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10-10-2006, 08:07 AM
Oh, Woe is Me! :headache: The allergy season hit me big time yesterday, and I"ve been feeling pretty miserable. I have to call my doctor as soon as the office opens this morning to get my prescriptions renewed. In the meantime I feel pretty yuckky. :( So I'm being optimistic when I'm calling this a Terrific Tuesday.
I have to pick up the girls at noon, so this morning I've had my shower, but I'm going to stay in my nightie and sip hot tea until it's time to go.

10-10-2006, 08:42 AM
Cottage: I really hope you feel well soon! Those allergies must be killer!


Well, up early this morning so I can be at the office early. Just finished 30 minutes of pilates and 30 minutes of WATP. I may do 30 more minutes on the treadmill tonite, but we'll see. We're babysitting nephew tonight until 6:30 and then I need to get the house clean so that tomorrow I can do laundry and pack for San Antonio! That's the only thing I DON'T like about going home. We never know what we're going to do, so I have to go crazy with the packing!!

I hope everyone's doing great! Have a happy day!!:beach:

10-10-2006, 08:44 AM
Oh geez, would someone PLEASE send me some coffee?! :coffee2: I just looked and the canister is empty!! :?: :eek: Now I'm really in a hurry to get to the office!!!

10-10-2006, 09:24 AM
Good Morning Chickies.

Cottage: I hope you get your prescription filled and get to feeling better!!! I can relate to how you are feeling - I get the same way!!!

Kim: Stop on over - I made some fresh coffee here at work.

Well not much going on today - going out to dinner w/ some friends tonight - I already checked out the menu and figured what I will get that way I won't have to look at it tonight and wish I could have somthing else. I feel as if I have put some weight back on - not sure how was OP yesterday and today - if I don't feel better tomorrow am I think I am going back on Phase I for a few days.

Well must get back to work. Hope you all have a GREAT day!!!!!

10-10-2006, 09:24 AM
Here's a big cup, Kim. I just made a fresh pot and Mary Ellen, my DD, is still snoozing away.

Cottage, I'm so sorry about the allergies. I take four Pollinex shots for ragweed in early summer and that has been working for me for 30 years! It might be worth checking out for next year. There are different types for different sorts of allergies.

Well, I sure was Ruthie Roadrunner yesterday as we had to drive back to Ottawa to clear up my DD's luggage mix-up. She picked up the wrong bag which was identical to her old clunker. However, all is now well and the bags are now with the right people. She had the bag of a woman who is going to Afghanistan! It was a gorgeous day and we took the scenic route so the day was very pleasant. (The other two Sunday screw-ups are also resolved so now we wait for the next three!)

Today we may have showers in the afternoon so we are going to do a bit of yard work and generally just hang out. Claire picked 45 pears for us (!) from her orchard so we should tackle those this afternoon. Tonight is movie night and early bed. We've been saying that since ME got here but spend the evenings talking and petting The Girls who just adore ME.

I hear stirrings in the guest room and am going to run my darling DD a bubble bath to start her day well.

Have a Terrific Tuesday - make it so!

10-10-2006, 09:25 AM
RMT, we were posting together. I hope your dinner tonight is fun. It's a good idea to decide BEFORE you go what you are going to eat. I should do that!

10-10-2006, 09:47 AM
Oh yawners. Morning girlies. I don't know why an hour of sleep makes such a difference. I sleep until 7:30 when I have to work, and until 8:30 when I don't, but I feel refreshed at 8:30 and exhausted at 7:30. Sheesh!

I REALLY need to do my pilates again. I just tend to be really sore for several days after I do them and I think I dread that. I end up using muscles I don't often use. I just need the exercise. Someone kick me in the butt!

Cottage, I have allergies too. I'm sorry you are out of meds. My allergies have been ok so far this fall but I have a feeling that's going to change soon with the major cold front coming through. We'll see how I do today. Hope your day is sniffle/sneeze free!

Kim, if I had any coffee I'd definitely send it your way. How about a Diet Black Cherry French Vanilla Pepsi Jazz? That has caffeine in it. :) Have fun packing for San Antonio!

RMT, enjoy your dinner tonight! That really is a good idea to look ahead. I need to try that sometime.

Ruthie Roadrunner, hopefully today is a bit more calm for you. What a nice mom to run a bubble bath for your DD first thing in the morning! Glad your Sunday screw-ups are resolved! Let's hope for no more!

*sneeze* Great. And it starts already. Better shower and find something warm to wear to work. It's cooled off considerably. Supposed to SNOW on Thursday. Ugh. Brrrrr. Hope you all have a great day!


10-10-2006, 10:07 AM

I have has 1/2 c bran cereal and 1/2 c milk at 7am, just ingested 2 egs topped wiht 1/2 a diced tomato and a 1/2 tbsp pesto. YUM. Off to a good start. Feels good to be eating consciously.
Today is my Monday and I am needing a fresh start and focus. I had a down right lazy weekend. I did feel the need to rest and relax but started to feel guilty last night for not giv'n er every day. Need to let go of that. I have been trying to let my ankle and chest cold heal. I have been doing yoga but am feeling the need to exercise harder. I will do the Walk Away the Pounds DVD today.
Both kids seem to be in a better space. They still got on each others nerves at times but it was not the really edgey meltdown stuff.
Looking forward to getting some more involved craft stuff, like sewing or knitting, to do with them one on one. DS has been playing chess.
We talked my Mom and Dad into getting Dnephew and my DS kid sized( not expensive) guitars for Christmas out of the Sear Wish Book. Both boys had individually asked for them.

For today I will WATP and then get on the phone for follow calls.

10-10-2006, 10:55 AM
Morning Ladies!

Probably going to make this short and sweet since I have 10 thousand posts to catch up on and PM's out the wazoo.

I've kind of been MIA for the past week. I finally lost all of my water weight from my TOM but I haven't been exercising so I've been backsliding I believe. I started Phase 2 on Saturday but I'm considering going back on Phase 1 again in another week or so just to make sure I reach my mini goal on Halloween. We got a new kitten.... I added my fun and adventures with that to the pets thread.

The good news is I got 3rd place on the blue team for the Biggest Loser Challenge this week. I used my pre TOM weight cause I figured it was closer to what I was than 6 pounds of extra water. Not sure what I weight right now, but considering I haven't exercised since god knows when I'm probably closer to my beginning weight.

Sorry I couldn't get to everyone individually. I'll probably post in about another hour or so once I get some things taken care of. :hug:

10-10-2006, 11:25 AM
Drat! The doctor won't refill my prescription until he sees me first. I made an appt for tomorrow morning but I may cancel it. My HMO charges $40 for a dr visit, and another $40 per prescription, I don't know if it's worth it. Why can't he just call in the prescription!???
It's a beautiful day, I finally got dressed and went out to water the flowers, then walked to the post office to mail a bill. I wonder if it's possible to de-sensitize yourself from allergies by refusing to stay indoors? It's such a shame to miss this great weather, and I sniff and sneeze as much inside as I do outside. Oh, well, grin and bear it. Enough whining.

10-10-2006, 11:56 AM
Oh Cottage that stinks about the allergies. I have been blessed to not have those issues, but my hubby does and he gets just miserable. I hope you feel better soon!
Hi Kim have fun in San Antonio. I love that city. I live in OH now, but used to do business in TX and always enjoyed it there.
RMT good for you for planning ahead, thats the way to do it! Opening the menu just begs for you to change your mind. What are you getting? I usually stick with chicken breast salads when dining out.
Ruth Sounds like you had an adventure. Losing luggage is the worst. I see that you have porteguese water dogs. I have 2 shar peis. I work for a pei rescue. The lady that runs it has a water dog too. Great breed.
Lisa Its supposed to snow there on Wed! And I thought Cleveland was bad, we do have a cold front moving in. That is going to make the 6am runs a lot harder!
Holly I love your pic, cute hamster! I have never tried pesto on eggs, that sounds like a good idea. I might have to try that tomorrow.
Chellez HI, Im new! Congrats on getting 3rd place!

As for me, today is day 2 of phase 1. Yesterday was easy enough. I felt a bit off kilter during my run this morning. I know good and well that I am going to have to back my exercise off while I do phase 1. But I run on Tues & Thurs mornings with a gal and its only 4 miles, so I am going to try and push thru it. I did a half marathon on Sunday and got my official results today 2:03:56, which is really fast for me, so I was pleased! Today, I brought an acorn squash for a snack. I hope that it is okay on Phase 1, I see that spaghetti squash is on the list, does anyone know if acorn squash would be off limits? Have a great Tuesday!

10-10-2006, 12:49 PM
I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who replied and posted things about Thanksgiving on the Beach.:thanks2: I can't believe it, but I did it ! :trampo: I made turkey, salad, parsnips and mashed potatoes. I only had the turkey and the salad. My boyfriend had his kid over and his girlfriend and we watched movies. While they were eating chips and dip and popcorn... I had some wine. I know that I'm supposed to stay away from alcohol, but Thanksgiving is just one of those times.... I hope it didn't hurt me too badly.

I've been on P1 for a week now and darned if I can't find a scale somewhere. I don't "feel" like anything has happened. :( Last time I did the beach I was on P1 for about 3 weeks to a month before any noticable loss. My pants still feel tight and my bra is still digging into my back. I don't know why I'm so slow to respond. I do veggies like crazy and I am getting my protien. Maybe I have to exercise a bit more. I dunno. Hopefully, something will start soon. BF is very supportive and has gone out of his way to not lead me into temptation. It's very sweet.

Cottage: I've been lucky enough in my life to not suffer through any airborne allergies. I feel great empathy for you though as I've seen some people I know suffer and it's like they have a nasty cold. :getwell: I've only been allergic to shellfish, but I can avoid that quite easily...

Hope you all have a super day !!

10-10-2006, 12:56 PM
Morning ladies - So made delicious pizza last night, WW crust with bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, jalepenos, garlic and threw some peperoni on the boy's side - Really trying to focus on only eating until I'm satisfied, this morning I ate some cereal and stopped when I was satisfied - and haven't been hungry since - WE ARE FINALLY GETTING RAIN! THANK YOU GOD! My lawn is thanking you too!

Phish - I'd make sure you get plenty of legumes as they are a 'legal' form of carbs, and since you're a runner (HALF MARATHON????!) then you'll need them, not sure about acorn squash but I think it's ok

Cottage - Gotta do what you gotta do to take care of yourself, but it sucks that it costs so much money! Hope you feel better soon! I used to have a big problem with cedar, but think maybe I developed a resistance to it or something...

Chellez - Glad you added a photo! Always nice to see what the person on the other end looks like - Congrats on losing that weight, so frustrating but feels so good when it comes off

Holly - I think it's smart to let yourself rest if you are getting over illness, I'd say that's part of taking care of yourself! Your bfast DOES sound delicious

Weezle - I'm the same way, it's so much easier to get up at 7 than 630 and that's only 30 mins difference, yeah really going to work on the weekend eating stuff, I feel like that's the missing link for me and if I can overcome that then I'll be able to maintain

Oh Ruth - You are such a sweetheart! Running your daughter a bubble bath!

RMT - I do the same thing (looking at menus prior to going out to eat), I esp love it if they have the calories listed

Kim - that is SO AWESOME that you are being so dilligent about exercise! I bet you've had a cup of coffee by now

MGB4T - hope you have a great day! I'm not sure why you wouldn't be losing because even if you can't find a scale I could def feel it in my clothes after a week... maybe the others will have some words of wisdom

Everyone else have a GREAT day!

10-10-2006, 03:41 PM
Trying to pinpoint exactly what causes me to want to eat, not because I'm hungry but because I'm trying to fill something - like right now I'm eating a SB granola bar after having a ww burrito for lunch - not hungry just want the chocolate maybe? Doesn't even necessarily taste good to me - feeling slightly agitated about my job? Overly eager clients? Tired today? Feelings of apathy? Feelings of nervousness or insecurity, inadequacy? Stopping to breathe and drink in the beauty of a tree outside my window

10-10-2006, 05:08 PM
Phish - acorn squash is a winter squash and therefore, you should wait until phase 2 for it. Spaghetti squash is the only winter squash allowed in phase 1.

cottage - What a pain about the allergies! I take Allegra and Flonase year round and I'm okay. Allergies seem to be bad in the Dallas area this year.

I dont' have time to respond to all. We had a busy weekend of popcorn selling. Brian reached his goal and wants to continue selling since he will get a bigger scholarship if he sells more. I can't believe he sold around $700 in two days but it was a BUSY weekend.

Yesterday we spent all day at the State Fair of Texas. I won't even mention what I ate since it isn't remotely OP. I only saw one food item in the whole fair that would have been okay - grilled shrimp but of course, I didn't see that until we were leaving. Today I made homemade tomato soup for lunch (with canned spinach added). Dinner is crockpot Chicken creole (with chicken, ham, and smoked turkey sausage). I remember it being good but haven't made it in years.

beach bum
10-10-2006, 05:17 PM
Hi Ladies

I was in the middle of posting to you when my computer went down. I don't remember what I was posting in the orginal one.

I'm not going to change my ticker even if I gained 1.5 yesterday. It had something to do with my not feeling well.

I wasn't feeling well this morning,had sort of a tummy ache,with the salty taste in mouth syndrom.Than I remembered that I had a severe sinus headache over the weekend tha resulted into a draining of the sinus yesterday morn.turning my mouth salty tasting.Now that I know I'm not worried anymore.

BIG CONGRATS :congrat: to all the losers and heres :cheers:to next week for the rest

SORRY :sorry: for all the ones are ill :getwell: hope your all better soon

Have to get dinner started.

Hugs :) BB

10-10-2006, 06:11 PM
I had a homemade biscuit and butter for a snack:o . we ran out of bread yesterday and stores were closed so I made biscuits for lunches. sigh

I am really hungry right now...I think...might be munchies. Supper in 30 min. Spose I should go make it, huh?