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09-16-2006, 08:25 PM
Is there anything that can be done???

09-16-2006, 09:33 PM
I believe there are medical treatments that can help, but no creams or lotions seem to work. Time will fade them to a silvery color that is harder to notice. I have stretchmarks on my hips/breasts just from puberty and on my stomach/outside of my thighs from weight gain/loss.

09-16-2006, 11:47 PM
I find that self tanner helps camoflage. Moisturize really well with a regular lotion for a few days so it doesn't go on streaky, and exfoliate before you apply.

09-17-2006, 10:53 AM
thanks :)
i was really hoping there'd be a cure or something... ah well, stuck for life, eh?

09-17-2006, 12:44 PM
Sadly, it's basically a tear in the skin, a scar. I think there are procedures (laser treatment, microdermabrasion) to get rid of them, but that would be way outside of my price range.

09-17-2006, 05:23 PM
Mine were bright purple, but now they are white and shiny and not very noticeable. Keeping your skin well moisturised might help their appearance a little, but as Glory says, the skin is torn, and can't be mended. I personally wouldn't try any of the cosmetic procedures, once you start your basically committed to having top ups for life, as none of them offer a cure, just a temporary treatment, and it gets expensive. And no one knows the lifelong effects of having these treatments yet.

The ones I really hate are under my arms! Eek! Those ones still are a bit purply looking, but they're getting better as the weight goes down.

Laura Philly
09-17-2006, 10:21 PM
Have you tried vitamin e? If you break the gel capsules and put the gel right on your skin.