain! I did NOT go with the "soft" diet thing. I just chewed on the other side as I have been doing since having problems and "tuffed it out"! I guess I just have to give it time. Repeat after me: ROOT CANALS...NOT FUN!

Sunday was our 23rd Wedding Anniversary and we had a GREAT DAY! Church, lunch, a drive to a local park for a small picnic and a romantic evening! For any who don't know...the "25" in my name is for our 25th anniversary when we have a cruise in mind that I want to be GORGEOUS for. (I plan ahead! LOL) So....when 2 years roll up...and it is time for 25th anniversary....hubby might not recognize me!!! :lol:

nasus: Thanks for the food suggestions! (I pictured myself eating broth and scrambled eggs for a few days!) I will keep those in mind...but hopefully will not have to use them! ya doin' girl???

fralick: You read my mind as to what I wanted to say to gbo....thanks for that! (Saved me some typing!) I had that crabmeat once too and I believe it was you or nasus who gave me the bad news that it was a carb! It is soooooooo good too! are snickers bars...but well, ya know! October will be YOUR month! Don't worry that you only took off 2 in September! (Better than GAINING 2!!!) As long as the scale keeps going in the LEFT direction!

gbo: We have ALL fallen victim to a food now and then! I had that fake crab once and was alerted by the ladies here of it's POISIONOUS NATURE! Just stay on track and it wil all work out! You are getting TONS of good advice....and you are a smart lady! It will be okay! Drink a little extra water to help flush it all out and do not weigh yourself for a few days! We will NOT let you off the bus! (seat belts, velcro, duct tape, crazy glue...whatever it takes!)

paula: Thanks for the congrats on the 35 pounds! (It sounds like we both eat about the same stuff!) I do not buy much of the Atkins stuff either...but the bars are good to have on hand for emergency situations! How much have you taken off so far and are you doing the Friday weigh ins here that were stared on this thread the other day? It must be difficutl not being able to exercise. Can you do sit and be fit or anything else like that? Please share as your enthusiam is wonderful.

Terri and JoAnne......where are you gals???????

Lurkers: JUMP ABOARD! :cool:

Here's to a NEW WEEK...a NEW MONTH......and a NEW ENTHUSIAM for getting to goal! (Remember that Halloween Challenge of our dear nasus!)

My personal ON PLAN month...on my way to Halloween goal and beyond is to cut waaaaaaay down on cheese products and peanuts/cashews. Although legal.....they can be a "road block" and the BUS does NOT like road blocks!

BEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Bus is moving all! G O A L > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > heeeeeeeeeere we come! :p

10-01-2001, 11:40 AM
Oh girls i have a suprise for you!!! pat i know you may have seen it up in the low carb forum but i have an october challenge for all of us. I will post it next. that will hel[p us get to the goal of the month!!!

I will admit that i had a huge run in with the crab and ended up with a fight in the middle of the store with a potatoe chip rack and almost ended up on the floor with the darn thing as we wrestled each other. I am not joking i laughed like heck when i left the store. it was quite a site to see. i am very sensitive to carbs and that was what had triggered these fantastic cravings in me. so i warn people about it. some people do fine and pam i think that you were in ketosis when you were eating crab but i know that it was salt that has you holding the fluid on. i wll find a think i had posted a few weeks back for fluid retention and email it to you and that should help understand what is happening just keep on drinking the water and hang in there it will fall off soon!!!

As for me i am doing fine and holding my own. I have a huge mess to clean so i will be short and sweet. today and post the october challenge!!

Hope all has a great day today and i will check in later as i find the house cleaner.

10-01-2001, 07:27 PM
I am fine today thanks to all of fact late last night I checked back to look over the whole site as as you can tell I found out a few things and started a crusade or at least it will be before I am done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you imagine...$5000.00 a month to run this site, let alone the work but you know whith over 14,800 members this is just to simple to fix. I know some have less financial funds than others but $1.00 ....... $12.00 a years plllleeeease!~ this is an easy fix.
If your strapped for funds and we all are at times click on the banners make those sponsers know we are here and they should stay here too!!!
I am ok I was up all night with a very ill child of the fur(Cat) and fighting for his life but it is worth it . He is young and God willing he will make it. Of course it is mentally and emotionally a bit more than I can properly handle as there has been so much recently to handle but that has nothing to do with me being OP.
I am OP and thought I was all along.... the joke was on me.

I think you are right it is water better be..LOL Whatever I will get this bod going if I have to super glue it to this bus.

I did a little lite dancing yesterday just a few minutes but I lived through it and walked until my legs trembled. I know when to stop. They alway's give me warning before they turn to rubber and I listen. I drank my gallon of water like a good kid.
Had three eggs with a tblsp of butter and kept one egg for later if I needed A snack and ate that.
I had a can and a half of Tuna
1oz. aged cheddar
two diet soda's
one large cup of coffee
and 30 minutes of visualizing me slender
Wished it was still really hot outside so I could use my pool so I just when for a swim in my mind and RELAXED myself. Good thing to with Puppy cat being so ill.
I am not getting anywhere near that scale until Friday and what ever happens I am here for the duration. Thanks for baring with me during Black Sunday. I don't stay down long but have to get it out or else............ the munching monster comes looking for me.....
notice the barbed wire fence around me, it electrical just to keep the MM away!!!!!!
Love You all,

10-01-2001, 09:17 PM
Pam Hi girl you are doing just fine!!! I know you are~! great going with the walking. i promise that i will not be on your back but i will be right there pushing your but down the path!!! :lol: great job. that is something that you were not doing a month ago. what does DH think about all this??? Mine thinks the web site is just a bunch of bull.... but i tellhim i do not care and if it is helping me why should he??? but in honesty i could not survive if it was not for the wonderful girls that started this site and the wonderful friends that i have found!!! well hope the furry kid is doing better.

i have a headach but i think that it is the carbs getting out of my system. I am trying real hard to learn about the low glycemix foods that pat eats. I am going to have to do a search to find the websites that she has read. I have to go to a meting tomorow for half of the morning and that is not going to be fun this is for the unemployment thing UGH!!!! i have a meetng on friday also with them for job location. so i guess i will be busy soon. i have not much time to clean and get fixed in the house. i want to make drapes and clean the upstiars and the dreser drawers that i claim to be for the dinning room but in reality they are more junk drawers. so they are getting clean possible tonight if i have energy whe i get home from belly dancing.

i am OP today i made sugar cookies and put mini mm in them i had 3 mms and just a taste of cookie and that is it for the carbs tonight.

LEE where are you??? i just want to say thankyou the tape is working. i was awful tempted to eat the sugar cookies so that is why i did ot make them from scratch or i would have. (I had to make them for boyscouts that was at my hooouse) I was aslo searchig my house frequently as the carb monster was trying to attack. I was holding strong!!! thankyou for the push!!!

Terri???? joanne???? how are you doing??? i have not heard fromyou in quite a while, what is up???

Dana??? still hanging in there i see. just my idol you are so enthusiatic that i can not hardly keep up. my old bones are creaking. (are you still swiming??? i love the water seeing that i am on your back)

10-02-2001, 06:13 AM
Just wanted to check in before i head upstairs. I am doing fine. Day 2 of my challenge. Strictly OP and I feel it. Menatl alertness and energy. 120+ water. I do have a head cold so my plan is to w/o each day to keep in practice. Pam you are awsome. In your research did you find the address where I can senda check?

Sue, Looks like you rae on tract.
Dana glad teh tooth is better
Lee how are you doing.
Butterfy00 Welcome( I hope you see our thraed)
Joanne and Terri hope your out there
will check in more later

10-02-2001, 04:18 PM
HELLO to all my wonderful lowcarb friends,

How is everyone doing???? I finally turned purple on the ketostick,,,even when I was losing before it never turned color....

Im still on the bus,,TOM due anyday and I am up 2 lbs but I know that is from TOM so Im not worried cuz I feel good and it will go back down afterwards....

Hope all is well with everyone,,,I havent had time to post lately, I went out with a friend one night last week and had a ball....then Sat went out for a few hours with another friend....I havent done that in soooo felt great just to get away from hubby and kids for a change and take time for ME!!!!! (makes me a better wife and mom also, when I get home )

everyone take care,,stay OP and DRINK YOUR WATER......:)

10-02-2001, 05:28 PM
Sue....You just keep pushing babe. I was going to aviod you all for a couple of days but Lee told me No. So here I am. Before I spill this let me tell you My Hubby thinks this board is great and he is amazed at what a difference it makes. He evn asks now...have you posted today? He was not supportive when I first started he said oh ssure 15 lbs and it over we have gone through this so many times. Being A Sioux I looked at him and said" we who white man!" Every time I see him he is eating junk !
Now he has seen such a difference and I am Op daily....unless suffering from terminal stupidity. Then I think I am op...sigh live and learn.
I have cried all day. I haven't slept more than five hours in two days trying to care for my Sweet Puppy cat. He is 10 months old and dead today. God I hurt so bad. The vise grip on my heart is really tight and my eyes are swollen, my stomach is all tore up. My chest is wet from all the tears. I guess that's one way to lose the extra water. I am Op and will continue to be so. Pups had feline luekemia and suffered a total kidney failure. He lost so much weight .I was force feeding him in hopes that the Vet could help him........its just.........if you had asked me I would have told you that I could take no more but I guess God thought i am alot stronger than I feel. To much you know. My Beloved Son Tiny, Che and now pups pups,my little pups. He was so sweet and gentle as beautiful inside as out. My Simba and Chi are also sick. I have to nurse them now. How much can I take in such a short time. These are my children. I haven't children of the skin, these are mine. I don't know how to love half way and wouldn't want to. Be it friends, family, or children of the fur. I have been blessed in my life to be greatly loved by people and animals one hundred percent. I have loved them 100 percent and as much pain as it can be at time there is just as much joy in the giving and recieving of such total love. I would never change that. Right now I am an open wound as so many are in this country right now. Being in this group doesn't help , it doesn't make it easier for any of us I am sure. I just have to got through it over and over again. At ths time I feel like so many pieces of me is gone that I am bleeding to death myself. A chunk here , a chunk there.
I am again so broken hearted. There are three little graves beneath my bedroom window now and tonight there wwill be afooorrtth. Four little loves. I just keep crying.once aagain a big vet bill that causes hardship financially as well, but I have my remaining children who have to be treated for this virus. God help me no more for a long while ,no more. Please God no more. I haven't evn gotten over Tiny, my beloved son. This is pointless I just have to maanage. I am sso ssorry to be so miserable. I really didn't think you all need to to hear all of this and bring everyone down. I want you all to keep Op and do well to be enthusiastic and happy. Laugh and enjoy your bus ride despite what ever set backs you may have had. I hope I can sleep soon. I will be back and don't worry I will not fall. This has nothing to do with my goals, remaining OP or any of this although my water has suffered a good bit. Soda eases my stomach and at the moment I really need that not want it. Take care all.
Love you all,
P.S. Ok Lee my dear I have followed your advise. Look now Ive rained on everyone go get them some towels and help dry them all off. Talk to you soon.