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10-17-2006, 11:58 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been another cloudy gloomy day in my neighborhood. School was uneventful today which was good. I'm home alone tonight as Bob had a meeting at church and then headed back to the office. He farmed this afternoon; they are trying to beat the 3" of snow that is predicted for tomorrow. I baked cookies tonight for a church rummage sale -- the lady who called me said, "you have your choice of making two pies or three dozen cookies." I would have been much happier if she would have asked nicely. GRRRR! Anyhow, I am cheating and baked the cookie squares from the grocery store! They aren't too bad either.

"Gma" -- I hate it when you pay good money and the restaurant food is crappy. We had an ex-brother-in-law who would raise holy he** and would send food back to be redone. I never have that much nerve, just won't go back there again. I'm glad Jack's swelling is gone. Wouldn't you think the nurse could have given you the same information? I hope your son and dil have a safe trip home. We had just a few snow flakes the other day . . . more frost than flakes when we got up and nothing staying on the ground.

Susan -- Bob says that schools should be run like a business and when the kids don't cooperate out the door they go! He also thinks that parents should have to pay as they do in private schools. The problem here is that we have a majority that qualifies for "free" lunch and the school fees never do get paid. If my kid didn't pay a fee, they wouldn't get their diploma. I hope the stitches and staples removal went off without a hitch. Transporting Stan in the rain sounds like a challenge for you both.

Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-18-2006, 09:03 AM
Good morning all! Well, I guess fall is just around the corner for us. It is supposed to be 84 today then drop 20 degrees starting tomorrow. I am not ready for the cold weather yet!

Well, I guess we spoke too soon. Jack's left thumb and fat pad and under one foot is totally swollen, itching and bright red. I told him we have to talk to all three of his doctor's and find out what is going on. Dr Powell to see if it could be something related to surgery like some circulation problem, Dr Anderson about his current meds etc and his regular dr about what it could be and testing for it. We need to find out what is going on here. The poor man is ready to go back to work and this would really mess with his head if something prevents that. Sure wouldn't help the money situation either. Bless his heart, he is so uncomfortable with it. Nothing seems to relieve it except heavy doses of Benadryl helps the itching, but zonks him out. Ice packs have no effect on the swelling or redness, nor does heat. We thought the increase of water was helping, but we aren't even sure about that now. He is still drinking lots of water just in case, though.

Jean: Jay was telling us about some of the horrible things they do back in the cooking area of restaurants to people who send food back and complain. Years ago he worked in a restaurant and some of the things the cooks did were awful and he said it happens more than people think. It is disgusting to think you can't go into a restaurant and feel safe to eat.

We have the guy coming to clean our dryer duct today. In fact, he is supposed to be here first thing this morning. I hope they don't have a bunch of trouble seeing as how this is a condo and not a single dwelling home. Our duct runs up the wall, between the first and second floors through the laundry room and dining room and out the front. I don't even know how they clean the darn thing. I will be glad when it is done though as I have been nervous about it since it clogged up. Unfortunately, it happened just when all the heart stuff with Jack happened and the money was better spent elsewhere. It is not cheap to have it done. Ours is going to cost around $150. Our son and dil sneaked around and made the appt and paid for it for us. The other day they were upstairs in the bedroom and my dil called down and verified my address, then a couple minutes later our zip code. We were puzzled by it, but thought she was talking to her sister about something she wanted sent here. When they came downstairs they told us what they had done. It was such a sweet thing to do and Jack and I really appreciated it a lot.

Well, I need to go and get a shower and make the bed upstairs. Have a great day gals and stay dry and warm today!


10-18-2006, 11:26 AM
That's funny, Faye - that was my project last weekend - cleaned out the dryer vent. Got it from the dryer to the outside, too. Took all Saturday afternoon but the dryer is working better and I feel a whole lot safer. I also changed the furnace filters since we finally had to put the heat on.

Jean, sounds like your husband has a good plan for the schools. I think we are coddling these kids too much and the real world is going to be a terrible surprise.

10-18-2006, 06:21 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's cold and gloomy again today! We had some snow flurries this morning but nothing stayed on the ground. When I got to school I remembered I had forgotten to put my snow scraper in the car, :( so I called Bob and he brought it to school for me. I'm sure that's why we didn't get any measurable snow. :lol: The cops hauled another kid out of school for dealing drugs today. He got sent away last year for the same thing. You'd think he'd wise up and at least not do it at school. I have bell choir tonight and then plan to do some ironing when I get home.

"Gma" -- That is too bad about Jack's swelling. I can imagine how anxious he is to get back to work. I would think one of his doctors would want to take a look at him. I hope you got some answers today. Bob cleans my dryer vent by tying a rope around a bath towel and shoving it through the tube. Mine has a 90 degree angle, from when we added on to the house, which seems to catch alot of lint. I am still surprised at the amount of lint that collects on the outside flipper flopper thing. It was nice of your son and dil to line that up for you! :yes:

Susan -- The sad part about today's generation is that some day they may be taking care of us. Scary thought! :stress:

I hope you all have a nice evening and a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-19-2006, 06:28 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I'm surprised that no one else has been here today. I hope all is well with all of you! :yes: The sun is shining and makes it look warmer outside than it really is. We had a scheduled fire drill this afternoon and I noticed some girls dressed in tank type tops and sandals. It was 40 degrees outside! I asked one girl if she was numb and she looked at me like I was speaking Chinese :?: . . . wonder if she didn't know what "numb" meant. Bob is farming again this afternoon so I won't see the whites of his eyes until much later.

I'm off to sort through the daily papers which seem to pile up faster than I can read them. Have a fantastic Friday tomorrow . . . I am done at 11:30! Yippeeeeeee!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-19-2006, 08:23 PM
Where the heck did my post go? I know I posted this morning! Ahh, well, who knows?

They came in today and did the ductwork because they had to cancel yesterday. The guy said it was full of more water than anything, but the dryer is STILL not working properly so I emailed our home warranty company and raised the roof because the technician said it was the ductwork so the darn thing should be working properly and it isn't. I will probably get no where with them, but I have to try.

I finished my very first sweater. I am posting it and the hat I made for the baby. It is a 6-12 month size because the baby will be born in the summer. I have the blanket halfway done, am starting another sweater and blanket for the baby and something for my grandson for Christmas.

Jean: Have a great half day off and a fun weekend. I know you are ready for a little time off. Just a few more weeks until Thanksgiving though.

Susan: Hope you and Stan are doing well today!

Gloria: Haven't seen you in awhile. Hope you are buried underneath snow yet this year. I know my son said they have gotten a couple inches already in Indiana so they are expecting a hard winter this year.

Did you ladies read the article about a casket company that is in contract talks with Major League Baseball to put team logos on caskets? I guess they are trying to get the NBA, NFL and NASCAR on board too. The ultimate tacky way to go! I wouldn't be surprised if we are only a few years off before we sell our casket for advertising purposes. I mean, you can sell your body, your car, your home, etc to someone who puts advertising on it so why not your casket??? Short advertising life except for those worms who are interested in a vacation home in Florida or something.....:devil: I know, that was bad! :nono:

Well, I think I am going to go and sit and knit on the blanket. Everyone have a good evening and I will talk to you tomorrow.


10-20-2006, 04:49 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful day in my corner of the world. I took some mail out to the mailbox and on my way back in decided to pull out my dead geraniums. I babied them along all summer and after they froze they looked pretty sad. :( We got out of school at 11:30 and I opted out of the in-service; we have a choice as to whether we want to go or not. The IAs took a vote . . . we all go or none of us go. The "no goes" won! :D We have two funerals next week: a farmer friend that Bob grew up with and helped farm from age 10 through college, died suddenly of a heart attack. Then mil's cousin died the same day. Unbeknownst that the other had died, both families planned funerals for Tuesday at the same church! This little church is waiting for a new minister to arrive to add another glitch to the planning. Bob and Jason are both pallbearers for the relative and I'm dreading that I may have to sit with Bob's cousin who is a widow and pain in the you-know-where. Bob will be a pallbearer for the farmer also. Next week will be busy with two funerals and a wedding.

"Gma" -- The sweater and hat are darling, and I like the star buttons! I hope your dryer problem is something simple although any more it seems that nothing is ever easy to fix/get done. :no: I missed seeing the casket advertising article. Tacky in my opinion, but what do I know?

I need to run a couple of errands so guess I'd better get a move on. Have a great "rest of the day!" Happy weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-21-2006, 10:06 AM
Good morning ladies! Hope your Saturday is turning out better than our Friday went. We had the dryer guy here (I threw a fit about the fact the first guy that was here didn't even open the dryer, said it was the wall vent and left and charged me $55 for it) and so they sent this guy out. He was really good, but after taking it apart and seeing that it was full of lint and some water, which HE wouldn't do because he said it wasn't covered, Jack and I cleaned it all out while he went and got some switch that needed replacing. When he had it all together it was still overheating and come to find out, the outside vent had no air coming through so they didn't completely finish the job! I guess I should contact my son or contact Service Pro because we have to vent into the laundry room so it will work ok. Sheesh, I knew there would come a time a condo was not such a great idea! I put the vent hose next to the dryer with a lot of room, put a towel under it for any condensation from the wet clothing and it now works fine. It doesn't cause any problems except for humidity in the house and that's not all a bad thing going into the winter months.

Jack put in a call to his regular doctor yesterday and then never called him back until the office was about to close. The triage nurse got really snotty with him and said because they hadn't prescribed his medications they WOULDN'T see him!!!!! He needed to go see his surgeon and his cardiologist. I have told Jack for over a year I wanted to change practices because I hate the darn one we belong too, all Medicaid patients and such and you cannot get an appointment for at least two weeks! He kept dragging his feet because he said he would have to have another physical with a new one, it was convenient, etc. I told him yesterday because I was mad, "See what convenience got you, NOTHING!" I want to change practices, but we don't have much to choose from that isn't the same kind of thing. I refuse to go back to them unless I am ill and so far so good. I had 3 different doctors in 6 months and they rotate in and out. Come to find out, UT uses it for resident experience so they are all residents and that is why they don't stay!

Jean: Oh my gosh, what a mess to the families of the loved ones to have this going on with the church. Hope all turns out alright. Did I ever tell you our school system let's the kids off school for a day at the fair every year? They don't TAKE them to the fair, they just get the day off if they want to go. That should give you a clue as to how stupid our school system is.

Well, I need to go gals and get some work done. The dryer guy was here all morning so I got not a thing done!


10-22-2006, 09:21 AM
Good morning ladies! Jack slept downstairs last night then came up and crawled into bed to try and sleep on his side around 5:30 AM. He said his chest muscles still feel sore so back on his back he went. He is sound asleep upstairs at the moment. One good thing is yesterday and today he has no swelling anywhere. We are wondering now if it is his Accupril, which is his ACE inhibitor, as he forgot to take it Friday night and woke up Saturday with no swelling. He took it last night so we shall see. He has been on it for 3 years, but he called his sister, who is the cardiac nurse, and she talked to someone at her hospital and they said Accupril can cause problems even years down the road. Guess we just wait until Tuesday at his appts to see what they can try and do.

I started on a really pretty pullover sweater for my grandson for Christmas. I am still working on the one baby blanket, have a second one in the works and another baby sweater, but I am going to work on them after Christmas. I do want to get the current one off the needles though so I hope to have it complete in the next couple weeks.

I got one of those nutty Lillian Vernon style catalogues in the mail yesterday and they had this tool to trim mens' nose hair. It was shaped like a finger and you stuck it up your nose! UGH, what will they think of next? There are some pretty kooky things people invent and sell. Of course, Jack thought it was funny. My tacky sailor boy! :lol:

I may have to get on the stick and contact Gail and see where she went. I have her email address at the college I think. Wish Maggie could check in once in awhile just to let us know she and Cowboy are a-ok.

Jean, do you ever hear from the lady who referred to herself as Bubbles? I was under the impression that all you beginning ladies knew each other. It has been several years ago now that she quit posting.

I am going to try and get some cleaning done today then the NASCAR race is sometime today. Yesterday was all day college football and all evening World Series. I sat and knit during the day, but my shoulders and hands were sore by evening so I went upstairs early and watched a bit of tv then went to bed. I like that series "Big World, Little People" and it was on last night. They took a vacation to Hawaii. I have to tell you, that is the sloppiest family I have ever seen. I cringe everytime they do an episode in their home wondering why the parents don't make their kids clean up the house! They have a beautiful house, part of which was just remodeled to make it larger and the kitchen more dwarf friendly, and it still looks like a pig sty all the time. I guess people have different levels of comfort zone, huh? It is a cool show to watch though.

Well, I am going to get to it. I am washing Jack's sheet and blanket that he sleeps with down here in the recliner while he is snoozing upstairs and I think I will knit for a bit until he gets up.

Have a good Sunday girls! It is cool and pretty windy here today and looks like it is only supposed to get into the high 50's.


10-22-2006, 07:17 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We spent an interesting day yesterday. Jason called late Friday night to see if we could babysit Saturday morning which meant we had to leave here by 6:40 at the latest. I was awake at 5 so got up to get ready. Beth and her two came to "play" mid-morning and we had a pizza lunch. My intention was to shop for a church/wedding outfit in the afternoon however Bob needed to sign and have notarized a paper saying that it was ok for the deceased second cousin to be buried in the "family" plot. Evidently the grandparents bought 8 lots years ago and the ownership now belongs to MIL and her CA sister. That took awhile to get the right papers, line up the notary, etc. . . . good thing the town is little and we still have connections with the people living there. After stopping to have a beer :o with our friends, I was finally shopping at 4:00. I decided to try Kohl's, then Coldwater Creek, then Penneys, and finally my favorite department store. Everyone is having sales -- I wonder if there will be any winter clothing left after Christmas. The stores were a mess because people dig through and never bother to put anything back where they got it. :mad: Anyhow, didn't find a dress but did find a nice pants set at the last store so came home with a :) . We ate supper at Applebee's :T ; they were packed, but we got in just because there were two of us.

We skipped church today and slept in. We were both tired! We have funeral #1 tomorrow afternoon so I plan to go to school until noon. Funeral #2 is Tuesday morning and I will be gone the whole day. I have had my three funerals so I'm hoping we are done for awhile!

"Gma" -- I'll bet you feel like you've been abandoned here! ;) When we got home last night around 9:00, I promptly fell asleep in front of the TV and when I woke up I went straight to bed. I'm sorry to hear about your dryer problems. Wouldn't it be nice if people would do their jobs correctly the first time around!? Do you have to cover the dryer pipe with a mesh thingy to catch the extra lint fuzz? I feel for you with the doctor challenge! :yes: I hope Jack gets some good answers/advice on his next visit. I do hear from Bubbles once in awhile; she mostly sends "forwarded stuff" to me and I don't open them. :o I know she is big into transporting orphaned/abandoned dogs to their new homes. I, too, wish Maggie would check in. I thought she would when they went to town so she could visit the library and use a computer there. She is a better sport living without electricity than I would be. I don't have Gail's email so have no idea how she is doing. I haven't seen the show "Big World, Little People." It's for sure I wouldn't let a TV camera in my house is it wasn't picked up and squeaky clean! :D

I have laundry going and am just about done with that. Hope you have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-23-2006, 09:02 AM
Good morning girls! Cool and clear in my part of the world. Most of you are probably getting colder weather than us by now. I imagine snow flurries a little here and there are coming soon for a couple of you.

I checked my email and found one that was a total surprise. It was from a man at the church we left (I think I have told you repeatedly about the church in Indiana that has the pastor that in my opinon is a nutso) Anyway, before Jack had his surgery, I sent an email to the church and ask for prayer and to let the church know the situation as we still have friends that go there. I hadn't heard anything, not even get well card from anyone so I thought maybe the email address was incorrect than I get this email from one of the newer members. Very nice man and his wife and they have like 8 or 9 kids. I imagine the majority of the church want nothing to do with us as Jack pretty much put the board in their place before we left there so I guess I can't blame them if they want no contact from us. For all I know, the other couples may not be there any longer, but I seriously doubt that situation. They are all members of the church for at least 50 years and were stubbornly refusing to leave when everyone else did.

Jean: Boy, what a whirlwind weekend you had. Glad you found the outfit you like for the wedding. Seems like you are going to have a busy start to your week too! I like you, would NOT have gone to live in the wilderness for any reason. I love my husband but I would have put my big fat foot down about that! :lol: I know the last time I talked to Gail she was totally swamped at work.

I have some downstairs cleaning to get down this morning and haven't done a single morning chore so I had better get to it!

Have a great day everyone and Jean be careful traveling today!


10-23-2006, 11:14 PM
Good evening, Flowers! It was a nice sunny day in my corner of the world. One funeral down and one more to go tomorrow. The salads and desserts were/looked so good; I wish they would put out recipes by the food! Shopko had a big toy ad in yesterday's paper so I talked Bob into stopping there on our way home. They had four aisles of unorganized, pawed through toys; I was so disappointed! :( I'm glad I didn't drive 80 miles and make a special trip just for that.

"Gma" -- It was nice of the Indiana gentleman to email you. We often have prayer requests for people who do not belong to our church. It used to be the minister would repeat the name over the mic so you would know who needed the prayers. Now after the person makes the request, we are just supposed to say, "Lord, hear our prayer." Usually we have no clue who the person is because they talk too softly. I suppose it has to do with confidentiality. I wish you could come and clean for me. My house looks like a tornado went through and I won't be able to do much until Wed. evening unless we get home earlier tomorrow night. Oh well, no one but us will see it.

I'm off to iron a white shirt for Bob and I need to decide what I'm wearing tomorrow. Several people asked if we were staying overnight there; it's only an hour away and I sleep better in my own bed. Actually we never thought about staying overnight.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-24-2006, 03:36 AM
I guess I can say good morning since it is after midnight, but to me it is still night so....I am so dumb. I slipped just a tad on the kitchen floor (because I had socks on I imagine) yesterday and must have turned my ankle some. My stupid right ankle is swollen a bit and really sore. So much so, it is hard to walk on when I get up on it. I couldn't sleep with it and the animals stepped on it a couple times so I gave up and came downstairs to get into the recliner. So, what do I do? I sit at the computer with my foot down instead! :^:

Jean: I hate it when you go into a store and find a situation like that where stuff is just a huge mess. Walmart can be that way sometimes. The aisles are stuffed and bins and such are a mess. People just don't care. I, like you, don't like clothing a big mess either to look through. At least, if I don't feel I can fold something up, I try and put it to the side neatly so it will be seen by a sales person. Hope the second funeral goes smoothly. Sadly, some of the best food comes from funerals or wakes.

The phone rang last night and Jack answered it. He said, "Hello," then a pause, then "Who do you wish to speak to?" then a pause and then "Who is this?" then "I don't think we have anyone by that name here." The conversation on the other end was "I want to talk to Nonny." "This is Thomas Fleming." I think Jack got a little GRRRR or something when he said he didn't think that person lived here. He then proceeds to tell me he made straight A's, is on the principal's list, got 4 tokens and a free game of Putt Putt, some kind of gold card, a bunch of coupons, his mom owes him $30 etc, etc. It was like this big rush to get it all out! I told him that Granddad and I would figure out when we could take him to Chuck E Cheese (that was what dd said we could do for him if he got good grades) for getting such wonderful grades and we were proud of him. We then had to talk about all his helping put down the new wood floors at his house. I now know exactly what we have to do when we take up the carpets from the 6 year old flooring expert! :lol:

I guess I better get an ice pack on this ankle and get into the recliner and try and sleep. Jack has an 8 AM appt for his xray so we need to be there early and get that done so it is up early for us. Keep a good thought that the dr will release him to go back to work tomorrow after seeing the xray. Jack will be crushed if he can't go back to work. I surely hope this swelling shows up this morning so he has something to show the doctor. Yesterday his upper arm swelled all up, his thumb on his right hand started then on his foot. Usually it is one thing at a time. I told him I hate for him to be miserable, but I hope it is really bad so the doctors can see what he is talking about. Nothing worse than having a problem and when you get to the doctor it is all gone!

Have a good Tuesday ladies!


10-24-2006, 03:50 PM
Doing the happy :dance: Jack can go back to work tomorrow. With regards to the swelling issue, his cardiologist thinks it is one of his current meds so is removing him one at a time to see which one it is. Hopefully, it is the first one he picks and we don't have to go through this for another month! You should see Jack's right hand today. It looks like Mickey Mouse's white gloved hand all blown up!


10-24-2006, 10:07 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It was another beautiful day in my corner of the world. We went to funeral #2 this morning and I did a fast "in and out" at the mall before we headed home again. Yesterday I saw a sweatshirt I thought MIL might enjoy . . . she says she misses the snow and it has a snow scene on a blue background with tiny stitched cardinals on it. I am tired tonight -- feel like I haven't had any time to get anything done around the house and it looks it. I'm certainly not going to start any projects at this time of the night! :no: Tomorrow night is bell choir practice, but we get out at 1:00 on Thursday so that will be my pick up the clutter day.

"Gma" -- I'm sure that Jack will be glad to get back into his work routine (and you too). ;) I'm sorry about your ankle and hope it is feeling better by now. I urge you to spend as much time as possible "reclining" with it up. Tell Thomas I said a BIG CONGRATS on his grades! He is a "wonder kid" for sure.

I am going to figure out what I am wearing tomorrow and head off to bed. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! This week is really flying by fast!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-25-2006, 08:59 AM
Good morning flowers! It is a nice not too cool morning this morning. It is trash day and I didn't get the bag in the can out with the rest of the stuff last night so I bagged it up along with cat litter cleaning and took it out in my sleeveless nightgown and it wasn't too bad. It was pretty chilly yesterday morning but warmed up nicely by the afternoon though it has sure been windy. Wish it was windy enough to just blow all the darn leaves off the deck, but then I would get more from the neighbor's tree so....It is the one thing I hate about this time of year is keeping up with the leaves. If I don't then they get tracked into the house and that is a mess to continually keep up with.

My ankle is still sore, but it is better that yesterday. I was really limping on it yesterday. I started with ice then changed to heat yesterday afternoon and evening and kept it propped up on the recliner as much as I could last night.

I guess we have started back into a routine. Jack left to go back to work this morning. It is going to be a little weird not having him home all the time again. I know he was anxious to get back to work though. Boredom had sure taken over. I sure won't hate having paychecks again either! :D

I see the cat and the dog have parked themselves together on the recliner. I have a feeling they aren't going to be happy when I shoo them off so I can knit in awhile! :lol: I would really like to get the blanket done today if possible. I still have a ways to go on it though and I do get tired because it is so heavy now. I was knitting yesterday at the doctor's office and kept having to stick the blanket part under my armpit to keep it from falling to the floor. It stretches the stitches when it does that and messes it up besides just plain making it harder to knit when the weight is dragging you down.

Other than Jack going back to work, it is the same here. Jack is supposed to call the vent cleaning place about the wall vent today as my son never got around to it and they sent the bill to US today instead of to him. The idiots had his billing street all spelled wrong anyway so he would never have gotten a bill. I am hoping they will come out by the end of the week and finish it and make sure it is blowing out completely this time.

Everyone have a good Wednesday and don't work too hard.


10-25-2006, 10:34 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been another nice day in my neighborhood. Rain is predicted for tonight and tomorrow so the farmers are trying to get finished in the fields. Bob had to work at his "day" job today :lol: since he was gone Monday and Tuesday. I'm home from bell choir practice and need to get something to wear ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a short day because of conferences; the kids were dingy today so I imagine tomorrow will be more of the same. Between Daylight Savings Time ending and Halloween I don't look for them being "normal" for another week at least. :dizzy: Two of our tough gang wannabes dropped out so that is the good news. I look for them to either be in jail or dead eventually.

"Gma" -- I hope Jack's first day back at work went well and he wasn't too tired when he got home. It sounds like you have been knitting up a storm! :) Hope your ankle continues to feel better each day and doesn't give you any more problems.

I'm off to check out the clean clothes! Hope you all have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-26-2006, 10:12 AM
Good morning to you all! It is rainy here today so I don't know if the vent people will be here today or not. They were supposed to call yesterday and didn't so we shall see. I mailed my son the bill, but I don't want him to pay it until they have the vent completely cleaned out.

Jean: Yeah, I bet this week and next the kids are going to be crazy with school being out, Halloween and such. Jack did fine at work yesterday. He said they didn't have much to do. He was tired because of not sleeping well and not work. He said he did sleep well last night though. We are still battling the swelling. He came home last night and the other hand started to itch (which means it will eventually swell up) then he had a huge dinner plate size welt on the inside of his upper thigh and a big knot underneath one foot. I sure hope this meds thing figures it all out because he has to be miserable with it all.

Yeah, I am knitting a lot again. It is cooler so I feel more like knitting. I got some really cute yarn in the mail last night. I think I am going to try something with it, but I don't know exactly what yet. I have FIVE skeins of the yarn I am making the babie's stuff with as Michael's replaced the messed up one than I sent an email to Lion Brand and they sent me FOUR more! I may try and make this cute handbag out of some of it. Maybe I will make some odds and ends like a tote bag, pot holders and such to use it up.

I am pretty near done knitting the blanket, but then will have to weave the ribbon and put on the embellishments. I hope I have enough ribbon. I forgot how big this blanket is. If I don't I may just make bows and such for it. (I finished the blanket and no one has posted so I came back in and am posting a pic along with the sweater and hat.)

It is kind of boring here so I will sign off for now. Have a good Thursday. Tonight is CSI night and tomorrow they FINALLY have the season premiere of my favorite, Las Vegas so I am looking forward to that.


10-26-2006, 04:23 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I am home early and should be working on the clutter that has accumulated since Saturday. It's a gloomy day in my corner of the world and they are predicting rain sometime today.

"Gma" -- Thank you for sharing the picture! I'm impressed with how fast you put them together. :D I forgot to ask if you broke down and showed the sweater to your son and dil when they were there. If not they will be pleasantly surprised, I'm sure. :yes: Without seeing Jack, I would say it sounds like he has a form of hives . . . Bob's looked like welts and he had them hit and miss, mostly on his body.

I need to get moving and do a couple loads of laundry as well as make a path through the clutter. I hate coming home to a pile of laundry and clutter on Sunday night.

Have a great "rest of the day" and a fantastic Friday tomorrow.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-26-2006, 04:52 PM
Jean: Don't forget I sit around all day with nothing to do so I can knit pretty much all the time. We also don't have all our kids here, friends and such that take up time much so I have a LOT of time! The thing with the swelling is different areas do different things If it is on his hands, his hands and fingers balloon up not really welt, his foot is only on the underside and it gets a hard red knot on it and it is hard for him to walk. I thought it might be hives too, but when I looked at all the websites, his stuff doesn't look like any of it. I guess we shall see as we take his meds away. If he is not better by the middle of next week, I am supposed to call Dr Anderson back. What does Bob do about his? Is he on some kind of medication? Jack's is really weird because the itching starts first, then the itching stops as it swells up and like I said lasts from 24 to 36 hours or so and then goes away little by little until the next place pops up. It is THE weirdest thing I have ever seen. Even Dr Anderson was puzzled by it.

Have a good aftenoon girls. I need to check my homemade Italian bread I made for dinner tonight so it doesn't over rise or I will have a mess!