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10-10-2006, 10:42 PM
Hello everyone,
I'm having a really hard time on Phase 2. I thought Phase 1 was hard, but it was easy compared to this. My problem? I can't do bread/fruit/drinks in moderation. When I'm at home by myself, I'm fine -- I can control what I eat because I'm only buying SBD foods for myself. But I'm a very social person and I'm out all the time with friends. And most social events involve food. And since I've started Phase 2 -- where so many things I love are no longer off limits -- I can't stop eating.

It's making me really upset because I was so happy to lose 7 pounds on Phase 1. I hadn't lost 7 pounds before, ever! And I still want to lose about 15 more. But instead, I'm returning to my old eating habits because I can't do the whole "moderation" thing. I'm scared of gaining the weight back, after working so hard to stay on Phase 1.

Has anyone else had this problem with Phase 2? I don't want to try to stay on Phase 1 indefinitely because that doesn't seem healthy. But I can't have "just one slice" of bread or "just one piece" of fruit or "just one glass" of wine now that I can have all of that stuff again.

I'm so frustrated! :( (

10-11-2006, 09:37 AM
I just started Phase 2 last Saturday and already I have considered going back onto Phase 1.

In the book it talks about what happens when you cheat and that you can jump from Phase 2 back to Phase 1 to correct a cheat. Granted if you are like me and don't have the biggest wallet in the world you can't exactly throw all of the "temptations" out until they are gone.

What has helped me a lot with resisting temptation is to pack lunch. Pack only the things that you know you can eat and I suggest doing it the night before hand so you are more mentally aware of portions and what you are grabbing. If you are going out for dinner the next few nights with friends, take the time to find the resturant's menu online and see what is in close range with what you can have. I can personally attest that you can hardly go wrong with the salad bar unless you are loading up on the bad stuff.

I have a hard time on the weekends with friends as well so I feel your pain. Just remember that if you do cheat, you can always go back to Phase 1 for a week then try Phase 2 again. Just try not to cheat more than you diet. :hug:

10-11-2006, 10:51 AM
The last time I did the SBD and started P2, I found that even though I was eating the breads and fruits and wine (and believe me, the wine is the biggest challenge for me...), I didn't gain anything back. I had lost about 20 pounds on P1 - I stayed on it way too long... 3 1/2 - 4 weeks - but it seemed that my body just wouldn't show any weight lost (I think it must've all been in my back and my shelf bum cuz I couldn't see it)...

The surprising part was that it took about a year for those 20 pounds to come back. You may think that you're doing worse than you actually are. Having been denied all those things through P1 may make you feel like you're eating more, splurging, and are out of control more than you really are. I'm just trying to say that maybe you are being harder on yourself than you need to be.

Remember: If you can do P1, you can do anything !! Just keep believing in yourself - don't let your critic beat you down - I believe in you ! :df: :hug: