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10-05-2006, 09:36 PM
Ok, so I added more cardio and weights into my workout routine. And I have started learning to hockey skate. So I know that I am building muscle.

And I know that muscle weighs more than fat.

But plateaus are still hard on the mind.

I will keep taking measurements to assure myself that this is still working.

I will examine my eating habits and see if anything needs to be altered.

I will continue the increased activity, in order to increase my physical fitness and well being.

Tell me stories of making it through plateaus!

10-06-2006, 01:33 PM
During my first year or so on South Beach when I had more to lose, it wasn't unusual to have a plateau that lasted 3-4 weeks. As long as I kept eating right, exercising and drinking enough water, I always ended up breaking the plateau. Some people have found that shaking up your eating (maybe adding more calories one day) can seem to help. Good luck! You will break through as long as you are patient.

10-06-2006, 07:01 PM
Louren, :bravo: on all the hard work exercising. I swear :crossed: it will pay off!

Plateaus are really frustrating. Barb's right, though...they do go away, eventually. Going through them is great training for how hard it is to melt away the pounds when you get near the end (both Barb and I know about that! :rolleyes: ). The best ways I've heard of breaking plateaus all involve shaking up your routine. Eating less (or, strangely, more!) food, eating different foods, or eating the same foods, but at different times, doing different exercise, doing interval training, or doing the same exercise at different times or different intensities. And, of course, doing as you proposed and examining what you're eating to make sure nothing has snuck in. You might want to read the lists of foods to enjoy/avoid to make sure you didn't forget about something. :) I've had that happen! :o

Keep posting here and let us know how you're doing, okay? We can all help support you through this; we've been through it too! :hug:

10-07-2006, 01:13 PM
I'm still reading everyday, just don't quite have the time to post, what with my increased activity (and two kids and a job).

I am trying to shake things up. And to keep making the concious effort to add more veggies. I think that may be my problem. But the clothes still fit well, and if I could find the stinkin measuring tape, I could probably confirm that I have not gained any inches (even though I have backslid 2 lbs that I have not put on my profile or siggy - just can't do it.).

Sigh. I knew it would slow down, but a stop (and reverse) is different.