beach bum
09-30-2006, 08:56 AM
Good Saturday Morning Ladies:)

I have question :?: for you. I have been keeping a close eye on the carbs that I've been taking in during this week and I'm up on the scale 2 lbs. Two days out of 7 my carbs have been 20-25 but on one of the days I had only 16 carbs. Would that have have brought my weight up???????????????

I thought I'd bring it up to you,as you're more expericenced with the Atkins program than I am.


Hugs :) BB

09-30-2006, 11:13 AM
what were your extra carbs from? Was it lc bread? Extra cheese? What?

For me, I can eat up to 50-60 carbs a day and still loose, but only if its fruits and veggies. When I get up to 30 carbs of extra (dairy fats) the scale stops! Or.....any kind of atkins bar? Were there any hidden sugar alcohols in anything you ate. This might be it too.

09-30-2006, 11:23 AM
Hi, for me when I show a 2 lb. gain and have been following my program pretty strictly it usually turns out to just be water weight. I drink extra water that day, pee a lot and the next morning the lbs. are gone. Sugar alcohols will stall my loss from LC ice cream, LC candy or LC breakfast bars. Also, sometimes it is just from eating anything salty, it will cause me to retain fluid everytime. Like Robin, I can eat more carbs with fruits and veggies and still continue to lose. I have ate a lot of watermelon, cantalope and pineapple since starting Atkins and it did not affect my weight loss negatively.

beach bum
09-30-2006, 01:51 PM
Thanks Ladies:)

Robin-I ate the LC pepperidge carb style that has 5 net carbs per slice. Is that OK????????I'm up to 25-30 gram per day.Haven't try fruit yet.

Lily-It could be water weight, I'll drink extra water today as my offical W-I is on Monday. My doctor told me long time ago that being on a low carb diet sometimes we crave salt.But I watched the sodium as I always get into trouble with that.

Well let you know on Monday what the resuts were.

Have a nice weekend ladies, and thanks agin for anwering my question.

Hugs :) BB

10-05-2006, 12:17 PM
Wow, I am surprised to see that Sugar Alcohol stalls people's weight. It's the opposite with me. If I am stalled, I eat a few bars or even ( 6 of the ice cream bars for Low Carb diets) in one day and I will lose about 2-3 lbs. LOL I know it's crazy, but it works. Probably because it keeps me in the bathroom all day long. lmfao