WW Clubs and Groups - Feisty & sexy 50 & 60 yr olds #136

09-15-2001, 01:59 AM
G'day all,

A beautiful spring day here in Melbourne.
I have been up since very early this morning, couldn't sleep for some reason.
DD and fiancee came for lunch today and now dd is asleep on the couch and fiancee is doing some work on his laptop. It is fiancee's birthday today so we had a bit of a special lunch, it was very nice. Sent a text message to dh to remind him to call dd's fiancee. Wonderful how this technology works, within 5 minutes the phone rang, dh (surprise, surprise;))rang to wish him a happy birthday.

Ann the removal of the neuromas was no big deal, it is the 2 screws in my big toes that are bothering me a little. If the neuromas are causing your dh a lot of discomfort you can re-assure him it is relatively easy. Of course I had an excellent surgeon, maybe he should see MY surgeon and then you can have a little holiday at the same time ;)

Watching the aftermath of the happenings of last Tuesday doesn't make it any easier to try and understand 'why'. It is so impressive and heartwarming to see the rest of the world supporting America at this time of sorrow and to see the American people themselves so united.

See ya tomorrow

09-15-2001, 01:15 PM
Hi, Maria I am glad that you are healing. I think that I started to tell you Tuesday that my friend had screws put in her toes and she is doing fine. She is going to have the other foot done. Ann we went out with our candles last night and we were the only ones. I don't think too many people knew about it. I don't blame your friends for not traveling for awhile. Tis better to be safe. Maria when does your dh get home? Slavika are you over the stomach thing? That is not fun. Maybe you can have a Mylanta cocktail with Trudy. Karen, what are you up to? Everyone have a nice weekend,

09-15-2001, 05:50 PM
Hi Everyone: Good news, from my weigh-in. Down 2.4. Guess I know I just have to stick closely to the program without any little chocolate goodies.

Maria: YOur idea for a vacation sounded good to me, but my dh just laughed:D Lovely spring weather sounds good to me too, since we have had several days of rain. But we have needed it so badly that we can't complain. I thought this morning when I got up to the patter of rain drops again, that God must be crying at the evil choices some of his children have made.

Karen: Today our meeting discussion was about the positive aspects of the group and meetings. How aabout yours?

Slavika: A Mylanta coctail is helpful, but it will NEVER replace Luau punch.:lol:

Today I bought a whole lot of red white and blue ribbon to make into little lapel ribbons. Plan to share with all the ladies in our Bible study group. There were a lot of other people doing the same thing.

Hi to everyone else. Will talk to you tomorrow. Ann

09-15-2001, 08:47 PM
Ann congrats, on the great loss of 2.4#. :) Boy you sure did something right. Good for you!
I think I will hold off on the "Mylanta Cocktail". :eek:

Maria I have had to call DH at work and tell him to call our DIL to wish her Happy Birthday. Sometimes when we have her birthday dinner/party for her it's not on the actual day of birthday and so he forgets. He would likely forget mine too, but I remind him...often, very often, and I also leave a big note on the refrigerator. :D

I made a big double batch of sugar cookies for my grandchildren. DH has taken them over now. They are always so hungry when they get home from school. I found this particular recipe on the internet and it was quite nice. I made them a couple of days ago and passed a few on to them and they were a hit...and more were requested. I think my Son ate most of them. :D

Have a nice evening everybody. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

09-15-2001, 10:18 PM
G'day all,

It is a glorious day here and I am sitting here with both french doors open to my balcony. It is a little noisy, traffic and in particular trams, but well worth it.

DH is a bit miserable, he hates being on his own and because of the current situation, very anxious to get home safe and sound. I spoke to him yesterday and told him that from now on wherever he goes for whatever time, we go together. In such an uncertain world and at this stage of our lives, I think it is silly not to.
Peggymy dh is leaving Bombay on Thursday, onto New Delhi, from there to Singapore and then Melbourne. He should arrive here Saturday morning.

Ann I am sorry your dh just laughed at my suggestion of seeing MY surgeon, doesn't he realise we only have his welfare at heart ;) Well done with your loss, isn't it amazing how many times we need to tell our self that straying off the program does NOT work :?: I have given myself yet another strong talking to and journaling everything that goes into my mouth. I know it works why do I become slack and think I know it all :dizzy:

Slavika yes I also remind all the family of my birthday. Would you believe some 8 years ago they all forgot :cry: . To put it in context, dh is March 16, dd March 25 and mine March 21. One would have thought that all birthdays so close together, it is unlikely to be forgotten. To make matters worse, dh rang at 2 in the afternoon (when he had just remembered) and pretended it was a little joke and he had not forgotten at all, that really made me mad :mad:
I am happy to say he has made up for it and I now take no chances for my birthday to be ever forgotten again:D

My dd commented yesterday how lucky I am having you guys to 'talk' to every day. She said there are so many weirdo's on the net that to be part of a group like this is quite unique.
I totally agree and I really do hope to meet all of you one day.

Enjoy the weekend

09-15-2001, 11:15 PM
It was so nice today, too good to be inside. I returned a pair of "clogs"...just couldn't keep them on my feet :lol: my toes were all curled up inside when I walked. I thought they were so style-ish, but not for me :( . We were going to go out this evening, but instead I am having some Mylanta and taking it easy. **sigh** Slavika our friend Peggy thinks I should share some of the cocktail with you....are you interested? :lol:
Contratulations Ann on the 2.4 loss. That is really wonderful. It can take "some of us" 3 weeks to lose that much. With all the other headlines, the Hurricane kind of got pushed to the back pages. From what I read it looked quite scary. Did it come near you?
Maria.. I agree, with all the uncertainty right now, we want our spouses close by. The weeks are going by so fast, before you know it he will be home.
The excuse I got when my birthday was missed was because it is at the end of the holidays (Jan 2), no one feels like celebrating anymore. Well, one year I had this HUGE pout, and no one forgets it now. :D
I am going to borrow Slavika's support ribbon... I like the idea.

Have a great weekend all...

09-15-2001, 11:35 PM
Trudy: We were fortunate. We just had rain, rain and more rain. But now flooding where we are. It was actually called a tropical storm, not hurricane force. We did have some limbs come down in some places, and lots of leaves blowing around. But that was it. Tampa was not so lucky. They had trees down, lost power, and had some areas that flooded. I guess it is feast or famine. we have needed the rain so badly. This will made a great difference in our drought level, I'm sure.

Are you taking any other prescription med. in addition to your Mylanta cocktail?

See you all tomorrow. Ann

09-16-2001, 01:25 AM
Hi Everybody I was just going to get ready for bed and I thought I would take one little last peek here to see if anyone posted. Maria you are right, this is a great group. :) What truly amazes me is that we are more alike then different. It seems, if something happened to me it likely happened to some of you too. Like the birthday for example. I forgot to mention I also post a list of appropriate gifts my DH could buy for me, which I promise him I would love. LOL LOL :D I think Trudy saw that list on my refrigerator just before my last birthday. :) Ann
I am happy you only got the rain part of the storm. Mother Nature can be pretty harsh sometimes. Karen how are you doing? I guess you are kept busy with your WW meetings.
I just watched 2 hours of "Keeping Up Appearances". I just love "Hyacinth Bucket. Patricia Routledge is a fine actress and I enjoyed the shows once again. I think, actually, I probably know the dialogue to those shows as well as she does, I have seen them so often. :D
Good night once again. :)

Karen L
09-16-2001, 03:44 AM
I'm still hanging around . I spent most of this week in shock! Doing the WW meetings was what kept me going. On Tuesday I stopped a the supermarket to prepare for a controled bing. I bought carrots,cucumbers,strawberries,grape, apples,Smartones,and key lime pie yogurt .And I'm here to say that all worked well. I had to weigh in in front of my manager and was only 2 pounds over goal. Tomorrow I begin to walk again. i'm even planning to make the trip to ST Cloud at least twice a month for a WW meeting as a member.

Ann you asked what we talked about in the meeting this week. As luck would have it our topic was group support. What are the odds for that to have happen in a week when we all needed to come together and support each other. Just look at how our county has pulled together for a commom cause. It's wonderful to see. \

Peggy, I did look at your sister site very interesting. She does some wonderful thing. And I also checked out the last site you posted. Thanks.

Maria, Glad to hear that you are doing so well. also that you are able to stay in such close touch with your DH. I agree that you should travel together from here on out.

Trudy, the trick to wearing clogs is practice, practice. I love them and wear them winr and summer.

Slavika Sugar cookies are a favorite of mine. Not sure if Grandchildre like them but that would be a nice excuse to make them.

Speaking of Grand children . Two of mine think I'm the greatest grandma in the world. I found a Scoobie-do lunch box for one and a Barbie for the other. Had to to go to several different places and do a lot of digging. Most everything had been picked over by the time I knew that is what they wanted.

Ann my sister-in-law lives in Jacksonville she just told us that you guys have gotten all the rain you ordinarily get all year. and it all fell this month.

Glenda , Hello I don't remember if you posted on the other thread or not . But just wanted to say hello

Well it is way past my bedtime so I am off to bed.


09-16-2001, 10:12 AM
Hi y'all,

Remember me? Haven't been around in a long time. Still think about y'all. Just read this thread and missed a few of the "regulars". Do Lily, Margot, Josie, and Dee still check in occasionally? Just wanted to say hi.

09-16-2001, 04:05 PM
Geri hi, it was nice to "see" you here. I wish you would have said more. How have you been, and what have been up to? Lily still posts with us on a regular basis but right now she is away on holidays with her DH, and we all really miss her. Trudy and I usually see Dee at tea time on Tuesdays and she is doing not too badly. Margot pops in every once in awhile but we haven't heard from Josie in a very long time. Karen nice hearing from you today. Good for you for hanging in there with your weight. You were probably as excited as your grandchildren when you found things you knew they would like. :)
At church, during the service, we shake hands with everyone who sits near us and we wish them "peace", by simply saying "peace be with you". Let me tell you, there were a lot of tears today when we extended our hands.
Oh, my house smells so nice. I have an "apple crisp" baking in the oven, and you are all invited to come to tea, in about an hour. :) The "Princess" called her Papa to go for a bike ride with her. She said her brother was out with a friend and her Mom and Dad were too busy to play with her. The Papa went. :D
Have a nice day everybody. I'll stop by later.

09-16-2001, 07:12 PM
Slavika now I want apple crisp. That would be a perfect thing for a crisp day like today. Sugar cookies sound good too. We do the sign of peace in church too. I think it is a nice thing to do. Geri come back and tell us what is new with you. We miss you. Karen you are the smart one to stock up on good things for stress eating. How far is St. Cloud from you? Do you wear heavy socks with your clogs in the winter? I am with Trudy. I had a couple of pair and they hurt my feet. I have a BIG w i d e foot. I will have to try on a pair again. Ann are you keeping dry? You wanted rain but not a tropical storm. How far are you from those air training schools? Trudy get better. It doesn't sound like you aren't having a fun time. Maria I don't blame you - go with your dh when he travels. It is funny - I thought of you when we were walking the dog the other night. There was a Lucent van in a driveway. I had a little diamond replaced in a ring. My dh surprised me and picked it up from the jeweler which was fine 'cause then he payed for it. When I took it in I jokingly told them that if he ever asked that I wanted a pair of big diamond earrings. They pointed out a nice pair for thousands of dollars. I don't think I will get them. I will have to keep the ones that practically go thru the holes in my ears. And that is fine since I very seldom wear earrings. I loose them. I have rattled on long enough. Keep the peace,

09-16-2001, 09:42 PM
G'day all,

Lovely to read everyone's posts.

slavika I don't want to be difficult but I do need a little more notice than 1 hour to come to tea :D I have asked DH to bring back some of the beautiful sari silks. He is a little confused and keeps on asking how many metres! In his last email he talks of having bought sari fabrics, a cashmere shawl and a silk carpet :?: I have to say that his taste is sometimes not quite like mine, hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised, there is a first time for everything. ;) I did tell him not to buy 'rubbish' and if he comes home with nothing, I will still talk to him :D

Trudy sorry you are having a bit of bad time with your digestion problems. Something like that just makes you feel miserable all over, when not even a nice meal will make you feel better. A Mylanta coctail is not quite the same:dizzy:

Peggy I will go and have a look at your sister page today, I love all crafts so I am sure I will enjoy having a look, will let you know.

Ann If it hadn't been for you mentioning about the tropical storm you have experienced, I would have missed a very small article in the newspaper today regarding Gabrielle. Hope all is well and I am pleased the storm was not as severe as first expected.

Karen you do set a very good example (that is probably why you are an excellent WW leader) that really is planning for a binge, good for you. Where is st Cloud and what is special about it?

It is yet another beautiful day here, quite warm. This week cannot go quick enough, Thursday off with the bandages and Saturday dh is home :love: :love: :love:

Have a great day all

09-16-2001, 09:57 PM
Hi Maria I really am sorry, I should have given you at least a extra 1/2 hour. After all you do have much farther to come and with your "boo boo" feet. Sorry that was very inconsiderate of me. LOL LOL :D
Oh Lordy, if someone not in our group is reading this, they will really think I've lost it. :) :)
Take care of yourself, both Thursday and Saturday will be here before you know it.

09-16-2001, 10:39 PM
Hi: Fall days. Apple Crisp sounds wonderful. We will just have to have an imaginary 'tea time until we all get together.

We were very fortunate here with Gabrielle. We had lots of rain, but no severe damage. They did have some problems around the Tampa area. But now we have ground water, and that is the first time in almost two years. So I think maybe the drought is broken:D

Those pilot training schools are around 60/70 miles from here. There is a flight school in Winter Haven, but they train mostly American and British students.

We had a great message in church today. Our Pastor said to focus on the positve. To remember that God is in control and that He is a God of Justice, to pray with all our might for Him to send the information that is needed for all our forces to easily dig out and destroy all the pockets of terrorists. Then he said,"Those hijackers didn't know what they were doing when they chose the airlines to use -American/United."

Talk to you tomorrow. Ann

Karen L
09-17-2001, 12:56 PM
Just a quick post to say hello to Geri and long time no see.
Maria St Cloud is the largest city close to us and it is 75 miles away. That is where we find a nice large shopping mall and the nearest Sam's Club. so I will have more than just attend a meeting to do.
Peggy yes I do wear thick socks in the winter. I love the idea of freedom for my feet that is why I like clogs so much.
Slavika I would love to come for tea and will be thinking of your wonderful Apple Crisp while I eat a plain old apple!

Well just wanted to pop in and say Hi as I know i won't be able to post for a few days .

Every one have a great week.

09-17-2001, 07:22 PM
I am so happy. DH rang yesterday and left Mumbai at midnight without going to New Dehli. He should be home tonight around 8.30.:)
Australian time he would have left at 4 am this morning, I woke for my usual visit to the loo at 4.05 and it was a comforting thought that he should have just taken off.
I am not sure what flight he is on but I will go to the airline homepage and try and figure out which flight he was probably on and keep a track of its ETA.
He also told me what he has bought. He has bought a very expensive silk rug, starting price was $US2500 :eek:, but he managed to get the price down to $Aus1000. I have taught him well:D He thought it would make a nice wall hanging in our home in Adelaide. The cashmere shawl is for when I am old and doddery (as if I will ever get like that) and the silks is for me to make up for the girls, dd and son's partner.

We are like a couple of kids, very excited about him being on his way home. Strange, when a tragedy hits, all you want is to be close to your loved ones and feel secure in knowing they are nearby.

Slavika apologies accepted and look forward to being given a bit more notice:D

Karen you have just convinced me that a good mini atlas is something I will need to purchase, so I can see exactly where the different places are you speak of from time to time.

Ann What a good analogy your pastor used in relation to the airliner used for the unspeakable act, 'America United'.

Hope everyone else is well and Lily is enjoying her holiday. I think still a couple of weeks before we can expect a post.

Glenda haven't heard from you for a while, hope all is well.


09-18-2001, 01:35 AM
Maria that is very good news that your DH will soon be home. I am so happy for you. Please describe in great detail the "goodies" he brings back. A long long time ago a friend of mine bid on a "box" of stuff that was confiscated at customs and in the box was three lengths of fabric {that was designed for saris). She gave the fabric to me, thinking I would make something from it, but it was not silk (at least I didn't think so) but looked more like sheer curtain fabric but had heavy gold border patterns on it. One was pink, another orange and the other a purple. I hung onto it for years, and never could think of anything to do with it. Last year my granddaughter found the fabric in a basement drawer along with other fabric that I never did anything with :eek:. I took the pink piece and wrapped it around her little body and kept a piece to put over her head. Well, she thought she was a true Princess. She asked if she could have it, and I thought, why not, she could maybe play dress-up with it, instead of it just sitting in a drawer. :) I would be interested in hearing what your DH brings back.

My DIL is teaching dancing again on Mondays and Wednesdays, so on Mondays I get my grandchildren here from about 4:15 until their Dad picks them up about 5:30. It seems their lives are so busy now with both of them full time in school, music lessons, swimming lessons, dance lessons for the little girl and things like skating and hockey starting soon. I sure am happy to see them for that little bit and they were excited to be here too. I think I will plan to have them for a "sleep-over" soon. :love: :angel:

Tomorrow is my WW day, I'm not too hopeful of any big losses, but I still enjoy my meetings and I really enjoy "tea time". I saw Trudy for a bit today and I'll see her again tomorrow. That's nice.
It's time for me to get ready for bed....everything seems to take longer these days, LOL :D.
Night all.

09-18-2001, 03:12 AM
hi y'all,

Just a quick note to say hi. It is nice to know that Slavika and Trudy and Dee are still having tea. I could smell the apple crisp the other day all the way to Texas.

As you all have probably gathered my life has been pretty hectic. My baby started walking, and is in the process of becoming a little girl. She is actually a big girl. She is 22 months old, 37", and 30#. Just an absolutely delightful child. I have one of those cameras on my computer. I don't know how to use it. I sure would love to show you how pretty she is.

I am going to Bible college now. Can you believe it? It is a four year course that prepares the person for ordination. I don't want to be ordained. I just want to know a whole lot more about the Bible and some other things. It looks like a good course.

I go to a different gym now and have a different trainer. I am finally down to 26.7% body fat. Remember I have an ultimate goal of 22%. It is taking a while but I am getting there. I am still leading my First Place class. I am not going to lead the next session. With school I think it would be too much.

My new trainer has taught me how to figure the total weight lifted during a session. Get ready to do the happy dance for me. Last Wednesday I lifted 34,335#. That is over 17 tons ladies. Of course it was a leg day. I am beginning to think my legs ought to be registered as lethal weapons.

I am moaning and crying. Next month i will be starting to collect my social security. Does that mean I am getting old? Both my doctor and my trainer say I don't look like a 62 year old woman. My face does, but my body doesn't.

It is so good to see this thread is still going. I hope I get to see everybody in the next couple of days.

09-18-2001, 12:55 PM
Good morning all:

Well Maria, I imagine by now you are in your dh loving arms. And oohing and aahing over great gifts. Pictures would be nice.

A pause to listen to our President. He is doing a great job under the worst of challenges.

Slavika: I can just imagine your Princess in her pink Sari.

Geri: How nice to hear from you again. And how exciting to be going to Bible school. I don't think anyone can every learn too much about the Bible. I remember some time ago you asked for prayers for a friend. How is he doing? 62 is not old, just getting better and better every day. I can say that, since I have been there and done that.:lol:

Will be chicking in tomorrow. Ann

09-18-2001, 09:34 PM
Hi everyone,

Ann, my friends DH is doing great. He had a stint put in the day after the attack and he needs two more. They had to get him in better shape before they would do the others. He is going to cardio rehab and enjoying it. His job got him a laptop so that he can do a lot of his work from home and not have to make the 150 mile commute (roundtrip). Out in west Texas you have to drive a good ways to get to work. At any rate, all the prayers were appreciated. Keep them coming because as far as I know he still hasn't given his life to the Lord.

09-19-2001, 01:30 AM
We went to see Rat Race and it was a very funny movie, we laughed for 2 hrs. No swearing, or nudity, ... just goofyness. :lol:
Geri it is so good to see you back. How do you determine how much body fat you have? You must be so strong by now .... good for you. That will keep you young forever... just forget about the years, they don't mean anything.
Maria so glad your DH is back where he belongs - with you. It's extra-specially nice he is bringing gifts.
Slavika, Dee and another friend got together for Tea today and had a great time. We did a lot of laughing and managed to "solve the world problems" by ourselves. Some days, I don't know what I would do without my friends and loved ones.

Goodnight all (everyone is probably asleep already). See you all tomorrow. :yawn:

09-19-2001, 03:04 AM
There were no delays and dh arrived home about 8.30 last night, very pleased to be home.
We both had a good sleep and dh was off to work again bright and early this morning. I don't know how he does it after an 18 hour flight.

Rather than me trying to explain the gifts he brought, I took photos of them and have uploaded them in my photo album.

the address http://www.picturetrail.com/ On the left hand side of the page it says 'enter member name' just type in 'flaggies' and voila my album should be there. It is in the album 'gifts from India'. I have also done you all a favour by posting a photo of my feet!!! I know that will be the first one you will want to see:D
The fabrics are quite beautiful eventhough I had in mind more the fabric you described Slavika. It will be lovely for a skirt or jacket to wear with something VERY plain.

I am coping with a bit of a disaster here, my laundry has flooded (long story) and the apartment below ours is receiving some of the water :eek:

See ya all tomorrow

09-19-2001, 10:00 AM
Maria Good morning. I went to take a look at your pictures and I just ended up seeing empty squares with little red X's in the upper left hand corner. :(
Do I need to do something else to see the pictures???
I'll come back later, I must get into the shower now.

09-19-2001, 10:19 AM
I can't believe what I just did. I left my computer on all night right at the point where I was going to write something here. So, I have among other things, lost my mind.

Yesterday I had read everything and was going to comment, but since then I have slept and forgotten everything. Maria, I am so glad your honey is home and your feet are doing okay. Trudy, hang in there. And Geri, haven't heard from you since forever. Sounds like you are going great guns and congratulations on your Bible course. We all need to know more about that book and hold on to the truths revealed inside.

Last night Leon and I went to hear Suzanne Sommers speak. She was one of the speakers the students have for this year. She was beautiful, and her talk was splendid. She talked about being the child of an alcoholic and her breast cancer. We concluded the evening by standing and singing "God Bless America." Well, you can imagine, not a dry eye.

Hope everyone is getting on with life. We really have no other alternative. Let's just pray that our leaders are guided and act in a responsible way.

09-19-2001, 11:43 AM
Just looked at a thread that was just so touching. Pictures taken around the world. We really are a global community. Look at this site.

09-19-2001, 03:49 PM
Maria I thought it was just me but Trudy has the same problem I had. Just blank boxes with red squares in it. Help- I really want to see your feet. :D Glenda I was going to post that same site. It is very touching. Geri, happy that your friends husband is doing better. Hi to everyone, will come back later

09-19-2001, 05:04 PM
Maria I got to see the pictures. The fabrics are just beautiful, I am sure you will be able to make something wonderful out of them. I love the rug, the shawl and the trinket boxes. Lucky gal!
But oh, those poor feet. :cry: They do look quite swollen, but once the bandages come off and they remove the screws it will look better. Aren't you glad you have all that behind you?
My Dr. is ordering some more tests and is sending me to another Dr so I am at the spot where I wish it was all behind me now. I know Slavika is anxious to get the work done on her jaw, just so she doesn't have to think about it all the time.
Glenda it is so comforting to know that other people do dumb things too. Lately I have wondered about my own sanity :rolleyes: . Suzanne Sommers writes a good book so I am sure she is a good speaker too. She really comes across as an honest forthright person. I had trouble accessing the site you posted, but I will try again later. There has been such a demand for the US flag here in Can., they just can't keep them on the shelves. People are flying the US and Can flags together. The news is so upsetting, who knows what the heck is going to happen.
Peggy just keep on trying to get the site, sometimes you have to try a couple of times....why, I don't know.
Geri It is a good time to read and study the Bible, and for everyone to go to their places of worship.

I did the dreaded 3 week ironing job. Why or why do I leave it so long???? :?: Now I have to come up with something fabulous for supper.....YIKES!, the pressure is on.

Bye bye... :wave:

09-19-2001, 09:30 PM
:wave: Hi Everybody
Maria I shouldn't laugh at your "boo boo" feet, but I have this picture of you in mind, in your jammies, camera in hand, focusing on your feet Then I started to laugh, wondering how many people out there in cyberspace who maybe come by and read our posts just had to take a peek at your feet. LOL LOL :D. Boy, and I was worried they would think I was nutty.
The blue fabric your DH brough back is simply beautiful. Blue is my favorite color. How nice for you to get so many lovely presents. He chose very well, and you of course deserve all these pretty things. :)
I stayed the same weight wise this week. I wish I would have worked a little harder to get the weight off, but I was happy I didn't gain. We had a nice tea time. We of course talked a lot about the sad situation our world is in right now. I think the running of governments should be done by "women of a certain age", and things would probably be much better. :)
I had a lovely day with my friend today, but for some reason my back is bothering me again, (not really bad, but a bit bad).
Glenda I am happy you also do "dippy" things. Trudy and I were discussing that yesterday. We both leave "postie notes" all over the place to remind ourselves of whatever we have to remember. LOL :D I sometimes have so many "postie notes" up, it looks like I am in the process of wall papering. :)
Have a nice evening everybody.

09-19-2001, 09:34 PM
Trudy you shouldn't have to cook and iron in the same day. That is a work overload. We have a flag shortage here too. If you can't get Glendas site to work let me know 'cause I have a different address. Maria I am going to go back and try your site again. Here is something else that was just sent to me.http://www.siworld.com. See you tomorrow

09-19-2001, 11:47 PM
Hi all: Thank you all for the wonderful pictures.

First of all Maria: you are too clever. Great pictures, and I really like that blue fabric the best. Blue is my color. I think if anyone really counted all the blue stuff in my closet , they'd be surprise. When do you get to take off the bandages. Soon, I hope since you are doing so well.

And then the two web pages with all the pictures of responses around the world, and the flag. I had to get the special flash, but they came in fine after that. I am going to share those two sites with some friends.

Slavika: Glad you stayed the same. That is better than going up.

Trudy: I hope your new Dr. will help you get to the bottom of your difficulty and get it fixed.

It is really heartwarming to see all the expressions of sympathy and caring all over the world. I think the :angel: s are working overtime.

Hi Glenda, Peggy Geri, Karen

Lily, you vacation must be just about over. Will be looking for you again soon. We miss you.

Goodnight all, 'see' you tomorrow. :wave: Ann

09-20-2001, 12:04 AM
Hi Glenda and Peggy...I got to see the sites tonight. They both gave me chills. The music to your site Peggy really fit the pictures, even though it is from the 60's.

We went over to see our DD tonight. She lives 1/2 hr away, now I know this isn't far, but she used to live 5 min away. We had a really nice visit.

I made Sweet & Sour Chicken for supper. It was so hard....I had to thaw out the chicken thighs and open a jar of Uncle Ben's sauce and pour it over the top of the chicken. Darn near wore me out :lol: Since I had to turn on the oven, I plunked two potatoes and a casserole of carrots in the oven too. Hubby thought I slaved all day... :D .. works for me!

See y'all tomorrow... :wave:

09-20-2001, 12:07 AM
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09-20-2001, 02:09 PM
Hi ya'all. It is great to be "hearing" from all of you again. Is Lily on vacation or something?

Here is an absolutely fantastic site. Takes a few minutes but vey moving.


09-21-2001, 02:46 AM
Maria: Im so sorry to hear about your SIL. This is very sad news. I will be praying and thinking of you and your family in this time of need. You can still show them all the support and love from where you are.
You must take care of you tho. You do not want to go thru this again. I read earlier that you were healing so make sure you do. It will be hard with all this going on, But you need to take care of you to.

Trudy: Oh my.. I go for a while and now you are working your fingers to the bone with starting the new thread. Alas.. I know its hard work but someone has to do it. It is very stressful :) You have been one busy lady with all you have been doing. Come to my house next K? :lol: How are you doing?

Ann: Yes I saw the speech tonight. It was very good. I have to agree on the media. Been brought up in it all my life. Its one of the things my Dad fought for. Truth and getting to the source, instead of making more into it. He didnt win that battle, which really makes me sad. I dont watch the news to much anymore because of it. Just watch when its times like these.

Peggy: Still painting away I see. Glaze treatment? Whats this? Is it really hard? sounds nice. Im so un-to this stuff. Hire me someone to do all this stuff and I will be happy. Im really not decorative oriented. We moved here, I said paint it white and lets move on :) I did put up Pics and things, but thats where it ends for me. I wish I could be more creative.

Slavika: Tea Time and I wasnt invited? Im Crushed :( No gormet cooking ALAS.. What Am I to do? Guess I just have to make my own. The stress of it all. Dont know if I can deal with this. :spin:

Glenda: I bet Suzanne Sommers was good. She seems to be very motivational. Have to laugh at the PC on all night.. Been there done that before :lol: How are you doing on the WI's? Im sure you are getting the pounds off fast!

Geri: Its so good to see you back here with us! Josie hasnt been around. I miss her and Donna alot. Wish they would come back. How is your friends DH doing now? Hope all is well.

Karen: Still the busy little bee you are. Slow down girl! You enjoy what you are doing and thats what counts. I remember when you were not so happy. And you are now and thats what counts. So go for it. You are a great leader, it makes you happy.

We came back early. Spent 2 weeks up at a lake I use to go to as a child. Was very relaxing and I loved it. DH wasnt so happy so thats why we came back. I could sit there forever, but he got bored. ALAS.. I guess he needs the TV clicker :)
Really sad what is going on right now. Im in shock and scared to. Dont like this! Bush did do an excellent speech tonight. But it still all comes down to, "War" and thats what scares me.

Well My book is written.... Pretty good for me. I missed you all!