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09-21-2001, 07:50 AM
Hi Guys!

It's been far too long since I started a thread, so here goes ... I have been reading for the last few days but not posting I'm afraid, yup, I was on the verge of turning into a lurker again. But here I am instead! Just posted my stats on the inch loss thread and that was an eye-opener ... ace idea, Kirst ;) Haven't been doing much this week, just lots of reading (I'm allowed! one of the perks of being a literature student!) - finished Jude the Obscure yesterday, which was a depressing one. I've got a whole bunch of Thomas Hardy books waiting to be read but I think I might try something a little more uplifting first. Hmm ... I love reading! I could read all day every day!!!

ok, back later. Come out and play!


Sweater Girl
09-21-2001, 09:55 AM
Hi all, I am also turning into a lurker it seems, I have just been so busy as of late. My cpu is also acting up, but I just ordered a new laptop and that should be coming in next week.

Anyhoo, my weight has been stabilizing, though with a new BF and all I am going out to dinner all the time it seems, thank god for exercise points and extreme mealing, though I have been on a bit of a chocolate kick as of late, I know bad me, but I enjoy chocolate and I am just learning to put it in to my eating lifestyle. But alas, on days when I am not going out I tend to eat very healthily.

JenK: I am training to become a law clerk right now (basically a paralegal), but I am starting to look in to taking my LSATs right now as well, good luck to you (I'll probably take mine next year). I am thinking of Patent Law as my eventual path.

Lola: If you're lurking, good luck with your upcoming Bar exam (that's soon right?).

Belle, Kirsty, Shalyne, Sarah, Kay, Tonya, Lolly, Jen, Trish, Kim, Kierie and everyone else (my mind is slow right now like my cpu), Have a good day and a fabulous weekend (BTW what are weekends? I work all through mine:( )!

Take Care!


09-21-2001, 09:59 AM
I am so busy at work, 11 hours yesterday with no break. Iwon't have time today either, so just a hello and goodbye.

BTW though bush's speech was pretty good last night (tho just saw recaps this morning)


09-21-2001, 10:09 AM
Hello everyone...I posted on the inch loss thread last night....Lolly-wow, what a difference you have made:)
Ali-I missed the dish on the new BF:) Tell Tell...I hear you about eating out-when DF and I first started dating we ate out a lot...now that we're saving for the wedding, we don't as often....but it's still hard...I too, have been in a chocolate place lately...I just printed out some smoothies from the smoothie board...hopefully those will help satisfy my sweet tooth!

Well, back to work-none of the patients are here b/c it's raining....Lori