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10-07-2006, 06:22 AM
:thanks1: :thanks1: :thanks1: :thanks1: v :thanks1: :thanks1: :thanks1:

Coffee's on and it's time to crank up the weekend! The coyotes are having some sort of party out in the meadow - nice big moon - and The Girls and I are up. It's supposed to be a glorious October day again! :sunny:

I baked five different batches of cookies yesterday and did not eat a single one! :carrot: The trick is to not eat even a crumb and to keep a big glass of water on the counter while you cook. They are packaged and ready to take to the bake sale by eight. 300 cookies should be enough, right? :lol:

My DD arrives in Ottawa at 7 tonight and I'm really looking forward to a week of catching up with her. I go out there (Nanaimo, BC) pretty frequently but she hasn't been back here since 1996! She hasn't met my Girls either so it should be pretty interesting. My sister is having us for Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow and we are going to Claire's on Wednesday but we'll mainly just hang out and relax.

So what's happening at your place this fall weekend? :cofdate:

10-07-2006, 10:33 AM
Sounds lovely Ruth!!!!!!

beach bum
10-07-2006, 10:39 AM
Good Saturday Morning Ladies

Had a good night sleep even though Leos snoring GRRRRRRRR!!!I had to put ear plugs in my ears,but it worked & made me greatful.Don't feel as sluggish like I did yesterday.

Going to attend my first OCTOBERFEST party next week I really looking forward to all the meats & root beer[diet of course]plus the music.I missed it last year,and was told I missed a great party.

Ruth-Happy:thanks1: Day to you,Have a wonderful time with your family. That a great idea :idea: while baking.I always manage to eat the raw cookie dough when baking.I have to remember ,as our holidays are coming up next month.

Have a wonderful weekend

Hugs :) BB

10-07-2006, 10:42 AM

Well Happy Thanksgiving Ruthie! Sounds like you have a big weekend planned!

:wave: Hi Hollyhock!

Well, I assume Mom and Dad are on their way to Florida. Haven't heard from Ryan at all so I'm guessing he's doing ok. I'm pretty tired today. Stayed out too late last night. Just want to curl up on the couch and take a nap! Too bad I work 9-7 today. DH's cold is getting worse so we're staying in tonight I think, which is a good thing. Maybe we'll grab popcorn and a movie and fall asleep on the couch.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday! It seems that it's a bit chilly outside this morning so everyone button up!


10-07-2006, 10:43 AM
Whoopsie! Hi Beach Bum! Octoberfests are fun! I haven't been to one in years, but I remember getting the cream soda in a really bizarre looking glass bottle. Hope you have fun!

10-07-2006, 11:37 AM
Ruth: you gottem strong willpower!No way would I be able to resist raw or baked cookie dough! Sounds like you have nice low key plans fer the visit.. afterall the best part is just spending time together.. :hug:

BB: Ohhhh Octoberfests are toooo fun!!! Bratworst,Spaetzel, Beer, OmmPaPa bands, Polkas, Men in Leaderhosen !!!!! I bet you will have a blast!

Weezie: That sounds like a really nice night together... It's raining maybe me and DH will do the same... :corn:
:wave: Holly hock

Folks are moving back into their homes in Apex... The Hazmat/ EPA checked the air quality and all is okay... Nothing planned for today .. it's rainy and cold.. so I think I'll snuggle on the couch and continue reading The Outlander..>!!

Have a gREAT DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-07-2006, 12:24 PM
Brian and I just got back from Target. The high is only supposed to be in the 80's today and Brian could no longer fit comfortably into his size 7 jeans (he is 9 after all) so we had to go out shopping. I bought a bag of 30 snacksize chip bags to give out for Halloween. They don't tempt me like chocolate would. I even found Whole wheat Boboli at Target! I hadn't been able to find the whole wheat before. I wanted to sleep in a little since I worked until midnight but Brian was up at 6:30 even though I had turned off his alarm. Oh, well, I can sleep tonight.

Off to popcorn selling!

10-07-2006, 02:35 PM
:happ3: :turkey: Happy Thanksgiving, Ruth! I hope your time with DD is a lot of fun! I'm so inspired by your will power! I don't know if I could hold out with 300 cookies sitting in front of me!!

:wave: Hollyhock! :wave:

Beach: I'm glad you're perked up today! I hope it's a wonderful weekend for you! I look forward to hear about Octoberfest, I haven't been to one either!

Lisa: No cuddling with DH...can't have you sick, too! ;) Hope mom and dad make it to FL okay!

Barb: Oh how I miss Target! Sorry your sleep was cut short and enjoy the popcorn selling!

10-07-2006, 02:51 PM
ME: Went out to the local hotspot because friends of ours from New Braunfels were playing there. It was GREAT to see old friends (and you never get tired of being the table the band heads to after each set!) But, we did stay out WAY too late last night! We got home around 3 am. I didn't wake up until 11:30! I also had a glass of homemade sangria there and I don't even want to think about how much sugar is in it, but I'll just jump back onto real beachy eating today!

Not much planned for the day! UT plays this afternoon so I'll go grocery shopping while DH is glued to the tube. Then it's 45 minutes or so on the treadmill and a 30 minute weight circuit. I have NO idea what tomorrow is going to hold, but I'm sure it'll be fun!

HUGE news for me! I'm down to 204! That's a 12 lb. loss in three weeks! My goal was to lose 10 lbs by Oct. 23rd! I'm ecstatic. I keep jumping on and off the scale to make sure it's true!! I know that things are going slow down to a snail's pace, but 1 to 2 lbs a week is what I'm going to shoot for until the end! Going to change my ticker now!

Hope everyone's weekend is Beachy!!


10-07-2006, 04:27 PM
Hey, Kim, that's great news about your weight loss! On Phase 2 your rate of loss might be slower initially, but you'll be surprised how you'll continue to lose once you've been on it a while. Weezle, I'm glad your brother seems to be doing ok, and that your parents can go ahead with their vacation plans. I hope Terry gets over his cold soon. Jake thinks he's coming down with a cold, he's been sniffling and sneezing all morning.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Ruth, and all you Canadian chicks! Your amazing the way you avoided eating those cookies, I know I wouldn't have been able to resist them, still warm and fragrant from the oven, Yum-yum! Have a great time together with your daughter this week!
Beach bum, you'll have a blast at the Octoberfest! I haven't been to one since we were stationed in Germany, and I remember how much fun it was!
The craft festival this morning was a big disappointment, it was only about a third of the size that it has been in previous years. I did get a gorgeous wreath all done up with dried gourds and seed pods to hang on the front door, and we stopped at a nursery on the way home to pick up some huge pots of mums. The front door and porch look very pretty all decorated for Fall now. I was thinking of you, Schatzi, while I was looking at the different craft booths, thinking you could probably make most of the stuff I saw. I sure wish I was talented enough and had the patience to make my own crafts.
I was supposed to go to a "Girls Night Out Sleepover Party" tonight, but I thought it was going to be at my friends' house, and I just found out it's going to be at one of her friends home that I don't even know, so I changed my mind about going. I wasn't all that enthusiastic about going, anyway. I know several of the women will probably drink too much and get too loud and raunchy, and that's just not my "cup of tea". So Jake said he'd treat me to a dinner out tonight, instead. That sounds like a much better way to spend the evening.
Hi, Barb, have fun with Brian today, selling popcorn! How's he doing with his sales this year? I remember last year he sold quite a lot, didn't he? I hope he qualifies for the scholarship!

10-07-2006, 05:01 PM
Thanks for remembering me and waving.

I may just get my ample butt back on this beach blanket. It is part of the "new me" plan!!

I cut my hair short , for the first time in 25 years, 2 weeks ago and then started making other changes. The biggie is I quit babysitting. Gave everyone notice on Tues. I am excited about the changes.
Avon is doing GREAT and I am looking for something else part time. One offer was to work with a Pro Organizer. I meet with her next week.
I really do want to focus on my weight and getting it OFF!!! SB had worked before. Now that we are not in the( complete) poor house( just sorta poor now) and I dont have 9 maniac kids here maybe I will do this!!!

10-07-2006, 10:59 PM
cottage - Thanks for asking - Brian is doing great with his popcorn selling. He sold well over $300 just today and he's over $2100 total. His goal is $2500 which is what he has to have to get the scholarship. He's still got a few more weeks too so he should be okay. We are starting to run out of streets but there are more we can go to in another neighborhood whose pack is not selling popcorn this year. The weather should be good again tomorrow so we'll be out again.

10-08-2006, 09:14 AM
Foggy here this morning in more ways than one! You know how things happen threes? Well........

Mary Ellen got in on time, she grabbed her luggage quickly, we went out for a bite, came back to Delta, chatted and then went to get ready for bed. Shrieks! :yikes: She picked up the wrong bag! Very strange as it's a very old and unusual bag. We called Air Canada Baggage but they are no help. It looks like we will have to drive the bag back to Ottawa and hope her bag is there. Somebody named Jadwiga something is puzzling over her wardrobe this morning!

My computer keeps telling me it's hardware has changed and I must activate this copy of windows. :yikes: I need to phone to do it.

Rob emailed me to say he cannot be a Wise Man for COuntry Christmas!

Well, that's three! Now I am going to have breakfast, wait for the fog to lift and go pick up The Girls at the kennel.

10-08-2006, 09:48 AM
Well... Good Morning Ladies...
I have had a terrible week (both for the SBD and personally). I have been so busy with work, I haven't had time to come on this site and even just read what was going on (so, needless to say I didn't post this week). With my crazy hours and all of my meetings, I found that my willpower had plummeted. :stress: I had Fritos, rolls, Panini, taco shells, Breakfast buffet, PB&J sandwich and chocolate (but no coffee... I am working on my addiction-- which might have something to do with the reckless eating habits. Since I am denying myself coffee, I am eating everything else.)

I usually just recognized when I slip-up and just get back on track... but I found that nearly impossible to do this week. I think some of it has to do with not being able to come to this site and read about/ talk to all of you. I want to succeed with this lifestyle change. I was really kicking myself this week every time I slipped up, which is something I don't normally do and I think that added up to more slip ups.

Today is Sunday... the start of a new week for me. I weighed in this morning and found that I gained .5 of a pound. I am going to add another week of Phase 1 (since I was not on phase 1 this week). Thank you for letting me vent and analyze myself on this site. Please give me any tips or stories that you have that might help.

You are my only real support... I sometimes feel that my friends are kinda sabotaging me a little and when I tell them of my weight loss they give me a funny look while giving out the congrats. :?: Has anyone else had this happen to them?

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, it certainly sounds like it! 300 cookies and not even a crumb... I needed some of your willpower this past week! :)

10-08-2006, 11:19 AM
Shenanigans: I know what you mean about friends sabotaging your way of eating! The ladies in my office pass around cakes, cookies, and etc. ANY time someone else starts losing weight. When I reach my goal, I'll be the first one to do it successfully! You just have to be strong and realize that all the yumminess they're offering you is probably because of their bitter attitudes. You can rise above it -- and think about when you've met your goal and move onto P3! They'll see you all the time eating things you couldn't now and think, how does she do it?

Also, why are you trying to break your addiction to coffee? I don't know how much you're drinking a day, but if it's 2 - 3, you're getting some added benefits that could outweigh all the anti-coffee hype you've heard. Here's a link: I actually added coffee back in when I started SB. I only have one cup a day, but it does help those morning munchies at work!

10-08-2006, 11:19 AM
Morning ladies.

Sheesh, Ruthie! :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: Hopefully that's the last of your 3's and no more come around. How awful for Mary Ellen! I would freak out. That's worse than the airline not having your luggage! Hope things get better!

Shenanigans: We all have weeks like that, or days, or in my case sometimes.... a month or two. :o You have a great attitude today! It is the start of a new week, and you're getting right back in the game. And what a lucky girl! Only half a pound gain! See, when I go leaping off the wagon, I do it RIGHT! 5 pound gain! I've been good though, even yesterday when I was craving pizza so badly I thought I might die. (I didn't die.) We're all here for your support and you're here for ours so I'm glad you found this site! Have a good one!

As for me, I slept until 8:50! I can't believe it. I feel better though, although my eyes are a bit runny. Today is a full day. We have grocery store, Bears football game (GO BEARS!,) cleaning, go pick up my car, and visit the little doggies since Mom and Dad are gone. Hopefully Ryan is hanging out there as much as he says he is. I'd hate for Oscar and Sophie to just be caged up all week.

DH isn't as congested as he had been so I think he's starting to feel a little bit better. Knock wood, so far I don't have any cold symptoms that I can't blame on my allergies.

Oh, how I feel like making yummy recipes! I went through a bunch of my tried-and-true websites last night and had forgotten about a ton of recipes that I love. I'm excited about Thanksgiving coming up because of my healthy (but probably not SBD-friendly) Green Bean Casserole. I also have been wanting to make Baked Gouda. Mmmm. I just love cooking this time of year! I may have to find a recipe I want to make in the next couple of weeks and buy the ingrediants today.

Well, I'd better start getting a move on. Hope you ladies have a wonderful day!


10-08-2006, 11:20 AM
And Hi Kim! We seem to post at the same time lately. :D

10-08-2006, 02:50 PM
Happy Sunday!

Barb, there were some scouts in front of the Turkey Hill this morning selling popcorn, and Jake and I bought several tins. Just thought I'd let you know. I like to think that indirectly I'm helping Brian.

Ruth, what an awful mixup! I hope everything can get straightened out. Too bad you have to go to Ottawa again. Here in Philly, they would bring your luggage to you and pick up the other one, too. Let's hope the rest of her visit goes smoothly.

Weezle, I'm in a baking mood today, too. I just made 2 Apple Cakes (one for Jake to take to work, and one for me to take to Cindy's tomorrow), and now I have an Apple Pie in the oven for Me! I tossed the apples with splenda, WW flour and cinnamon, and made the crust from spelt. Then I made a struesel topping using splenda, smart balance, a little oatmeal and WW pastry flour. It smells good, I hope it tastes good, too. I also have a big batch of stuffed peppers ready to bake, and a veggie lasagna that we're having for dinner. I'm going to freeze the peppers so I'll have some easy meals on hand.
My DS and DIL are coming over for dinner, and I haven't heard from my DD, I guess they're not coming today. I think she's a little peeved at me for something I said to her the other day. I don't like her to be mad at me, but I feel I was justified in what I said.

Hi to everyone else today!

beach bum
10-08-2006, 03:36 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Hope everyone had a relaxing Sunday so far. I ran out of time this morning and had to get ready for church so I didn't have a chance to post.

Went out with my friends to our usual Sunday brunch,talking and trying to fix the world,but thats as far as it went.Next week we planning to get our cansweer game going again along with choir & senior singers rehearsals mixed inbetween.

Ruth-Sorry:sorry: to hear our Thanksgiving :thanksgiving:Day is turning out like that. Yikes:yikes:Hope Marty Ellen finds her luggage. I have a BIG GIANTICGREENSMILIE :) FACE on mine. I never lose my luggage.

Shenanigans-This is a new week and you can start over again. Gending your good:goodvibes: vibes that things work out at your job with less stress:stress: eating.

Kim-Thanks:thanks: for the nice things you said on yesterdays thread. Looking forward to this Octoberfest. Hope I can control the eatting.

Weezle-Don't stress:stress: out on your busy Sunday. I love:love: cooking :chef: all year though that my problem FOOD all kinds,its hard for me to portion control.Sorry :sorry:about your DH not feeling well. Hoe hes better soon.

Cottage- Hi :wave: Have a nice Sunday,what left of it.

Hugs :) BB

10-08-2006, 09:12 PM
OK I went to visit Oscar and Sophie and had to send pictures. They're SO CUTE!

10-09-2006, 01:19 AM
Just A DOOR A BULL Weezie!!! And you look smashing dahlink! I love that your hair matches Oscar and Sophie's :lol3: