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10-04-2006, 07:53 AM
Good Morning!

I'm just starting to see some daylight out, but I have all the windows open and the birds are putting on a concert already. They're probably exaulting in this beautiful weather. Yesterday was a great, and it's supposed to be in the mid 80's today! I'm loving it.

I have to take my car in this morning for an oil change first thing. I hope I'm in and out of there fast. Cracker Barrel is right next door, so I'll probably walk over there and have some breakfast while I'm waiting. Then I hope it's home again for a few hours before I have to go pick up the girls from school. We never got to making our scarecrow yesterday, Cindy got a new saddle for Maggie and wanted her to try it out so she could make adjustments to it, and we ended up going for a nice trail ride. When Audrey got home, we carved one of the pumpkins, and painted the rest of them. The carved one won't last til Halloween, but we'll go get more for that. I'm guessing they'll want to start on the scarecrow today. So that's the plan.

I'd better get ready and leave now, so I can be the first in line at the car dealership. I'll try to pop in later.

10-04-2006, 08:10 AM
Good morning and thanks for the coffee. I'm dragging my butt a bit this morning so really can use it. I'm fighting a cold and I think I'm winning but.....

Lots to do today in the house and then I have TheraPaws at 1 PM at the medical centre. I may take Lucy this time as she is finally over her heat, I hope! I must run out to Maple View too and bring home some of H's extra stuff like pictures, plants and his fan. They "move" him into a shared room tomorrow while they replace the flooring in his wing. He will not be pleased when he finds out his TV will go into storage for the duration which will probably be 2-3 weeks!

I really, really NEED a sunny day. I just made the attached picture into my "wallpaper". That should help.

Have a great Hump Day!

10-04-2006, 09:19 AM
Cottage: Mmmm, Cracker Barrel. That's one of the MANY restaurants Jason and I miss back home. That place is WONDERFUL. Way too many temptations for me right now. Your trail ride sounds fun. Jason and I are saving up for horses, but that's a long way off...need to buy land, build stalls, buy a trailer...oh, and the horses!!

Ruth: I'm trying to send some sunshine your way. We've been having TONS of it...beautiful!! I love your wallpaper! It's actually the one I have as a background for my personal web page.

10-04-2006, 09:23 AM
:carrot: :carrot: Today is the final day of P1!!:carrot: :carrot:

I'm feeling very ready to move on. My 8 lb loss has stuck and I'm hoping to see another 2 lbs gone on Monday! I already worked out for 30 minutes this morning and I've got plans to walk with a friend from work tonight. I've had a little pain in my lower back, though, and I'm not going to walk if it doesn't get better. Thankfully, tomorrow's Thursday, so I can get a day of rest in.

Other than that, it's going to be a normal day. Making some "chicken rollatinis" for dinner. It's a recipe I found in a magazine. Sounds delish, but we'll have to see!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!!


10-04-2006, 09:38 AM
Morning sunshines. I'm tired of being tired. I'm a little excited about work today though because once my inventory is done, I'm going to start training the new girl. Yay! More help is always appreciated where I work.

Was pretty good yesterday. Didn't work out any last night though because my abs hurt so badly. I did 1 minute worth of flutter kicks but after that I was done. I'm still sore today! Sheesh.

Well I'd better pack some food for the day and get in the shower. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


10-04-2006, 10:36 AM
Morning! (check out my cutie patooties in my new avatar- this was two days ago!)

Kim You will need to post that recipe if it turns out well. I am always looking for something new and different.

Cottage Hope you get your car worked on quickly and that it turns out to be a peaceful morning for you.

Ruth I originally thought the picture you posted was one of your village. I was going to get super jealous!!

Weezle Have a good day at work!

Sitting on the couch drinking my coffee. :) I am "letting: DH sleep in a bit as he has been working a ton of hours. His interview went fine yesterday, although the position really wasn't what was originally presented to him. So we will see..... he actually really likes where he currently is, it is more the income isn't enough.

NOt sure what the plan is for today. My one goal is to tackle my loveseat. I am so fortunate that I have TONS of hand-me-down clothes for the girls. I pulled out and washed at least 4 boxes of clothes for Megan. The only problem is that all those loads of laundry are currently piled on my loveseat waiting to be folded and put away. Other than that, I think we are heading to the in-laws for dinner tonight. Nothing remotely on plan will be served there, so I will take dinner. We have lots of chicken leftover from dinner last night and I still have few stuffed peppers.

Have a good one girls!!

10-04-2006, 10:43 AM
Oh What a beeeeautiful Moooorning Oh What a Beeeautifullll day!!!!! :dance: :sunny:

Ruth: I send you :sunny: :sunny: vibes... The weather has been purrrfect here.. no humidity..dry and cool... !

Cottage: I put out part of my fall display yesterdayt.. A few carvable plastic pumpkins with a Scarecrow Goard.. I'm going up to Michaels to pick up some hay bales and leaves to complete it.. When it gets closer to Holloween, I'll be carving along with ya!

Kim: :bravo: on Ph 1!!! You did sooo well! We might be building in an "Equestrian Village"... Where you can have up to 4 horses ..We'll know within the month

Weezie: you crack me up... you must be walking like a bent over old lady ...
I'm sure you'll be fine in no time! Yay :cp: for the extra help!

Fall Cleaning this week... I did all the yard work yesterday--except for the major pruning .All the windows are wide open, and today I tackle the bath rooms and the spare bedroom!

10-04-2006, 10:46 AM
I just put a meatloaf and an au gratin potato casserole in the oven for this evening's supper. (The potatoes are for Jake) I didn't have to wait long at all for my car. By the time I finished my breakfast and walked back over, my car was waiting for me. I stopped at Wegman's on the way home to pick up a jar of Nutella for Cindy, and got myself one of their "Ultimate Crab Cakes" and some Oriental green beans for my lunch. I can hardly wait for that!

Ruth ~ I wish I could pack up a little of this sunshine to send to you! We'll have rain by tonight, and tomorrow looks like a washout, too, so I'm going to spend most of this day outside! Try to stay ahead of that cold!

Kim ~ Don't worry, for breakfast I ordered the oatmeal with bananas, pecans and sugar-free maple syrup. Totally SB friendly, and very yummy, too! I almost always order that or the WW French toast with scrambled eggs and turkey sausage. I find that a lot of their menu has SB friendly choices on it. You just have to be careful to tell your server to hold the sauces and gravies, etc. Congratulations on your great loss for Phase 1, you're doing great!

Weezle ~ I hope you have a good day, training the new girl. That will sure take a load off you, having more help.

I'm going to try to get a little dusting and vacuuming done. See you later!

10-04-2006, 10:50 AM
:wave: Hi Kiko!!!! sending good vibes :goodvibes: to DH - hope all went well on his interview

10-04-2006, 10:59 AM
Good Morning Kiko and Schatzi! You girls snuck in on me while I was posting!

Kiko ~ Your little ones are so adorable! You mentioned how different they are in personalities. I see that so much in siblings! Audrey and Maggie are as different as night and day. Audrey is very gentle and sensitive, where as Maggie is loud and boisterous with a temper the likes of I've never seen before! But she can be a perfect little angel, too, and I love them both as much as if they were my own. Enjoy every minute with your two, they grow up way too fast. I hope things work out well for you and your DH soon.

Schatzi ~ Have you signed the land deal yet? Putting in an Equestrian Village sounds nice. It's great to saddle up and ride off whenever you feel like it. Once the building begins, you'll have to post us some pictures!

10-04-2006, 12:14 PM
Hey ya'll,

So the binge monster got me last night. Almost never fails that if I have a bad day I'm going to react with food. Trying not to beat myself too much about it and am going to get plenty of exercise in today as well as fast on veggies - I know some of you may not agree this is a good idea but after consuming atleast 2500 calories yesterday evening, I don't think it's going to hurt anything - Eat some cooked veggies and a salad for lunch, and then I think I'll make a stew for dinner. Just wish I had gone to the gym yesterday evening as things would have turned out differently.

It's also interesting to me that I finally got to move my ticker and then all of the sudden I'm binging. There was almost a twinge of fear I think when i got on the scale and saw 142. I guess fear that I would gain it back, or that i was losing part of myself?

Just gotta keep loving myself, and putting one foot in front of the other.

Hope everyone has a great day!


10-04-2006, 01:16 PM
Sarah Way to go on getting right back on track. :hug: This is all a process and we need to keep reminding ourselves that we cannot expect perfection!!!!

Not making much progress on the mountain of baby clothes. I am forcing myself to fold five items everytime I walk into the living room. UGH!!

10-04-2006, 02:12 PM
Good morning everyone! Actually, it's probably afternoon for everyone else, but it's still 11:00 here. Well, I just almost broke down and I figured this was the best place to vent about it. My route walking home from school takes me past two of my favorite restaurants. The first restaurant makes the best cinnamon rolls ever (not just sugary but also buttery) and the second makes great pizza. So I'm walking home and I can smell baking rolls and pizza as I walk past. It's horrible. :cry: But I was able to walk past (barely) without running in and buying something I would regret. Maybe in Phase 2 I'll split a roll with my sister (but she's pregnant so she'll probably want the whole thing).

Anyway, now that I've vented, everyone have a nice day. :)

10-04-2006, 02:17 PM
Kiko - Your girls are adorable! Are you taking them to the State Fair or are they still a bit too young? Brian has next Monday off for Fair Day and they gave the kids a free ticket so I'm taking a vacation day and we'll probably all go. Hopefully it will be a little bit cooler by then. These mid-90's are a bit warm.

sarah - Hopefully today will go better for you. I think the veggies/salad and stew is fine as long as you don't cut your calories down too low to where you body thinks it is starving.

cottage - That breakfast sounds wonderful! I don't often get to Cracker Barrel because of the distance but the food is really good.

schatzi - Sounds like a beautiful fall. Fall flirted with us a few weeks ago but lately we are at least 10 degree above normal. Some years I think we go straight from Summer to Winter.

weezle - Good luck with the new girl.

Kim - What are chicken rollatinis? They sound familiar.

ruth - That picture is beautiful. Good luck with Harry's move. I'll send you some of our sun.

Me - I'm back down to the weight I was on Friday so I am happy. October/early November is going to present some challenges. I'm now past this campout. Our pack is camping the 13-15 but I'll be able to plan our own food so I should do okay. Then I camp at leader training on Oct 21st - 22nd and they provide dinner and breakfast. I can at least control the rest of the meals. Then we camp on Nov 3-5 where some of the meals are provided and some we bring. I'm going to be very careful the rest of the time and then as OP as I can during the campouts. Then there are no more campouts until the Spring.

beach bum
10-04-2006, 04:01 PM
Hi Ladies:)
I'm here,just got up late around 9AM. watched a movie last night that didn't end until late[11:30]Now everything that on was on schedule is falling late.

The weather is much warmer than yesterday. Going to take advantage and walk so more along the beach.

Have do a little grocery shopping for the odds & ends that one uses quicky during weeks time.

Will post tomorrow.

HUgs :) BB

10-04-2006, 05:57 PM
:( I dont like being moody..... but I need to vent as well.

I'm still beating myself up about not exercising for the past 4 days.... I just haven't felt motivated with TOM and what not. I wanted to go get on the treadmill today but I'll be busy with dinner and cleaning after work so I can't. Hopefully I'll get enough aerobic exercise by starting my fall cleaning tonight.

Thanks for all of you that answered my question in the other post. I hope that I drop all this water weight soon plus some.

Sorry to make it so short and bitter today.... just kind of feeling poopy... Promise I'll be better tomorrow!