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10-02-2006, 07:40 AM
:carrot: WAKE UP, GIRLS! It's Monday, time to get up and get moving!

:yawn: :tired: :yawn: So how is everyone today? Did you survive the weekend? I did OK, except for a small bit of ice cream yesterday, but that was my only no-no. Anyway, I thought I'd just pop in and get us started before I go to Curves. I'll be back in a bit. :wave:

10-02-2006, 07:47 AM
I'm UP UP UP!!!! The Sun's not though... It was nice to sip some cawfee out on the deck looking at the Stars.
I think I am turning into a cow... Waaaay to much beef last week..!! Fish and Chicken and lots of veggies on the menu this week!
We are close close close to that plot o land to call home... We were out traispsing through the woods again.. This time I was well protected with spray...nary a one chigger bite~ nasty buggers! I do believe we will be putting a bid in..

Otherwise nothing new here to report.. Earthlink server problems apparently are causing connections to be hit or miss --"they" say all is fixed... We shall see...

Ok time fer more cawfee and yep, morning crossword puzzle!


10-02-2006, 08:04 AM
Good morning. I slept until 6:30 this morning and The Girls are still quiet. They are always tired out after being at the kennel as it's doggie party time there with all the barking.

Cathy and I had a wonderful weekend with lots of laughs and a little teeny weeny bitsy bit of fun! :rofl: What I ate was mainly food porn but my ticker stayed the same. Back to very clean eating today though.

Lots to do this week to get ready for my DD's visit starting Saturday. Today is painting class so the afternoon is gone already. This morning I will continue my marathon sorting out of stuff and also hope to make and freeze some cookie doughs as we are having a "Cookies Only!" bake sale this weekend.

But for now :coffee: !!!

10-02-2006, 09:14 AM
Good morning gals! We got Jack into bed last night and he was able to sleep in his own bed until about 3 AM then came down and is asleep in the recliner right now. He did say he slept ok in the bed. I had his head propped up with three pillows and then placed one of my pillows that had a sham on it under his back for extra support and put the heating pad inside the back where the slit is on the sham and he slept that way with a couple Advil. Seemed to work ok until early this morning. I know I woke up many times and heard him sleeping soundly so that is good.

Jack is antsy, but can't go back on anything but full duty. The only light duty the city allows is for work related injuries. I imagine the doctor may release him for back to work in a couple weeks since he is doing so well. His scars (the chest and chest tube ones) are heavily scabbed now so I am beginning to put vitamin E oil on them so they aren't so tight. My sil suggested this before she left.

I am gearing up already for that new baby. I am hoping my dil has a wonderful pregnancy. One thing that she may not like now, but will when it comes time is she is wide in the hips. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have a big baby. Jay wants a boy and I think he will name him Jack the IV, which will make us all happy and I know that Alicia doesn't mind that at all. Jay is actually Jack also, but at the time he was born, Jack's dad was alive so there were all three of them and we had to distinguish. Jack was the father, my Jack they had always called Jackie (though I never did) and my son was called Jay. I told Jack maybe we can call a boy baby named Jack, LJ for little Jack. I have started a beautiful little sweater for him or her. It is white so it can go either way and instead of buttons, overlaps and ties like the old style t-shirts we used to have when us old ladies kids were babies, remember? Since the baby is likely to be born in June this is bigger for fall and I am going to try and get a pullover made and the babie's fuzzy blanket all by Christmas. I would love to make a matching pullover sweater for Thomas, but he never wears sweaters so I wouldn't want to waste the time if he wouldn't wear it.

As you can see, I removed my Vegas ticker. As soon as we get a baby due date, I am going to make myself a ticker for it instead. We have decided to forego the trip next year since the baby is coming in the summer. We are going to get our downstairs floors all done instead I think. I really will miss not going, but Jack only has so much time off and we want to be able to spend at least a week in Indiana when the baby is born then a few more trips and of course be there for their first Christmas. We will miss Thomas at Christmas, but we told Kelly a long time ago that we would go to Indiana for Jay's babie's first Christmas. We will just celebrate with Thomas the weekend before. We will even take him to the casino buffet to eat if they want to so he can keep his "tradition" going. :lol: Kelly is embarrassed that Thomas's favorite tradition is being at the casino, but I think it is cute. (for those of you in the dark, my dgs last year in kindergarten told his class his favorite holiday tradition was going to the casinos as Jack and I for the last couple years have gone down on the weekend and stayed and they come down for Christmas Eve and have Christmas with us and eat at the big buffet) He just LOVES that buffet I think, because the only other thing he does is he can swim at the indoor pool at the hotel and the hotel room itself, which isn't very exciting.

Ruth: Sounds like another busy day for you. I have always loved baking cookies for Thomas. Hope your gang enjoyed their "hotel" stay while you were gone. Fortune does ok because our kennel has a "nursery" where they put little dogs and puppies away from the big guys and their barking.

Schatzi: Hope you can find just the right piece of land. I know you are anxious. Get some more java in ya and get that morning started off right! I hate coffee and never touch the stuff.

Cottage: Hope Curves goes super duper for you this morning.

Hope all is well with everyone else. I am hoping to go this next Saturday to my first Red Hat luncheon. It will depend on how things go with Jack's dr appt and such. He would be ok alone for a couple hours, but I am still a little leery. I am anxious to meet all the ladies, though.

Everyone have a super duper day!


beach bum
10-02-2006, 09:45 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

"Another week another dollar earned" quote from my dad long ago.Thanks :thanks:Cottage for starting us up. I survived this weekend with my
W-I this morning and I maintained this week. I think I add back carbs to quickly again. I'm up to 30 grams,going to bring it down to 25 and see what happens.

Schatzi-Doing the :)Happy Dance:) for you that you finally found your plot of land.That must be a relief of mind. Now you can start building.

Ruth-Big congrats:cheers: to you.A maintain is better than a gain. Its a wonderful emotion Laughter, Happy you had so much fun with your cousin Cathy.

Faye-Good Luck:lucky: to you and Jack for all your future plans.

Have a great one,Going to have my second cup of :coffee:tea, its cold up here. Don't know if I being walking along the beach:beach:,unless it warms up a bit.

Hugs :) BB

10-02-2006, 09:48 AM
I'm back, and enjoying my breakfast of leftover Apple Crisp (SB approved!) topped with a little NF yogurt, and of course, my coffee. I'm thinking about what I should try to get done this morning. I know I have to make an appt to get an oil change for my car, and I need to call my hairdresser to see if I can get in for a cut and color this week, too. I really should do a bit of dusting and vacuuming and mop the kitchen floor before I leave for work. We have a playdate with several of Audrey's friends after school today at a new MoonBounce park that just opened. Audrey only has 1/2 day of school today, so we're all meeting in the parking lot and having a tailgate picnic lunch before we go in. I know the girls will enjoy that.

Faye, sounds like you're really excited about this new grandchild! The little sweater set you are making sounds adorable. I'm happy that Jack is getting better each day. I hope you can make it to your Red Hats meeting. We tried to get a group together, but it was hard with everyone's schedules, and it gradually fizzled out. I would love to join a group again, though. They have so much fun together.

Ruth, I'm glad you had a nice weekend with your cousin!

Schatzi, I hope the land deal goes well, how exciting!

beach bum, maintaining isn't too bad, it's a lot better than a gain! Hang in there. It's a bit chilly here this morning, but supposed to warm up later today. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 80's again!

10-02-2006, 10:16 AM
Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm starting week 2 of Phase 1 today. I'm pretty motivated to stick with this diet now because when I weighed myself this morning I found out that (drumroll please) I lost 7 pounds on week 1. :carrot: This is a great diet! I just hope I can stick with it.

10-02-2006, 10:41 AM
Morning gals,

Not a good weekend eating wise for me- although dinner could have been SBD ate I not eaten a few of the items (especially the homemade bread my mom made).

I am so looking forward to this week, being home and getting myself back on track. I need to dig up some either new recipes, or at least ones I haven't made in awhile. I am not going to do Phase 1, I am just going to do a solid Phase 2 and see where that gets me.

Cottage That apple crisp sounds great- I am going to look of the recipe boards to see if it is posted. If not, would you mind posting it?

Ruth Food porn?? :lol: You never cease to crack me up!!

Beach Ain't nothing wrong with a maintain, that is for sure!!

Faye Sounds like you are one excited Grandma to be!! I am hoping for a smooth, easy pregnancy for your DIL. This is their first, right??

Schatzers That is great that you are having success finding the land you are looking for. Cheers! :coffee:

Off to tidy up a bit, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly this house can get messy- I sometimes think I live in Romper Room!! After that we are heading to a local park for a picnic with friends. I told DD we would do several fun things this week, so I am creating all kinds of free things to do. :)

10-02-2006, 11:05 AM
Morning Ladies! Well, I'm as ready for Monday as I can be. How about everyone else? Not much going on today besides work. Tax statements are going out, so we may be working late (yay, overtime!) to finish up! I woke up too late to get my workout in this morning, but I'm okay with that. I got a wonderful night's sleep and DH is turning over the TV so I can do an aerobics DVD. (With Monday nite football on and everything -- what a supportive guy!) Food-wise things are going well. I've decided to stay on P1 until Wednesday due to some slip-ups during the first two weeks.

My official weigh-in today was 208, so I'll be happily changing the ticker today! Now I'm looking forward to gradual, lasting weight loss!!

Schatzi: I bet you're getting excited about putting an offer in for you! I'll be praying that you'll get it if you do!! Yay for non-chigger traipsing!!

Ruth: So glad to hear you had a wonderful time with Cathy!! Isn't it nice when the doggies let you wake up without having to tend to them right away?!

Gma: I'm so happy to hear that Jack is doing better and better every time you post. And the news about the new grandbaby probably chirked him up a lot! I hope my mother is as wonderful a grandmother as you are!

Beach: I hope you get to the beach today!! Good job maintaining for your W-I! I know you can make your goal...just need a little push...and maybe a hug!!:hug:

Cottage: What a busy day you've got planned! Don't know if I could handle it! I bet that Moon Bounce will be a lot of fun for everyone!!

Kaity: :welcome3: to the Beach! I look forward to hearing about your progress!

Kiko: :cheer: You can do it!!! I'll be cheering you on!!

Hope everyone has a Beachin' day!!

10-02-2006, 11:40 AM
Good Morning Ladies - glad to see everyone is doing well and seems very happy. This weekend was not a good eating one at all - pizza on Friday (only 1 and just cheese thin crust) and a big salad - then Chinese on Saturday - op yesterday - will NOT step on the scale. This weekend coming up is my b-day so it will be very hard too.

well work here is crazy so i must jet - hopefully I will be able to take a lunch today and post more then.

10-02-2006, 02:45 PM
Morning, chickies!

I've been out of it...we lost our phone and e-mail for a week, then just as I got it back, I found out that my wonderful grandmother has passed away unexpectedly. I was out of town for the funeral and then going crazy trying to get things done here that had been neglected while we were gone. I'm eating hasn't been great and I missed the gym last week, but bygones...and on to a new week! :D

Hope this is a great day for everyone! :grouphug:

10-02-2006, 02:53 PM

I am so sorry for your loss - my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!!

I am sure you will get back on "track" quickly.

10-02-2006, 03:17 PM
Laurie I am so sorry to hear about your Grandma. I am thinking of you and praying for you. :hug:

10-02-2006, 04:46 PM
Happy Monday!!!

I am starting week 2 of phase 1 and as I have shared with some of you this weekend.... I am officially the lightest I have ever been in my adult life (including high school). I know that the weight-loss is probably going to slow down a bit, but I am feeling great and really starting to see a difference in my body. I am just hoping for another pound or two lost by this time next week.

Also... I did cheat a little bit this weekend. I went to the football game on Sunday and had a piece of a hot pretzel, which was yummy, but at the same time... it really didn't taste as great as I remember and I didn't want anymore. Maybe this is what happens?

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great day today!

10-02-2006, 05:15 PM
Looks like everyone has been busy while I was gone. Friday night, Terri and I got to the campground and got the tent set up and then we set up all the Midway games. We sat talking to some of the district leaders for hours which was really nice. We didn't sleep too great since it was a bit warm and then we got woken up at 6:30 by some leaders that came up really early.

Saturday was wonderful! We had 60 people from our pack that came up for the day and then camped (including 12 first graders who had never camped before) and we had another dozen or so that came for the day. It was HOT. Mid 90's during the day and in the 70's at night. The breeze didn't come through the trees so it made for some warm sleeping. We tried to impress upon the boys that the needed to be careful since we had poison oak all over the campsite. We even had one plant that was at least 7 feet tall. We were afraid the boys would be nervous about roughing it so much (latrines, big wolf spiders and pretty primitive conditions) but they all had a wonderful time!

The games were fun. I think they like the sponge battle at the pirate ships the best. Especially since they all ended up muddy. My eating wasn't too bad but not totally OP since I was working the Midway all day so I had to eat what they were selling. I did bring my own food for dinner rather than eating the Frito pie that the pack was selling. I just can't eat high fat food like that any more. It was wonderful fun but it sure felt good to get home and have a shower on Sunday after camping for two nights. Brian was able to join us since the amoxicillin took care of the strep really quickly. He's doing well and is back in school today.

On top of the camping, we had an annual potluck to go to late yesterday. I only see most of these people once a year and it is always so much fun. I had a good time talking to one old boyfriend that gets along well with me and my DH and I basically got ignored by my ex-husband. This is the only time I ever see him and I think it really bugs him to see me there with my son. Brian loves going since the host family has a daughter his age that he plays with really well. Eating there was also not OP. Normally I bring a dish that is OP so that I'm not tempted to stray but there just wasn't time to cook after the campout. Oh, well, my weight is only up one pound since Friday morning and that is probably water so I am happy. Dinner tonight is shrimp stir fry and I'm really looking forward to having some veggies again. I missed them!

10-02-2006, 05:23 PM
It's more like a Manic Monday at my office!

I know I'm posting super late and I'm going to have to be quick because I have to get back to invoicing before 5.

Starting my 3rd week of Phase 1 this week. (I added a week cause I cheated bad 2 weekends ago.) Had to go over to my sil's anniversary party and I made the yummiest baked mac & cheese. mmmm mmmm. I was good and only had a spoonful! I was so happy to see that Red Robin has a burger I can have on my diet when we went out Saturday. I had the lettuce wrapped burger with a salad on the side... :dizzy:

So I was complaining realllllllly bad last week that I wasn't loosing weight. I hoped on the scale Saturday morning and I went from 202.5 to 197.5 :carrot: :carrot: Oh yeah baby! I jumped on the scale this morning cause its that TOM and I went back up.... but I'm not going to count that cause I figured its all water weight since I'm feeling bloated and bubbly.

Anywho.... I hope you guys are having a good day and be safe the rest of the evening. I get to go home and finish watching Inside Man with Clive Owen :devil: :love: :T :whoo: Goodness he's so good looking. lol Let me go fan myself and drink my water.... getting all hot and bothered over here. :D

10-02-2006, 08:47 PM
Hey ladies,

Back from the beach and just weighed myself - 142.6! YAAAAY! And that's after eating today and stuff - so I'm basically down to 142! SOOO EXCITING especially after being on vacation - worked out every day but Sunday which was my day of rest - stayed OP (phase 1) the whole time except for last night when my boyfriend's uncled proposed to his girlfriend and I had a little champagne to toast (also had a little fruit) but over all I am SO proud of myself!

Not only that but I had the family working out at the gym - they said that I inspired them!

So I'm in a great mood, and motivated to keep going - even if I don't make my birthday goal I CAN get below 140 - have no idea what it's going to feel like to be below 140, but we'll soon find out!