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Lin S
09-15-2001, 04:56 PM
Hi, Turtle Buddies,

Here it is - my "official" version of the fable:

The Hare and the Tortoise

A hare met a tortoise one day and made fun of him for the slow and clumsy way in which he walked.

The tortoise laughed and said, "I will run a race with you any time that you choose."

"Very well," replied the hare, "we will start at once."

The tortoise immediately set off in his slow and steady way without waiting a moment or looking back. The hare, on the other hand, treated the matter as a joke and decided to take a little nap before starting, for she thought that it would be an easy matter to overtake her rival.

The tortoise plodded on, and meanwhile the hare overslept herself, with the result that she arrived at the winning-post only to see that the tortoise had got in before her.

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.

This comes from a book handed down from my grandmother to my mother to me. The book is so old it doesn't have a copyright date or an author/editor's credit.

That fable has been the motivation for us turtles for about two years. Someone on the ancient WW forum mentioned the fable and I discovered it was very motivational for me. I talked about it in posts and other people said that the tortoise philosophy worked for them, too. So, I started a thread for us turtle types.

We work toward accepting that our bodies have a natural speed of weight loss when we choose to live a healthy life, instead of "going on a diet". Many of us have experienced "the diets" as go on/lose weight-- go off/ gain the weight plus more back.

We choose to perservere with each choice we make throughout the day. We believe that choosing to be slow, steady turtles helps us to learn the skills we need to learn in order to not only lose the weight, but keep it off and become the healthiest people we can be.

So, welcome to all who realize that losing and maintaining a weight loss is a lifestyle change. And who want support as we all learn the skills we need to successfully make the changes that will allow us to reach our goals.

Happy turtlin', everyone! :cool:


PS--I wrote a short message on Turtle Club #35, if anyone missed it and is interested in reading it.

Lauren H
09-16-2001, 06:06 PM
Hi, tortoises.

I'm glad to hear that chef is OK. I'm so sorry for all the people who were having breakfast meetings up there, though. Apparently there was a conference there that morning. :(

Our church prayed this morning for all affected by the disaster, even for those who would do such things. I'm glad we prayed for our Arab neighbors here in the U.S.; apparently there have already been acts of violence against them. That's terrible.

Yesterday I went to a seminar all day on how to help people who are dying. Some doctor friends of ours who attend our church want to start a home for people who are dying and don't have anyone who can help them -- basically, people who are too poor to go anywhere else. I'm wondering how I can help. I think it's a wonderful project, and I want to support it.

Well, food. Yesterday I ate quite a bit. I wrote it all down, though I haven't added up all the points yet. The seminar was held at a monastary, and one of the monks there is a renowned cook! Yikes! Then we went to a Middle Eastern restaurant afterward with friends. I only ate half my entree, but that was more than enough. Fortunately, I had banked something like 29 points over the past week.

Tonight I'm having fish, which should help. Tomorrow I plan to eat very lightly; I find that really helps if I have one very light day during the week.

I'm also beginning my bloat time of the month, which seems to last for a good 10 days now. Bleah. Ah, well.

Hope you had fun in SJ, Lin. It's interesting how sooner or later we all have to deal with our parents -- at least those of us who had some difficult relationships with our folks. For many people, they can't do this until their own kids leave home -- that's when they seem to have the time to finally deal with the old baggage. Not having kids, I dealt with the bulk of my issues about 10 years ago. I now have a reasonable relationship with my dad, thank heavens, and a lot of the old wounds have healed at last.

Onward and downward,



Lin S
09-17-2001, 04:33 PM
Hi, Turtles,

Lauren, does your banked point total include exercise points? I'm curious because it seems like a lot of points. I didn't know it was possible to bank that many in a week.

I noticed that as I've gotten older, the bloat period before TOM has gotten longer. YUCK, me too!

Your seminar and the project your doctor friends are starting sounds absolutely wonderful! If I lived there, I'd help, too.

It's too terrible that there are so many people who cannot separate the true perpetrators of evil from anyone else who remotely looks like them. I know that a lot of people want someone to lash out at, because they feel so angry and impotent. But adults ought to have the maturity to vent their anger without hurting innocent people. Of course, if they were all able to do that, the whole thing wouldn't have happened in the first place!

We had a great time in SJ. We went to our church and they were singing a song we knew, so we sung in the choir. They have our robes sitting there waiting for whenever we can show up. We saw my brother, who is doing pretty well. He may be going home tomorrow or Wednesday. We took Chris to lunch and he went with us to visit his uncle. And we visited my mother. And, mainly due to the hospital visit, got home later than we wanted to, but still early enough so Paul got plenty of rest before he had to do that drive again today.

I've been surprised at the resurrection of old childhood issues because I, too, thought I'd dealt with them. But I've recently begun working through The Artist's Way again. And since I didn't finish it before I've been pushing through the beginning chapters at a rate of a chapter each day, instead of the recommended chapter a week.

I think I needed to push myself this way because I seem to be getting more out of it than I did when I went more slowly. Last weekend I had a dream that opened a real Pandora's box of childhood memories and the result of those memories. The thing is that I learned the real reason I got fat and the real reason I haven't seroiusly pursued any of the creative things I really love.

I was also given a way to deal with what I learned, which is one reason I believe that it came from God. I also believe that it was from God because I feel peaceful about it, even though it's disturbing and I know that project I have to do to deal with it will disturb whoever sees it. I feel really good about doing this, even though it deals with a very dark side of my personality, the side I've always tried to pretend wasn't there.

So, I now have three projects to work on and I have the time to work on them. One is a photographic essay, using traditional film and digital manipulation. That project is the key to dealing with this revelation. The second is to finish my current novel, which is going better than any I've ever done in the past. And, lastly, I'm feeling a real need to work rework the final project I did for my digital imaging class last fall so that it's the way I would have done it if the class and project requirements had permitted it.

I also think that as I work on the photo essay and heal those past wounds I will sabotage my weight loss efforst less and less. I will be able to take care of myself in a different, more positive, way than sealing myself within layers of fat.

I know that it's not going to be easier, just because I had a revelation, but I feel that there's more hope of success for me now that I am uncovering the real roots of this problem. It's impossible to get past a problem if you don't know what that problem is. And now that I do, I can deal with it.

I'm not saying that there may not be other things that will surface, but if they do, I feel a lot more able to cope than I have in the past.

Hope you all have a great day. Hope to hear from all of you who haven't been able to post in a while.

Happy turtlin'! :)


09-17-2001, 09:34 PM
I prayed and prayed to love my dad the way I did when I was a kid, and the negative blight I had put over our relationship lifted.
It took me a long time, but this is something that happened very recently. I didn't want to die without loving him again. Long story--but he was pretty miserable and unloving to my mom and she got cancer and died. I blamed him and still do, but life goes on and I've always been cordial to him. I knew how I felt, but I don't think he did. It was my business and my emotions. I'm doing much better now.

It is so true that when the kids move out you can focus on yourself and the relationship with dh. I think this happens because the time becomes available=-=i don't think it has to do with much else but this. Life is great. Let's all live each minute to its fullest.

234/ thinner 199# by Christmas

Lauren H
09-18-2001, 12:35 PM
Hi, tortoises. Hope our lurkers are doing well. We miss you.

Lin, those 29 banked points do indeed include exercise points. I give myself either 3 or 4 points when I work out for an hour, depending on which workout I'm doing. Today's was Donna-Mite, and I literally drip sweat on the floor when I do that one, so I give myself 4 points. Lately I bank about 17 exercise points in a week, not including light exercise like strolling or shopping. I lose weight better when I don't eat those points.

This past week I banked more points than usual because of last Tuesday's events; I just completely lost my appetite. I made up for it, of course, on Saturday -- a whopping 46 points!! (That was the day I ate out for two meals.)

My home scales are up 2 pounds this morning. I think at least some of that is hormonal. I suspect the WW scales will be even higher tonight, because I'll be wearing blue jeans (which weigh 2 pounds just by themselves) instead of linen shorts, my summer weigh-in uniform. That's OK; my body fat percentage hasn't gone up at all, so I know I'm doing all right.

When and if you'd like to talk more about some of your projects, I'd love to hear more about them.

Judy, I'm so glad there has been healing between you and your dad. I blamed my dad for a lot, too -- mostly rightly, but not all of it -- and forgiving him lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. It took me years of prayer, though.

Have a good day, everyone.

274/214.5/199 by Christmas (home scales, morning)

Lin S
09-18-2001, 06:02 PM
Hi, Turtles,

Judy, I'm also glad you were able to heal your relationship with your dad. Parent/child issues can really cause problems for us after we're grownup.

I know what you mean about having more time after the kids move out. It helps a lot and may be part of the reason why it's easier to deal with what I've been discovering and feeling lately. In addition to having the time, I also know I won't be interrupted when I'm journaling by adolescent angst, in all of its drama and immediacy.

Lauren, it's so great to read your careful analysis of how you're doing. It's also impressive that you've found what works for your turtle body. I can remember how frustrated you've been for a long time because you kept going back and forth, gaining and losing the same gosh darn few pounds. But you persisted and you're reaping your rewards. Great going!

Hmmm. . .my projects. Well, I can't talk or write specifics about my fiction. Sounds a little weird, but I discovered a long time ago that I can write the story or I can talk about it, but not both. However, I'd love to send it to you for a critique once it's finished, if you'd be willing to take a look at it.

The photographic essay is quite a strange project. It deals with how I dealt with my early childhood feelings at the time, when I was a child, and the memory is one I had a lot of guilt feelings about. I'd rather not post it because part of it could be quite disturbing for some people. If you want to know more, I'm OK with sharing the details via email. Just let me know and tell me if your email address is the same, Lauren.

The other project is such fun! I have long had a character stuck in my brain for a children's book or series. He's a bear. He's like a child of somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-7 years old. His name, if you ask him, is Theodore Edward Bear, Esquire. He heard about a person with an "Esquire" after his name and liked the way it sounded. So, he's Ted E. Bear, Esq. One day a wizard came to his house and took him on a voyage to lands on other planets, other worlds, other dimensions. He was back in time for dinner. My original project was to create postcards of photos taken of him in these strange and wonderful places.

The photos didn't work as well in postcard size as they did blown up as enlargements for a scrapbook. A scrapbook was how the project ended up being presented because the printers in the lab wouldn't print on the postcards, even though we followed the instructions in the darn manual! I wrote text from Ted to his mother, written as if by a precocious child just learning to write.

But, the real story is in why the wizard took him on the journey in the first place. And what Ted did that the wizard couldn't do. I want to write that tale and illustrate it with digital photos. My plan was (and is) to create illustrations that look like Ted asked people to take photos of him to send back to Mama.

The other thing I want to do is to add Hunny Bear, illustrated by a bear (same name) my dh gave me as a gift. She's Ted's friend. They will travel together and have this grand adventure. Unfortunately, I need access to a film scanner or a digital camera of the Nikon Cool Pix variety in order to take photos of her and include her in the illustrations. So, doing the illustrations will need to be put off until after Christmas when I can take another class that will give me access to the equipment I don't have at home.

So, that gives me a lot to do. As for WW, I'm back in the mode where I'm not actively trying to lose weight right now. I know why this is happening and what I need to do about it. I've been using my journal extensively this week. This week has been a weird experience for me because I know that taking care of my health is one of the answers to the questions I'm asking, but I need to work through some other stuff before I will have the mental energy to focus on that process. And I know exactly what topics I will be exploring in my journal for the next few days. That sounds weird to me, but I know that it's how I feel. I feel as if my mind is taking me on a journey I need to go on and I just have to follow the path it's taking. You can think I'm weird, if you want to.

Hope you all are doing great! Hope to hear from the rest of you turtles soon.

Happy turtlin'! :)


Lauren H
09-19-2001, 10:41 AM
Lin, I love Theodore Edward Bear and his postcards! What a wonderful idea. If you take photos and need them scanned, let me know; I have a scanner and would be happy to do that for you. I also have a digital camera, but I'm not sure how that would help you.

My email address is indeed the same. Share whatever you're comfortable sharing. And of course I'd love to read your fiction when you're ready.

My WW meeting last night was about activity -- why we don't do it, and why it's so good for us. Our leader is asking us to do activity 5 days this coming week; those of us who do that can enter our names into a drawing for a cookbook next week. Hey, I'm there! :-)

I gained .8 of a pound last night. Considering that my jeans weighed 2 pounds, I'm quite pleased. My scales this morning have me back down to 212.5.

Today will be a bit of a challenge food-wise -- going to a friend's house for lunch, then having a potluck party tonight with former co-workers. So I think I'll go do my tough workout now so I can at least have those extra 4 points.

Onward and downward,

279/218.something/199 by Christmas

Lin S
09-19-2001, 02:56 PM
Hi, Turtles,

Lauren, I bet you've actually gone down a bit. After all, you did note that it's time for monthly water retention. Good going! Hope you win that cookbook. I'm rooting for you!

Your plan for dealing with your challenging food day is a good one. Extra exercise always helps. I hope you've planned a low point dish for your contribution to the pot luck. That's one way I deal with pot lucks. But, I've had occasions where my table is the last to hit the buffet line and my low-point contribution is gone! :lol:

Thanks for the offer of the scanner. It will be a while before I will need to do the camera work, but I'll let you know if I do end up needing pics scanned. Also, I'm grateful for the offer of a reader for my fiction. It's hard to find people a writer feels comfortable showing works in progress to.

In my morning journaling this week I have made some amazing breakthroughs that will really kickstart my weight loss program again. I found out, as I said before, why I got fat. Well, this morning I was able to let that child who sealed her body in this protective cushion tell me what she needs in order to feel comfortable coming out.

Much of this has been painful, but I feel really peaceful about it all. I've been acting so different. Usually I frantically make lists and plans and efforts to fix the things I think are wrong with me. That's the root of the issue. I was taught that I was wrong, bad, incompetent because I couldn't do things perfectly the first time, choose the negative things parents can (usually unwittingly) pass on to their children (usually because they don't understand how different children's logic is from adult logic). So, I'd frantically try to make myself perfect. All I wanted as a child was to be good and for my parents to approve. (They never did and never will. That's OK. I worked that issue out a long time ago.)

But, I needed to figure out why that was keeping me from accomplishing what I so desperately want to accomplish. I finally realized that I didn't think I deserved to have what I wanted because I couldn't do/be what my parents said was "right." I thought I had to make myself what they wanted before I would be worthy of having my own desires. Logically, that's crazy. But small children don't think like adults and it's the small child left inside who needs to be convinced that she's good. She just makes the same mistakes to learn from that everyone else makes.

Anyway, I now am beginning to find out what I can do that will make that small child feel willing to give up her protective shell. There are a lot of small "gifts" (many of which are intangible) I can give myself that will allow me to express my intrinsic value. That's what I need in order to stop sabotaging myself.

So, as you so often say, Onward and Downward!

Hope all of you silent turtles, lurkers, and the curious bystanders are doing well. Hope your journeys are less dramatic than mine and much simpler.

Happy turtlin'! :D


09-21-2001, 12:05 AM
I'm so glad to hear the tremendous progress you are making in finding yourself. You are inspiring. Good for you.

So glad you're working out the exercise, etc. I am so pleased that writing in this group is paying off for you.

I'm having trouble doing what I want most because I am letting food and circumstances get in the way. 199#by Christmas ==here I come! I want my resolve back.

Love and good wishes to all,

09-21-2001, 01:02 AM
Hi turtles. Thought I'd give you an update about happenings with me.

DH still looking for a job, but getting a lot more nibbles, now, so we're hopeful.

School is...going. Stress is getting on top of me and I'm having difficulties, but DH is helping me and my profs are sympathetic.

Work WOULD be going except we had a devatating electrical fire before the club opened this morning (I work in a woman's gym) and extensive damage was done. The owners say they still want us to work for them, we will still be paid as usual, they'll get everything sorted as quick as possible. So, I'll find out at the meeting in the morning what's going on there.

And! I know, save the best til last. I finally went to the doc and had extensive tests run. They came back normal--thyroid, iron, cortisol, blood sugar, everything. I was talking to my doc and she suggested I keep a food journal. So I pulled mine out of my purse and I said "I DO keep one. I do everything I should be doing!" She looked through it, and looked up at me and said "Where's the chicken? Fish? You're not getting protein here..." and I told her I'm vegetarian. And therein was the problem.

I've been so distracted with work and school and money worries that I've been forgetting to get protein! I went back through my journals and figured it all out, and I was only 4 or 5% protein on some days. All the symptoms I have/had--being tired, weak, easy bruising, losing hair, brittle nails--are also symptoms of a protein deficiency.

She strongly suggested I eat meat again, but I refused. So she suggested I go to a nutritionist, but I can't afford one right now. SO she suggested that I count my protein grams daily, and try to get at least 60 the first week. I've managed to do that, and I feel so much better! WOW it's amazing really. I've had 60 grams of protein for the last 6 days, and I'm feeling so incredibly much better. And I've been within points, too, and at my meeting tonight I lost 1.2 pounds. :) I've been the same weight that I started at for three months now--either a bit of a pound below or a bit of a pound higher. So this 1.2 is my total loss, for three months of trying. But I'll take it, it's the right direction at least!

One thing we also noticed is that my blood pressure has been elevated. She put me on a diuretic rather than just jumping in to beta blockers, and I have an appointment in one week to see if it's gone down. Here's hoping, I REALLY don't want to be on beta blockers! No one in my family has a healthy heart, I have a strong family history of heart disease, and I really want to avoid that path if I can. So that's my motivation, now, and it works SO much better than trying to lose pounds (when losing pounds wasn't working anyway). I look at food now and think "heart meds" and walk away.

Anyway, so I'm functioning better. Just thought I'd update everyone, thanks for encouraging me through all of this. The first thing I thought tonight at the meeting was "Gotta tell the turtles!" You guys have been brilliant. :)

09-22-2001, 10:22 AM
Wow! It is amazing what protein or lack of protein can do. I am so glad your doctor was able to say what was needed to get you back on a healthy track. I am soooo glad you lost weight this week at WW. Isn't it a great feeling? Great hearing from you, especially with such a positive message. As far as needing meds, go for the weight loss! You've got the right idea and we all know you can do it. Here's all the support in the world right at your fingertips.
By the way, as a vegetarian, what are you using as protein right now? So glad you posted. I've missed you.

Wow! I read all your recent posts again and don't know where to start. Your idea for the children's books are incredibly good. I'm sure you can be published! The Ted E. Bear and Hunny Bear are really cute. Hey, get published and I'll buy a copy for my granddaughter, Claire! That would be too cool.
I also read through your journey with your past and the sadness there and the ability of you to emerge from the misdeeds done a long time ago. I wish you all the best in your pursuit. Write it down, get the photos together if that's what helps, work it out. It's a tough journey, but will redirect the path the rest of your life takes. I'm really proud of you for realizing that this is what *you* need and what you're going to do.

Wow! Your exercise program is really awesome. You really work out and I am sure that not using the exercise points is what is helping you to drop those pounds. Good for you. I have to say, finally not having to worry about TOM makes life a lot easier as far as having fewer physical fluctuations in my eating program.

Now I've got to get on track with food and exercise again. I am not bingeing, but I'm not exercising, nor am I journaling or drinking water or counting points. Now--that's ridiculous! So Here I go again;--back on track and doing the right thing for myself. Love you guys--you make a difference in my life.

Hey Kimmers and Harley--come back when you can. I miss you!

234/thinner/ 199#by Christmas!

Lauren H
09-22-2001, 04:44 PM
Hey, Mousie! Great to see you, as always. I'm so glad they finally nailed what was wrong, and I'm so glad you've already seen a turnaround in your health. Do you eat soy protein? There are loads of protein shakes out there, most built on non-meat proteins. Are you also taking your B vitamins, since you can't get those without meat otherwise? Those have made a huge difference in the health of my skin and hair.

Sorry to hear about that fire, but that's great that they're still willing to pay you to work. They must value you.

Judy, always great to see you, too. Yes, the Turtles have kept me sane and on track many times, too. So what motivates you to lose weight? What could you do right now that would be just what you need to re-focus and work at it again? I think just spending time figuring that out could be time very well spent. I know it has been for me numbers of times when I've run out of steam.

This morning I saw a new all-time low on the scales -- 210!!!! That's what I was hoping to hit before we go on vacation, which happens this Wednesday. After seeing such a high number on the WW scales this past week due to heavier clothing, I wanted a pick-me-up, so I weighed in at home this a.m. I just felt thinner. And I was! I also checked my measurements, and I can now fit into L.L. Bean's largest Misses size! (Size 20, or XL.) This especially heartening because we'll soon be in Freeport, Maine, and I want to visit the L.L. Bean factory outlet.

And best of all -- I FINALLY WEIGH LESS THAN MY HUSBAND!!!!! OK, so he's almost a foot taller, and I'm only a half pound less -- I'll take it!!! :lol

Onward and downward,


Lin S
09-22-2001, 05:57 PM
Hi, Turtles,

Judy, I wish I could zap you with magical resolve dust. Most people talk about a sort of "click", like an "aha!" that gets them moving and keeps them going. I know that I've had "clicks" in the past and gotten going for a long time, then something else crops up and I slide back a little. Then another "click", and it's back to moving forward. I think that's why I love the turtle persistence idea. It allws me to complete the jouirney in my own way, in my own time.

My best suggestion is to write down all of the reasons that you want to lose weight. Also, write down the other benefits of following your program. like better health, and so on. Somewhere in that list is the thing that will "click" for you. Good luck!

Thanks for the good wishes re: my kid's book and my journey. I've written about 1500 words on the kid's book this week. Not a lot, but it's more than I had been writing lately.

Mousie, wow! Isn't it great when symptoms are so easily fixed? Congrats on the weight loss. That's terrific! Glad you updated us. We've been wondering about how you're doing. Still thinking about your dh and the job situation. I'm sorry to hear about the fire, but it's great that you're able to keep some money coming in.

Lauren, super congrats on reaching 210! You're really moving, in more than one sense of the word. Have fun at the Land's End Outlet. I envy you your shopping spree, just a little. ;) And on weighing less than your dh.

I don't know if that's an achievable goal for me, unless my dh stays overweight. He's only 3 inches taller than I am and has a super small frame. His best weight is only 140 pounds, but he says that he'd be happy at 160. Mine is--well, I'll let you know when I get there.

I'm making progress on all of my projects. But, I need to earn some money if I'm going to do any photography. Supplies are pretty expensive. So, I went online and surfed the job boards. I found a photography studio in San Jose that is looking to train a photographer. I have to call back Monday because I connected with a very ditzy operator who didn't know anything. I'll let you all know what happens.

This job, if it's at all what the ad states, pays enough that we could move back to SJ in about 6 months. And it's a trainee position to start. They don't require experience. So, unless there's a catch I don't know about, it sounds pretty good. Commuting will be hard, but it will only be until I'm sure I will be keeping the job and we have deposit money for a new place saved up. And I could take the class I want to take to do my photo essay. And the best thing is that I'd be doing something I love, instead of boring jobs that only have a paycheck to recommend them. (They're not bad jobs. They just don't suit my personality.)

I've decided, after a perusal of my calendar, that the best thing I could do for myself is to wait a week or so, until after TOM, which is imminent, before I start counting points. OTOH, I've been doing some walking. And not overeating. So, I'm pretty happy with where things are right now.

Good luck to all of you turtles. Hope to hear soon from those of you who haven't been able to post.

Happy turtlin'! :D


09-22-2001, 06:58 PM
Way to go! You are really doing it! That's great that you hit 210#
Keep it up!!!!!

Keep us posted on the photo studio job and its possibilities. It sounds like it could place you where you want to be if it pans out.
Good luck.

I got myself to a WW WI this morning. I was up which was upsetting, but expected. The good thing is I'm back on track. The lecturer was phenomenal. I may just need two meetings a week right now. I'll give it some thought. I went grocery shopping right after the mtg. to stock lots of fresh veggies,etc. and I'm very happy about that.
Had a nice chat with my sister. She just wanted to hear my voice after the 9/11 tragedy. You all take care, turtle along as fast or slow as you know is right for you--I'm back on track with you.
234/thinner/199# by Christmas!!!!

Lin S
09-24-2001, 08:26 PM
Hi, Turtles,

Judy, I know it's hard when you're up a bit. If you need more meetings, go. Also, you might try doing some journaling. Just find a quiet time, pick up a pen and a piece of paper and write anything that comes into your head. I find it's most productive to think about a problem or issue before I fall asleep then write when I get up. It may take a little while to figure out what's going on, but you may find that some answers come.

Good job on stocking up on those fresh veggies and fruit. You are getting your resolve back, even if it's slowly.

Well, the photo studio job turned out to be a delivery/sales rep job. They had already hired all of the photographers they needed. I told her, thanks, but no thanks. I want out of sales type jobs. I asked her to keep my name in case they get any openings for photographers. She said she would, but I'll be surprised if I hear from them. It's easier to find people who want to take pictures than to find people to sell stuff!

TOM got here and I'm getting ready to start counting points again, when it's past the worst days. I'm counting the months until Paul gets health insurance and I can go to the doctor about this problem.

My newest insight is that I need do my dance videos. What I learned is that I really want to get in good enough shape to do ballet exercise videos. That's going to take a while, but I know I can do it. I just love to dance. And I need to get some other videos to use as workouts because mine are mostly at the same level. I need to mix it up a bit, as I get in better shape.

Hope everyone is doing fine. And, that things are getting back on track, if all of the turmoil in the world has affected your journey.

Happy turtlin'! :)


Lauren H
09-25-2001, 10:56 PM
Lin, I love dance, too, although it can take me forever to learn moves. I'm really enjoying Richard Simmons' "Dance Your Pants Off" video, in part because I do feel like I'm dancing when I do it. And I love the '80s music, too. :)

Judy, that's great that you're getting back on track and that your meeting was inspirational.

I liked what our leader said tonight (we had a substitute who turned out to be my old leader; I like her a lot, too -- she's the one who has lost 86 pounds and kept it off for a decade). She told us she had been kvetching to one of her groups about some candy she kept eating, and one of her WWers said "Why don't you just leave it alone?" She was offended at the time, and all the way home she kept wondering "How could she speak like that to me?" But then it hit her that that's exactly what she needed to hear. Sometimes you need that kick in the butt that prods you into just doing the right thing, the difficult thing.

I'm down 3.4 this week, which is weird since I just got my period today. But I'm glad, because that means I'm still losing an average of 1.5 pounds per week, and that's right where I want to be. Even if it takes eating at the low end of my range and working out 5 hours a week to do it!

Tomorrow we leave on vacation. I'm concerned about gaining, but I'll just do the best I can. I'm also bringing tight pants. :) I'm really looking forward to seeing the coast of Maine, a place I've never been. I hope the next couple of weeks are great for everyone. Keep turtling, fellow tortoises.

Onward and downward,

279/214/199 by Christmas (WW numbers, evening)

09-27-2001, 11:12 AM
Have a great vacation! I bet Maine will be beautiful this time of year. Your weight loss is terrific and it is one of the things that keeps me going. Good work!

Always great to read what you have to say. I do need to do a little soul searching and writing in a journal is a great way to do it.
Thanks for the suggestion.

I got back to my regular WW mtg. yesterday and I was down a pound from Saturday. That makes me feel great. I'm on track with eating, water, and journaling. Guess what I'm not on track with? exercise--you got it right!
Today will be a busy day. Here we have the day off for Yom Kippur and since it's not a holiday I celebrate, I appreciate the time to get some stuff done. I have to grocery shop and right now I'm going to throw some LF, low cal. foods together to store in the freezer. I love to have fall back foods ready for when I'm too busy to do the right thing for myself.

Everybody=-post in and let us know what you're up too. I understand you're all busy, but a short line is always great to see! Do well and keep on turtlin'

234/thinner/199# by Christmas!!!!:p

Lin S
09-27-2001, 03:47 PM
Hi, Turtles,

Lauren, congrats on your weight loss this week. It's terrific to see your efforts paying off so consistently.

Have a great vacation. I'm sure your determination will help you to make the best choices that you can under whatever circumstances you find yourself in.

Judy, congrats on your weight loss, too. I'm sure you'll get moving with exercise when you're ready. You might try thinking about what did you like to do when you were a child? If you liked to dance, try some videos. If you liked to skate, try a trip to the rink. Making it fun makes all the difference in the world.

I started counting points last night, since I start with dinner. And I was mad at myself for writing them down and starting over. That was such a weird reaction that I had to write about it in my journal this morning. What I found out was that any activity that restricted my food or set up rules about eating feels like I'm being punished. So does exercise done for no purpose other than to help me to lose weight.

I realized that I never thought about my weight until my mother, reinforced by my pediatrician, told me I was too fat. (Photos of me at that time show that I wasn't.) So, when I was put on diet after diet, starting when I was 9, I tried to do what they asked because I wanted approval. But I was confused by it all because my mirror told me a different story from what the people around me said. I thought I was bad not to want to diet and be the "right weight", so I deserved the punishment of not being allowed to eat what I wanted and as much as I wanted. Eventually, I did what most children do in that situation. I stopped believing my eyes and believed what those in power, in control, told me was true--I was fat.

The exercise restrictions also felt like punishment. I wasn't allowed (enforced by not paying for it and I was too young at the time to earn the money myself) to pursue the activities I wanted because all of the things I thought were fun were done in revealing clothing. And it was embarrassing for them to have their "fat" daughter in leotards or a swimsuit. I was supposed to be to ashamed to be willing to be seen like that. I was supposed to play softball or other, similar, sports. But I have monovision, which messes up depth perception and eye/hand coordination and makes ball sports very difficult. So I became a sedentary couch potato with a book in her hand.

In retrospect, I see that the restrictions were inappropriate because I wasn't fat. I just didn't have the genes to have the current body type that was in style. (Twiggy!!) I was a little out of shape, but being allowed to do the exercise activities I wanted to do would have taken care of that issue. So, I was punished for not having the currently in style body type and I ended up protecting myself by refusing to follow the punishment (diets) as soon as I was able to choose my own food and exercise habits (or lack thereof). I ended up yo-yo dieting, but never doing unhealthy diets. Mostly whatever the current WW program was.

Today, I agonized over how I could get past that punished feeling so I could do what is best for my body and my health. I felt punished all over again because my body is such a mess due to what others did that caused a little girl to protect herself in the only way she could. Why can't they be punished instead of me? Why can't I just get rid of the weight without having to repeat my childood punishment of restricted food and doing exercise I don't want to do? Well, that's the tantrum part and I got over that in my journal.

I realized that there is a solution, but it will take a long time. I must make sure to choose only foods I want to eat and adjust the portion sizes to allow for that. And I must choose exercise activities that are fun. And I need to keep journaling and learning how to feed the starving child inside of me, so I don't need the protective covering around my healthy body.

So, I feel a lot more peaceful about the whole thing. And I feel that I can approach this problem in a more mature manner, now that I'm done with the tantrum. So, my solution is to do the following baby steps toward becoming totally back OP: continue to drink my water; keep track of my points-staying within my point range; and choose one fun exercise activity to do every day. In addition, I need to keep up with my calcium and vitamins because they have controlled PMS symptoms more than anything else I've ever tried.

I hope all of you turtles are doing well. I'm looking forward to hearing from you busy ones who haven't had time to post. And I'd love to see some new folks share their insight and support.

Happy turtlin'! :D


Lin S
09-28-2001, 10:34 PM
Hi, Turtles,

Just checking in to report that I've followed most of my plan. It's the exercise that's not happening, but I'm OK with starting that next week, after I'm back in the habit of tracking and writing down points.

Everything is going fine today. I've made a lot of progress and I'm looking forward to seeing the results in my life and on the scale.

Hope you all are doing fine. Have a great weekend. Look forward to hearing from you all next week, if not over the weekend.

Happy turtlin'! :cool:


09-30-2001, 01:37 PM
Turtles, I have such news! :)

I had my check-back with my doctor on Friday, and my blood pressure was down to 118/80! :) It was at about 150/100, two weeks ago, and has been elevated for months (136/84, 148/96, etc). The diuretic I'm taking has brought it right down, though, and my doctor was pleased. I'm to stay on the diuretic and I'm to check back with her in two months, to see how things are going.

We also talked about how much better I feel now that I'm paying attention to protein, and she checked my blood protein levels. The tests all had come back normal so there was no red flag there (thank goodness I keep food journals or we never would have spotted it!). She looked at my blood protein and said "But, you know, you'd have to be a starving Biafran from Africa to have low blood protein" (that's how rare it is). Something ELSE clicked, and I had more answers--that's why I've been feeling so weak and tired. My blood protein is okay because my body is (WAS!) metabolising my muscle tissue to get the protein it needed. No wonder my metabolism had ground to a halt! DUH. I've got answers all over the place, now.

I have a set of goals for the next few weeks, now: this week, 60 grams of protein a day. Next week, 60 grams and less than 30 points. The week after that, 75 grams and less than 30 points (about 20% calories from protein). Then attempting* 95 grams and less than 30 Points a day (25% calories from protein). I'd like to ultimately settle between 20-25% of my calories from protein. It's hard, but I'm feeling SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better, it's worth it! Not to mention, the blood pressure thing scared the wits out of me. There's my motivation.

Now, I'd be lying if I said I didn't care what my weight did as long as I was healthy. I do care, and I hope that with more protein in my diet I can finally get some results. I'm working toward the "see the doctor in 2 months" goal--I'd like to be on 20-25% protein, and have lost about 10 pounds! :)

AND! Oh, Turtles, I need you all to pull for me. Call in all your favors, please please please please please. Monday, a recruiting agent who had called DH the week before and asked for some screen shots (DH is a web designer/programmer) called. He said the company was interested in talking, set up a phone interview for Tuesday. We prepared like crazy--DH wrote out his key points, reviewed their web site, I asked him "interview questions"--and the phone interview went well. They called him in to 2nd interview Wednesday. He said that went okay, and he was "60-70% confident" about it. We got home, and he had an email calling him to 3rd interview on Thursday! So he goes to the 3rd interview, is there for 3.5 HOURS, and they took him around, introduced him to everyone, introduced him to his potential team, showed him where everything is, took him to lunch with senior management, the works. Friday, the recruiting agent calls and says he's their strongest candidate, and they're checking references. Now, because he's British (and thus his references are British) and we're in CA, there's an 8 hour time difference. So no news on Friday. BUT they told the agent they would be contacting us/him "early in the week" with their decision.

This is his dream job, with his dream company, if he had his pick of any place in the world to work, he'd pick this company (Verant)(they write computer games). They're talking about a wonderful salary, too. This weekend has been killing us, just waiting, but we should know in the next couple of days. Please please please please please! The minute I know anything (hasn't happened yet), I'll let you all know!

09-30-2001, 10:02 PM
I am amazed at your new approach to taking care of yourself. This is a magnificent breakthrough. Good luck, Sweetie.

I can't believe what was happening with your body. I am soooo happy you have a doctor that figured out what was going on.
Also, mega prayers to you and your dh that this job works out.
I really am praying for you!

Guys--I have the best news. My birthday is coming up this Wednesday. Somehow, unknown to me my husband planned and pulled off a surprise party for 65 people this Saturday. All my family and friends were there--it was beautiful. I'll tell you more, but right now I just wanted to share the wonderful news.

234/thinner/ 199 by Christmas:lol: :smug: :D :lol: :cry: :eek: :rolleyes: :wave:

Lin S
10-01-2001, 01:41 PM
Hi, Turtles,

Mousie, your dh is definitely in my prayers. Hope this works out for him.

I'm also glad that you and your doctor were able to figure out what was going on with your body. Now, you know what you need to do for your health and can work with that knowledge to work on keeping your good health and getting to the weight you want to be.

Judy, thanks for the support. It helps more than you'll ever know.

Happy birthday! Sounds like your party was a blast. Look forward to hearing how you're doing with your Christmas goal.

I had a good weekend. My official weigh-in is Sunday mornings. I'm down to 244, but most of it is the last of PMS water retention going away. YAY! I hate that bloated feeling.

We've been going to our church in Los Altos every week for the last three weeks. I'm hoping to keep going, but we need to make a few changes. Our budget cannot handle eating out every week, so we're going to start taking picnics. We rarely stay long enough for dinner, but yesterday we ended up needing to do so. Because I had plenty of points banked, I'm still eating within my range.

So, things are going according to my new plan. I'm going for a walk later. I've decided that I'm going to start doing dance videos again after I can easily walk for an hour. I need to be in a little better shape before I start because they're not fun right now. They're fun if they're challenging, but not fun if I'm uncomfortable.

I've set a writing goal of a certain number of words per day, minimum. I've been trying to figure out whether to go for a certain number of words, pages or a set amount of time. I decided to do a certain number of words because it's so easy for me to keep track with my word processor. And because I'm working on a book with a goal of a certain number of words in the manuscript. It's kind of arbitrary and if it takes longer or shorter to tell the story, that's fine. I just need something less nebulous than "write a novel" as my project.

I'm planning to storyboard my photo essay. It's a way to plan it out so that I know what photos I need to take, what props I need, and will help me to figure out the cost more realistically.

My Ted E. Bear book will need a little more planning, too. I really need to decide on the overall format before I can go much farther with the story. This is a really big project because the digital art takes a really long time to get the way I want it. So, that's going to require some storyboarding, too.

Things are going fine. I'm doing so much better than I have been since we moved last December. Hope all of you are doing fine, too.

Happy turtlin'! :)


10-02-2001, 09:41 AM
Hey turtle buds,

Just a quick note - glad to hear everyone is OK. We were lucky, we didn't lose anyone close to us in the tragedy, but I know people who did and others who are traumatized by what they witnessed. It's been a very sad time.

I've been maintaining for the most part, and am working on getting back into the WW groove. We can start trying to concieve again in about a month, so I'm excited about that and am eating healthfully, taking vitamins and getting more activity to prepare.

Keep it up turtles, you guys are very inspiring - not only WW-wise, but with all the exciting life progress you are making.

332/278/269 (2nd 10% goal)

10-04-2001, 07:39 AM
Glad to hear you and yours are okay after the disaster in NYC.
Keep on keeping on. It's good that you're eating healthy and taking in vitamins, etc. Keep up the good work.

You're really on a roll. It's fabulous to see how you're pulling everything together. Our minds have an awful lot to do with this weight loss journey. Setting goals works with everything--weight loss to accomplishing writing.

I'm not any closer to my #199 weight by Christmas goal. Last week I had lost 2 pounds by doing everything right. Then I had the surprise party and the not so surprising eating afterward. Today I am journaling and am determined to eat properly and lose those two pounds this week. It is my overriding goal and I am committed and confident that I can stay on program and lose this weight. I feel well and exuberant after the party. It's wonderful to know that so many of my friends and family went out of their way to come and celebrate with me. It was one of the loveliest days of my whole life. My husband and daughter really pulled off a great surprise. He gave me a party at a local college's conservatory--very old Vanderbilt estate--all glass walls and ceiling. He had an old friend's daughter and her friend play flutes and had catering that was scrumptious. Even the cake was yummy. He made up a slide show of me as a kid through the years--and all our friends and family--it was so much fun to look back over the years and remember good times and people who shared those times. Lots of tears and lots of laughs. It was great. Now I am renewed in my efforts to get to the best health I can be, and that means revving up my weight loss efforts. So--I'm doing it. Isn't that what Yoda tells us to do?

Good luck to everyone. Lauren--hope you're enjoying Maine's coast and will have good stuff to tell us when you get back.

Good luck to Mousie's dh and the job and good luck and good vibes to us all.

234/thinner/199by Christmas!;)

Lin S
10-05-2001, 11:41 PM
Hi, Turtles,

It's so good to be back! My modem died and, as usual, it took a new modem and hours of trying different things, plus two useless calls to tech support, but I'm finally back online.

So, howdy! How are ya'll doin'?

Glad to hear you're doing OK, Kimmers. Have fun with your . . . um . . . baby project. Keep up the great job with making sure your body is at its healthiest as you look forward to motherhood, whenever that happens.

Judy, your party sounds like a total blast! I'm glad you had a great time.

I applaud your determination to keep working toward a healthier, and slimmer, you.

This has been a really good week for me as far as my points go. I currently have 19 banked points. The most important thing for me to do is to eat very small meals, but eat them frequently. When I let myself get back into eating larger, less frequent meals, I go over points every time.

What's been unusual is that I've been noticing that at dinner I don't want as many points as I'm used to eating. Last night and tonight I only ate half of the higher point courses and I was too full to eat more. So, I guess I have to reevaluate the portions on my recipes and cut them back a bit more. I'm trying to adjust my recipes so they feed us for two days. This floor is murder on my legs (varicose veins from pregnancy) and so I want to keep the amount of standing time to a minimum.

But, I get hungry again before bedtime. So, it looks as if my ideal pattern is to eat six small meals instead of four or five. I was eating four or five, with dinner a larger meal. But I get too full to eat that much at dinner since my pattern for the rest of the day is so different. It's actually working better for me. I have to get rid of all of my notions about what constitues a meal and a mealtime and do what my body wants if I'm going to succeed.

As for the rest--my brother needs more prayers. He's back in the hospital. Some swelling in the brain caused some serious seizures. The issue is the radiation therapy to try to get rid of the rest of the brain tumor. Because of the lung surgery, they had to delay that therapy and it's causing problems.

Our car is having transmission problems. I hope it's not an expensive fix. We're pretty tapped out from our move followed by those months of unemployment. But, we'll get through that.

I'm handling things pretty well, though. I took a day off from chores, etc. and just played. I needed that today to help deal with all of the stuff going on in my life. I'm still making progress with my journaling and it's helping me to stay on track. I'm getting in more activity and I'm just working on gradually adding more until I reach my goal of a whole videotape or about an hour walk.

That's about all I have right now. I hope all of you turtles are doing great. I'm looking forward to seeing some success stories now that I'm back online.

Happy turtlin'! :D


Lin S
10-07-2001, 12:48 PM
Hi, Turtles,

I want to make a point of checking in on Sundays after I do my weigh-in. Today I'm down 1 pound since last Sunday. Whoppee!

I'm determined to exercise at least Monday- Friday starting tomorrow. I have a walk planned for this afternoon, if it doesn't start raining too hard. If it does, I may commandeer my dh and drive to the mall and walk it a couple of times.

This week's journaling mostly dealt with the issue of commitment. I realized that exercising regularly represents a level of commitment to losing weight that I haven't reached in the past. I've been dealing with why I want to lose weight and why I don't. Often I've gone through periods when I realized that I didn't want to lose weight. That idea bothers me, but I needed to explore it.

I realized two things about weight loss. One is that when I weigh more than 200 pounds, I KNOW that I'm not starving. The other is that no matter how much weight I ever lost, it was never "enough". Which is where the starving worry came from. There were three things that contributed to that issue. The first was that the earliest diets, including the Weight Watcher diets, I followed WERE of the starvation, deprivation type. They cut the calories way too much for a growing teen and, later, for an adult weighing over 200 pounds.

The second contribution to that issue was the unrealistic goal weights on the charts. As I got older and kept joining and rejoining, hoping to find that the new WW program was one I could live with and that would work, I was still faced with not enough food and unrealistic goals. I internalized that to mean that I wasn't capable of getting to goal. I was destined to remain fat and I decided to just live with it. Accept it. That helped my self-esteem a lot and I learned a lot from that time, but I'm sure gald WW finally has a program that allows us to eat enough food and to set goals we can live with, not keep having to diet down to.

The third contribution comes from my family background. When I was 16 I weighed 125 pounds, which is a very good weight for a 5'5" girl. But, my mother insisted that I needed to lose 10 pounds and my family continued to call me "fat". My background is Italian and for the Italians, family is everything. Since I accepted this, my attitued colored the way I related to my friends and they thought of me as "fat", too. It felt hopeless. It felt as if I would never get to the "right" weight.

Well, I've figured out what to do about that. I need to set a final goal weight, even if I end up changing it. I decided to aim for the middle of my range, which is 135 pounds. And I need to work with the program to make sure I'm not hungry and commit to exercise. I've got a pretty good handle on the not hungry part. And I'm commiting to exercise. I know that I won't get to my goal without it and I need it for my health.

I haven't heard anything more about my brother's health. My kids seem to be doing OK. David is planning to move back home. He's looking for work near one of the local colleges. He seriously wants to get a degree. He's realizing that without one, he really cannot earn enough money to support himself, let alone the family he hopes to have someday.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.

Happy turtlin'! :cool:

Lauren H
10-09-2001, 01:38 PM
Hello, tortoise beings. It's so good to come back and see how you all are doing.

First, happy birthday, Judy! Your party sounded wonderful.

Mousie, I'm so glad you solved the "mystery" and are working your way back to good health. Let us know how DH's job thing works out! I can relate; I'm back to looking for work as of tomorrow.

Kimmers, I'm glad you and yours are all OK. That's great you've been able to maintain through all this.

Lin, this seems to be a wonderful time of revelation for you. My past is similar (being told I was fat by my parents but having the doctor tell me I was fine -- at 5'3" and 110 pounds; being forced to weigh in every week at the age of 11 and 12; etc.). That's so interesting that you got angry when you started to journal! Wow. Talk about an immediate connection! Congrats on tracking and on seeing the weight go down.

Well, I had a marvelous vacation. It got progressively better and better. I started out with a terrible cold, which meant I didn't see much of Kennebunkport, Maine. I got better while we were visiting friends in Freeport, Maine. It was fun to see them, although I can't say I found it relaxing being around four small, extremely active children for hours at a time! They're all cuties, though, and our friends are fantastic parents. I was impressed. Maine -- what I saw of it -- is beautiful.

Then we went to the Adirondacks (as we do every year) and visited our friends there, and it was magical as always. My girlfriend and I spent our usual day toodling around Vermont, too, and gawking at the colors.

I got in a fair amount of walking, and I tracked everything, although if I really wanted to eat something, I did. I found, though, that I had no trouble eating much smaller portions than I used to -- just a bite or two of dessert, for example, was enough. I wore my "skinny" jeans (18W) most of the time, and they never got too tight.

This morning I found that I'd lost a pound on vacation, which is a great bonus. :) We'll see what the WW scales say tonight.

Onward and downward,

274/209/199 by Christmas (home scales, a.m.)

Lin S
10-09-2001, 03:19 PM
Hi, Turtles,

Lauren, it's good to hear from you.

Glad your vacation was wonderful and congrats on the pound. Isn't it amazing how diligence and persistence does eventually lead to change?

I've been noticing that this time counting points and staying within my range has been easier than the last time. I don't feel quite as much as if I'm fighting it. I guess I finally figured out why it's important to me, not to anyone else. That makes all the difference.

I've been trying to create some food I can use for the holidays that won't mess up my efforts. I came up with a pork tenderloin recipe that my husband complimented me on.

And last night I made some mini Beef Wellingtons. I want to work on the crust a bit, though. I want to try them with phyllo. And if that doesn't work, I need to bite the bullet and make my own puff pastry. The frozen stuff is a pain to work with. Anyway, they're only 6 points, including the sauce. And the amount was plenty, even for my dh who considers chicken (by itself) a meal.

Now, I need to get the side dishes going. I'm playing with a potato-cheese dish that is twice baked, so you can do them in advance. The original recipe is pretty bland and very dry. So, I made some changes and I've almost got it.

The rest of the meal has very simple veggie dishes, a leek and wild mushroom soup and an, as yet uncreated, dessert. I'm hoping to use it at Christmas, since most of it can be done ahead of time. What's significant about this is that I don't usually plan ahead enough to make sure my holiday meals fit into WW. So, that's another sign of growth for me.

Your description of your vacation makes me want to go to Maine and the Adironacks. If I had unlimited funds and didn't need a regular job, my dh and I would travel everywhere in the US we could. The history is fascinating and we'd easily spend thousands on photos, both of us being shutterbugs.

Good luck on your job hunt. I hope you can find a job in the field you love.

My brother is doing better. So, we're hopeful that things will turn out OK.

My oldest son is apparently coming home next week. But things are complicated. I hope we can work everything out so that it doesn't turn into a totally ugly mess, but a lot of that is out of our control. It's not something I can go into online, but some prayers that people will listen to their hearts would be appreciated. And a few for my youngest who is facing some difficult decisions regarding school right now.

I'm doing fine. I'm still tracking points and actually, I've been mostly eating near the bottom of my range. I haven't wanted more food. Sometimes I do get a little hungrier and I've been using a banked point or two, but mostly not. I have a ton (it seems like) of banked points. Which is totally weird. It's like my body decided to actually be satisfied with the amount of food it needs even though I've been feeling stressed again lately. The stressed and slightly depressed feeling comes and goes. I'm glad to find that right now it's not causing me to overeat, but I do wish I could have a few months without someone calling me with bad news! Just a few months of ordinariness. Sigh!

Well, I've got to go. Talk to you all later. I hope that you all are doing well. I'm looking forward to hearing from the rest of you turtles.

Happy turtlin'! :)

272/244/135 or so

10-09-2001, 10:54 PM
Hi Guys,
I was away for the weekend. Just checking in to say hi. Will write soon. Good reading all you've got to say.

10-10-2001, 10:46 AM
Hi Turtles!

DH's recruiter called and said he had spoken to the woman who's doing the hiring. According to her, DH is THE candidate they want, they're just waiting for paperwork to process through HR and they should be prepared to make an offer by the end of the week! YIPEE! :):):):):):):) Now, we know not to count our chickens, he ALMOST has the job, no celebrating til he signs paperwork. :dizzy: But, oh Turtles, it's so close! I had such a violently moodswingy day yesterday--exhausted coming home from school, then got the news and went wildly the other direction, then swung all the way to tears and hysterical "I've been so scared" episodes, then more giddy happiness, then sleep. Watch out for me when he actually gets an offer, is all I can say.

Physically I'm exhausted, trying to fight off a cold, and dealing with the reality that when you change Pill prescriptions your first cycle is always rough. And it's midterms, so I can't nurse myself in bed. But, still, DH will probably have an offer by the end of the week! :)

It must be hard to have your oldest come back, Lin. You were trying so hard to settle in to an empty nest. I can imagine, also, that now that he's tasted life "his way" the coming back will be even harder. Fingers crossed for that and for your brother.

Lost a pound on vacation, Lauren? Now THAT is impressive!

Happy Birthday Judy!

Kimmers, it's impressive that you've picked yourself up after your loss. My heart still goes out to you, but you seem strong and stable.

Ack, time, I have to run to class!

Lauren H
10-10-2001, 01:07 PM
Mousie, I can completely understand the roller coaster. And the Pill played havoc with my emotions, too, which is why I didn't take it very long. Good luck changing to a new version!

Lin, when I went back to live with my parents after college, they charged me room and board. It wasn't a lot, but I was incensed. It made me go out and get a job -- any job, just to pay the rent. (I ended up working for minimum wage at a bakery for a while, and I moved out as soon as I could.) Looking back, though, I'm grateful. There were also ground rules by which I had to abide (including chores), and I now think those were a good idea, too. In other words, I realized early on that there was no more free ride; I was an adult, and I had to start taking care of myself. I have no idea if any of that will work in your son's situation, but I thought I'd share it.

I'm glad you got decent news about your brother. And I'm very impressed with the way you tweak recipes to make them work for you. I'd be interested in hearing about that leek and mushroom soup!

Isn't it funny how sometimes we just have no problem staying within our points, even eating at the bottom of the range? My motivation has been high ever since I set that 199 goal for myself, and I've had little trouble sticking with it. I'm aware that these things come in cycles, but right now I'm just grateful for the current level of motivation. People are really starting to notice the weight loss, just in the past 10 pounds. I'm even noticing that I'm finally looking more "normal" -- more the way I used to look before putting on all that weight 8 years ago. And I'm just so grateful for the energy I now have, thanks mostly to the exercise. What a change!

Last night at my WW meeting, I was indeed down a pound. I got another 5-pound star and lots of applause from the class. :) That felt good. We had a leader-in-training and she wasn't very good, but I'm always glad when I go. (I just hope she's not replacing our current leader, who keeps saying she's just there temporarily.)

Onward and downward,

279/213/199 by Christmas (WW scales, evening)

Lin S
10-10-2001, 03:39 PM
Hi, Turtles,

I'm starting thread number 37. See you all there.

Happy turtlin'! :)

272/244/135 or so