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09-21-2006, 07:51 AM
Brrrrrrr! Baby, it's cold outside at 34F this morning! The back room needs the woodstove lit but I refuse to start that so early. There's a gorgeous sunrise unfolding though and the sun will warm us up.

Today I take Harry back to Perth for his post-op followup. That will be a bit confusing for him after his move but that's where the doc is so.....:shrug: I hope to get some more garden clean-up done today too. :carrot:

What's happening on your stretch of sand? :cofdate:

09-21-2006, 08:05 AM
Good morning gals! I thought I would actually say hello in person this morning as I don't have to start some meal for tonight this AM and actually have a few minutes to myself. I have been on the go and cleaning, doing tons of laundry and cooking on top of everything and though they have been nice while here, not really helpful so I am hoping they might go home tomorrow, Saturday at the latest. Jay and Alicia aren't going to come down for a couple weeks so I might be able to get the condo back in order. {{{{SHUDDER}}}} they are clutterers and you know how I am about clutter!

I got about 5.5 hours of sleep last night, the most in the whole week, so I do feel better. Jack made me come home from visiting yesterday afternoon and take a nap because I had run out of steam.

He is doing well. We stayed about 2 hours last night until his Percocet kicked in. His nurse was atrocious and I have a feeling the nurse manager is going to get a piece of my sil's mind this morning. They have repeatedly told him NOT to let the pain get out of hand before asking for medication. When he started hurting last night, he rang for pain meds and she didn't show up until 20 minutes later and by then he was in full blown pain. It was in pill form so that is another 30 minutes of pain before it kicks in. Then we asked for a urinal because he had to go to the bathroom and I had to get him up and hold him at the toilet because she didn't show up with it. Lastly, when I took him to the bathroom I noticed his swan catheter hole (this is a big catheter they put in the neck that has about 5 leads coming out of it for all his drips) was bleeding around the bandaid so I told my sil to get her to come look at it. She came back with this stuff they used and SCRUBBED IT like an old washer woman because some of the blood had dried. You could see it was agony for him and my sil said totally unnecessary because the stuff she was using had lanolin and was made for that sort of thing.

He will probably be home this weekend, which I know he is looking forward to. I told him to think how sexy he is going to be to all those girls at the pool in Vegas with his scar now. He said he would wear a tshirt and I told him NO HE WOULDN'T. I told him there is nothing to be ashamed of because of that scar and he didn't have to hide it. I told him I thought it gave him that kind of sexy big bad Frankenstein quality and I like it.

Well, I am going to try and speak directly to a couple more people.

Take care and talk again soon. Your prayers pulled him through this and I can't begin to thank you enough for them! :hug: :hug: :hug:


09-21-2006, 08:12 AM
Brrrrrrrr, it's a cold 46* here. It's supposed to stay cool today, and I have to admit, I like it. Not to worry, though, we'll be back in the 80s by the weekend.

Ruth, I guess you'll have a stressful day of it, taking Harry for his checkup. I can see where it would be confusing for him, poor chap. He's been through quite a bit this past year, hasn't he: but then, so have you. :hug: Have a safe trip, and enjoy the sunshine.

I have to take the girls to school this morning, so I have to leave soon. This whole week has been topsy-turvy for me with the kiddies being sick. We've been keeping Maggie home, so I've had to be there with her, but she's able to go back to school today. :carrot: I think after I drop off the girls, I'm stopping at the coffee shop for a skim cappuchino, and then make a stop at the library. I need to make a stop for some groceries, too. I haven't been able to get much done with Maggie at home, so I'm trying to get caught up now. Chicken Capri is on the menu for supper tonight, it's all ready to pop into the oven when I get home.

Well, I'd better go fix my hair and find a pair of earrings to wear, see you all later.

09-21-2006, 08:21 AM
Faye! How nice to hear from you this morning! I'm so glad Jack is coming along nicely. What's with those nasty nurses, anyway? I do hope you speak to someone about them, there's no need for that kind of treatment. Most nurses are wonderful, caring people, but I guess there are those few who have to act superior. Yes, tell Jack to be proud to show off that scar, he's a strong man and should be proud of it.

09-21-2006, 08:53 AM
Cackle Doooooooodle de doooo doooo! :chicken:

Ruth: Brrrrr is right! And I am smilin' :D I've had my fill of the tropical temps here! The nip in the air is deeeeelightful . I'm glad H came thru his operation -I'm sure his post op visit will go great and then, maybe, you can settle into a nice routine.

Gma: How wonderful that Jack came through with flying colors. The post op care sounds terrible..maybe they are so short staffed :shrug: the sooner he gets home to your TLC the better!

Cottage: You're always on the go go go toooo! Have a wonderful day! Glad the kiddlettes are getting better..let's hope this is the last of that bug!

I just fell in love with Asheville! We had a wonderful time and plan to go back I'll tell you all about it when I'm a little less pressed for time... Since we got back we've been back to the Land Hunt... and have to meet a realtor this morning to get a second look at some property we are interested in ... So time to Fill up my tank :coffee: and get ready to slog through the woods again this morn!

beach bum
09-21-2006, 10:11 AM
Good Morning Ladies

Woke up to the coolness of the morning. We took all the a/c out of the windows and now we have a cross ventulation,good sleeping weather amongst us.

Today we're going out to the mall to pick up a humidifier for Leo breathing problem.We're going to be putting the heat on soon,and the air will be too dry for him.

Have to get ready to go to the Mall will post later

Hugs BB

09-21-2006, 11:49 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

Well it's been a busy day at work this morning with new applicants coming in and contractors asking for stuff left and right. I just finally finished a hopefully helpful post to a woman on the Introductions board. Hopefully I dont scare her off. :D

My fiance Daniel went in for his colonoscopy this morning and I still haven't heard anything. Hope everything went ok. My cat Gizmo has to go in Monday for his neuter & declaw. Thank goodness... I'm tired of him tearing up my leather sofas!

I finally get to do some more wedding planning this weekend. I get to pick out my menu and linen colors Saturday.... wonder if they will make everything SB friendly :lol:

Ruth: It's very chilly in the morning here now that fall has started. We are only supposed to get up to 65 today but we'll be back into the 80s by the weekend. :carrot:

Faye: Hope Jack gets better soon! I know I hate hospitals, I'd imagine after the nurse experience he would too. :(

09-21-2006, 12:07 PM
Good Morning all - very busy here at work so I don't have time to respond to everyone - but I did get to catch up on you all. So glad to see Jack is doing well - you are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Must get going - hope you all have a GREAT day!!!!


PS - it was a very warm 41 here this am (I actually had to scrape my car windows b/f I could leave) it might get up to 60 today!!!!

09-21-2006, 12:55 PM
gma: I'm new, so I don't know Jack's situation, but I will pray for him. I'll also pray for peace and rest for you and a little bit of an attitude change for all the mean/bad nurses!!

Yesterday was...bleh. I ate some french fries & m&m's (like 10-15 of each), in a moment of weakness while babysitting last night. I felt exhausted and didn't make it to the treadmill. But to try and make up for it, I parked the car as far from the office as I could and I plan on doing 40 minutes on the treadmill this afternoon in place of the usual 20.

I'm looking for a mountain bike and was wondering if anyone had suggestions. I'm looking to spend under $150.00, but I want to be sure that it will hold up in Big Bend National Park. It's been so long since I've been on a bike, I hope I haven't forgotten!!!

Everybody have a Beachin' day!!!

beach bum
09-21-2006, 02:01 PM
Hi Ladies we're back from the mall,found & bought a humidfier for little over $100. We have a small home so it should be able to do what its expected to.
Bring moisure in the air for my DH to be able to breath better.

I have an NSV today, an outfit that I couldn't get into last month fits a like a tee this morning. YIPEEEEEEEE!!!:carrot: :carrot: Can't believe what low carbing is doing for me to get down to another size. Don't feel like I need the wicked scale anymore to tell me that I suceeding in this WOE.

Ruth-Our wine barrel garden has to be cleaned also. The tomato plants are all bare except for a few green plum tomatoes.We're going to take them off the vine and make:chef: fried green tomatoes,as a side dish.

Faye-So happy:) that Jack is getting better with each day. Can't believe that nurses act like that. I guess we're lucky:lucky: as we have wonderful ones in our two hospitals in Cape Cod.

Cottage-Hope you enjoyed your cappicinio :coffee2: its a good day for it.being brisk and all.

Schatzi- Crosssing :crossed: my fingures everything went fine this morning at your realitors.

Chellez-Don't:nono: worry Colonescopies aren't as bad :devil: as they sound.He problably held up in the hospital. I'm going for mine some time before the end of the year. My Mom & Dad had colon cancer so I have to have my done every 5 years.Good luck:goodluck: with kitty cat,my dd had he cat declawed,only reason as she had to small newborns and didn't want to take a chance.

RTM-Have a great day :wave: We were chilled up here this morning.But I'm not complaining as it was GOOD :cloud9:SLEEPING weather.

Kim-Welcome:welcome: to the thread.You'll like it here,great bunch of people.Your excercising look great,I try to do that myself whenever I'm in a parking lot. One day of fries & m&m's is not going to hurt your effects,just be careful not to repeat eatting them while on Phase 1.

Have a great one

Hugs :) BB

09-21-2006, 03:08 PM
Well I'm back from lunch and I've been a naughty little girl :devil:

I didn't want to eat another McDonald's or Wendy's salad today so I decided to drive home for lunch and eat. (Plus I was hoping Daniel was home because he had called and said he was on his way from the Dr.'s) So anyway I get home and all I have thats quick in the fridge is salad, eggbeaters, mushrooms, celery & beer battered fish filets. So I'm like "oh well one meal wont hurt", so I heat me up some fish filets make a small salad and get to grubbing. Mind you i hadn't looked at the nutrition facts but knew that breaded = bad in Phase 1.

So after eating I decided to look at the box..... :fr: yikes! 12g carbs per filet! I was devistated for a moment. Then I spotted this little box in the back of the fridge.... Daniel had bought some stuff from the store last night... but he didn't tell me about the Edy's Dibs in the freezer! Oh I was gonna be in for it. I could just taste the chocolatey goodness on my tongue before I even opened the box. And I was done for. :dizzy:

In my head I was like WHY! Why did you do it! :stress: But then when it all slowed down I was thinking, Ok you cheated, but it's one meal out of 14 days and you still have 10 to go.... so you're good. :crazy:

I still can't switch from to fitday. FitDay just wants a lot of information that most of the nutritional facts don't list. Then on top of that the list for the foods in their database is a lot smaller. I like Nutridiary but I want to switch so people can view my progress. Any suggestions?

BB - grats on finding the humidifier! The Dr. told Daniel he found no diverticulitus in his colon (but thats what 2 other doctors diagnosed him with a few months ago.) He does have some Colitus though.... yucky stuff I tell ya.

Now if I could only figure out why the cat likes to pee on the top of the litter box cover I think I'll have the day tackled. :?: