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10-11-2006, 04:48 PM
We get FitTV, however I have yet to workout to any of thr programs:(
Just curious if anyone has this channel and if so, which ones are your favorite workouts?

10-12-2006, 04:56 PM
I have FitTV and love Cathe's workouts. They are usually listed under "Cardio Blast". She always does a combination of cardio and weights. It's an hour long. I've also done a few of Gilad's workouts, but it gets boring after a while.

10-12-2006, 05:04 PM
I like the Carribbean workouts. Mostly for the beach scenery. They are tough to keep up with, but nice for a change.

10-12-2006, 11:07 PM
Although I haven't done them in awhile (I'm planning to start back up since it's getting cold), I LOVE Sharon Mann and the Caribbean Workout. I don't do Cathe because she usually weight trains and uses a step and I don't have the equipment. The great thing about Sharon is that she has 2 people doing less difficult versions of her workouts. Her hi-lo workouts are the BEST. And my favorites with the CW are the hi-lo and the sports interval. They both have boxing workouts too, if you like to box. I did All-Star workouts too, but since they only have a limited number of episodes, I got bored doing them. The sports one was the best for cardio, and belly-dancing and Bhangra were a lot of fun, but not so much of a workout.

10-31-2006, 11:37 PM
I agree with Harpo. I really like Sharon Mann and Caribbean Workout. Except for when they do Pilates and Yoga. I really like the cardio workouts on both shows. Caribbean has really good weight training workouts.

I like the All-Star Workouts, but I get bored with them pretty quickly and some of them are really not challenging workouts.