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09-29-2006, 09:04 PM
Hello and Welcome to the Jaded Ladies Holiday Chit and Chat! :thanks2: :coolsnow: :santa: :newyear: :han: :val1: :luck2you:

Here we can chat about the Holidays, what to get the people who have "everything" and want "nothing". Also we can discuss holiday recipes here and how to make them "figure friendly". Anything and everything concerning the Holidays and it doesn't just have to be the Winter Holidays. ;)

We can do this year round because it is always a constant battle to deal with Holidays and the food and what not. Why not alleviate some of the stress by coming here to help one another? :D

I hope you will come and join us!!!!!

Please come and join us for our Weightloss Chit and Chat as well!


09-29-2006, 09:18 PM
probably the best thing about our decision to have our own holiday celebrations is that it puts us in charge of the menu. Since neither of us care for huge meals of foods we don't like the other eleven months out of the year, we usually end up with super-simple meals. And our presents to each other this year are an ab lounger and a total gym :) We're getting the kids one of those one-person indoor trampolines as well, which I may or may not borrow from time to time..

09-29-2006, 09:41 PM
That is a good idea. I was thinking about us purchasing a gym for us. We have to put some things in storage first, but I think it may be a good idea. We do belong to the Y but we work nights and its tough to get there on our schedules and I think if we had it here, it would be so much easier. We could work out whenever we wanted too. But we'll see.

Simple meals are a great idea and I'm not sure about this year. My in-laws usually have the holidays at their house, but this year my mil says she is not "in the mood". Which is very strange for her since she is usually very into the Holidays................

We live in a small apt. so it is tough to have gatherings at our place, but if we have to have it here I guess we can...................


09-30-2006, 02:20 PM
Holidays....aaaahh...don't know what we will be doing. It won't be the same with Josh in the sandbox so we are seriously thinking of eating out. Sounds kind of depressing to me but I am really tired of cooking and don't want to cook two meals. We will have a big turkey dinner when Josh gets his R & R but we have no clue when that will be. But he will have Christmas waiting for him when he gets home. I'm leaving the decorations up just for him.

Was in Hobby Lobby yesterday and saw some patriotic decorations and for a few seconds I thought about doing a patriotic tree! Think it would be cool. Anyway, I still would like to make some goodies though, just not a big meal for us.

You ladies have some good gift ideas. I've not even thought that far. Too busy with other stuff right now but I do have a hubby and 3 children to still buy for.

Anyone have any ideas on what to get a man that doesn't need anything?

I want to have my shopping done by the middle of November but I am at a loss as to what to get for everyone. DD is the only one who is easy to buy for since she just wants gift cards for music and books.

Thanks for starting this thread also Sassy!

09-30-2006, 05:23 PM
Hey Cristina!

Glad you have joined us! ;) Hmmmmmmm what to get a man that has everything and doesn't need anything? Sounds like my FIL! lol. I would go with a Gift Certificate to his favorite store or restaurant. Or just keep a listen on what he says. My fil happened to mention he wanted a MP3 player so that is what we are probably going to get him, unless he gets it for himself beforehand.

Or you could just ask him. I know that takes the "fun" out of it, but that is probably what we will do for my mil. She is extremely picky on things and unless we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she wants something, we don't get it. Because then it becomes a part of the gifts in the closet that she doesn't like but can't get rid of because they are a gift! I have even had her give me something that I had given to her!!!!! (not as a gift, just gave it too me and said, "you want this? I won't use it") I think she totally forgot that I gave it to her.

Well anyways. Good luck and your idea of the Patriotic Tree sounds really neat!


09-30-2006, 11:38 PM
Hi ladies. Wow, you are on the ball. I haven't given Christmas a thought, but did talk to DD about Thanksgiving. I might have her family here as they are the only ones who live near us. We are usually in Vegas...but will go late this year.

Christmas, don't know if we will be here or not. All of my "grands" are teens except one. They like gift cards or cash, but I like to buy gifts, so I might do a little of each. Depends on where we is sure easy to mail gift cards. :)

A hubby who has everything..that's mine. One year I happened to pick up a catalog he had from a woodworking store. He had marked several items that he wished I ordered a few small things....then I added a gift card so he could pick out the rest. I even had them sent to DD's house and he never figured it out. One of the few times I surprised him. :) We both tend to mark things in catalogs...just for our dream list. One year when we were first married I had marked several items in a J.C. Penney book. But I marked like 8 blouses, several sweaters and several pair of slacks...going to decide on color choices and build outfits....Christmas morning he brought in a stack of clothing boxes...and had gotten everything I marked. I was stunned and since these were dress clothes I had some of them for years. :) Good thing I buy classic styles and not faddish stuff. LOL The kids were laughing and clapping at what all mommy got. It was fun!

10-01-2006, 06:13 AM
Hi Sue!

That is another good idea. I do the same thing in my catalogs I get. ;) I surprised my husband ONCE too. He is tough because he ALWAYS guesses what I got him before he gets it! lol. But one year I ordered this special thing from Scotland for him and I didn't tell NOBODY about it except one online friend of mine who happened to live in Scotland and helped me with it. But I totally surprised him! It was so awesome! I have no clue of what to do this year. Also my husband's Bday is exactly two weeks before Xmas...........

We can help each other through it though! lollllllllllll.


10-01-2006, 03:50 PM
Ha! Sue...I do that too and when we were first married V bought me some stuff I had circled in a catalog. Later on were talking and I asked him why he bought those. He said because I had them circled in a catalog. I told him I do that all the time when I first get a catalog and later on will go through again and make sure it's something I still want. Those I actually didn't want, lol.

Sassy...I really don't care for giving gift cards, especially to DH but I never know what to get him. We'll see...

Anyone dressing up for Halloween?

10-01-2006, 09:09 PM
Interesting thread.

I will chat about Halloween first. Since that is the first holiday approaching.

Our company is having a halloween potluck (entire company not just individual departments) and this years theme is Pirates of the Carribean. I think it sounds fun, but not sure if I'll dress up. Maybe though. Last time I dressed up for Halloween I was pregnant w/Jhanai. (so it's been awhile)
Need to find something to bring to the potluck. I'm not much of a cook but I can bring cookies. Easy. And I don't tend to munch on cookies much.:D

Anyone else dressing up?

10-02-2006, 12:21 PM
Neal and I have dressed up as Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann before, lol. I doubt that we will dress up this year, since we don't get any trick-or-treaters, and haven't been invited to a party or anything. I helped Mary pick out costumes for the 3 girls. The twins are going as lady bugs, and Caylin as a bee, lol. The bad thing is, Mary has to go through all the candy the kids get, and weed out all peanut stuff. What a job! I'll help her, though....

About Christmas, I'm one of those people who have everything bought and wrapped early. The thought of waiting until the last minute makes me crazy. :dizzy: I have no clue what to buy Neal this year. Men are hard to buy for, imo, and he doesn't need anything. Before long, he'll ask me what I want, and I have no idea what to tell him, either. Actually, I think I'll ask if he would want to put the $$$ toward our vacation next year.

When the kids ask what we want, I'm going to say gift certificates to restaurants. We like to eat out, and don't need more "stuff". Gift certificates aren't personal, but we sure do like geting them. :D

10-02-2006, 11:37 PM
Hi Ladies.

You all have lots of good ideas. We are not sure about Halloween yet. We MAY dress up and go out with our friends and his children. Not sure yet.

Jane -- I agree with you, we do not need more "Stuff" either. That is why I am glad that my in-laws are finally asking us what we need/want instead of getting us more "Stuff" to try to find a place for. I am very appreciative of any gift of course, but I personally think its a much better compliment to the person who has given the gift when the person who was given the gift says, "I use it ALL the time". Infact I had a coworker today tell me that his little baby just adores the little stuffed bunny we got her about a year ago, he says she has almost worn out the ears!!!!!!

I think gift certificates/cards are a great idea, for people who want them and use them. I know they are not the most romantic or whatever gift idea, but if you really take the time to go to that person's favorite store and buy them a gift card, I think that says a lot. A good friend of ours last year gave me a gift card to Bath and Body Works, which used to be my favorite store. (that is another story within itself) lol. But anyways. I was delighted that he knew me well enough to get me a gift card from my favorite store (at the time) that I could go to and get exactly what I wanted. But that is just me. I know some people are offended by recieving gift cards, but I guess its just how you perceive the gift.

All in all. I think the "perfect" gift is the giving of yourself. By truely spending time with that person and maybe preparing their favorite meal, or if you sew, sewing them their favorite shirt or PJs (my mil did this for us one year and we STILL use those PJs!) Another idea is maybe doing something you know they like to do but maybe you don't do that often. Ex: If you husband golfs, maybe you could go along with him once, or may a day out for just "him". Let him pick what you do, where you eat, etc.............

Just throwing out some ideas here. My husband isn't the easiest, but he will usually give me a few ideas. I know my FIL is very tough to buy for. But if you listen closely, they will almost always say at least one thing they like. Also another idea, is if they enjoy a particular kind of food or drink, like for my FIL one year, my mil got him a basket full of nuts and a nice nut cracker. One year for our friends we got a bunch of teas, hot chocolates, little cookies, etc and my mil celephaned (sp??) it all up with a nice pretty bow. They LOVED it!

Or you all know about me buying the tea set and teas for my husband. If they are a coffee lover you can do the same thing or hot cocoa or chocolate or whatever they like!

Also for my friend's baby shower, I bought all bath stuff. I bought a baby bath tub and filled it with baby shampoos, soaps, washclothes, everything dealing with bathing and again my mil celephaned it up and put a pretty bow on it. EVERYBODY at the shower thought we had bought it that way at a store! It only cost me a total of about $30 or so.

Okay I'm getting off of here now, but I hope they helps some of you and maybe when your out and about you might come up with an idea of your own! :D Or feel free to use any of mine above! lol.


10-03-2006, 10:35 AM
You have lots of good suggestions, Sassy. :yes:

Sue and Cristi - Neal would never ever see anything I circled in a catalog. I don't think I've ever seen him look through one. I think it's really cool that your men do this!

Marti - what kind of cookies will you take to the carry-in?

Since today is the last day to get free shipping, I ordered some things from the Penney's Christmas catalog yesterday for the DGDs. Four of them want a pink remote control car and another one wants a Winnie the Pooh doll set. I'm all about getting a bargain, so at least that much is done. We will buy more for each child, but not a lot more. We told the kids and DGDs last year that once Neal retired, we're cutting back on what we spend. After I saw what a huge pile of stuff they each got last year, that confirmed the thought to cut back. :dizzy: Mary is good about donating toys that the kids have outgrown, and she has them help decided what goes. I did this with my kids, too, and I think it gives them a foundation of sharing with others who are less fortunate.

One thing I do about gift certificates to stores is to tell the giver just what I got with the gc. Especially if it's from a store that sells lots of different stuff such as Walmart or Target. They seem to appreciate knowing just what I got.

I wish I had a Halloween party to go to.... maybe I'll host one myself....

10-03-2006, 04:07 PM
Thanks Jane and Tend to do the same thing when I receive a gift card. ;)

Our friend at work is talking about having a Halloween Party........That would be fun................Although I don't know what I would dress up as..........:p

10-03-2006, 06:48 PM
Ask them if I can come too, lol.

10-03-2006, 07:07 PM

10-03-2006, 10:55 PM
Good ideas ladies. My DH just told me he is getting rid of my little scraggly Christmas I am going to have to get a real tree or a new artifical one. I really want to sit it beside the fireplace. Should look nice.

I am thinking of buying books for some gifts this year. I am going to look around at what is new and popular right now. Know of any books for teens? Or young men? I am getting DS a Sudoku book for sure. He just told me he had never done those puzzles...and he is a math I think it would be fun for him. He loves logic puzzles also. Mom is a puzzle lover also, so I will pick up some books for her. (and when she un-packed she had 5 or 6 new jig-saw puzzles for us to do this winter) Jane, have you seen the Thomas Kincaid ones? Speaking of books...again, I will send DD in CA. gift cards then she will go buy the books to put under the tree for the "grands." That way I don't have to mail heavy books and she gets to pick books they don't have. (and their reading level, which I can't keep up with)

Okay...books...that is my bright idea today. :)

10-03-2006, 10:58 PM
Hey Sue. Books are a great idea. You may try going to I think you can look up most popular books, that may help. Or try Google or Froogle.....;)

10-04-2006, 12:46 AM
Hi All, this thread was a terrific idea. I'm really into holidays. All of them. I tend to go overboard. I decorate, cook, bake, and anything to make the day feel special. I have some ideas for Halloween I thought I'd share. Baby sugar pumpkins are great to hold dips, cold salads, hot soup or what ever. After you clean out the pumpkin you can put almost anything inside. I make a shrimp dip that looks really great inside and ring the platter with thinly sliced hard baggette. I make meatloaf on Halloween and I make it into a really weird shape and have green, red and yellow bell pepper slices sticking out of it. Olives serve as eyes. It looks like something from another planet. I dye my mashed potatoes green and squeeze them out of a pastry bag but with no tip. I swirl the potatoes all around the bowl and it looks like entrails. Boiled eggs cut in half (not long ways) sitting on the cut side looks like eyeballs with a piece of olive stuffed on top. A toothpick dunked into red food coloring can be used to draw red veins on the whites of the eyes. Lastly, I put red food coloring in creamed corn. It's kind of pinkish with yellow lumps. Looks just like puke! My grandkids love it. If you like cauliflower, steam a head whole and put it in a bowl. The same toothpick with red give your new "brain" red veins. I make ghost, bats, and pumpkin shaped cookies for dessert. I hope this gives you guys some ideas. If you are giving a party, freeze water in a pair of clean rubber gloves. (I have the disposible kind like at the doctors office, talc free). After the frozen hand is good and hard, you can cut away the rubber and float the had in your punch.
There is not enough room for more so if you would like more ideas for this or other holidays pm me and I'll send them to you.

10-04-2006, 12:50 PM
Sue - yes, we have 2 Thomas Kincaid puzzles so far. One is a Christmas residential outdoor scene, and the other one is a fall cottage in the woods outdoor scene. Both are round.

Sassy - I never heard of Froogle, but I would think from the name it is bargain hunting?

Norma - I love your Halloween ideas.

10-04-2006, 02:57 PM
OMG NORMA! I love the Halloween dinner! How fun you must be during the holidays.

I never really do anything for Halloween. Years ago we did have a few costumes parties for adults and for the kids. But those days have been over for a while. I would love to dress up for Halloween and go to a party. But, I usually just sit home and give out candy because I enjoy seeing the little ones all dressed up, so cute.

Lots of good ideas here.

JANE...I have been saying every year I will have my Christmas shopping done early but it never happens. Just might this year though...I may have it done before Thanksgiving, or at least before December gets here. :crossed:

SASSY...I don't really mind gift cards...Josh usually gets me one because he has doesn't like shopping for me. Now for DH he shops for because he usually gets him tools and so he loves going shopping for! What's funny is I don't like giving them but DD always wants them to get books and music with. I like buying gifts for here but she is a simple person and doesn't want anything except her music and books.

Made me think of another time that that V bought me something. They always have these things in with the credit card bill and Penney's had some angel jewelry. I told him I wanted that. Well, what it was on the paper was a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. He took that paper to Penneys to see if they had the necklace which they didn't so he bought a mother and child pendant. While I loved it and appreciated it I laughed because I told him it was a bracelet I was wanting, lol. he laughed too and said, "Well you didn't say that" I never thought he would go buy it. But the pendant is so pretty, it's blue, not sure what kind of stone or what it is made of and the mother and baby are white.

You ladies and this thread are getting me excited about the holidays!

10-04-2006, 09:39 PM
Jane -- Froogle is google only a part that you can search for stuff you want to buy and you can customize it by price, etc.

Cristina -- Gift cards are nice but sometimes a nice gift is nice too, it shows someone was paying attention to you. But either way, very great to receive anything...............and giving is even better. ;)

10-06-2006, 01:43 AM
Sassy, I'm alway indundated with a mulitude of catalogs for the holidays. They have so much gift items and ideas that I thought you might like to check out one that I bought allot of items from last year. You might go to this site and request a catalog. They have things you'd never thing of for the hard to buy person.
I hope this will give you some ideas.

10-06-2006, 06:57 AM
OMG Norma! That is so cool you gave me that site, because I think its one of my mil's favorite's! I've heard of her talking about stuff from there and how much she likes it! She is one of the hard to buy for people on my list! Thank You!!!!

How is everybody doing? I have to go to Hobby Lobby to buy the Stockings for the Troops yet. Cristina, when do you need them by?????

Well I hope you all are doing well!


10-06-2006, 05:42 PM
NORMA...I LOVE Lillian Vernon's catalog! I get them all the time and this time I am actually going to order from it. I have in the past but this Christmas one has a few things in it I really like. Another good one I like for decorations is Terry's Village.

SASSY...stockings...I will mail out the first or second week of November. I know it should only take 2 or 2 1/2 weeks but with the holiday's I don't know. That may be too early still. :dunno: For my BD/Anniversary DH asked me what I wanted...didn't really need anything but one of the things I told him that a gift card to Barnes and Noble would be the BEST thing ever! He thought I was kidding. I told him I was would make me happy. I love reading, always have and you can never have enough books!

I am getting excited about the Holidays!

10-07-2006, 06:57 AM
Cristina -- K I am planning on buying the stockings here soon so I will let you know as soon as I send them off to you!


10-10-2006, 04:56 AM
Hey Gals.

Well I TRIED to buy my stockings tonight, BUT Hobby Lobby was closed by the time we got there and Michaels (Craft Store) didn't have any! :p Michaels only had the ones you do yourself, you know the cross stitch kind. I am not that ambitious and Cristina needs them by the 1st week of November and I don't think I'd make it by then! lolllllllllll.

So we will just go out later on today. (Tues.) I even stopped by Wally World in the hopes maybe they would have more in. They only had the $7.97 ones. So we will just wait until we get to Hobby Lobby.

Then this one cashier at Michaels told me that if you want to send Cookies to the troops, here is how you do it: Get a pringles can (ask a friend or family member :p) and wrap the cookies individually with bubble wrap and put them in the pringles can. I have no idea where she came up with me sending the troops cookies but I thought that was a good idea, IF I were doing it. lol.


10-10-2006, 03:33 PM
Sassy...yeah I tried Wal-Mart and Michaels first since they are the closest to my house. Michaels is now getting their Christmas stuff up but didn't have stockings. I knew Hobby Lobby would...geez, the last few years they started putting Christmas stuff out in June or July. Just a little bit and then by Sept/Oct they have everything. And they are just $1.67 so yeah, I would wait and go to Hobby Lobby. About the cookie is a good idea, but after wrapping each individual cookie in bubble wrap, I don't think you would get too many cookies in the pringles container. I plan on sending lots of cookies at the beginning of next year when I can order tons fromt he girl scouts,t hat will help them out. I have no clue how I will ship them but we'll see when it gets here. I do have tons of bubble wrap though...enough to last quite a while. DH gets it at work free. No he doesn't get a five finger discount, lol. A lot of the parts for the planes come wrapped in it so he tells one of the ladies to save it for him.

Anyone have their Halloween candy bought yet? We were at Sams last week and usually they have lots of the big bags of candy. Guess I either missed it or they didn't have it out yet. We didn't get a lot of kids last year so we'll see what happens this year. I love to see the little guys all dressed cute!

10-10-2006, 05:28 PM
Cristi - my Halloween candy is bought for the DGDs. That's all the trick or treaters we get way out here. Anyway, I had to look for peanut-free candy because of Makenzie, and wanted to make sure I had a good selection with hardly anyone bothering me, lol. I had the aisle to myself that day! I went ahead and bagged it up in gallon baggies - not full, of course. Mary will have to get rid of all the candy that has peanuts & tree nuts or is made in a factory that handles nuts. You just wouldn't believe how many candies that rules out! So, being a soft-hearted grandma, I didn't want the little ones to come up short-handed.

10-10-2006, 05:40 PM
I haven't bought candy yet. The later I buy it the less chance I will partake. :) I really want to talk to my new neighbor and ask if they get kids from other areas, or just the ones who live here. If it is just the ones who live here, there are, I think 9 who could eat candy. If that is all we can expect I will make up some special little bags. If we get them from everywhere around then I will just do the regular thing!
I wish my "grands" were still small enough to come say "boo." :(

10-10-2006, 06:04 PM
Jane...I've seen a lot of kids that are allergic to peanuts come to the door. I try to have a selection of different candies. The little boy across the street last year when I handed him some candies, said I can't have chocolate so I grabbed some other stuff for him to choose from. It really is amazing though the stuff that peanuts and or peanut oil is used in. you I decided to not buy too early so I wouldn't be tempted.

I'm jealous of you ladies with grandkids...I can't wait for the day to have little ones running around here. Of course I don't know if it will ever happen. Josh did tell me that he will give me lots of grandbabies to spoil. I told him but not in Hawaii. He said, What you don't want half hawaiian babies...I told him it's not that. But if you met someone and get married there I will never see them! Too far for me to travel a lot. I'm hoping when he is done in Iraq that he gets sent somewhere else in the states so at least I can travel to see him.

10-10-2006, 08:27 PM
Well guess we have to wait til tomorrow to get the stockings. :( I woke up too late and I didn't realize that hub had his precious "Game Night" tonight. :p Instead he just wakes me up early with no reason so of course I don't get up because its my night off. I just love men sometimes. I am supposed to remember while I'm sleeping that he has a game night tonight? Whatever. :rolleyes: lollllllll.

Anyways. The cookie idea was not my idea, it was the lady at Michaels. I'm not sending cookies. I already have the stuff to send. I just thought it was an interesting way to send cookies, because I never even thought about sending anything like that. I guess you could send them in a small cooler with some dry ice? Not even sure how else you could send them without them melting? Even in the pringles can I was wondering how they wouldn't melt?

Yes I have the halloween candy bought and have the treat bags all ready. I don't give out candy, I just make up treat bags for my friend's kids and give the treat bags to their kids. I like to give kids I know candy instead of handing out to tons and tons of kids I do not know. I guess I'm heartless but why should I go out and buy candy for kids I do not even know?

Have a Great Night.

10-12-2006, 03:03 AM
Does anyone make popcorn balls any more? I love doing this. I don't have to worry about nuts bothering the kids, it doesn't have as many calories as all the candy and all those that would come to my house in the country, know me so they know they can trust it. Apples and oranges are good too.

Cristina: I mailed my son skittles because they don't melt like chocolate. Homemade food doesn't ship well. It takes weeks to get there and by that time the food is either moldy or stale. Store bought cookies in the original packaging does best. Some companies ship direct to APO addresses and then you don't have to worry about it. Dehydrated fruits are really good. They are sweet like candy, they come in small bags and they keep a very long time, even after opening. I hope some of these ideas helps.

10-12-2006, 04:21 PM
Can everyone pm me their addresses if I didn't send you a Christmas card last year?? I am not sure if I have Jane & Sue's new ones????? It's hard to believe the Christmas is just around the corner.

10-12-2006, 04:42 PM
NORMA...yes the ideas help and thank you! It's always good getting tips because I am new at this and kind of clueless. I've seen where some ladies send baked goods and wondered if it was wise especially not knowing that they may not get the stuff for a while. So yeah, thanks and if you can think of anything else I may need to know feel free to share. I've got some good ideas from some other military does themed care packages and one that I thought was cute was one she called "At the Moives" she send microwavable popcorn, candy and DVD's. She said her son was known as Blockbuster he had so many, lol. You know...I don't think anyone around her ever makes popcorn balls to give out. I've never made them period but do like them.

JULES...let me know if you don't have my address, I'm sure you do but just in case.

SASSY...yeah, not sure how you would ship them either. The boxes I use I get free from the post office and the shipping is $8.10 a box no matter the weight. Now the stockings and t-shirts are going to be another matter, going to go broke shipping them, yikes! They only have the two sizes and the stockings are not going to fit so have to go with bigger boxes and they will charge by the weight, again, YIKES!

I bought my Halloween candy today! A little bit of everything. I love giving out to all the kids and the one neighbor girl, Madison, is just so adorable I have a little bag for her. Her mother just had a baby not too long ago, another girl and they are the cutest little girls. You would not believe how alike they both are. We don't have many kids on the block, just 12 and two are older and I've not seen them trick or treat, three are babies and the two next door usually go somewhere. But I enjoy seeing all the kids dressed favorite part of Halloween! :ghost: :spid: :haphal: :bat: :witch:

10-14-2006, 07:16 AM
Hey Ladies!

Typing in RED because I'm watching Oprah and she has Bono on and they are shopping. It is a great thing. For anything you buy "RED" a percentage of the portions go to Africa for people who have Aids so they can have treatment and so can their children. So when you are out shopping for the Holidays this year, remember to look for RED!

You can go to Oprah's website for more info. I thought I would pass it on because I think its a great idea! :dancer:

10-15-2006, 03:11 AM
Cristi!!! I cannot find my address book and I need your address! Would you mind PMing it to me again??


10-15-2006, 01:57 PM
Consider it done Marti :)

SASSY...that is a great thing. I'll have to go to Oprah's site and see what it is all about because we are doing the wear red Friday and I really don't have much red. Not sure if it is for clothes but I will check it out.

10-16-2006, 01:54 AM
Hi all, I've been busy doing some fall cleaning so I haven't been here. My ankle is being naughty so not getting much walking done. We had a birthday celebration for my MIL at the nursing home on Sat and I had 3 pieces of Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza (from a medium pizza) and 2 1/2 cheese breadsticks. I went online to Pizza Hut when I got home and it was an eye opener. I knew the pizza would be high but the breadsticks were the killer. One piece of pepperoni pizza from a medium pizza is 290 each. The breadsticks were 320 calories each! Thank goodness I hadn't eaten anything all day except for a nutrition bar.
I hope you all had a super weekend.
Thank you so much Cristina for the Halloween card. You are a very thoughtful person.

10-17-2006, 02:57 PM
Found this while browsing the web......thought this one was a nice idea....

Beauty Gifts

Marsha nd Dani B. need to check out the book "NAtural Beauty for All Seasons" by Janice Cox. The Book tells how to make homemade bath salts and beauty products.

One of my favorites is Candy Cane Bath Salts:

2 cups epsom salts
1/2 c. sea salt
4-6 drops peppermint oil
2-3 drops red food coloring.
Place one cup of epsom and 1/4 cup sea salt in a bowl or resealable plastic bag. Add 2-3 drops peppermint oil.

Place the remaining ingredients in a socond bowl. Mix all ingredients well. Layer the red and white salts in a clear bottle or Jar. Half litre Naya water bottles work well because they have the stripes. tie with a ribbond and some small candy canes. Thsi makes a great holiday gift for friends.

10-17-2006, 05:27 PM
Oh wow, that is a cool gift idea Jules! :thanks: for sharing. Shoot, forget the gift idea, I would like that for myself. Actually, I think DD and my mother would like it.

NORMA...yeah, those breadsticks are a killer. I am terrible with the bread at any place, especially Olive Garden. Thank goodness I don't go often. I'm thinking since we haven't been in a while DH and I are due for a trip. YW for the card but ladies don't have to thank me for doing something I so enjoy doing. And I know Hallmark loves me, lol!

10-18-2006, 08:53 PM
Yes Great Gift Tips, Jules! :cp:

I'm sure glad that when we went to the Italian Restaurant that they were out of the bread!


11-23-2006, 12:12 AM
Hey All.

If anybody is interested in exchanging holiday cards and if I don't already have your snail mail addy (home address) and your interested, pls PM me! :)

Happy Holidays!


11-25-2006, 12:55 PM
We try to get do a card exchange every year. So I'll PM you my address. (Unless I already gave it to you???) I'll Pm it to you again.

Anyone else??

11-25-2006, 10:25 PM
Got it and sent you mine. :) Hey girls, you know Christmas is only 1 month from today!!!!! :ginger: Where has all the time gone????? lol

11-27-2006, 04:35 PM
SASSY...don't remind me! I've not even started my shopping...:yikes: Actually, I've got daughter done. Need to do Josh within the next week before he leaves and that leaves Jason and Vince. Oh and a gift card for my mother and father.

And...I just mailed my Christmas cards today! I know it's early but they have been sitting in the living room in the way for a while now. So thought I would just get them mailed. Well, except for the ones to my family...still have a short newsletter to get done.

Can't believe Christmas is almost here!

11-27-2006, 04:56 PM
Christmas is on its way!!!!!!!!!

:present: :santa: :hohoho: :mrsclaus: :gift2: :xcheer:

Hi Cristina.....Had to tease ya a bit there. lol. Yeah I haven't even begun shopping and my DH's bday is the 11th of Dec. :yikes: I think we're just going to give his parents gift cards, not very exciting, but that way they can go out and get whatever they want.......

How is Josh enjoying his visit? You are way ahead of me I haven't even FOUND my Christmas cards yet! I may just have to out and buy more! lol.

Happy Shopping! Only 29 more shopping Days!!!!!! lol.


11-28-2006, 04:08 PM
Okay Ms SASSY!you be nice now. ;) :D I'm okay with Christmas almost being here. Especially since I've gotten a little start on the shopping.

Josh is enjoying being home and driving his truck! And eating! The kid is too skinny but he does eat and he said he is eating too much. But, hey, it's for a short while and he might as well enjoy it while he can.

You better get a move on missy... the 11th will be here before you know it!:) :hug:

11-28-2006, 09:35 PM
Yeah yeah yeah I know. But what to get him????? Not sure? He usually just gets what he wants (well within reason) lol. So maybe I should say from now on he is not "allowed" to buy anything for himself? lol.

Any ideas on what to get him??

He is a computer geek, loves reading but goes through books like water, enjoys tea, but I got him that tea set for our anniversary and he has plenty of teas left. He needs clothes but that isn't very exciting. lol.

I could get him a new recliner that he wants but he would have to pick it out himself, since he is so tall, not all recliners are "long" enough for him. He wants a new tv but that is WAY too expensive, at least the kind he wants. lol.

I want to get him something kind of nice......but I have no idea what. If you or maybe ask Josh for a male's point of view, I would greatly appreciate any input! :)

Glad Josh is enjoying his visit! I still need to find my Christmas Cards yet! I think I'm just WAY behind this year. I can't even remember last year but I THINK I was all done by now. UGH. I just feel like I'm walking in SLOW motion. lol.................


11-29-2006, 01:07 AM
Count me in on the Christmas card exchange. :hug:

11-29-2006, 04:45 PM
SASSY...I have no clue! Neither does Josh! I have a hard enough time buying for the guys here and Vince is the worst! They really need nothing and I hate buying them clothes but they can always use them. A chair/recliner sounds like a good idea. We bought DH one a few years made for big/tall guys and he loves it, so do I, lol! I am always clueless when it comes to buying him stuff. I know they always like tools too. At least Josh and DH do, Jason is clueless when it comes to that. You'll think of something, and when you do let me know. I need some ideas for V (DH)!

11-30-2006, 07:06 AM
Yeah I haven't even really "looked" too much, haven't had the time! If I come up with any ideas, I will let ya know! lol.

Okay I think this is message # 50, so if Jane or Marti would pls close this thread, I'll start a new one! Thanks!!!!!