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10-08-2006, 05:36 PM
Time for a fresh thread. Ususally when I do this Maria does it also. The other was getting way too long.
Maria - Slavika sent me your email. I have to figure out what to do with it. I will send it my provider. Can't figure out why I don't get them since you have returned. Sometimes when I get ones back I sent to you it says the same thing. Wish I was more computer savy. It is scary-dh can't even turn one on and doesn't even want to. Maria I work partime in a school cafeteria. Sort of fun-on bad days we have a "meeting" afterwards at the local spot up the street.
We babysat yesterday and have to do it again tomorrow afternoon. He loves balls and he has a good arm. He has his own little golf club and he has some real balls to hit. I think son and dil are crazy-I forsee some broken windows or things. I am biting my tongue. I hope it is nice tomorrow so we can go to a park or something.
Ann-I am sure Jerry is still on cause he has a big fanbase here and Chicago. I know people who have voted for him. I was amazed that the gal that was dancing with Joey last week didn't lose her top. They must use a lot of glue
or tape. Now if I was dancing I would just be wearing my diamonds like in the email Slavika sent. Then no one would notice my stumbling feet. LOL
Bernice it was nice to "see" you.
Hope you all are having a nice weekend.

10-08-2006, 08:11 PM
Peggy- It was nice to see everyone too.
Last nite we went to a 4;30 PM movie and I couldn't believe that theater was packed so early. We saw "Departed". It has a great cast with Jack Nicolson,Martin Sheen,Alex Baldwin,Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon. It was an excellent film despite foul language,gory murders. I recommend it even tho it ran 2 1/2 hrs. Then we went out for dinner and returned home by 10:30 PM. I think that's what we will do from now on,see an early movie and dinner and in bed by 11 PM
Misty, my sweet maltese is passing bladder stones again. She's on special food hoping to dissolve them. I would hate to put her thru surgery as she has endured 2 bladder surgeries in her short life. She's only 6 and the pain must be awful altho she doesn't cry. I have a prescription bottle full of her stones and I joke that I could string them and pass them as doggy pearls.
One of our supermarkets had a special on Australian filet mignon for 3.99 lb but you had to buy the whole filet. We did and got 9 steaks from the package. They were so tender and delicious that we went back and bought them for our kids. This week it was Australian lamb chops so we made a special trip to another supermarket to get that. I wonder why we are importing beef and lamb when we raise it in this country as well.
Got dh to clean out a closet full of pants and shirts he hasn't worn in years, he was quite jovial about it and we will give it to a thrift shop that raises money for the local hospital. Got me in the mood to clean out linen closet and I am dumping loads of sheets that don't fit our bed since we got that super thick mattress. Now the closet is empty. It's really cathartic to clear out stuff.
Well that's it for now-hope everyone had an uneventful week-end. Bernice;)

10-08-2006, 10:48 PM
G'day all,

Peggy I mentioned to my service provider that the problem has only arisen since my return. For that reason he said he would investigate further hence the email. I hope it gets resolved.
I agree with some of the costumes/dresses/covering or whatever some of the girls wear in Dancing with the Stars! I am a bit envious of some of their figures.:shrug:

You are right, great minds do think alike, I was about to start a new thread when I noticed you had started it!

Bernice it is strange that you import our beef and lamb. I know there is a bit of a kerfuffle about our wheat, I wasn't aware of the lamb and beef.
We do have a surplus of lamb because of our very mild winter.
Don't really understand all the trade restrictions, all politics:dizzy::?:
The film you saw sounds like something my dh would like!

Cannot remember what was said on the previous thread.....:?:

Hope everyone is happy and well,


10-09-2006, 11:38 AM
Haven't been here in a while. Been doing some cleaning and getting ready for yesterday's Cape adventure. Every year on the Sunday of the Columbus Day holiday DH's secretary come here and we go for a tour of the Cape. We stop at the Daniel Webster House in Sandwich for breakfast....it is a beautiful Inn and they have a Conservatory dining room that is beautiful...spell that expensive but only once a year. Then we usually meander down RT 6 which is more of a back road highway and visit alll the little gift shops on the way. This year the day was so beautiful we decided to visit the coast line instead. Went to Wood's Hole which is where the Oceanographic Institue is located. It is a very picturesque village. Then we showed our friends the Falmouth Harbor and the Heights Beach. At the beach there is a new "Casino"...not the gambling kind. It once was a dance hall/restaurant that had fallen into much disrepair. A gentleman from Braintree who lives around the corner from us bought it and after much hassle was allowed to tear it down and errect a very similar looking structure. Now it will have a large restaurant and 8 condos. The cheapest is $899,000 with one bedroom and 1 1/2 baths up to a 2 fl condo for $2.2 mil. which has 3 bed and 2.5 baths. This is on the ocean.....in a storm or hurricane it could be said to be IN the ocean....or at least its parking area below which is sand level. They had open house and we saw the 'Sand Piper' unit. It was beautiful and only 1mil 50 thousand. Check them out on www.casinowharf.com . After that we returned here for supper. I had made Chicken Marsela on Saturday and only had to bake it with rice, asparagus and salad. All in all a busy but nice day.

Bernice: Good for you on your clean out. We have been cleaning the cellar which is almost done and then on to the garage. An ongoing project. Interesting to hear your review of "Departed" we have been saying we want to see it. It was filmed partly in Boston and is about some Boston hoods. It will be very interesting to see what parts of the scenery we can pick out. In fact there is one scene that was supposed to have been filmed at an abandoned part of the Fore River Shipyard in Braintree.

Here comes DH, back from getting new tires on the car so off I go! Talk to you again soon.


10-09-2006, 05:16 PM
Bernice, we went to see the same movie Saturday night, but I didn't have the same opinion of it. I thought it had a great cast and a good story until the last 30 minutes or so and it was too long. I think it was just too gory for me, but I am so glad to meet another movie fan. It is really fun to discuss them.

Karen, you play golf the way I want to. But I would want to talk too. Be good to your knee, but if you aren't, just make lots of ice. Some people seem to have trouble not working, but I was born with the gift.

Peggy, you and Gloria seem to have some exciting trips. I went to a little fun park in OKC with the kids and thought it was the greatest. It was such a fun day. I know I have talked to you, Peggy, about the Amish tragedy, but both of you sort of live close to these communities. I read that the girls' families actually went to the shooter's funeral. I am just in awe of these people and their forgiving natures. Did you have fun with P today? Yesterday my little grandson called me "Grandma" and my Makenzie got all jealous. She said, "No, she's mine." Then at dinner Austin (5) got worried that I wasn't HIS grandma. Believe me, girls, there is enough to go around, but it was fun to be so popular.

It is raining here. If I bothered to learn the little smilies, there would be fireworks shooting off here.

10-11-2006, 08:52 PM
G'day all,

A very hot day here today:(:( Very windy and lots of alerts out for bushfires. Unbelievable to have this sort of weather and we are not even half way through spring:?:

It surely must be very early for those of you who have already had snowfalls:dizzy:

Not much news from down here, we have been busy with the start of the cricket season. The website needs to be continually updated, I quite enjoy doing that once the initial site has been established.

I am glad you are all liking the new collage, I really enjoy doing them so anytime I get a new photo from any of you, I am happy to update.
Also if someone has a particular background in mind they would like to see, let me know and I can incorporate that.

I think I will quitely sit behind my computer today, no point in getting hot and sweaty;)


10-12-2006, 04:52 PM
Maria: Sitting quietly behind the computer sounds like a plan. We had quite a rain fall today, and welcome, since we needed it. My English friend and I went paddling around in the rain to purchase some plants for our gardens. We finally found the chrysanthemums that we wanted.

After hearing your gals describe the movie Departed, no matter how great the cast, I know it wouldn't be one that I would like. I don't go for gore and I don't go for the bad language. I sometimes think that the bad language is put in just so a film can be rated R, to draw in the people.
When I watch CSI I just close my eyes until the gorey parts a finished. But I don't want to pay to close my eyes.

Bernice: I agree that an early movie and then dinner is a good idea. When a film comes along that we both agree on going to see, we often do that too. DH watches so much tv that he doesn't always care about movies unless they are quite special. He might like Departed, since he spent a lot of time in Boston and the Cape when he was in Maritime School.

Peggy: Did you get much snow? I heard that Michigan was getting it today. And we have friends visiting in Minneapolis and it snowed there. I know what you mean aabout the wild days at school. Do you find that a full moon makes a difference in behavior? That and abrupt barometric changes we always thought affected the kids.

Karen: Aren't you glad that we don't have to drive in the stuff anymore? Oh I forgot, you will be gone over the holidays, so you will probably be lucky enough to experience some winter driving.

How about you Sally and Trudy? did you get much snow? Abd I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

We have a restaurant here that makes wonderful lentil soup. We were there for dinner two weeks ago and I asked when he was going to have it again on the menu. So he said probably next week, and he would call me. So Tues. we got the call, went over for supper, and no soup. The girl that called got the message wrong and it was to be Wed. So we went Wed. no soup because the supply truck hadn't come in on time. But he said definately today. So this a.m. I got the call, so I went and got my bucket of soup. 3 quarts for $10. I think a real bargain, even if I did make three trips for it. I froze two containers and will have one tomorrow. Of course I had a little sample. Just as good as I remembered.

Not going to WW again this week as we have Octoberfest at the clubhouse, and 3 of us are making apple cake on Sat. a.m. I didn't really want to go anyway, since I have been in a slump. I have started keeping track of points, but I must admit my heart isn't in it.

We both had bloodwork done today, and will get the results on Mon. Have to keep track of the cholesterol. I will be interested to see if the Red Yeast Rice has made any difference.

Got another shot in the eye Monday and then will have another laser treatment next Wed. He is hoping to make the results of the treatments last longer. Me too!!!!!

How do you gals handle the WW slump and the lack of desire to count or weigh food, or whatever? I need help or an attitude adjustment?

Talk to you all later. Ann

10-14-2006, 07:47 PM
Hi Everybody: I just finished reading all your posts and you all are so busy. We did get snow but it's gone now, at least in the city. My friend just closed up the cottage and returned to her house and said there was a lot of snow at the lake. It's about an hour's drive from my place. It's cold and windy today.
I spent Thanksgiving with my family. My DIL set such a lovely table. Each place setting had a small little real pumpkin with the person's name attached. I'm still cleaning out the basement. The carpet people are coming on Monday and Tuesday. It's rather a large area, so it will take a couple of days.
I went shopping yesterday with my DIL and when we were in one of the stores I bought a sort of funky evening bag and silky shawl for my friend for her birthday (I know she will really like the purse). She's the gal that goes to Maui. While we were in the store we saw some lovely costume jewellery made by a Danish company called Dyrberg/Kern. It's a little bit more expensive then the usual stuff you see but very special and different. DIL had tried on a ring and it looked so nice on her. She left me on my own while she went to get jeans and I went back to the store and bought the ring for her for Christmas.......so I am proud to say I have bought one Christmas gift. LOL LOL and I know it will fit her finger and that she will love it. YIPPEE :carrot:
Ann, I am tired of counting points too. Because I am diabetic, it's important I get this stupid weight off. The first two weeks I lost 1.6# each week and then last Tues after the Thanksgiving weekend I gain .8 back......it's like the slow boat to China. I am walking on my treadmill :woops: again so maybe I will start to make some headway. It's very hard getting back into the routine again. Bernice are you renting a place in Florida for the winter or are you moving there? I think you are just going for the winter, but I kind of forget.
Talk to you all soon. Bye now.:)

10-15-2006, 04:26 PM
Slavika, no we are not renting, we actually bought a house 4 winters ago and it was the smartest thing we ever did. After 5 trips around Fl we finally found THE house in the area where we have been so happy. I look forward to going back as the weather is great and we are quite active. It's getting real cold in NJ and I swear I must be becoming a Floridian as I am freezing-blood thinning out?
I'm sure your dil will be thrilled with the ring. It's much more fun to give things that people want instead of guessing what they would like.
Got to go warm up now-catch you all later.

10-17-2006, 12:28 PM
How time flies when you are havaing fun! Our Octoberfest was a success, and the apple cake was so good, that everyone wanted the recipe. It is so easy. I found it on the internet. If anyone wants it, I'll send it on. Of course it is not low calorie. I suppose that is what makes it so good. :lol:

Had good news yesterday. We went to the Dr. for the report of our blood work, and since taking the Red Yeast Rice, my cholesterol is down 19 points. That is very good, and DH is down 12. So progress is noted. I don't know if it works for everyone, but it sure has helped us.

We are getting a new energy efficient refrigerator today. The old one still works okay, but it is 23 years old, and we don't want it to die. We are getting a black one this time. Hope we like it. It will be different, but the stove front is black, as is the dishwasher, so we thought it would be in keeping with the rest of the kitchen. Now I can go ahead and paint the kitchen and lighten it up some.

Slavika- you are so clever- one Christsmas gift already. I probably won't do much except send gift cards again. It is not cost efficent for us to buy something, and then ship it. Often the cost of sending it is more that the gift.

I'm looking forward to my girls lunch with Karen on Thursday. If your ears ring, you'll know we are talking about all of you. :D:

More another day. Ann

10-17-2006, 12:46 PM
Ann, congratulations! It is great when something with no side effects can take help instead of some expensive side-effect ridden medicine! Yea!

Bernice, yippee for you with the best of all worlds. You are truly a snowbird! Have you had any luck changing your winter nest?

Slavika, I swear that for me, my maintenance diet is what anybody else would consider a losing diet. My mom said this about us--we are "keepers." Darn it, I want to be a "giver-away". My DH is such a different proposition. He is losing his pants while eating a truckload of stuff. This weight thing is so unfair. I will remember to take this up with those in authority in heaven.

We had one of the most fun weekends. We celebrated our son's birthday with the whole family and then on Sunday attended my sister' granddaughter's birthday party. Sure was fun seeing my grown sons visiting with the grown cousins. They are all 30-somethings with kids of their own now. I just love family get-togethers. Oh, and the Grandma war is still going on. Makenzie loves me in direct proportion to how much Jackson pays attention to me. So funny!

10-18-2006, 04:56 AM
G'day all,

It is getting to the end of the day for me.

I have updated the collage again with a great shot of Ann amongst the daisies in my garden!

We had a tiring day yesterday with Matilda. We went to visit a friend who lives right on the beach about an hour and a half drive down the coast.
He also has a few cows and some chooks and Matilda just loved it :love:

Today I did Ann's photo and then I just had phone call after phone call with requests for websites, photos etc. etc.
Nice to be popular but why all in one day :dizzy:
The extra money will come in handy for Christmas. DH had hearing aids fitted yesterday. They are fantastic and he is adjusting to them quite well but they do come at a cost.....like $7095.00 :eek:
He was going to get them when we returned from America but that is just stupid, it is better to get used to them now whilst he is still relatively young then later.

Good news about your cholestrol Ann, as Glenda says, it is great to achieve this result with natural stuff.

The ring sounds gorgeous Slavika. I am fairly well organised for Christmas. We only buy for the kids and grand children.

Bernice when do you return to your home again in NJ? At the start of your spring?

I guess our winters are not that cold but I do quite enjoy winter and I have already had enough of the hot weather and summer has not started yet:(

Glenda I know what you mean about weight loss, it drives a person to drink! I am just very tired of it all but do still keep plugging away.

Off to get our dinner....

See you tomorrow.


10-18-2006, 08:10 PM
Hi All,

Maria I love the word you used. Kerfuffle. I have to remember it and use it. Never heard of it before. I am glad your dh decided to get hearing aids now. I wish my fil would get some and my mil would wear hers more often. We are hoarse when we return from their house. If you like zoos we have one of the top 5 here. I haven't been for a while but love to visit. I love the babies.
Gloria I could live in that place - if I ever win the lottery I just might.
Bernice is your house in Fla anywhere near Ann and Karen? It would fun for you all to meet. I have been getting rid of things too but it seems like there is still so much.
Ann that snow here didn't happen thank goodness. It is cold one day and then hot the next. It is hard to figure out what to wear. It is amazing about the Red Yeast Rice lowering your cholesterol that much. So much better than taking medicine if you don't have to.
Slavika I am envious of you already having a Christmas present bought. I can't believe that it is almost November. I have to get busy. That was very clever of you to sneak and buy it.
Glenda sounds like you had a fun family time. It is nice to watch all the family interaction when they are grown. P wears me out. He can push a chair up to the kitchen counter and climb up. He is starting to put words together. Mostly all he says is ball. For some reason he loves them.
I have been trying to lose a few lbs on my own and like Glenda says I am a keeper. I need to get busy and exercise. The leaves are falling so raking and mulching will be on the agenda. We are having our grandmothers-grandkids halloween party on Sat. I will be face painting. I have to make a chart and let them pick from it or else some of them want the strangest things. I sort of get cross eyed doing it.
We went to Brown County in Indiana on Sunday. It was fun to do a little shopping and looking. It is wear I go with my lady friends in December. The weather is a little nicer now. We went to an outlet mall on the way home and I got a couple pair of shoes from Easy Spirit. They are so comfortable.
Wonder who will be kicked off Dancing with the Stars tonight. I think it is Jerry's time to go. I was surprised that Willa Ford lost out last week. That one that dances with Joey sure wears some wacky costumes. I wonder how they stay on.

10-18-2006, 11:51 PM
Hi all,
Having trouble with the computer as it freezes up sometimes and I feel like throwing it against the wall. So frustrating.
My dh finally got hearing aids and my life became worth living again. He used to blast the TV and when I spoke to him I would have to repeat what I said and it got so i refused to repeat. He would also misinterpret what I would say. It's so much better since he got the aids and I think they were 3000 dollars and worth every penny. There are days he doesn't put them in and I feel like screaming cause he doesnt hear.
I am not near Ann but did meet her once when we were house hunting in her area and I don't know where Karen lives but I think I am 2 hrs SW of Ann.
We have not found a new winter house and it will be put on hold till we get back in May.
Went to another funeral and that makes 3 since we have been north. I know of two more possible ones in the future and I really want to go south to avoid them. Enough already.
Met my girlfriend for lunch today and we went to the Red Lobster. It was OK
Don't know what I'm doing the rest of the week but I'm hoping to sleep late tomorrow.
Got to fold clothes,dryer just announced they are dry. Nite all. Bernice

10-19-2006, 07:59 PM
Hi all: Just want to report that Karen and I had a lovely lunch together today, and a little shopping adventure. It was fun to get together with out the 'boys'. And I'm proud of myself for finding the place okay. It was a new one for me. And we did not worry aabout counting points at all. :D:

Distances here, Bernice about 2 hours south, and kaaren and I are about 1 hour apart, but we meet in Lakeland which is about halfway for each of us. And that is where the fun shopping is. But where there is a will, there is a way. Who knows what we might work out?

Hearing aids! DH has a set, about $3500 and he keeps saying that he doesn't need them, that he hears just as well without them, then he misconstrues what I say. And the tv gets loud again. Or we go to a restaurant and it is too noisy so he takes them out and puts them in his pocket. I live in "fear and trembling" that he just may lose one sometime. MEN!!! He needs to go and get them adjusted but I can't get him to go. MEN!!! Why are they so stubborn.
Maria: I hope that DH woun;t have any big difficulty getting used to them. Mine, says it bothers him because he can hear himself chew. I say I hear myself chew all the time. Get used to it!!

What a surprise with dancing with the stars. I sure hoped that it would be Gerry Springer, off, but with Sara Evans leaving, I guess they felt that they needed to keep the number of couples what they would have been if she had competed. I still like Mario, and Monique. Time will tell, I guess.

We bought a new small freezer to put in the shed, so now we have to clean out a space to put it. I have wanted to clean out the place, and now we have to get it done before they deliver it on Tuesday. And it is not a chest time, opens from the front. I know with the chest type you never can find anything.

The end of my news. Keep checking' those points. I'm trying. Ann

10-19-2006, 08:10 PM
This post was on our last thread, so I copied it here. Also I sent KaCe an instant message, so hope she gets that and comes back. Ann

lookin' for a "home"


I'm workin' on losin' weight and not sure what forum to land in. I haven't yet found the first forum I posted in. This site is so large I feel a bit overwhelmed. The title of your group attracted me. I'd say I'm fiesty, some others might say "bull headed", stubborn, single minded, driven, etc. but fiesty is good.

I had lost 40 pounds, but now I'm going the other way. I know why. I'm not having the time to exercise. I have a rental to work on and need to get it back into rentable condition. I work there from when I get up until I can't move and go to bed. I know I need to take time for me, but I keep thinking that there'll be time enough for that when this is done. I gotta get it on the market.

Well, I'm not sure if ya all are a tight knit group of "already friends", or if newbies come and go, but thought I'd drop by for a short visit.

Oh, we visited Adelide in 96. We had such a nice time. Did wineries, the beach, golf and just kicked it. What a nice area to live in. It really reminded me of northern California. The arroyas with rolling hills, dry grasses under a canopy of trees, meandering roads and bright skies. Everyone just had a "funny accent". <hee, hee>

Knowledge is Power, learn all you can to have the power to be what (who) you want to be.

10-20-2006, 10:44 PM
G'day all,

I have just send a private message to KaCe and told her that Ann had been kind enough to copy her post to our current thread.
It would be fun to have a new person joining us.

We had Matilda last night, she was perfect but she is up at 5 am :eek:

I have a busy time ahead, today and tomorrow finalise a few things for customers and then on Monday meet with 2 new customers who want websites and a visit to the dentist.
Tuesday Matilda Day and then we are off to Melbourne first thing Wednesday morning and back again Sunday.

DH is getting used to his hearing aids quite well, it is making quite a difference, I can talk normal and be heard!!

Must be off and get some things done....


ps I just re-read the post above and noticed you also sent an instant message Ann, great minds think alike!!!!

Karen L
10-21-2006, 01:51 PM
We did have a great time at lunch and didn't count points. Then i carried over the same theme on into dinner. Went out to Applebee's with some friends. I was still full from lunch so most of my dinner came home in a box.

Been just a bit lazy today. I did walk and went to aerobics then just came home took a shower. And then not much else. My neighbor came over and needed help learning to shade something she is painting and My my vast(I say that tongue in cheek) knowledge was helping her out. I do need to make a trip to JoAnne's Fabric to get some more belt webbing for those last four totes I making. The purple with the red hats embroidered on one side. I will have 12 bags altogether to sell at the craft show . I really need to go to the machine and work on them.

Tonight we go down to the clubhouse again for a dance.Should be fun. The hours are great for most of here. 7:00PM to 10:00PM. My kids laugh!

I didn't know Siesta Keys had those sand sculptures. Must Google and see what I can find out.

It's hot today and our pool is closed so won't be spending much time out side. I'll take Sprout out for his ride before we go to the dance. Even he doesn't like to walk much when its hot. He'll go out and lay in the yard. but that's about it.

Well I'm going to go get lunch. See you later.

10-21-2006, 09:19 PM
Hi; Been a hot day for sure, and I spent most of it cleaning out our shed. We bought a small freezer to put in the shed for allowing us to take advantage of special sales, but our shed was a bit of a disaster, so the job has to be done before they deliver on tues. So far I have 2 bags of junk and am working on number three. I think I must have lost about 3 pounds in perspiration. It was hot, but it has to be done. So this afternoon, I went down to the pool and just cooled off a bit. I think it will be an early night tonight. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Ann

10-23-2006, 01:28 PM
Hi All,
First it was too hot and now it is too chilly. I have stuff to do in the yard and it is too windy and cold to go out and do it.
Nothing exciting is happening here. We went to the zoo with the kids Saturday. It was a nice day for a change. It was called Hallzooween. They tossed pumpkins to the bears and elephants. I was surprised that the black bears had so much trouble breaking them. I will have to send them my raccoon that had no problem getting into mine. I had to throw it out the other day. All the kids were in costume and they had trick and treat stations set up. It was soooo crowded. Right now there is a special Aussie section. It was interesting.
Karen have you ever tried the WW stuff at Applebees? I heard some gals talking about it and said it was good but the portions were so small. But I guess that is what a normal portion is supposed to look like and not the huge ones. I keep wanting to go and try it but never get there. When is your craft show?
Ann good luck cleaning out the shed. It is amazing how much junk you can collect.
I have to go get busy with my painting. I have had it sitting here for over a month and have to get it finished for my lady.

10-23-2006, 04:17 PM
Hi Everybody and a big :welcome2: to KaCe. I see you just posted with us the one time. I hope you find your way back to us. :) :) I have the carpet men here today laying down the new carpet in the basement. I think I have done a wonderful job in getting rid of "stuff" that has been hiding down there for too many years. What a big job that was for me. I had hundred's of greeting cards in an old trunk that must have come over with my grandparents from the old country. I decided that I would only keep the ones from my David, and the kids and the rest I would have to get rid of. I had to read each and everyone of them before I was able to throw them out. Do you all save your cards too?? Glenda I think it was cute that the grandkids were "fighting" over you. Don't you just feel so wanted. :) ANN, that is great news ...... the BIG drop in your cholesterol :congrat: I did not go to WW last week as the carpet guys were going to do my carpet then, but it was a big mix up..... all store's fault They were then going to postpone the laying my carpet until Nov 1st to the 15th, and for once in my life I really spoke up and said that just wasn't going to happen. I told them I had ordered and paid in full for the carpet on Aug 18th, had a signed contract and if they did not honour it by today, Monday, 23rd, then I would get my Godson who just happens to be a lawyer to call them. My son said the only words they heard were Godson and lawyer. LOL :D Ahh....I went ahead and made them fresh blueberry scones for their coffee break so they wouldn't think I was a real old "Witch". Well gals my grandson will be 13 years old on Saturday. I think I first started on this board in 2001 (I'll have to check that out) so he was only 8 then, and as he informed me he will now be a "teenager", OYE VEY. Sounds like you are all well and busy doing things too. Bye for now. Slavika. P.S. No I see I started posting on the board in 1999, so he was just a little guy now he is taller then me.

Karen L
10-23-2006, 09:54 PM
Slavika, I agree with your son all they heard was Godson and Lawyer. You sound busy but cheerful. I don't save things like I used to. I do save Christmas cards from one year to the next to make sure I don't forget anyone. But there is just no room in these houses to be saving a bunch of stuff. Besides my Mom is a pack rat and I have sworn that I won't be. Can't handle all the clutter.

Peggy I have tried most of the WW menu at Applebee's. And I have to say that I always get plenty full when I eat them. The Steak skewers I thought with the rice and veggies was way more than I needed. I don't like broiled shrimp so I had both steak for 9 points in stead of one shrimp and one steak for 7 points. Well worth it for taste. All of the salads are real good and there again just because it doesn't come on a huge platter doesn't mean it's not enough to eat. For me any way. Now for my DH he always ordered a baked potato along with the salad or a bowl of soup.

Our craft sale is the 4th of November. I have only 2 more bags to sew. I did 2 yesterday the purple with the red hats on them and they turned out so nice. I was thrilled. I told DH well if all this stuff doesn't sell then I will have plenty of Christmas presents to give away. My friend says I won't have a problem selling any of it and she also said I should be ready to take orders on the red hats one. No Way I'm not going into business.

I'm running the aerobics class in the morning. Got the call awhile ago. I half way expected it because The gal who usually run the class has had a migraine for 4 days . It is time for her to see her doctor. I don't mind running the class.

I finally convinced my DH to buy his golf membership for a year. Otherwise he was going to send us to the poorhouse . With a membership he can play at our course (18 holes it's a par 3)the next one over(9 hole and a bit more challenging with all the water around.) And there is another one a bit farther south that he will be able to play too. That one regulation size. So that will keep him busy for a while.

We've had a cool down today after it was about 90 yesterday. It's about 58 degrees out there tonight. Nice Sprout loves it like this. His poor little tongue is not hanging out when we get home from our walks.

Well have to go my TV program is going to be on in a few minutes. Catch you all later.

10-23-2006, 11:08 PM
I'm back! It took some doing for me to find my way back here. I thought you were in WW, but you're one layer down in the area of "other age groups". I'm glad that I persisted.

I feel a bit like I'm eaves dropping on your coffee clatch, but you also seem so interesting, active and articulate that I had to try to get back here.

Is there any common thread that you all share? I see you are from all over: Florida, Ohio, Adelaide, Australia, and Canada to name a few places I noticed. I didn't know if you all got together because of age similarities, a shared interest or what. Have you corresponded a long time? That's about it for questions. I know I'm the newbie, but I was trying to get the "lay of the land". I don't want to step on toes.

There was a note by Karen (I think) that was about Applebee's. I learned this summer about portion control. It amazed me that we eat such large quanities of all foods. There was a note about the portion size being small. I guess if we all ate the smaller size portions we'd have a lot less of a problem. My mother has nagged me for the last dozen years to eat smaller portions. It galls me to think that it could be so significant; but I've learned it really is. Last night I ate at a Keg Restaurant after an early movie ( a theme I've noticed herehttp://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/images/smile/wink.gif ) I thought I'd try to be on program. So I had a salad, which was fine (I cut it in half and shared it with another lady.). Then ordered an appetizer--calamari. It was tasty, but I found myself eating after I was no longer hunger. I was just eating to eat. It made me mad when I noticed. Then I was stuffed. I could have been on the Thanksgiving menu!:turkey: I think the society we live in reinforces over eating. So it is no wonder we think large portions are "normal". That we eat even when we are not hungry, but because it is there. That we don't listen to our bodies. Ugh. It makes me frustrated with myself. Oh, yeah, back to what started this tyrade... Applebee's... I haven't tried them yet. I guess I need to look into that as a place to go for a meal with friends. Thanks for reminding me.

I have not been as physically active as I was this summer. I feel terrible not doing more aerobic workouts. I work. (What woman doesn't?) But it isn't the sustained type that I need to loose weight. It is so hard to self motivate when you're in a slump. I am coming along on my latest rental project... the oak floors I'm putting in the living room and dining room of my townhouse rental. It gives me satisfaction to see the work done, but I'm frustrated that I don't have that time to work on myself. (Economics dictate that I get it ready and fast, so we can have income.) Oh, well, everyone has issues. I'm new here, so I'll just exit stage right for now... like Yoggie Bear. Thanks for making me feel welcomed. Blessings on you all.:goodvibes

KaCe (for Kathryn Cecelia)

10-24-2006, 01:49 AM
Hi Kathryn, glad you found your way back here. It's great having someone new join us. I likely have been on this board the longest, since 1999. A couple of gals and me too I guess, sort of got this particular board going. The other two gals don't post anymore but one of them came up with the name of this group. :D I think the group that is here now are together because we are all gals of "a certain age", and then we quickly found out that we had lots of things in common besides wanting to lose weight or just to maintain the weight we did lose. Over time we have become friends, really good friends. Kathryn, my husband, David died from cancer last May, he was 63. The last few months have been difficult for me but I am finding out that I am much tougher then I thought. My friends on this board were, and still are a BIG source of comfort to me, and I believe we will always be friends even though hundreds of miles separate us. It doesn't seem to matter. :) You won't be stepping on any toes with this group of gals, so "talk" away. We had just mentioned that we don't always agree on everything but with friends you don't have to. Time for me to go to bed. Night.

10-24-2006, 08:32 AM
Hi KaCe: Glad you found your way back to us. And welcome. As Slavika said, we have found that we seem to have many things in common, not the least of them the struggle to lose weight and keep it off. And we all suffer from the same frustrations you mentioned. Eating because it is in front of me is one of mine, not because I need it or am hungry. :devil:
I have tried Applebees a few times, but I need to go there with friends because DH doesn't like it. He had some bad experiences there so won't go back. I have decided that all restaurants give such enormous portions, so that they can charge more for the meal. We often plan to bring half home and have lunch the next day. I think you will find that we are a supportive bunch, so please come back. You are not 'butting in'. We were all newbies once.

Slavika: Sounds like your carpet project was one of frustration. Doesn't it just 'frost you' when contracts are made and then they don't deliver. We are getting our new little freezer today, and I am happy to say that we have the place all nice and clean for it to go. I still have more organizing to do. And it seems that it wasn't too long ago that I had cleaned it out, but the junk just seems to accumulate. I guess we have to learn that if we don't plan to use something right away - toss it out. DH has all these little nails and screws etc. in little containers and I don't think that he has used any of them in years, but he would n't let me give them to our neighbor. I haven't been back to WW now for several weeks. I just can't seem to get motivated. I do watch what I eat, and sometimes count the points but I guess I am in a slump.

Karen: your Red Hat bags sound good. I'm sure you won't have any problem selling them. The offer still holds if you want to come to our park and sell your leftovers, if you have any. You can share my table.
You don't like shrimp? I would get 2 shrimps and forget the beef. I like the chocolate dessert. Very tasty.

Peggy: Your cool weather sounds like what hit us last night. It was hot during the day, and then about 7:00p.m. the temperature began to go down, and this a.m. when I went to put out the garbage it was 40deg. A big change. Sweatshirts today.

Hi everyone. You all must be busy with fally cleaning :lol: since you haven't been around lately.

I want to know what the secret is to get motivated in the weight loss department. Help. See you. Ann


10-24-2006, 10:35 AM
Hi everyone and welcome KC! We are a great group and as Slavika and Ann said we are now good friends just as we were close neighbors!

Ann, if you find the secret to motivation please share it as I do need a boost! Glad the shed is ready for your freezer. We have taken a vow no more junk saving!

Slavika, you have been here a long time but I don't think I had discovered the 3fc site then. Your GS is 13....now the teen years begin. By January of next year we will have 4 teenage grandkids. Lots of fun. Glad you are progressing well with your carpet replacement.

Yesterday, DD#2 called from her work, OR nurse, and said Kerri had called her and was in melt down stage at home because she had received a 'B' on a math test. She is an A student and couldn't handle this. Could I call and or visit and see if I could calm her down. I called her and had her get herself a glass of water and then we talked and by the time I had hung up she was calmer and had even got a small laugh at what I said. I told her of the D I got in 6th grade because I did not speak louder in class when answering questions or when reading the poetry that was a large part of our class....Rudyard Kipling's IF was one of the poems. Told her that that impressed me so much that now they can't get me to shut up. Later we went over and she had calmed down a lot and realized the it wasn't the end of the world!

A week ago DH had gone to the transfer station and was backed into by an 80 yr old gentleman and got the front fender badly dented so yesterday we brought the car to the autobody shop for repairs and we picked up a rental for the few days the car will be tied up. But before we left the car we needed to make a quick trip to the Air Base for a prescription refil. We had gone to the Air Base on Sunday for our food shopping trip but the pharmacy was not open then so......up and back...1 1/2 hr. Stopped at a local Italian eatery on the way home and I had mussels and linquini and DH has his favorite calamari with ziti. Nice, delicious and because it was lunch not such large portions as later in the day....also a good thing. All in all it was an eventful day!

Karen, Your bags sound lovely...that red had bag would go nicely with my red had sweatshirt. LOL

Peggy, We, too, are experiencing colder weather today. It was 43 here at 6AM. Probably will get a frost and day now.

Maria, As the gks get older they seem to require more attention...they are apt to get into more things around the house. But, they are such joy.

Need to answer the dryer now.


Karen L
10-24-2006, 01:15 PM
Welcome Back Kathryn, Like the others said glad you found your way back to us. I joined the 3ftc board in 1999. But can't tell you when I found and joined in with Slavika. But this has been a great place for me to find support and friendship.

Ann I hate to tell you this but..... the only real place you will find motivation is in you!. We are the captain of our ship and no amount of preaching by anyone else will motivate you better than yourself. One of the things I've learned over the years is to not be so hard on myself. That is a hard lesson. The other is to be on program at least 80% of the time. The other 20% will take care of itself with exercise. Now you all know that a few years ago I would have told you that I hate to sweat!. But now I really enjoy my exercise group and the sweating is a good thing. Maybe because I've grown older and find that with exercise I have more energy that I ever did before.

Kathryn, I agree with you about portions. The reason they are so big in restaurants is so they can justify the high price. One of thing that makes dieting so challenging during retirement is the fact that all of us retiree's like to eat out. That is when we get to relax and enjoy our friends. We just have to sometimes say no to going out in order to stay at or get to a healthy weight. I realize that is no fun. But it's a trade off. I'm now taking off the leader hat ! Ann ,You will be sorry that you asked the question.

Brrrrr it is chilly today. Long pants and a sweater. Even Sprout had on his sweater when we walked this morning. We in Florida are truly wimps!!!!!

Kathryn many years ago we lived in Steilacoom WA right on the sound.And went to Dupont JR High .I remember it was a very pretty area when it wasn't raining. I was 14. Waaaaay long time ago.

10-24-2006, 11:42 PM
Hi all, It's my turn to welcome Kathryn. I was the last newbie and I can tell you these ladies are very welcoming.
I wish I could see the red hat bags as my group probably would love it. I have to come up with something for us to do when I get back to Fl for our Dec meeting. Everyone will be in the Christmas mode so I have to find something not having to do with the holiday.
It's getting really cold in NJ and most of the leaves are off the trees and it's time to go south. Have to wait for hubby to have an mri on his foot as he has had a sore on the bottom of his toe for 6 months. It hasn't healed and he's diabetic and been under medical care all this time for it. Pray his bone is not infected cause then we have real problems. That might delay our retun to Fl.
My brother and his wife are planning to visit in Dec in Fl. I hope we don't screw up their vacation by not being there. Mri scheduled for Thursday so we'll see.
Been out househunting again and there are very few lots available where we have been looking and it was suggested we buy an old house and have the fire dept burn it down. We get a tax write off if we do this and I don't think we will.
Got to go now. Bernice

10-25-2006, 07:44 PM
G'day all,

I haven't been around for a little while, just really busy with all sorts of things. I am in Melbourne at the moment until Sunday.

A big welcome to Kathryn, sorry I did not get to read my PM's until today but I see you have found us and can only agree with what all the others have said, nothing is sacred and we can discuss anything and can always agree to disagree!
You can check out what I do on my website www.mesdesigns.com.au (http://www.mesdesigns.com.au).
I noticed you have been to Adelaide, you would have gone to Glenelg whilst you were here (everyone seems to go to Glenelg!) I live one surburb over at Brighton.

Good to read everyone's posts and to see everyone is well.
I agree with your Slavika, I think you have been incredibly strong since your David died, you have done so well. Glad you set the carpet people straight.

I have been so busy with work stuff, building 3 websites at the moment for 3 different companies, some photo restorations and then of course the ordinary stuff at home.
We had promised that we would come to Melbourne to see our dd and little grand daughter so left yesterday morning at 6 am and got to Melbourne at 4.30 in the afternoon.
We were wondering how I driving in America would work out and also how we are going to cope with the New York traffic :eek:
We also thought to make a big sticker to remind ourselves to keep on the RIGHT side of the road!
We finally got the Oprah episodes in Australia about her trip with Gail, Trudy told me about it sometime ago, so many highways :rolleyes:

I have to fly, it is very early in the morning and I can hear others up and about.
Not sure when I will get back.....

Stay happy and well everyone,


10-25-2006, 08:18 PM
Maria, You will do fine in NYC as you will not drive around . It's better to take the subway from Brooklyn into the city and and you can get anywhere you want to go by bus or subway. There are bus tours and boat tours and it's more efficient not to take the car into the city as there is no where to park without it costing an arm or a leg. Cabs are expensive too, they are talking about raising their rates. As for getting to the airport, your hotel probably has a shuttle to Kennedy. As for driving on the side we drive on you will be a pro by the time to get to NY.
It's cold here and I went shopping for some trouser type pants and I am happy to say I am 2 sizes smaller. No time to celebrate-long way to go but at least the scale is going the right way.
Going out to dinner with my neighbors,catch you all later. Bernice

10-26-2006, 01:51 PM
Hi Wonderful Gals :hug: Well everything did not go that smooth with the new carpet. Would you believe the person that came here to measure the area to be carpeted made a mistake. There was not enough carpet to do the bedroom. GRRR :mad: :censored: The carpet came from the States so they have now ordered more for me but it will not arrive until Nov 23rd and they will have the carpet installer back here on Nov 27th (maybe). :kickbutt: The part that they did lay looks great and feels nice to walk on.
KAREN you joined THIS board on Nov. 3rd, 2000, MARIA on Nov 30th, 2000, TRUDY, June 13th, 2000 and GLENDA on June 15th, 2000. I don't have the dates for the rest of you gals. It's not that I have good memory it's just that I printed off the forms that we filled out (long ago) telling everybody about ourselves.
BERNICE, I'm sorry to hear about your husband's toe. I am diabetic too, (type 2). Let us know when you get the results from the MRI.
Hope you are all having a super day. :)

One more thing: GLENDA all the emails I have sent to you the last couple of days have been bounced back.

10-27-2006, 03:33 PM
Hi all,My e-mails to Glenda have also been bounced. I guess it's something with her computer.
Sally-Hope you didn't pay in full for the carpet as they screwed up and you have to wait for them to reorder and come back. So frustrating.
Weather grim with a forecast of high winds and lots of rain for Sat. Counting the days till I'm in the sunshine.
Had the cleaning service today and I swear they come later and leave sooner than they have in the past. One of the girls made the statement that it's alot of work. Well yeah that's why I hired them. Looks like they want the small houses where no one is home to observe the shortcuts. I just have one more appointment with them till I leave and I'll find someone else when I get back.
Hubby is busy washing and putting away summer furniture which I swear we never sat on cause it rained all summer.
Plan on seeing"Running With Scissors" tonite-will tell you tomorrow what I thought of it.
Maria- interesting remark by that muslim cleric that uncovered woman are like spoiled meat. I guess it's better just to have your eyes exposed and if they could figure out a way to make woman disappear you wouldn't even see her eyes. Glad I am from a Western Country.

10-27-2006, 05:22 PM
Hi Everybody: BERNICE I did pay for the carpet in full last August. The reason......If I wanted to use Mastercard then I had to pay in full or I could have waited to pay them if I used my Sears card but I wanted the air miles from my Mastercard.
Today it's nice and sunny out but the wind is picking up. Tomorrow we may get rain or snow flurries.
Yikes, how would like to be referred to as "spoiled meat". That is really really bad. Those poor women don't know any other way of life I guess and they certainly would never be allowed to leave their husbands because family would shun them. How very very sad.
Talk to you all later. :)

10-27-2006, 10:40 PM
Slavika: that is most frustrating about the carpet. Glad you like what you have, but that doesn't make up for the measurement guy messing up. I too think you are doing wonderfully well, and are very strong. I know you probably have your 'moments' but thata sure is to be expected.

I can't remember exactly when I joined this group, but know it must have been around 5 years ago. It just seems that we have all been here for a long long time.

KaCe: Just join right in, and as was said, we talk about all sorts of stuff, as well as losing weight, keeping it off, and the general frustration of it all. Do you experience much wet weather in your part of Washington State? I had a cousin who was a Librarian in a college out there in Spokane. His family is still there but he passed away. I have come to believe that the weather out there depends on which side of the mountains you live on. Am I right about that?

Karen: Thanks for the 'leader' hat. I needed that. I am going back to WW next week. I just have to bite the bullet so to speak.

The freezer is all installed now, and I am starting to buy stuff to add to it. Today i took advantage of a large packaage of chicken thighs, and made three packages out of it. That is what I couldn't do before, without the extra freezer room.

Bernice: I hope that all is well with DH toe and that nothing serious will have to be done before you get to Fl. There are some very good wound healing clinics here, as I think those types of open wounds must be more common, with the older population here in Fl.

Hope you all have a good weekend, and just talking with all of you is helping me with the motivation. Of course putting on a pair of shorts that suddenly is tighter helps too. :lol: Ann

10-29-2006, 03:00 AM
Onto the next thread all.