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09-20-2001, 12:09 AM
Here's the new thread, my work is never done :lol:

09-20-2001, 12:32 AM
After working so hard to prepare dinner, and then to start a new thread. You must be worn out. Thanks for the effort above and behond the call of duty. :D :spin: Ann

09-20-2001, 01:44 AM
Trudy I am almost at a loss for words. After all the work you did today....the ironing and preparing the gourmet "la Ben Chicken" dinner, you still managed to start the new thread. You are indeed wonderful, and I applaud you. :) :)

09-20-2001, 02:13 PM
Trudy you must be resting now 'cause of all the work you have been doing. A woman's work is never done. Slavika, how is your back today? I was going to ask you all something and it is gone. I think I need a post it on the brain. Maria I got to your pictures. You are lucky to have a husband with good taste. I love that rug. I have a place for it. We have taken off wallpaper and been scraping and sanding. I am going to do a glaze treatment - just have to make up my mind what colors. I am also going to try to make some slipcovers for 2 chairs one of these days. I don't have a clue how to do it but I will muddle through it. Glenda did Suzanne Summers talk much about her cancer? It seems I remember that she wasn't doing chemo and was doing some alternative treatment. Just wondering how it was working out. I feel like a new woman. Got my haircut today. My sil says this is a good site.http://www.merchantcentral.com/9-11tribute/ For some reason it won't load on my 'puter. Time to go paint, Peggy

09-20-2001, 07:25 PM
that this will not be a very cheery post.
Yesterday I had all sorts of problems getting to this message board and lost quite a long 'cheery' post.:(

Today things are quite different after hearing from home. We were told earlier this week that our sister-in-law (dh's brother's wife) had been diagniosed with inoperable lung cancer. We were sad but we were hoping for the best. Last night we learned that the doctors have given her 8 weeks without chemo and with chemo a little longer. The cancer has spread to her lymph glands all over her body :( She is 62. DH's brother is 10 years older than dh and whilst we have always gotten on OK, we never saw them a great deal. They chose not to be involved in family gatherings, something that dh and his sister always found hard to understand. However we are naturally very upset with this news and now dh and his sister (I was on the phone to her last night for a long time) are wondering could they have done more to have had a closer relationship. As an 'outsider' I feel it was the way they chose to live their lives and lets now give them as much support as we can.

I also got quite a telling off from my doctor yesterday:( for not having rested enough. He explained that by doing what I had been doing the bones in my big toes will not fuse and I will have to go through the whole procedure again. He has certainly scared the living daylights out of me and I am keeping any walking to a minimum. In five weeks time I will have an xray to see if the fusion has taken. I really hope I have done no damage.

I wished we could cancel the last 2 weeks and start again.

I will try and be a bit more cheery next time.......


09-20-2001, 08:40 PM
Maria so sorry you have to go through so much turmoil right now. It is always hard when a family member is terminal. When family members choose not to be social, there is nothing you can do. I am sure you and your DH and Sis tried everything to be close. Now you stay off your feet :nono: no more walking. Being alone you really didn't have much of a choice, but now take it easy. Sometimes the Drs. have to scare the living daylights out of us before we listen. I am sure he was just trying to get your attention, and it looks like it worked. Don't worry.
Peggy the site was really a good one.... more chills. I find that eveything I see about the bombing touches me, and I end up tearing. I guess we all do that. :cry:
Slavika and Ann ... Thanks for appreciating me :lol:
I have DSL and it is supposed to be "faster than a speeding bullet", but it sure is taking long to get to some web pages lately. I have heard that the Internet has an unprecedented amount of traffic lately and a lot of the sites are overloaded. Maybe that is why some of you are having trouble. Everyone wants information.
We are off to have a friendly game of cards tonight. We play Phase 10, and the last time we got together I was the winner! :smoking: ... they are going to be out to get me tonight.

See y'all tomorrow... :wave:

09-20-2001, 11:30 PM
Hi all. Maria: I am so sorry for your difficult news, but I do agree with Trudy. Sometimes people just make their decisions to go it alone, even tho' you try to connect. And as you said, now you can show them lots of support, and I'm sure that will mean a lot.
Now keep off your feet. We are all givng you orders.:love: but isn't that what friends are for, to care about each other. I surely hope that all will be well. And I agree with Trudy here too. Dr.s sometimes just read you the riot act to get your attention and make you behave.

Peggy: That was a good site. I have appreciated seeing the pictures from all around the world. It's a great feeling to know that the world community supports us.

Trudy: I wonder if the Kleenex mfg. are having to produce more tissues to take care of all the tears? Pictures are worth a thousand words aren't they

I was so proud of the President and what he had to say tonight. And I get disturbed at the news media, who immediately afterwards, start asking questions and analyizing. We all heard what he said, and we all know when 'push comes to shove' Americans will get the work done. Look at what happened during WW2. Rationing of all sorts of stuff, everyone working, or fighting whatever it took. Why should the media think we would be any different now? Enough venting. Thanks for listening.

Hi Slavika, Glenda, Karen, Geri, Lily :wave: Ann

09-21-2001, 01:52 AM
Hi Everybody
I watched President Bush give his speech and he did a fine job. I think he said all that had to be said. He certainly has the support of not only the American people but almost every other country in the world. :)
Maria sorry to hear that your SIL is so sick. I have a friend whose husband has cancer and she is having a very rough time. Not only has her husband's life changed forever but so has hers. You are right, just support them both as best you can. You also MUST listen to your doctor, and give those feet of yours a chance to heal.
Peggy I made new covers for a rocking chair that my DIL has. I made a "template" or pattern out of a old sheet, sewed that up, making any changes that I needed, before I cut and sewed up the slipcover fabric. I must say it turned out pretty good. My back was bothering me more this evening then it did all day, so I guess I just have to take it easy for a bit.
Hi to you all, and I'll be back tomorrow. Night.

09-21-2001, 08:52 AM
Slavika thanks for the tip to making slipcovers. At the cost of the fabric I have been looking at that is a good idea. They are wing back chairs. We must all like blue. Another thing in common. Welcome back Lily. We missed you. Just sorry that you had to come back early. Men and their clickers. Maria - stay off those feet! We want you dancing at the wedding. I am sorry about your sil. Just give them the support that you can. Ann, don't you just hate it when the news guys rehash what a speech was about? They must think that we are dummies. I get upset lately when the press tells things that I don't think we always need to know like the wearabouts of the President and others. I think that they feed the enemy information. But that is just my opinion. I keep waiting now for the other shoe to fall so to speak. I have a feeling that more is to come here but I hope that I am wrong. When you spoke of rationing it brought back a memory of when I was little. I guess it was supposed to be butter. It was white and had a little yellow thing in it that you had to squeeze till it turned it all yellow. That was my job. Ann we are not allowed to say Kleenex. My friend works at P&G in paper and we have to use Puffs. Trudy I hope you beat them in cards again. I have never heard of that game. See you all later. Time for the morning walk. It is finally light out.

09-21-2001, 08:44 PM
Ahh, .....now everyone is back where they belong. :) Glad to hear you had a nice relaxing vacation Lily. We were hoping that you didn't get into any trouble.
Peggy..Oh, they tried to distract me, they put Pringles Pizza Potato Chips beside me, they brought out the Costco mixed nuts...they skipped me constantly ...but I whooped them again :lol: I am not a good card player, I never watch to see what people pick up or throw out, in fact I change cards so many times they say "she just picked it up, now she's throwing it out"... for me to win 2 times in a row is an event. :D hee hee
I remember the margarine with the little packet of powder that had to be mixed in :( .. only my Dad would eat it, my brother and I had to have butter. I still don't eat margarine.
Ann the way the US is solidly behind the President, you will do alright.

I went to the Opthamologist today, my eyes have been so sore, itching and burning. No infection, but he thinks I have an allergy. He gave me eye drops that seem to be working so far. Now I think I have already whined about how my body is falling apart by inches.... this is a new one on me. How could I suddenly become allergic to fall? :rolleyes:

Six of us are off to the Casino tonight, we will play our $20.00 and then at 10:00 go to see "Nearly Neil Diamond".. :lol: He sings the songs, has the same hairstyle, wears the same clothes....and if you squint really hard, you might think it is Neil..! See you there Slavika (she is going with her friends and I think they have better seats too).

See you guys tomorrow... have a good evening... :wave:

09-21-2001, 09:06 PM
I don't know what happened but I posted on the previous thread :dizzy: so I have cut & pasted what I wrote below. At least I didn't loose my post.
Trudy we would do well playing cards together. I cannot take it all too serious and dh especially, gets a bit annoyed.
I just hate it when I am pondering what card to put down and dh says 'just put down the 9 of hearts' or whatever. Of course I would have no idea what card anyone has unless I accidently peeked and then it still doesn't help me:D
Your night out to 'almost Neil Diamond' sounds like fun.

G'day all,

It is again a beautiful spring day here in Melbourne and I am feeling a bit brighter about my feet and just have to accept the fact that I have to stay put for another month or so. I could be having to cope with a lot worse things.

I watched the address to congress by your president and I thought the speech was excellent. I was never that impressed with your president but over the past few weeks that view has certainly changed. Unfortunately the bottom line is War and that really scares me but then at the same time these acts of terrorism have to be addressed. I also agree that I am tired of seeing so many 'experts' analyzing what the president said and I have also started not to watch too many of these current affairs type programs. The one thing that did send shivers up my spine as I watched the address was that there were so many leaders in the one location :eek:

The websites that some of you have posted were very heart warming.

I have just received an email that Trudy is posting at the same time as me Hi Trudy! :)

As Lily wrote to everyone it made me realise what a talented bunch we are :)

Do any of you have a digital camera? It would be great to see your photo's and to be able to put a face to everyone's name.
Whenever I now see someone with a dripping ice-cream I think of Trudy ;)

I love my digital camera and I am forever taking photo's. The initial outlay might be a little pricy but to be able to take so many photos and just 'delete' what you don't like is fantastic.

Have a great weekend all

09-22-2001, 12:58 AM
I didnt realize I posted on the old thread. :dizzy: I must be getting old! :D

Slavika: Good Idea for the slip covers! Will have to give that a try as I do need to get some done.
Sorry to hear you are still having problems with your back.

Peggy: you are not alone in your thinking. I feel the same way that there is more to come also.

Trudy: Sounds like you have a fun night planned. I love Neil Diamond. Hope this guy is just as good!
Your poor eyes. Allergies are not fun.

Maria: It was a good speech the President gave. I was impressed myself. The War scares me to. But they do have to be stopped. I just hope it helps. To many lives have been lost and it really does need to be stopped all over the world. :(

Have a great night all!

Karen L
09-22-2001, 01:40 AM
It's been one heck of a day for me. We got word that my Aunt has passed away. The one with CJD. Even though I knew it was coming it is still hard. I'm thinking because of the recent events in our country is why I'm so weepy. I find my self crying at the drop of a hat today. I've spent a good share of the day cleaning my "office" / computer room. I've had to get my stuff in order so I can have my receptionist drag all the products and supply's to the meeting location for Wednesday's meeting. I've got some one to do the morning meeting but I will be able to do the evening one after the funeral.

I agree with all of you about President Bush. His speech to the nation was great. I'm very impressed with the way this is all being handled.

Lily what was it that your father did?? Did I miss something?

Maria hope your feeling better after your tongue lashing from your doctor. It must have been hard to set through. I would have started to cry. Did You? I did take a look at your pictures. Your poor feet look very sore. But your DH's gifts are wonderful. i'm glad he made it home safe. Also so sorry about your SIL cancer is an awful thing.

I did check out all the web sites that you all have posted.

Slavika You are so talented I envy you. I used to sew about 30 years ago . And do cross stitch. But no time now. Maybe be I really retire. ;)

My meetings last week were busy. I've asked to split one of them on Wednesdays Have 1 in the morning and one during the noon hour. That would make 3 meetings( along with the late afternoon one) in that town. Last week there was standing room only and some left early because who wants to stand up all the time. My receptionist was soooooo busy when I was done with the meeting she was at her wits end. She had a pile of checks and a pile of money and wasn't sure where to start. So we both dug in and the books balanced :?:
We are very very good. I always say we work so well and for so long together we know what each other is thinking.

My Moms birthday is tomorrow I bought her a pair of earings. She is hard to buy for any more because she is like me if she wants something she just buys it. My kids say I'm hard to buy for too :o

Well I do feel better know that I've talked with you all. I'll check in tomorrow and see whats going on.

09-22-2001, 10:57 AM
To log in I had to remember my password - thank goodness it is food related so I didn't have to try too hard. I think we could play cards together. I sub in a canasta group and always make dumb plays because I don't pay attention to what is thrown. I always hope that I get another dumb player for the last hands. When I do win I am amazed. Karen my sympathies for your aunt. This has been a hard week for you all around. Trudy and Slavika have fun tonight. We saw Neil Diamond years ago. Right down in front of the speakers. My exciting dh fell asleep. Every time we clapped he thought it was over and jumped up out of his seat. The news today said that they picked up 25 people across the river in Kentucky for questioning. They lived in various apartment complexes. They are all about 10 min from Greater Cincinnati airport which is in Kentucky. They aren't saying much. I have a friend that lives down the street and she said it is scary. We are going to a little craft town in Indiana tomorrow and we will be back Monday. So I wil see you all then, Peggy

09-22-2001, 12:39 PM
Karen: So sorry to hear about your Aunt. My Thoughts are with you.
My Dad was a Newcaster on TV. He did that for years and then switched to being a teacher of Broadcasting. He got fed up with the way they wanted to handle the news.

Peggy: That is scary about the arrests so close. I think these people are every where unfortuantly. Have fun on your trip! Sounds like it will be alot of fun!

Well Im off to play in the yard today. Trying to trim things up before the winter hits. Its beautiful out there, so I might as well enjoy it while it lasts!

09-22-2001, 01:00 PM
Lily hi, sure am happy to see you back. Glad you had a nice and "safe" vacation. :)
My back feels much better today. I guess when I over do things, it's going to let me know.
Karen sorry about your Aunt. I think this last week left us all weepy. I used to do so much sewing and now, just once in awhile. I did buy fabric to make PJ's for my grandchildren. I have been making them for them since they were born. I guess I have not made any since before last Christmas and both of them need new ones.
Peggy the story about the 25 people you were talking about was on CNN news this morning. I think the news also mentioned that two people were trying to board planes with false passports at a Chicago airport.
Maria when I was at my friend's 40th Wedding Anniversary party, several people there had a digital camera. I spoke to my Godson about the one he had. He took my picture and explained how it worked and what I could do with one now that I had a computer. I have never been very interested in photography and very rarely take any pictures. I like to see them after......but rarely take them myself. The digital camera, however, did interest me. :)

As Trudy mentioned we went to see the show "Nearly Neil" last night and it was excellent. He put on a really good show and had a great voice. My friend's DH said he sounded "BETTER" then Neil Diamond. LOL :D We had dinner first. I had a "Guava Sunrise" to drink, (made with Rum) Greek Salad, and Sliced pork served with a mushroom sauce with baby dill potates. It was so good, I ATE THE WHOLE THING. :)
We have a rainy day here today, but must go out and run a few errands. Talk to you all later. Once again, Lily happy you are back.

09-22-2001, 02:21 PM
I missed one day checking in and had a lot of catching up to do. Lily: So gald you are back and that your vacation was restful, even tho' it was interrupted.

My weigh-in was not so good. Took back 1# of what I lost last week. But just have to keep plugging along.

Karen: You are one busy lady! Sorry to hear aabout your Aunt. I know what you mean- tears are close to the sruface all the time. Sometimes I think a really good cry is good for the soul.:D
Today we talked about how we can be less efficient in our work, so that we get more exercise. One suggestion was to get rid of the remote so we'd have to get up and change the T.V.:lol:

Slavika: You are a clever lady. I don't think I would have the courage to try slip-covers. I used to sew a lot, but haven't done much in a long time. Sounds like you all had a greal evening with "Neil". A fun night out is good medicine.

Trudy: Hope the drops help. I have been using fake tears a lot and that seems to help me. Like 'Hypo-tears. I have read that our bodies change, and every five to seven years, we can suddenly have an allergy that we never had before, or one that we have had goes away. Aren't we mysteriously and wondrously made? I would just like to not seem to fall apart so fast, with the ache here, the twinge there. :D

Peggy: I'm with you. I just don't listen to those analysts anymore. And we do need to keep things secret. The "peoples right to know" is just an excuse for the media to poke and pry. I hope they are finally getting the message about classified stuff.

Florida has certainly had our share of people living around in different areas, using what our country has to offer, and then going off to do their worst. I have come to believe, as we are hearing about all the people detained, arrested, etc. that God is helping to point the way. I just don''t believe in coincidences any more.

Maria: Hope all is going well with the 'tootsies'. I has been so encouraging to our country to see the support world wide. It means a lot.

Hi everyone. My dh is calling for lunch. Didn't realize it was so late. Maybe a late lunch, means not much supper.:lol:
See you tomorrow. :wave: Ann

09-23-2001, 02:33 AM
G'day all,

Spending a very quite day home today. DH took me for a bit of drive yesterday but it became frustrating, too much traffic, anything I wanted to do entailed walking, ended up being very cranky:mad:

Karenyou do sound very busy, sorry to hear about your aunt, it doesn't really matter how expected it may be, it always still happens unexpectedly. I also do cross stitch and I have finished one (little) project and I am finishing another. I should take photos and post them in my photo album. They will look a lot better once framed.

Peggy it must be very scary having these arrests made so close to home. So far we haven't heard of any of these terrorists being active in Australia, I sincerely hope it stays that way.

Slavika and Trudy good to hear you had a good time at 'nearly Neil'. DH and I both enjoy 'live' music.
Slavika I was always one never too bothered with taking photo's. DH has got quite a complicated SLR camera and takes forever to take a photo and not always with fantastic results. I have a Canon Powershot and I just shoot away not taking too much care and many a times some shots are just excellent. DH just shakes his head because I do not follow many of the rules of photography:D
This morning my feet are a bit swollen so I have taken a photo so I can compare in a week's time to see if the swelling has reduced. I take the camera shopping and take photo's of furniture, fabrics etc for later reference. It is just sooooooo handy for so many things.

Lily Is it a good thing to know how the News is compiled? I would think not. Have you still got some time off from work?

Keep well all

09-23-2001, 09:59 PM
Lily do you still have another week off work or are you back to work tomorrow? When you talk about winter coming.....how bad are your winters???
My DH put all the lawn furniture away for the season, so my back yard, somehow looks naked now. Flowers are gone, everything is out of my veg. garden.......YIKES, won't be long and we will have snow. :(
Had my family over for an early dinner (5:00PM). DH plays a "version" of football in the yard with the children. It's so nice hearing them, laughing out there. My DH asked me a few minutes ago when I thought the children would be "too old" to want play with their Papa?
Maria If you take a picture of a room in your house you can go to the web site for "Para Paints" and download the picture, then try different colours on your walls to see what you would really like to paint them. I thought that would be a good thing to try. Sorry your outing wasn't more fun. I think you have have as much patience with being laid up as I would have.......NADA. :D Just hang in there, it will soon be over. :)
Ann you will soon get that pound off. It's too bad that the weight goes on so easily. I'm still struggling trying to get back to my goal weight. I still have to lose 5# so that I can quit paying WW. :eek:
Trudy hi there. What were you up to today? It got a little warmer as the day went on.
Bye now, talk to you all tomorrow.

09-23-2001, 10:43 PM
G'day all,

Watch some of the service at the Yankee Stadium this morning, Bette Middler's song of 'The wind beneath my wings' was so moving, I was here by myself and had yet another cry about everything that has happened.:(

Slavika I am surprised you already have all your garden furniture put away, is the weather already such that you cannot sit outside?
My children (27 & 24) regularly visit their grandfather who is now 89. DD lives here in Melbourne and rings him and always visits when she is in Adelaide. Son and daughter both play cards with their grandpa and boy he is still very sharp and just loves to beat them:D Both kids complain he cheats :D which he thinks is just so funny. He also still plays golf with 2 other chaps about the same age, he just loves it if my son joins them. Son plays of a handicap of 6, he just loves to show off how well his grandson plays, main reason he plays well is because he takes after his grandfather, of course :D :D. Son enjoys playing with them and enjoys having a chat with them all at the 19th hole.

I will have to have a look at that web site where you can change the colours of your room, sounds like fun.

It has been very warm here for the time of the year, we are now expecting some thunder storms but more very warm weather forecast for the end of the week.

Ann this weight business is such a pain. One can put on a pound overnight but it takes at least 2 weeks to get rid of it again:mad: I am still loosing but now ever so slowly especially since dh has come home.;) He is going to Sydney for a few days this week, I hope I can use that time to make a bit more headway.

Hi to everyone else, hope you are all well


09-23-2001, 11:44 PM
Different from the "Monster Mash" Today is my birthday, and my dh took me out to dinner and I didn't watch a point. Even had dessert. Since I am gettin really "over the hill" decided I would just enjoy everything I wanted, and then go back to work on the points tomorrow.

I had my whole post nearly written, went to back space, ane it disappeared.

Maria: Hope your 'tootsie' are better today. Sorry that your auto excursion wasn't better. Especially since I'm sure you are having a touch of whaat we call "cabin Fever." Do you have to keep your feet elevated, in order to keep the swelling down?

Slavika: Now I too have to really get back to work, because I don't like to have to pay WW either. But today, somehow, I just didn't care. :D

Hi Lily, Karen, Trudy, Glenda, Peggy, Geri Hope you are all doing well.

I'd like to share something that is happening here in Winter Haven. A couple own a company that prints t-shirts. They have made up a white shirt with a furled American Flag on it, and under the flag these words. UNITED WE STAND! They are selling the shirts for $5.00 each and all the proceeds are going to the Red Cross disaster fund. So far they have raised over $50,000 . How is that for interprise for a good cause?

'See you tomorrow" :wave: Ann

09-24-2001, 04:30 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN. I hope you had a wonderful day. I didn't look here yesterday so I am a bit late with the wishes, but they are just as sincere. :D The T-Shirt sounds like a wonderful idea and priced just right.
Maria...yes Bette Midler was teriffic. In fact I cried through all the songs, Lee Greenwood's too. Actually, the weather is still great here, it is getting quite cool at night though. The last 2 nights we had frost. My DH is outside puttering around and he has removed his shirt, so it isn't too cool. Sept and Oct are usually quite nice, but I really don't like Nov and Dec. Once we get into Jan the days start to slowly get longer...that usually cheers me up.
Slavika you and your DH are such wonderful grandparents I can't imagine a time when the "little darlings" won't want to spend time with you. :) Maria doesn't know how impatient you can get... I am not surprised you have everything out of the yard already. :lol: Shall we tell her you take your Christmas Tree down and put all the decorations away on Boxing Day? :lol: You are also the 1st one to plant your garden and wear shorts in the spring.
I had the laziest day in history yesterday. I did absolutely nothing but rest and eat. Of course, I was up on the scale today :rolleyes: . I am still 2 lbs below goal, but all I have to do is relax a bit and the lbs start to come back. Last week I was 1 1/2 lbs less... grrrrrrr! My personal goal would have me at 5 lbs under, but I haven't been able to attain it... YET.. not giving up.

Hope all of you are having a really good day OP... Bye for now.

09-24-2001, 04:37 PM
Slavika and Trudy - You both got to see "Almost Neil" or whatever? I have noticed on a Gap commercial a guy who looks similar to Neil Diamond who sings "Forever in Blue Jeans." Wonder if it is the same guy. Peggy - your husband and mine! I have tickets to see Neil Diamond in November. I would not be surprised if Leon doesn't do something similar to what your husband did--everytime they clap he might think it is over and jump up! Guys, don't tell me the fake Neil is as good as the real deal Neil!

Karen - just sounds like you need to recruit another good leader for your meetings or clone yourself. You are going to be meeting yourself coming and going. I am getting hard to buy for too, but the truth of the matter is I love earrings and perfume, etc. Just that the things I love are a little pricey for my family.

I have a friend who takes my family's pictures on her digital camera. She is very good and prints them up with sayings and backgrounds, etc. They are even better than the professional pictures. She printed up some pictures of the eagle with the tear and put it on a flag and can sell as many pictures as she has time to make. She has given the money to the relief effort.

Glad to see you back, Lily. Hope you had a good time. Didn't hear about why you came back early. What a mess to come back to, huh? Everyone is so emotional and so sad. Last week I could barely function I was so sad.

Everyone, be good.

09-24-2001, 10:52 PM
Hi Everybody
I was just completing a very long and "very interesting" LOL :D
post when I used the "backspace" and deleted the whole thing. Well.......there's a program on TV I wanted to see, so if I don't get back tonight you have to trust me on this one......it was interesting. :cool:

09-24-2001, 11:20 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN Hope you had a great day and I am with you, I am glad you enjoyed your dinner. I think it is all very well to keep to a healthy weight but at times it is nice to just lash out for one meal. Since embarking on this weight loss journey, I am eating so much healthier and I am so much more aware of what is good and what is not quite so good, that MUST be a good thing.
I am supposed to keep my feet elevated but I need to move around from time to time, my back tends to 'go' a bit if I am in the one position for too long.:(

How annoying Slavika loosing the whole post, I may have said something a bit stronger than 'oh rats' :D

Trudy we did not have a direct telecast and only saw selected 'bits' from the service at the Yankee Stadium. Bette Middler's just happend to be one of the 'bits' that we were shown. :)
Your description of Slavika made me laugh, sounds we are all a trifle impatient ;)

It is an overcast rainy day here today but still quite warm.

Have a great day all

09-24-2001, 11:21 PM
Ann: Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!! Hope you had a great and relaxing day. What did you do?

Glenda: Yes had a great time on Vacation. Was glad to get out of the car tho. Was very tierd from driving so much.

Slavika: Winters are not bad here. No snow. I tend to assume winter means bad. Came from snow and had my share. Shoveled many a snow walk or roof, and drove thru it. Now its rain, rain, rain. And to me cold is 35°So compared to want alot of you go thru mine are mild. I just hate the thought of it. Im just a "winer" now :) I went back to work even tho I did have another week off. I thought I would save it for Christmas.

Maria: No as far as the news is compiled. I really dont listen to it except for times like this and it just makes me angry.
This is just my Opinion: I feel they are telling us certain things, but I also feel what they are telling us is not right. They have so many sources. Who is to say what is correct and not?
Im scared from what they are saying as well as everyone else. There are also so many different views to it all. I hear one thing and then it is contradicted in another story. Im confused to say the least. This is one of the reasons I quit listening to it all, and also one of the reasons my Dad quit. He fought for truth in the news and less building it up. I feel Im not getting the truth and havent been for a long time. Probably said to much here... :( Its a sore subject for me.

Going to let this go thru anyways..... Alas..... Just my opinion, and not anyone elses. :(

09-25-2001, 12:39 AM
:wave: Hi Everybody

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN I think it's ok to go out and have dinner on your birthday and NOT count the points. The trouble with me and my birthday, it seems it goes on for the whole month of July. :eek: That sure was a nice thing that those people did with the T-Shirts, and they certainly raised a lot money. Good for them.
Glenda I never saw the "Gap" commercial, but I will be aware if it should come on and check and see if it was the same fellow. You are sure lucky to being going to see the "real" Neil Diamond. The fellow we saw on Friday night was excellent though, and I am happy I went. :)
Maria I would like to say that Trudy exaggerates when she talks of my lack of patience but ALAS I have to admit she is right. :D Putting the lawn furniture away though was DH idea. We will be at the lake for the next two weekends and he thought he better get it done now. We have had frost the last couple of nights and temperatures around zero. Tonight we will have 3 celsius. By the way Maria, I might have "written" "oh rats".........that may not have been "exactly" what I said. :D
Lily that was a good idea saving the week of your holidays to have at Christmas. Was it hard getting back to work after being away?
I sewed up the PJ's for the Princess today. When my DIL dropped the children here after school, I showed them to her and she insisted on putting them on. (Made me feel good) The fabric had moons and stars on them and I bought some "gold" stars and sewed them on the pocket of the PJ top and a few down the front. I told her she was so special she deserved to have "gold stars" on her PJ's. :) My grandson's fabric is the same print but in a royal blue background (her's was egg shell). I was so proud of myself today. I scanned the "Harry Potter" crest off the halloween costume I bought for my grandson and printed it on "Iron-On Transfer Paper" then I ironed it on a square of white cotton fabric and will sew that on the pocket of his PJ's. :smug:

I "know" my lost post was better then this one............LOL
Trudy see you tomorrow at Tea time. Night all.

09-25-2001, 09:26 AM
Brrrr. It's Monday and we are going to have our coldest Sept. 25th on record. I think it is in the 50's. We had a nice weekend in Indiana. Our dh's just loved all those shopping opportunities in Brown County. One store after another-what can I say. The benches on the street were full of the men waiting for the wives. They had a couple of wineries so we stopped to sample. Stopped in Madison at the neatest fabric store. She has the most different ideas. The one that I liked was on a sweatshirt. She used Christmas stencils to transfer the pattern on and then used floss to stitch it on. I forget what the stitch is called but it was so simple. On the one with lights the thread kept changing colors. Happy Late Birthday Ann. Hope that your had fun. Have to go back and really read the posts. See you all later, by the way here is another nice site. http://www.doubtlessdesigns.net/

09-25-2001, 10:28 AM
Welcome home Peggy That was another nice site you led us too. Thank you.
About the Sweat shirts you saw......do you mean the lady used those "blue" iron on stencils like the kind you would use if you embroider on pillow cases or stuff like that?

I'll be back later, just finished walking on the treadmill and I'm heading for the shower.

09-25-2001, 10:31 AM
Please go to thread No. 138

See you all there.