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09-24-2006, 01:13 PM
Another week gone! Here's our new weekly thread to kick off the new week.:carrot:

09-24-2006, 01:27 PM
Good morning!

09-24-2006, 01:38 PM
I had already made a menu thread last night so I merged them. I'm never quite sure which one is going to be the "keeper" and which is going to be added, so I just go for it. This time, mine ended up being the one that stayed with yours merged into it. Make sense?

No, no credit cards here. I hate debt very much. We HAD some and saw that things could have gotten out of control, so we cut them up, cancelled them all, and got a loan to pay them off. We pay on that and it'll be done in about a year. I won't be getting another, that's for sure, unless I have to get one for the dental work if it comes to that. The reason I don't think it's anything to worry about is that it comes and goes. The pain wasn't there when I woke up, and came back after about an hour. Then it'll go away for a few months, and come back. My glands feel swollen on that side.

I'm glad you had a good time yesterday. How far away do they live? And poor Cassie! I know when ours have to fast, they are NOT happy about it. Since we have three of them, we have to sequester the fasting one until the others have eaten. I hope she does well tomorrow and that everything's okay.

I'm staying in bed watching TLC today. I might not even get dressed at all, who knows? :lol: And tonight is the Desperate Housewives premiere, so I'll be parked in front of the TV.

09-24-2006, 03:29 PM
Hi All:

Oh, Kathy...I'd love to be staying in bed...what a luxury. My body was so sore from yesterday's grocery shopping, cooking, sitting in uncomfortable dining room chairs at the party, that I had to MOVE today. So, I took a mile walk and then did the WW high intensity DVD. I feel better after that.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. The party last night was fun, with the exception of an honest-to-goodness actor who was one of the attendees. He was very funny at first, but became tiresome in his hogging the stage...he forgot to leave it to the birthday girls to get all of the attention! :lol:

We're going out to a local cafe and jazz bar for a late lunch and music. Then, we head off to our next set of ballroom dancing lessons....from beginners to intermediate. We haven't been practicing though. There is just about NO space in my house to do much ballroom dancing. One COULD do the twist here since you just stand in one spot!

It's hard to explain to the rest of the world how really, really small houses are in downtown Toronto. When I was a teenager in Texas I had my own bedroom that was bigger than my living room and dining room combined here!

I hope that those who are feeling funky get well soon and that everyone has a lovely OP evening. I'll try :dust:


09-24-2006, 03:49 PM
Hi there,

Kathy - sure hope you have taken something for the pain and that you are feeling better and relaxing at home! Poor you!

Vickie - so how cute were the baby raspberries??? Hope all goes well w/Cassie tomorrow.

Rhonda - just say move over 'actor' - it's the birthday girls time to shine! And I do know how small those homes are in Toronto - no ballroom dancing practice I"m sure.

So Sandra - what did you win on ebay? (inquiring minds want to know!).

I am still pretty sick but did drag myself out of bed - showered and dragged 2 kids w/me to synagogue. Big ds not feeling well - he is still in bed. Little ds didn't want to go - but I made him - yes I'm so mean - and dd went for 'social hour' w/her friends.

Lasted about 1.5 hours then headed home - and got some groceries on the way back - I am still sniffling, and coughing and sneezing - I'll probably be all better tomorrow just in time to go back to work!!! :D

I may trek out to the library for a bit to get some more books - maybe pick up a coffee then home to relax - I am so exhausted - both emotionally and physically - not much respite here. A bit of the 'religious' wars this morning as I headed out (dh is anti-religious and always harasses me when he deems me to be 'religious'). I finally told him it's been 10 years now - we all know how he feels - my behaviour is not changing so it's time to drop it! Well that was fun!

Time for more meds!


09-24-2006, 06:27 PM
Hi girls!! I just read through about 10 pages of chatting...boy am I ever behind. There's no possible way that I can respond to all of you.
Oh and I did notice that you all found my phone number but no one volunteered to call me! You all chickened out didn't you? ;) :lol: That's my cell number posted on the website.

Frouf, I hope that you are completely well very soon.
Kathy, enjoy your day relaxing!
Vickie, I hope that everything goes well with Cassie. Thanks for worrying about me. ;)
Angela, Kathy, and Vickie, I'm jealous too!
Sandra, :bravo: podner!! Another victory!!

And to everyone else, a big hello!!! :wave:

Very busy this past week with work, school, PC and getting ready for our company. They just left about an hour ago and it was wonderful to have them here. But now I'm very tired. We're going to run some errands and pick up some chipotle for dinner. I've eaten terribly this weekend. Tomorrow's another day, right? :D I bought a bunch of progresso soup (buy 5 get 5 free) so I'm thinking I'll just eat that for lunch everyday with a salad or something. It's a no brainer that's low in calories. We'll see how long that lasts. :)
I've missed you all!

09-24-2006, 06:49 PM
Vickie, yes I got your pm about the hotel. It looks really nice. I'm just working on logistics... if we do dinner on Friday, I'm not sure we can make it on time. Probably the earliest we could leave here would be 3pm, which would put us there no earlier than 7:30 pm. Hmm. We're not big into "nightlife" so we don't generally eat/go out at all that late, but I would welcome any suggestions. :) I'm flexible.

Vickie, it's funny that it's raining a bunch there, because it really isn't here.

I also have a busy week coming up. I have to teach preschool, go help my 8 month pregnant sister pack up and get ready to move, go to a big birthday party, and have several different sets of houseguests. :crazy: So why am I sitting here on the computer instead of cleaning up my house and planning the preschool lessons? Because I'm overwhelmed! :D

Also, the English major proofreader in me just can't help but point out that, according to the thread title, it is now the year 2066.

Okay, I'm off now.

09-24-2006, 07:48 PM
Tee Hee, Angela! Jim would go nuts...he's an English Major too. I'm just always in too much of hurry. We couldn't wait that late to eat either. We'll figure something out. Maybe breakfast/lunch on Saturday. I'm trying to talk my Sister into having her party on the 14th instead of the 21st. So good. She has to check with her kids first.

I hopped on here to tell you all that Cindy is coming home today! She has no hair but she sounds great. I gotta go finish dinner.

09-24-2006, 07:57 PM
:lol: Angela, you go girl! I'll go fix the title.

I'm up for whatever you all want to do (I think). I'm pretty flexible and as long as Shaun is back on base by 8, all is good. I'm going to try and stay as close to there as possible, depending on hotel availability. I'll start calling as soon as I find something out.

Melissa, I searched high and low for your phone number and never found it! I forgot about the PS website. Believe me, if we hadn't heard from you by now, someone would have called.

Great news about Cindy! I know she's ready to get home, bless her heart!

09-24-2006, 08:15 PM
Hi there~
I'm not new to WW, but new to core...was hoping I could post here with you for support, ideas, motivation and just plain ol' friendship. I'm still learning the "core way" so please feel free to add any comments that you see fit, esp. regarding my journal.
Alittle about me: I'm a 32 yr old mother of one, married for 13 yrs and live in MI. I work in the medical field. Joined WW in March of this year and have lost 21lbs. My high weight ever was hit last summer at 235, so as you can see I dropped some before joining WW.
Do you post what you've eaten for the day, what recipes you'd like to share, etc??

09-24-2006, 08:59 PM
Hi there and welcome! We're glad to have you!

We usually make a menu thread every day and it helps (at least for me) with ideas. I tend to eat the same things over and over. We also have a big recipe section above that has a whole lot of good ones.

Again, welcome! And congratulations on your loss so far!

09-24-2006, 09:15 PM
Thank you!
I was reading some of the menu's...What is core apple cake?? Now my interest is peaked ;)

09-24-2006, 09:18 PM
There should be a recipe for it somewhere -- let me go look.

Be right back.

09-24-2006, 09:23 PM

The recipe is up in the recipe section under desserts. If you haven't taken a look at them, you really should. Of course, don't read them while you're hungry! :D You'll be sorry!!!

There are some very, very good recipes in there -- all Core! Well, okay, I take that back. There might be one or two that aren't, but it'll say so.

09-25-2006, 01:11 AM
i am very very far behind but will go read the posts on this thread in a minute. i just wanted to tell ya'll that we didn't go to the movies afterall. we toured a new indoor water park instead and went out to eat at johnny carrino's country italian restaurant. i decided to just order what i wanted. i got meatballs/spaghetti, caesar salad, and ate my share of bread/oil. i surprised myself by only eating about 1/3 of my spaghetti/meatballs. i also ate 1/2 a cannolli. i'm using all 35 wpa's on this meal. i am feeling pretty positive about how i did. i remember days of eating much much more.

vickie, i didn't get the 99 cent dress afterall, but i did get several blouses and 1 dress. life is good.

09-25-2006, 01:13 AM
frouf, i got 5 new blouses and 1 new dress. i hope the dress fits. i know the tops will. i haven't really changed size there.

09-25-2006, 10:28 AM
Good morning!

09-25-2006, 10:39 AM
Morning girls....went out to go to work this morning and something is wrong with the car. It's making a grinding noise when I brake. Yesterday the tire was low but has maintained air since then. I don't know what's wrong with that thing! Oh well. So I'm just checking in here. I hope that you all have a great day.

Oh and Vickie, that's great news about Cindy! :hug:

09-25-2006, 11:12 AM
OK, what am I doing wrong – this is the second time I logged in, did a long post, when to post it and it came back with the log in! UGH again! Is there a trick to not having it lose my login or a time out?

Lets try this again. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did good food wise, until last night. Rather than going to our regular Sunday night place – which as great core type meals, dd was not feeling well and we ended up just getting pizza. I had 3 pieces, and boy were they good. Hopefully the scale on Wednesday for wi will be down and not up. It should be since I’ve been good all week.

Frouf, I’m sorry your not feeling up to par yet. Nothing like family issues to deal with when you sick. Did you see a dr yet? You may need some antibiotics. Its also almost flu shot season – I have to call in October for us and for dd. With her in preschool this year, I’m not taking chances and will do the shots. Hopefully you are feeling better.

Angela, I was watching the new and though of you. There was a clip on the dropping gas prices, it showed the cheapest gas in the US is in Des Moinse IA - $2.03.

I think its great a few of you are going to meet in person soon. Have you all done this before? Its so nice to actually put faces to everyone. You all are a great group and I’m so glad I joined this board.

Today is a short day at work for me, dh was supposed to have jury duty today (which, thankfully they are not calling jurors today), but I had to plan on a ½ day off to pick up dd from preschool. I’ve got meetings from 11 until 2:00 when I leave. Her preschool is going pumpkin picking for a field trip on 10/16 – thankfully I don’t have much scheduled that morning so I’m going to chaperone and drive some of the kids. I wasn’t to crazy about having someone I don’t know drive Sarah. The school said that I would need to drop off her car seat that morning with her – so not only would I need to worry about who is driving her but did they install her seat properly. DH and I are a bit protective with who drives her –its basically one of us. We don’t even let our parents drive her.

Oh well, this is getting long. Hopefully it won’t vanish again. I’ll check back later.

09-25-2006, 11:17 AM
Vickie - I noticed you have the same rotisserie I have. Any ideas on how best to flavor chicken when using it? The one I did on Saturday came out really good, but its very plain. I hadn't used mine in so long but it was a nice change. I had done a roast beef in it once, I may try that this coming weekend. Just looking for some ideas. :)

09-25-2006, 12:07 PM
Good morning, everyone!! :hug:

I've got a bit before I have to get dressed (already showered and did my hair) and head out to school! Thought I would pop in and post how I've been doing and ask a few questions! I almost posted to last week's thread - LOL!

I've been doing pretty good with my food, water, and exercise! I feel like I'm beginning to "get" the program and to be positive about it as well! :D I'm sure I'm not 100%, but that's okay! I must be doing well enough since I did lose 4.5 lbs. this week!! It will probably slow down, being that was my first week, but that's okay too!! ANYTIME the scale is going DOWN, I'm THRILLED!! :dancer:

Okay, here are a couple of questions for you guys!

1) If you make smoothies, what kind do you make? Right now my favorite is skim milk, an orange, a banana, and some ice!

2) It's my b-day on Friday and I am wanting us to go eat Indian food! I haven't eaten it since I was elementary school and only twice! If any of you do eat it, what do you recommend and are many of the items offered considered CORE?

3) Do you ever sabotage your weight loss, consciously or unconsciously? If so, how do you get back on track? The reason I ask this is both me and my hubby CANNOT seem to lose weight at the same time! One usually gains and the other loses. I want to continue to lose and not be a part of the sabotaging (giving or receiving), so I'm arming myself right now before it begins!

I'm hoping to be back on tomorrow as I have classes all afternoon and evening! Bye for now! :wave:

09-25-2006, 12:29 PM
Paula, I paid $2.01 Saturday morning for gas! :D I was really excited!

We haven't met in the past but we've had some near misses. Sandra had a tournament in Lexington, and she and Melissa were going to try, but it was just too busy. Also, she (Sandra) is from my area so will be coming here this fall for Rhonda's wedding. I hope to meet them both then. My SIL/BIL live in Montana, and we'll be going there next summer for sure, so that'll be another visit. Meanwhile though, it's 3 weeks from Thursday when I leave for Chicago and I am really looking forward to it! Shaun better not mess this one up! :lol:

09-25-2006, 03:17 PM
hi, there. i am leaving in a couple of minutes to go to the doctor. i'm very very dizzy. it's probably inner ear.

i'll be back later. have a good day, everyone.

09-25-2006, 05:01 PM
Sandra, there was a bug going around here a week or two ago that left people feeling very dizzy. I had it, and it was really unpleasant. I ended up getting an over the counter motion sickness medicine called Bonine. It helped a bunch. I still felt dizzy, but not sick to my stomach as well. Good luck, and I hope you get over it quickly...being constantly dizzy is no picnic.

I'm cleaning house frantically today, and finally sat down for a break. I looked over the preschool lesson (I'm part of a parent-run preschool - we each take turns teaching) and wonder of wonders, it's going to be an easy one! Not a lot of prep; they're doing mostly songs and fingerplays. And the weather tomorrow here should be glorious, so we can spend a lot of time outside too. :cheer:

Later ladies,

09-25-2006, 07:48 PM
Zzan, where in MI are you??

My new favorite smoothie, as I've only been on core for 5 days so far is 1c. skim milk, 1/3 banana, 1/3-1/2c. strawberries and 1/3 package SF FF vanilla pudding powder.
Today I tried another one, but wasn't 100% impressed, I think if I altered it some it'd be good... 2c. skim milk, 2c. crushed ice, 1 banana and 1 pkg. SF FF choc. pudding powder. It was too thick/chocolately for me.

Thanks for letting me invade your board :) I was posting in a diff. spot here and the girls were very friendly, just with now being on core, I wanted to get support/ideas from other core'ers :)

09-25-2006, 09:34 PM
hi, chickies. i have been taking it easy this afternoon. the doctor thinks my dizziness is menier's disease flaring up. i've had it since 97 or 98. it's an inner ear problem. anyway, i'm not dizzy now, but i am to go to a specialist this thursday. i missed w a today and am feeling bad about that. oh, well. we do what we have to do, don't we?

angela, thank you for telling me about that bug. i'll mention it to the specialist just in case it's not menier's. i'm glad you're having an easy lesson to teach.

zan, there are a lot of smoothies posted over in core recipes. my favorite is the peach one.

09-25-2006, 09:34 PM
kathy, our lowest gas so far is $2.61.

09-25-2006, 10:04 PM
I saw gas today in our city at $1.97! I'm not sure if that was a limited time sale or not, didn't drive far enough up to see the other stations. Too bad I have a full tank of $2.27 gas! lol

09-25-2006, 10:10 PM
Hi Chickies,

Sandra - hope you are feeling better and relaxing!

Angela - I think Bonine is similar to Bonamine - that which I pack when cruising - just in case! Good luck w/the lessons altho it sounds like you are in good shape!

Kathy - have you heard from Shaun at all? How is he doing? I bet you can't wait for the Chicago trip to see him graduate!

Suzanne - congrats on the fabulous loss! You are doing great!

Paula - we are also super protective about anyone driving our little ds - and dh definitely won't even let his mom drive with him! I understand how you feel!

I was home sick sick sick today - coughing and hacking and sneezing - and raspy voice. Woke up w/headache too and decided it's just not worth it - everything will (unfortunately) still be there tomorrow so I called in sick. Still taking ovc meds - had a bit of low grade fever this afternoon but now a bit better except for the occasional coughing fit - can't say I've been eating properly - so hopefully back on track tomorrow.

DD also sick now - sounds like she caught what I have - came home from school at lunchtime and even missed dance class tonight (so we know it's serious).

And now my back hurts - probably from lying around all day - I did get to the library (2 blocks away) and got some books - finished a whole book today! Did nothing but sit around reading, eating and napping.

So I could sure use a smoothie right about now? Who's making it? :D:D


09-25-2006, 11:53 PM
So tell me, if a chocolate cake has zucchini in it, can a piece of it be counted as a vegetable ;)

Busy, busy day sitting on my rear... most of it at the keyboard writing materials for my union work.

It was hard to get in the exercise but did two miles with WATP, all the while thinking about that vegetable cake.

I hope all of those with various aches and pains and dizzy spells get relief soon.


09-26-2006, 01:57 AM
rhonda, i'm glad you're well and doing exercise. i feel guilty about not doing w a today. i'm going tomorrow for sure.

frouf, i hope you get to feeling better. i'm wondering if a lot of people on your cruise came down with what you have.

we just hot tubbed and a deer came into the neighbor's backyard totally ignoring us. i growled several times so she wouldn't jump the fence to get my roses. i guess it worked. she's gone now.

09-26-2006, 09:07 AM
Hello! I had plans of sleeping in this morning as I'm usually up late studying! However, my body pushed to be up and going (as much as it could be, that is - LOL) by 6:00 a.m.! That's early for me since I don't usually go to bed until between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m. these days! Anyway, I had my banana and am about to go eat oatmeal and drink another cup of hot tea! I will be making a smoothie in a little while and will check out the CORE board for some more ideas too! Thanks, Amanda, for your favorite posted! I've never made one with some SF FF pudding mix!

Frouf, sorry to hear that you are still sick! I'm praying here in Michigan that you feel GREAT by the end of the day!! :hug:

I am EAGERLY waiting for my Walk Away the Pounds dvd's I ordered! They are in transit, so they should be here SOON! If you guys do these, what are your favorites?!

Have a GREAT day!! :cp:

09-26-2006, 11:45 AM
Good morning -- another crazy day at work so I can't stay. Just wanted to say hello.

09-26-2006, 12:05 PM
Good Morning Chicks! Yesterday was quite busy for me and we stuck close to home because of Cassie. She had her Cushings test yesterday and didn't seem to have any side effects, except for a little hyperactivity. No surprise since the test stimulates the adrenal glands. We should have results much later today. Jim and I had a Gilmore Girlathon yesterday. He wants me to be caught up for tonights show. I'm disappointed because I like to walk on the treadmill to this show but who knows when I can get back on the treadmill.

I finally made a Doctor's appointment for both Jim and I on Thursday. The Internist wants to talk to Jim about his cholesterol results. I have to look at that website that Angela gave us since his numbers don't look that bad to me.

I'm going to eat breakfast now. I'll be back in a while to catch up.

09-26-2006, 12:21 PM
Vick, sometimes numbers that look bad can be good, and numbers that look good can be bad. It's the ratio of high to low that counts. Mine is 252 but my good is most of it, and bad is very low. They said if it was the other way around, I'd definitely be back on medicine. I've taken it for years but went off and the doctor said it's okay, just as long as the ratio stays the same.

Just wanted to throw that in. I hope Cassie's test results are good. :hug:

09-26-2006, 12:24 PM
Zzann..I do WATP. I have the Express Advanced Walk, 3 miles and the 4 miles one. Other than I get tired of her voice and the routine, I think they're good because I don't have to hurt my knees by pounding the pavement and I definitely work up a sweat.

Have a great day everyone.


09-26-2006, 02:49 PM
Wow! I didn't post yesterday at all? I guess I was really busy. I forgot to tell you all the same yesterday at WW. Not the point but I'm at peace. I did the best I could with an old metabolism and no exercise. I cut back my portions but need to exercise too.

Kathy, my Niece lives about 15-20 minutes away. It's really not far, it just takes a long time to get there because of the traffic and congestion between here an there.

Rhonda, you are doing great with your exercise. I'm sure that will be the key to your continued weight loss.

Frouf, I am SO disappointed. Baby Sarah would not do any raspberries for me. I even tried to show her how but nothing! I did get lots of smiles and laughs. I'm a very funny Aunt Vickie. What is up with your DH? Did you keep your religion secret from him before you were married? Sheesh. I'm not surprised that you are still sick. I've heard there are many bad viruses and infections going around now. And besides, it's almost flu season. I hope Jim and I can get flu shots on Thursday.

Melissa, I definitely chickened out. I saw the number on the PC site. I was afraid to intrude. How long would it take you to drive here from KY? You know you are welcome. Sounds like you need new brake pads. I hope they aren't too expensive.

Angela/Kathy, I'd love to do dinner on any of the days. My Sister just has one more kid to check with and then I'll be clear for the whole weekend. Kath, if you come down here for dinner, you might have a hard time making it back to the base by 8 p.m. Could he get a special pass to be a little later? Or...we'll just have to drive up closer to you. Details....details....and I'm such a planner. I can't help myself. How's your week going? How are the sinuses? Don't you have your allergy tests soon?

Jennifer, Welcome! Core Apple Almost Cake was a new find of mine and it is GREAT! Problem is that I got very tired of it because there are only the two of us here. I should have tried to freeze some to see if it would work. I just know you will like it.

Sandra, you sound down in the dumps? Are you ok? Can we help? I'm glad you got some clothes that you liked on Ebay. I got beat out of the bra by a sniper at the last minute. Harumpf! I had a bought of dizziness a couple of months ago. I'm sure I whined about it on here. My Internist diagnosed it as benign positional vertigo. He gave me some medicine and it went away and never came back. 10 days was supposed to take care of it but I needed two courses. Let me know if you want me to find out the name of the drug. It would only take a few minutes online. I have to tell you that I LOL at the thought of you growling at the deer. Jim tries to hide when I bark at the dog across the street. Sometimes, I just get silly.

Paula, I hate when I have trouble with posts. I usually try to check to make sure that I'm logged in before I start to type my post to avoid trouble. Also, when I'm having gremlins, I try to copy my post before I hit submit reply just in case something weird happens. My Niece feels exactly the same way about her children. She's not even crazy about the bus! Jim and I are garlic fiends. So I shake some garlic powder in the cavity of the chicken and some on the skin. I don't eat the skin so I never tasted much garlic until we started shaking it into the cavity. You could also sprinkle a bit of poutry seasoning in there. I think it a cobination of things that make chicken taste good.

Suzanne, HUGE congratulations on your loss! Yeah, that won't be that big every week but enjoy them when they happen! Keep up the great work. It can't be easy with how busy you are. You just proved that it can be done. I can't help you with the Indian food but I can tell you about my favorite smoothies. They are on our board and are the Cherry Garcia and the Frosty. Both use SF/FF pudding. I love them because they are so thick and satisfying and they taste like real shakes. I don't like yogurt so I tend to stay away from those ones. I say just start experimenting! I'll post the links in a minute. I'm afraid to do it now and lose this post.

BTW, I know why the doctor wants to talk to Jim about his cholesterol. His Triglycerides went from 92 to 142. That's still below normal but I'm sure he's concerned that it went up. His other numbers are good to great.

Ok...I must get off the computer. I have four more episodes of Gilmore Girls to watch before tonight.

09-26-2006, 02:54 PM
Here's the link to the two smoothies. I might need one today!

09-26-2006, 04:08 PM
So for some insane reason I am now really craving a smoothie! Dare I try to make one tonight? (I think I have some sf/ff pudding stashed away somewhere!).

Sorry no raspberries for you Vickie - but sounds like you did a great job of entertaining baby Sarah! As for dh - exactly - it's been 10 years now - I do the same 'traditional' things every year - every year he complains - and yet I continue - so does he get the hint? You'd think so! I let him have it tho - I pulled no surprises - in fact he used to come to synagogue with me (I guess in the good old days when he was trying to 'impress' me?) - so what's up with the constant harrassment?? (and he pretends he doesn't know what's going on!).

Hope it's not super bad news on the cholesterol front for Jim. My dh is going for another test at the end of October - does not seem to be getting any better and he is still trying to avoid drugs for some crazy reason (altho he may really need to take them??).

Sandra - how are you doing? Scared any deer off lately?

Melissa - how's the car doing? Did you get anything fixed yet?

I am at work today - feeling mostly better altho my throat is awfully dry - and still taking some sinus meds - I did sleep better last night tho which did help.

Trying to stay focussed at work but there is too much to do and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed - have resumes for temp help but no time to call and interview them!

Also got our picture taken today for awards ceremony as we are a finalist. Big list of information for the 'big day' - looks like my manager and I are going - need to show up at 4:30 pm for the 'finalists briefing' - then at 5:15 a cocktail reception - then a 'sumptuous' sit down dinner at 6:15 pm - we will be seated at a table of 6 - with 2 spots for finalists.

At least there seems to be no time allotted for speeches. My manager has designated herself as finalist to pick up medal if we win one (how surprising) and I get to participate in some sort of finalists' salute on stage! It seems to be super formal and they indicate that over 75% of men will be wearing tuxedoes and 75% of women will be wearing ballgowns/evening gowns!!!! I am freaking out here! (I think my ballgown is at the cleaners - no I remember now - I lent it to Cinderella and she has never returned it!).

I jokingly ask my manager if she has sent her ballgown off to the cleaners - and she says yes - she is not kidding - something about an Anne Klein evening gown that she plans to wear (did I mention she is like a size 6 or 8?). So what does a frumpy, dumpy, fluffy froufie wear? And yes how can I lose like 50 lbs in the next month? Any suggestions? :(


09-26-2006, 04:16 PM
have a great day, chickies. we're going out into the hills after i get home from w a. life is good.

vickie, you are so sweet. i appreciate you and everyone here for being concerned about me. i am not really in the dumps. yesterday i was mainly worried about coming off the diet pills because of the menier's disease. today i'm all right. i just keep telling myself to do (eat) the right things. i go to the e n t thursday. i don't know if he'll tell me to stay off the diet pills or that i can go back on them. either way, i'm all right. the dizziness happens periodically because of menier's. it doesn't usually last very long. i'll prob be told to cut down on salt/sugar/chocolate/caffeine. that's my guess, anyway.

frouf, i'm planning to scare a few this afternoon. i'll be sitting behind a fallen tree in my bush outfit. :lol:

i was also a little down yesterday because i wasn't able to get to w a. i'm on my way in a minute so that'll help my outlook, too.

have a great day, all.

09-26-2006, 10:18 PM
Hey, folks! Thought I'd pop in and let you know I'll be gone tomorrow. My mom is having heart bypass surgery so I'm going to Tyler. She woke up yesterday at 3 a.m. with chest pains, then they let up, then started again so she went to the ER and they admitted her. Did some tests today and found out that she has four arteries that are 95% blocked, and others are nearly as bad. She was a timebomb.

You all behave yourselves! No pushing or running in the halls. I MEAN IT! ;)

09-26-2006, 11:01 PM
Oh Kath, I'm SO sorry about your Mom. She'll be in my prayers. Back in 1986 my Mom had a triple bypass. She needed a quadruple but one artery was 100% blocked and so there was nothing they could do about that one. She had two that were 85% blocked and one that was 90% blocked. She made it through with flying colors and so I'm sure your Mom will too. They know so much more now.

Sandra, I hope you had fun in the hills.

So Frouf, did you have the smoothie? Once you have one you'll have many. You'll find something spectacular to wear. I'd be trying Ebay. You seem to have a lot of luck there. Somewhere I heard that ballgowns run small so don't underestimate. Who cares what size it is as long as it fits nicely. I'm thinking something elegant! You will be a beautiful Frouf.

09-26-2006, 11:21 PM
Thank you, sweet friend. I feel good about it, and I'm sure she'll be fine. My dad said she's been emotional today after the catheterization. I'm not calling tonight because she needs to rest if she can, but I'll call in the morning. I should be back tomorrow night.

09-27-2006, 12:04 AM
Frouf, check this one out. It's probably too big for you but I've heard they run really small. I saw black and shimmery and thought of my fellow Quacker Factory lover.

09-27-2006, 12:26 AM
So cute! I looked at their other items and there are more in different sizes:

Good luck, Frouf. I agree that you'll be a knockout no matter what YOU think about yourself. And believe me, we know what we're talking about!

09-27-2006, 01:02 AM
kathy, your mother is in my prayers. i hope all goes well for her. keep us posted.

vickie, we had a good time out. i don't know why, but i always come home hungry. so far so good, though. i'm baking 1 pt brownies now. we'll have them starting tomorrow.

09-27-2006, 08:27 AM
Cassie's initial tests came back very strong for Cushings disease. She fasted last night again and is having two more tests this morning. One is for a liver function test and the other is for lepto bacteria. Evidently, there are now some strains not covered by the vaccine. Great.

So I'm off to shower and get ready to drop her off at the Vet at 7:30. She'll be there for 2 hours today.

I hope you all have a great day. I'm actually feeling sick to my stomach from worrying about my little canine baby.

09-27-2006, 09:01 AM're on; let's lose 50 pounds in one month together! In the meantime, you'll find the right dress and you'll look fabulous and have a good time :)

Kathy, I suppose you know that the surgery and recovery are both so much smoother these days. Still, it's scarey and critical...we will ALL be thinking of you.


09-27-2006, 09:39 AM
Kathy, praying for your Mom! I've known quite a few people who have had that surgery, all with flying colors too! I used to live in Tyler (and Houston) when I lived down in Texas!

Rhonda, I feel the same way about the WATP tapes/dvds! Mine should be here today or tomorrow!

Vickie, praying for your fur baby!!

Thanks everyone for your smoothie ideas! I'm going to make one in a bit with what I have on hand! I don't have any SF/FF pudding, but I do have fruit, FF milk, and ice!

09-27-2006, 12:19 PM
Kathy - good luck to you and your family with your mom's surgery - my mom was also in the same situation many years ago - in very bad shape with so many blockages they thought she might be inoperable! Ended up w/a quadruple bypass and did well for many years - please keep us posted on progress.

Vickie - so sorry to hear about Cassie's diagnosis - what does this mean in the long run? meds? special treatment?

As for the dresses - ladies what are you thinking? That I would actually SHOW MY ARMS! Shame on you! I did look thru the gowns on ebay and seeing as I am kinda short and dumpy did not think they would look good on me so I searched thru the 'cocktail dress' category and came up with some possibilities: (trying to get it in 3X black) (altho this might be too big?)

Yes I still need to cover up my chunky arms (or just lose those pesky 50 lbs!).


09-27-2006, 02:34 PM
OK, another question from a Core novice.

Is homemade hummus OK if you leave out the tahini?

Thanks, everyone, for being patient with all my questions.

09-27-2006, 02:55 PM
Hi all. Had WI today - no good. I was up 1pd. :( I decided to not change my tracker. I did really well all week, I'm hopeful that this blip is just water. I do need to get back to walking more. Its been a tough week, but today is a new day.

Kathy, I hope your mom is ok. DRs can do so many amazing things expecially cardic. Let us know how she made out when you can.

Elana, If you make hummus with chickpeas, spices, ff yougurt and olive oil, it would be core. Let us know how it comes out.

Vickie, sorry to hear about your doggie. What does that disease mean for him? Our lab got sick last summer - rock mountain spotted fever. After months of treatment he finally got rid of that but he isn't the same. Much older and a bit of arthritis in his hips. Got to love our doggie babies. Josh is our first child - he was actually the ring bearer in our wedding. I'll post a picture if I can find it.

Frouf - good luck finding a dress. I agree with the arms - I've never been real comfortable with sleveless. If you do find a sleeveless dress you love, what about a shall to go over it? Just a thought.

Well, got to run. I'll check in later.

09-27-2006, 02:55 PM
Hi all. Had WI today - no good. I was up 1pd. :( I decided to not change my tracker. I did really well all week, I'm hopeful that this blip is just water. I do need to get back to walking more. Its been a tough week, but today is a new day.

Kathy, I hope your mom is ok. DRs can do so many amazing things expecially cardic. Let us know how she made out when you can.

Elana, If you make hummus with chickpeas, spices, ff yougurt and olive oil, it would be core. Let us know how it comes out.

Vickie, sorry to hear about your doggie. What does that disease mean for him? Our lab got sick last summer - rock mountain spotted fever. After months of treatment he finally got rid of that but he isn't the same. Much older and a bit of arthritis in his hips. Got to love our doggie babies. Josh is our first child - he was actually the ring bearer in our wedding. I'll post a picture if I can find it.

Frouf - good luck finding a dress. I agree with the arms - I've never been real comfortable with sleveless. If you do find a sleeveless dress you love, what about a shall to go over it? Just a thought.

Well, got to run. I'll check in later.

09-27-2006, 02:56 PM
OK, just discovered that the other times I thought I lost my post I didn't. I just needed to log in again and the post would still go. :o

09-27-2006, 04:30 PM
i just talked to melissa. aaron's grandmother just passed away from a long illness and her service is this week. melissa isn't sure when she'll be able to get back here but is thinking of everyone.

vickie, i hope cassie is able to get better. i know she's a very important part of your life.

paula, i'll bet the lb is water retention and next week you'll have friendlier scales.

frouf and rhonda, i would like to join you two in losing 50 lbs this month. i'd settle for 5, though.

i am in need of w a. yesterday i just did it on my own. that's not the same intensity i get with the class but it helps. i'm doing it on my own today, too, and will go just as soon as i get a load of clothes out of the dryer.

suzanne, you might also try the sorbet recipe. that's a good core treat, too.

frouf, i just bought a dress. it's the only buy i'm not sure will work out for me. it may wind up being a dress i keep around hoping it fits some day.

i just saw your dresses. my favorite is the one with the ruffled sleeves. oops! just saw that it might be too big. i like the other dresses, too. i'm sure whatever you pick will look great on you.

09-27-2006, 08:52 PM
Hey Chicks! I'm not going to stay tonight to read and respond. I'm very tired and want to lay on the couch. We just got home from dinner. I did not eat all Core today and I'm sure I'm out of points until next Monday. I'm sure I did a bit of stress eating today because of my doggie.

We ran a million errands today so now I've got to see if I have any money left until the end of the month. Maybe it will stop me from going out to eat.

I didn't get good sleep last night. I hope to sleep like a baby tonight. I hope you are all well.

09-27-2006, 10:28 PM
Ok, week 1 on core paid off at weigh in today...Maybe not as well a I had hoped, but I'm down 1 3/4lbs. I read repeatedly on here that some will gain the first couple weeks of core, as they didn't find that "satisfaction" part and ate to the "full" feeling. I felt I had that under, so I'm happy with that loss. I've been maintaining from 204-198 since June 29th, and now I broke that and am at 197.50. I am going to continue to do core, as I think it helps me to not spend my pts on sugar type things.

09-27-2006, 10:38 PM
Just a quick update before I go read posts. I just now walked in the door, checked the messages on the machine, fed and pottied the dogs and am now sitting down for a minute.

Everything went well. They were only able to do 3 of the arteries because something about they couldn't get to the other one. He said restoring the blood flow in these 3 would improve things greatly. She actually looked better in the recovery room even though she was still out and on the ventilator. Anyway, the surgeon expects her to be in ICU for 24-48 hours and then go to a room. I'll either go back Saturday or Sunday. My brother is there with my dad for the next few days so it was okay that I left.

Now I'm going to read your posts.

09-28-2006, 11:13 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I slept ok last night and feel a bit better this morning. My eating yesterday was not great so I shall try to be perfect today.

Melissa, I'm very sorry to hear about Aaron's grandmother. I hope you'll tell Aaron that I'm praying for him and his family (and you too of course). I'm sure she's in a beautiful place now; pain free and happy. I hope you get to celebrate your birthday soon too.

Suzanne, thanks for your prayers for Cassie. She needs them. Did you have your smoothie?

Frouf, Cassie's disease is usually caused by a tumor on the pituitary or adrenal gland. The treatment is equivalent to chemo on humans. It requires a loading phase and then maintenance chemo oral drugs for the rest of her life. Some literature says pups only make it for 2 years. My support list says if caught early, the can live 5-6. I'm hoping for 9-10. It's all too sad and stressful. She's the sweetest, smartest dog I've ever had and she's like a child to me. I don't dress her up or anything like that but she's my friend. BTW, I really like the first black dress and the ivory one. Actually, I like the ivory and I'm surprised you didn't go with the rose colored one. Are all cocktail dresses sleeveless? Who knew?

Elana, I see you got your answer on the hummus. I've never eaten it. Will it taste good without tahini? Does tahini have too many calories to still use in the recipe? We have tons of patience so don't worry about that!

Paula, try not to worry about the pound. My weight loss was very crazy for the first 6 months on Core. I'd gain a pound and then come back the next week and lose 3.4. That's why I always recommend that people stay on Core for at least a month. Exercise, though, I've found seems to be so crucial on Core....more than even Flex for some weird reason. Maybe with all the whole grains/fiber we need to move to get that icky waste/fat to move through. I cannot wait to get back to exercise. Thanks for understanding about my furgirl!

Sandra, I'm so proud of you for continuing on your exercise path. I'm sure you'll continue to lose even without the pills. How's your dizziness going? The dress is VERY nice. It's very tailored and elegant.

Jennifer, you did GREAT! Just keep at it at the same pace this week and I'm sure you'll lose again next week. Slow and steady wins the race! It's about 8weeks to Thanksgiving. If you work really hard you might be able to lose a few more before then. I'm going to try really hard too. We'll get there together.

Kathy, I'm SO glad that your Mom seems to have done so well. My Mom was cold and gray looking when she was on the warming bed and on the ventilator. She sure looked great after that first 48 hours though. You must have just been emotionally exhausted since I see you didn't get back last night. I hope you slept well and didn't go to work today.

Well, Jim and I have our Doctor appointment later today. So I'm going to go eat breakfast and have a bubble bath and read a paperback. I need some stress relief. I'll be back later.

Have a great Core day!

09-28-2006, 12:34 PM
No such luck that I'm not working today. I'll be here for 10 or so, then 12 tomorrow, and then I'll have to work a long day either Saturday or Sunday. Whichever day I don't work, I'll go back to Tyler. We have a cutoff date next Wednesday for this group of lessons we're working on -- and testing with the Air Force in a week or so after that. I have to get all these fixes done.

No stress relief here, though. I didn't sleep well and am hungry but don't feel like eating anything and can't find the time anyway. :lol: Just as well, huh?

Melissa, I'm sorry to hear about Aaron's grandmother. You're all in my prayers. :hug:

Better go ... I might check back in when I get home tonight if it isn't too late.

09-28-2006, 01:10 PM
congratulations, jennifer. you're in onederland and you've learned where to stop to feel satisfied. plus--you lost weight!!

kathy, thank you for the update on your mom. sounds like she's doing well. maybe being back at work will be good for you. i think our routines are very helpful in times of stress. at the least it's helping you stay out of an eating binge.

vickie, i'm going to the ear specialist in a few minutes. i am really really feeling the need for w a group classes. i'm in withdrawal. doing it by myself isn't quite the same. i am sending you wishes for cassie's improvement. i understand stress eating.

kathy and vickie, i'm sending you :;) :;) :;) to help you with stress eating.

i'll be back later, girls. have a good day.

09-28-2006, 02:05 PM
Hello everyone, hope today is a good day for you. Its sunny and about 70 here - just got back from a 40 minute walk and now sitting down to lunch. I'm not letting my gain this week deter me - I stuck to plan last night - did not cheat at all. I'm proud of me :) The scale was down from yesterday, so I am certain the gain was water. Its not the TOM, but who knows..

Kathy, I hope your mom continues to improve.

Melissa, sorry to hear about your husbands Gransmother. Your in my thoughts.

I'll stop back later.

09-28-2006, 03:41 PM
Hi chickies,

Jennifer - congrats on your great loss this week - sounds like you have everything under control.

Paula - good for you for staying on track! I'm sure you will have great results at next WI.

Vickie - I am sure with you loving care and medical treatment Cassie will live a very full and long life. Hope you had your bubble bath and were able to relax a bit and destress.

Kathy - what good news about your Mom - altho I'm sure it was also very stressful for you and your family (My mom looked awful after and had to stay in ICU extra long cuz she wasn't doing very well!). Hope you can find some time to relax as well.

Sandra - are there no more wa classes you can go to? I know it's not the same when you do it alone. Let us know what the dr says!

Melissa - my condolences to you and Aaron on the loss of his grandmother. I guess the birthday celebration is on hold for a while?

I am at work but piddling around cuz I am so tired and unfocussed! Had the hardest time falling asleep again so getting up was no better....and with it being such a rainy, gloomy gray day all you want to do is stay in bed!

Best news is remember that paycheque (and other monies) that went astray back in March (yes 7 long months ago?) - well I finally got a call today to go pick up my CHEQUE!!!! yippee - I think the fact that I finally contacted our dept. ombudsman helped and he got things moving - I must send him a thank you email right now!

Also had a lunch out today (mexican) for colleague who is taking a year off! Lucky dog. I had the veggie burrito w/potatoes and steamed veggies - it was just okay. I am now craving something sweet! YIKES!

I do have lots of LO froufie roast for dinner so that's good (and some for lunch tomorrow?). Need to get a couple lbs off before dr visit next week (I am up about 2 lbs since last visit so need to work on this by the 10th! when I go for my bp check). Also fasting on Monday (Yom kippur) and need to remember not to go crazy when it's over!

Might leave work early - and go home and nap. Dh out rehearsing tonight for a gig tomorrow night - and I got ex to pick dd up from dance tonight at 9:15 pm which means I don't have to drag little ds out in the rain and can put him to bed at a reasonable time (and then relax myself!).

Supposed to rain all weekend - UGH!


09-28-2006, 04:42 PM
i am home for lunch but am going back to the doctor in about 30 minutes for a procedure. this is good news. this procedure is painless (i think it's a headshaker thingee) and will remove a calcium stone that's in my ear canal. i should be cured of dizziness. why didn't i do this 4 months ago when the dizziness began? :lol:

frouf, i'm glad you're getting your checque. that's great news. the women's club does have w a classes at different times during the day. i have just been busy during those times or not able to go cuz of dizziness. speaking of which, i won't be able to even bend over to tie my shoes for a couple of days nor will i be able to lie down. i'll be sleeping on the recliner tonight and maybe tomorrow night. but--i will get an end to this dizziness. life is good.

paula, just keep on keepin on. that weight is already melting. i'm happy for you.

09-28-2006, 05:12 PM
Sandra, my dad gets those stones knocked loose in his ear sometimes. That causes extreme dizziness for a while. Glad to hear you can get it fixed.

Vickie, give an extra hug to you furbaby for me. It's never easy to see our loved ones suffer, even if they are canine!

I'm happy that preschool is over this week (I taught Tues and Thurs) although we only have 5 kids in it this year so it's a lot easier than last year.

I'm nervous; dh has been really worried about his job, and today his boss called a mtg with him. He doesn't know what it's about. I've been praying...

Later ladies,

09-28-2006, 07:12 PM
i'm home from the doctor's. she didn't use any equipment on me at all. she just tilted my head in different positions. first time through the sequence, i was dizzy. second time all was normal. now i get to be spoiled tonight so i don't tilt my head much. if i have any more dizzy spells, i'm to call and she will do the sequences again niext week. why did i wait 4 months to get this taken care of?

angela, i hope all goes well with dh's job. i'm sorry for your stress. keep thinking positive thoughts.

09-28-2006, 08:02 PM
Sigh.....I've got sort of bad news for October 21st. My Sister picked that day for her birthday party. So that means I won't be available on Saturday except for maybe a very early breakfast. I'm available still anytime on Friday or Sunday.

I have to go make dinner.

My Internist thinks I may have a stress fracture of my ankle. I went for the xray already and should have the results back by Monday.

09-28-2006, 08:34 PM
Oh shoot! Friday won't be good for me at all, since dh has to work, and the kids need to go to school etc. And Sunday we have a children's program at church that I said I'd help with. Saturday was my only free day. How early is this very early breakfast you were talking about?

It's picture day for the kiddos at school tomorrow, so I need to do an extra good bath tonight, and pick out some cute clothes etc.


09-28-2006, 08:40 PM
Thanks for all the congratulations! I made it to onderlanda about a month and a half ago, and just couldn't keep myself in it for long...I'd pop in and out and it was making me nuts! I'm hoping to get as far from it, that even a bad week won't send me over the edge :)
Today though, wasn't good...I just caved at work and succumbed to pizza and mt.dew. Definitely not as bad as I would have pre-ww by any means, but it still makes you feel icky.
slow and steady does win the race, that's for sure! I was 235 last summer, and I'm very proud of the weight I've lost, even though it could be more...I'm doing this slower than last time where I lost 43lbs in 4 months, and gained it all back PLUS 30! I've come to the realization, I will cheat. I will have bad days amongst my good, and they will not be as frequent as they were in the past, but I won't be perfect every single day. So if that means I lose slower, than so be it :) I'm very happy with how far I've come, both physically and psychologically.
Thanks for welcoming me into your group, It will take me a few to catch on to topics and start putting my 2cents in but I appreciate the warm welcome!

09-28-2006, 10:20 PM
and will remove a calcium stone that's in my ear canal. i should be cured of dizziness. My momma said not to put beans in your ears, beans in your ears, beans in your ears..... Okay nuff said - shake that stuff out and let's get rid of the dizziness Sandra! Hope you can rest on the recliner! (with Curtis fetching for you of course :D).

Vickie - so maybe you should have LISTENED to everyone when we TOLD you to go get your ANKLE xrayed? Sure hope it's nothing serious! Keep us posted. (What time is your sister's party anyways? Tell her you will arrive 'fashionably late"?)

Jennifer - I too was slipping in and out of onederland - and I am certainly now way out - but trying hard to get back on track! Good for you to keep it slow and steady!

Came home early from work - not much doing here - ate too much (I think I am now eating out of boredom!). Drove dd to dance class - watched tv w/little ds - and hope to get to bed early - and actually FALL ASLEEP tonight (what a change that would be?).

Kathy - how is your mom doing? Any news?


09-28-2006, 10:57 PM
Had my revisit with the pain dr. He asked me if I was walking and thankfully I could say yes. Have to take pain meds before I go or my back is killing me before I get home. Walked for 70 minutes today, to WW meeting and back but I think that was a little too much because my legs were killing me. But the good news was that I am down 3# this week. Was started on Cymbalta by primarc care doc, it is an antidepressant and works on nerve pain. So that when I sleep my leg pain doesn't keep me awake. So have been walking almost everyday which is a big improvement over what I was doing.

09-28-2006, 11:09 PM
Hi All:

Just checking in to say hi. I'm really overworked this week and not paying enough attention to my eating and exercising. It's "funny" how we let the important things slip! And I broke my blender's glass container and haven't replaced it yet...just when I was getting into those smoothies everyone is writing so temptingly about.

One of my dogs has "kennel cough" but we've got her on the antibiotics and are hoping the other one doesn't catch it. She probably picked it up at the kennel when we went out of town.

Other than that all is well here.

Good night,

09-28-2006, 11:53 PM
Frouf, can I borrow some money? :D

Sandra, I hope you're feeling better by now. Dizziness is miserable.

Vickie and Angela, Saturday is fine with me. I like breakfast as much as any other meal! Maybe it could be a late breakfast/early lunch, then we'll have the rest of the day to do whatever. I still don't know when I'm leaving ... and of course am still waiting to get definite word of graduation before making arrangements.

Vickie, I hope your ankle gets better and you get a good diagnosis on Monday. I don't think there's much to do about a stress fracture, is there? And poor little Cassie! I'm so sorry she's having these problems. I work with a guy who had (has?) Cushings and they removed his pituitary gland. He of course has to take lots of medicine but is mostly fine.

Judd is going camping tomorrow night so we went to the state park after work to look at the campsites. He and his friend Jon are taking the son of our admin. The boy is 10 and doesn't see his dad, so he really enjoys spending time with Judd and Jon. I'll be leaving early Saturday morning to go to Tyler and then will try to get back home at a reasonable hour because we're working all day Sunday.

I'm tired so I'll go ahead to bed. Tomorrow I'm looking at a minimum of 10 hours.

09-29-2006, 01:15 AM
a stress fracture! vickie, no wonder you've been hurting. you're not doing any exercises on your feet, are you?

jennifer, i can relate to your weightloss journey. i used to weigh around 230. the past 2 years (or longer) i was stuck in the 190's. it's just since mid-june that i've been able to break to the 180's and 170's. i had a bad day today, too. i'm dusting right now and will be back on track in the am. one ww leader said, "if you take 2 steps forward and one step back, you will still get there."

frouf, you are a hoot, girl. would you believe curtis may sleep in his recliner tonight, too? he doesn't know if he can sleep alone. beans beans beans beans

vivian, congratulations on losing those 3 lbs. i am glad you're getting through your pain.

rhonda, sounds like you are getting ready to do some dusting, too. you're right. we do let dieting slip when we get busy with other things on our minds. it takes a lot of focus to stay op. i hope your other dog doesn't catch kennel cough.

kathy, which state park are they going to this weekend? we used to like to stay at cleburne state park.

09-29-2006, 07:36 AM
ontarget, that is the best line yet "If you take 2 steps back and 1 step forward, you'll still get there!"

I love it!!!!

I hope everyone has a great day, TGIF!!!

09-29-2006, 10:52 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I slept crummy and too short but what can you do about that? I've got a big day today. LaZBoy is coming to adjust the one seat that is creaking. Then, at 3:00 we have to leave to go babysit for the 2Great Nieces and Great Nephew while their parents and my Sister/BIL go out for dinner. Jim will have to leave there and come home around 5:00 to take care of the dog and get our dinner on the way back from Chipotle. I told him to be efficient since while he's gone I'll be there alone with 3 kids, one of which is a newborn! Ok....I know you guys do that all the time but don't forget I never had any kids and didn't want any!!!! I'm skilled in running offices and managing employees. I'm thinking they little ones are going to perk up my spirits.

Paula, I'm so proud of you for not letting that little gain get you down. Keep it up and you'll be rewarded next weigh in.

Frouf, great news about the check and even GREATER news about your good eating at the Mexican restaurant. Wonder why eating that made you get a taste for something sweet? I haven't made a Froufie roast in a while. We keep getting tough cuts. I've tried sirloin tip and eye of the round. What do you use? Maybe I just need to go to a different store. Did you get your nap? Can you believe I ignored the Doctors on this list about my ankle! At least now you know I wasn't fibbing when I said I didn't think I'd be able to walk a long way on it. I'm hoping it isn't broken because I don't know what they'll do if it is. I MUST have my showers.

Sandra, never in my life have I ever heard of a calcium stone in the ear canal! How does one find out if they have one of these? My Sister is dizzy all the time and they think it's her ear. I'd love to tell her so she could ask her doctor to check for it. They have her doing crazy exercises that don't help. We don't know for sure yet whether or not I have stress fracture but that's what the Doc thinks. Apparently, the spot I pointed out has many teeny tiny bones. I'm not taxing it but I am still walking on it until we hear. The Internist didn't give me any advice what to do with it which I didn't realize until we got home. I guess that means he thinks it's fractured and home remedies are going to help? I guess I'll know on Monday.

Jennifer, it's great that your slips are shorter and don't start binges anymore. I think that's a sure sign that you'll succeed this time! When I first started Core and would be so mad at how slow it was going, my husband would say, "Honey, it's a marathon, not a sprint". I always loved that and it's been my credo through this whole thing. I've stalled but I'm not gaining it back except for a few pounds.

Vivian, your situation sounds so painful. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Rhonda, I've been in your shoes and it stinks! I hope things slow down for you soon. I had a pup with kennel cough once. After that I used to vaccinate her for it. They say they get suseptible after that. In Illinois they won't even let you board them unless they have the boardetella vaccine.

Kathy, I'm not sure what they do for Canine Cushings. It depends on whether there is a tumor at all or wether it's on the pituitary gland or on the adrenal gland. I think it's a lot like human Cushings but with a shorter life expectancy for some reason. How's your Mom doing? You do sound very tired. I'm so sorry you have to work 10 hours today.

Angela, thanks for your loving thoughts for Cassie and for understanding that sometimes our furkids are just like our children. I sure hope your DH didn't get any bad news yesterday. The economy is just so scary right now.

Regarding the October 20 weekend, I could have breakfast or lunch on Saturday. If it's lunch then it will need to be close to my neck of the woods so that I can get home to take care of my pup and be there with her for a while before we go out. My Sister's party starts at 3:00 and I'll need to leave at 2:15 or 2:30 to get there on time. And, I don't dare show up late since that is reason to be tossed from the family! God Forbid they think that I think something else is more important than them. Angela, if you are staying out my way then we could meet for sure on Saturday morning. Maybe I'll neet to meet Kathy on Friday or Sunday unless she can get down by me on Saturday early. I'm willing to get up as early as necessary! I can always catch up on my sleep during the week since I am retired you know.......:D

My scale is up this morning so I'm blaming the impending TOM. I'll continue to be good and see what happens on Monday. I hope you all have a great Core day. I need to go eat breakfast and get showered and dressed.

09-29-2006, 10:54 AM
Wow.....that was a long post even for me! :o Now you know why I usually break them into two messages.

09-29-2006, 11:01 AM
Oh MY! Cleburne State Park.....Chickies, I'm telling you, that place is absolutely chock full of sweet memories for lots of Texas teenagers. Why, I got one of my first "real" kisses on a little bridge there and then there were all the hayrides, campouts, cookouts, and makeouts :dizzy:

Sandra, NOW we know why your dizzy! Got nothing to do with beans in the ears.

I missed wi this week and I'm "busted" because I didn't lose two pounds. But, according to home scales I lost one and I'll take it. I've got a personal goal to lose 1/2 pound by Monday. That's a slow start to this month's 50, but it's a start ;)

Have a great Core day everyone.


09-29-2006, 11:06 AM
re Kennel Cough...the vet here said that there is a virulent strain of canine influenza in "the States" that has not crossed the border yet. But, it will of course.

I will get them immunized before they are boarded again. She's doing OK, no coughing last night.

I'd never heard of Canine Cushings nor of calcium stones in the ears....this board is better that some of the health list servs I'm on!

09-29-2006, 11:10 AM
Good morning everyone. Its a rainy day here - but it FRIDAY:carrot: The weekend weather is mixed - should be nice tomorrow then rain again Sunday afternoon into Monday. We are going to try to go to another flea market Sunday morning - this one is about an hour away, north of Boston. We always find some great things there but it will be an early morning. We try to leave around 6:30 or so. Saturday night Dh and I are going on a date :o my SIL is going to come up and stay with Sarah so we can be alone. Our 7th wedding anniversary is Monday. I'm looking forward to a night out alone, and we can stay out past 8!

Vickie, how is your ankle feeling? did the dr give you a split or cast for it? I hope it starts to feel better.

Sandra, I've never heard of stones in your ear before. At least the procedure did sound too bad to have done. My MIL has been having problems with her saliva gland - causing pain when she chews. The procedure to fix that is not very pleasent, but she has been feeling better. I wouldn't mind shaking my head.

Whats a froufie roast????

Angela, how did your dh make out with his boss? I hope all is well.

Vivian, congratulations on the 3 pd loss. WONDERFUL.

Rhonda, how is puppy? We all love our 4 legged babies. I hope the antiboiotics work quickly and keeps it contained. Did the vet give your other dog a vacine?

The scale likes me today --- its back down to where I would have expected it. I think I need to watch my salt a bit, that is the only thing I can think that caused an upswing this week. I never used to have issues, but I am now 40 :( Chinese food is my enemy - I can gain 5 pds overnight from it and it can take 3 days to get it off . That I know is all the sodium. Oh well, I shouldn't be eating that anyway!

Take care all.

09-29-2006, 01:58 PM
I asked about vaccinating Jake and he said that since Anna was at the peak of her bout with it, Jake was already exposed so the vaccine won't help. That jibes with what I understand about disease progression. So far Jake appears OK and Anna has quit coughing.

I went to a new podiatrist today on the recommendation of my dance teacher. He told me that when we walk we apply a pressure on the feet that is 3 times our weight. Now, there's just another reason to get the weight off!


09-29-2006, 02:01 PM
Frouf, can I borrow some money? Kathy - you sure you really want that worthless, play Canadian money??:D :D Not worth much you know!

Hope your day goes quickly and you have some down time - let us know how the visit w/your Mom goes - hope she is recuperating nicely!

Vickie - probably best to stay off the ankle AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE? Maybe you should be joining the "Sandra & Curtis Recliner Club" - I hear it's a hoot! (esp if you have no calcium or beans in your ears!). Have fun with the 'kiddie's - and yes tell Jim to hurry back!

Whats a froufie roast???? Well it does NOT mean you take your neighborhood froufie and roast it! NO! See here for more details!:

Have fun on your anniversary date! What are the plans???

Vivian - poor you - sounds like you are doing great with the walking and I sure hope those pain meds help as they should!

Sandra/Curtis - so how was the exciting night on the recliner? Inquiring minds want to know!:D

I am home today - feeling depressed and eating way too much - just didn't feel like going to work - everything is boring and not going well, manager away, a dark and gloomy day so here I am at home! Bad Froufie (I am also off MOnday for Yom Kippur). Don't know what to do with myself except eat, sleep, read or watch tv! I feel like i have nothing to look forward to?

Next weekend hoping to go visit my gf in Toronto (it's a long weekend in Canada as our thanksgiving is usualy early october). Her husband is going away for the weekend so just her and 11 yr old dd - of course her dd wanted my dd to come but she is staying home to go to some concernt (Rockstar participants - Dilana and Magni coming to Ottawa - arranged by my DS!!!!). So just little ds and I (dh does not want to come for the 'girls' weekend - wonder why?). Don't want to drive with just little ds in car - and train all booked - option is the bus??? Not ideal - but there is a seat sale on Air Canada - so I might just bite the bullet and fly there and back (1 hr flight sure beats a 5 hr ride on a bus with an 8 yr old!). Have not told ds yet - but boy will those brown eyes pop! He will be thrilled.

No I didn't get a nap yesterday as planned - but I sure could use one now? Went to bed too late but finally fell asleep - maybe the lack of sleep is causing me to feel so crummy???


09-29-2006, 03:21 PM
Frouf, I'm SO sorry that your home sick....well I'm happy you're home but the sick part is bad. You do sound down in the dumps. Why don't you buy tickets to see Wicked while you are in Toronto. I absolutely swear you will love it. Last I looked, it was playing there still.

Paula, I don't know what a split is but I'm hoping for no cast. It still hurts but it seems that I'm not going to get the results until Monday. If it is fractured, I'm sure my Internist will be sending me to an Ortho. Maybe he can get me in quickly.

Rhonda, I hope Anna gets better soon and that Jake stays healthy. I'd heard that pressure number about knees and ankles. I agree that I am NOT helping my joints with all this weight.

Well, LaZboy just left and I'm mad! I can't even go into it now. I need to call the local Manager and make my lunch so I can be ready to leave to babysit at 3:00.

09-29-2006, 05:17 PM
hi, chickies. i'm still dizzy today, but that's all right. i'm being pampered and spoiled. i called the doctor. she said not to worry that it may take a few more days to get over this. i have to tell you i am really really being strong about not bingeing. i'm proud of myself. this is one of those stress times that i could sit and eat all day long.

vickie, what i have is called "benign paroxysmal positional vertigo." it's one of the most common causes of dizziness and is one of the easiest to diagnose and treat. (just copied this off the sheet i was given.) have your sister ask her doctor about it to see if that's what she has. "menier's" is another ear problem. have they mentioned that to her? i hope your spirits lift soon. i've been worrying about you. are you being able to stay op throughout all your stress? i know being op gives me a feeling of control and that helps my spirits.

rhonda, i learn a lot on this board, too. i'd never heard of canine cough. i didn't go to wi this week either. i didn't even step on the scales this am. i am going to weigh monday here at home and hope to still be at 173. i'm not getting any exercise and my eating hasn't been as good as it should, so all weekend i'm concentrating on doing the right thing with the food choices.

oh, yes--do you know about "old foamy"?

our rheumatologist gave us a brochure that told us about weight pressure on the knees. it really makes you think, doesn't it?

paula, they didn't do the head shaking thing on me. another doctor does that procedure. i thought they were going to do that to me but what they did was she'd change my head position every few minutes to let the stone float to the part of the ear canal where there's a type of fluid that will disintegrate the stone. (or flake) i guess it's not completely gone yet but should be by next week.

inquiring mindful froufie, he balked on me and slept in the bed. i moved from one end of my loveseat recliner to the other and wound up in his rocker/recliner before morning. i'm sleeping in bed tonight with my head propped up.

okay now snap out of that depression. you just got home from a cruise and you're getting ready to go on another trip. plus, you're a wonderful person who is loved by many--especially me. you have a lot to be happy about..

vickie, i'm sorry about your lazboy problems. go get'm, tiger!!

09-29-2006, 05:22 PM
vickie, i typed a long one, too, didn't i?

09-29-2006, 08:02 PM
Sandra! Do you want me to tell everybody about the secret necking places!!

OK, "ole foamy" is a creek in Cleburne, Texas which used to have sewage treatment residue on it, and that residue was foamy. The teens would go there and "park." I KNOW you all know what that means. It was the site of ghost stories, tricks played on one another, police flashing their lights, parents searching for kids, and no doubt, a place where many young people became unexpected parents!!

Of course, I've never been there myself :nose: !

09-29-2006, 08:14 PM
:lol: rhonda. i guess i just got to reflecting this afternoon.

i'll bet teenagers everywhere had their "haunts."

i'm hanging on today with the eating. i'm making dinner now. this is the best i've done on a friday in several weeks. life is good.

09-29-2006, 10:46 PM
Hi All:

Just hanging out at home, trying NOT to eat the chocolate that a student gave me. Oh, she was being sweet in her sentiments and I accepted her kindness but NOW I've got to rise to the challenge.

I made a connection today between the undermining with food that someone was talking about last week and undermining myself at work. It's really all about taking care of what's important.

I realized that both of my office spaces and my space at home can get really messy...all that does is make it harder to accomplish anything. I rationalize this but there's no excuse. I spent some of this week cleaning up all the spaces where I am supposed to be working/cooking/cleaning/sewing and began to re-create the space more beautifully.

Then I thought about all the people who drain my energy at work and decided NOT to give them the control they have....and, then, be darned if it isn't easier to control the food. For example, I was in two meetings this afternoon and there were cookies and chips in both. I just looked at them, stared at them and kept saying NO :nono: It worked.

Now, to do the same with this chocolate....!


09-29-2006, 11:03 PM
LOL! No time to read thoroughly tonight but I'll hit the high spots and be back tomorrow.

Vickie, when I broke my foot the first time, the bones on top were broken. There are lots of little tiny ones. It was a clean break but there was nothing they could do. It hurt for a few months and then it was over. Fortunately it was an easier break than the one I have now. I hope they figure it out and fix you up quickly!

Sandra and Rhonda, they went to Cedar Hill State Park over by Joe Pool. I'll have to tell them to go to Cleburne next time but no kissing allowed. Zuki went too and he's having a great time from what I hear. He's eating hot dogs and s'mores (minus the chocolate and marshmallows -- okay, he's eating graham crackers) and running everywhere. They put a glowstick around his neck so they could spot him easier. He likes the big 3-room tent that the others are in but not the little two-man tent that he and Judd will stay in.

I went to work for a while, took a look at the workload and schedule, and decided that today was a better day for Tyler, so off I went. I just now got home. This means I'll work both Saturday and Sunday. I don't mind though; hard work is what makes people tough.

After seeing my mom's various incisions and stitches, swelling and bruising and IVs and pain, I've decided it's time for everybody to get with it and stop goofing around with the excuses. We do NOT want to be there -- so from now on, overweight and out of shape is no longer an option. We are all going to be healthy if it kills us! :lol: Deal?

Kate's coming over for an hour or so to help me work on the upstairs rooms. We might not get much done but it'll be a start. Hopefully we can get it ready to paint ... which means we will have to pack up all Shaun's clothes in boxes and take them to the storage unit, clean up all the trash and crap, get Kate's old posters off the walls, wash the blinds ... sigh ... move the computer that's in there into the first upstairs living room onto my sewing desk, move the sewing somewhere else, get rid of the computer desk, and vacuum. Then we'll paint next weekend, clean the carpet and move the new furniture in. Right now the furniture is sitting smack in the middle of the first living room and you have to start dodging it as soon as you hit the top of the stairs. When you get into the second one, you're home free and out of danger but getting there is tricky. There is a tall pyramid chest and sewing desk (those stay) and then a headboard, footboard, big dresser and mirror, chest of drawers, and nightstand. :lol: Erin's about to have a fit to get it out of her way! It really only affects her because she's the only one living upstairs.

Okay, I realize I'm rambling but I'm exhausted and trying to stay awake until Kate gets here. Maybe I'll sleep for a few minutes -- I'm sure Bindy will wake me up when she walks in.

So don't forget ... we're all on the wagon! No more cheats! :cheer: We can do it!

09-29-2006, 11:54 PM
rhonda, you're right. the mental game is super important. in archery competitions we credit our scores with 99% mental management. i'm proud of you for getting control of yourself. i have posted this before, but here it is again. this is a quote i saw at a ww meeting down in cleburne back in the 80's. "we can't always control what's going on around us, but we can control how we react to it."

deal, kathy!! i'm in. my father had open heart back in 1972. i will never forget what he went through. he had been a smoker but never smoked again after surgery. the odd thing is one night when i was walking into harris hospital, i saw his surgeon outside smoking. shocked me for sure.

okay, those of us who are serious about losing weight and getting more physically fit--keep on. :cheer: those of us who are ready to get serious--it's time. :cheer: we can do this. we can behealthy, active chickies. and we can be cuter, too.:grouphug:

09-30-2006, 12:24 AM
Great motivation Kathy - I agree that we seem to sometimes forget the REAL reason we are all doing this - yes it's nice to see those smaller numbers on the scale, and have the ability to go shopping for smaller sizes but truly what is most important is OUR HEALTH! I know none of us want to be in a situation where our weight has caused us to have such serious health issues that we need major (and very scary) surgery.

A true wake up call! In fact as I lay in bed today (trying to nap) I decided I really need to sign up again at the women's gym place and start going againl. I know I felt much better about myself when I was exercising. It will be harder as dd is back in dance classes 3 nights per week. But I think I can manage at least mondays/weds/fridays if I go right from work - and maybe the occasional weekend day if I miss one.

Of course $$ is an issue (I think it's about $180 for 3 months) - but I guess it's worth it (right kathy?). A 3 month membership will bring me right into the New Year - and hopefully I will be in good shape and not depressed about starting another year fatter than before!

Tomorrow is a new day!


09-30-2006, 12:29 AM
It's sort of like what I say when people tell me that this or that diet is so expensive ... we can either pay the money for good, healthy, whole foods, or pay it for dr. visit and hospital co-pays. Unless we're very very lucky, eventually it's going to be one or the other.

09-30-2006, 12:40 AM
i agree with both of you.

09-30-2006, 08:36 AM
One of the major determinants of a population's health status is INCOME. There is a FACT called the "income gradient in health" which is that there is a difference in health status as you go up the income ladder. It is not that the richest are the healthiest and the poorest are the least healthy, it is that there is improvement in health status between every step up in income.

Also, as the gap between the richest and the poorest grows, the health status of the entire population decreases. Much of this has been known since the 1970's all while the income gap between the richest and the poorest in both the U.S. and Canada has grown.

Now, why am I posting this on the board? Because, all of the above is absolutely true BUT the women here are struggling with their own individual choices in a mileu of very powerful societal forces that work against everyone who tries to make healthy individual changes. We are on a brave journey and it's wonderful to be here :bravo: :cheer:


09-30-2006, 10:41 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Our babysitting adventure was exhausting and fun. I made a decision not to have children when I was very young and I know it was the right decision for me. Jim didn't want to be a full time father either so we were sympatico there. That said, we both love children and adore our Great Nieces and Nephews. We enjoy being with them....we just didn't want any of our own. We spent 5 hours with the three kids last night. There was one point where Jim had to leave and I was alone with the 3 of them....5, 3 and 5 months. OMG! I absolutely do NOT know how you mothers do it. The baby got my quality attention but there was none left for the other two. Sarah did NOT want to be put down and she was quite cranky. My hat's off to all of you Moms. It always is...but this morning I give you a bazillion gun salute.

Several very funny things happened that Jim and I had to deal with. The other night Sarah didn't give me any raspberries but she sure did last night when I was feeding her a Core meal of cereal and SF fruit! Of course, I laughed hard when she did it the first time. Guess what....she did it several more times until I stopped laughing. The oldest was a great help and really behaved well. Her Mom had told her to be a good girl and not fight with her brother. She was great. Her brother is in potty training which as you all know is an ordeal. At one point I was hollering for Jim because the 3 year old ran in to me yelling that he had to go potty while I was feeding Sarah. Fortunately, Jim is fast. Crisis averted. Sheesh. I kid though because it was fun and exhausting and the 5 hours flew by.

Needless, to say I will be in my pj's all day and will be doing nothing but paperwork on my budget, watching TV, and cooking a nice Core meal.

09-30-2006, 11:00 AM
Rest up, Vickie. It's not for the faint of heart, but sounds like you and Jim did a pretty good job.

I'm at work and would rather not be, but :dunno: oh well!

Guess I'd better get back to work. Happy Saturday.

09-30-2006, 11:15 AM
Sandra, you must have missed one of my earlier posts. Benign positional vertigo is EXACTLY what I had just about 6 months ago. I can't remember the name of the medicine the doctor gave me but I took it for 2 courses (one wasn't enough for me) and the dizziness went away and never came back. Jim had the same thing when we started dating and my same Doctor gave him the same medicine which he took and it never came back. That was about 15 years ago! It's weird and a bit frightening. If you sit up too fast in bed or roll over too fast in the bed or the bathtub the whole room spins just like if you were drunk! Ask about this medicine and if they don't know what you are talking about, I'll call my Doc and find out what it is. I'm swearing to you that it will work. Thanks for worrying about me being on program. I'm so lucky to have people who care. I'm doing pretty darned good....not perfect because I haven't tracked WPA's or exercised but I'm trying to hold my own.

Rhonda, congratulations on avoiding the chips and cookies. Did you manage to continue to ignore the chocolate?

Kathy, what's really hurting bad aren't the bones on top. I could live with the pain from those. It's the pain in the arch around and under the ankle bone that sticks out on the outside that hurts. I'll do whatever my doctor says. If he says just live with it then I'll be fine with that. I just decided that I needed a doctor to look at it/xray it so I'd know. I didn't want to injure myself worse by not seeking treatment. I'm glad you went to see your Mom and I hope it gave you some piece of mind. I'm absolutely doing this for my health. My Doctor is thrilled with my lifestyle change and promises to get me back on the treadmill as soon as he can. He's happy that I'm eating well and now just wants both of us to cut back on the portions. Even too much healthy food is no good! I remember how it was for my Mom too and it wasn't pretty.

Frouf, spend the money for yourself for the gym. You are ABSOLUTELY worth it. It's cheaper than dance class! Can you go with Emily is at dance and kill two birds with one stone? You were loosing great when you were going to the gym.

Rhonda, it's true even with the price of food. Jim and I could eat a large burger, fries, and a fabulous soft served sundae for under $20. To go out to dinner and get a healthy meal with fresh fish, fresh veggies, and whole wheat pasta costs about $50-60. I've gotten over it and go out less for the better meal but it's crazy!

So my scale is up this morning as my body and I continue the drama of menopause and TOM. I certainly feel as if TOM is about to arrive and the bloat is evident. Of course, everything I want now is salty. I'm trying to go easy on it until after Monday's weigh in. I'm going to drink a lot of water today and be as good as gold today and tomorrow. I can't exercise so I'll have to try to eat as little as possible.

Does anyone have a tried and true sloppy joe recipe? I'm REALLY craving them. I know we have one on our board but I want to know if it's one that someone here made and loves.

I'll try to come back later to check in.

09-30-2006, 11:17 AM
Oh yeah...and I also laughed pretty hard when I realized I had put both of the 3 year old's legs back into one leg of his little big boy pants! He said, "That's not white Auntie!"

09-30-2006, 11:21 AM
Kathy, bummer that you have to be there tomorrow too!

I'm off to breakfast girls...

09-30-2006, 12:00 PM
Good morning chickies!

At least the sun is shining (now) as we expect clouds/rain later today.

Well instead of staying in my pj's and lazing around (which seems to encourage my depressive attitude) I FORCED myself into the shower at 9:30 am and decided I would have to go somewhere today - anywhere - just to get out of the house - even a coffe at Chapters/Starbucks is okay.! I am also wearing a new t-shirt I got yesterday (also a pick me up treat $24.99!), black long sleeved cotton t-shirt with an oldfashioned scene on the front (boston coffee/tea house w/tiny pink rhinestones) which makes me feel better.

So as I get out of the shower dh says my gf from Toronto's sister (who lives a few blocks away) just called to say gf and hubby and dd are driving into Ottawa today/tonight!! What a shocker that was! (after I had put the curly hair mousse in my hair - not what I would do for 'company' so I blow dried it instead!). I have been trying to reach gf in Toronto for a couple of days - no response to phone messages or email so I am about to dig out her cell phone # which I have somewhere.

Called Sherri(sister) back - says they are driving in later and should be here aroud 7 pm and we are invitied over later for coffee and cake! (gf's bday is oct 6).....sure I said - we will come over later! This is great but not sure if this will affect my travelling to Toronto next weekend??? (best news is I have a HUGE PILE of clothes for her almost 12 yr old dd from Emily so I shall haul it over there tonight!). (Actually Wicked is opening in Toronto on the 6th but only the crappiest seats left in the very last row of the highest level! - maybe I shall reschedule my trip to coincide w/ticket purchase?) Did I mention dd and her gf at dance are doing a duet from Wicked in competitive dance as a musical theatre piece - something about Feelings? Not sure the title!

My dd however is with her dad this weekend (gone to the Hilton for the weekend - next to the Casino - very fancy!) so not sure when they will hook up. Altho since it is Yom Kippur tomorrow night I presume they will be staying over til Monday? I guess I shall at least clean up kitchen/family room in case we have 'company' over at any point?


Frouf, spend the money for yourself for the gym. You are ABSOLUTELY worth it. It's cheaper than dance class! Can you go with Emily is at dance and kill two birds with one stone? You were loosing great when you were going to the gym.

And as above you are all right about spending money on our health - what could be more important? In fact Vickie I did ponder exercising while dd danced as there is a CURVES RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the dance studio, but since dh is sometimes out monday nights - and schedules are erratic there are times when he is out and big ds is at university (night classes) so I am in charge of little ds which would eliminate any evening exercising. I think that probably right after work on my way home is the best way to go? I shall try it anyways - think I will spring for the 3 month membership ($179).

time for breakfast!


09-30-2006, 01:54 PM
I haven't made this vickie, but I plan to tomorrow night as we're having the in-laws over. I've made cola chicken several times, so I hope it is just as good.

Diet Coke Sloppy Joes
Points value per serving 3
Servings 6

1lb raw extra lean ground beef
1 medium onion
1 1/2Tbsp. all purpose flour
1c. diet coca cola
2/3c. ketchup
2Tbsp. vinegar
1Tbsp. worcestershire sauce
2tsp. dry mustard.

Brown beef and onion in large skillet. Drain well. Stir in remaining ingredients as listed. Mix well. Cover and simmer 30 minutes

09-30-2006, 06:00 PM
Thanks, Jennifer, for the recipe. Please let me know how it turns out. I'll make them Monday or Tuesday for dinner if you like them.

Frouf, I understand wanting to get good Wicked seats. Don't sit too close, though, because it messes up the magic. I don't want to give any details to ruin the surprises. The first time we went we sat second row center and it was too close! The second time we went we sat in the 12th row and it was great. Anywhere between 10-15 would be good. The song you are talking about is What is this Feeling and it's from the beginning of the play. I love the whole soundtrack and have it on my Christmas wish list. My favorite song is called For Good. Makes me cry every time. I really hope you get to see the play. I'd definitely go the third time if money was no object. You might want to watch the Wizard of Oz again before you go. I'm glad you got out today and am really happy that you've decided to renew your gym membership. Good for you! I bet your GF visit is just the thing you need to raise your spirits. Have a great evening.

Jim is at the store getting what we need for me to make dinner tonight and tomorrow. I'm still in my pj's and loving it! I might be in my pj's again tomorrow. We'll see. My laundry is nearly done and we are working on catching on on the DVR'd TV shows. Life is good!

09-30-2006, 06:49 PM
:wave: Hi friends! I can't stay and I haven't caught up but I just wanted to let you know that I'm back home. Murphy had to stay in a kennel and I think it was traumatic for him. He was running for the door and I was NOT impressed with how his "play associate" was handling him. Anyway, I will catch up with you all later tonight or tomorrow. It's been a draining weekend, and tomorrow is really busy too. I hope that you are all well!

09-30-2006, 06:55 PM
Checking in -- Melissa, it's good to hear from you. :hug:

Judd and Zuki got home from camping and then we went with Jon, the friend, to a Mexican restaurant. I didn't eat all that much because someone stopped by our table to talk and so I did more talking than eating. This guy is the head person at my favorite post office and I've known him for several years, just from going into the post office. I know the other employees there, along with their various drama-filled lives, and so he was updating me on everybody. I'll have to go in next week for a visit.

Now I'm going to rest a while. Maybe later I'll sweep and mop, wash some clothes and empty the DW. Tomorrow I have to work from 9-4, but that's okay.

09-30-2006, 08:33 PM
rhonda, thank you for posting the information. it is very interesting. curtis and i have noticed big differences in food choices in restaurants/grocery stores, etc.... between upscale and lower scale communities. however, you're right, healthy food choices are just that--choices. we each have to make our own decisions. i'm glad we're all here to support each other, too.

vickie, i did miss your post about bccp. thank you for telling me about your and jim's taking that medicine. i will definitely as the doctor about it when i call her wednesday. i had to laugh reading about your babysitting adventure. curtis and i are always wiped out from keeping the grands. we know why God has younger people be the ones to have children.

i'm craving salty foods, too. my scales were back down to 173.0 this am so i'm trying to leave off the popcorn for a few days. popcorn always makes the scales jump. okay, now i'm hungry for sloppy joes.

frouf, you have inspired me to get new tops. i have already won about 8 on ebay and have bids on 2 more.

melissa, it's good to see you back. okay, we want the scoop on your birthday when you get a chance.

kathy, sounds like you had a good visit at the mexican restaurant. okay, you just reminded me that i need to get off here and do laundry, change the bed, make dinner, unload then load the dw, then just chill out. guess i'll go get started.

have a superb saturday evening, chickies.

09-30-2006, 11:29 PM
WOW! Quiet day on the old boards. Jim is showering so I thought I'd pop in and see what you guys are all up to. You must be out having fun. That's what my voice mail says on our answering machine at home....that Jim and I are out doing something fun. People comment on it all the time.

Sandra, the name of the medicine we took was meclizine. I looked it up. I'll be back in the morning.

09-30-2006, 11:37 PM
I've been checking from time to time; just a little worn out from the day. No fun here, that's fer sure! :lol:

I talked to my dad a while ago and he said my mom might go home tomorrow. That's pretty darn good for 4 days after bypass surgery. The doctor is very pleased at how well she's doing.

10-01-2006, 12:41 AM
vickie, thank you for looking it up for me. my primary care physician prescribed me meclizine last monday but it didn't help me much. thursday i went to another doctor who gave me the treatment. i think it's working. i'm not dizzy today. what she did was maneuver my head so the stone would travel to a part of the ear canal that has fluid that will dissolve stones. the fluid where the stone was before wouldn't dissolve it. i'm glad meclizine worked for you and jim. wish it had foor me, too.

kathy, i'm surprised your mom is getting to go home so early. modern medicine is amazing, isn't it? i'm on my 3rd load of laundry. i have to confess that we've watched a movie while i've been doing laundry. we watched a very high class flick--:"larry the cable guy--health inspector.":lol:

my headache is better now. i'm going to see if curtis wants to hot tub. tomorrow's his birthday. we're taking his mom out to lunch. i think we're going to famous dave's. the birthday boy will get to choose. (i'm hoping he chooses cracker barrel.)