Support Groups - "Every-Day" 21-Day Challenge -- Stand up and be counted!!

09-24-2006, 06:54 AM
Okay, everyone, as is the tradition, I start a new thread when I personally start a new challenge.

Below is a short explanation of how this challenge works so all you newcomers can take a look and decide if you're game or not! I hope you are! Hop aboard and enjoy the ride. We've got a great bunch of supportive people, so I hope you'll give us a try. A lot of people try for a while and then disappear.. I hope some of you will keep trying. There is NO shame in starting over. Remember, it's not over till you give up. And our motto around here is:

NEVER GIVE UP!!...Just start OVER!!


It works like this: you decide you'll do something for 21 days straight, every single day, so keep it doable. Then you count through 21.....and if you flub it, you MUST go back to zero and start over again. Everyone will be on different days. You can start anytime. At the beginning of the challenge you declare what level it is -- Level 1, 2, or 3. Level 1 means you feel it's a relatively easy challenge for you and means you only give yourself ONE pause day (see explanation of pause days below). Level 2 would give you two pause days and so on...
And taking NO pause days is what I'm going to call "aceing a challenge," as in "I'm aiming on aceing this one!" Yowzah!! :cb:

With a pause day you pause in your counting and continue the next day with the number you left off with. Pause days are NOT substitutes for days, i.e. Day 12 -- Day 13 -- Pause Day -- Day 14..... I suggest taking a pause day late in the game (better to go back to Day 1 early on) if you need a break or screw up when you're well into the challenge, meaning, when you're on Day 15 or something like that.

In any case, the trick is to keep going. The momentum builds and it's great incentive to stick to your guns, cause if you don't.........back to START you go. :( And the really great thing about this challenge is that you are forming new habits that will wipe out the old! AND, you get to do it with a great bunch of really supportive people to whom you are accountable! :grouphug:


In the interest of maintaining structure, a sense of solidarity and facilitating support I ask anyone who wishes to join this thread to please strive to follow the following guidelines while participating in this challenge and in posting.

1. Although this is a fabulous support group, the focus is to be on your CHALLENGE/S and/or other people's challenge/s AND weight loss, whether your challenge is about it or not. Please keep the challenge a priority, although we welcome chattiness! :lol: This means tell us what day you're on when you post and it's a good idea to make regular mention of just what your challenge is. This an action-based thread. Our members are ON a challenge, RESTARTING a challenge, or just in between and looking to start up again REAL SOON. ;) We also welcome posts from admirers, encouragers, and old friends!

2. Please refrain from posting food logs or recipes, except where you are really looking for help and advice on your eating. If journaling is your challenge, please keep the journaling off the thread and in a notebook or blog and just tell us if you've done what you set out to do. We have ALL types of dieters here, low-carb, high-carb, low-fat, high-fat, vegetarians, meat-lovers...please use simple mentions if you have something you want to share and then links and/or private messages to do so.

3. Please do NOT go into glowing accounts of any slipups, food indulgences or binges, what we here call "food porn." Simple mentions are fine, but use of smilies :censored: :tape: etc. as substitutes where possible is encouraged.

4. Please keep this a nonsecular thread. Of course, passing references to your beliefs, a bit of introduction about your beliefs, brief faith-related words of encouragement are fine. :angel:

5. Please show support, support, support! This is key. :grouphug: You can waffle on about yourself but please, at least occasionally,come up and look around at others and what they are doing and MENTION it with words of encouragement and/or praise or sympathy. We understand "busy," poor computer connections, and bouts of self-pity and life problems where the focus turns to "me" and dealing with those problems, but these should be temporary, not a habit! ('cept in the computer case.)

In conclusion, let me say, the above are just that, GUIDELINES. Please realize that these guidelines have been added in an attempt to keep this a supportive and beneficial thread, at the LEAST, to those who need it MOST, those for whom weight loss is the hardest and, more often than not, the most crucial as well as for those who still, perhaps despite great success, know all too well that the road they walk will always be a slippery one. :^:

The guidelines are also meant to cultivate an atmosphere of consideration and concern for ALL, not individually, but AS A GROUP.

Well, all's said. Please join us!! :wave:

09-24-2006, 07:08 AM
I thought it was time to start up a new thread. Hope you like it. Newcomers, you're always welcome!! :welcome:

Well, I still couldn't start with the sugar/processed foods, but did get the others going. I just whipped out those crunches as I was typing this...I mean, I typed, went and did the crunches, then came back to type some more. :lol:

I got some riding in today and it was torture, took a lesson despite it being very hard to breathe with my congested lungs but I did it and only had to stop once or twice because I simply couldn't breathe. My teacher took it a bit easy on me too. I ride with the teacher's instructions in my ears via a transceiver and earphones and it really helps. You can still hear very detailed instruction well no matter how loudly you're gasping for air! :lol3:

Processed Foods -- Day 0 done/no pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 1 done/no pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 1 done/no pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 0 done/no pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 1 done/no pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 1 done/no pauses taken

Hope to see you all over here soon!! :wave:

09-24-2006, 09:35 AM
100 crunches- day one done, 3 pauses left
64 oz of water- starts today, 3 pauses
food log- day one done, 3 pauses left

red- glad that you started up a new thread. maybe i can keep everything straight this time. i hope that you can get some rest and get to feeling better. it sounds like work is going to be a little rough.

09-24-2006, 10:10 PM
day 2 of crunches, 3 pauses left
day 1 of water, 3 pauses left
day 1 of food log, 3 pauses left
so far so good.

red- you have got another tough line-up there but i know that you can do it. hope that you have a great day!

09-25-2006, 08:06 AM
Processed Foods -- Day 1 done/no pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 2 done/no pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 2 done/no pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 1 done/no pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 2 done/no pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 2 done/no pauses taken


trob -- Good work on your challenges. You have liftoff on all them now! :cb: Thanks for the encouragement. I will need it. But, today, ALL was good! I didn't have enough time to get to the gym and work out so I just left early and got a lot of walking in, close to 90 minutes. I just got down and did the crunches now. Now, gotta get the wash out and up, eat some dinner, write another story and get to bed, all within the next hour! :stress: Continued good luck! :goodluck:

Peoples!!! Where are you?!?! :dunno: :shrug: :?:

09-25-2006, 09:50 AM
Day 16 & 17 - water - good - 2 pauses left

Day 4 & 5 - exercise - good - 3 pauses left

Day 4 - calories under 1800 - good - 3 pauses left
Day 5 - calories - pause! - 2 pauses left

Well, had another busy day yesterday. I think I actually did ok on calories, just never got them entered to know for sure, so a pause is taken. We had a bunch of paperwork (26 pages!) to fill out for the possible job my husband is working on and it took a long time to fill out, scan into my computer and email off to these people. Sure hope that is the end of the paperwork!

Red - You know, as busy as you sound, you're doing wonderful! I only work about 3 hours a day and can barely keep up! Don't know how you do it!

Trob - Doing good! :carrot:

Have a good day all! :wave:

Apple Blossom
09-25-2006, 01:34 PM
I'm thinking I'll just start fresh this morning. Clean slate. After all, it's Monday.:shrug:
I'm adding another challenge eating after the kids go to bed.
So its 1) No beer
2) No eating after bedtime
3) Exercise video or stepping 20 minutes
I think I can I think I can I think I can.......
I am definately the type to eat (and drink) as a reaction to stress. I have a 2 year old, so I figure I have another 16 years of stress, probably more. So I need to find a healthier way to handle it. I wish I could meditate or do some yoga. Maybe that will be another challenge later, once I get through this one.
Hello DJ, Trob and Red!!
And hello to all you lurkers! You know who you are!!

09-25-2006, 09:47 PM
Hi--I'm new to this area of the fora, hailing from CIC-land. But I LOVE this idea, and I need to get going on some exercise, so...

I'm taking on a couple of Level 1 exercise challenges:

Day 1 of 100 crunches - 1/1 pause left
Day 1 of 50 squats - 1/1 pause left

they're level 1s, because I figure all that exercise can't take more than 10 minutes, which I can and will spare every day, easily. So I have the time. I'm going to try for first thing in the morning--and just wake up 10 minutes earlier.

Apple Blossom - I too am a stress/emotional eater. Good luck with your 3 challenges. You can do it! Meditation/yoga seems like a great idea for a challenge. I may try something similar in the future as well.

djstorey - how much water are you drinking per day to meet your goal? you've almost made it with that particular goal! Keep it up!

trob - I borrowed the crunches goal from you. Thanks for the inspiration! Good luck!

redballoon - This is a great challenge idea. All the experts say it takes 21 days to make a habit, right? Wow, you have a lot of challenges going. How are you going about the process foods? cutting down or cutting out?
I also have a question about the pauses: Do we have to declare a pause day beforehand, or can we take it after we've slipped up or not met the goal, as a safety net?

Thanks, and :dust: for everyone!

09-25-2006, 11:07 PM
quick check-in before bed
day 3 of crunches done, 3 pauses left
day 2 of water done, 3 pauses left
day 2 of food log, 3 pauses left
hope everyone has a great tuesday.

09-26-2006, 09:09 AM
It's getting late and I have to be up and out around 5 a.m. tomorrow....but I just got down and did the crunches, got riding in before putting in 8 hours in the office, no processed foods, no booze, no sugar...just had a bit of some fat no-nos but did it fully's OK, at least I can now remember the fat challenge. Last time I kept forgetting I was doing it. :rolleyes:

Processed Foods -- Day 2 done/no pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 3 done/no pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 2 done/1 pause taken
Sugar -- Day 2 done/no pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 3 done/no pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 3 done/no pauses taken

Sorry, all, no time to write. Will try to get in some writing tomorrow. dj, Apple, trob, keep up the good work! :sunny:


knot -- Welcome!! :welcome3: Just wanted to say heh to you and answer your question before I hit the hay. Pauses can be taken at any time, planned, semi-planned, anything. I sometimes use them the next day when I realize I forgot something. Good luck! :goodluck:

09-26-2006, 09:33 AM
I am also new and love this idea...I hope yoou don't mind if i steal a couple ideas

No Processed Foods- Day One/ three pauses...this one is really hard for me because I have this crazy obsession with Liversausage. Yeah...gross I know. I can't even believe I eat it.

water-Day One/three pauses...this is also hard because I am not a big water drinker

crunchies-Day one/one pause..I have been doing them alot lately and it's becoming more if I just did them every day.

09-26-2006, 09:43 AM
Day 18 - water - good - 2 pauses left

Day 6 - exercise - good - 3 pauses left

Day 5 - calories - good - 2 pauses left

Had a good day yesterday, no problem on the calories and got a good hour in on the exercise, which felt good. Still have not had the nerve to get on the scale. I know I gained some weight during all the craziness a while back, but I'll get up one of these mornings and face the darn numbers.

:welcome: Knot! Glad to have you here. My water goal is 64 ounces a day. That seems to be about the best I can do, although as it gets colder here I might reduce it a little. Good luck on your challenges!

Apple - I know how a 2 year old is! I've got one myself, well, 2 1/2 actually. One minute he's the happiest thing you've ever seen and the next, meltdown! It's fun though and I'm lucky that I also have 2 teenagers that are really good with him so I get a break even when my husband is working.

Good luck with your challenges! I know you can, I know you can!

Trob - You're doing good, keep it up!

Red - Being aware is half the challenge! I hate it when I find myself aware only AFTER I did something, but I try to catch myself. Hope you got some sleep!

Have a good day!

09-26-2006, 11:06 AM
Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend:) Mine was pretty good, but i messed up my calorie challenge:( Not by a lot (for a change) but still over 1500, and then yesterday was supposed to be day 1 again and I ended up going a bit over:o

So - today is day 1 (again) of keeping my calories at or under 1500 (level 2).

On the bright side, I have finished day 6 of my exercise challenge:carrot: Saturday I did a 46 minute vinyasa yoga dvd; Sunday was 30 minutes on the elliptical; and yesterday was 35 minutes on the elliptical.

Talk to y'all when I have more time!

09-26-2006, 06:37 PM
knot and thankyou- welcome, i know that you are going to find this a fun and helpful group!! they have sure helped me. good luck on all of your challenges.

dj- you are so close to being done with your water challenge. i drink three 20 oz bottles at work everyday and usually drink more when i get home. my daughter asked me today how much longer i had to drink so much water and i told her for the rest of my life.

fish- do you have an elliptical at home? if so, what kind. i have been looking into them and would really like to have a precore (i think that is the name) i have bad knees and most of them hurt too bad.

red- looks like things are moving right along with your challenges...keep up the good work!

day 4 of crunches-3 pauses left
day 3 of water- 3 pauses left
day 3 of food log- 3 pauses left

09-26-2006, 07:56 PM
Hi everyone,
I'm just coming back from surgery last Friday, so am going to start with very small goals. Have limited arm movement yet, so will have to work up to more typing.

Limit calories to 1,800 per day / level 3 - day 1 done
50 minutes of PT per day / no pauses - day 1 done
1 mile walking per day / level 3 - day 1 done

Nice to see everyone else is starting out strong!

Apple Blossom
09-27-2006, 12:03 AM
Hello. I got through day one and I'm well on my way through day 2. Except I totally forgot about the exercise part, so I'll just resart that. (Because I AM the Queen of Restarts :queen: ) I fit a 30 min walk into a busy day too. So I'm feeling good today. Rah.
Ashley, I hope your recovery is quick! sounds like you've set some reasonable, but effective goals!
trob- I have bad knees too. I used to run a lot, it's basically a combination of genetics and over-use. It's actually been bugging me a bit when I walk, hopefully that goes away!
Fish- calorie counting challenges definately have to start after a week-end, so you can get 4 or 5 days under your belt and you don't want to restart at that point. So work hard this week! You can do it!!
Hey Red! You must be busy!!
Hey dj-can I borrow one of those teenagers?

09-27-2006, 08:20 AM
Well, I'm restarting both my challenges (the crunches and the squats) because yesterday I had a huge migraine, didn't get out of bed. Oh well, I was only on day 2 anyway. Today's the new day 1!


09-27-2006, 08:54 AM
Super busy today. But I got through most of it and left work a bit early to get a cat to the gotta get to sleep to be up at 4 a.m. again tomorrow. Go, go, go, I don't think about it, just put my head down and do it and then use little things that were being able to get the cat to the vet, or able to get my story sent in ok...and force myself to dwell on those things.
I stuck to all my challenges too! It's cool. I am just forcing myself to do the things I want DONE!! But, I know that if I allow even a smidgen of pity to push its way could split things wide open. Mind control, mind control, mind control. :lol:

Processed Foods -- Day 3 done/no pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 4 done/no pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 3 done/1 pause taken
Sugar -- Day 3 done/no pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 4 done/no pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 4 done/no pauses taken

MUST get to sleep. Will try to talk to you all tomorrow morning. Now, I want to just get my current challenge status posted!

Apple, dj, knot, Ashley, Fish, trob, hold down the fort for me, please!!!

thankyouforlovingme! :welcome: Welcome to the thread!!

09-27-2006, 09:39 AM
Day 19 - water - good - 2 pauses left

Day 7 - exercise - good - 3 pauses left

Day 5 - calories - good - 2 pauses left

Had another good day yesterday with my challenges. Will have a busy one today though, so I will really have to work hard at getting in my exercise and make myself sit down to log calories. One way or another I WILL get it done!

Ashley - Glad to see you back. Hope all went well for you and you recover quickly!

Hang in there Red! You can do it!

Knot - Migraines are about the best excuse you can have! OUCH! Sorry you had to start over though.

Hi Apple - Yeah, I'll send you a teenager. Want the 13 year old? He's great with my little one but he's definitely 13 and ornery to everyone else! Actually, he's a good kid, just going through that teen stuff we all went through.

Hang in there.

Trob - Yeah, that water really is for the rest of our lives. I keep hoping that it will just become such a habit, I'll do it without thinking about it. Hoping this challenge helps me get there!

Fish - Good job on the exercise! As for the calories, sounds like you don't go over by much, and that's a step in the right direction! You're doing good.

:welcome: Thankyou! Glad you can join us! Good luck on those challenges.

Have a good day everyone!

09-27-2006, 07:23 PM
I finished day 8 of my exercise challenge today (no pauses used yet) with 30 minutes on the elliptical. Yesterday was 30 minutes on the lifecycle. Yesterday was also the completion of Day 1 of my under 1500 calorie challenge, coming in at 1361. This is sometimes an easy challenge for me, but lately has been a very hard one. I will just keep at it.

Trob - I do have a home elliptical. During the week I use the ones at my gym though. My model is by ProForm (the 700 model). It is over 4 years old and I have worn it into pieces. I have to retighten the bolts that connect the arms/foot part to the body before every use. I am actually looking for a new one, but need the time to go to the stores to test them.

Something to keep in mind re: your knees - the surface on which you place the machine is key. We started with mine in our upstairs bedroom, and the floor was much bouncier than on the main floor. I was getting severe pains in my knees after the second use - of course I kept using it for another couple of weeks before my husband yelled at me for intentionally injuring myself and we moved it to the living room on the main floor. My knees will still buckle every once in a while (on any elliptical, gym or home) but usually because I am going too fast (I usually use a higher resistance to make up for the slower rpms). Definitely test before you buy. I see people all the time who spend the money and then let them sit (I'm looking at you, Mom:p )

Ashley - I am glad your surgery went well! Those sound like great challenges for your situation.

Apple - If you are the queen of restarts, then I am definitely the princess, or duchess, or maybe the marquessa! At least we keep on trying:D

Knot - migraines are the worst:( Hooray for the new day 1 though.

Red - I hope you were able to get some good, restful sleep. You are always so inspiring with your challenges. Is your kitty okay?

09-27-2006, 08:53 PM
Well to work most of the day today and came home exhausted so am heading off to bed early tonight.

Limit calories to 1,800 per day / level 3 - day 2 done
50 minutes of PT per day / no pauses - day 2 done
1 mile walking per day / level 3 - day 2 done

Great effort everyone!

09-27-2006, 10:37 PM
day 5 crunches, 3 pauses left
day 4 food log, 3 pauses left
day 4 water, 3 pauses left

challenges are all on target but life's challenges are kicking my butt today. i have a very dear friend of 20+ years serving in iraq. he is in a really hostile spot and he sent an email out today saying that mortars had hit only 75 yrds away from him.

Apple Blossom
09-28-2006, 04:05 AM
Trob, I hope your friend is back home safe SOON!
Day 2 done, day 3 almost done. Well, I'm about to go to bed, so day 3 DONE. Tired. G'nite!

09-28-2006, 07:43 AM
Processed Foods -- Day 4 done/no pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 5 done/no pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 3 done/2 pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 4 done/no pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 5 done/no pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 5 done/no pauses taken

trob, Ashley, Apple, Fish, dj, knot, thankyou, a big hello to you. I am going to bed. Too tired, more 4 a.m. mornings, two 3:30 a.m. ones coming up. My stomach is hurting...but I will push on. Notched all but one of my challenges today. I simply cannot believe how slowly the days are going by. :(

Fish, the cat's old and has gum problems. I have to take him and his sister in for painkillers every month about. He's OK otherwise, I think. Thanks for asking. :)

dj, thanks for the support!

09-28-2006, 09:36 AM
Day 20 - water - good - 2 pauses left

Day 8 - exercise - good - 3 pauses left

Day 6 - calories - good - 2 pauses left

Even though I was really busy yesterday, I met all challenges. Only got in 30 minutes of stepping, but that's ok for a busy day.

Got to run, my son has to be at school early today, I'll try to get on later and catch up with all of you!

09-28-2006, 06:07 PM
Day 9 - exercise - done (30 minutes on elliptical).

Under 1500 calorie challenge - not so good. I got all wound up about how irritating one of my friends was being, and ended up staying up until 2 a.m. and drinking an entire bottle of wine:mad: And then had to eat a sandwich to try to absorb some of the alcohol. So in addition to ending up at almost 2000 calories yesterday, I also had a huge headache this morning.

I might wait until Monday to restart that challenge, because I know already Sunday will be a pause day on everything, as we are going to the VA wine festival, and it is DH's birthday.

Trob, I hope your friend stays safe and will be able to come home soon.

Red, DJ, Apple, Ashley - have a great day!

Apple Blossom
09-29-2006, 01:32 AM
Uggh fishwoman, I feel your pain. Wine hang overs are no fun.:headache:
Day 3 done officially. Day 4 almost done....
Either I just haven't restarted my exercise challenge or I've resarted it 3 times....I have been walking or jogging everyday though. And I should be able to get to the gym tomorrow! My jogging stroller is starting to fall apart....:mad: I had 3 (THREE!) malfunctions during my jog yesterday. I'd like to get a new one soon. Anyone out there have one they love? That doesn't cost $300! (!!!)

09-29-2006, 05:08 AM
I am back...long time ha? Guilt is one word, and first off please accept my appologies on just dissapering like that....I am just hoping you are willing to take me back...

RED, Fishwoman, AppleBlossom and everyoen (have not seen all of the names) I salute you for you perserverance.... (in case you've not noticed I am very bed at spelling)

It is 1am, almost 6mo, after the fact... 20 some pounds heavier...of course... and with many other depression like symptoms....

So tonight I won't name challenges, but soon very soon, I will start out slow... I need to be back in control, this will switch my thoughs and put me onto a right track... it is just very sad to see my old tracker and how easy it was to ruin ....

please forgive me if I do not make much sense... I am just really down...

09-29-2006, 08:52 AM
Another day notched on all fronts!! :dancer: But, when can I come up for air!?!?!?! :stress:

Processed Foods -- Day 5 done/no pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 6 done/no pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 4 done/2 pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 5 done/no pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 6 done/no pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 5 done/no pauses taken

Apple, dj, Fish!!! :wave: Thanks for holding things up while I'm so busy. I really am glad you're here and sticking to it! :yes:

CB! Welcome back! So sorry to hear you're feeling so blue and that you gained weight, but heh! it happens to ALL of us. :hug: You're back and starting slow is just fine. Starting is the most important thing. DON'T look at your old ticker! :nono: Get a NEW one!!! I want to see new goals, not some goal you didn't meet. :drill: Eyes forward, MARCH!!!!

Btw, the other day I saw droves of dragonflies!! :)


09-29-2006, 05:04 PM
I finished day 10 of my exercise challenge with 30 minutes on the recumbent bike.

Welcome back, Cbeta:) i was away for several months as well and also gained weight back. But I am back, and trying, and so are you, and that is what counts.

I hope everyone has a great weekend - unless I can sneak onto a computer this weekend, I'm out until Tuesday (Monday is Yom Kippur, so no electronic devises until sunset.)

09-29-2006, 08:05 PM
Limit calories to 1,800 per day / level 3 - day 4 done
50 minutes of PT per day / no pauses - day 4 done
1 mile walking per day / level 3 - day 4 done

I hope everyone has a great, on goal, weekend.

09-29-2006, 10:57 PM
cb- don't beat yourself up for things in the past. as we all know too well, what is in the past cannot be changed. we just have to learn from it and move on in a better direction. chin up!! you are on your way and that is all that matters.
red- sounds like you are still running crazy. i hope that things slow down for you soon. good job with you challenges. so you didn't make one of them...tomorrow is another day.
fish- great job on day 10...i have got to add some cardio challenges but...but....but. that seems to be my problem in more ways than much but!
apple- i hope that you are able to find a good stroller. we had a great one years ago but i can't remember what brand it was...probably don't even make it anymore.
dj- looks like you are right on track with all of your challenges. keep it up!!

day 7 of crunches, 3 pauses left
day 6 of water, had to take a pause today so i have 2 left
day 6 of food log.

we have another ball tourney starting tomorrow, i hope that i am able to keep up with my challenges the next two days.
please keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers. we have not heard from in for several days....makes me very nervous. at last word, a mortar had hit less than 75 yrds from him. he said that they were getting closer everyday. his base houses 20,000+ and they are being hit daily. it causes for a lot of sleepless nights. if anyone is ever interested, we post letters from him on our website. just let me know if you want the address.

down another 1/2 lb at ww yesterday.

09-30-2006, 07:10 AM
Another day notched on all but the fat challenge. I may start over on that one, will see....may tweak it a bit....let me think on this.

Processed Foods -- Day 6 done/no pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 7 done/no pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 4 done/3 pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 6 done/no pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 7 done/no pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 6 done/no pauses taken

Fish, Ashley, trob! :wave: trob, it must be so hard for you worrying about your friend in such danger. I hope he is well and stays that way. :hug:
Hope you're all doing well.... :) Take care!

Sushi Penguin
10-01-2006, 01:56 AM
Peoples!!! Where are you?!?! :dunno: :shrug: :?:

Ummmm... we don't know... we're still looking for ourselves...


Anyhow, I think I'll be back soon... for now, I must get to sleep (very difficult when you're wiiiiide awake....)... alarm going off at 6:50 am tomorrow (yes, on a Sunday!), and that's in preparation for next week.
Red, what time do you go to sleep to pull off those 4 and 5 am starts...? And what time do you get back home? I find I always need at least 2 hours to "slow down", so it's nearly impossible to get to bed by 10 pm if I only get back after 8... not to mention the fact that those big black shadows under my eyes have been getting bigger, blacker and baggier recently, so I really should be in bed way before 10... eeek.

I've been struggling with logistics... too much to carry, too many places to go to... take my Mondays, for example...

Oh yes, did I mention that I need to get to sleep...? :P

10-01-2006, 07:21 PM
Heh, people, check out my new record low weight!!! 68.6 kg. I couldn't believe it when I got on the scale this morning. I thought something was amiss. But, I guess all those early days last week and all the walking I put in, without eating much, really knocked the weight off. Unfortunately, I probably lost muscle too as I couldn't get to the gym. Oh well, if I can just maintain this for a while, while doing some weight training maybe I can tighten up. I know I look different, because even though no one says anything, there was one trainer at the track yesterday who said I looked good and I know he is ALWAYS checking out weights, usually in the 450-550 kg range, but I guess I'll do as well! :lol3: He really has a thing against fat, so when I got the nod, I knew I must be doing something right!! :spin: On a down side, my riding boots are slipping down something awful. It's funny how you can actually lose weight in your calves. Problem is, new boots cost a heap here so I want to wait till I lose more...but, these kind of "problems" don't really bother me.... ;)

Processed Foods -- Day 6 done/1 pause taken
Alcohol -- Day 8 done/no pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 5 done/3 pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 6 done/1 pause taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 8 done/no pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 7 done/no pauses taken

Hi there Sushi! :wave: Hope you find yourself soon!! :crazy:

10-02-2006, 09:56 AM
Day 21 - water - good - DONE

Day 9, 10 - exercise - good - 3 pauses left
Day 11 - exercise - pause - 2 pauses left

Day 7, 8 - calories - good - 2 pauses left
Day 9 - calories - pause - 1 pause left

Well, I did good until yesterday. The day just flew by and I never counted a calorie or exercised. Sunday always seems to be my worst day for my challenges! Oh well, it's Monday, back to it!

Red - Congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome, you must feel great! :carrot: Hope things are getting better for you, sounded like you were swamped for a while.

Sushi - Sure hope you got some sleep!

Trob - Hope you have heard from your friend and that all is well. That's a stressful situation for all. Good job on the 1/2 pound!

Hi Ashley How's the recovery going? Sounds like you're keeping up with everything. That's great!

Hi Fish and Apple

Welcome CBETA! Hey, you've made the first step by coming back here. That's a step in the right direction. Just keep taking one small step at a time. You can do this! :yes:

Have a good day all. Hope I didn't miss anyone, my little one is awake and ready to get out of bed. Gotta run!


10-02-2006, 09:58 AM
Wow, guess no one's around... :shrug:


Processed Foods -- Day 7 done/1 pause taken
Alcohol -- Day 9 done/no pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 6 done/3 pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 7 done/1 pause taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 9 done/no pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 8 done/no pauses taken

Whoops! Came back in to edit because I found dj's message. Hi there! :wave: You were posting as I typed. Great going on the challenge!! Three cheers for you!! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

I'm still soooo busy....probably will be the whole time...I have NO time for ME! :cry: Thought I'd have 90 mins. tonight but got stuck at the office after a whole day talking to the prez...ugh. Must get to sleep...3:30 rising again tomorrow. I hope I can keep this up. Must think nice thoughts.... :cloud9:

dj, it does feel good to be fitting into smaller clothes. I feel lighter, like I can walk faster and so. I guess I can. Well, gotta run! Good night!

10-02-2006, 07:58 PM
crazy, crazy, crazy....that is how my life has been. my computer has come down with 50 viruses so i may not be around much for a while. i am restarting all of my challenges just because i can't remember what i have done and when...just easier to start it all over again.

10-03-2006, 01:59 AM
Well, it is Monday.
red, I am very happy to hear that you've hit your all time low...I was very suprized when I saw so many people doing multiple challenges (more than 3 even), just like attempted to do way back when...
My only advise do not burn out, I think that's what happened to me...

Sushi, glad to see you again. I must say if I had to get up at those hours, I would be in a very bad shape, the only thing that keeps from sleeping is food...But I know you are strong (I've seen in the past), I know you can do it...

trop, I hope your friend is ok, whatever he is undergoing... (I should probably read back)...

Everyone, I wish you a happy easy week...

As for me, it is a day like no other. Over the weekend, I traveled up to Fresno and met a friend. Together we went to Yosemite... it was fun, and even though we went into one of those all you can eat places, I was really suprised that I did not stuff my face...perhaps a bit overdid on the bread, and calories, but I came out of there, capable of moving my body around w/o much trouble...
Yet, on Sunday, when it rained and I stopped to use restroom, I walked out of the store, and ... slipped, injuring and bruising that same knee, I screwed up back in Feb.7, recovery took months back then, and that was one of the major reasons, I did not continue wiht my goals.... Right now, an area of 5-6cm in diameter is black and swollen. Today is slept for the bigger part of the day. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I am also unemployed now... I've been home for 2 months already. In the process of interviewing, so I am yet to see when I will start working again.
I had a solid plan of starting off my challenges today, but due to the knee, I did not go grocery shopping, I will attepmt that trip tomorrow, and if all good, I will start tomorrow or Wednesday....
Take care...

10-03-2006, 09:22 AM
Day 12 - exercise - pause - 2 pauses left

Day 10 - calories - pause - 1 pause left

Had a good day both with food and exercise yesterday. Hopefully today will be the same. Gotta run this morning, need to get my son to school early today. Have a great day everyone!

10-04-2006, 04:37 AM
Ok so this is it, a bit passed midnight.
I've visited the store tonight and stocked up on the same foods which did the trick for me back then... of course it is a bit tough now, as I am at home, so I must control myself and try to put in exercise...
Here are my challenges:
No food after 9pm (while I still not working), 8pm (once I am back to work, which is more than likely will be in 2 weeks) Level 3
4 bottles of 16.9oz of water daily Level 2
Gym excercise no less than 1 hour daily Level 3

Also I will institute a small bonus program on the side:
If I go to the gym twice in one or besides going to the gym, do significant hiking, walking or any other excersice (lifting a vodka shot, does not count ;-)), I will reward myself with bonus points, at 1-5points for each. Upon reaching 100 points, I will go and get a reward....still have to think of what it will be though.

10-04-2006, 04:42 AM
I did not want to flood my goals message with other details, but I feel like sharing...
Once I sign up for a new job, I plan to do 3 things:
a. Finally complete my application for an MBA program. I should start working on it for godness sake... (I've been planning this for a year already!)
b. I will through away/sell/give away ....whatever pretty much all of the furniture which I have at my place right now, and finally get myself a nice bed, a nice couch... All that i have right now are hand-me-downs, and I am ready for upgrade...Oh and must also clean everything, throw away junk, and get full carpet cleaning!
c. I will finally begin looking for my new car, which I really should upgrade, and will fix up my current ride...
As much as I look forward to all of this, it is much work. I honestly can admit, that over the two months of unemployment, I traveled and enjoyed summer for an entire month, and then was completely lazy and slacked off for the second one... (exception is looking for work, and sending out my resume) I shall make 3 weeks of this one, count for something...

10-04-2006, 05:26 AM
Ok this is my 3rd post today, but I must.
I took the time to skim 6mo worth of messages....boy how much I missed:
-How many people have come and gone...
-How many pounds were gone for good
-How many challenges completed and how many life changes were accomplished
-How much everyone has grown...
I wanted to say I congratulate you, yet I am sorry for my absense and innability to give my support, I miss(ed) all of you... I hope you come back from your busy worlds of work, stress, and other problems... carla, mez, jollygirl, rebecca, marabellys, momof3, dj, shad, tina and other's whose names i cannot recall off the top of my head....

10-04-2006, 05:57 AM
Hi all. Will try to write later. Just want to post and keep the days counted. Take care and good luck. Keep up the good work. CB, good to hear from you. You can do it! You are taking the right steps. You'll find work and get things back on track! :yes: dj, good job! :cp: trob, hope the crazies leave you soon. :hug:

These are how the challenges stand coming out of Tuesday, but not counting Wednesday (today) yet. From the looks of it, I'll have to take a pause on the exercise but should be able to notch a day on the rest....

Processed Foods -- Day 8 done/1 pause taken
Alcohol -- Day 9 done/1 pause taken
Fat challenge -- Day 7 done/3 pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 8 done/1 pause taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 10 done/no pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 8 done/1 pause taken

10-04-2006, 06:03 AM
Hiya Red
Just wanted to say congratulations on a fantastic achievement with the new low. You have put in a lot of effort and now finally the rewards begin to come. Keep going. You rock.

10-04-2006, 09:40 AM
Day 13 - exercise - good - 2 pauses left

Day 11 - calories - good - 1 pause left

In a hurry again! I just realized that yesterday on my post I forgot to replace the word "pause" with the word "good"! Anyways, another good day on both. Sorry I don't have time to catch up with you all and I might not tomorrow either, but things should be back to normal after that.


10-04-2006, 05:07 PM
Hi, everyone!

Last weekend was not so good. :(
I have restarted both challenges though, and hopefully stay focused this time:dizzy:
1500 or less calories - day 1 (yesterday) done at 1470.
30 minutes or more exercise - day 1 (today) done w/ 30 minutes walking on treadmill (2 miles).

Hey Sushi, how have you been? Other than the no sleeping? I don't know how people get up at 4 - 5 a.m. either. I leave my house at 8 a.m. for work and don't get home until at least 8 p.m. By the time I eat dinner and wind down, it is midnight already.

Trob - I hope you hear from your friend soon and that he is safe.

Talk to everyone later!

10-05-2006, 04:31 PM
I may be a little late but I would like to join your challenge. My ghallenge is to walk 20 minutes everyday for 21 pauses. I want to ACE this one!!!!!

Luck to all!!!!

10-05-2006, 05:25 PM
1500 or less calories - day 2 (wednesday) done at 1489.
30 minutes or more exercise - day 2 (thursday) done w/ 35 minutes running outside (3 miles).

How is everyone doing today? Where was everyone yesterday and today? I hope all is well. i am still so tired today - DH was having acid reflux last night and kept getting up, pacing around, messing with the tv - ALL NIGHT LONG! He got to go back home and take a nap after dropping me off at the subway, while I have to spend another full day at work with no sleep:tantrum: Thank goodness it is almost the weekend. It is supposed to be cold and rainy, so i will spend it napping!

:welcome: MKW - that sounds like a great challenge! Do you walk outside? Or on a treadmill?

10-05-2006, 05:36 PM
I typically walk outside but do have a treadmill avalible for those rainy days.....NO EXCUSES!!!!!

10-05-2006, 06:07 PM
I would love to join this challenge?

Mine are following I will start my challenges tomorrow. This seems like it will definitely keep people in line.

72 ounces of water a day - 3 pauses - I hate water hard one to do

100 crunches a day- 0 pauses

1400 calories a day - 3 pauses

red your doing great!:carrot:

10-05-2006, 06:27 PM
Got another day in! :cp:

Processed Foods -- Day 10 done/1 pause taken
Alcohol -- Day 11 done/1 pause taken
Fat challenge -- Day 9 done/3 pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 10 done/1 pause taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 10 done/2 pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 10 done/1 pause taken

MKW, sapphire, no time to write now! But, yes, of course you can join. It's never too late to join this thread. It's ever ongoing! :welcome3:

Apple Blossom
10-05-2006, 09:14 PM
Hi, sorry to have dropped out for a bit. I've had some personal stuff going on and I'm feeling really low.:( So although I'm still exercising a bit, I'm other wise sabotaging any hope of losing weight. I will embark on a new challenge tomorrow....
CBETA, nice to hear from you, Sushi and Shad too!
Glad things are falling into place for you Red. I'm waiting for that "click" myself. I guess I need to take control.

10-06-2006, 09:51 AM
Day 14 & 15 - exercise - good - 2 pauses left

Day 12 & 13 - calories - good - 1 pause left

Ok, I'm back for the moment. Did good on both food and exercise. At the moment I'm going to keep going, however, on Sunday, we're leaving for my husband to have 2 interviews in Colorado. It's only a overnight trip and I probably will not have any way to handle my challenges! I plan on doing my best on food and to try for some kind of aerobic movement, but it's an 8 hour drive and we're coming home the very next day, so I just don't know.

Hi Apple - Sorry to hear things are rough for you. Hope they smooth out quickly! Control, yep, me too!

Red - Sounds like you're doing really good for such a busy life! Great job!

:welcome: Saphire and MKW. Glad to have you join us!

Fish - enjoy your quiet rainy weekend. Sometimes I really enjoy those, it's a great chance to catch up on much needed rest!

Hi to everyone else that may be out there! :wave:

10-06-2006, 09:08 PM
Not good, not good. :( I had to start the fat challenge over. Strange, because I usually don't go on fat binges. Amazingly, I did NOT eat sugar, so maybe my cravings are changing. In any case, the exercise is in a precarious position right now, with all my pauses taken. Let's see if I can make it through 11 more days! :strong:

Processed Foods -- Day 10 done/2 pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 11 done/2 pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 1/no pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 11 done/1 pause taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 10 done/3 pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 10 done/2 pauses taken

Apple, dj! :wave: Come on, Ap, you can do it! :dancer: dj, you're going along so well. Really good to see! :yes: You still have the one pause left, so maybe you can still swing the challenge and get to 21 even if you take a pause. Perhaps a pedometer would help you gauge if you've gotten enough exercise to give you a clear on the challenge. Do you have one?

10-07-2006, 10:50 AM
Day 16 - exercise - good - 2 pauses left

Day 14 - calories - good - 1 pause left

Yes, Red, I do have a pedometer. That's a good idea and I'll make sure I wear it. Guess I'll count the exercise good if I can hit 10,000 steps. Not sure if it'll work though, being that we'll be in the car a good part of the day. An 8 hour trip with 2 teens and a toddler can take a lot longer that expected! After we get there, we're going to drive around town to check things out. I'd like to see as much as I can if we're going to move there.

The calorie thing though may be harder. It's so hard to eat right on the road. I will bring some healthy snacks with us to make it easier, but, it'll still be interesting!

Anyways, gotta run, I probably won't be back on here to post until Tuesday. Have a good weekend everyone! :wave:

10-07-2006, 08:12 PM
hey all, well i found my way back...wasn't easy, this forum is hard to find. things have been really busy around here plus our main computer is still not working. i have not done well at all this week but have managed to loosed another pound. i have spent most of the week at a hospital 85 miles away were my mother had knee surgery. i brought her home on thursday and then had to get her to pt yesterday. she lives with my sister but it was easier for me to take off work. i hope to get started back on some challenges some time this week and i hope to keep in touch.

10-08-2006, 07:21 AM
Well, things are not going well. I had to restart the fat challenge and the exercise challenge. There was just no time to get in exercise yesterday. I am regaining the weight I took off last week, as I feared I would, just because it came off too fast last week. I was too busy, walking so much and not eating. It was nice that it came off but I am feeling a backlash. Still, I am trying to keep things more or less under control. Today I had a save in that I did NOT succumb to eating sugar, though I was ready to. Yesterday I did because we got a cake for a guy at work having a birthday and then I had a little splurge on sugar... :mad: Oh well... still I go riding in today...sigh, it's the only thing I enjoy doing and I did the crunches just now. I actually came home and did them late yesterday too so things look pretty good on that challenge. Wish me luck, people. I fear a slide into desperation with the changes at work. I really, really hate it there.

Processed Foods -- Day 11 done/3 pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 12 done/3 pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 1/no pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 12 done/2 pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 1 done/no pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 12 done/2 pauses taken


dj -- I can certainly understood that you may not be able to get your exercise in, but you have 2 pauses left, so try to stay with the challenge! :yes: The calories, too, there you have even more control! ;) You probably won't see this until you're back but I hope you have good news for us. I am sending you vibes of power! :strong:

trob -- Glad to see you coming in for a post and congrats on the pound down!! :cp: You're getting there, little bit by little bit and that is fine! I hope to see you back here with some challenges. We miss you!

Speaking of missing people....where is everyone?!?!!? :dunno: Come on in and get crackin'. Newbies, what happened to ya? You came and went.... :cry: Fish, you out there? Apple? Oh, and Shad! Thanks so much for the kind words. I was just so busy last week and couldn't keep up with the thread. Hope you're doing well. :df: Everyone, I miss you! :hug:

10-08-2006, 07:34 AM
Hi all :wave:

I'm back!!!

How are you all going? I need to kick some butt :p i have seriously slipped off the wagon. Not sure what my goals will be have to think about that. Will post them tmrw

10-08-2006, 09:08 AM
okay, after a good nights sleep i am ready to get crackin' on my challenges. i am going to start back with the ones that i had.
day 1
food log- level 3
crunches- level 3
60 oz of water- level 3

i am off to do my crunches right now and to also get in one bottle of water.

red- i am so sorry that you are unhappy with your job. i know how hard it is to get yourself motivated about anything when you have to make yourself go to work. i was in that very same place just over 2 yrs. ago. i was a kindergarten teacher who was seeing way too much abuse and neglect and i just couldn't take it anymore. i will keep you in my prayers!

dj- what part of co.? we were in ouray last summer and it was beautiful. i told my husband that i would move there in a heartbeat!

hello to everyone is good to be back!

Apple Blossom
10-08-2006, 03:28 PM
Hello. Things are kind of slow around here, eh? I am still not on a challenge. I guess I'll try that Monday thing again, "diet starts Monday".:D
There are so many challenges I could do I really need to put a whole bunch of parts together at once to succeed. But I should do something simple. I'm thinking out loud here.....
Probably: 1. 1/2 hour of exercise per day
2. 32 oz water (doesn't seem like alot but I haven't been drinking much lately)
3. No beer
Ok, dont get too complicated. I requested a bunch of diet books from the library. I'm thinking I need a plan, rather than just calorie counting. Well, I have to do one or the other or both. But I'm not ready for a challenge in that department. Especially since I'll be dealing with PMS this week.:p

Red, don't worry about your gain back. Life happens and you are on the right track!
Trob, best of luck on your new challenges!
Hey sweet pea! I love your kitty!
DJ, I agree with you about calories on the road. It takes alot of self control. Just make sure there are healthy options like fruit! I'm sure you can get the exercise in. Walk around a neighborhood that interests you! Park a little farther away from places! Utilize gas stops! Have fun!
Have a nice Sunday everyone!

10-08-2006, 07:39 PM
Hi again

Here are my challenges:
30 minutes exercise daily - level 3
Binge Free - Level 3

I will report back when I've completed day 1

10-09-2006, 06:01 AM
Well, I felt a little better as the day went on, much better than yesterday, perhaps it was a bit of residual brew. Nah, also, I just had some time to myself and to think of the things I value and hold dear in my life. The promotion at work has made me the target of all, good with the bad, and even the good doesn't feel sincere most of the time. But today I met someone by accident on the train platform who wanted to write some good stories for us and she hadn't even known about my promotion, so that was nice, no one trying to kiss up or undermine you, which seems to be the current hit. Sigh....rode my horse and that was so nice as usual, then I went straight to the gym and did some weights, then walked the hour home. I am very much tempted to have a sweet and take my last pause but I think I will resist....crunches are done as well. :) Too bad about the exercise challenge having to restart but at least I'm right back on track.... :^:

Processed Foods -- Day 12 done/3 pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 13 done/3 pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 1 done/no pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 13 done/2 pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 2 done/no pauses taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 13 done/2 pauses taken


sweet pea -- Welcome back! Good luck with your challenges! :welcome3:

trob -- Good to see you up and ready for a challenge! Best of luck! :goodluck: Thanks for the words on the job. I really, really hear you on the kindergarten job you had, that would be awful for a sensitive person. I am very sensitive myself and this is one of the things that hurts being in a position where everyone feels like taking pot shots at it, or thinking they can ingratiate themselves to me. It's all new to me and I really like sincerity, have always despised the brown nosers. Now, I see people who I thought despised them too becoming first-class examples! :shrug: I guess it's par for the course. Wish there was something humorous I could do to deal with this. I hear there's some movie out called "The Office." Anyone seen it? From some British comedy.

Apple -- Your challenges sound great. Wow, that no beer one is a toughie, isn't it? How are you going to plan to get through that one? I think it's the only way. Looking back on my own challenge now, the only reason I got this far is because I was too busy to go out. Still, I have 7 days left and I know people will be calling to go out...I wonder if I can think of ways to go out and NOT drink? :^: I actually did it the other night but it was awful and I think I alienated the others....Still, I certainly can cut back, even if I do drink, so even if I restart it'll still mean I'll have had less alcohol than had I not done a challenge at all...hmmm. I understand about wanting a plan. Maybe you could just come up with something for yourself, tailor it to your tastes and weak points, allowing some more than plans from a book. In any case, best of luck. I do hope you're feeling better these days and will be able to ignore pms this week. Thanks for your words of encouragement to me too. :hug:

10-09-2006, 06:42 AM

Day 1 - exercise completed no pauses
Day 1 - binge free completed no pauses

it was not easy!!! i kept wanting to pig out but i managed to eat in moderation (if not entirely healthily) and took the dogs for a walk. phew

red - congrats on the promotion and all that exercise. wow. are you still working at the same place?

i haven't seen the move the office but i've seen the tv show. it's an acquired taste. it's satire and you have to understand english culture to enjoy it.

10-09-2006, 03:30 PM
Hi, I tried this challenge a while back, and I didn't post on these boards at all this summer. I just started coming back here, and was happy to see that this "21-day challenge" thread is still here! I'd like to join again! Here are my challenges:

1.) Activity - Level 3 (I have to do at least 30 minutes of some kind of exercise daily...and walking to and from classes does NOT count. LOL)
2.) No pop - Level 1 (No pop, but I am allowing myself diet pop in moderation)
3.) Crunches - Level 3 (Do my 10-minute daily routine of crunches EVERY day!)

Giving up pop is a hard one for me, but since I'm allowing diet, that's why it's only a level 1. And also because I really want to kick that habit! Hopefully my challenges aren't TOO hard, but hard enough. Looking forward to checking in every day! :)

10-09-2006, 08:14 PM
Hi - I'm back. I thought I was ready to return to typing last week, but it was too early and was really making my shouder ache. So, I started over today with new challenges:
Day 1 - calories <1500
Day 1 - steps >5000
Day 1 - food diary

I've been surprised at how much I miss going to the gym and going for brisk walks. I hope to be released for some minimal exercise within the next couple of weeks!

10-09-2006, 09:47 PM
just a quick post here.
crunches done yesterday, 20 days to go and 3 pauses left
water done yesterday, 20 days to go and 3 pauses left
food log not done yesterday so i am going to restart it tomorrow

10-10-2006, 12:14 AM
seems like lots of people are returning. welcome back ashley and heather

day 2 here so far so good. will post final results later today

10-10-2006, 06:22 AM
It's 2am AGAIN!!!
It was so nice to begin again.... but boy how quickly I slipped. Wednesday-Friday and Friday especially a swirl of things have happen...I signed the offer, but the negotiations were very bumpy, and very stressful.
I am very scared how it would all go. I worked for this company before, and was laid off back during 2000-01 downturn. Instead of being honest, my ex manager described me in the worst of terms. Except it did not help him, as everyone esle(every manager from all my jobs prior to and after that one) have given me great reviews! To date: my only two bad traits: I am overally talkitive and often called on my cell phone; I don't like morning, I prefer to come in at 10 but I stay till 9, or even later. Last one is stupid, because I do screw up my excercise patterns, which is bad. But many people at first don't like me comming in that late, and that's understandable. This is a super tough company, but if I make it there, my career is going to benefit big time! So I was so scared, I was crying entire time since Friday.
Now I am better. As a reward for finally getting a new job, a permanent job, instead of contract, I am getting NEW furniture, not hand-me-downs!
So after walking miles of furniture stores over the last 2 days, I am having a consultant visiting me in a few hours. I am scared and excited.
Saturday I am flying to see parents, and my sister in college. So I must return to my excercise.

Red, CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion. I just wanted to say, that those you are sensative, and might feel that someone is acting up because you are higher up. It might not be the only thing which drives them to act up, potentially some of them might not have known how good you are at what you do. Just like that girl on the train.

Fish, I hear you on the slow going. It was the full moon over the last few days, now as it is dying out, losing will be easier, but you must do something for it, it won't just fall off itself.

Apple, every time I see you putting a beer challenge, you have my respect. No, I dont' drink beer, but I never know what will happen in the 3 weeks of 21 day challenge. I might need a shot of vodka (for those who just met me - I am Russian ;-), or a glass of wine, to calm the nerves. Though I did not drink, I cried and cried, over those last few days... ALL day long! (oh and I did not eat anything, lost 4lb instantly, and 2lb are back on)

Everyone else: nice to meet you and good luck on all of you challenges!!!!

10-10-2006, 05:25 PM
*Quick update. I've got lots of homework!

Activity: 2 days down, 19 to go, 3 pauses left
Pop: Eh, have to start over already (but at least I only had a few sips and threw the rest away!)
Crunches: 1 day down, 20 to go, 3 pauses left

10-10-2006, 06:00 PM
Well, back from our trip, but I'm exhausted! Did not get home till almost 10 last night and had to get up at 2:30 for work!

Anyways, I'll catch up with all of you tomorrow. I will be starting over of course. Couldn't find my pedometer before I left and had lots of sitting in the car of course so I don't think I hit 10,000 steps and as far as calories go, I did make mostly decent choices but I'm sure I went over anyways. I'm not going to try to recreate what I ate to check so I'll start new challenges tomorrow.

Hope all is going well for everyone.


10-10-2006, 08:37 PM
Day 1 - calories <1500, 1 pause
Day 2 - steps >5000
Day 2 - food diary

This is sad - I only made it one day before taking a pause on the calories. Wasn't paying attention at lunch and ate something with way more calories than I estimated.

Sounds like lots of new things in people's lives since I was here regularly. Congratulations on your new jobs/promotions to Red and CBETA - that is exciting news.

DJ - how did your husband's interviews go? New job for him as well?

10-11-2006, 08:06 AM
Sorry, all, just a little too busy here...I'll be posting soon though. Keep strong and carry on!! :dancer:

10-11-2006, 09:17 AM
Well, not sure I'm going to start my challenges today. Not feeling well. I'll see how I feel later and post tomorrow if I managed to get something started.

Not sure about the job yet. The guy that my husband talked to said he would get an offer, but that the offer must go through the main office and it would take a couple of days. As long as the offer is good, we'll accept and move to Colorado. If the offer is just so-so, we'll probably stay put.

By the way, Trob, the town is Grand Junction. It's in the west of Colorado. I really liked it there. It's not the tree filled part of Colorado that everyone thinks of. It's a lot of desert, but it's really kind of pretty. It's got the big rock formations on one side, the Colorado river runs right through it and there is the biggest mesa, (flat top mountain), in the world on the other side with over 300 lakes on it. If we end up moving there, we'll have a lot of fun exploring everything!

Have a good day everyone! :wave:

10-11-2006, 10:33 PM
Day 2 - calories <1500, 1 pause
Day 3 - steps >5000
Day 3 - food diary

Quiet day on the thread today.

DJ - sounds like you would be moving from one pretty area to another. I've been through Grand Junction before. It's a nice area. I hope you get to feeling better.

I went for my post-op appointment today. Was hoping to get out of the sling so I could start adding a bit more exercise back into my life, but that didn't happen, so I'm sticking with my goal of 5,000 steps per day. Some days just that little bit of movement is tough on the shoulder. I really hate getting out of the habit of exercising regularly. It was such a difficult routine for me to get into and I know it will be just as hard to start back up again. I just have to keep reminding myself recovery from that this repair will take a long time and I simply can't rush it.

Hope everybody else had a great day.

10-12-2006, 08:40 AM
Hey all. I'm beat...and no time to catch up. Just wanted to say that things are not looking good here with my challenges and my eating.. :( I'm starting over on a bunch, but keeping a couple going just because I think I can get through to the end and I just hate always starting's the count....

Processed Foods -- Day 1/no pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 2 done/no pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 1/no pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 15 done/all pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 5 done/1 pause taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 15 done/all pauses taken

Hello to sweet pea, Ashley, dj, trob, CB! :wave: LaBonita, welcome back! :welcome2: Please keep things going without me! :^:

10-12-2006, 10:12 AM
Ok, I'm feeling better today and ready to start up again.

30 minutes exercise - level 3
Calories under 1700 - level 3
No more than 170 calories from "junk" (10% of calories) - level 3

Got to get tougher on myself here, stress or no stress! I'll have to use my own definition of "junk". Basically just need to eat cleaner, but not to totally feel deprived.

Red - sorry to hear it's been tough for you! Hope things level out for you soon!

Ashley - Sorry you're not out of that sling yet, but you're right, you can't rush it! It will be worth it in the long run to let things heal properly. Even though you can't do as much as normal, you're still doing something to keep those habits up, you'll do fine.

Hi LaBonita, SweetPea, Trob & Cbeta. Hope you are doing good.


10-12-2006, 11:35 AM
Activity: 3 days down, 18 to go, 2 pauses left (level 3)
Pop: 2 days down, 19 to go, 1 pause left (level 1)
Crunches: 2 day down, 19 to go, 2 pauses left (level 3)

Yesterday was a bad day. Going through too much stress with school right now. I WILL stay on track though! Today is a new day. :)

10-12-2006, 08:47 PM
Day 3 - calories <1500, 1 pause
Day 4 - steps >5000
Day 4 - food diary

Red - Tough to keep up with the challenges when you're on the go like that. I hope you try to take at least a little time for yourself each day.

DJ - I know what you mean about defining "junk". It is hard to find that fine line between eating garbage and feeling like you're too deprived.

LaBonita - I really admire people who voluntarily do crunches. Crunches are on my list of things I really dislike, but do because they're good for me. Kinda like eating broccoli.

SweetPea, Trob & Cbeta - I hope your day is going well.

10-13-2006, 08:25 AM
Well, I notched some days on some of the challenges, let the processed foods fall, but only by a bit, so I'm not declaring liftoff with that one yet. Here's where it stands.....

Processed Foods -- Day 1/no pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 3 done/no pauses taken
Fat challenge -- Day 1 done/no pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 16 done/all pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 6 done/1 pause taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 16 done/all pauses taken

dj, good to see you starting up again. LaBonita, you can do it!! Just plan what you'll drink and don't let the pop machines get you. :nono: Ashley, I'm sorry I've been so absent and haven't mentioned your hospital stay...I was totally blown away with all the things going on. How are you? Did everything go well? Thanks for the sweet words and good luck to you too! :goodluck: Everyone else, where are you? Apple, trob, CB, sweet pea, Fish, newbies! Heh there! :wave:

10-13-2006, 09:11 AM
day 1 - 30 minutes exercise - good - 3 pauses left
day 1 - Calories under 1700 - good - 3 pauses left
day 1 - No more than 170 calories from "junk" (10% of calories) - good - 3 pauses left

Well, got 1 day notched! It's a start. Of course, the weekend is about here and that's always my worst time!

Red - considering how crazy your life sounds right now, you're doing great!

Hi Ashley, Trob, SweetPea, LaBonita, CBETA. Have a great weekend everyone!


10-13-2006, 07:50 PM
Morning all. Found a little time to say something here more than the usual..."no time to write." :^: Well, after my initial weight loss from all the running around, I noticed my eating was starting to increase again and the lean, hungry look I had in my face was gone. :eek: I feared my weight was creeping up again too but this morning's scale reading says it's not so bad. Still under 70 kg. I'm hoping if I can just keep things in line that I can maintain the loss. I mean, heck, I'd have to....otherwise how would I ever lose another 10 kg! :shrug: Still, I know how easy it is to just have unending days of overeating, overdrinking and I'm going to try to NOT do that anymore. Wish me luck! ;)


dj -- Thanks, yeah, things are crazy and where at first I wasn't eating, I feel the urge to stress eat now and am trying hard not to...or if I do...cut it out quickly! I'm glad you've got one day notched on your challenges. They sound hard, what with the dreaded (for me) calorie count included. Best of luck! Try to plan your weekends. Make them your best time! :dancer:

10-13-2006, 09:12 PM
Day 4 - calories <1500, 1 pause
Day 5 - steps >5000
Day 5 - food diary

DJ - Looks like you're off to a good start after your trip. What are you doing for your 30 minutes of exercise.

Red - I'm doing well, thank you for asking. It really is easy to start letting things go when your life is running so fast. Taking time for yourself is so important. Sounds like you've done a good job reigning in the creep upward before it got away from you.

Everyone - have a great weekend.

10-14-2006, 09:44 AM
not too good..... :( ... but moved forward on three of the six... :^: Am not declaring liftoff on the processed challenge or fat challenge... I will be good. :angel:

Processed Foods -- Day 1/no pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 3 done/1 pause taken
Fat challenge -- Day 1/no pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 17 done/all pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 7 done/1 pause taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 17 done/all pauses taken


Ashley, thanks... :yes: and glad to hear you're doing OK. A big hand for another day notched! :cp:

10-14-2006, 01:59 PM
Hey everyone! Thanks to everyone for all the great welcomes!

Red-Yeah, those pop machines really do get me! They're just so attractive-looking that it's almost like they call out to me...LOL

Ashley-yeah, crunches aren't my favorite thing in the world, but I'm really starting to enjoy them. And I'm also finding that just 10 minutes a day is really helping...I'm already starting to see improvements. I have the 10-minute Quick Fix Abs workout...I really recommend it if you only want to spend a little time out of your day to do crunches. It's helped me get started and get in the habit of doing them every day...and I don't dread it! :)

Everyone else...hello!

And here are my stats as of today (not including today though...I'll edit the post later on)

Activity: 4 days down, 17 to go, 2 pauses left (level 3)
Pop: 3 days down, 18 to go, 1 pause left (level 1)
Crunches: 3 days down, 18 to go, 2 pauses left (level 3)

10-14-2006, 03:00 PM
day 2 - 30 minutes exercise - good - 3 pauses left
day 2 - Calories under 1700 - good - 3 pauses left
day 2 - No more than 170 calories from "junk" (10% of calories) - good - 3 pauses left

Got day 2 notched. Now for the weekend. I'm going to try really hard to get through it. Junk calories will be the easiest. Exercise is sometimes hard when I get really busy and I have all 3 kids and my husband home. I'll somehow get something in though. Maybe I'll clean an entire room or something.

Ashley - my exercise is always some kind of aerobics. I love my step and I do turbo jam, and tae bo. I also try for 3 days each week of weight lifting. I used to walk a lot but lately I've gotten bored with it I guess, so it's been videos.

Hi to everyone out there! Got to run. Busy weekend like always.


10-14-2006, 05:11 PM
Good morning, all. Just after 5 a.m. here. Having my coffee. Oatmeal is on the stove. The temperature's dropping here and mornings are chill. I have to start thinking of getting the heaters out and working. God, it's tough to leave the warm futon at 3:45 a.m. in the winter. :^:
I was just thinking about my challenges and how the fat one goes out the window if I'm out for a beer. This has just become a bad habit, one I didn't even have before, but got into because one of my drinking buddies was always ordering tons of fried food. This is going to stop!
The processed food too. It's not much but usually means some sort of snack food and that is just laden with calories. :eek: Gotta stop that too.
I'm hoping if I can review my challenges early in the morning before the day, I can keep myself reminded about what I have to try to accomplish during the day ahead. Fresh resolve and all beats trying to think of how I don't want to be up this early...sigh.


dj -- Congrats on another day down! :bravo: And best of luck over the weekend. It sounds like you probably get more than enough exercise in if you're so busy. Don't stress eat! You'll feel so good about yourself if you don't. In any case, have a good weekend! :dance:

LaBonita -- You should see the pop machines over here! Unbelievable and they do talk to you..albeit when you buy something. But they have so many lights and selections that they are like cozy-looking beacons in the winter in the dark when it's freezing. I'll sometimes buy hot cans to warm my hands with in my pockets. Anyhow, I'm with you on the crunches. A little bit really does go a long way if you do them right. And it feels wonderful to have strong abs. Keep up the good work! You're doing well! :yes:

vending machines in Tokyo....

10-14-2006, 09:44 PM
Day 5 - calories <1500, 1 pause
Day 6 - steps >5000
Day 6 - food diary

I managed to get in 10,000 steps but my shoulder was really aching. That may be a bit much still.

My preference is aerobics too. About three months I started taking a kick-boxing class twice a week, which kicked my butt the first few weeks but gradually I came to love it. I do the crunches, but they are definitely not my favorite.

My goodness - look at all those vending machines. Are they like that everywhere in Tokyo or is this some special location?

10-15-2006, 01:35 AM
Ashley, good for you! :cp: But, tell me, why does your shoulder hurt when you are stepping? :?: Is it because you're on a machine and pulling yourself up on the handles? I guess so, eh?
As for the vending machines, yes, there are zillions of them in Tokyo and throughout Japan for that matter. No, normally you don't see quite so many lined up as that but you do see that many often, especially around train stations and department stores. So, it's certainly not an uncommon sight.


10-15-2006, 08:00 AM
Still didn't get the processed foods one, but notched a day on ALL others!!!! :dancer:

Processed Foods -- Day 1/no pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 4 done/1 pause taken
Fat challenge -- Day 1 done/no pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 18 done/all pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 8 done/1 pause taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 18 done/all pauses taken

10-15-2006, 10:02 AM
i wish that when i was about to pop in i could have good news about my challenges but that is not the case. my computer is still not working so i have to use everyone elses and that is such a pain. challenges were all going well for the first few days and then i started having some stomach problems so the crunches were out followed quickly by the water and then the food log. i am really depressed about it all right now. i have been on ww for 5 weeks and i have yo-yoed the whole time. i have lost as much as 7 (according to my scales in the morning) but now am showing only a 1 pound loss at the meetings. i just don't seem to have the motivation for anything right now but i am really going to try to kick myself in the butt beginning tomorrow and see if i can't get control. wish me luck.

100 crunches...level 3
60 oz+ water...level 3
food log...level 3
NEW ONE...keep ww points on target....level 3

10-15-2006, 02:45 PM
Red- WOW...that is a LOT of vending machines!! And they are pretty attractive! LOL. I don't think I'd be doing so well with my pop challenge if I had that in my face everywhere I go..LOL.

As for my challenges, well the pop thing went down the drain. I could take a pause day, but I'll just start over again. SO, here are my stats....

Activity: 6 days down, 15 to go, 2 pauses left (level 3)
Pop: Starting over...0 days down, 21 to go, 1 pause left (level 1)
Crunches: 5 days down, 16 to go, 2 pauses left (level 3)

10-15-2006, 08:52 PM
Day 6 - calories <1500, 1 pause
Day 7 - steps >5000
Day 7 - food diary

Red - every little movement jars the repair around the joint. Just walking on the sidewalk jars it enough to really make it ache some days. I have to keep reminding myself that it's going to take a long time to be fully back to normal.

Trob - Oh, I feel your pain. Yo-yoing can be so discouraging. You need a really good week of staying on points, drinking your water and excercising to get over the hurdle. Think how motivating a good week would be.

Heather - good work with the activity and crunches. Do you vary your activity or are you doing the same thing each day?

10-16-2006, 08:47 AM
Well, I did it! Got off the ground with the processed foods. I was about to let it slide again and then I thought, heck no! What's the point? :dizzy: I was also about to do a little sugar binge, then thought, why start over when I have just two more days and I can actually COMPLETE a challenge? :dunno: So, I held off... :)

Processed Foods -- Day 1 done/no pauses taken
Alcohol -- Day 5 done/1 pause taken
Fat challenge -- Day 2 done/no pauses taken
Sugar -- Day 19 done/all pauses taken
Walking/Running/Riding Challenge -- Day 9 done/1 pause taken
Crunch Challenge -- Day 19 done/all pauses taken



Ashley -- I AM in lalaland or something. I didn't realize it was your shoulder you had operated on! I was thinking it was something else. Sorry about the ignorance. Tell me, just what was wrong with your shoulder? Well, excellent going with your challenges! :bravo: Keep it up! :flame:

Bonita -- You say the "pop thing went down the drain".....but it should have just been the pop going down the drain, eh?! :lol3: But, good for you for jumping right back on the wagon before it goes rolling off down the road. :cp: Good going on the other challenges! You can do it!! :sunny:

trob -- Oh, trob, oh, trob, I had a feeling about you being so quiet... :( Oh well, good to see you back on track!! :yes: I sure hope the stomach problems are over. DON'T be depressed!! :nono: You're back up and fighting and that's what really matters. You've surely learned something with the yo-yoing. For one, you've learned to keep trying again and again. You can tweak just what that "trying" means, but at least you're keeping at something. You have to believe in yourself that you will be able to get it all right sometime. But you'll never get it right if you stop trying. NEVER give up!!! :dancer:

10-16-2006, 09:48 AM
day 3 - 30 minutes exercise - good - 3 pauses left
day 4 - 30 minutes exercise - pause - 2 pauses left

day 3 - Calories under 1700 - good - 3 pauses left
day 4 - Calories under 1700 - pause - 2 pauses left

day 3 & 4 - No more than 170 calories from "junk" (10% of calories) - good - 3pauses left

Yep, got a couple of pauses in. My calories yesterday I had all figured out and then went and had a drink! The drink threw me right on over 1700 calories. Exercise I can't count anything that I did throughout the day even though I was busy. Mostly it was the laundry, cooking, paying bills kind of busy. Seems that happens a lot on Sundays for me!

Red - Good job on the sugar & processed foods! Those both are tough challenges. You're so close on that sugar challenge, you can do it!

LaBonita - Sorry about the pop challenge. But glad you're getting right back on it!

Trob - Glad you're back to you're challenges! Don't give up! Good luck!

Ashley - Considering all you're going through right now, you're doing great! Just be patient, you'll get there!

Have a great day everyone! :wave:

Apple Blossom
10-16-2006, 07:48 PM
Hello! Guess what? It's Monday again! We went away for the weekend so I wasn't able to exercise. Beer challenge long gone as usual. But I have stuck to the water challenge, taking 1 pause , so I'm on day 6.
I've decided to start the South Beach Diet, phase one. So my Monday challenge is to stick to it. It's a 2 week plan, so I'll throw in a week of phase 2 also. During phase one there is no beer, wine, NADA. But even though it's inclusive in the diet, I'm seperating it out to prove I CAN DO IT!!! I started yesterday, so day 1 done!
Water: Day 6
South Beach: Day 1
Exercise (1/2 hour): Day 1
No Beer: Day 1
Hello to everyone, I'll check in again later tonight.

10-16-2006, 10:20 PM
Day 7 - calories <1500, 1 pause
Day 8 - steps >5000
Day 8 - food diary

Just passing through. I'm going to see my family for a week, so won't have computer access. Good luck to everyone!

10-17-2006, 07:25 PM
Just checking in quick...Still going okay. Like I said, I just had to start the pop challenge over. I kinda lost count and don't have time to figure it out right now, but I'll be back tomorrow or something and I'll figure it out then. Too short on time to reply to anyone personally, so HELLO EVERYONE! Hope your challenges are going great...I'll check back in later. :)

10-17-2006, 07:33 PM
day 4 - 30 minutes exercise - good - 2 pauses left

day 4 - Calories under 1700 - good - 2 pauses left

day 5 - No more than 170 calories from "junk" (10% of calories) - good - 3pauses left

Just a quick check in. Did fine yesterday, just been very busy like usual! Hope all is going well for everyone! :wave:

Apple Blossom
10-17-2006, 10:37 PM
Whoa! Everyone's just doing a quick check in. :wave:
Well, I completed day 2 of the beach:beach:
So day 7 water, day 2 no beer, day 2 SBD and day 2 exercise.
Whew! SBD seems to be helping because now I have some specific rules to follow and I seem to be sticking to them!
Dj and Ashley, you guys are off to a solid start! Keep it up!
You too LaBonita! By the way, I love your "unstuff" challenge!! Cute!

10-18-2006, 09:26 AM
day 5 - 30 minutes exercise - good - 2 pauses left

day 5 - Calories under 1700 - good - 2 pauses left

day 6 - No more than 170 calories from "junk" (10% of calories) - good - 3 pauses left

Made it through another day! I finally feel like I'm getting back on track, which feels really good. Still have to find a way to get myself through weekend stuff, but I usually only seem to have a problem on Sundays so it's not throwing me too far off track.

Apple - Glad to hear SB is working for you. I think one of the hardest things about losing weight and getting healthier is finding what fits for each of us. Keep up the good work!

LaBonita - Hope to see you back soon! Don't worry about starting over, at least you're making some steps in the right direction!

Ashley - Hope you enjoy your visit with family. See you back soon!

Red - You must be busy again. Hope all is well!

10-19-2006, 11:34 AM
Here we are! Took me a while to find this thread..LOL.

Well, um...not doing so well. On all my challenges. I'll be starting over. This past week and a half has been a bad week for me. Go to the Support forum and read my post "hanging on the side of the wagon" if you want more details. SOO, since I'm starting over, here are my stats...

Activity: 0 days completed, 21 days to go, 3 pauses left (Level 3)
Pop: 0 days completed, 21 days to go, 3 pauses left (Chenged to level 3)
Crunches: 0 days completed, 21 days to go, 2 pauses left (Changed to level 2)

So there ya have it. I was feeling pretty down, but I realize I just need to get back on the horse and try again. I'm not starting over...just continuing!!

Hi to everyone. I'll catch up on posts later. :wave: Have a great day all

10-19-2006, 12:28 PM
day 6 - 30 minutes exercise - good - 2 pauses left

day 6 - Calories under 1700 - good - 2 pauses left

day 7 - No more than 170 calories from "junk" (10% of calories) - good - 3 pauses left

Another one notched. Wow, it's so quiet in here! Hope everyone is doing all right.

LaBonita - I'm glad to see you're sticking with it. Hang in there. I know how hard it can be sometimes, but you can do this!

Hope to see everyone back soon!

Apple Blossom
10-19-2006, 09:52 PM
Hey LaBonita! Hang on! You can do it! I have lost track of how many times I've had to restart but I'm still here, plodding along. I am actually proud to announce that I have stuck to South Beach phase 1 for almost 5 days now!! I think it's a record!!! The scale says I've lost 5 pounds, but I think my start weight was inflated by a party week-end and TOM. So maybe a pound or 2 of the good stuff. :D
So I had to take a pause on my water, the other day I just totally forgot about it. So let see.....
Water, day 8
SBP1, day 4
Exercise, day 4
No beer, day 4

So really, where is everyone!

DJ, way to keep rolling along!:cp:

Apple Blossom
10-21-2006, 02:40 AM
Hello out there!
Well, I had to take a pause for exercise, so:
Day 9 water
Day 4 exercise
Day 5 South Beach
Day 5 No beer
As I am typing this, day 6 is just about over. I've stuck to a diet for 6 days!!! That's just amazing. It's really really hard, and I'm hungry and tired. And I don't have much in the way of results either, which is frustrating. I am going to stick it out though. This is too much suffering to throw it all away with out something permanent to show for it.
I hope everyone is OK! Things are usually quiet here on the week-ends, but with this last couple of days added on, well, I miss you all! come back!!

10-21-2006, 04:45 AM
Heh there...things are kind of rough here and I'm sorry I couldn't post. Just too much going on and certainly didn't feel like it. Just wanted to say I finished both the crunches and sugar challenge, so hurrah for me... :^:

I think I'm going to take a little break here and then come back anew. I'm pretty down about a lot of things, not diet-related...really the work situation and then some.

Gotta go down to Kyoto tomorrow for a race. That's always a very long new schedule just means no time for myself anymore, not even to post. There is so much else to do with the little time I do have once I get home.

So, I see there's not much action around here period, so maybe my absence wasn't missed much anymore.

Good going those of you who have stuck with it and good luck for days to come. I should be up and at 'em soon to find time to post is the problem...however, once I get a computer at work that should be easier... ;)

10-21-2006, 03:52 PM
day 7 & 8 - 30 minutes exercise - good - 2 pauses left

day 7 & 8 - Calories under 1700 - good - 2 pauses left

day 8 - No more than 170 calories from "junk" (10% of calories) - good - 3 pauses left

day 9 - No more than 170 calories from "junk" (10% of calories) - pause - 2 pauses left

Yep, took a pause on the "junk" yesterday. Rather stressed out and I blew it. Luckily it wasn't by a lot, and it didn't hurt my overall calories. I figured that I went over the 170 calories by about 50 calories.

Red - Of course we miss you! I admit it's been rather quiet around here, but I always look forward to your posts! But, if you need a break, that's understandable. Hope your life gets more manageable soon!

Good job on the crunches and the sugar! :woo: That sugar challenge has got to be hard!

Apple - Good job on SB. :carrot: Sounds like you're doing good with it. Keep at it and the results will come! You'll be very proud of yourself.

Hope to see everyone back soon!

10-21-2006, 05:58 PM
Hey there, couldn't sleep last night. Woken up by the phone and then couldn't get all the thoughts out of my head. Really bad... :( This morning I was hoping for a lift on the scale to raise my spirits but it still shows nothing has budged and I've barely been eating...bizarre. So, I'm just really down and there is nothing I can find right now to focus on and try to pull myself up by the bootstraps. Incredible, really that things can get so bad again so easily. I really, really need things to turn around. Hope you all are doing better... :^:

Thanks, dj, for the kind words. :hug:

Apple Blossom
10-22-2006, 04:43 PM
Hey Red! I'm sure things will be fine soon! Just be patient!
Boy, I am sure learning about patience this week. I think this is the longest I've stuck to a diet. I finally let loose on a :censored: , but I still kept my calories below 1500. The problem is the scale is not budging!!!! It's really frustrating. I'll stick to it though this challenge, but if I don't see a whole lot of change in the next 2 weeks, I might have to try another method, one that's not so hard!!! I know weight loss is a long process, and even a pound a week is a lot to hope for.....Grrrrr
Anyway, Red, I'm thinking about you and sure, we'll miss you but take what you need to get comfortable again. :hug: And congrats on finishing your challenges!!!!

10-22-2006, 07:38 PM
Good morning, all. Monday here. Back from Kyoto last night...too late to go to the gym this morning. Am trying to get out and walk a bit longer on the way to work. Still, the weight stays the same, though I'm pretty sure I'm smaller. Must be the muscle loss..I don't know. It really is depressing. I mean, here I am at 69 kgs and yet I need to be at around 60, that's nearly 20 lbs less! Are the last 20 really that hard to lose? Probably, huh? Oh well...just gotta really up the exercise I guess WITHOUT upping the eating! :^:


Apple -- I feel your pain! As you can see, it's the same old, same old with me and that's something you and I have in common it seems. All I can say is that you have to get working your muscles and also get your heart rate up there. This is why I hate not being able to get to the gym these days. I know that is the only way to make good progress, not just losing on the scale and ending up with a smaller version of me, but by reshaping the body and losing fat only, not muscle. Thanks for the congrats too. I may or may not take a break. It's just that I probably can no longer come in here regularly, what with my busy days. Like I said, if I soon get a computer at work, I'll be able to sneak in for a post while at work. Presently, I can't and when I come home there is too much that needs to be done to post here. Well, good luck! :goodluck:

Others! :wave: Hang in there!!

10-23-2006, 10:03 AM
day 9 & 10 - 30 minutes exercise - good - 2 pauses left

day 9 - Calories under 1700 - good - 2 pauses left
day 10 - Calories under 1700 - pause - 1 pause left

day 9 - No more than 170 calories from "junk" (10% of calories) - good - 2 pauses left
day 10 - No more than 170 calories from "junk" (10% of calories) - pause - 1 pause left

Yep, ended up with 2 pauses which only leaves me with 1 pause left on 2 of my challenges. Rather a stressful weekend and I let it get to me. Always seems the stress is the one thing that will undo me! Gonna try to get it back under control. Seems I do for a while, then something happens and it throws me right back out of control. Oh well, I refuse to give up!

Red & Apple- I know how frustrating that is to work so hard and not lose anything! Keep thinking about how much healthier you both are. I do keep reading others posts that those last 20 pounds can be hard and take some time to lose, but remember that it is possible!

Have a good day! :wave:

Apple Blossom
10-24-2006, 06:34 PM
Hey dj, looks like it's just you and me for now. I know Red will pop in, where is everyone else??
I hear you on the stress eating. It's probably a tie with boredom eating for me. I usually reach for a beer when I'm feeling stressed, but I also munch on stuff.
I haven't posted my progress in a few days, so I'm not sure where I'm at. I took a pause on South Beach, so I'm on day 8. (one pause left) Exercise needs to be restarted. It's hard to get it done on the week-ends DH isn't home. I should get inspired to do an exercise video after the kids go to bed but that inspiration ain't around right now.:^: What else? No beer day 9 and water is day 13. OK.

10-24-2006, 08:00 PM
hi all

sorry i went AWOL for a while, i'm back now and i will restart my goals effective today (25 oct)

will post again later today :)

10-25-2006, 10:35 AM
day 11 & 12 - 30 minutes exercise - good - 2 pauses left

day 11 & 12 - Calories under 1700 - good - 1 pause left

day 11 & 12 - No more than 170 calories from "junk" (10% of calories) - good - 1 pause left

Yep, another busy day yesterday, but got all challenges met. Once again, today will be busy too, but wanted to get on here and update.

Glad to see you back Sweet Pea!

Apple - I know what you mean about the weekends, they are the worst for me. I have a hard time when my husband is home and so are my two teens. When they are gone, I tend to do really well, I excercise when my 2 year old takes his nap, before the older kids get home from school. Weekends, seems like people are running around everywhere! My kids friends, husband and then there's all the weekend errands and chores! Oh well, I'll keep trying new things till something works!

Have a great day all!

10-25-2006, 12:27 PM
Hey's mid-term week here and I'm just a stressful mess! I'll be back later this week to post and re-start my challenges. Hang in there everyone. :wave:

10-25-2006, 09:47 PM
hey all, things have really been crazy around here. my husbands photog. business has taken over our lives. i have no time for myself of to get things done around the house. my challenges have all been forgotten with the exception of my water, that is the one thing that i am holding on to. i have now lost 5 pounds since i started ww seven weeks bad but could be a lot better. i wish that i could commit to more challenges but i know that there is no use right now. i am totally stressed by everything but see no end in sight.

red- whatever you are going through it will get better, maybe not tomorrow and maybe not next week, but it will get better. you just need to find the silver lining, as hard as that may be. i will send positive thoughts and prayers your way.

everyone else...keep up the good work!

goal weight for 1-1-07 (

10-26-2006, 04:46 AM
My report
Exercise day 1 went well. I have to add up today's exercise to see if I did enough. I've forgotten :) I have a very sore ankle and achilles and it is definitely slowing me down

Binge Free Day 1 was fine but today is being more challenging. So far so good! Will come back later when the day is over

djs - thanks for the welcome. it's nice to be back :wave:

trob & labonita - hope you find a way to manage the stress

10-26-2006, 05:46 PM
Hate to say it, but, I'm going to have to start over again on ALL challenges! Had a couple of busy, stressful days. I didn't get my calories logged, the stress of course had me not making the best choices of food and to top it off, I managed to strain a leg muscle and cannot exercise. I thought I would try to do a small workout today, but only managed about 1 minute before I realized it just wasn't going to work.

I will start my challenges again on Monday. I have no idea about the exercise though. I'll just have to see how my leg feels each day and go from there.

Sweet Pea - hope your day has gone well for you!

Trob - Hope that things get less crazy for you soon! Come back when you're able, we'll be here!

LaBonita - Mid term week huh? I remember those! Hope it all goes well.

Apple Blossom
10-27-2006, 03:01 AM
South Beach Day 10, no beer day 11, water day 15. Rolling along. Exercise is here and there, I get some but not everyday, so I'll wait until after Halloween to restart that one. Some pounds have dropped off! Rah!:cheer2:
Bummer about your restart, DJ. Take it real easy with your injury. Maybe you could focus on upper-body stuff and stretching? I wish I had the time to do yoga. Sounds like we all need double sessions with all this stress going around.:yoga:

10-27-2006, 08:01 PM
well done apple blossom

i might have to start over too. the ankle/achilles strain is making it hard to exercise every day. on top of that i'm not sure if binge free is the right goal, because i am still eating too much sugar. i think i might have to change my goals. will think on it!

10-28-2006, 06:28 AM
Hello everyone. Just a short stop in here to say heh! :wave: I'm going to be coming back soon, have missed you all and the discipline. I've been slipping a bit too much. :^: sweet pea, Apple, dj, trob, Bonita, thanks for keeping things going! :hug:


10-29-2006, 03:14 PM
Hi everyone. I'm finally back from vacation and with time to write something. I added three pounds over the two weeks I was gone, but I'm still thankful it was only three (Mom's home cooking). Now to get rid of them before they permanently adhere to my thighs!

New goals at level 3:
Calories <1500
Candy <100 calories
Walking - 8,000 steps
Food log every day

This week is going to be such a challenge. Too much Halloween candy and snacks at the office, plus a party to attend. Hopefully limiting the candy to 100 calories/day will allow me to have a bit but not binge.

Good luck to everyone this week.

10-30-2006, 08:53 PM
Yes, still here, just been busy with Halloween with 3 kids! Anyways, I WILL be back! I will start this week for sure, I just have not had time to even log my calories.

Hope everyone is doing well! :wave:

10-30-2006, 09:50 PM
Looks like everybody is really busy right now. Hope everyone has a great Halloween tomorrow.

Day 1 success all around.
Calories <1500
Candy <100 calories
Walking - 8,000 steps
Food log every day

Apple Blossom
10-31-2006, 02:21 PM
OK let me write this down first....No Beer Day 14 done, no pauses left. Water day 19 no Pauses left, Off south beach, will start again tomorrow!!
Even though I didn't complete the South Beach challenge, I did finish the 14 day Phase one, and I lost some weight with that! I actually stuck to a diet for 2 weeks and I am proud! I am going to do another week of phase one and then see if phase 2 works for me. Yes, everyone seems busy with Halloween, me too! I'll be glad when it's all over....:ghost: :bat:

10-31-2006, 04:50 PM
Hi all! :wave: Still not able to get in here. Hope you're doing well. Apple, excellent going on that no-beer challenge!! :spin: :cp: :spin: :cp:

10-31-2006, 11:14 PM
It's a miracle - made it through Halloween while staying on target on all goals. Even went to a party with tons of food and managed to only nibble.

Calories <1500
Candy <100 calories
Walking - 8,000 steps
Food logged

Apple - way to go for finishing the 14 day phase one.
Red - looking forward to seeing you back again.
Everyone else - hope you had a nice Halloween.

Day 2 success
Calories <1500
Candy <100 calories
Walking - 8,000 steps
Food log every day

Apple Blossom
11-01-2006, 04:15 PM
Just have to get this written down
No Beer Day 15, Water Day 20. I'm gonna DO this beer challenge just you wait and see! I've decided to start SB tomorrow, since there is still food porn in the fridge.....
Looking forward to having you back Red! Hope things are looking up!

11-01-2006, 06:36 PM
Well done everyone on your goals

I'm still having problems with my ankle / achilles and the exercise has gone nowhere. I am doing it every second day so I am going to have to restart my goals...

11-01-2006, 09:55 PM
Hard to resist all the Halloween goodies today.

Day 2 for everything:
Calories <1500
Candy <100 calories
Walking - 8,000 steps
Logged food

Apple - you're in the home stretch with the water challenge and the beer challenge is following right behind.

Sweet Pea - sorry to hear you're still having problems with your ankle. I hope it gets better soon.

11-02-2006, 04:36 AM
Ashley! thanks for your support. I went for a walk today with a friend and our dogs. I'm going to try dancing tmrw and see how I go. If my ankle survives that I will start my 21 says over :D

I'm impressed you had <100 calories from candy. That would be a major challenge for me LOL

11-02-2006, 05:02 PM
Hold the fort, people! Please! :^:

11-02-2006, 05:22 PM
But it's getting heavy :p

11-02-2006, 06:00 PM

11-02-2006, 06:34 PM
Just wanted to check in with you all. I will start challenges tomorrow. My leg is better, in fact I've been exercising all week. Just didn't get the calorie logging done.

I think I want to change the way I'm doing things. One of my problems is that I'm really burned out on counting every calorie! I'm trying to think of how exactly I'm going to work this. I'll try to come up with something by tomorrow. If I don't, I'll at least get the exercise thing going again.

Hang in there everyone!

11-02-2006, 08:01 PM
OHMYGOSH!!! After how many months of not being able to access this site from home, I try it on a whim, and here I am. Wow. Boy, do I need you guys.

So, I will check back in tomorrow, and come up with some challenges. But, just a quick update. I am still stress eating like a crazy woman. Way bad. Work is still insane crazy. I feel like it is sucking the life from me. I am supposed to be on vacation this week. Anyone want to guess how many work calls and hours of coverage I did on my "vacation?" On a positive note, though, last Friday I brought home a new family member. It is the great granddaughter of the dog I lost a few months ago. Her name is Belle. Hopefully, I can figure out how to share some pictures soon.

So, I will try to read and catch up with how all of you are doing soon. I will find some challenges that will get me back on the right path. But, overall, I am so glad to be able to find you all again.

Speaking of finding. . . where did that darn puppy go :?:

11-02-2006, 10:57 PM
Day 3 for everything:
Calories <1500
Candy <100 calories
Walking - 8,000 steps
Logged food

Sweet pea – How did the dancing go?

DJ – I know what you mean about getting tired of counting calories. Maybe you could do something else for the next 21 days and then start up again?

Jolly – Congratulations on your new pup. I really like the name Belle. Now quit working and go spoil your new baby!

Red - I hope things slow down for you one of these days.

11-03-2006, 12:27 AM
Hey all. just wanted to check back in, and make sure it wasn't a dream :lol:

For some reason, I just have to hit "refresh" every time I try to change screens or get to this website. Don't know why, but at least I know how to get here.

So, my two challenges that I will start tomorrow (and yes, I know for those who remember me, these will seem REAL familiar):

1) Follow my menu, and avoid any unauthorized :censored:

2) Daily exercise, including abs/core.

Just a note (for Red, if you are lurking) - I have even started weight training again :(

Thanks, Ashley. Belle's registered name is Barlee's Bella Donna. Her momma's name was "Make a Scene" and her daddy's name was "Canvas" so we wanted something artsy. Thank you, Georgia O'Keefe, for a flower print that fit :D I was hoping to get the male in the litter, and would have named him "Boy Scout" in honor of his great grandpappy, but it was not meant to be.

Anyhow, off to bed. Have a great one all :wave:

11-03-2006, 09:57 AM
Ok, here goes some new challenges.

Exercise 30 minutes a day - level 3
No food within 2 hours of bedtime - level 3
At least 4 servings of fruit/vegetable per day - level 1

I know you are supposed to have at least 5 servings a day from fruits and vegies, but for now this will do. I'm usually good about eating both most days, but I'm not so good at the 7 days a week thing.

The no food 2 hours before bedtime is something I really need to work on. I get up so early during the week, which means my bedtime is 7pm which means I need to eat before 5pm. It's hard to make everyone else eat early, but I need to make it happen.

Jolly - glad to see you back! Good luck with your challenges and enjoy your new family member.

Ashley - As you can see, I am giving up on the calorie counting thing for now. Since I've been doing it for so long now, I pretty much know what and how much I can eat. I'm going to give it a break and see how I feel and how I'm doing after a while.
Good job on your challenges!

Sweet Pea - Hope your ankle is doing better! I hate it when I get injured and can't work out.

Red - If you're out there.... Hello! Hope all is going as well as possible for you.

Have a good day all! :wave:

11-03-2006, 05:00 PM

I went to dancing yday and my ankle is still bothering me. It wasn't too bad during the dancing but later I had to ice it. I will just have to keep going as I need exercise LOL

Despite being slack on the exercise I am still losing weight - amazing isn't it? I really have no idea how or why as I overate yday. > 1000 calories in sweets plus my meals. Doesn't make any sense at all to lose 900gm (about 2lb) in a week where I have exercised every second day and my eating hasn't been restrained. Oh well I'm not going to complain wahoo

djs - those are great goals. I might borrow them LOL. I eat late at night altho my solution of course would be to go to bed later :D and I could do with more veges. Fruit is easy to eat, it's sweet and you can carry it with you. I guess I could carry celery sticks too but they are not as appealing

hi red, jolly, ashley and anyone else :wave:

Apple Blossom
11-03-2006, 06:37 PM
Day 17 no beer!!!!!
Finished the water challege. Wah hoo!
I have not been able to tackle the South Beach again. I know once I get started I can roll with it, it's just resisting temptation that first day....
Jolly! It's great to hear from you again! I can't wait to see pics of your puppy!
Good luck to you and DJ both on your new challenges.:crossed:
Sweet pea, I am continuing to lose weight too, even though my diet is on hold. I'm beginning to doubt my scale......
Hey Red! We're ready for you!!

11-03-2006, 09:10 PM
Hey all :wave: DJ, I hear you on the no eating 2 hours before bed. I have the same problem. I don't often get home with enough time to cook something, eat, and still have two hours before bed. I will have to rearrange some things now with the puppy, so that may change.

Day 1 challenges all met. Hurray. I really need to get my rear back in gear, as I can't afford to gain back any more. I won't do it.

Thanks all for the welcome back, and good luck with challenges, repairing ankles, etc :D

11-04-2006, 01:29 AM
Do NOT post here! The new thread is up!! Please click the link below and we'll see you there!! :sunny:

:dancer: :crazy: :dancer: :crazy: :dancer: