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10-03-2006, 10:26 PM
feel like crap. I moved in to this new apartment last weekend and for the last few days we've been eating out. On Friday I had steam broccoli with shrimp with yellow rice and 1 tbl spoon of garlic sauce. On Saturday I ate a chicken salad for dinner, which was fine. On Sunday I had steam chicken and shrimp, with mixed veggies, yellow rice, and 2 tbl spoon of garlic sauce. Last night I decided to cook, because I was fed up with eating out, and tonight for dinner I ate shrimp lo mein with a cup of lettuce. I know that I shouldn't had bought the lo mein, but I was fed up with steamed shrimp and veggies. After I ate the lo mein, I felt sick and of course guilty. My chest is hurting, my head is killing me, and I just feel like pure crap. I don't know what it is, but I think its probably all that msg in the soy sauce. I'm trying to loose more weight, but this week feels absolutely crappy. I feel like I literally gained 10 pounds, I'm planning to burn those calories out of my system. You guys can check my Fitday, even though I don't have enough calories for the day I feel full, but crappy. I need some support and some kind words.:(


10-03-2006, 10:36 PM
:hug: I feel your pain. I hate it when I eat something like that and it makes me feel so bad.

10-04-2006, 12:26 AM
Good news is that you can get it out of your system faster if you drink LOTS of water. Flush, flush, flush! ;) What ever it is, and it's probably just the chemicals and salt, it's temporary. Just don't let it become an excuse to "pamper" or "take care" or what ever euphemisms we choose to use to feel like all is lost and we can just "blow it". You're going to be fine! :hug: This is just a little blip on the radar of your life. Relax, take a hot bath, light some candles and maybe have some herbal tea. ;)

10-05-2006, 07:11 AM
I sure know what you mean . . . went out to eat last week, had too much of something and I didn't feel well even the next morning. I guess this is how we learn what we can and can't eat! Sounds like you've been getting too much of that kind of food. If you still have to eat out, switch your restaurant!

Remember, this too shall pass!

Hang in there!


10-05-2006, 08:12 AM
Also, you CAN request no MSG in your foods. Some chinese takeouts don't have MSG, while others will use it with precaution (you don't use much in a dosage).

10-05-2006, 08:53 AM
You gals, are all right. I messed up last night and this morn. I also work at a key board. I did find a inexpensive pedal machine to occupy my legs withoout weight bearing. I think this is helping burn the calories off when I do cheat and I can do this infront of the TV in my favorite chair. It is by Dr. Leonard's catalog. You could I suppose use it at work too since it is light weight and can fit under the desk. I have not done that yet. I am waiting to see what type of over all impact it has. Keep working at it. DON'T give up.

10-05-2006, 10:45 PM
cheating once in a while is a good thing

most athletes, bodybuilders male or female do it

it will not impact your fat loss much, and will keep you sane and make the diet something you can live with

so enjoy it, then get back to exercising and dieting for 2 weeks, then have a pizza