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10-02-2006, 02:26 AM
Hi all. Just wondernig if anyone ever gets the feeling of being disconnected from the earth or their spiritual path... and what you do to remedy that feeling?

It's been a very long time since I've given much thought to that side of myself, to be quite honest and for the last few months I've been really feeling more of a need for it. I had so many excuses for just sort of letting that aspect of my life fade - didn't want my husband to be uncomfortable, don't like the current environment i live in, etc.. but really what it comes down to a combination of loss of inspiration and pure laziness...

I found it discouraging that all the books I could find were geared toward tweens and teens and so many were focused on one certain way of believing.. I guess that side of me is waking up again and is hungry... but I'm not exactly sure how to feed it anymore...

Anyone else experience this or have any suggestions on getting past it?

Thanks all!

10-03-2006, 04:47 AM
If you're looking for books, I suggest Starhawk's "Spiral Dance", or "The Circle Within: Creating a Wiccan Spiritual Tradition" by Dianne Sylvan. Both are beautifully spiritual books, as well as offering a richness of suggestions for weaving spiritual life with day-to-day life.

My way of reconnecting is simple. If I can, I wait until just before I go to bed, and then I go outside. I find the Moon if I can, or if not, simply stand under the stars. Let her light bathe you, or simply the starlight. Either way, feel the blessings of the beauty of the heavens raining down on you...hold out your arms and accept it, acknowledge it.

Sometimes, though, going outside isn't practical, for whatever reason. Then, I sit in front of my altar (which is built on a TV tray set under a window, yay for dorm-decorating!), light a candle and a stick of incense, and gaze at the statue of Artemis that is the focal point of my altar. I just sit, ground myself, and speak to the Goddess, in whatever form She seems to appear to me at the time. Sometimes I address her as Pele, the Hawaiian fire-goddess, other times as Aradia, Queen of the Witches, or as the Huntress riding the path of moonlight.

Never let the Goddess's light fade from your life for mere excuses. Nothing is important enough to truly separate us from Deity. Return to Her, and She will welcome you home.

Lady's blessings on your path.

10-03-2006, 05:21 AM
Hi lizziness. If you are feeling hungry for it then you are ready to start doing it again. Whichever path you take is up to you. Reading is a good way to find inspiration (I read about mythology mostly rather than modern paganism) as is surfing the net for spiritual sites or meditating. I know I've let things fall away over the past few years and am refocusing by meditating regularly again.

I don't follow a set tradition. I have found which god or goddess/spirit sits best with me and I work with her. Its a much more personal thing than a set ritual and for me that works best although your mileage might vary!

Another way to connect is to find yourself a mentor - someone who follows a path you are interested in. I did so quite a few years ago and learnt so much from him.

Just a few suggestions.

10-03-2006, 10:28 AM
I felt like that for a couple of years and kept wanting to do something about it but didn't get around to it/couldn't figure it out.

I started by writing up a list of things I wanted for myself- i.e. managing stress, feeling connected spiritually, being thankful for the things in my life, feeling more positive, etc., etc.

For a few months I avoided reading newspapers and watching the news as I found I was either getting depressed or getting agitated by world events. I turned to books and informational sites on Kitchen witchery, organic and wholefoods lifestyle, gardening,vegetarianism, and meditation -basically things that involve positive ideas and outcomes. I also started taking yoga classes.

I've been taking about 15 minutes every day to meditate or contemplate and I find that is helping. I also try to do things with positive intention (work, social events, chores) and instead of getting angry for small things (getting cut off in traffic, annoying clients, etc.) I bless them. It may sound silly but it makes me let go of the anger and negative thoughts.

10-05-2006, 12:03 AM
thanks gals. i guess i need to do some thinking about what path i want to start on now. i think that has been a major part of my floundering lately... just not knowing what i want and what i'm looking for...

thanks for the advice and the book suggestions. I think i'll have to spend some time contemplating... and fall and winter seem to be a good time for that...

10-05-2006, 10:40 AM
Lizziness - I went with the Kitchen Witch path as I love to cook and I am a very home loving person. I figure I would go for where my interests and passions lie and focus my attention there rather than trying to dabble in several different things.

Maybe if you write down your interests and what your needs are it can help you to get an idea of which path might be right for you. :)

Winter is a great time to curl up with some books and learn some new things. Good luck on your journey! :D

10-05-2006, 12:15 PM
Thanks Mauv! I too am very homey and cook-ey. I guess I really want something that is spiritual without being religious, if that makes sense. I guess at my real core, I am an athiest ... but that doesn't mean there isn't a spiritual side of me, just that I don't believe in any higher powers. I guess that's where I get stuck the most since most books and people i talk to are on such different paths than mine.

I am very interested in buddhism as well and other eastern religions, which I guess kind of goes back to being centered, spiritual and too a certain extent kitchen witchery too. hmm... good idea i think i'll start thinking on it and make a list. Thanks!

10-05-2006, 02:23 PM
I know what you mean. I'm not religious but I am interested in spirituality. :)
I totally understand about feeling centered and grounded. :yes:

10-17-2006, 02:31 PM
Try the search engine for Wicca and you should be able to put i n your state etc. There are alot of open gatherings and things like monthly gather places listed that if you go to will probably get you links to people and going in the direction you seek.

Jade Catz