30-Somethings - -*-*- week of 23rd September -*-*-

09-23-2001, 04:23 AM
Morning all

Nothing exciting to report this week (fortunately/unfortuanately). So I guess I will jump straight in...

Tech congratulations to the newly weds. I know we will be the last people on your mind, but can't wait to hear about it all when you get back
Rabbit you seem to have been in control whilst out of town. New store opening? How many stores do you have?
RR congrats on your loss. On the bio, I didn't really want to post my stats, the starting and current figures are too close for my liking. Who knows, one day we might meet up :D
Juldiet maintain is better than a gain. PMS time - my hubby knows :s: not to cross me at that time!
Elisa how are all the family meals going?
Pryia BB2 - don't start me off. When the showed it over here, it was on 18 hours a day and I got a bit addicted. The week after it ended, I didn't know what to do with all my spare time. If my leader had tagged on extra to my gain, I am sure my icy glare would have stopped her mid flow
Watermelon I suppose the flat thief is a patriotic thief???? If you had beaten the cr@p out of him/her how many bonus points do you think you would have earned? :lol:
LBH thanks for starting the new bio thread. I too had to ask hubby to stop buying me gifts. I know he was being thoughtful, but then when I sat down to eat the goodies, he would say "Are you sure you should be eating that?" and "Is that within you points, I don't want you to go over" - if you didn't want me to go over, you shouldn't have bought it for me :mad:
Sonya congrats on meeting your CD goal.
Happyface, Kymber, Karen, Bailey, Tami hope y'all okay

Hopefully I have managed to account for everyone. Have a good week everyone

09-23-2001, 09:55 AM
Good Morning!!!!
IT was soo hot yesterday that I bought a little pool and sat outside with SD#2 and let her splash me....After taking her to get new glasses and fighting like cats and dogs at the store, I needed to relax!!:dizzy: She is strong for such a little girl!!


Rabbit-drive safely home today!!!!!

Everyone have a great OP day!!!

09-23-2001, 02:48 PM
I've just been watching a program about the US Mint and there was something about the unpopularity of the "Susan B Anthony" dollar, can anyone shed any light on this as the program didn't say why.

09-23-2001, 04:12 PM
BFB: I think it is because of the quarter. It was very close in size to a quarter and just never caught on. Just like the new golden dollar. People don't seem to spend them just save them.

I am feeling gross. PMS is just hitting me harder and harder each time. Although I think I have some extra bug this time too.

Slowly trying to get some stuff done here. Going to back some muffins and stuff. To keep me on program. Which I have not been in about 1.5 months.

Have a good one all.

09-23-2001, 06:41 PM
Hi All!!

Man, I hope the Chicks have everything straightened out now, because it's very unhealthy for me to not be here!! I have not logged anything, or thought too hard about anything I've eaten since like, Thursday!! I posted Friday AM, and when I clicked send, it brought up the Forum Down notice.

WI was really bad Thursday night. I am up 4.6lbs.!!! :eek: I'm pretty sure the majority of it was bloating, because I was progressively more bloated all afternoon Thursday. It was horrible. I could not get rid of the feeling, like a bad gas bubble, and no Gas-X in sight!! :lol: I was pretty shocked and upset at WI though. But I'm really happy that I started going on Thursday nights because my leader is wonderful.

Tech- Hope you had a fantastic time at your wedding!! Hope you're enjoying your honeymoon!! :D

RR- I'm jealous of you and your hot weather down there!! It's been absolutely gorgeous here all weekend, and most of the week for that matter, but I miss the hotter weather, to go swimming!! Sending baby thoughts your way...hope AF has not shown up!!

Pryia- Hope the PMS goes away soon...unfortunately that mean AF, but at least you'll have some relief! I don't like those golden dollars either...didn't they learn with the Susan B. Anthonys??

I have not been very good this weekend, but now that I've written it all down, it's not as bad as I thought.

We picked a ton of apples of the inlaw's trees yesterday. Two buckets full...you know those big plastic buckets you fill w/ice and put drinks in at parties? And there's at least two more buckets on the trees! We brought home a 1/2 a shopping bag full and I made some applesauce and apple pie this AM! Both turned out good...no sugar added. I have enough to make a few more pies and a lot of applesauce!!

Have a great evening all...gotta run and switch the laundry around!!

09-23-2001, 07:12 PM

I'm home again. I have no idea of my points while I was gone, although I wrote everything down, so I'm starting all over with today - it will be day one op. I had a great week, although I'm glad to be back home.:D

BFB - This was store #8. It went so smoothly. And I got to see an old friend I hadn't seen for 5 years. Had a great time. I made SOME good choices while I was gone, but ate too many cookies (3), truffles (2), and french fries (lots).

RR - Thanks for the safe wishes!!:)

Pryia - sorry about the pms. I started experiencing that about a year or so ago, and cramps like I hadn't had since my teens.:(

Lauren - I love homemade applesauce!:D

Will try to keep caught up with everyone now.!


09-23-2001, 07:18 PM
Lauren- Got a crock pot? I have a recipe for Apple Butter. 1 pt for a Tablespoon.

I just posted 2 recipes on the board. On the bread board I put a corn and blueberry muffin recipe. And on the veggie board a black bean pasta salad. As you see I have been cooking away today. Both turned out good. An 3 point for a muffin and 4 points for a cup of the salad.

Rabbit-Glad to hear the store went smooth. I will get the miles thread up to date soon. Sorry.

Have a good one all.

09-23-2001, 07:32 PM
Hey, Pryia - do you have a weekly challenge for us? I need to get myself back in the groove!:)


09-23-2001, 08:21 PM
Hello all!!!
Well, Day 30 and no Aunt Flo....Hmmmmm....Kind of strange cuz I am very regular at 24 days...Test said negative.....Who knows!!!

Rabbit-Glad U made it back!!!

BFB--We are soo use to paper bills and lighter change that I found the SBA coins too confusing..They did resemble the quarter too much..I guess we all get use to one thing and hate change!!

Pryia-Hope UR feeling better!!!!

Ok--Weekly challenge--At least 20 minutes of excercise every day!!!!!

Lauren-That would be wonderful to just go out and pick apples!!
It is going to go down to the 70's this week!!!Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :lol: :lol:
Later all!!!

09-23-2001, 10:41 PM
Susan B's and the Gold Dollar would of been great ideas IF....the $2.00 bill ever caught on, but it didn't and IF....the Susan B's and the Gold Dollar were made bigger. Can you imagine being blind and trying to tell the difference?? Or just poor eyesight caused alot of mistakes.

Still staying at 180 - I'm glad!!

- jul

09-24-2001, 01:44 PM

Day one OP!:D

Pryia - I didn't have any miles last week while I was gone, so I'll just update mine at the end of this week. Thanks for doing that!!:)

RR - Good luck on your pregnancy quest!!:D

Jul - yeah for maintaining!!:smug: I hope I maintain after being away - although ofcourse, I'd really like to lose.

have a great week everyone.


09-25-2001, 02:57 AM
Well, Get a little busy with work and look what I get - I am behind about a gillion posts (and on "meeting" several people who have been gone a while)! Great to hear from you all!

Well, the conference on the 1st and 2nd got cancelled so......NOW I HAVE TO CONVERT MY PRESENTATION (which is not done) TO A WEB PRESENTATION. I could really use a nap...

Went away this weekend and had a wonderful time (sailing, kayaking, etc) but went a little overboard. Will try to make up for it before WI wendesday. Overall life is good.

LBH: Thanks for the bios thread! Don't fret the WI too much, that must be water. Yum.. homemade apple pie and applesauce.
Rabbit: Welcome back. Glad to hear all went well. Good for you for writing everything down.
Watermelon: That's great that you have been so active in getting patriotism out there. Can't believe someone would steal a flag... Maybe they really didn't know how else to get one. Congrats on the loss!
BFB: What a scarry caller. Hope you have not heard back from him. How was your trip? Will look for you tomarrow over on the Week 3 challenge! Thanks for the :s:
RR: Great idea to make ribbons. Congrats on the loss. Any news from the dear old auntie (hope not!)?
Karen: Thank you for volunteering.
Elisa: Don't let your hubbies quicker success get you down. You know what you need to do and you can do it!
Kymber: Sorry to hear about your mother's illness. Hope the smoke free life is going well. It is a difficult adjustment but SOO important. I hope to count myself in the quitter ranks one day.
Juldiet: Congrats on the maintain of the 3 lbs. Have you tried any of the yoga?
Pyria: You can do it! Jump on that wagon!
Sonya: Congrats on meeting CD goal!

TECH: Hope it was everything you dreamed of! Enjoy this special time.

09-25-2001, 12:48 PM
Hi All,

Well, I'm trying to get myself back OP, or at least in that state of mind!! I have been sooo busy at work...it's an Orientation week, which means I'm running around all day, most of the week, making sure everyone has what they need, on top of the usual mess I deal with at my desk!! These piles just don't seem to go away!! The to be filed pile is getting bigger though, which is essentially my "outbox", so that's good...now, if I could just find someone to file it all!! :(

And my apartment is a whole other story!! It looks something like a cyclone hit it...I'm nearing one of those situations where I need to take a day off from work to clean and pay bills!! DH is home today, but I doubt he'll do anything. He's trying to recuperate from the weekend. Saturday AM he played in a softball tournament with some other firms. They won all 4 games, and of course the Championship, which is amazing in itself, because they only won 1 game all season!! :lol: DH pitched all 4 games, starting out with a sore shoulder, and ending the day with a sore body. He could barely make it up the stairs!! He's been popping Ibuprofen like it's going out of style, and using the mineral ice. I told him to try and ice himself on and off today.

Anyway, enough whining...

Bailey- I just love apples!! I think I am going to buy a few delicious apples to mix in with the hand picked apples and make more applesauce. I like the color it turns the applesauce, a nice pink. The apples from the trees are Northern Spy and Delicious, but they don't look like the red delicious ones you buy in the store. They're both small, round, and half red/half greenish. They're good though. The pie turned out OK...I didn't have any brown sugar, or apple pie spice, so I just sprinkled some cinnamon and 1 T. sugar. I tastes OK, but I really need to get some brown sugar.

Pryia- I do have a crockpot, haven't had apple butter in years! We used to have it on toast when we were little. I actually bought a box of jars, like for jam, because my bread maker makes jam. I haven't made any yet, and I've never done anything like that, but I was watching Good Eats on Food TV one night and he was making it...it's more work than I thought. I will try it though. I guess I could jar the apple butter the same way, right?

Well, time for lunch in a few...have a great day all!!

09-25-2001, 04:28 PM
OK, I've got to share this with someone so you all are elected!:lol: This weekend is my 40th birthday and dh is throwing me a surprise birthday party! Should be loads of fun.:D I can't really say anything to anyone because I don't want to blow their surprise. I've been amusing myself with ways to make them squirm.

2 days op - hope my weigh in isn't bad this week.

Bailey - Sailing and kayaking sound like lots of fun!:)

Lauren - Hope work calms down for you!

gotta run - Rabbit

09-25-2001, 04:57 PM
Rabbit- :lol: How did that work out?? Did he try to make it a surprise and you found out, or was it planned to be a "Rabbit's Surprise (For Everyone Else) Birthday Party"?! Have fun...that's like me trying to be surprised at my wedding shower!!

09-25-2001, 05:06 PM
Rabbit--U R bad!!!How did U find out????WIll it be an OP party????:D

Well, Day 31 of the old cycle and Auntie hasnt confirmed the reservations yet....I am about to pop with excitement to take a test again!!!I think I will wait for my yearly Gyn visit next week to find out...:?: :?:

Bailey--Good luck on the presentation!!I think sailing is a good excuse to go overboard!!!I love the weather now to sail and dropped the boyfriend with the sail boat soo..............hmmmm...Iwill stick with Refman and no boat!!!!

Lauren---I have never even heard of those kind of apples...Good luck in the butter venture....I laughed at Refman cuz this weekend, after cleaning the bathrooms and toilets, changing the sheets on the 3 beds, mowing and doing the yardwork, he forgot to put my uniforms to wash before washing my truck!!!I had to do laundry again--guess the honeymoon is truly over!!!*L*I have married a clean freak soo I just let him do his thing in the house!!!U better rub that mans back when he gets home!!!!!

WEll, off to do a little walk in the neighborhood!!Weather is too good for the treadmill!!!!

09-25-2001, 06:09 PM
RR- Ha, I tried to give him a massage last night and he said it hurt to touch his back more then a gentle hug!! So, you're 10 days late?? WooHoo!! Maybe if you take another test in a couple days it'll work? Don't they say you're supposed to wait 14 days past AFs due date? Or is that 14 days past BDing?! :p

Oh well, off to bowling...really not into the whole league thing this year.

Tami 203/176/135
09-25-2001, 06:22 PM
I haven't posted in a while. I post to different parts of 3FC and then forget where! I'm back on program after being away for a month. You guys sound great!

09-25-2001, 08:31 PM
Tammi-We are great!!!!*L*Welcome to our group!!!!

Lauren--Help me out--what is BDing??????Can't figure that out~!!!!!!!And , I have no clue to anything about pregnancy!!!I will be a pro when it is your turn though!!!!:cool: :cool:

09-26-2001, 10:48 AM
Hi All,

Man, I have to get myself OP...I completely blew everything off at bowling last night. I ate a burger and some fries...thankfully they were luke warm and kind of rubbery, so
tonight though - salad,grilled chicken, a turnip (rutabega!) that I cooked Sunday, and maybe some mashies. DH ate the PB Parfiat he bought me at DQ, so that's gone! :)

I'm stopping at the store on my way home to get some brown sugar for the turnips and so I can make another apple pie. The one I made is good, but it needs just a little more flavor than the cinnamon. Might make some apple cobbler for dessert tonight...just have to figure out how!!

RR- You need to do a little www searching on pregnancy!! I'm educating myself for when the time comes!! BD = Baby Dancing!! :lol: That's how they refer to the pleasure of making a baby!! I think it's kind of cute!:lol: I'll PM you some sites.

Tami- Welcome back! I honestly can't remember the last time you posted, but you're certainly welcome here!

Oh well, I'm being pulled away from my piles to work on a PP presentation this AM...gotta run!! Have a great day all!!

09-26-2001, 12:54 PM
RR: Take the PG test with your first 'void' of the morning. The hormone levels are higher then. Sore boobs? Tired??

Lauren: Apples are great. My mom took the boys to the apple farm the last weekend she had them. We have bags and bags of apples. Weston is eatting them all day long. He was a little upset that they were not Fugi apples (his favorite) but he likes them because he picked them (it didn't hurt that he got to ride a little hay wagon out to the field).

Even though I've had bad PMS and bad cravings ....I have lost another 2 lbs! YEAH!!! I'm at 178. I'm taking some dresses to a seamstress today to have them altered! I'm pretty much a size 14 again (a few 14 pants are tight -but most fit well). At my highest I was wearing size 22. I've been taking my measurements every few weeks and its been great to see that go down too.

I'm having a horrible time trying to find quiet time for the YOGA tapes. Its so hard to do with the 4 and 5 yr olds all excited...and then they tell me that its not really exercise because I'm not moving enough!! What little cute coaches I have.

215/178(wow that feels so good to be under 180)/165 first goal (only 13 lbs away)/155 second goal (my driver's license says 155)

09-26-2001, 02:53 PM

It's a surprise for me, I'm not supposed to know - but I've been putting 2 and 2 together . . . I'm not going to let him know I know.:D I'll try to stay op, ofcourse.

RR - how exciting!:)

Tami - welcome to the group!!:cool:

Jul - congrats on your loss and for getting under that 180 mark. You are :smoking: !

gotta run - Rabbit

09-27-2001, 01:28 PM

And I weigh in tonight - keep your fingers crossed for me!

Hope I can stay op while celebrating this weekend! I sure hope ds is coming . . . and my brothers and sisters. . . and my parents. You're probably thinking that you sure hope I'm right so I won't be disappointed if I don't have a party!! I think it is tomorrow night, dh says we have a business celebration dinner to go to.:D I've been thinking that he has been up to something for awhile, about a month I guess. It could be with my friends and walking buddies because none of my family lives nearby (I have a brother in Dallas, sister in Chicago, parents & other sister 1.5 hours away, brother 1 hr away, ds 2.5 hours away) - but I'm hoping!:^:

I've been having headaches for a couple days now and THAT IS NOT GOOD! I have to get rid of these. I've kind of narrowed the cause down to a change in weather and maybe sinus/allergy (although I don't have allergies). I took some strong medication yesterday and it would help for awhile. This AM I decided to try tylenol allergy sinus and I'm feeling better - thank goodness!! I can't feel bad for my surprise party.

OK, guess that's all I know for now. Sorry to ramble on so much about me!!

RABBIT -- 39 for a few more days!

09-27-2001, 07:44 PM
Good Afternoon!!!!
Well, AF confirmed those reservations...Hmmmm...I was upset this morning but OK now..I just hate to think that we have to "practice" more!!!hahaha:devil: :devil:

Rabbit-Hope the headaches are better!!!It probably is the sinuses!!!!
Well off to cook supper--these 2 job days are a killer sometimes!!!

09-27-2001, 08:33 PM
RR: Sorry about that :( . Have you had bloodwork done since you went off the pill? You may find that your hormone levels are off abit and there are some mild things that can help you ovulate and kind of kick start your body into baby-making mode.

I know this is bad but keep in mind I made them small and I only ate two. I've been having major egg roll cravings and I thought if I'm going to eat them then I need to learn how to make them. It was very easy . So I made some - first time ever. I put spinich, cabbage, carrot, onion, shrimp, water chestnuts (sp?). It was very good (I even deep fried them). But that was my treat of the day, other wise I just had cottage cheese and peaches for lunch. Kind of skipped breakfast because I had to run to town early.
I've got two set out for my husband, he should be home soon and the rest I put in the freezer.

We leave in the morning, have a show in Columbia, MO. Its close to my parents....so no hotel bill.

Rabbit: The one time Kenny tried to suprise me with a anniversary cabin at the Lake of the Ozarks....they sent the reservation confirmation to my name!!
Have fun---have you been practicing your suprised look in the mirror????
See you all next week.
- jul

09-28-2001, 12:31 AM
Hi all

I figured I should share my "new" weight loss program with y'all. I know you think you have heard it all before, but you should check this one out. It takes a little advanced planning, but trust me it works!

1. Gain lots of weight. Only buy a few bigger clothes during this time, assuming you will not be this big for long. (If you do not already have one, now is also a good time to get a dog. Preferably a large one with issues).

2. Have boyfriend lose job. This step is not entirely necessary, but will help prevent shopping in later phases.

3. Find a way to cause your dog psychological stress. I found moving works quite well.

4. Begin a weight loss program. As you lose weight, leave dirty clothes around apartment all day with maladjusted dog.

5. Once dog eats all clothes that fit, CRAM your body into clothing several sized too small each day (this is when it is KEY to have no $ for shopping).

That's it! I realize it is an unconventional plan, but trust me - You will NOT be eating much until you can get home to change into PJ's!! I will keep you posted on my progress!

(By the way, did I mention the dog got sprayed by a skunk in our back yard for the 3rd time this month? He just laid down next to me and my eyes are watering!)

RR: Sorry:( Enjoy the "practice!"

LBH: You can do it! Just remember, planning, planning, planning (or, see plan above:))

Rabbit: Sorry to hear about the headaches. Enjoy the party and HAPPY DECADE DAY!

Juldiet: I see your problem with the yoga. I can barely get through my tapes due to other household members harassing me, and he is a dog!

09-28-2001, 06:20 AM
Bailey - a bit unconventional, but hey, I'll try anything once :lol:

RR sorry to hear about the disappointment, but practice makes perfect! What's BDing?
Rabbit hope the party goes well!

Haven't posted much this week, life is sooo boring around here, but glad to see everyone else is doing great. See ya later

09-28-2001, 10:33 AM
Rabbit, I'm so excited for you and the party. Have so much fun. Tell us all about it, please.

Bailey, thanks for the laugh.

I'm weighing in today, hoping for a small loss. We'll see.

School is getting better for me. I love the Fundamentals of Design course. I'm so used to analyzing the world through words and text, not images. But images are such a part of our everyday world, aren't they?

Jul, I think it's really important to learn how to eat the things you love. Good for you for making such good eggrolls.

I'll post my weight on the CD thread later.

See you all.


09-28-2001, 11:02 AM
Hi All,

WI was good last night, I lost 2 lbs. I was happy that two went away, considering how bad I've been...I probably didn't lose any, that was just from the bloating last week!! AF has reared her ugly face here too. :( She's 6 days earlier than last month. Then again, I didn't really give her a good reason not to come!!

Sonya- Good luck at WI today!! Glad you're enjoying your class.


Bailey- :lol: Interesting Plan!! I think I've got a screwed up plan that seems to be working just fine for me!! (I AM going to do some tinkering with that plan this weekend though!!)

Jul- Good for you putting the leftovers in the freezer...out of site, out of mind works pretty good for me! Have a fun weekend at the show!

RR- Sorry AF has confirmed her reservations. :( Sometimes I really hate her!! Have fun practicing again though!!

Rabbit- Hope WI went well for you! Hope the headache goes away too! I seem to be living on Tylenol Allergy Sinus this year...heck, the past few years!! It's good stuff!! Have a great time at your party this weekend!! I wanna see a pic of the surprise on your face!! :lol:

Have a great day all!!

09-28-2001, 01:43 PM

I've been so excited this week about my party! Can you tell?? I don't know what to do about the "surprise" look - I have thought about practicing. I don't want to blow the surprise for dh because I think he's worked really hard at this. Right now I have this "nervous" feeling, like the one I get when ds leaves for college.

RR - You're going to tell me I'm so bad, today I switched out some things dh had packed for me (we're staying at a hotel, I guess) - only the bras and underwear - I didn't think he'd notice. I left the swimsuit and pj's packed even though I wanted different ones! Sorry about the disappointment.:( Enjoy practicing though.

Jul - good luck at your show. DH has really done a surprisingly good job - better than I would have expected. I only really figured it out this week. For awhile I thought we were flying somewhere.

Finally, during the middle of the night last night, I started feeling better!! Thank goodness. I'm still taking the tylenol sinus. That stuff knocks me out - even the nondrowsy. I could hardly drive when I took the regular.

Bailey - I cannot believe your dog has been sprayed 3 times!! Enjoyed your weight loss plan.:lol:

Sonya - glad to hear you are enjoying school. Good luck at your weigh in. You seem to have a good handle on that now.

Lauren - congrats on your loss!!

I maintained last night, which I was happy about since I was gone all last week. Gotta watch it this weekend, so maybe I can lose next week.

See ya all later - I'll fill you in on all the details!!:D


09-28-2001, 03:17 PM
good evening!!!
AF is not giving me a break these 2 days..I even skipped the club cuz of cramps.....I decided to plant Mums instead of working out:smug: Refman made me a nice planter box outside and hopefully it will not become the new litter box!!!!!

Jul--I go for my yearly on tues so I will ask about the bloodwork..I know nothing of female/baby things..Just now learning..Thanks for the info!!!!

BFB--BD is baby dancing....the dance done by man and woman to get pregnant:devil: :devil:

Rabbit--Happy Birthday!!!!Have fun!!!!
Well off to plant and play in dirt!!!!