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10-05-2006, 06:11 AM
Perk Perk Perk! Cawfee is a drippin, the crickets are a chirpin, and a cool breeze is a waftin in the window!

Having one of those insomnia toss and turn nights, so figured, Ah Why fight it?? Just get up and get on with the day! A course my tail feathers will be a little droopy as the day progresses... :lol3:

sooo, :coffee: Let's see ... :cofdate:

Cottage: Didja try those crab cakes? We had roast beast last night.. DH with the traditional mashed taters and corn... me with a bean salad. :yawn: Speaking of Food... Kim how were those Chicken Rolletinis Sounds interesting !
Kiko Did you start your cleaning? After today I'll be able to start my in door fall cleaning... I got side tracked yesterday...It was tooo nice to be indoors soooo, I washed DH's car, and tackled this huge Holly bush tree.. It was just tooo tall to do normal shaping etc to and that bugged me all summer.. so I got out the tall ladder, loppers, and took half of it down, and shaped it to a squarish shape for now...

Sarah: sounds like you are making progress on the mental part of eating! Good for you! I find that I've been doing a cha cha.. losing, feeling good about it and then bingeing...Not good...:(

Barb: you're becoming a real outdoors gal! It sounds like a lot of work but a lot of fun!

:wave: Morning to all our Morning Larks!!! BB, Chellez, Kaity, Weezie, Ruth

10-05-2006, 07:28 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!! Schatzi - I had the same problem this am - my husband and I were up at 3:15 b/c we couldn't sleep - he has the day off (lucky him) me I have been at work since 5:30 - I am sure by 11 I will be calling for my bed.

Cottage: So Chicken Rolletinis - they sound good are they in the food section? I might have to give them a try.

I made stuffed pepers last night - they were GREAT!!!

I have been pretty bumed lately not too sure why- I feel as if I have put some weight back on - not close to my goal and I am very depressed about it. My B-day is tomorrow and I wanted my weight to be about 3 lbs less than I am - not to mention I know my parents will drop in w/ ice cream cake sometime over the weekend and my dh hasn't been very supportative lately. I just don't know what is wrong w/ me - I have been op all week and started working out a little agin but it just isn't working - I guess I want the results NOW.

Well I must get back to work and pull my head out of my a$$ and be happy that it will be nice out today - today is Thursday - and tomorrow is TGIF and payday - so many more positive things to look towards!!!!

Hop on by and join me for some coffee (well actually I only have water but stop by and chat a bit) at work by myself (no one gets here much before 7:30) so I could use a little company

10-05-2006, 07:47 AM
I'm joining you with my cup of coffee, Schatzi. I just put my 2nd load of clothes in the washer, I'm trying to get it done this morning since I won't be home til after 8 tonight. I'm trying a new hairdresser my SIL has been singing the praises of, and the only appt she had available was this evening. I hope she's as good as promised, becauses she lives quite a distance from here.
Last night was a toss & turn night for me, too. I was feeling guilty because I binged on Klondike Bars. I ate 3 of them yesterday!!!! Why, oh why, did I ever buy them in the first place??? Will I never learn? Well, today is a new day, and I will do better!
OK, time to fold the first load of laundry and put the last load in the dryer. Save me another cup of coffee, I'll be back.

10-05-2006, 08:27 AM
Morning, RMT, sorry, that Chicken Rolletini idea wasn't mine, it was Kim's. They do sound interesting, though, don't they? I'm always looking for another way to serve chicken, we seem to eat it so often!

Well, it's going to be a long day. I just got the call that I'm needed to take the girls to school, so I have to leave, like right now. See you all later.

beach bum
10-05-2006, 10:53 AM
Good Morning Ladies

Woke up late again as I'm not feeling well this morning,major sinsus headache.We had a down pour around 4 AM that left us with a very windy day. I guess theres not walking along the beach,unless we want to get blown away.

Schatzi-Your alway perky in the morn.,even when not sleep:cloud9: well.Wish I could be like that. Have a great day.Thanks:thanks: for the Hi :wave:

RMT-First of all let me wish you :woo:a Happy Birthday:woo: just incase I don't get on the board tomorrow. I can understand you be depressed :stress: about not reaching you goal. I have been trying to reach it myself also,so I decided to talk:blah: to my doctor and we came to the conclusion that I'm carb sensitive and everytime I reach Phase 2 I blow it and the weight starts going up.Trying watching those carbs,might be the answer for you.

Cottage-Good Luck:goodluck: at the new hairdressers. Its really hard to find:yes: a good one,I had to go to 5 different shops in town inorder to find mine.She a keeper and I'm not sending her back.

Have to go,will post later

Hugs:) BB

10-05-2006, 10:58 AM
Good morning everyone,

Well, it looks like we all had bad nights last night. I woke up like 4 times last night and I usually can sleep the whole night through. I would make a cup of coffee but caffiene and I are not a good mix. So I'll probably doze off in a couple of my classes today.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good day and aren't too terribly busy. Just keep thinking...tomorrow is Friday.:)

10-05-2006, 10:58 AM
Morning Ladies!! How's the coffee?

For everyone interested, the chicken rollatinis were DELICIOUS!! They were so good that I do believe my husband over-ate!! Poor thing! I will be posting the recipe in the Phase 1 entrees shortly!!

Schatzi: Sorry your night was so restless! I slept like a log!! Today would be a horrible day for me with all this work to do if I hadn't!!

RMT: I hope you get out of your funk soon. I think you should just enjoy your birthday and not think about what's going on weight-wise right now. Your emotional health is important, too! I hope today is GREAT for you!!!

Cottage: Mmmmmm, Klondikes!! I'm sure last night didn't do too much damage! Good luck at the hairdresser! I get SO nervous trying a new one out. I bet your's isn't as far away as mine!! The closest one I trust is 2 1/2 - 3 hours away!! :dizzy:

Beach: I don't know how I missed you the first time! I hope you feel better! I'm sorry your missing your beach-walk this morning! I hope the wind dies down by tomorrow morning for you!

I found out some GREAT news last night. Jason and I set aside enough $$ to justify me going to visit my family in San Antonio next weekend! I'm so excited to see them all. Eating and exercising-wise it will be a challenge, but I'm sure that I can pull through it!! Anyways. I've got some work to do and I want to get that recipe posted. It was so easy I'm sure I'll be making it a lot!!


10-05-2006, 11:01 AM
Sorry, Kaity...we were posting simultaneously! I know what you mean about dozing in class! I hope you are able to stay awake today and get a great night's sleep tomorrow!

10-05-2006, 11:08 AM
Schatzi - I hate it when I can't sleep. Usually I have something that is worrying me and my mind is going a mile a minute trying to plan stuff. Hopefully you can get some rest in later.

RMT - Do you think it is possible that your goal is too low? My doctor recommended 125-135 for me and I'm 5' 3" but I can't tell what your frame size is. It definitely does take awhile to lose the last 10-20 pounds. Have a great birthday tomorrow!

cottage - I love Klondike bars! There is no way I can have them in the house. I make sure I get the SF fudge bars for me and then for Brian he is eating Pure Fruit lime. They are healthier than many things but too high calorie for me and luckily they don't tempt me like chocolate does.

me - I'm down a little more this morning. Dinner last night was a pasta dish made with ham and fat free evaporated milk. I vary the veggies based on what is in season. This time I used mushrooms, zucchini and brocolli. Yum! Tonight we are having ham, sweet potato, homemade SF cranberry sauce and deviled eggs. That is all fast (since I made the cranberry sauce already and I'll make the eggs this afternoon) so I can go out with Brian selling popcorn for awhile and then come home to eat when it gets dark.

10-05-2006, 11:10 AM

HEY! My abs don't hurt anymore! :carrot: I may take it a bit easier today... I don't want to have to recover for 3 days every time I do 5 minutes worth of ab exercises. It's my day off and I'm debating whether or not I want to go to the Y. I may just work out at home. It's looking rather dark outside. Ick. DANG. High of 67 today. Brrrr!

Heya Schnatzo! What's new in your world? Sorry you're going to be droopy today. I slept quite soundly all night but still am groggy today probably because of the cloudiness.

Hiya RMT! Sorry you're so bummed lately. If being OP isn't working, try evaluating what you're eating and such. Getting all your veggies? I'm doing the Abs Diet which is quite similar to Ph2 of SBD and wasn't losing weight very quickly and then realized my only veggies everyday were from a salad! I had some broccoli and carrots for a snack last night and suddenly dropped 2 lbs when I weighed in today. Just keep at it and I promise you'll see more results!!! :hug:

Hi there Cottage! Sheesh am I the only one who slept soundly last night? Full moon maybe? Don't worry about the Klondike Bars (drool....) You have a great attitude! Today IS a new day! Back on track you go!

Well hello there Beach Bum. Apparently the downpour at 4 woke you up too. I must be the Queen of Sound Sleeping. Everyone had a tough time but me! Sorry it's too windy to go for a walk today. I wish I had a beach nearby to walk on. May DH and I move in with you? :D

Speaking of DH, I think he's getting a cold. He's been coughing and snuffling for 2 days now. Hopefully I don't get it. I hate being sick! I have had a sinus headache the last two nights and hopefully that doesn't turn into anything. I seem to be ok now.

Well, time to get on with my day I suppose. Hope everyone has a great one!


10-05-2006, 11:11 AM
Whoops! Hi Barb! You always sound so busy. Hope you find some time for yourself today!

Hey Kaity! Sorry you didn't sleep well.

Hello there Kim! Congrats on getting to go back home to see your family! I'm sure you'll do just fine!

Sheesh how long does it take me to post? I missed like 3 people!

10-05-2006, 12:15 PM
Morning girls!

Schatzi I am making a slight dent in the housework. Of course, if I would just set aside and hour or two and didn't allow myself to get distracted that would help!! The loveseat still has some of Megan's clothes on it- I cannot believe the amount of clothes the girl has!!

Cottage Good luck with your new hairdresser this evening. There is nothing like the feel of a new haircut. :)

RMT I hope your day gets better! I was thinking the exact same thing that Barb posted- 125 seems like a super healthy weight considering that you are 5'5". I think your body may agree that it likes that weight. 115 seems super low. Just my opinion though. I made stuffed peppers the other night- it made enough that I have been eating them for lunch everyday. They are delish!

Barb What time is dinner? The girls and I will be down. :)

Weezle High of 67 sounds lovely!! With the darkish weather I would be tempted to curl up with a good book. :)

Kim That is great that you will get to go visit your family. Do you live in West Texas? How did you and DH wind up there?

Beach and Kaity Morning!

Me- Not a ton planned for the day. We are meeting up with some friends aroun 12:30 at Chuck E Cheese. Not my favorite place, but the kids all have a bunch of tokens leftover from a recent birthday party, so it is a FREE outing. Other than that, I really do need to get this house in order. DH is always talking about how he eventually wants a two story house. I could never keep up with it! Our house is the perfect size for us at this point in our lives- 2 bedroom starter home. I can't manage anymore than that.

10-05-2006, 12:43 PM
For anyone who wanted to check it out, the recipe is posted in Phase 1 - Entrees!


10-05-2006, 12:45 PM
Morning ladies - It's been kind of a depressed week for me, post vacation I guess, but hate this feeling of being sad and not knowing why - like there's something on my chest and little things just keep setting it off... oh well just putting one foot in front of the other - was wondering today if I've been spending too much energy on my external appearance and not enough on the internal... After my binge Tuesday night, I was OP all day yesterday (except for carrots in the soup I made) and today is starting out ok. Such effort getting through my weights class, like there's this additional weight that makes it hard to function even if it's not literal weight - anyways enough of the depressing stuff because there's no reason to be upset?!!!!

Schatzi - Sorry you didn't sleep very well, good luck with the day! Sounds like it might be a coffee kind of day?

RMT - Sounds like you have a case of the bummers too! Happy early birthday, mines on the 25th and I've noticed that right before my birthday I get down (although this is a little early this year?), I'd say just decide what you are going to let yourself treat on and stick with it, a plan that let's you splurge a little is better than no plan?

Cottage - Just dust yourself off because today is another day, and you have today today to make up for yesterday, just do a little extra cardio and be done with it - I know I tend to dwell and beat myself up for binging but that never accomplishes anything, probably coutner productive!

Beach Bum - Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Kim - Old SA huh? I'm in ATX so you'll just be "right down the street." It is hard to eat well when you get with the family, but maybe just plan one splurge a day so you're not denying yourself?

Barb- congrats on the loss! Your meals sound DELICIOUS!

Weezle - Glad that your abs are feeling better! It's funny how relative it all is cause I'm going jogging in 92 degrees and HUMIDITY and I would love your 67 degree weather!

Kiko - Chuck E Cheese? Here's some willpower dust your way!

10-05-2006, 01:02 PM
Ooh I've been outside already and had my fleece Ho Ho Ho jammie pants and a fleece hoodie on and it's chilly. Good thing I have nothing but movies and some shopping today! I'll keep the heat on in the car.

Is there any doubt why my favorite place in the world is Key West? Incidentally, Mom and Dad are going there Sunday, AGAIN. They were there in June before we went, and we're all going again in January. DH doesn't like the heat so hopefully he'll enjoy Key West in the winter months.

I'm very excited to go shopping! I have coupons but still can't go crazy. We don't have a lot of $ because we're trying to save for Key West. I have to do Christmas shopping and I also need fall clothes. I've lost some weight since last fall so I want to look good. I just don't want to spend a fortune. Old Navy and Gordman's today, I think. I have $10 off at Old Navy and 15% off at Gordman's. Also a free panty at Victoria's Secret. WOO HOO! I'm all about free undies!

Well I need to figure out what workout I'm going to do. I'm definitely not going out again until time to shop. Talk to you girlies soon!


10-05-2006, 01:12 PM
Blast! I know I posted this morning. I wonder where it went.

It was H's mopving morning so I've been in and out and am off again this afternoon to do an extra pet therapy session at the nursing home. The residents are a bit cranky about the room changes so a little distraction will be welcomed by the poor stressed staff. They are replacing the floors by wings and this has been work in progress since September 1.

I'll be back later to read. Right now I need to make a few batches of cookie dough for a marathon baking session tomorrow. Oy! I will clean my teeth and keep a glass of water beside me so I don't nibble. Evil Twin Ruthless often mentions that nuts are healthy but......

10-05-2006, 01:18 PM
Lisa, is it the buy one pink item, get a free panty from Victoria's Secret? If it is, I have one, but I won't use it by the Nov 30 deadline. Do you want mine? Or do you have a friend who might want to use it? If you want it, send me a message with your address and I can get it in the mail this afternoon or tomorrow! Hey, everyone loves free panties, but I don't think I'm at a Victoria's Secret weight yet!

Let me know if you want it! ~Kim

10-05-2006, 02:34 PM
Kim, actually I have that one too in my stack, but don't feel like buying anything from there today. (Just wrote the check for $100+ from last month!) So I'm just going with my 100% freebie today. No Purchase Necessary is my friend. :D

Thanks though!

10-05-2006, 06:20 PM
You all will be happy to know that my loveseat is almost cleared! I have a stack of little dresses that need to be hung up, but Meg is currently asleep in her room. :)

Sarah :hug: I hate days when you just feel down for no reason.

I think my mom and I are going to take the girls to the Dallas Zoo tomorrow. I have a coupon and we will make lunch to take with us, so it will be a bargain. I need to check the weather and see what it is supposed to be like tomorrow.

Later gals.... leftover stuffed peppers and broccoli for dinner tonight. :chef:

10-05-2006, 06:38 PM
Hi Chickies! Busy day and I'm just home from my extra TheraPaws visit. It went well and the staff really appreciated some distractions for the residents. Now I need to grab a quick meal and take off to my Book club - I'm doing a beef fajita with two small ww tortillas - quick and good because I partially cooked the steak this morning.
Bed is going to feel really good tonight!

10-05-2006, 06:49 PM
Hello ladies, I'm finally home from school. I'm so jealous of all of you in places with cool weather. It was 79 here in Albuquerque today. I was wearing a t-shirt and flipflops and I was still sweating. It was cool a couple weeks ago and I was looking forward to breaking out my long-sleeved shirts. Oh well, it's supposed to be cooler next week.

Anyway, I hope you all have good evenings. Enjoy your cooking (I'll be making b-b-q chicken and asparagus, yummy).