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09-19-2006, 08:01 PM
G'day all,

Firstly about my email for Peggy and Slavika, I did put my Numeric IP address is and it also said I was not listed.
I have sent an email to you both a few days ago, I have not received acknowledgement of receipt and think it must still be hanging in cyberspace somewhere.:mad::?::dizzy::mad:

Peggy I just loved the photos of little (perhaps not so little;) ) Peyton, he is no longer a baby but looking like a real little boy. You are really involved with the school cafetaria, it sounds like a heck of a lot of work but I can imagine the little kids would be very cute.
The Preble County Pork festival sounded like a lot of pork chops...and a lot of craft booths. I hope we come across some festivals like this when we are in America.

Ann what good news about Holly. I now know exactly where you are going now, hope you have a great time.

Karen that is a long time you will be away from 'your little corner of peace'. Are you staying with family and is Sprout travelling with you?

Glenda I like the sound of the alterations to your house. Your kids are good helping you paint. It is so true about the 'Funny how if you don't really look you don't see how dated and dirty things can become.'

I had some good news, went for my check up with my cancer specialist and all is well again for another year.:carrot:

Looking after Matilda yesterday was a bit of a pain, she was very grumpy and hard to get on with. Not sure what her problem was but all she wanted to do was things she was not allowed to do.

We have also bought a Lonely Planet book on the USA, we bought a cheaper version but it was just not as good as the real thing. We use Lonely Planet books a lot when we travel but they are a bit pricey and of course the USA one is huge and $52.00.:eek:

Have a great day all,


Karen L
09-20-2006, 10:33 AM
Hi all ,
Been down sick with some kind of a bug. Spent a lot of time hanging out over the toilet yesterday. I'm better today at least the food is staying down.

Maria Yes Sprout is going with us. He is like my child and I won't never board him. We are not staying with anyone while we are back in Minnesota. My good friend has a Motel and is giving us a very good rate for the 6 weeks that we will be there. We'll have most of our meals at moms or with the kids. but we figured for that amount of time it would be best if for all if we had a retreat to go to at the end of the day. Plus we always are up at the crack of dawn and we would be afraid of disturbing the whole house . This way is going to be better I hope. The Motel is a Mom and Pop type. Nothing fancy but it is clean and we will have a microwave and coffee pot and cable TV so DH can watch Imus on MSNBC. I think he stinks but Dh and I differ there.

Also glad Maria that your check up was good for one more year. Is Matilda teething would that be the reason she was out of sorts. Hope she is better now.

When I sign on to my mail this morning I had 42 messages. That's what happens when you don't sign on for a day. Thought I would never get through them.

Well I'm going to jump in the shower and dress then I'll see if I feel like doing anything else. I am craving Krispy Cream Donuts. I just may have to go buy some . Maybe DH will pick some up for me on his way back from the Va Hospital he is having a check up today. Think i will call the cell and leave him a message.


09-20-2006, 09:37 PM
G'day all,

What a sensible thing to do Karen staying in a motel. I know when we stay with our daughter in Melbourne, a few days is usually enough so I could not imagine 6 weeks :eek:
Sorry to hear you have not been well, I am amazed you are craving the donuts.
I remember dh coming back from Sydney with the krispy cream donuts, they had just been introduced into Australia and there was a line up at the airport for the jolly things. I didn't really like them, it tasted just like a mouthful of tasteless sugar. Perhaps your Krispy Donuts are different.

Doing some work making a poster for the Police Department and their Christmas Carols event.

Hope you are all having a great day


09-22-2006, 03:55 PM
Maria, "tasteless sugar??" Sugar is one of my many downfalls. Sugar is never tasteless. But for me, Krispy Kremes are just sweet air they are so light. I think I could eat a whole box. And if I remember correctly each donut is enough points for a whole day. So I stay away from them, for sure.

Karen, sorry you have been ill. Our pets become our kids at this age, don't they? So glad you found the motel. That will simplify things for your visit. Three days is my limit and that is pretty long for staying with the kids. For one thing they totally wear me out. Grandma has to do everything. I need my time staring at the wall and not moving. Just kidding!

All, I am so enjoying my fitness center. Last night I walked with a friend around the lake, the equivalent of 3.3 miles. It was windy and it was so much harder than walking the equivalent on a treadmill with a small incline. I wonder why. It was also kind of warm and I walk on a treadmill with a fan on my face. Few people come when I do so the dressing room and showers are all mine.

Slavika, Trudy, Peggy, where are you? Have a wonderful weekend.

09-22-2006, 07:21 PM
G'day all,

Your fitness centre sounds great Glenda. I thought those donuts would be high in calories but did not realise how high. Lucky I do not like them!

That is a substantial walk, I have to really start walking more and go to the podiatrist for new orthotics. We will be doing alot of walking the 7 days we are in New York so i will have to get into training :)

It is nice to hear that all of us have a limit of 3 days or so with kids:D

It is so lovely having Matilda and her parents so close by, they can just call in for 10 minutes and off they go again. Because we are so close to the beach, they use our house as a bit of a 'pitstop' when they walk from their house to the beach.
It would be perfect if our daughter lived so close by as well......

Have a great weekend all,


Karen L
09-23-2006, 05:45 AM
I got the donuts and I ate the donuts. They are 5 points each. I used up all of my 28 maintenance points plus 2 of my regular 35 (you figure it out) and am paying the price of having to stick to less points from now until Wednesday until my new points week starts. It was something I think I needed to do. Now that craving is gone and i don't have to deal with it anymore.

My friend and neighbor up and got married on Monday so there is a house for sale across the street for any one of you who might be interested. She was widowed at 55 and just since I've been her she lost about 80 pounds and began dating again. She knew this man she married for many years but they just reconnected last fall I think it was. She moved in with him for a while and it got too hairy with the family (his kids and Grand kids) So she moved back home for a while and just spent several days a week over there. Several times this year she has talked herself in and out of marriage. But Monday she had His mother to the doctor and the BF called to say his friend the Judge had some time that afternoon to marry them so they just did the deed. I'm happy for her but will miss seeing her . Any way her house up for sale cheap.

Yesterday was my Moms 80th birthday. When I called she said it had been rainy and cold all day so she just went out to her water aerobics class and then she and my nephew went out for a bite to eat. The family will have the celebration next Saturday for her.

Hit another good sale yesterday at a store called Beals . It's a Florida chain store like Kohl's. Any way got some cute Tee shirts to go with all those pants I bought last week. These shirts were $18.00 each with 50% off then another$40% off so they cost me a little over $5.00 a shirt. I was happy. Like I said I love a good sale. But then you think about why they can get away with selling so low and you know they still made a profit. Otherwise they wouldn't do it.

Well I guess I'd better head back to bed. Maybe I'll be able to fall back to sleep.

See y'all later

09-23-2006, 11:00 PM
Hi Everybody: I love a good sale too KAREN but I can't say that I have found any wonderful bargains for awhile now. David and I always took our dog Nikita with us when we went to the lake or into the States for shopping but of course we couldn't take her to Maui, but in those days we would only be gone for two weeks and friends of ours who had a gentle golden lab would take care of her. I'm glad you are taking your Sprout with you. We don't have a Krispy Kreme shop in our city but they do in Maui and unfortunately :o :o David and I stopped in there many times. Too many! :devil: Well gals I went back to WW last week. I just wasn't doing so well on my own. I am back to walking on my treadmill :tread: not overly fast but I am still going for physio treatments, although I am feeling much better now. GLENDA, one of my friends teased me and said because I only had one child, my mothering instincts had not been satisfied and that was why I treated my dog like a "little furry people".:) :) We are truly going into our fall season, the leaves are all pretty colours and lots have started to fall to the ground. I have had Salvation Army pick up a ton of stuff that I was no longer using or didn't want anymore and it sure feels good to get rid of all those things. MARIA, when I called my internet server they gave me an email address to which I was to send the email I get when you weren't getting my mail. I wonder if they fixed the problem we were having. Hope you all are having a nice weekend. Congrats again GLORIA to you and your husband. .Bye for now.

09-24-2006, 12:26 AM
Hi all,
I also like Beals when I am in Fl,love the 40% off sale with the senior day discount.
We have Dunkin Donuts here only recently tried Krispy Creme and don't like them as much. Trouble is if they are more then 2 hrs old they get hard like hockey pucks
Karen ,I agree with you about Imus. My husbands listens to him and I can't stand the sound of the man's voice and don't understand the popularity of his show.
Maria- I missed your USA intinerary where besides NYC are you visiting. Hope you are planning to go to Broadway.
We are looking for a home in Pa because the taxes here are so high and there is a referendum this week to build on to the high school for 70 million dollars. That alone would raise our taxes 900 dollars. It's gotten out of hand and so by looking at Pa our taxes would go down 3/4 's.
Had 11 people here for the holidays, cooked for two weeks and everything came out great. The clean-up is a pain.
Bought a web cam for my computer and my daughter's computer so I can talk and see my grand son when we are in Fl.
We celebrated our 43 rd anniversay on the 21 st. Where have all the years gone.
Got news a dear friend's husband is dying and so we wait to hear the news. I was a bridesmaid at their wedding and know her since we were 17. It's just so upsetting. So many of my friend have become widows.
Came in from my neighbor's party-They are in their 40's and had a 50's Frank Sinatra Party and we all came dressed up in tuxedos and gowns. It was fun.
Well it's late-time to say good nite ladies.

09-24-2006, 01:12 AM
Bernice, hope you and your husband had a lovely anniversary. :hug: I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's husband, It's so hard and sad to lose a mate, someone you have loved with all your heart, and know that he felt the same love for you......the shared memories..........

It sounds like that was fun party to go to. Who or what is IMUS??:?: .

09-24-2006, 04:02 AM
Imus is actuallyl Don Imus a radio commentator who also is on early morning TV as well. He's dull and boring and does parodies making fun of religion, things that are going on in the world. He does run a rAnch in New Mexico ,I think ,for children with cancer and has a building named after him at Hackensack Medical CEenter.Pediatric Center. I can't stand his voice and his craggy appearance. The only saving grace to waking up to him is my husband wears earphones as not to disturb me. I am grateful. Bernice PS for more info google him.

09-24-2006, 06:44 PM
G'day all,

A cool Monday morning here. We did quite a bit of gardening at the weekend, made us feel very thankful that we no longer have the very large garden we had before we moved.
Planted lots of petunias, they always give a lovely colourful display around Christmas.

Nice to 'see' you Slavika, the email business is just a total mystery to me :?: Good to hear your physio is giving you some good results, good luck with your return to WW.

Bernice we really do not have an itinerary as such, dh put a rough plan together. Basically we will be landing in Los Angelos and have booked accommodation there for 6 nights (which we now think might be too long), pick up a rental car and meander across America, hoping to meet some of our group, pop (;)) into Canada and meet up with Trudy & Slavika, then across to the north eastern states, our finally stop being New York where we have also booked accommodation for 7 nights.
In all we will be away for 10 weeks. I am looking foreward to seeing everyone and I am sorry that we will not be going to Florida but we can only do so much.
Where is Pa??? I need to learn lots more about your states etc.
I did 'google' Imus and learnt a bit more about him, not too sure what to think. There was a video on that site about Oprah and her travelling with her friend Gail across America. I wished her shows doing this were shown here, it would give us some clues. By the time it is televised here we are probably in America then!
Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and yes I agree it is just so sad and upsetting to hear of friends loosing their partners:(:cry:

Karen you are doing well with the sales! Glad you got the donut craving out of your system!

Off and have some breakfast.....

Have a great day all,

09-24-2006, 09:57 PM
I agree with you 6-7 day in Los Angeles is abit much,are you planning to go to Las Vegas? It's an adult fantasy world with great shows and of course gambling, 3-4 days was as much as I could tolerate. Sensory overload. Pa is the abbreviation for the state of Pennsylvania which is a huge state bordering New Jersey at both ends of our state. The city of Philadelphia on the south part of NJ and the Pocono Mountains on the northwest part where I live. We are actually one hour from New York City and have to get in either by crossing the George Washinton Bridge which leaves you in the Washington Heights area(not nice) the Lincoln Tunnel which brings you in to midtown by the west side of the city and the Holland tunnel which drops you into lower Manhattan. There is so much to see and I suggest if you are considering a Broadway show,buy tickets in advance. I am really excited for you and I guess we are considered a foreign country, Ha Ha! The USA is a very large country and it would take months to fully explore. Hope you are planning to go to the Grand Canyon, shouldn't be missed. We have travelled the East coast from Maine down to Florida. Been to Hawaii as well as California, New Mexico,Arizona. Would love to see the Northwest and Alaska and that is in our future. So many states in the midwest to see as well. When you are in NYC,take the Circle Line cruise as it covers the city and of course go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. So many fabulous museums and bring lots of money (credit card OK) cause the city is expensive. If there is something you'd like to know or need info about let me know and I'll try to find out. Bernice:carrot:

09-25-2006, 01:48 PM
Hi All,

It is getting to be fall like here. Sort of hard to figure out what to wear. It starts out cool and then warms up.
Karen I am glad that you are taking Sprout with you. You would miss him. So you gave in to your craving. Sometimes that is the best thing to do. Otherwise you keep wanting it and the craving gets worse, at least it does for me.
Our Krispy Kreme shops closed up. They do sell them at Krogers and few other places. They are not my favorite. Too sticky.
We went to my niece's yesterday for her dd's 15th birthday. I didn't know what to get her so I got a Kohl's gift certicate. It is hard to buy for teenage girls. I am so not into what they are wearing. Sort of like a foreign city. Slavika too bad your gs isn't closer. They would be a cute couple. She is gorgeous and a dancer. Her dad had been to Alaska on a fishing thing and brought back salmon that he caught. They grilled it and it was so good.
I have never heard of Beals. I like any shopping bargains that you can find. Karen made a great buy on the tee's. It is fun to find things like that marked down.
Bernice happy 43rd. You are a year ahead of me.
Glenda good for you for going to the fitness center. I bet the walk around the lake is nice even in the wind. It sounds pretty and peaceful. I have just got back to walking. It was too hot and now it is more like walking weather.
Maria I have heard from friends that the drive along the coast of California is really pretty. My son did it from San Fran to San Diego last spring. I would love to see the western states.
Got to run,

09-27-2006, 01:50 PM
Well, I just read everything and, of course, remember nothing. I do remember the sales talk. Congrats, Karen, on scoring so well. Saturday I went to Ross Dress for Less (just opened here) and bought some stuff. I need somebody with me because I don't know that I am very happy with my purchases. Our office has gotten so persnikety about fashion lately, and I feel sort of lost on that front. I am happy to know that the KC's are only 5 points. My sister must have wanted to scare me with the 22 point thing--it did. I might have to try one now that I know they aren't that bad.

Bernice, you sound like you would make Maria a good tour guide. We are hoping to go to Las Vegas this year, but we are not travelers.

Slavika, I relate to throwing out stuff. I am sort of a packrat and my hubby is getting into the throwing away. He is cleaning out stuff. I just cannot throw away pictures and just won't. I found in a closet a florist box with a corsage from the Catholic prom, dated Spril 21, 1961. Do you think I am a packrat, or what? But in my defense I believe I brought this from Mama's house when she died. A bunch of that stuff. It was fun to look at again anyway, just before it hit the trashbag.

We are hurting with our little redecorating. Need some tile and cannot find the matching tile. Do not want to retile the whole kitchen so we are going to just tile a few rows. Might be goofy looking, but I hope not.

Well, got to go. Maria, the US really is a foreign country to you, but I am so looking forward to seeing you.

09-27-2006, 06:32 PM
G'day all,

I have been reading the posts etc but haven't had much of a chance to reply.
I am re-doing (by request) the cricket site for the cricket club that 'employs' (we get paid $1000 per month, not huge but very handy;) ) dh as a administrator. It is the time of the year that cricket is about to start in October and there is lots of things to be done. This is the second year we are doing this, last year dh was working full time as well but we did not want to say 'no' to this and I did a lot last year. It should only require about 15 to 20 hours a week but at the start of the season it is full on!
I know none of you know anything about cricket, I will post the sites address when it is up and running, it may enlighten you somewhat ;)

Thank you Bernice for all the advice re our travel. I tried to send you a private message but it didn't work. I thought you might be interested to see our very loose itinary. Email me and I will reply with it. mariascholz@adam.com.au
So now I know what Pa is. I think we are going there, dh is the tour director and sits and reads the USA Lonely Planet book every night!

I am really quite surprised how few of you travel in your own country, perhaps when I am in America I will understand. Australia is about the same size as America but of course very sparsely populated compared to America.
We can travel days without seeing another person, I guess that is not going to be the case in America. That large population is also going to slow one down somewhat:D
Last night dh was thinking if we should avoid the big cities (like Chicago), he was reading about a lot of very interesting smaller places.
The highlight of the trip for me will be to meet as many of you as I can and to see how you live etc. I cannot imagine it being much different then to the way we live. I like going to supermarkets in foreign countries and see what are the popular items etc.
I have heard so much about the size of meals that are served up in restaurants. Everyone tells me that one meal will be plenty for the 2 of us.

Glenda neither of us are 'packrats' which is just as well, be hard if one is and not the other. I have had some success on selling on Ebay , must do more of it!

Hi to everyone....I must fly and get this website up and running


09-27-2006, 08:46 PM
Good Evening Ladies!
First, Happy Anniversary, Bernice! We both picked the same month and almost the same day...21st & 22nd. Another one of the many coincidences of this group.
Another coincidence is this clean out and throw away thing. We have talked and talked about cleaning out the cellar but 49 years worth of stuff, mostly junk, is daunting. But.....we have started. I think last July's episode with the oil tank got us going. We have been tossing some stuff each week for the last 4 weeks and I think if we keep up this schedule we will make it in a couple of more weeks. By doing it only 1 day a week, just before trash pick up it doesn't seem so difficult. I not only have our junk but stuff that came over from my mil when she moved in with us in '70. I found a lot of old dishes and some lovely English bone china tea cups and saucers that I hava packed in bubble wrap and in a large plastic tote so I feel it is relatively save that way. I never realized how much glassware and other related items I had placed down in the basement. Any thing junky has gone to the trash and I only kept the china, and other assorted glassware. Beginning to look nice and neat. Found a set that DH had gotten me many moons ago and DD #3 said she would try to sell if for me on ebay. I'll let you know how that goes.

Our next task....maybe next spring will be the garage. That has stuff from when the kids were still here...an old bike, college books and much more. I feel if we finish all this the house will be so light it will float away.:)

Maria: We have done some traveling in the USA, mostly by plane, California, Texas, Las Vegas, Minnisota, then Florida, and the East Coast by car. Of course we have visited all 6 of the New England States. I know we are getting to the point that travel is so expensive and except for trips to North Carolina to visit our son we may be just doing local trips in the future.

Although I have read the posts my memory is very much a sieve tonight and I can't remember too much.

Think I will go read for a while before bed time.


Karen L
09-27-2006, 11:45 PM
I traveled so much while I was growing up with my Family being a military family we lived all over the USA and Panama . After I married my DH we spent most of our time in Germany. We spent 9 years altogether over there. In the states we lived in New Jersey, Colorado, Oklahoma. That I really don't care to travel except to go north to visit the family and that is 3 days by car. I am what you might call a homebody. I like my house and my community and the things I do here. My Dh would like to do some more traveling and we will be visiting Washington DC. I lived there as a child. DH wants to see the real Vietnam Memorial Wall. We have the seen the traveling one but He wants to visit the real one. Other than that can't think of any place I'd rather be right now. Some people might call me boring I say I'm happy.

We went out to eat tonight with some new friends. They have just been living here for 6 weeks. Any way the Husband is kind of shy and does not find it easy to join in with other people until he knows some one in the group. Turns out the 2 men have a lot in common and are planning to golf, play pool and do some metal detecting on the beach. The lady is already in some of the tings I participate in so now maybe she won't feel so guilty leaving him to do his own thing. They are newly retired and learning to get along 24/7 with each other. Not a easy trick.

Our weather is turning beautiful. The air is drying out and the threat of hurricane is not so great. The season lasts until the end of November but with weather cooling and the waters around our state cooling off the threat is going down. Now is the time our winter folks start coming back and people are out and about just enjoying the Florida sunshine.

Cleaning out and throwing away is a way of live for us. Our house is not built for saving scraps of paper and other things to get in the way. We pretty much just throw as we go. I do have trouble throwing away my clothes. I like the things I buy and at the moment I am not crazy about most of the fashions that are in the stores . I hate to let go of the things I like for fear that I'll need them again down the road.. But sometimes you just have to close your eyes and throw.

DH made his goal weight yesterday. So now we are both on maintenance. This should be interesting. I'll keep you posted on how it is going.

Have to go to bed,

09-29-2006, 12:15 PM
Hi all, Well the funeral for my friend's husband was Wednesday and it was sad. My friend is a mess even tho she knew it was coming. She lives in an active adult community so I am sure people will rally around her. Her boys(actually now men) have to go back to work and have their own families. I think it's going to be hard to start over alone when we have never been on our own going from parents to nursing school to husband. So many of my friends have become widows and the collective theme around them is the profound lonliness. Makes you realize to treasure every moment we have with our mates cause you never know.
Lost another 1.4 lb and will treat my self to manicure and pedicure. Hay if I'm not good to me who will be. My new philosophy.
Thought of you Maria as I gave my dogs their heartworm meds as I buy it from Petshed in Australia. Believe it or not it's cheaper than buying it from the vet or mail order here. I also e-mailed you so I hope it went thru. Never know with this machine. I know my computer is capable of alot more than I can do on it and I will never use much of what it can do. It's still a stranger to me in my house and we have 2 of them. Why you ask? Beats me. One for up stairs the other for downstairs. Actually we take the laptop to Florida.
Got to go. Will check in later. Bernice

09-30-2006, 12:08 AM
G'day all,

I did not receive your email Bernice, I am not sure if it is still coming or if your email went inadvertently to my junk mail:(
I had a big clean up this morning, checked my hard drives, cleaned up my emails, did a defrag etc. etc.
My computer was going a bit slower then usual and I had not done any 'house keeping' for a fortnight.
It is going like a champion now and I just have to MAKE myself clean up every week.
Perhaps you could try again Bernice:^:

Sorry to hear about your friend and the loss of her dh, I really hate this about our age:mad: It somehow doesn't seem fair that we can now be carefree and enjoy our time together again and it is then taken away from you.:(
Funny how some things are cheaper overseas....I remember visiting my cousins in the Netherlands and thought I would bring a nice bottle of Australian wine, they were able to buy the same product cheaper at their bottleshop:dizzy:

It is a very big day in Australian sporting history today, the Australian Football League Grand Final:cheer: , the local teams have all finished their season but it is now the big guns. DH is going to the cricket club to watch it at $50 per head and you can eat and drink as much as you like. Not something that entices me, I will be staying home and watching it on my own big screen with some coffee and fruit instead! ;)
I am glad we live within walking distance, can you imagine how silly they will all be by the end of the afternoon:crazy:

Haven't seen Trudy around for a while:?:, I think Ann is back from her holiday.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.


09-30-2006, 02:09 PM
Hi Everybody: I enjoyed reading all the posts and getting sort of caught up. I did go to WW last Tues and managed to lose 1.6#. I think that this week should be ok too (so far).
I went to one of our gambling casino's last night with a couple of friends. I had a really nice time and won just over $100.00. I take my little $20.00 and usually just think of it as a donation but this time I won. I haven't been there for a very long time. You can have a great lunch there for $10,00 and they also have a dinner menu. They put on some very good shows. Maybe if Maria and Alan are interested we could do that one evening. Salvation Army has pretty much taken out all of my stuff that I no longer needed or wanted. I will still have a good look around and see what else I could get rid of before my new carpet is laid next month in the basement. PEGGY, a "GIRL" at grandson's school asked him to wait for her so they could ride the bus together. LOL LOL so now it starts. I bought myself new denim pants and matching jacket that has studs and stuff on the waist of the pants and the top pockets are studded too. I look like a real cool "Old Little Dollie"....just call me the "Rhinestone Cowgirl". LOL LOL This was definitely not one of my bargains. I feel I am slowly (very slowly) adjusting to living by myself but there is not hour in any day that I don't think of my David, and wish with all my heart that he was still here with me, but I do have a lifetime of wonderful memories that his cancer did not steal from me. Have a nice weekend my friends. :)

Karen L
09-30-2006, 05:26 PM
Slavika Glad you doing a bit better. And good for you losing 1.6 Way to go! Also it's about time you began to think of your self and what a nice treat a brand new out fit. Isn't shopping fun.

Bernice sorry to hear of your Friends Husband . And as Slavika can tell you it will take a while before Your friend is OK again. Would you post the web site of the pet meds place. I would like to look into that. It is so expensive here. I do get the Advantage from Dr. Foster Smith on line. But it is still expensive.

Went to Jo-Anne fabrics today and bought some quilted fabric for a couple of quilted handbags that I am going to make tomorrow. It's dark blue and the lining is a stripe of black ,blue, red,green, purple, light pink and yellow. I also bought belt webbing for the straps. Plan to make 4 inside pockets for easy organizing. I made a vanilla colored one last week-end and put an iron-on applique on the front It is more of a tote. Make a nice beach tote or pool bag. I put nice deep pockets in it too so I can carry the phone and keys and stuff with out them falling out. My craft leader thinks I should make and sell them at the up coming Craft show. We'll see how these turn out. One is going to be for DH sister the one who used to live with us. She is turning 70 in October. An update on her. She is doing well much better than when she was with us. We almost had to drag her out of her room and house and now that she lives in Jacksonville she is on the go all the time. So it was a good move for all concerned.

We are going to the Club House tonight for a dance. Mary Swann is going to be there . You may or may not remember but she was a regular on Dick Clarks Band Stand years ago. We are looking forward to it.

Well I need to go warm up supper. We are having some leftover Garlic Parmesan Baked Chicken. It was wonderful Thursday night hope it is tonight too.
I'll check in later.
Have a good evening all and a good Sunday .

09-30-2006, 09:07 PM
Hi All- We're back and I have finally read all the posts and I think I am caught up, but probably can't remember too much.

Birthday coincidences - 21, 22, and I'm 23. That was one of my reasons for going on this trip - a Happy Birthday to Me.
I have to comment on the Krispy Creme donuts. Not my favorite either - too sweet for me. But- I do have a favorite from Publix, one of our grocery chains. They make the very best raised glazed donuts of any place, (in my opinion) and I do have to be careful with them. They have to be my special treat now and again.

I do like the Beals department store. And that is actually pronounced Bells since the A in the word is bell shaped. I have found many good sales there. But no matter in what store, I don't really like the new fashions.

Slavika: your new outfit sounds great, and with your spikey hair you sure right in style.

Bernice: Hope you have good luck finding your new home In Pa.

And Karen is right about in our houses - we have to be ruthless about keeping down the junk since there is just no place for much storage. I do have a bit of a hard time with DH since he just hates to throw out mail. I am the one who has to get a bit ruthless.

My GD sent me the nicest birthday gift. She spent a lot of time going through photo albums and found lots of pictures of all the grandkids, and my DDs and of me holding the grandbabies, etc. It was put together with much love and thought and I was really moved by her thoughtfulness.

Maria: I am getting excited for you and your trip to the U.S. I know you will have a wonderful time and it will be great for us to see it through your eyes once your trip is over.

Did my bike ride tonight ( 6 miles) and now it is time to relax a bit. I will get caught up with everyone now. The best to you all.. Ann

10-01-2006, 08:33 PM
First let me say Happy Birthday to Ann. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy one. I know about the lack of storage in Fl as we don't have a basement there and the garage fits the two cars and not much else, I'm lucky as the house has 7 big closets and I have lots of cabinets in the kitchen and laundry room. We happen not to be packrats and papers are thrown out nightly. But hubby cannot do his toilet paper and paper towel hoarding with the sales as he does up north unless he wants to put it in the attic.
Karen, I get my heartworm meds from Petshed at WWW.petshed.com I give the generic of Heartgard and you don't need a prescription. It's much cheaper than buying it here even tho they send it from Australia. My daughter also buys from them for her dogs and goats. Go explore at their website.
Glenda, I sent you another e-mail but I don't know if you got it. You can reach me at bernicek@ptd.net
We went out looking here in NJ again and I don't think we will find what we are looking for. The whole process will be put on hold till we get back in May and I don't look forward to that as we will be preparing the house to be sold and be packing up.
Slavika-Sorry about your David, I didn't realize you had suffered such a loss , my girl friend will be OK but I'm sure it will be an adjustment. Most of my widowed friends complain mostly about the lonliness especially on week-ends and the fact it's a coupled world.
Had my gs overnite and he's just a delight. My daughter does boxer rescue and people from Canada drove 7 hours with their 2 boxers to adopt a deaf white male she was fostering. They drove back home all in the same day. I know I couldn't have done that. It's bad enough doing 12 hours the first day down to Fl.
Got to go do laundry-funny how dh is retired and I'm still doing the same old stuff. LOL Bernice

Karen L
10-01-2006, 09:32 PM
Bernice I think the same thing each time I drag out the vacuum cleaner. I do have to admit DH is much better than some I know who can't seem to find the kitchen if they want a cold drink. Thanks for the address. Your Florida home sound really nice.

Ann welcome home and good to see you back on the board. Your trip sounded nice . Happy belated birthday. My Moms birthday was the 22 of September. Good people born in that month.

My daughter called this morning to tell me the party they had for my Mom's 80th birthday turned out wonderful. There was a total of 49 relatives at my daughters house. My mom was pleased they all made the effort to be there. There was lots of food and plenty of cake. Birthday cake is a favorite of mine. White cake and butter cream frosting yummy.

Went out on the golf course today with DH and three other couples. I do not golf and don't want to learn but it was a good time watching and driving the cart. I wouldn't be a much of a golfer I can't keep my mouth shut. Always getting shushed.

Then this afternoon I made another Bag. This one can be used as a purse. It turned out good the belt webbing for the handles worked out great.

Last night we did go to the dance at the club. What a good time but with all the swing dancing. I paid big time with my knee. Had to ice it down for an hour after we got home and took pain meds so I could sleep. It was much better this morning but instead of resting it I went out and did yard work. The yard looks good but my knee needs ice again. So it has been a full day.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

10-04-2006, 12:28 PM
Maria, I sent you a rather long e-mail- hope you get it as I don't want to have to do it again. Your trip sounds fabulous. I forgot to mention that if you can get to see Mall of America in Minnesota, you won't believe your eyes. It's huge. Like a city all by itself.
Have to get dressed now and take a walk-better see results this week on the scale
Had 2 of my dogs teeth cleaned yesterday and now they have sweet smelling breath..
Catch you all later. Bernice

10-04-2006, 08:14 PM
G'day all,

Thank you so much Bernice for the very detailed comments.

It is going to be some trip, something we will look back on with great fondness. DH is already talking about the fact we might have to go back and see more of Canada!
Don't know if our finances will allow for that but you never know.

Busy day, looking after Matilda who will be here any minute.


10-04-2006, 10:46 PM
Maria, Canada has alot to see as well. We have been to Edmonton,Lake Louise, Jasper and Calgary on one trip and another time to Quebec and Montreal. We also have been to Toronto and of course Niagra Falls. One of my dogs came from Manitoba. I found her on the internet and She flew in on : Air Canada to Montreal and then to NJ. Poor thing weighed 3 lbs and was thoroughly traumatized. It's four years later and she is now American as apple pie. Also gained 3 lbs as that's the American way and needs to go to doggy weight watchers.
Well it was in the 80's today and tomorrow will be in the 50's. Real pneumonia weather
Loved the pics of your trip to the outback and after that the USA will seem tame.
Started walking and I hope my weight shows it at weigh in tomorrow or I will be crushed. I think I'll watch some TV or should I say click around the set. Amazing we have so many channels and nothing to watch altho I like Dancing with the Stars. Talk to you later. Bernice

10-05-2006, 05:18 PM
Hi all:
Bernice- Glad to find someone else who likes dancing with the Stars. I was really surprised at who was voted off last night. Not at all the one I expected. And I must say the Jerry Springer is certainly the wild card.

Just got back from and afternoon coffee at a friends house. It was not a good place for WW's as she had wonderful apple cake. I will have to walk it off the next few days. I just can't seem to get my mind around the program since we have been on vacation. It is going to take me a while to feel like counting points again. Do any of you ever feel that way. i do try to be careful of what I eat and don't go overboard on portions, but I just get tired of counting and writing. Probably the scales will show it too.

Our cat has become very finicky, so I bought her some 'people' canned salmon thinking that might tempt her. only the juice from the can, so now we are having salmon cakes for supper tonight. The things we do for our pets.

Tomorrow the trash collectors pick up green stuff from yard trimmings, so now I have to go out and cut off the seed pods from our Crepe Myrtle tree. maybe that will help me work off that apple cake. :D:

'See' you all later. Ann

10-05-2006, 07:10 PM
Hi All,
Wow it is nasty and cold out today after a couple of nice days. Last night we went down to the river for Tallstacks. www.tallstacks.com It is a music and riverboat celebration that happens about every 4 years. It is neat to see the big old paddlewheelers here. We went on a wine cruise on the PA Denny-one of the little ones. The only problem was it was at 10pm-like our bedtime. LOL Right as we got back in port the rains started. We were parked in town and it was a good walk to get back to our car. I needed the exercise since I have been sort of lazy lately. We were sitting on the wall watching the passengers get off one of the big ones. I think there were 1100 passengers on that one for a dinner cruise. There were some fireworks. This is one of the more exciting events that happens here. Wish you were here now Maria to see it and tour and go on some of the cruises.
I like Dancing with the Stars too. I was surprised to hear that Vivica was voted off last night. She is pretty good. Jerry used to be our mayor a long time ago. He was also a news man and always had a good commentary. I was sorry to see him waste his talent on that stupid show.
Ann I love those crepe myrtle trees. Wish I could grow one here.
Bernice you have been everywhere. You are a good guide for Maria. We had a boxer when I was a teenager. His name was Mambo. Loved him.
Karen you are my kind of golfer. I like to hit balls but that is about it.
We are going to watch P Monday. I think we might take him to Otterville-a place my friends take their grandkids.
School has been busy this year. We are trying some new foods for the kids.
It just gets so hot from the dishroom We are not eagerly awaiting our visit from the Board of Health. They nitpick everything.
Got to run,

10-06-2006, 03:56 AM
G'day all,

I love dancing with the stars but of course we have the Australian variety.
I cannot imagine Jerry Springer being one of the celebrities, how funny!

Of course dh doesn't like it much but I think it is a very relaxing program, love to see all the beautiful dresses and to see some of the celebrities in a different role can be surprising.

I hope the scales were kind to you Bernice :)

Crepe Myrtlesare beautiful trees, I guess it is because you have snow that you cannot grow them Peggy.

I hope Slavika forwarded my email onto you regarding our problems with your emails getting bounced. It is a jolly nuisance to say the least.

The website was fun Peggy.
I must have missed or forgotten why you are so involved with the school, it is a big commitment.

Busy weekend,


10-06-2006, 11:23 PM
Peggy: I'd love to take a crusie on the Delta Queen. Guess we have to win the Lottery first. Loved that site, and the music playing all the time I was investigating.

Maria: I like the fancy dresses on Dancing with the Stars. But once in a while I am worried that the 'girls' might fall out, since some of the costumes sure are sparse of material, and very slinky. Jerry Springer must have a large following, since he keeps getting to come back.. It will be interesting to see how he manages with the Rhumba or the Samba, as those are next weeks dances.

Hi everyone- Hope you haave a great weekend. Ann

10-08-2006, 10:38 PM
On to the next thread.......

See ya all there.


10-19-2006, 03:05 PM
I'm workin' on losin' weight and not sure what forum to land in. I haven't yet found the first forum I posted in. This site is so large I feel a bit overwhelmed. The title of your group attracted me. I'd say I'm fiesty, some others might say "bull headed", stubborn, single minded, driven, etc. but fiesty is good.

I had lost 40 pounds, but now I'm going the other way. I know why. I'm not having the time to exercise. I have a rental to work on and need to get it back into rentable condition. I work there from when I get up until I can't move and go to bed. I know I need to take time for me, but I keep thinking that there'll be time enough for that when this is done. I gotta get it on the market.

Well, I'm not sure if ya all are a tight knit group of "already friends", or if newbies come and go, but thought I'd drop by for a short visit.

Oh, we visited Adelide in 96. We had such a nice time. Did wineries, the beach, golf and just kicked it. What a nice area to live in. It really reminded me of northern California. The arroyas with rolling hills, dry grasses under a canopy of trees, meandering roads and bright skies. Everyone just had a "funny accent". <hee, hee>;)


Karen L
10-21-2006, 01:29 PM

Not sure if you know how to retrieve a private message so thought I'd post and tell you to come on over to the new thread #88

We are always glad to see a new face.