Support Groups - The Winning Losers Week of 9/24/06

09-17-2006, 11:31 AM
started the new week off to church

09-17-2006, 01:58 PM
Thanks so much for getting us started this week Mia!!

Its football day in my household which means my day "off". We are planning nachos which is something that I cant eat alot of, unfortunetly what I do eat is so calorie infested and fat infested!! Maybe I'll just stick to some chips with salsa.

I have to tell you my family made me breakfast in bed today. They owed me from my birthday. Now normally around here breakfast in bed would mean fried potatos, sausage, eggs and toast. My lovely family brought me a huge plate of fresh fruit and some juice! Arent they a wonderful crew to have around! My daughters went and made little bunnies and flowers and put them up all around my tree.

Okay dh cant find something and you all know what that means. Probaby in plain sight but before the garage gets leveled I better go help look! Have a wonderful day everyone!!


09-17-2006, 02:19 PM
Melissa, you have a wonderful family. All your hard work and dedication is paying off because they're all gems. :) Have a great day and enjoy the game.

Mia :hug: Thanks for getting us started. I hope you enjoyed church. I need to get my butt in gear. My husband and I haven't been in a long time.

I just watched FOL. Another great episode. Delicious is starting to look at lot less manly. NY is doing her thing like always. Krazy is completely lost and naive. And Flav.... Flav is just plain lucky. After we watched the show, my husband gave me a clock. :lol:

09-17-2006, 02:43 PM
I just came across some of NY's funny / weird remarks in her blog. My husband went to watch the game with his friend and I'm home alone and kinda bored. Can you tell? :lol:


Alright, so practically everyone knows that I put on some weight during the show. The combination of stress and junk food, resulted in me gaining 11 lbs (sorry Pumkin, it wasn't 20 lbs lol). Anyhow, back home in Syracuse when I was my fabulous self, mom did most of the cooking. Some days we would go out to a nice restaurant in the city. My mother is a health freak, so all of our meals were low fat, high fiber, with a good balance of carbs and protein. Whenever we went out, it would usually be Mediterranean or Asian seafood.

Unfortunately, at Flav's house, the producers spoiled us with high fat, high carb, processed foods or frozen entrees! We basically ate whatever was in the fridge or at restaurants, which was mostly fatty meals as well. Worst of all, I started having an addiction to pizza and ice cream during my stay at the house! Looking back, I'm sure all the girls had a ball watching me balloon, losing my sexy figure. Funny how they were nicest to me when I was eating! Not just myself, but I'm pretty sure other girls(I won't name who), also put on some weight too.

The moment I moved out here(L.A.), my agent told me I needed to lose weight fast. All the Socal people already know this, but this city is extremely competitive and unforgiving when it comes to looks. Almost everyone has a nice body. Its almost like you can get away with an average face, but you can't fool people when you're fat!

So far, I have been going to the Santa Monica 24 hour fitness religiously most evenings after dinner. Since I don't know how to cook, my roomate who is a fashion model and thin as a rail, taught me a few weight loss tricks that worked great, so I thought I'd share:

1. For breakfast, just have cigarettes & coffee( no sugar, only sweeteners allowed)! The idea is that the cigarettes raise your metabolism and curb hunger, while the caffeine from the coffee also raises your metabolism and releases some of the fat molecules that was stored the night before.

2. Stock up on frozen entrees(only the lean kind under 300 calories) & mixed frozen veggies in a bag:carrots, peas, green beans and lima beans. Mix about 1 cup of veggies with the frozen entree and what you have is a satisfying, high fiber, low fat/calorie, filling meal under 350 calories! This is great for busy people since, all you need is a microwave.

3. Stock up on Dexatrim Max diet pills. I prefer to take 1 of these right before my workout ---This stuff really works. The rush and energy you get is amazing.

I've already lost 8 pounds and have just 7 more to go...Ultimately, my goal is to reach my original weight of 110----- cross your fingers! =)



Dear Fans,

Many of you contacted me after the seeing the final episode to make sure I was doing alright and the answer is a positive yes! Because the show aired weeks after the results, I'm sure many of you felt like everything was live, but the truth is that I cried my heart in the limo, and quickly recovered soon after. It was not easy because I still stand by my words that I really and truly DID love Flav. My feelings for him were sincere. However, I did use the word "DID". Sometimes when you put your heart on the line, there's always a risk of getting hurt. But I've always believed when you gamble for love, its all worth it.

Ok NY get it together. . .

People always ask me the same things like "How could you love a man like that?", "What did you see in him?" or "You can do so much better!". Well, that is easy to say but in the beginning, I came in to the contest with an open heart and also knew it was a great opportunity to get exposure and launch my acting career. As strange as this may sound, I liked Flav's funny, eccentric and quirky personality. He knew how to make me laugh and keep things fun(I can't lie and say I didn't mind the fact that he had money. ..a girl like me needs a sugar daddy to take her shopping! lol). I was never physically attracted to him, but over time, there was a connection and I slowly grew to love him. In the end, I was very disappointed to see his true character revealed. I realized he was just like the other girls in the house. . .Tacky and very bad taste! You would think he learned after Bridgette lefted him for another man; I guess some people don't ever change. I also got the impression that he had something against brown skinned women, which is quite sad, considering his mom is one. Perhaps the biggest turn off for me was his age and the fact that he owed his 6 kids a ton of child support payments. Its one thing to disrespect women, but its just plain wrong to neglect your own children.
Flavor Flav's accomplishments:

1. Punching his girlfriend in the face (1991)

2. Installing flashing lights around his license plate - almost daring the police to pick him up for outstanding warrants (1992)

3. Firing his gun at a neighbor (1993)

4. Drying out in rehab (1993)

5. Assaulting a woman who took a photo of one of his many children (1994)

6. Toting around vials of crack cocaine (1995)

7. Possessing pot while riding a bicycle (1996)

8. Canoodling with Brigitte Nielsen in a hot tub (2004)

9. Evading payments of child support for his families - in public (2005)"

Today, I have moved on to much bigger and better things. Although he still calls me, and we talk every so often, I only consider him a friend. I see it as a blessing in disguise. Like my friend Tavia says, "When a door is closed, another door is opened".

Soon after winning, Hoopz was quoted as saying "I don't think anyone was really in it for Flav, we just wanted to win". Well she's wrong. I know there's at least 1 woman who was.

This is definitely one of the happiest moments in my life right now because I accomplished many goals I set out to do. Currently, I am in a special relationship with a man who loves me, who is ready to provide for me at any moments notice and someone who is ready to do anything for me in a heart beat. I wouldn't have met this special man if it wasn't for the show. While clubbing in L.A. , he recognized me and asked me out on a date. Since then, we've been hanging out, ironically, even watch a few Flavor of Love episodes together. I guess you can't always come out the winner, but life is about over coming struggles, rising to the occassion, never giving up, and more importantly, the lessons you take away from the experience.

To conclude, I have to thank those who supported me and got me here in the first place---my fans, my family & my God. I know I always say this , but without you guys I wouldn't have gotten this far. Coming into the house, my goal was to make the finals and gain notoriety---I did just that.

For now, I will continue to live and learn, to grow and become a better person each day. I have numerous projects that I am working on so I'll keep everyone posted as soon as I have time.

P.S. ok I'll admit it, momma's always right! LoL gotta love that woman =)

"New York is still in the MT F@*cking House! Live with it."

Yours Truly, ~Tiffany aka NY

09-17-2006, 02:45 PM
Melissa - you have a wonderful family. That was very sweet of them to do.

Today I'm going with my friend Leticia to Kona (the other side of the island) to prospect and tailgate. Were in Avon together. Mostly were going to hang out since its a 2hr drive, Another team-mate who lives in Kona is going to be meeting up with us.

I've been wanting to show you guys something and I keep forgetting. When I started this weight loss journey, a couple of my coworkers (at the time before i quit) were going to go get a tattoo together. I've always wanted a tattoo but new it was permanent so I wasnt going to get something that didnt mean anything to me. I searched and searched.

I found the perfect one, took it to Brady at Sin City, we modified it a lot because I didnt want anything that someone else had. and after he tattooed me July 22, it came out like this

Normally im not a butterfly person but it meant growth, the chinese symbol in the middle means love. (I'm a little chinese but dont look it at all) To me the tattoo means the journey im embarking on, to love myself inside and out, it represents all the changing i am making for myself and really loving myself for who i am.

09-17-2006, 03:10 PM
Hey Ladies,

its been a rough 4 days. I had an allergic reaction to something at the dentists office and my gums swelled and i had horrible headaches, but i'm glad to say i'm okay now. my gums are still a lil swollen but atleat i can talk now. I havent been keeping up with everyone so please forgive me. I hope everyone is doing great, and for those who arent, keep your head up.
I just got my 2 day fast mix in the mail so next weekend i'm going to use it. I would go ahead and do it but seeing as i dont know who its going to make me feel and i have a chem test wednesday, i'm going to wait for the weekend.
During my few days of ****, i got to think alot about a lot of things. I also watched a lot of shows on tv about health and looked up stuff for my future college. After doing all of this it hit me big time...i mean 1 ton of brikes straight to my head. I have to stop the BS of being lazy and get moving. I'm never going to get anywhere with school or getting healthy unless i start it now. see ive never had to do anything. in school i usually just didnt care about my grades (highschool that is) or i got someone else to do the work for me. i'm at a place that i know what i need to do and emotionally i dont have anything holding me back, but its like i'm scared of failing. I'm the first person to go to college since my grandparents. i'm supposed to be the perfect child, since most everyone else in my family has royally screwed up. I'm the only one that has made it to my 20th birthday with out having kids. I have one older brother who has too but he is a screw up in other areas. i need to learn to let go and i honestly dont know how. ok enough feelin sorry for myself. i'm going to create a game plan, and then studying for chemistry. this is going to be the one time i come out with straight A's if it has to kill me. later ladies

09-17-2006, 04:23 PM
Happy Afternoon Ladies! :wave:

It's been a whirlwind cleaning marathon over here this morning, I am wiped! At least the stuff is getting done though so it can quit getting on my nerves. Kids are better and I think ready for school. Despite having slight sniffles I think they're alright. They sure argued and fought all weekend like they're fine, they're going to school in the morning! lol

Melissa, that was very sweet of your family to do brekky for you. Must've made you feel very special! Try and just be aware of what you're eating but enjoy it. You've already decided today is an off day so let it be! Back in the day, I was the first to admit that I gave myself one meal a week to do whatever I wanted. I found myself still being conscious of what it was and more importantly portion size. I truly think that this helped me stick to my plan and be successful. I know you will be too!

Amanda, I hope you're enjoying your alone time while dh is off playing with his friends. I havent seen FOL yet but I can only imagine! lol I think you will like the calanetic stuff. Now that I've done pilates it does remind me alot of that with the one exception that the movements are very small. Lots and lots of people swear by this stuff so it's gotta work. Had to laugh at NY's blog. What the heck is that girl thinking? I can only wonder if Flav knows the things she's said about him. I wonder if it's even really her??? Too funny about the "diet tips"!!! Cigarettes, coffed, frozen food & Dexatrim is all it takes! :dizzy:

Mia, thanks for getting us started. Hope today is a great day!

Sara, love the tat! Did you go to H&H in Vegas? I personally want to fly to Miami and have Ami or one of the Chris' there do one for me from Miami Ink. Altho' I think if I were getting a portrait Kat would be the perfect artist. My husband thinks I have lost my mind because I want to fly there for a tatoo. Ohh if only he knew just how serious I am! LOL

Alright ladies, it's laundry time! Woo hoo! Don't ya wish you could be here folding clothes! LOL Weather is beautiful today, while it's very warm, there is a breeze and cute puffy white clouds everywhere.
Have an awesome afternoon ladies!!!!

09-17-2006, 05:51 PM
Hi ladies!

I've had a busy day today, but all is going very well- I'm still on plan. :)

I only had time for a short break, but I will be around tomorrow. You all take care and have a good night!

09-17-2006, 06:50 PM
Ok, I'm ready to get back on track full swing. I have struggled for about 2 weeks and, I'll be grateful if I can just end the month of September a pound or two lighter. Thankfully I haven't gained. And my measurements decreased even though my pounds didn't.

Starting Monday I'm going to start my days with cigarettes and coffee, chewing gum for lunch and a lean cuisine for dinner....
jk :lol:

Seriously, though, I'm ready to get back in the fight. I'm happy with the success I've had so far. But I don't want to stop here. Looking back on things and from reading through my journal, I think I burned myself out before. That and just having to wrap my mind around the whole healthy eating / weight loss thing. It's a much bigger adjustment than I ever realized. So I'm ready to start over.

I'm going to log what I eat in Fit Day every single day. I never realized what a great tool it is until I started using it last week. I'm also going to make sure I get to bed on time so I don't ever have to miss out on completing my morning walk dvds. I'll leave the extra stuff I like to do for the afternoons and weekends. Like the Pilates, Callanetics (when it arrives) or types of workouts. If I get in at least four "extras" in every week, I'll be fine with that. I need to make all this as sustainable as possible.

Speaking of workouts, if you all happen to come across Leslie Sansone's Fat Burning 4 Mile Walk, I highly recommend it. It's really 80ish and her cueing is off a tad bit at times, but it's a great workout. The toning part at the end really works the abs, butt, hips and hamstrings. In fact I've been feeling my hamstrings since last night. Whew!

I know I should be further ahead than I am right now, but I'll make up for that. I'm motivated and I really want to make lasting lifestyle changes. I'm so, so grateful for you ladies. A huge part of my making the discoveries I've made came from being able to come here and vent. You guys are giving me free therapy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

BTW, Danielle. I'm sure that's NY's real blog. Howard Stern swears it is. We can trust Howard, right. ;) :lol: Speaking of Howard Stern, eight or nine years ago I would listen to him every morning. I had to stop because I was wanting to go on a crash diet. :dizzy: And I'm was a grown woman who's never been very impressionable. I hope there aren't many teenage girls listening to him. Good grief!

09-17-2006, 07:14 PM
hey guys havent seen fol yet but hubby told me it was going to be good
i know we all have our own beliefs but there is one thing that i learned in church today that i wanted to share.....
basically to respect everyone's views ill narrow it down and say what i wlearned out of it my pastor's subject was making a postive situation into a negative
i thought on this and realized that as bad a a situation may look its not as bad as it seems for instance since we all are here or weight issues then one day ill mess up on my diet by not exercising well instead of focusing on the fact that i didnt workout i will now think of the postive things that happened or make it positve
also he talked about making quality decsions meaning making a decsion and sticking by it.....and also think about the outcome by not sticking by it

now i wanted to share this because if anyone is like me they make a goal and do not achieve it or if i overeat one day then i use it as an excuse to not worry about getting in my water or working out.. i normally say oh its okay ill start over tomorrow........ well yes it is okay but thats no exuse to mess up the whole day... does this happen to any of you guys??

so i made a pact with myself everyday i will make at least 1 quality decsion and i will stick by it...each day it will be something different until i can make weekly or monthly decsion/goals

sorry to talk you guys to death i just found that really interesting

09-17-2006, 07:39 PM
Well gosh, if Howard Stern swears by it then by all means, it must be true!!! :lol: :lol: We used to get him here on morning radio til he went satellite.

Amanda, I really liked your post just now. I can really tell that you are focused again and ready to do the work (not that you weren't before), and see this thing thru. Weight loss is such a monumental task, especially for some of us where it requires major overhaul on our eating lifestyle. I know that I, too, feel better just venting my frustration last night even if nobody was around. lol Your kind words gave me something to think about and I really took it to heart. I DO deserve this, and my family does love me. Obviously they don't want me dead- even tho' sometimes I swear DH contemplates it! :D I know that my kids want me to be here forever, and most of all want me happy. You know that old saying, "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!". Well that is the absolute truth! LOL

I think it will be great for you to log your intake on FitDay. Personally, I can't even stick with it because I obsess too much over numbers. For me all I do is write what I've eaten and that's calories, no carbs, no nothing. NO NUMBERS! lol This seems to help me, I know it did in the past so I am just going back to what I know works for me. Amazing how we can all be so different in our approach but achieve the same, isn't it? It's taken me FOREVER to finally realize and understand that I am not like the next person, and no one is like me and to quit comparing. I have finally been able to let go of that anxiety I would get when I would see , so n' so lose X amount of weight and I would've only lost half of that, or whatever. All those times would get me so low and feeling helpless that I would eventually quit. It's very gratifying to know that I have worked thru this myself and have risen above it. I think you are definitely making changes that will last you a lifetime. You seem very comfortable with your way of eating and the exercise is second nature. You're so far ahead of the game that I can almost guarantee that we will be seeing a much much thinner, healthier Amanda wandering these parts very soon!

Britt, hey girly girl. I really think that you are doing an amazing job with everything you are trying to accomplish. College & weightloss are two of the biggest things anybody could ever take on. Be very proud of everything you are doing and remember that you are only human. Trust me sweetie, you could never disappoint anybody, especially your family! I am sure they are very proud of everything you do and love you regardless of whatever happens. Most of all, be proud of who you are!

Aqua, good to see ya lady. Hope you're having a great day today. I saw the Viking's won. Musta been a good day in your house, eh?

Mia, I'm so glad that you felt inspired after church today. Yep, positive thinking will get you everywhere! It's extremely important with what we are trying to do to really focus on the positives and realize that we are making huge changes. There will always be mistakes along the way, the key is to remember all the good that is happening and not let any bad situation outweigh the positives! I know you can do this!

It's been a very productive afternoon if I don't say so myself. Hhmm, there's no *patting myself on the back* icon thingy. LOL Seriously, I have been a busy bee all day long! I scrubbed my kitchen from top to bottom, laundry, dusting & vacuuming. Hey, I even washed my glass doors inside & out on my patio! Not too shabby for one afternoon! Now I think it's time for some R&R and a cold drink! First I'm gonna cut out my tree and then relax!
Cya soon chickies!

09-17-2006, 10:22 PM
Mia - Thank you for sharing that message with us. How timely. If only we'd have thought ahead before those binges or before choosing to not exercise..... But all we have is the present moment. What we do right now will lay more than likely determine our futures. Thank you for posting that.

Britt - I'm glad you're feeling better. You've had some enlightenment. That's fantastic! I love those moments. Those are the moments that can change a person's entire life.
You can definitely lose the weight and you will be successful with school. I think you can do whatever decide to do. I really believe that about you. My only advice is to do it for you. Don't let other people set their hopes on you. It's unfair to you and too much pressure. Be the best you that you can be. If the result is that a few people are pleased, then great. And I'm sure they will be :hug: This is your life though. Spend some time figuring out what makes you happy.
I know what you mean about the kids thing. Most of my cousins had children before they were ready. I can't tell you how many comments I've heard from family members about the fact that I'll be an older new mother. I'm so happy that I waited to meet a person I want to have children with though. I was very picky. The guys are picky right? Why not us ladies too? I didn't want to be in a position where I would have to be at odds with the father of my children on how I should raise them. Or be worried about whether he and I will stay together. So, I'm glad you waited. When you get married you'll be glad you did.

Danielle - My kindred spirit. :hug: My partner in kookiness. :dizzy: My fellow jokester. :lol:
I'm glad I was able to help you. You've helped me many a day. I can't wait to see us all 6 or 12 months from now. We're all going to be so different. Physically and emotionally.

Well I'm going to bed. I just finished broiling my chicken breasts for the next three days. Have a good evening ladies. Enjoy FOL!!! Night. :grouphug:

09-18-2006, 06:12 AM
Morning Ladies!

Just a quick hello. I'm finishing up my coffee. Then I'm gonna workout! I'm so tired this morning but I feel so good. Actually looking forward to exercising. :dizzy: Weird huh? I know, I know...

Have a great day everyone. I'll check back in later! :grouphug:

09-18-2006, 08:41 AM
Amany- I just had my smoke, and I am really looking forward to that gum. :smoking:

:lol: NOT!

New York is so crazy. I hope she's not really doing that, that is so unhealthy.

Sugar-N-Spice- I like cleaning my house up like that. It doesn't stay that way for too long, but those few moments are sweet. :D

Yep, yesterday was the beginning of another good week in this Viking household. Hope it keeps going well for our team. :)

Well ladies, I'm going to get everyone ready for their day. We are having company later on so I am going to give the house another once over. See you in a bit! :)

09-18-2006, 10:04 AM
Good Morning lovelies!! Well I'm so glad that yesterday is over!! Oh the sodium consumption!!!Ugh! Peeked at the scale this morning and I'm going to rethink having a whole day off. I did however get over 120 oz of water in!!

Dont have much time this morning I need to hit the showers and get to studying for an exam I have today. I'll be back this afternoon to check on everyone!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!

My challenge this week is to get 7 days of 100oz of water. I'll post a :rain: for each day that I do! My fall challenge starts on saturday, I'm actually really looking forward to making those leaves disappear!!

Have a wonderful day ladies!!

09-18-2006, 10:42 AM
Good grief am I sore! Oh that Leslie Sansone 4 Mile. :faint:

I'm kind of sleepy. I didn't get to bed until after ten, kept waking up until around 1 and then I woke up at 4:05. I hadn't planned on getting so early. I went back to sleep around 4:25 and then managed to peel myself out of bed around 4:5-something. *sigh*

I'm glad I got up though. I'm glad to be back in the game. I've been thinking a lot lately about my physical, spiritual and financial conditions. I'm of the opinion that a generation should always be a little better than the one before it. As you've read from my posts, I have also been thinking a lot about kids lately.

My parents were not wealthy by any means when I was growing up, but I was a tad bit better off than the other kids in my neighborhood. I only went to public school for two years in high school. And that was because I wanted to. I was only allowed to go because it was one of the schools of choice. All seven of us had the opportunity to go to college. I remember some of the other kids I grew up with having had some of their utilities cut off at one time or another. I never experienced that.

Both my parents grew up poor. My father ran away when he was around 13 or 14 and was homeless for 4 or 5 years. He still managed to later acquire property, save my grandmother from losing her house and raise 7 children under one roof. Plus he always worked for himself. I may have some issues with my father, but there's no denying that he's a great man. I may have some issues with my mom, but there's no denying that she's a diligent hard worker.

So my goal is to be a have a better impact on my children than my parents had on us. Healthwise, emotionally and financially. I'm convinced that my physical health ties in with my spiritual and financial health. There all impacted by my strength of commitment and discipline.

Ok, so that's my morning's rant. I hope everyone is ok today.

Aqua - I have a pack of Newports. What kinda smokes you got? :lol:

I have to admit that I was sort of disappointed that Angie turned it around on CFC. I was enjoying watching her wig out. It was a guilty pleasure. Oh well. It looks like some things are about get intense with Carnie. So that's great. Maybe Erica and Tina really will get into it. BTW, Harvey seems so subdued this season. Maybe Dr Ian will lose it instead. :shrug: :D Or Dr. Linda! Wouldn't be great if the psychiatrist actually lost it?!! :lol: I'm so awful...

09-18-2006, 10:51 AM
Hi Melissa :wave: missed your post like always. I hope you have a fantastic day.
Maybe you can give yourself half the day off on Sunday. Or just dinner time. I'm sure you'll come up with something.

09-18-2006, 11:24 AM
Good Morning Ladies , I hope that everyones weekend has went well. So far I have eaten my Breakfast and wanted to check in before I went andstarteed my workout. I am soo excited that BL is comming on Wed I have goined the BL group . Hoping that it will give me alot of encouragment to keep it going I loved to watch that last year I would watch it and ride my Bike while it was on.
I see that everyone is doing good.
Britt I know what you are going threw my son jest turned 17 and I have been telling him about buckling down in school and get it over with. He has already taken the exit exam in 10 grade and passed it now all he has to do is get the credits to get out of school. With his joint disease I have been telling him he needs to have a good education his meds(shots) cost 1500 a month and no fly by night job will pay for that.
Amanda 4 mile I have been looking for it and cannot find it where did you find it? I have so many of them I can do them all day. I love Leslie I think it is because she doent do alot of hard stuff it is all simple and you dont fell like you arent able to keep up with her.
Hun.e.B I have to get on my water goal to I want to make a chart and keep it on the freg when I get a bottle write it down I have a short memory sometimes and i forget where I am.
Aqua I know what you mean I cleaned for my sons Bday and it doesnt look like I have done anything today.
sugar-n-spice I hope things are going well for you. everyone needs some RR at times.
Mia I think your goal is great I will have to try it.
Well I better be going I jest want to say hello to anyone I missed and hope everyone is having a great day.

09-18-2006, 11:42 AM
Morning Bonnie!

I found Leslie's 4 Mile Fat Burning dvd on either or I bought it used on Amazon. I don't remember. But I only paid about $6 for it and that included shipping.
I like Leslie's workouts too. They're simple, effective and your joints won't hurt afterwards. What makes her even better is that she's not annoying! There's a lot to be said for that.

09-18-2006, 12:39 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

It's Monday....grrr......or at least that's what I was thinking until I got on here and read everybody's posts. There are so many wonderful spiritual revelations going on around here and I think it's amazing. It's really inspiring lady girls!

Melissa: How cute and supportive is your family? What a wonderful treat.

Mia: Thanks for starting the thread this week! I really like the "quality decision" concept that you discussed and I think I'm really going to try and abide by it. Like you, if I mess up slightly, I use it as an excuse to go completely haywire.

Amanda: You are so back on the wagon....though I don't think you were ever off the wagon! I think we hit plateaus, both physically and mentally. It can be really exhausting to constantly be thinking about what you're eating/not eating, how much you're exercising, etc.. But, I think we're all just getting used to new habits. After years of not worrying about food and "justifying" eating like a moose, I find myself thinking a lot more about this stuff. But, I feel like it will all become old hat at some point and it will once again be unconscious choices......but this time they'll be better choices.

Now, on to hilarity......I LOVE NY'S BLOG! Hahahahaha! I almost fell out of my rolly chair here at work because I was laughing so much. :rofl: She is so crazy. But man, I'm definitely going to take her diet tips. I'm off to buy my first pack of Virginia Slims right now. :smoking:

Sara: I love your tattoo! It's so pretty! I have a teeny little butterfly tattoo on my right hip. Like you, I wasn't really a butterfly person, but I had recently decided to change my career course and felt very liberated, so I went with the butterfly.

Brittni: It's good to see you lady! That is horrible about the dentist, but I am glad to hear that you are feeling better! :D

Danielle: I'm glad to hear that kiddies are feeling better. I still can't believe you had all of them home at once! As I told Amanda, I completely dig NY's diet plan and I think we should all jump on board. I just finished my cup of coffee (NO SUGAR!) and will be moving on to a cigarette to "boost my metabolism." That woman is insane! :dizzy:

Aqua: Good morning, buddy! Good to see you!

Bonnie: Good to see you too! It sounds like this is going to be a great start to the week for you.

Yeah ladies....I slept like poop last night. I woke up around 1, woke up again at 4, woke up again at 6......I hate feeling like this on Mondays. But, my Mondays are always really busy (I have rehearsal immediately after work), so I usually find the energy to keep going! :cool: And I was particularly invigorated this morning when I opened my front door and found that my new pilates DVD had been delivered! Hooray!

Alright girls, carrot dances abound. :carrot:

You know what time it is,

09-18-2006, 01:09 PM
Amanda I will have to check out never heard of it. I did 60 minutes of leslie this morning and it has gotten me so motivated when I first went in their I was thinking well I will jest give it a try and before it I knew it was over and then I put another video in and Did that I want to do more but I want to take in into steps not overload all at once. At least now I feel LIke I have a little more energy then I did before I started. Since it is lunch time I was considering on have a chicken burito Nothing but Chicken and Lettuce for me on a whole wheat Burito wrap. May will do more after Lunch.

Liz I hope that you have a wonderful day.

09-18-2006, 03:37 PM
Not to get off on the FOL rampage again, but what I dont understand after reading NY's blog about how basically Flav disgusts her in how she treats his children and women then why is she back fighting for him? Was all that said out of anger because she was upset? I dunno but if I were flav and I knew she put those things out there for everyone to read I dunno that I'd want her around. Some of the thing she said while true were harsh! yet there she is sucking face with him again! Gotta wonder about some people! I still want her to win! LOL!


09-18-2006, 04:16 PM
Just a quick :wave: for now. Dh is home so we're running errands. Got the kids all safely shipped to school today. I shudder to think of all the homework that's gonna be going on tonight!

Will get tp personals later, not home right now. Just wanted to write and wave and tell you guys that I'm behaving myself today. I did exceptionally well at the grocery and bought yummy good foods! Also, to tell Melissa I made my tree last night!!!! It is so pretty! I put it on my fridge. What a better place to remind me before I go foraging! If I can figure out how to put a picture up I will tonight. I'm gonna shoot for 20lbs but there are 30 leaves in case I get inspired. :D

Have a beautiful afternoon girls, I will see you later!

09-18-2006, 04:20 PM
Liz - :hug: It's so good to see you!
I don't think I hit a plateau. I think I hit a wall! :lol: I have always had a very bad habit of making things way too big to digest at once. Not just with weight loss; but with everything. Then it becomes too overwhelming. That's why I loved your dad's analogy about the elephant. You know how some people have to be reminded to look at the big picture? I have to be reminded to stop looking at it!

Melissa - NY is one strange potata. She definitely has moments of clarity and likability. But she's obviously unstable. She and Flav would be like a scaled down version of Bobby and Whitney, I think. I hope he picks her too. VH-1 should be able to get at least two seasons out of just the those two getting together. Factor in her mom, his kids and the kids' mothers and we've got ourselves a train wreck! Yipppeee!!!
Can you guys tell it's slow around here? Ford is our bread and butter. A lot of our stuff for GM has been pushed to the back to mid 2007. Considering what both those companies are going through, it's very scary around here lately. Ever get the feeling that you really need to be working on a back up plan? That's me right now. I'm not panicked but I definitely feel a sense of urgency.

09-18-2006, 04:22 PM
Hi Danielle. Missed ya chicky! I'm glad you went ahead and put your tree on the fridge. I don't think you'll regret it. Congrats on the grocery store victory!! :bravo:
Have fun with your husband.

09-18-2006, 05:57 PM
:mad: Life is not fair! 7 weeks ago, my husband decided he wanted to lose a little weight. So he cut down on his beer consumption, went from eating fast food 5 days to a week to 1 or 2 days, shadow boxes 30 minutes a day and stopped eating seconds. He's lost 30 pounds. 30 pounds in 7 weeks! Now he says he's right where he wants to be. Damn man! :mad:

Here's another man-ism:
My husband will not refill the water pitcher. He will drink the last of the refrigerated water and then put the empty pitcher back into the refrigerator. I told him to at least wash it since he's not going to refill it. The man looked at me like he was a deer caught in headlights. :rolleyes:

09-19-2006, 09:52 AM
:coffee: Good Morning Ladoes!!!:sunny:

I can't do personals right now, but I will get back to do them. I just wanted to say good morning!!!

09-19-2006, 10:06 AM
Good Morning lovelies!! Ready to have a fantastic tuesday! I didnt make my water goal yesterday but still managed 71 oz. Not too bad but we'll go for that 100 oz today! I did great on plan though! Sunday is almost flushed away! ya feeling today? Still sore? Did you get some better sleep last night? I hope so! Last night was my night to be up and down all night! My dh is the same as yours he drops weight like nothing and he's not even big to begin with. I always hate when he says he's 'dieting' he does it all wrong!! So unhealthy about it, never a wonder it never stays off! Ah well! What can we do!?

Bonnie...I'm glad you've got your quiet house back! 1 more day till BL! Its great to see you so excited and ready to go! How'd you do on your water?

Liz...another one that didnt sleep great! How did last night go? I hope you got the rest you needed after monday!

Danielle...Cant wait to see your tree!!! I'm glad you are gonna let the leaves drop with me! Did you survive errands? I know how those days can be!

Aqua....GOOD MORNING Sunshine!!!

Its getting quiet around here again....where did you go ladies!! Give us an update on how everything is going for you!

Have a fantastic day today everyone!!


09-19-2006, 11:03 AM
I'm here! I'm here! Good morning ladies! Phew, yesterday was a complete blur! My days are usually like that when dh is home, but we got a lot of things done. Poor guy gets hit with a honey-do list every day off but what can I say, even I need to give my cape a rest and let him be super daddy! ;)

Melissa, I know you'll get that water in today! How can I not do a challenge with you??!! We do better together. BTW, when are you officially counting leaves?? This weeks weigh in??

Everyone have a super day! I've got some running around this morning. Ugh, the dreaded orthodontist with DS and those evil evil waiting room chairs! :devil:


09-19-2006, 11:06 AM
Good morning Danielle!!! My leaves dont start falling until the weigh in after next. Since Fall doesnt officially start until saturday. All the weightloss after that will be in fall though!

Ugh the orthodontist I need to make dd an appointment! Thanks for the reminder!


09-19-2006, 11:11 AM
Amany- Kids are great. :)
When I was a kid I came from extreme dysfunction and abuse, and it was tough, still is tough for me to deal with to this day. The important lesson that came from it though, is that I have learned to strive for my own kids. I think we all go through something in life that we can choose to make us stronger and better- or we can allow it to make us weak and unable to face the everyday challenges that a normal life throws at us. Sounds to me like you want to be a good mother, and you think a lot of children. You will be wonderful. :hug:

Butterfly50- Heheh, my house looked like I barely scratched the surface. Ah well. My ceiling fans still look good. :p

Sugar-N-Spice-:hug: Hi!

Hun.e.B- :hug:

iwantnewpants- Hi sweetie! :hug:

Ladies, I know my posting has been lacking lately, and I need to apologize and try to explain why. Honestly, I have been in a fairly severe depression the last couple of days. My husband took me for Mexican food last night - I think he wants me to cheer up-(yes, I ate and I blew it, but I got over it pretty quick). It's not the food that is the problem, I have suffered depression before, and it comes and it goes. Right now, I have had a relapse. I think it has a lot to due with a horrible loss in the family a couple of months ago. I lost an immediate family member to a heroin overdose. It was a sudden, unexpected, traumatic loss. He was in rehab, he was doing all the steps-- we all thought he was on his way to recovery-- and he went and did the unthinkable one day, took some heroin and it killed him. :( I thought I was okay after the funeral, thought I got it all out... then a song came on the radio the other day and I just lost it. I started bawling, and I can't get him off my mind, then I think of other stuff, and it just snowballs and I feel really awful. I have heard this is normal. A lot of people realize the depth of their grief two to several months after the loss of a loved one. I think I am getting a heaping helping of grief.

Anyway, I am sorry to be such a drag, but I feel I owe you all an honest explanation about my absence. I will try to hang out more, but right now I don't feel like dieting (I am still going to though), I don't feel like anything. But life goes on, and I need to try to get that through my mind.

Thanks for listening ladies. :grouphug:

09-19-2006, 12:08 PM
Aqua...I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. They say that grief goes in stages, I dont know what they are but I know for a fact there is no right and wrong way to grieve. For some, maybe it takes awhile for that realization to hit. Whatever the cycle you have no reason to apologize to us. I hope that we can be here for you if you need us. Just try and remember the good things, and think about how he would want you to live your life. Dont suffer alone. I hope there is some sunshine in your day very soon! {{{HUG}}}


09-19-2006, 12:16 PM
Good morning friends! :grouphug:

Melissa! :wave: I slept like a rock last night. I didn't crawl out of bed until 6:15. Even though I'd gone to bed around 9:30! I was so, so tired.
You'll be fine with the water today. What might work is giving yourself a few days that water is the only thing that you drink. With the exception of a morning cup of java, of course. After a few days, you'll crave water. It will become your drink of choice.

Hi Danielle :wave:

:hug: :hug: Aqua :hug: :hug:
You don't owe us any apology. I'm sorry you've been feeling so depressed lately. Those moments are overwhelming and tough. In fact they don't feel like "moments" at all. They feel like "forevers". :(
I can't say that I can relate. There have been deaths in my family, but I've never lost anyone close to me. I understand that drug addiction is very powerful though. A person can go through recovery, do the right things, the light will come on and they'll finally "get it", then for some inexplicable reason, they'll relapse. We do it here all the time. Although, what we deal with is on a much, much smaller scale. I'm just trying to make a point about human nature and the habits that we have. Factor in something like heroine that changes your brain's chemistry and it's unimagineable.
I'm feel bad that I can't offer you some sort of comforting words that will make it all better. What I can say is that - though it may be unfair to you guys - I've started writing about all the things I go through here. Or somewhere else. It doesn't seem like it should make a difference, but writing (typing) about what's bothering me is extremely cathartic. Whenever you feel bad, let us know about it. We're paying attention and we care. When we feel depressed the natural inclination is always to withdraw. Try not to. It only makes things worse.
If you can, try to think about the good things you have. You have a husband cares about you and 3 little ones. As an added bonus, you're reshaping your body. All of that is fantastic.

09-19-2006, 12:36 PM
Thanks Hun.e.B and Amany.

I appreciate you all just listening to me on that. Something that comforts me a lot is that the last thing he ever told me was that he loved me. It was the most bizzare thing. Our family is very distant and unloving, but he came out to my car and gave me a big hug, told me he loved me, and said goodbye. (which I thought was weird at the Apparently he did the same thing to a lot of our family members. I don't know if they told him to make amends in rehab, or if he was afraid each time might be his last, or what. I take it that God gave him an oppertunity that a lot of people do not get, and that is to say goodbye. He was so young, we were one year apart almost to the day. :( I can't believe he's gone.

Anyway, I'm gonna not dwell on it anymore. I am grateful for this day in my life. We are all on are way out, we just never know for sure when, so we have to appreciate every day in our lives.

I feel better talking about it, maybe that was what I needed to do.

09-19-2006, 12:55 PM
Yep. Communicating your feelings beats a hot fudge sundae and plate of lasagna anyday! :D

09-19-2006, 12:59 PM
I just got my Callanetics book and my Super Callanetics video!!!

I'm not even going to peek at the video yet. You're supposed to master the basics of Callanetics before you can move on to Super. Since it's slow around here, I might be able to start reading today and maybe work on it this evening or tomorrow.

09-19-2006, 03:39 PM
Hello Ladies :wave: :wave: :wave:

Looks like everyone made through the weekened. I been running like a chicken with my head cut-off. Things are started to settle back down again. OMG I did the 8 minute Taebo tape and thought I was going to die. I'm not ready for all that jabbing yet. I will try it again some other time not now. I guess a part of me really doesn't want to give in to working out at home. I think I get less done working out at home. The baby kept pushing my head down each time I lifted it on my situps. :D It was really starting to hurt. My husband won't keep her occupied while I work out.

Amanda: I'm going to read the site on the book you suggested, I'm game. Terry McMillian finally has another new book out called, "Interruption of Everything." I just started it and its really good. I'm on the first Chapter, but its definitely got my attention So far. That would be a good book also, I think we can all relate to this one as well.
Birthdate Jan 19th.

Aqua: Hello Lady, here is lots of :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: Take as much time as you need to grieve. Glad to see you back.

Hello: Melissa :wave:

Hello: Bonnie :wave:

Hello: Danielle :wave:

Hello: Sara :wave:

Hello: Iwantnewpants :wave:

Hello: Britt :wave:

Hello: Heather :wave:

Hello: Mia, :wave: thanks for starting the new thread.

I hope I didn't miss anyone, if I did I apologize.

09-19-2006, 04:41 PM
LOL amanda...water IS the only thing I drink ever all day long. Every once in awhile I'll let myself have an iced mocha w/ skim milk. But thats it. Never have liked soda and coffee isnt anything I've made a habit. Just me and my aqua! LOL!! I'm glad you got some sleep last night!! You know they say you lose more weight when you get a good nights sleep! I think it has to do with energy levels but I do love my sleep so I'm all for that idea! LOL!!

Aqua...talking definetly helps and I dont feel like you are dwelling at all. We are here to help you through the rough patches so if talking about him helps tell us more!

Trish...Hello! :wave: good to see you!! Its definetly hard to get in a good workout when you've got a baby to contend with too. I much prefer to exercise when everyone is gone!

Anyone else afraid to have salad lately? The whole spinich thing really has me so leary of leafy veggies all together. And I wont buy the prepacked ones now just because if they were packaged in the same factory as the spinich that is tainted whats to say thats not too? I need a garden! LOL!

Have a wonderful afternoon all! I've actually got a quiet one so I plan on working on my fun! LOL!


09-19-2006, 05:22 PM
Good Evening Ladies I have been on the road most of the day and I am jest getting to be able to write. Went and took my son to his doctor and then had to go to school to finsih up with my daughters intake apt. Everything has went well and I can have not been on plan at all today Hubby stopped my MickeyDs while we were out. Well Got to run .

09-19-2006, 05:26 PM
Wow! What a day I've had already. Despite the fact that I had to sit in that dinky office chair for 35 min. before they even saw my DS is a feat in and of itself. But then, the fun began! The tech who was going to be rewiring his braces started in on us for a stupid bite plate that he'd been given months back. We've had nothing but issues with the thing and the ortho told us last visit we didnt even need it, as it looked like the problem of which it was originally made for was going to be overted. Well. Little miss thing decides that she is going to lecture me in front of a room full of patients and techs. Wrong! Unbelievable how she treated us and I let her have it. I even made her give my sons chart to someone else to do. I complained to the doctor and to anyone else that would listen. Ridiculous some of these people!
Then I spent the rest of the morning running all over town doing errands for my children. I forgot to wear my cape today, maybe it woulda made things go smoother! LOL

Aqua, I am sorry to hear about your loss. We all grieve in different ways and this is your time and your way. Nothing wrong with that, and certainly nothing to apologize for. You do what you need to do for yourself so that you can carry on. I think it's wonderful that you had that quiet moment with him and were able to truly tell eachother how you felt. Those kinds of things are priceless and something that will give you great comfort forever. While I think its wonderful that you feel you can come to us, trust me we are always listening, please see a professional if you just can't get by. I have too much experience with depression so I certainly can understand your instinct to want to withdraw. Always know that you have many options available to you. Most important, do not forget about you! :hug:

Amanda, hows it going chicky! Gotta love a man's metabolism, eh? Disgusting, isn't it? I hope you enjoy your new book and tape! Lemme know how you like it.

Trish :wave: , I can understand why you would like going to the gym more right now. If you're not getting any help with the baby while you're home then it really undermines any sort of effect you might get from it, you can't really concentrate cause you're always worrying about your kidlet. One of these days you'll get to that taebo tape, for now just keep enjoying your time at the gym!!! :workout: I've never read anything by Terry McMillen, just watched Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove. LOVED them both! :D

Melissa, yeah I figured it out after I posted to you about the tree. LOL Duh!
The salad thing is sorta on the if'y side...I hadn't even considered the other types of lettuce possibly being infected. And here I have a bag in the fridge waiting for tonight's dinner! LOL I've had salad all week and so far nada. :dunno: I just know that having that salad fills me up and keeps me from being a naughty girl at dinner time! LOL

Are we EVER gonna figure out a book? lol I am for whatever anybody wants to do. I like pretty much anything.

Alrighty ladies, time to get a move on again. :faint: I swear, it feels like I just woke up, I can't believe the entire afternoon is gone! One more reminder to get a move on with this weight loss!!!!!! Pretty soon those fall months are gonna be done & gone, and I wanna make sure I've got lotsa leaves on the ground! :)

09-19-2006, 05:50 PM
Danielle - Sounds like you had quite a day at the dentist's office. Good for you for letting Miss Missy Thing have it! Some people should never come in contact with the public. They're just not well suited for it.
I can't wait to try Callanetics
Yes, we definitely need to select a book pronto. Especially if are going to start in October.

Ok, everyone. Please tell us your birthdays. Whoever's birthday is next, you'll pick the book we read!!!
Please, please, please.... :^:

Melissa - We were nervous as heck. For a month or so I've only been buying baby spinach. I figured I'd use that because it has more nutritional value. We ended up having to throw out two bags.
Hmm... I'll see if I can think of anymore "water tricks" :)

Trish - Funny you'd mention Terry McMillan. I was just thinking about A Day Late and a Dollar Short by her. It was such a great book! It's the first book I ever read that had me laughing one moment and bawling my eyes out the next. I've read all her books except How Stella Got Her Groove Back (It was just too unreadable for me to finish. I tried twice. Loved the movie though) and this last one by her. I wish she'd write more books. She's really good.
I hope you have better luck with the next workout.

Great to see you Bonnie! :wave:

09-19-2006, 05:51 PM
My birthday is February 3.

09-19-2006, 06:07 PM
hi everyone Aqua im sorry for your lost take your time but come back to us.... i havent been able to concentrate on dieting this week really im still trying to get water and exercise in the funny thing is im trying to get things together because we are suppose to be taking a 2 week trip to neworleans:carrot: on friday so i know i wont be doing much dieting there for one they have these drive thru dacori shops i never seen nothing like it who would have thought you can drive thru to get an acholic drink and then they have the best krispie kreme and my mother in laws cooking and bar b q lets say i dont get that type of cooking here but im still going to at least try to do water and exercise
whats funny is my trip challenge was to new orleans i wouldnt have guessed we would be going this soon anyway i need to get Bri ever since she started scooting/crawling i cant keep up with her check on you guys later

09-19-2006, 06:58 PM
Mia you are on a role right now, keep it up girl!:carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

09-19-2006, 07:32 PM
Hey ladies,

Ok, well i started turbo jam but i went on this Terry Fox walk and i think i pulled sumthing in my foot so i didnt do it today because i can only walk on the one side of my foot and u have to keep ur feet flat, etc. and move a lot. It is interesting, i havent gotten all the movements and she goes fast on the tricky stuff so its kinda aggrivating (sp?). I have been doing the healthy eating which is kinda kool. I am not doin the 10 day kick-start till after i get the moves down pat (by next week.) I am just about to drink my first ever protein shake, it smells disgusting, kinda smells like pepto-bismal, puke, and candy all at the same time. I am not sure how i am going to be able to drink one of these suckers everyday for 10 days! eeeeks:( :shrug: :stress: But yea, here I go I will tell u how it goes...*5 minutes later...OMG that is the most disgusting thing i have ever drank! ewwwwwwwwwwww, i'm so glad i sliced sum cheese for afterwards! ICK, i think i want to puke now. Anyways, I have to go do hmwk now so I will talk to u gals soon.

love, Heather

09-19-2006, 07:33 PM
Here's my tree:

09-19-2006, 07:40 PM
my birthday is Jan 26th.

I feel really unmotivated today. I have so many things on my plate and im stressed out. and i havent really felt like doing anything. Including me working today but im doing that because i need the $$

09-19-2006, 07:53 PM
sara thats my youngest daughters birthday.

My birthday is September 6

I've been wanting to read a book called As Seen on TV by Sarah Mlynowski its about a girl doing a reality TV show and since I love reality TV...well ya know, here's the description of it.

Mlynowski's third novel follows Sunny Langstein to New York, where she's relocated to live with her boyfriend, Steve. Without any real prospects of employment, Sunny accepts an offer from her father's much younger girlfriend to audition for the new reality television show, Party Girls. Sunny wins the part and is whisked off for a makeover (her brown hair becomes black) and a fashionable name change (she becomes "Sunny Lang"). Sunny's costars are Erin, a wild slut; Brittany, a well-endowed lush; and Michelle, a tall, cool redhead who might be a potential friend. Party Girls premieres to impressive numbers, but as the show goes on, Sunny begins to buy into the hype: the recognition, the handsome men at the bars, the glamorous life. Then her relationship with Steve is put in jeopardy when Party Girls turns into a competition with the prize being the chance to host Party Girls II in L.A. A fun and telling look at the world of reality TV and the lure of fame.

Anyway just an idea!


09-19-2006, 08:32 PM
:hug: Sara :hug: I'm sorry Hon. Will you have any off days soon? Try to at least get as much rest as you can.
Is there a book you'd like us to read?

Melissa - That sounds like a good read. I looked it up on and there are a lot of cheap copies available.

Love the tree Danielle. :cp:

Mia - I'm so jealous! Have a great time Lovely. Heck, I wouldn't worry about dieting either if I was going to New Orleans. Seeyawhenyougetback!!! :hug:

Does anyone have any other book suggestions. I have been thinking of A Day Late and a Dollar Short. But, really, I'm open to anything. I just wanna read something! :D

09-20-2006, 10:32 AM
Jest dropping in for a moment Getting ready to take a walk. Cant wait till tonight BL starts. Got to run I am going to walk to the store to get me some Taco season so I can have it for my chicken.

Havnt been able to read all the post but my Bday is July 29.

09-20-2006, 10:52 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

Anybody else having problems posting at all? Had a big post all typed out and then it disappeared. :( no time to retype now. So just giving a :wave: and I'll BBL!

09-20-2006, 10:57 AM
Good Wednesday morning everyone!! Well I ended up with a pretty GREAT day yesterday!!! Monday night we had spaghetti for dinner, not sure if I told you all this but spaghetti is a big overeating meal for me. I love the stuff I could eat it all night long! But I told myself that if I didnt overeat I could have some for lunch the next day and thats what I did! Now mind you portions for lunch were very modest! Hey I didnt overeat spaghetti!! I think another thing that helped was I started my meal with some canned spinach (I know gross!) but with the whole ecoli thing going around I felt safer! I dunno why its freaking me out so bad...what a horrible way to be~! Anyway, GREAT day for me!! made my 100 oz of water! I had a parents meeting at my oldest daughters school, I tell ya middle school is so different and the meeting went on for sooooo long!! But, I did get some great ideas for the PTA that I run!

AF showed up too so I suspect very little if any movement on the scale on friday.

Today I'm skipping my first 2 classes, its picture day at my youngest's school and since that is a PTA function ..well you know. Plus we are doing this rescue recess thing at school this week so today I'm going to run recess, I want to do a great big Simon Says game!! Cross your fingers it doesnt rain!

Bonnie! I'm excited for biggest loser to start tonight!! I wonder how it is gonna work with 50 contestants as opposed to 2 teams.

Alright everyone!! Sorry I missed you all this morning but you know I'll be checking on you this afternoon! have a WONDERFUL day!!

09-20-2006, 10:57 AM
Good Morning Danielle!!! Have a fantastic day!! I didnt seem to have any trouble posting.


09-20-2006, 11:32 AM
good morning
how is everyone doing so far hey what happened to Elyisha?

question what do you guys eat as a healthy snack and do you know of a good healthy granola bar? i hate oatmeal but i might eat it if it dosent taste horrible

working on my water today guys hopefully ill get it today

09-20-2006, 12:02 PM
Hi Bonnie. :wave: Thanks for the reminder about BL. I want to watch it. I've only ever seen maybe two episodes before. I think it was the first season. I have to confess that I think I didn't like to watch it before because it made me feel lazy for not doing something about my weight. I've seen every episode of CFC though. CFC didn't make me feel so bad. High entertainment value and I don't really think that most of them are that serious about changing their lives. That sounds really awful, doesn't it? Heck, I'm flawed.

Hi Melissa - Melissa reading your posts is really motivating me to get on the ball about registering for school next semester. I can't believe you do all that stuff! I don't have any excuse, do I?
Great job on the spaghetti! That would have been super hard for me. I love spag and lasagna. I've never had just a modest portion of either. :shrug: :lol: Congrats on the water too!!
I can understand you being scared about the spinach. I think I'd be nervous about eating it too. There's a bridge and a tunnel that go to Canada in Detroit. It's a very short drive to Windsor, Ontario. Since 9/11 I haven't been over. I was already not very fond of bridges and the tunnel under the Detroit River had always given me the creeps. Since that day though, I've been too terrified

Danielle - I think Trish mentioned something about losing a post yesterday. If it happens again, try clicking the "back" button in the uppper left corner. That might work for you. I wish I had thought of that before.

Trish, if you're reading...... Try clicking the back button next time!!! :lol:

Mia - For a snack I like to eat about 25 almonds and have a cup or two of water. About 10 minutes later, the hunger is gone.

Something has happened ladies. I don't know if it's maturity or madness due to sleep deprivation (:dizzy:). I have lost interest in the scale. That's right. You read correctly. I have lost interest. All of a sudden. I'm more concerned with eating right and exercising. The rest of it is more than I want to worry about.
Of course my weight is still important to me. So are fitting into those clothes I bought with the intention of wearing by mid October. Other than that, though, I'm only interested in weighing once a month now. On progress picture day. I found out that I like measuring. (Thanks Melissa!) I'd like to do that every couple of weeks.
I'm not really sure when or why "the change" took place. I just hope I stay this way.

09-20-2006, 12:27 PM
Good morning again!! Had a little time to kill before recess!

Mia! Good morning to you too!! Elycia left us and started another group. Have you tried any of the Slimfast bars? They are usually all just under 200 calories, most of them i find too sweet but I really like the blueberry and cherry crisp ones. They are more of a granola type bar. Other than that the only ones we usually get here are the nature valley ones...oats and honey, they are so good but loaded with sugar I'm sure.

Amanda...I LOVE school! I'd be a student the rest of my life if I could. If only there were no such thing as student loans!! Actually if you've never been to college before there are so many grants out there. Pell grants and higher ed grants. I wouldnt have any student loans at all if I didnt take the extra in student loans to live on. The grants that I get pay for all my tuition and books. And I didnt have to apply for them. Money isnt a reason not to get an education! Scales are for fish!! I'm so glad you arent a slave to it!! It doesnt define who you are anyway! Keep up the great work!! You've made some amazing changes in the last week or so! Its all kicking in!

Okay off to have a pear and head back to school! Have a great one everyone!


09-20-2006, 01:28 PM
Hey Everyone.

If there are no objections, why don't we read the book that Melissa suggested yesterday? As Seen on TV, by Sarah Mlynowski. Let's start it in October. I saw a bunch of them on really cheap if anyone has trouble finding a copy.

Melissa - I've been to college. I was going for elelmentary eduction (group science). I have since learned that I really don't want to teach. I had started to feel that way few years ago. Up until last year I helped tutor at some elementary schools as a part of the No Child Left Behind program. I loved participating in that, but at the same time it cemented that feeling for me.
I have about 80-something credits. I really am not certain what I will get my degree in. But I've made a decision to pick something in within the next several weeks and follow through. I can't let those credits be for nothing. If I change my mind later, then I'll consider a Masters. My job will pay for me to get either a business or engineering degree. So we'll see...
By the way, thanks for the kind words :hug:

09-20-2006, 03:03 PM
Happy afternoon! The sun is shining but not quite as hot thank goodness!! We've finally 'cooled off' and are in the low 90's this week. LOL Hey, compared to 115 for 3 solid months, anything 90 feels good! We are even expecting some rain which will be great for this dryness we got going on. I think about the only fall leaves I'll be seeing will be the ones on my tree! :lol:

Amanda, I think it's terrific that the scale is losing it's grip on you. It is an extremely hard concept to deal with, but I think you will be much better for it. I know that you will be fitting into all those new clothes in no time, those will be exciting times! I love the sense of accomplishment when smaller new clothes fit, makes me feel like a million bucks. Even if it was a shirt from Target or WalMart! LOL

Melissa, sheesh you are a busy girl today! I really hope that the school & that principal appreciate all the wonderful things you will have done for that school & community. You are doing an amazing job and those kids are going to be rewarded big time for it. Yay for another amazing day!! I knew you could do it, and yep, I told you to be very proud of that portion control with the spaghetti!! It's the little things. And you've gotten all your water too, simply fabulous!!

Bonnie, BL should be alot of fun. Feels like we've been waiting forever for it. Hope you're able to get back to plan!

Mia, doing a-okay in these parts, how about you? As far as granola bars, cant really reccommend anything. I would think that maybe just eating granola would be healthier than a bar that's been put thru a process to make it stick together? :dunno: I tend to stick to fresh fruit or some finger veggies. Pretzels are a good in a pinch when I want the crunchy/salty thing.

I think what I am most looking forward to when I lose weight is the feeling of being "put together". If that makes any sense? I know right now, being overweight I feel limited on the things that I can wear. Now I realize that there are lotsa clothes out there for us big girls, but IMO there are many that big girls should not be wearing! I dunno, maybe my thinking is skewed on this point but I really feel there is a big difference in how someone who is of size should dress versus someone who is alot thinner with alot less space to clothe. I just remember when I had lost alot of weight before and that feeling of being all put together with the right outfits & shoes. And feeling of entitlement of particular things to wear because I was smaller. It was a really exciting feeling to me, one I hope to get back very soon!

I would love to read Melissa's suggested book title! I will order this afternoon, I can't believe how incredibly cheap they are. How bizarre is it that out of 5 libraries at my disposal none of them have this book? :dizzy:

09-20-2006, 03:11 PM
Hello Ladies I wanted to pop in here and say that I have done the Leslie thing today I did 3 Miles total a 55 min workout plus I walked to the store for taco season. Kinda Good that I dont have a license and I have to walk. I enjoyed myself. I told my Dh that I wanted an IPod for xmas so I can use it for my walking.

I am pretty excited how the 50 Contestants are going to do to I hear they have a new traniner though with Bob. I hope she is good. I cant wait. Well Better be getting things done school gets out soon.

09-20-2006, 03:37 PM
so yesterday it rained I couldnt go out running, I ended up doing 45mins of Carmen Electra's strip tease Disk 1 and about 30mins of Tahitian Dance for weigh loss for beginners. I'm not good at dancing and have never done those moves in my life so Carmens wasnt easy for me. I have no coordination. hehe.

The tahitian dance was nice but since I was talking to Matt on the phone I feel like i didnt do as good as i could have.

09-20-2006, 04:41 PM
Hi Ladies!

I was on the crazy computer yesterday, so I couldn't post, but I did check in all day! I'm about to go back to the crazy computer but wanted to check in really quickly! And I've been so busy today, I haven't even eaten lunch yet! Though, I suppose NY would approve. :devil:

Aqua: I am so sorry about your loss. That is horrible. Come back and hang out when you're ready.....vent......whatever it is you need to do. That is so sad. :hug:

Amanda: The scale is evil.....I wholeheartedly endorse your new disinterest in it. It's the inches that matter anyway. And the clothes! I love the book suggestion and am completely on board! I'm so excited!

Trish: I have to say, the image of your little one pushing your head is cracking me up. Yesterday, when I was doing pilates, my roommate came home. The best part is I was swearing at Mari Winsor when he walked in. It was pretty hilarious.

Melissa: I LOVE school too! I'm actually contemplating a career change and am considering going back for a Ph.D in psychology. I'd have to take a couple undergrad refresher courses.....but I'm so excited about that possibility! What are you studying? You may have already said....

Bonnie: Good to see you! And way to jump back on the wagon today! We're behind you 123%! :carrot:

Danielle: I love your tree! It's so cute! I think you've inspired me to make one of my own.

Heather: Protein shake?! BLECK! But good for you for trying! :p


Okay, sorry this is so short! I'm terribly busy at this stupid place!


09-20-2006, 05:03 PM
you are so right amanda the scale is starting to depress me its not going down like i would like but my waist seems to be getting smaller maybe we should start a stay away from or every 2 week weigh in scale challenge?thanks on the almonds i may get some i picked up some type of healthy valley? granola bars and nutra sgrain bars

Hi Bonnie. :wave: Thanks for the reminder about BL. I want to watch it. I've only ever seen maybe two episodes before. I think it was the first season. I have to confess that I think I didn't like to watch it before because it made me feel lazy for not doing something about my weight. I've seen every episode of CFC though. CFC didn't make me feel so bad. High entertainment value and I don't really think that most of them are that serious about changing their lives. That sounds really awful, doesn't it? Heck, I'm flawed.

Hi Melissa - Melissa reading your posts is really motivating me to get on the ball about registering for school next semester. I can't believe you do all that stuff! I don't have any excuse, do I?
Great job on the spaghetti! That would have been super hard for me. I love spag and lasagna. I've never had just a modest portion of either. :shrug: :lol: Congrats on the water too!!
I can understand you being scared about the spinach. I think I'd be nervous about eating it too. There's a bridge and a tunnel that go to Canada in Detroit. It's a very short drive to Windsor, Ontario. Since 9/11 I haven't been over. I was already not very fond of bridges and the tunnel under the Detroit River had always given me the creeps. Since that day though, I've been too terrified

Danielle - I think Trish mentioned something about losing a post yesterday. If it happens again, try clicking the "back" button in the uppper left corner. That might work for you. I wish I had thought of that before.

Trish, if you're reading...... Try clicking the back button next time!!! :lol:

Mia - For a snack I like to eat about 25 almonds and have a cup or two of water. About 10 minutes later, the hunger is gone.

Something has happened ladies. I don't know if it's maturity or madness due to sleep deprivation (:dizzy:). I have lost interest in the scale. That's right. You read correctly. I have lost interest. All of a sudden. I'm more concerned with eating right and exercising. The rest of it is more than I want to worry about.
Of course my weight is still important to me. So are fitting into those clothes I bought with the intention of wearing by mid October. Other than that, though, I'm only interested in weighing once a month now. On progress picture day. I found out that I like measuring. (Thanks Melissa!) I'd like to do that every couple of weeks.
I'm not really sure when or why "the change" took place. I just hope I stay this way.

09-20-2006, 05:31 PM
Danielle you are so beautiful!!! Awww, it makes me miss you! You know how if you dont see someone for a long time you start to forget how they look. How long has it been now like 5!!

I gotta get crackin on the homework, I've got an exam tomorrow and I've got a meeting at school tonight but I had to let you know that! Oh and plus its family fun night tonight! I got a great workout at the school today I think I climbed 3 flights a good 10 or so time...thats burning some calories!!!

Jordan asked me this morning if any of the leaves had fallen off the tree yet LOL! Gotta love her!


09-20-2006, 05:32 PM
Liz...sorry I missed you! I'm studying business administration - accounting and a minor in psychology. I've probably got close to a minor in health and human performance too. Changes majors a couple times can ya tell LOL!! You better eat!!!


09-20-2006, 05:44 PM
Aw Melissa, thanks. :o I wasn't feeling beautiful in that picture lemme tell ya! lol Funny how when I was 80 pounds lighter I couldnt stay away from the camera! Hubby had to practically tackle me to get these ones, and this was the best one. OYE! Well the busy just doesnt stop with you does it?! A test and now more activities at the school, good grief woman!

Sarah, anything you do that moves your body is great! Dont discount any effort you make for the better. Getting down moves and feeling more coordinated will come with practice, just more incentive to keep doing it so you'll be doing it like a pro! Hang in there kiddo.

Bonnie, good for you! You've had a great day so far, keep it up!

Liz, like the tree huh? I did this several years back and had alot of fun with it. I am a visual person so stuff like this really keeps me going. Of course, any excuse to play with crayons and scissors is great too! :D You should do one, we don't start counting leaves until next week!! I hope you've eaten by now and have decided that NY is a freakin lunatic! ;)

Mia, the scale is such a strange beast. One minute he's so kind to you, telling you everything you want to hear and the next minute he feeds you lies! :lol: Seriously, don't give that hunk of mental too much credit for anything and really go by how your clothes feel. I've never been too much of a scale fiend weighing myself 10x a day or anything, maybe every other day..and when that got to be too much mentally I just stopped worrying about it and now only weigh once a week.

Time to fetch the kidlets, another day gone by so fast. It's been a really great day food & water wise, I am so happy!


09-20-2006, 06:07 PM
Good Evening , I jest got this picture and wanted to share it with everyone. This is my Granddaughter in the dress that I made her. It turned out to be too Big on her. But I think I she looks cute.

09-20-2006, 07:15 PM
Bonnie that dress is almost as cute as your grandbaby. :) I'm so glad you got to have a picture of her wearing it. You're pretty fierce with that sewing machine lady. I'm not sure if I even know how to turn one on!
I can see you're back in the saddle with the exercise. :bravo:

Danielle, you're one hot chick! Such a pretty picture! To bad your husband had to "rassle" you to get you to take it. :)

Melissa - Jordan is really sweet. Aww... What a kind little princess.
I'm sure you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow at night! Hope you do well on the test tomorrow.

Liz - Shall we have Kick Your Scale and Hide It party? It's a wicked, wicked little instrument, I tell ya.
NY is a walking tragedy, isn't she? :lol: Do you keep any snacks with you at work? Maybe having some on hand would help.
I'm glad you got a moment to check in. How are the auditions going?

Mia - Give your husband the scale and tell him to hid it for at least two weeks. We give that contraption way too much power. Don't let it depress you. :hug:

Sara - Hey lady. Great job on getting the exercise done anyway. I love your dedication. Was Carman Electra's workout fun? I rented it once and recorded it. I have no idea where it is now though. :dizzy:

I ordered my copy of As Seen on TV for $0.75!! WoooHooo!! I love a bargain!

09-20-2006, 07:16 PM
Aww Bonnie she's adorable. I'm glad she took that picture for you. The dress will be too small before you know it!


09-20-2006, 07:18 PM
Hello Ladies- Everyone;)

My computer is acting weird today, will have to post at home later.

Hi Mia: :) I can't believe your going to make it to New Orleans already. Have fun, knock yourself out on shrimp and gumbo.

Melissa: Hello, ;) Lets do the book you suggested. With school grants, I thought if you made so much money you weren't Allowed the grant?

Amanda: :) Tell that scale to just go to H**:devil: Who needs it. Less stress worry about the scale. You always have the right mind set.

Heather: ;) I'm puking just thinking about that shake. Geezee

Bonnie: :) Love the dress for your little one, sorry it didn't fit. She be able to fit it next year. Maybe Late spring. She is just so cute. Way to go on that workout today, my goodness, your BACK.:carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

Hi Aqua ;)

Hi Danielle: :D Love the pic, its nice to put a face to a person. The tree is a great idea. I need to figure out how to put my pic on line as well.

Hi Sara :)

Hi Iwantnewpants: ;) You think you're having computer problems, I'm about ready to throw this one out the door. I'm getting a new one installed at work next week. Which that is the one I'm using right now.

I apologize to lack of personals, I have to go pick my husband up right now and go on some evening appointments. Then try to cook around 8:00 and still work out. I Hope I succeed.

09-20-2006, 07:42 PM
Trish...everyone is allowed pell grants, and beyond that yes they go on income. But my dh makes decent money for our area and I still get enough in grants to cover tuition. We take more in loans and use it like income. Then there are grants above and beyond you can apply for each with its own restrictions. And then scholarships...there is so much money out there you can get in scholarships you just have to be ready to do some work for em. Lots and lots of money available for school.


09-20-2006, 08:05 PM
Amanda, thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I had been telling him that I really did need some before shots of myself but when it came down to actually taking the pictures....... :no: :no: I didnt wanna! Sometimes guess its hard to face the truth, and I knew that my truth would be in these pictures. Am SO looking forward to making changes!

Bonnie, I'm so glad you got pics of your granddaughter in her dress!

Trish, I hope the running around isn't as hectic as it sounded. lol Sheesh, all you girls with these busy busy days! Can't wait to see some pics from you.

BL will be on soon! I am so curious as to how they're going to deal with 50 candidates all at once. Can't wait to see Bob!!

09-21-2006, 01:43 AM
Hey everyone,

guess what!! I got accepted into a college about 3-4 hrs from where I live, i'm so excited!! YAY! I havent done a lot of turbo jam because i screwed up my foot on monday and it still hurts so I am still eating healthy, drinking lots of water, etc. Talk to u guys soon.


09-21-2006, 07:35 AM
:hug: :hug: Heather! :hug: :hug: That's fantastic! Congratulations!

BTW, you're doing a fantastic job with the eating and exercise too. I hope your foot is better soon. I hope the exercise is not preventing it from healing.

09-21-2006, 10:09 AM
Good Morning Chicks :cofdate:

Its Slowing down again for a little while. Then As always it will be busy in a few days. Where a General contractor, so its always busy. Of course don't forget the crazy homeowners that want you to fix there houses for free.

Heather: :cp: :woo: :woo: :woo: Yeah congratulations on the College.

Thanks Melissa, I have definitely done my fair share of colleges. I never complete them tho and I always pay for them myself or my job does. I always get to busy to continue another semester. You know go a year stop, then go a semester stop. :( I know its insane. Life keeps me doing weird things. I want to do pharmacuetical sales, I know I didn't spell that right, it doesn't even look right.

You guys I haven't got exercise in 2 days. I'm not liking that at all. I going to bust my buns tonight. I eating right though.

Will be back later.

09-21-2006, 11:03 AM
Hi Trish! :wave:
Keep plugging away at college when you get some free moments. Eventually they'll be forced to give you a degree. ;)

I know what you mean about the exercise. I had to walk on my lunch hours the last couple of days. My body never adjusts to changes of seasons well. Every year, going into autumn, I get the acheys and I just feel under the weather. It doesn't help our temps in Detroit are in the 50s and the blasted A/C is still going at work! :mad: I kid you not. Right now I have on a sweater, fall slacks and socks and I'm still freezing. I want some hot chocolate so bad. :(
Anyway, by the time I get home I feel just awful. All I want to do is sleep in in the mornings. Although, I did start Callanetics last night while I was watching The Biggest Loser. Boy do my legs feel it today. I didn't even get through the whole thing!

09-21-2006, 11:07 AM
Am I the only one who thinks Bob from BL is handsome? His concern for the people he's helping makes him even more attractive. Of he's not as hot as my husband.... :D

09-21-2006, 11:10 AM
Good morning ladies. :coffee:

So how did everyone like Biggest Loser last night? I don't know about you guys but I would have been heart broken to have gone all that way only to find out that I had to go back home the same day! I felt really bad for those 36 who had to face that. Did love Bob sportin his mowhawk though! LOL Howd you guys like the new trainer Kim? She's definitely no Jillian but we'll see!

Will do personals when I get back from running kids to school. I hope to see you all here today!


09-21-2006, 11:20 AM
hey guys i like Kick Your Scale and Hide It party
i wanted to give you guys a heads up i wont be able to post my weight on the other challenge thread for 2 weeks but ill bring my tape measure with me
i watched bl for the first time last night and it was so inspiring these people were losing 12-20lbs with no drugs or diet pills or nothing i didnt think that was even possible i also thought that when your working out your not suppose to strain yourself but those folks was screaming trying to get that last bench press my husband told me that what i was doing wrong was not pushing myself
one thing i didnt get was what was the time frame that from when they started on bl to the first weigh in? i know they didnt lose 12-20lbs in a week? regardless that was amazing and did you see the before and after pics of that one lady that got voted off amazing
i am thinking about taking a look at their site also i know one of the problems i have with dieting is that i dont eat seafood or banannas (yea when my mother in law cooks jumbalia she makes mine without the shrimp)
well today i already see is a good day hope everyone is doing okay

heather congrats on school i need to get my butt in gear
dani i love the pic....i guess i better get one up

09-21-2006, 11:28 AM
i hate that pic that was the night i got married (valentines day) thats explains the black and red and if you noticed i have the black cover thing on i was ebarrassed of my rolls to take it off that was feb 05 and this is how i spent my 1 yr anniversary all fat while hubby was in iraq

if you havent noticed my hubby is skinny :(

my hubby decided one day to dress the baby up in one of the turbans he got in iraq thats why she looks pissed in the avatar

09-21-2006, 12:43 PM
Gooood mooooorning Ladies!! :sumo:

It sounds like everyone is well! Except for Amanda who is freezing her patoot off at work.

The good news is I FINALLY got to eat lunch yesterday! Hooray! I had a spicy shrimp roll from this little sushi hut by my office. It was a delight. I have to say, I was really proud of myself......normally when I get that hungry, I tend to binge on some sort of unhealthy food. But yesterday, I honestly wanted something healthy. Hooray! Carrot dance for me! :carrot: Speaking of carrots, I normally keep a bag of them or some other snack at the office. Unfortunately, there's this jackarse Jim who eats all my food. Seriously......he's even eaten my lunch on occassion. I had to resort to bringing things that he doesn't like so that he won't eat them. It's kind of funny......but very strange. :dizzy:

Trish: Good morning lady! :hyper: Amanda's right....keep taking classes and sooner or later they'll have to give you a degree!

Amanda: I just finished my coffee and am about to have a cigarette a la NY. She's so wise. I'm so glad she's found the secrets to health and life. :D What a freakazoid. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea of the Kick the Scale Party. Can we dress as pirates? I can't believe there's no pirate emoticon....I'm so bummed out.

Heather: Congrats! That is SO exciting! I am SO jealous.....I wish I could go back to college again! You are going to learn so much and have such a wonderful time! :hug:

Danielle: You are absolutely adorable! :) I'm so glad you posted a picture! I think I will do the same! It's nice to be able to put faces with names.

Mia: I love your new avatar! I think your peanut looks so cute and funny.

Alright ladies.....time to do some more work. Grrrrrr.


09-21-2006, 12:43 PM
Good afternoon Ladies I have had a good day soo far. I got up this morning and got busy I did 300 stomach crunches and then I did 5 miles with leslie almost 80 minutes in jest that. I hope I can get time to take a walk this evening It is dropping in the low 60 at night.

I was too a little up set when the other 36 people was sent home I was in tears when they told them they could still be part but jest at home. I was so estactic then I cannot wait to see what will be going on . I thougth that Kim was not as good as jillian I jest didnt think jillian would let them rest even though they won the challenge. Thats my opoin . Well Have to get busy lots of things to doo.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Jest wanted to ask this quick question. I was thinkin of doing watp and use some ankle weights how do you think that would do. Jest thought I would ask.

09-21-2006, 01:27 PM
hey guys thought this was interesting
Gary Ryan Blair, founder of The GoalsGuy Learning Systems, Inc., says the most important characteristics of a good goal are that it is specific, measurable and time bound. Saying you want to get in shape is not specific or measurable or time-bound. What does “in shape” mean? How do you know when you’re there? How do you measure being “in shape”? And when do you plan to do this? It’s much more motivating to say, “I will lose two inches off my waist in the next three months.” That you can measure. That creates a sense of urgency.

Here are more examples of bad goals made good:
Instead of: I’m going to start working out.
Say this: I’m going to walk for 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week.
Instead of: I want to get stronger.
Say this: I will increase my bench press max from 175 pounds to 200 pounds in the next three months.

Blair recommends creating an additional mid-term goal and several weekly or bi-weekly goals leading up to it. Once you’ve successfully reached your mid-point, start again with weekly or bi-weekly goals until you achieve your vision. Break the time up in whatever chunks work best for you, but the whole idea is to look at the process in specific, manageable steps and celebrate your achievements along the way.

Here’s an example of a vision, a mid-term and a short-term goal.
Vision: Within the next six months, I will lose 20 pounds and 3 inches off my waist.

Mid-term Goal: At the end of 12 weeks, I will have lost 10 pounds and 1 ˝ inches off my waist.
Short-term Goal: I will lose at least 1 pound this week by walking three days for a minimum of 30 minutes each and limiting my fast food intake to two days.

As you can see from the above example, your short-term goals are the ones that contain the actual behaviors you’ll change or the steps you’ll take to get where you want to go.

09-21-2006, 01:49 PM
Good Morning! it's about 6:38am, This week has been rainy! I did some more of my tahitian dance for weightloss for beginners, boy did my abs hurt and my thighs! I didnt finish the dvd but I got much farther than yesterday.

I had a NSV yesterday, I was telling Matt that my pants were feeling a tiny bit big, so I lifted up my shirt a little and pulled the weist ban away from me and OH MY GOD. There was a lot of room in there! Matt said I was going to end up needing a belt soon... I don't think I'm a size 24 anymore.... I cant go shopping right now but boy would I love to find out! :)

Amanda - yes Carmen striptease is fun. At first I feel kinda silly because I have no idea what I'm doing, but after that I tell myself who cares and I just do it and it gets fun. I've watched all of them, the first one is the only one i've done.

Mia - I can understand what Blair is saying, I think those are good ways to do it as well.

Butterfly - I have yet to try ankle weights, im afraid I wouldnt be able to move, I have tried the hand ones that are like gloves, those are nice.

Danielle - thanks for staying postive for / with me. I really appreciate it. I like the fact taht you posted your before pic for this month. It motivated me to take mine. I need to upload them from my digital cam and then post it for you guys.

Hey Saph & Aqua.

09-21-2006, 02:04 PM
Congratulation Sara.:bravo: :bravo: :cp: :cp: Having lots of room that a great feeling. I love when I get to a point like that.

Mia How did you insert the pic like that I had tried to figured it out but no hope for it.

09-21-2006, 02:08 PM
Congratulation Sara.:bravo: :bravo: :cp: :cp: Having lots of room that a great feeling. I love when I get to a point like that.

Mia How did you insert the pic like that I had tried to figured it out but no hope for it.

when your posting your message you will see a image icon right under the white happy face then you go to where your pic is at right click on scroll to properties you should see a url copy that and paste it in the box that popped up when you clicked on the image icon press okay and the url should appear in your message box when you post it your pic should come up as far as i know your pic needs to be on a site like photobucket yahoo photos or fotki or something like that im not sure if you can get it from your harddrive(my computer/c/my pictures.
hope that helps

09-21-2006, 02:53 PM
Amanda, I'm gonna give you some of my heat, k? I am soo tired of hot weather! Even tho it's 90's, I would love to have just some not-so-sunny days around here. I hope you're staying warm! Girl, you know better than to ask me about Bob!!!!!!! :p I have had the biggest crush on this man since BL first aired. He is just so tickled to be working with these people, truly enjoys the changes he helps them make. He's all about working from the inside out and getting to the 'why's' of some people's issues with weight & food. I was dying when the one girl walked up on stage last night and she was crying and he gave her this huge hug and was whispering, 'I'm gonna kick your a$$!!'. That hug alone, I think I'd have :faint:

Trish, crossing my fingers for ya to get your exercise in today. I have not done any in almost 2 weeks because of this stupid cold I've had. I'm like you, I would stop & start college but never able to finish. Maybe someday....

Mia, is that your belly I see in that picture? lol It's up so close I could barely tell but it looks like a momma's pregger belly! Very cute! And your avatar, too adorable!! Good luck with the scale challenge, you can do it!!

Liz, I cannot even believe that someone else would eat your food. WTH? I think you need to take something that he DOES like but put something hot & spicy in there so he burns his lips off. :devil: The nerve of some people! Some of the guys at my dh's work have eaten his stuff too, I told him I was gonna poison it and then let him take it and see what happens! lol Planning anymore naked train rides, you know the weekend is just around the corner!!!! Just no more bending over, k? :D

Bonnie, gosh you're really hopped to it today havent you? Good girl!!! I'm on the fence with Kim from BL. I really liked Jillian and her philosophy's. When Kim let them slide on the extra workout at the end of the day, I said there's no way Jillian woulda done that! I hope I can get past the annoyances so I can enjoy the rest of the show.

Sara, you're shrinking girlfriend!!!! Good for you for getting more of that workout done, you will be finishing it in no time at all. Keep up the good work!

Where's Melissa this morning??? Hurry up and get here woman, we miss ya! :)

Aqua, I hope you're hangin in there Sweets! :hug:


09-21-2006, 04:03 PM
Amanda, I'm gonna give you some of my heat, k? I am soo tired of hot weather! Even tho it's 90's, I would love to have just some not-so-sunny days around here. I hope you're staying warm! Girl, you know better than to ask me about Bob!!!!!!! :p I have had the biggest crush on this man since BL first aired. He is just so tickled to be working with these people, truly enjoys the changes he helps them make. He's all about working from the inside out and getting to the 'why's' of some people's issues with weight & food. I was dying when the one girl walked up on stage last night and she was crying and he gave her this huge hug and was whispering, 'I'm gonna kick your a$$!!'. That hug alone, I think I'd have :faint:

Trish, crossing my fingers for ya to get your exercise in today. I have not done any in almost 2 weeks because of this stupid cold I've had. I'm like you, I would stop & start college but never able to finish. Maybe someday....

Mia, is that your belly I see in that picture? lol It's up so close I could barely tell but it looks like a momma's pregger belly! Very cute! And your avatar, too adorable!! Good luck with the scale challenge, you can do it!!

Liz, I cannot even believe that someone else would eat your food. WTH? I think you need to take something that he DOES like but put something hot & spicy in there so he burns his lips off. :devil: The nerve of some people! Some of the guys at my dh's work have eaten his stuff too, I told him I was gonna poison it and then let him take it and see what happens! lol Planning anymore naked train rides, you know the weekend is just around the corner!!!! Just no more bending over, k? :D

Bonnie, gosh you're really hopped to it today havent you? Good girl!!! I'm on the fence with Kim from BL. I really liked Jillian and her philosophy's. When Kim let them slide on the extra workout at the end of the day, I said there's no way Jillian woulda done that! I hope I can get past the annoyances so I can enjoy the rest of the show.

Sara, you're shrinking girlfriend!!!! Good for you for getting more of that workout done, you will be finishing it in no time at all. Keep up the good work!

Where's Melissa this morning??? Hurry up and get here woman, we miss ya! :)

Aqua, I hope you're hangin in there Sweets! :hug:

thanks yea that was my belly back in feb. that was 10lbs of baby in there lol
Mel where are you????????

i went to the dr and was weighed and found out that my scale was off like 8lbs off so im actually 225 instead of 217 yea im hiding that scale

09-21-2006, 05:33 PM
Mia - Scales are prosessed by evil spirits :devil: that must be cast out. Rid thyself!!
I love what you posted about goals. On another thread that I go to one of the ladies posted about being specific with goals. It's amazing because the whole subject is something that I have been in seriously pondering lately. Someone must be trying to tell me something. Yes, ladies. I am at times unfaithful. I post on another thread... :o

Danielle - Send over the heat fast! It has warmed up outside. I think it's in the 60s. It's ridiculous inside though. My fingertips are cold and so is my nose!
I loved that Bob had his group work out before they ate. He was talking about how overweight people tend to use food to comfort themselves. Boy was that a good move. I think I would have been tempted to rush to the kitchen after that loss.
I'm not familiar with Jillian, so I can't make a comparison. I like the newbie though. I love the way she celebrated her team's accomplishments even though they lost.

Sarah!! :bravo: You're rawkin chicky!

Bonnie - I don't know much about ankle weights. I've never really used them. Try posting your question in the exercise forum. Maybe those ladies can be of assistance.

Liz - Hey there chickadee. Pirates? I love it. Or maybe we could dress as soccer players and kick it around. I hope no one tries to bounce it off her head though. :dizzy: :lol:
NY... Yes, she's very wise. Very spiritual and deep. In fact VH-1 should replace Dr Ian with her on the panel. Who needs his silly Fat Smash Diet. NY's got smokes and java! :D

All of a sudden the folks in production are super busy. They just got in some parts that they'd been waiting on for about a month. Now they and the shipping department have to get out almost $4 million in about a week. I volunteered to help on Saturday. Of course they know not to let me anywhere near wires and tools. I'm just not suitable, I guess. :shrug: From 6:00 in the morning until noon Saturday I'll be in charge of stickers and labels. :D This is a proud, proud moment for me. I must call my mother...

09-21-2006, 05:38 PM
amanda its okay that you post on another thread thats more knowledge i belong to other forums but i dont post because i dont feel at home like i do here

that bob guy really did hit home with the emotional eating (hand rises) thats me as a matter of fact i tend to eat when im bored

09-21-2006, 05:44 PM
Of course they know not to let me anywhere near wires and tools. I'm just not suitable, I guess. :shrug: From 6:00 in the morning until noon Saturday I'll be in charge of stickers and labels. :D This is a proud, proud moment for me. I must call my mother...

And what did yo mama say? Was she as proud as you thought she'd be?! LOL Hhhmmm :chin: stickers & labels could be dangerous if these people aren't nice to you! Ooops, lil mix ups here & there! :devil:

09-21-2006, 05:56 PM
Hmmm..... Danielle, you raise an interesting point. Instead of using the 240v label I could use, say, the 60v label. Yes, yes I think you're onto something...

09-21-2006, 07:28 PM
Well I finally made it today!!! Been one of those days starting out with an exam that I have a feeling I aced. But I spent my morning studying. After classes I went to get groceries and to find a deal on a new thermometer for the school, theirs broke so pta bought a new one. Then I had this huge miscommunication fiasco with my older daughter and her getting home from school which entailed me driving all over town! IN the rain! And then yesterday I thought I had a meeting at school...nope its tonight! I just hate days like this!! Af is giving me fits! But I'm getting my water in and we are having a really good dinner tonight...beef n broccoli over rice! YUM!

Mia...what a little princess you have!! I've got one of those skinny husbands too, although he constantly thinks he needs to lose weight...bratS!! when I switched scales it put me up a bunch too, just remember its just a number and scales are for fish! LOL!!

Heather!! congrats on your acceptance!! I'm so happy you got in somewhere you are excited about!! I hope your foot feels better soon!

Trish...okay girl did you get that exercise in? I know what you mean about school, I've had times where I felt like I should take a semester off and work and catch us up on some financial stuff but everyone tells me dont you dare, once you stop you wont go back. So I didnt.

Liz...the characters in your life crack me up! LOL!! Jim the lunch stealer. Reminds me of that friends episode where someone ate Ross' sandwich! LOL!! Maybe you need to REALLY start messing with him! LOL!

Bonnie...wtg on that exercise today!!! WOOHOO!! 300 crunches...are you crazy! LOL!! Excellent job!

Amanda...CHEATER!! LOL, jk. Its okay to share your wonderfulness with others just dont abandon us!! LOL! oh and hey.....bob is my boyfriend so back off!!! LOL!! Isnt he just a doll! Although I'm not liking his hair, I'm sure it'll grow on me!

Danielle...I dunno if I like Bobs hair!! But I fell in love with him again when he took his team to workout after they lost the competition so that they werent feeding their emotions. He is just the best!! I dunno about Kim yet, I think I like her better than Jillian but we'll see. I puffy heart bob!

Sara....WTG!!! congrats on your victory!! You are just shrinking away! And see you didnt have to run to do it!! Way to go!! Keep up the good work and just think of all those skinny clothes in your future!

Whew!!! I made it!! I hope everyone is having a warm snuggly evening! Its so rainy and cold here and out into it I got to go listen to a forum in interviewing tips...wooohooo!!! I know you are all just green with envy! I may be late again tomorrow morning, another exam! Have a great one!! Its WI day for me! Last one before I start counting leaves!! Hey how is everyone doing on their miles for their challenge trip?


09-21-2006, 07:42 PM
Amanda...CHEATER!! LOL, jk. Its okay to share your wonderfulness with others just dont abandon us!!

Never ever! :grouphug:

I hope you have a great evening. Glad you got a chance to pop in and congrats on acing the test!

09-21-2006, 07:48 PM
There ya are Melissa! So good to have you with us finally today. I am more than positive you aced your test, you are such a smartie!!! I have to giggle at your mistake about your meeting for tonight--it is so me! Can't tell ya how many times I've insisted certain things were on certain dates, only to realize that I was either a day ahead or behind! :rolleyes: Hence the reason I got a PalmPilot for Xmas 2 years ago! lol As for it being warm and snuggly....good lordy no it's not! Please, someone crank up the a/c it's hot in here!!!! :flame: Keepin my fingers crossed for your weigh-in tomorrow. I have mine too, AF has been here so I dunno what to expect. At least I can look back on the week with my head held high though!!! BTW, I like Bob's hair!!! :p DS's hair is cut in a very similar style but alot shorter in the back...he doesn't have that mullet thing happening like Bob's is tending to do. LOL His laugh gets me, it makes me smile cause it can be so dorky sometimes. I ♥ Bob!

Amanda, yes can show 'em whose boss now! :p Maybe now they'll letcha start playin with all the tools & wires?! heehee Where exactly are all these stickers going? Would be funny to watch a bunch of macho men cry wouldn't it? :D


09-21-2006, 07:50 PM
i have a ? for all you bl fans do that bob guy have a workout video? i know they have the bl site but i really didnt want to pay for another online site

09-21-2006, 07:56 PM
yes he does!! Its the biggest loser workout and he's amazing on it!! He'll kick your butt!! The dvd is great it has 4 different workouts warm up and cool down. Be ready to do some squats and lunges though, he just loves those!


09-21-2006, 08:01 PM
the dvd is great. While the group has issues staying together, the actual moves he has you doing are amazing. When I was doing it consistently several months back, I had great results in my lower body, especially my hips.

09-21-2006, 08:36 PM
thanks im going to have to give it a try

09-21-2006, 10:31 PM
Oh the weigh in... :mad:

Ok, I'll finish out the weigh ins for the challenge, but it's against my better judgment!! :tantrum: Dangblasted instrument of evil!

I need to log my exercise. I have to try to remember it cause I haven't been doing it....:(

Mia - BTW, you're little darling is adorable!

09-22-2006, 10:09 AM
TGIF I am soo glad that this week has come to and end. I am soo sore from working out yesturday and then I took my two mile walk. I am going to get ready to walk to the store I have decided to go shopping for a bit. I am going to check out Halloween Decorations. I will be the first to say that I always go over board I have sooo Much stuff. Expecially when it comes to christmas I start in Nov . So by christmas I will have all my decoration up.

I hope that everyone is doing well and making their goals I drank 4 of my 6 bottles of water yesturday and that made me feel good. I have to run and I will check back in later.

09-22-2006, 10:47 AM
Where exactly are all these stickers going?

I'm sorry, I forgot to answer your question Danielle. The company I work for manufactures controls for robots. The robots are used in auto plants and industrial factories.

You know I was thinking this morning that I could test their math skills. Instead of putting 60v tags on 240v circuit breakers, I'll put four 60v tags on those circuit breakers. That way they can't accuse me of sabatoge. :D That's what I'm doing on Saturday as well as putting serial number stickers on the components used to make the controls. Then I'll have to put the part numbers and serial numbers on the controls themselves. It's very tedious.
The production group leader asked me if I'd be willing to stay until 2:30 instead of noon to work a full eight hours. I told him, "OK. Noon it is!" :D :lol:

Morning Bonnie! You're such an inspiration. I can't say that enough times to you. There's a Kmart almost a mile away from me and a grocery store across the street. I really should walk to those places more often. :(
I love to decorate for Christmas too. I've sort of taken over the lobby at my job. It used to look so crappy! I bought some plants, and I decorate for the seasons. I just decorated for fall! :)

09-22-2006, 10:52 AM
hi everyone thanks for the comments about the baby she is a handful she is learning how to crawl and she said her first word dada:dizzy: its going to be interesting how she is going to do on a 14hr trip to new orleans now that she is use to being active
bye the way i love the nature valley granola bars they are so good im buying a box to take on the road now all i have to do is think of other healthy snacks to take im not going to lie i know its going to be hard............
anyway i have a daily goal today since i have been slacking im going to exercise at least 30min
how is everyone today?

also im hit with a double whammy not only am i going on this trip which i know im not going to be able to diet as well but tmo is suppose to come at the end of the month! im on seasonal birth control so its the first in 3months i know its going to be bad someone help meeeee

09-22-2006, 11:13 AM
Good Morning lovelies!!! I had to pop in quickly and let you know WI results...down 1 lb!! Not to bad considering yesterday I had peanut M&Ms for lunch!!! Its AF's fault! Shes trying to kick my butt but I still lost a lb despite her and her evil cravings!! Okay, off to study some more before my exam in 45 minutes! Have a wonderful morning all! I'll check back this afternoon!


09-22-2006, 01:00 PM

Good morning girls! I am so glad the week is coming to an end. It's been stressful with all the sick going around here, so finally now that we're all starting to feel better, it will be nice to just have down time because we want it! Actually, I think my kids have other plans for dear ole mom this weekend-- haircuts, and clothes shopping for DS. Teenagers!

Hey! I managed to lose .5 a pound this week! I'll take it considering I didn't do any exercise and AF has been here. Not too shabby all things considered I guess. Will be turning up that exercise this week now that I can elevate my heart rate without going into coughing fits. Finally! We start counting leaves this week ladies! If you havent made your trees yet, best drag out those crayons and scissors!!!! I, for one, cannot wait to see those leaves start falling! I was talking to my sister the other day and she was motivated to make a tree too. She's the one that's preggers but the dr. said it wouldn't hurt her to drop a few pounds since she is overweight. She is feeling really good now into her 2nd trimester so all things look good!

Amanda, pretty soon you mess with those guys you'll have them using their fingers & toes to count with! LOL Would be so funny to see their faces if you really did that. Would probably be the last time they ever asked you for help, huh? :lol:

Bonnie, you got a good sore going on! Good for you for getting out there and getting those walks in. My sister & BIL start decorating for halloween in September & for Xmas starting in November. Their entire house is covered from top to bottom in decorations. It's a little frightning IMO, but I think now that they have their baby and she's mobile they will have to tone down alot of what they used to do. Have a great weekend!

Mia, I'm glad you found something that you like to snack on. Are you planning on taking any sort of ice chest or anything? Taking string cheese or maybe some veggies would be great to snack on in the car--no mess. Nuts would be good too. Take extra's if you can, or get some stuff while you're there to snack on, any bit will help your efforts for weight loss. I find personally that it's not so much the actual food that causes me to gain while I vacation, it's all the unhealthy snacks that I stuff in my face! Most of all, enjoy yourself!

Melissa, WTG lady!!! 1 pound is awesome considering that ole witch is being underhanded and sneaky. But you showed her who's boss & that's all that matters! Now on to bigger & better weightloss next week now that she'll be leaving!! Can't wait to see what kind of results you get then.


09-22-2006, 03:43 PM
WOOOHOOO Danielle!! Way to go on the loss lady!!! And now the exercise can begin!! I think we are both going to be ripping down some leaves next week!! I'm excited to start!

How come its so quiet here today? Everyone okay? I hope so! I'm having a great day so far. Sticking to plan, thought for sure I was gonna need a coffee this morning since I got up at 530 to study but so far I've been okay, no mochas for me! Thank goodness its the weekend though! Tomorrow I plan to do nothing but clean and clean and clean this nasty house.

Well I'm off to school again for an assembly. Should be fun, its American Indian Heritage day I bet it'll be really interesting. I hope everyone gets a moment to check in! Have a wonderful afternoon!


09-22-2006, 04:15 PM
Well thank goodness you showed up! I was beginning to wonder if I was gonna be alone this afternoon around here! ;)

Yes, I am excited to begin this new challenge of ours. I forgot to ask, have you set up a prize if you make your fall goal? I was thinking about this a minute ago as I was coming back from the store. I have no idea what I would give myself if I reach this goal. Guess I better start thinking of something to shoot for!

Great to hear you're having a great on plan day!!!! Remember how good you feel right now, how great you're eating and don't let nothing stand in your way. You're doing fantastic!!!

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon and I hope that assembly was a good one. Sounds very interesting!


09-22-2006, 04:39 PM
I'M here ladies!!!

Hello everyone. I can't stay long just thought I'd check in. I finally got a workout last night. I need to update all my stuff at the bottom on my miles. I did not loose any weight. But thats okay its coming. Melissa I hope you A'd that test. ;)

I will do personals later, if my husband is not hogging the computer tonight. I have to get this payroll done, or everyone will be very mad. :dizzy:

09-22-2006, 05:17 PM
Hi Trish :wave: I hope today is going well for you! WTG on getting your exercise in, I bet it felt great! I need to get back on the horse with that this weekend, I can't wait. You're right, the weight will drop as long as you continue with good clean eating & exercise! Imagine, the nerve of those people, expecting to get paid! ;) Just tell them they have to wait until you're done chatting with us, I'm sure they'll understand, no? :D

09-22-2006, 05:39 PM
Way to go Trish!!! I'm so happy you got that workout in! Planning another for tonight? Hey mind adding me to that payroll list?! LOL!!

Danielle...I havent thought of a reward either. That will be the end of finals for me too so I'll really be ready for a reward. I'm gonna think on it for a bit, its gotta be something good! That would mean 13 weeks of straight losing...when was the last time I did that?


09-22-2006, 07:33 PM
13 weeks of straight losing. Why in the world does this not scare me? LOL For some reason I am super psyched about it. Could be because I am finally sick of being in this rut I've been in forever?!? I dunno, but I'm gonna run with it! lol

09-22-2006, 08:57 PM
thanks danielle for the tips
what is the new challenge im lost

09-22-2006, 09:01 PM
I hope that everyone is having a good friday night. I have done my walk twice today. and I am feeling pretty good. I will check in tomorrow.

09-22-2006, 09:06 PM
Hello Lovely Ladies.

I'm about to wind down for the evening. I'm so tired and I have to get up early tomorrow. I have decided to read a book every weekend. I have a stack piling up. Between reading the books on my own list and the ones that my husband wants me to read, I need about two months off. :dizzy: So this weekend I will read The Jackal, Face Off, Betrayal, The Power of a Praying Wife or Protein Power. I'll figure it out in a few moments...

Mia - I think you should just enjoy the **** out of your trip. Of course you're going to eat off plan. But you can control how much of each no-no you eat. Plus you can exercise. Get some walking in as much as you can and keep up your water consumption. Most of all just enjoy yourself. Have fun for all of us. :D And have a safe trip!

Melissa - Congrats on your loss. Man that Aunt Flo is one rude b*tch isn't she? Sometimes she shows up when you're not quite expecting her. Other times you're depending on her to arrive and she takes her sweet time. Oh, and when she doesn't arrive.... Sometimes that can put you in one heck of a bind! On top of all that, she can always be counted on to put you in a bad mood! :mad: :lol:
I'm sure you have aced yet another test. I hope you get some rest this weekend lady. Make sure you pamper yourself good at the end of the semester / fall challenge.

Danielle - Amanda, pretty soon you mess with those guys you'll have them using their fingers & toes to count with!
Danielle, I want those guys to keep their shoes on!
Congrat on the half pound. Of course you'll take it! Many small drops make an ocean, grasshopper.

Trish - I know what you mean about hubby hogging the puter. My husband does that from time to time as well. Although I use the computer much more than he does, I still get irritated when he uses it when I want to. :mad:
I'm glad you got the workout in last night.

Well, I'm off. I'll be back tomorrow unless I can't fall asleep tonight for some reason. Night All! :wave:

09-22-2006, 09:49 PM
Mia...we are starting a fall challenge tomorrow and it runs for all of fall....till December 13th I think it is. anyway what you do is make a tree, and for each pound you lose you take a leaf off your tree, you could do inches too. Here's a picture of my tree that is on my wall, Danielle posted her tree too. The goal is to have a bare tree when winter begins! I've got 30 leaves on my tree, I'm hoping to lose 26 of those so I added a couple just in case I get lucky. Here's my tree:

09-22-2006, 09:51 PM
Amanda you've got quite the list going dont you! Summer is my reading time, I usually do a book a week sometimes more if its a really good book I can crank it out. Now that schools on though I only read when I'm going to bed and I usually fall asleep before I get a chapter done so it takes me forever! I hope you have a great weekend!


09-22-2006, 11:14 PM
*Sigh* I can't believe I'm not asleep yet. :(

Melissa my list is evergrowing. When I was single I used to be able to read one or two books a week. Sometimes, if a book was good enough, I'd have a read-a-thon. I'd read the book in a day or two. My husband is high maintenance though. Oh well.... Gotta love him.

Has anyone ever read the books from the Outlander series? Long, long books. I once spent a weeklong vacation reading the first two. Or was it the second and third.... :?:

BTW, I decided on Protein Power. That's probably the reason that I'm not asleep. In fact I know it is. I'm loving the book so far. I'm not going to do the program, but I like to collect information to tweak what I'm doing.

Night everyone. :grouphug:

09-23-2006, 10:18 AM
good morning everyone :carrot:

09-23-2006, 12:22 PM

Can you even believe that it's fall already! This year has gone by so quickly it's unreal! Personally, for me, this will be the last time that I weigh this much, EVER. I will not look back next year and think, what did I do for another entire year!

Looking forward to dropping those leaves! Who else is going to join Melissa & I for some leave dropping? Anyone???

Melissa, ya ready chick????? Today is the day! On your mark. Get set. Go!!!!!!!!!

Ladies, I hope you all have a lovely Saturday! I'm spending mine cleaning. I was "told" by the teens that next weekend will be the weekend for shopping and the cutting of the hairs. :rolleyes: So today will be cleaning & tomorrow will be football!! :D


09-23-2006, 03:30 PM
Good afternoon and Happy fall . I cant wait for the day temp to start dropping. I have to tell everyone something. I have sooo Many exercise Gadgets here I decide to put some of them to use. I have,
Air Strider
Ab Cruncher
Ab Lounge 2
Ab Doer
Body By Jake Abs
A twist Board
Weight Bench
a thing Master
and a good video collection I know I must have 200 Videos. I have From Richard Simmons to Tae Bo to The firm and soooooo Many more so I have decided that I am going to get my tail busy and start doing other things too. So far I have done the 8 min and 12 min Abs on the Ab Doer. I did 10 min on my treadmill. It kept slowing down on me. and twenty min on the weight bench. and 200 twist on the twist board. Plus 100 Crunches on the Ab Loung2. I am feeling pretty good considering I wasnt up to working out today but I made my self do it any way. I think I will consider that as my strength traning today I am going to relax for the rest of the day till I can take my walk this evening.
I hopethat everyone is having a good day and I hope to have some good results soon.

09-23-2006, 04:33 PM
Well hello Bonnie! Gosh I was sure surprised to be gone all morning only to find no one else posted after me until you! It sounds like you've been a little busy bee with all that workout equipment you've got! Good for you for getting motivated to try and incorporate some of the stuff you have on hand. I think the key for me too is to vary things alot so there is no boredom. Best of luck with all your new things you're trying, I'm sure you will see some fabulous results very soon.


09-23-2006, 04:40 PM
God yesterday I was so exahusted I only had 3 1/2 hrs of sleep and then had to go to work for 8 1/2.. I thought I was going to die. Came home and crashed from 4:45 to 8:05 stayed up 2hrs ate something then fell back asleep til 2am when matt finally put me to bed. I was so exhausted.

I hope everyones days are going well. My sister turned 19 yesterday and today were having her birthday party. I cant believe shes getting so old.

This weekend I'm making Irish Soda Bread... I hope it turns out okay its my first time making it. I'm also looking at some of the recipes here that i am dying to try so tomorrow I'm going grocery shopping.

09-23-2006, 06:46 PM
Good Saturday everyone!! My house is clean!! Even the girls' room if you can believe that. I'm gonna enjoy it because we all know it wont last for longer than an hour! Its such a beautiful day outside. A wonderful day to start Fall!

Mia...Good afternoon to you!

Danielle..I am so ready and i've been SOOO good today!! I had a moment of weakness this morning and I though...nope, challenge time! So I had my shake and that was the end of it! Broncos play night game tomorrow so I've got all day long to just do homework, can you believe I've got yet another exam! They are trying to kill me this semester! How has your first day of fall been lady?

Bonnie....Goodness! LOL!! You've got no reason to get bored with your exercise now do ya? I think you could have some fun with all that and challenge yourself to use something different everyday, see how long it takes you to get through it all!

Aqua...I know you are going through alot right now but we'd love to hear from you, if even just to say hello. Just thinking about you!

Sara...well hello!! My goodness you needed some sleep didnt you! I hope today finds you feeling full of energy!

I'm excited for it to be fall!! I'm excited to get losing, I really cannot wait till next friday when I get to rip some leaves down off the wall. Actually I'm gonna weigh on Thursday before my doc appointment just so I can see if my scale is off or not. I cannot wait to see the doc!!! I dont think I can take much more of this pain!!!!

Busy week for me next week, I hope that keeps me out of trouble! LOL! I really hope everyone is having a fantastic on plan day today! We may have to go out and invite some more newbies if things get too much more quiet! Gotta love the enthusiasm newbies bring!


09-23-2006, 08:24 PM
Hello Ma'Ladies

Sorry I haven't been around today. I took a long nap when I got back from work. Since waking up, I've just been relaxing with my handsome husband.

I will be back for personals late this evening or tomorrow. Hope you're all having a great weekend. :wave: :)

09-23-2006, 09:29 PM
Yay! somebody to finally talk to in here! ;) I'm glad to hear that you ladies are having a great weekend so far and are either getting lots of things done or enjoying loved ones!

Melissa, well you said you were gonna get that house clean, and ya did! Woo! Must feel good to have that sense of accomplishment. More test? Good golly, what are they tryin to do to you! I guess you can never learn to much tho' can ya?! :D I've had a really great day food & water wise. I had originally planned on working out but I started coughing again and figured it'd do no good to try since I'd have to stop every 20 sec. or so. Maybe tomorrow. I'm just psyhed that the other stuff is going so well. Most importantly, mentally I feel really really good. You know my history and when the head part for me starts to get muddled you know I'm in trouble! So far so good! :crossed:

Amanda, so did ya give 'em heck today?! ;) Did you confuse anyone with your stickers? LOL I'm so glad you are enjoying your hubby. I think it's so cute when you post and say your "handsome" or "cute" husband. Too cute!! Are you one of those couples that make goo-goo eyes at eachother all the time? I can't really talk, cause my hubb's and I still do after 14years! LOL Just nuts about the guy, call me crazy! :dizzy: Enjoy your evening!

Well, just shipped DS off to an overnighter party at his friends. I swear, teenagers!!! First off there was a huge production of the birthday gift, good grief! Gone are the days where mom could just go to the store and pick whatever! And we won't even get into cost. Oye!

I hope everyone is having a super day and hopefully will post up soon and tell us how they're doing. We miss you guys!!!


09-24-2006, 01:25 PM
I started the new thread for week of September 24. Here is the link

See you there!