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09-14-2001, 06:20 AM
Happy Friday morning all

As we were at 2 pages I started a new thread.

Still OP
Started my new leg routine (lower body w/o) yesterday. And my goodness I am feeling it today. All in all it has been a pretty good w/o week. Am a little closer to purchasing a treadmill. Still not an organized plan. The accoplishment is that I work out regularly just no routine. will attempt to schedule that thsi weekend. Endurance is pretty good.

OP food wise has been very good. low carb no cheating.

Had my 2 job interviews. Havn't heard from one, The otehr had to turn down due to the salary cut I would have to take. Oh well. we'll see.

GBO welcome to our little world here

Dana, glad you are doing as well as you can

Sue, Still here. I saw that you enjoyed teh belly dancing. So you are going to do teh BFL thing again huh?

How is everyone else doing?

See ya all this weekend
Oh, The guys at teh prison(90% who came from NYC) are doing OK so far. SOme have lost people, some still havn't talked to family yet. We have made satff available to work w/ them. Security is tighter at the facility. And nothing bad has happened YET... We will see

09-14-2001, 08:46 PM
Friday = Weigh-In Day! Mr. Scale told me another pound has decided to leave my that makes 32 gone forever!

I gotta get away from all this news coverage as it is realy bringing me down!

Hello to all the regular BUS RIDERS here...and a great big welcome to our newest lady to take a seat....gbo! I have read a few of your posts gbo and you are really going to be an asset here on our journey toward goal. Stay in your seat, babe!

Stay on plan all. I realize that these are such difficult times...and SOOO hard to stay focused and positive...but we MUST!

Take care all! Bus is still headed toward goal. Let's wave good-bye to the fat together as we rollllllll.......

09-14-2001, 10:56 PM
I guess i have more reason than ever!! I found out that we (at belly dancing class) may be doing a performance :lol: :eek: :eek: :lol: that sure will be a hoot!! but i have to stop jiggeling so much first!!! and it is only a 6 or 8 week course!!! so it is going to be really hard work for me!!!

09-15-2001, 06:04 AM
Just a quick post while I am waiting for my coffee to brew...

My brother has died and I will be driving to NJ this morning. Obviusly, my trip to NY is off for this weekend. Please pray for my family and me. You are all in my prayers.


09-15-2001, 09:33 AM
Dearest, Lee.

You have my heartfelt sympathy for your loss. Please know that you and your family will be in my prayers tonight along with the family and friends of those lost in this week's tradgedy.

Here is a loving hug just for you. <<<<<< H U G >>>>>>

Warmest regards,


09-15-2001, 09:41 AM
Everyone else . . .

Thank you for your warm wishes this week. I hadn't seen "Tommy" in over 15 years but I remember him well. My deepest sympathy goes to his family especially his wife and children. I know they are a deeply religeous family and hope their faith and time will ease their pain.

Please don't be upset with me but I've not even tried to be OP this week. In fact, I really haven't been eating much (and what I ate I shouldn't have). I have been taking walks (mostly to clear my head) but not serious exercise. I'll get back on track soon (hopefully before the weekend is over) but I just can't concentrate right now.

Shane had his first nightmare free night last night. He has been dreaming that the "bad people" bombed his brother's house (his 1/2 brother, Brandon, lives in Massachusetts with DH's ex). He's also dreamed that these same people flew a plane into our third floor and killed his sister (my daughter has a bedroom on the "attic" level of our house). He's only 6. Just for the loss of his sense of security, I could personally kill everyone of those *******s! :mad: Sorry, guess I'm not as "in control" as I should be. My nightmares are along the same lines as his. My worst -- dreaming that those SOBs bomb the kids schools and I can't get through the traffic to try to find them. (I now work 45 minutes away from our home town.)

Didn't mean to dump on you all. :o Sorry if I depressed anyone. Just needed to vent. I really can't talk to DH because he's scared there's going to be a full-fledge war and his two older son's will end up in the thick of it or these SOBs might start bombing the US (again) and he won't be able to protect his family. (Yes, he's having nightmares, too.)

I gotta go. I need aspirin and coffee.

I'll try to be more upbeat later.


09-15-2001, 09:58 AM
I am so sorry Lee. My heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow. I hope that this provieds you and his family with some healing.

Do not worry about being OP. that is the last thing you need to worry about at this time. Just help your family and heel your self. there is time to worry about all that later. check in when you get back. {{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}

09-15-2001, 02:36 PM
Hello, just checking in real quick......still oP....not drinking all my water but today I am determined to,,,

my exercise for this weekend will be cleaning house...

FLYLADY is here and I am trying to get organized, however, my daughters are looking for the flyswatter already hehehe:lol:

So sorry Lee, to hear about your prayers are with you....

everyone have a great weekend, stay OP and DRINK YOUR WATER

09-15-2001, 05:24 PM
Hi all
My this is a difficult thing to attempt to live thru, and speaking about myself I have not been personally affected by teh loss of someone. I can only immagine the grief of that person.

Lee I am so sorry to hear of your loss. WHat a week you have had. I can only say that you are in my prayers and thoughts. Keep Safe in your travel and check in when you can. Godspeed.

Joanne, I am afraid that I too used the emergency cord on teh bus and stopped off yesterday :o . I visited wendy's. And am paying for it today. First off Program day in 2 months at least. Bad water etc, etc, etc.

I am OP today and back on the bus using 2 seatbelts

I am sorry about your son and family and teh worry this has caused you. There is nothing I can say that could ease you thru this. Take care

Glad you stopped by to check in . Way to go on your program:)
I am drinking water as I type!!

Dana how are you fairing?

Sue a recital? how exciting!!!! :s:

Evryone else have great weekend

09-15-2001, 09:51 PM
recital???? i went horse back riding. POOR horse!!! I did ok i think!?!? the horse was still standing when i got off. i was still standing which is more important!!!i do not knowif i will be in the morning.

I managed to stay OP today although i did let my self get really hungry. BAD!!!
Pat for the first time Off Program not bad it could have been a whole pizza or some thing. you may have some fluid gain depending on how much you ate, and the sale so do not get on the scale for a few days up to 3 days some thimes to get rid of the fluid. just dring tons of fluid!!! the more the better!!!

Terri you can have the fly lady come over here. I need to check out the web site and get motivated for fly lady things. (I have hidden the fly swatter) I need to uncover my sewing machine and blow off the dust as i need to sew a bellydancing costume for it!!!!

Joanne i hope the kids start to get some peace. give them many hugs at night. I do not have any words of advice except is there a school psycologist that he could talk with that is what they are for. good luck and keep us posted.

Sso come on all and lets get up and KICK FAT BUTT> lets make a pledge (except for lee) that we will move forward with our lives and start sunday making our rededication to being OP. I know some of you will not see this till later this week but i feel that we need to do it nowww, while i can still say it!!! I am going to really kick fat but so we can make our halloween goals, we need an halloween goal thread!!! I will make one. we also need a menue thread (right on that one too) so we can continue to strive for our goals!!!

Dana Where are you??? any you GBO how are you doing??? i have not seen you all weekend!!!

09-16-2001, 09:28 PM
Just wanted to say hello, I have rededicated myself to my woe. Am now duct taped to myseat in addition to the seatbelts. I am in the back of the bus w/ a dunce hat on. Tilted alittle to the side. PMS isn't helping at all.
Well I am back on tract.
Hope all is well w/ everyone

09-16-2001, 09:50 PM
:lol: (Sorry, Nasus 40, I just couldn't resist! :D ) :lol:

But the song does fit my current mood. Yes, I've lost the dark blue funk I was in when I "spoke" earlier. While I didn't have a perfect OP day, it was much more in control and I got in the water and the exercise. :)

I planned my meals for the week and made a big dent in my list of fall chores (that accounted for the exercise). Tomorrow I get on the scale and face the damage wreaked by this weeks OOC eating. I will take my lumps and move on from there. I will NOT let it be an excuse to continue off program.

Oh, and my "not perfect" OP day was a caramel apple rolled in unsalted peanuts. We are in the middle of our annual country fair (it's held just two blocks down the street from me). I usually induldge in (to name a few) home-made fudge (several flavors), polish sausage in a bun, fried dough with butter & cinnamon (at least two), ice cream, home-made lemonade (several cups) and the caramel apple. I knew I wouldn't be able to resist eating something there so I decided before I took the kids that the caramel apple was all I was having and it would be the last thing we did before we left. I did it! :D OK. So it wasn't an OP thing but I felt really good about sticking to my resolution. And the 2-1/2 hours of walking and waiting for the kids while they went on rides surely burned off some of those calories. :o

We are going back on Thursday and I've already told myself I've had my treat and I am not indulging again. The fair will be back next year (and All Hallow's Eve with it's assorted parties is just next month :eek: ). Maybe this time I'll just sip a diet coke and agree to hold all of the prizes and keepsakes while everyone else eats (that way my hands won't be free to grab any "goodies" :devil: ).

Gotta go. I've still got about another hours worth of tasks before I can turn in for the night. Five AM comes too damn early somes times! :(


09-16-2001, 11:10 PM
Joanne i am so proud of you for sticking to your resolution. what a great thing i would have caved!!!! the thing about this woe is that it is a life time thing and you need ot be prepared for these times and then just have it without guilt, then get back op. but you aure did good!!!

Pat i always fall during TOM so do not feel bad just make sure that duct tape is tight becsue dana is taking us for a really bumpy ride through theh holidays!!!aaand make sure that you have pleanty for me!!!!!! i will need it starting in october. i have a goal to be at and want to make it without missing it again!!!!!

dana?? lee???? gbo????Terri????

09-17-2001, 06:38 AM
Good morning girls.
I have already exercised for 30 mins and have downed 1 glass of water. I feel more mentally alert than yesterday, however it will be at least 1 more day to get the carb cobwebs out of my brain.

Joanne, As far as I am concerned you are a goddess!!!. I think there are alot of worse things you could have picked to splurge on. ANd that you waited till the end, was great!!!. You made a goal and stuck w/ it. I loved teh saddle intro LOL.

Sue you are great. all these new execise options. That should keep you motivated and keep boredom away. Kickboxing is supposed to be a great w/o. Where did you horse back ride?

Yes the holiodays will be on us before you know it. The fall for me always involved baking. I usually bake for gifts and have already tried to think of alternative gift ideas. Sugar cookies w/ frosting are my favorite food. I am thinking of getting the ingrediants for lo carb baking. So I don't feel deprived. we'll see. I usually host thanksgiving for my family. and have been thinking about amenu. This willl be a challenge that we can do!!!

I hope everyone else is doing well. Check in when you can

09-17-2001, 08:20 PM
Hi Pat.

I had a busy day at the office today but it is not calming down just yet. i have a few things to do before i am finished. and i have to start tto think of my self and work. so i was a bit stressed and did not make great choices today. I did manage to drink more today that the last few days i ate kfc and managed to eat all the crumbs. i am forming a habbit iof it and that is not good. I nned to bring a lunch that i will be happy with i just got to hungry and could not hold back and i know thaaat it is one of the biggest downfalls. NEVER let your self get hungry!!!

so i see you are getting going right today,

Dana??? Lee????? Paaula?????? Terri????? GBO??????? come on and check inand let us kow how well you are doing!!

09-17-2001, 09:06 PM

Where did the weekend go????? Sorry I did not post. I tried to stay out of the house and away from the tv this weekend. (Which meant I was away from the computer.) All this tv/radio coverage of the attack on America is reeeeealy getting to me. I spent as much time OUT of the house this weekend as possible. Went walking and to church and played cards etc. Stayed ON PLAN......and it is Monday! It actually felt good to go to WORK today to keep my mind off all this stuff. Feeling helpless is a TERRIBLE feeling. We gotta pray and pray and hope the people in charge of the country know what the heck they are doing!!!!

Spent my first evening as a member of the YMCA today! (Yippe for me!!) ----I can see you smiling nasus!!!!! I swam laps for 40 minutes and surprised myself at the indurance I have built up from walking! I managed to sneak a peek in the weight/exercise room and felt a bit intimidated...but I am not ruling it out. I will let hubby learn how all the stuff works and then he can show me so that I do not get in there and look like a total moron!!!

I can not tell you how PROUD I am of each and every one of you bus riders for STICKING WITH IT!!! We will ride this bus to goal. (Yep, holidays are coming and we want to make everyone's eyes POP OUT when they see us this year.....instead of saying to themselves, "Sheesh, do you think she caold get any fatter?!?!?!?" ----Oh, come on...we all have a sister-in-law, cousin, or aunt that is the defination od skinny who we would love to have turn green with envy when they get a look at our gorgeuos curves!!! =======(If you don't have one....I can lend you a few as my extended family is LOADED with them!!!)

OK..........I think I may have inhaled a little too much clorine and I am getting off track here...... THE BUS is rolling and NOBODY IS GETTING OFF!!! Seat belts, duct tape and VELCRO if necessary! I love the idea of folks putting up the little smilies for pounds lost. I need someone to please explain how to do that. I want to put up a devil for EACH of the 32 pounds I have taken off so far if that is possible. I know it is a REAL inspiration for me to see them and I think EACH of us should do it to help one another whether you have taken of 1 pound or 100.

I toast each of you with my yummy lemon water and wish you another new day ON PLAN..with WATER...and EXERCISE....(sheesh nasus...get off my back!! LOL)

Your sister in "fat fighting", Dana (ALWAYS HOPEFUL!!!) :lol:

09-18-2001, 06:43 AM
Good Morning all

Dana I love your fire and enthusiasm. The idea of teh devils is great!!! Before you go to your profile part copy your devil. then go to the signature part of teh pofile and type in what you want to say and past your devil where you want it and save the changes. Thsi is how I figured it out, but there may be an easier way. I too had to get away from teh TV. I felt sorry for the kids and parents this weekend as they weren't running reg programming and I wondered what the kids were watching. The weather was great here so that helped.

SUe, I too love KFC would they give you one of the skinless breastw/o teh role? Your stress level will continue to rise until teh end of teh month :( . We are here for you. what can we do to help? My TOM arrived and I feel in control again!!! Thank GOd.

I hope Lee if fairing as best she can at this time and that she and DH are safe w/ teh travel.

Joanne and Terri how are you guys holding up?

Did you all see the Halloween goal thread that Sue posted?

I might take the duct tape off today and be OK w/ the seat belts

Have a great day

09-18-2001, 04:52 PM

I got on the scale yesterday and faced the music (a week off program). The scale was up 5 pounds. :( I am NOT discouraged. It went on easy -- it will come off easy (or I'll drop from exhaustion trying!).

I found a fairly low-carb bread! :D (I did try to make the bread using the soy flour -- not very tasty. :p ) Pepperidge Farm makes a Light Wheat that has only 8 gr. of carbs per slice (very skinny slices). I toasted a piece and topped it with pan-fried ham & melted cheese for an open-faced sandwich. Yum! I figure, in a pinch, I could use 16 of my alloted 40 grams per day to make a sandwich for when I'm on the run and need food that's easily handled (like while I'm driving). I will have to make sure that it doesn't become too convenient and I start using too many grams in bread rather than veggies.

You all sound so upbeat! Must be the change in the weather. I know it's inspiring me to work on the changes in my life. :) Don't forget . . . fall cleaning and yard work counts as exercise. This is the perfect time to clean the goodies :nono: from the cubbards and those old, now too-big-for-you clothes from the closets. Don't forget to try on your cool weather clothes from last year that were "just a little" too tight! I know I found two pairs of pants and a cute sweater that now fit just right. ;)

Gotta go. Our computers are down here (except the internet connection).


09-18-2001, 11:40 PM
I have been hauling and cleaning too. i have shrunk past all my smaller clothes but have not gotten rid of all of them as i would be naked!!!!

I am soing better today thanks pat. I would not dare ask for no skin on extra crispy chicken:rolleyes:iot is not like i can order original and be ok NO I have to get the EXTRA CRISPY. i did great today though and am ready to take on the world. i have my girls done and ready to go. they start their new jobs tomorow so that is done i still have one 50 hour case that i need to take care of i hve only a week and half and am starting to get worried abvout me now!!!!

Joanne watch the bread that could leat to being very tempting i am not saying no but just monitor you with it. i know that i can nor resist. but i know the need to eat on the run. i do it all the time ham strips are great, and fresh vegies, to. i eat scrambled eggs on the run too. :rolleyes:

Dana YES I am smiling!!!! great job with the lapss wow!! You go girl i will be right on your back the whole time. (what drag going through the water) :lol:

PS they may have alimit of the number of faces that you put on it makes it harder to load the page on the screen if there is too many.

09-19-2001, 01:04 AM
Hello! Waaaaaay past my bedtime...but the only time I had to post!

Went to the Y late tonight cause I had to baby sit this evening. RUFF day at work so the baby sitting was a nice change of pace! I managed to swim laps for 1/2 hour before they closed the pool. I love it! Walking is nice...but the swimming really uses more muscles and that allows for a more full body workout!

No time to write anything else. (I will find a way to put up smilies for the pounds lost. Maybe one for each 10 or something when I have more time.) Let's all try to do that. I just LOVE it!

Hope you all are doing well. There will be good days....and not so good days...but we must have courage.

We WILL reach our goals! :smug:

09-19-2001, 06:26 AM
Good morning all
Boy I didn't get my 8 hours of sleep last night. It will be a long day.
Sue way to go w/ being OP!!!
Dana isn't swimming wonderful? I feel so relaxed and an overall good feeling when I am done
JoanneGreat positive energy! I always include my cleaning as exercise, Might as welll get something positive out of it!

Have a great day all

Terri how are you? Lee Still in my thoughts

09-19-2001, 07:31 AM
Good morning, Ladies.

Just a note on the smiley faces (then I've got to the my sleeping beauties up for school :rolleyes: ).

I'd already decided to use :smug: for every 5 pounds until I hit 20 pounds and then those four purple guys will disappear to be replaced with a :D ('cause that's what my face will look like when I hit 20 gone!). I need 5 :D and 1 - 2 :smug: to get to my goal. Figure that shouldn't use too much cyperspace. :)


09-19-2001, 10:58 AM
I am doing okay. I am still with my sister in law and nephew. I (and they) needed to be with them for a while longer to help them get some things sorted out. It is a good thing, too, as the transmission on my vehicle blew up. (this is the second one in just over a year).

The service was lovely. My brother had many loving friends. It's good to know that Karen (my sil) will have so many prople watching out for her and her son. I won't have to worry for them as much.

I've pretty much stayed OP until yesterday. Neither of us wanted to cook (you KNOW I wasn't going to be cooking!!!), so we ordered out. I haven't had a hot meal since I left home...i haven't had a meal, period, so I had to do something. I'm back OP today and I'm tying my butt to the wagon. I can't believe after over 2 months of being OP I went off. I feel like I have not only let myself down, but have also let all of you down.

Stay strong, Princesses. You are all in my prayers.\


09-19-2001, 02:16 PM
Hi all,

Hope all is well with everyone....I have been busy with kids, hubby, dog, car, everything and everyone with appointments to be at... and I am only one driving right now.....

tues was our anniversary, going out to dinner tonight tho, going to new steak house up the road,, shouldnt be too hard to stay OP except for the chocalate desert.....mmmmmm good! maybe I will split one with hubby, that way its only half bad...:devil:

everyone stay healthy....Lee, I hope you dont feel like u have let any of us down,,, you have been thru alot this week and you are going to get right back OP, so please dont worry about that...everyone here is an inspiration to the rest of us, you included, so please hang in there!!!!

09-19-2001, 11:06 PM
Hi guys I have pams post from the other thread here:::

You can move me anywhere you like as long as I am still here! As if you could do any wrong in my eyes SuzieQ. Not possible.

I have lost 20 lbs and holding. I took a carb day as a reward for the 20lbs. I won't do that again for a while. My weight has not dropped an oz. , now Sue I know it is not what it seems but I must get below 300 as quickly as possible. It is my wall of China and it is here I have fallen to the way side over and over again.
Thank to your posting I understand it and will nor stop. If it takes
weeks of plain tuna and nothing else , I will get past this wall. I am surrendering the crystal Lite for plain water aand if you all can think of any other steps I can take feel free to offer suggestions.

I am hanging tough. So far so good.
I will not stop...I am success incarnate!
I have 193 lbs to go.

She is strugeling to get past the 300 mark but i know that she xcan do it. i am suggesting that she post her meals to see if any of us can catch something that may be makeing her stall. so she does not get off tract.

Joanne I love the idea of the :D and the:smug: what a great ides for the different smilies. I just know that at one time i was told that i had used too many smilies.

OH by the way the forum is goingto change i would like to have everybody e-mail addresses as that way we can make sure that we keep intouch if the server is down for a few days. please email me at and let me know who you are then i can make sure that we keep in touch with eachouther if the server is down for a while.

Terri I am going to go aut of friday night and tie one on with my friends, i will say that being OP is not going to work for me that night. but i will be good for the rest of the day!!! so if you allow your self that one and just that one no more then it should be OK.

Lee {{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}} you do not worry about being off plan for a while there are times that you will be. this is a woe and wol not a must follow or the world will stop thing. just pick up and contineyu without feeling guilty, sometimes the guilt is the worst thing that you can do for yourself. it is a set up for failure. you think well i failed once then i will fail again... that is not the way the going off plan was needed and now it is needed to be back OP. so do not worryabout it, just do it and do not look back. ( if all remembers mycamping trip in july it took me almost 2 weeks to recever from that one to be back Op and going strong)

Pat i know the need for sleep i am the same way to. during the school weeks i do not get ner my 8 hours but it is needed for weight loss believe it or not. it is the stages of sleep that cn stimulate the HGH that promotes weight loss and muscle building and the less sleep that we get the less the hgh is released and the fatter we get! so sleep!!!!

Dana i am so glad that you are doing the laps, PPPSSSSTTTT did you hear that Pat has a NEW TREADMILL???? do not ay that to lound but i am going to get on her back now to!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I am so proud of yougoing to the gym sdo late!!!!

well i have to get to sleep. see you tomorow

09-19-2001, 11:58 PM
Hello Everyone!

Yep....went to the Y again and swam laps for 40 minutes. It feels wonderful! (A little easier to swim now that nasus is riding pat instead of ME! LOL)

On plan thank goodness and trying harder to get my water in. I can not stress enough how important the water is! I posted on the Halloween thread nasus started. (Great idea.) I think I will have to figure out how to post my smilies cause I just can't decide yet!

Hope everyone is doing well. Do you all have a weigh in day? I use Fridays. I always post how I do and maybe you all can post your progress as well. Is Friday a good day for you all? I think it will give us a little more "accountability" if we weigh in and check with eachother on a regular basis. Please let me know what you think.

Bus is heading in the right direction for sure! Again....I can not stress enough how proud I am of everyone here. Lurkers...please jump on board!

I will try to get a hello to EACH of you tomorrow if I can. Work...housework.....the causing my butt to drag....BUT HEY...with 32 pounds gone does not drag as bad! ((((And on that note..GOOD NIGHT!)))

09-20-2001, 06:56 AM
Good Morning ALL

Sue I think the e-mail thing is a great idea. I will send you my address. How does an e- mail chain work? ( if that is what we are talking about). I love the tradmill. SUE is helping w/ the upper body w/o, DANA we can share herLoL.

Dana I think fridays are a good weigh in day. I think that will help.

Lee- You take care girl. You have alot of strength and wisdom. Take comfort where you can.

Terri Belated Happy Anniversary. How was your dinner?

Joanne Good morning
Pam how are you doing? Soemwhere on this board we have a halloween goal thread, and a meal and exercise thread. Jump in anywhere.

I'll check in later. Miserable weather day outside.

09-20-2001, 10:15 PM
Pam Hi how are you doing??? i am holding the tape out to strap you in tight. (after i domy self)

That darn KFC I have to not even go past it at all!!!! I gat into so much troulble.

I do fine but then i do something stupid like that and just do not stop eating it eventhough i know that it is bad. I do not know. I fight and fight and fight but then i cave in. I have just got to find something that i love that is legal and ill take the place of that!!!

Dana do you mind if i weigh on this monday i am so full of salt that it will take atleast till them to get rid of the fluid from the hatdogs and chicken. i will see how it show tomorow. this morning it was 177. Hey dana what exercises did you do today :devil: :devil: :lol: I am still on your back. you are just getting stronger!!! :D

Joanne i have your email of your address. I also have Dana's. pat and pam and lee and terri send me your i am not sure when the server will go down that way atleast we can still email to each other .

joanne it is sort of sending a email of your day to everybody and sending support back to them i found that it can get really confusing and then it usually is droped but it will help get us past the changing of the server.

Oh had better go the boys are still up and they should have been gone long ago. night all will check in briefly tomorow

love to all

09-21-2001, 06:53 AM
Morning all,
I would assume that we won't be here when I get homw tonite. It will be a long weekend w/o the forum and you.
Oh well,
I feel much better today. It hasn't been a good OP week. I have had 2 indiscretions 1 piece of pizza and 1 ice cream cone. I am angry at myself for letting my work stress win. I am frustarted w/ myself because I feel so shitty for alot longer than it takes to eat these things. I am also angry that other peoeple have real problems to complain and eat over compared to mine.

On the positive
2 indiscretions is much better than the old me
I feel better today.
I did w/o in some way 5 days this week.
I didn't cave yesterday when a co-worker offered up her second hostess cupcake. Oh let me tell you I can still taste it (in my mind)and my mouth waters just thinking of it, but I digress.

I calculayed that on average 1 am shy 4 glasses of water a day atleast. So my goal is 120oz.
I also have to concentrate on portion control.

Sue you have a good time tonight. We will have to find you a KFC support group. " Hi I'm Sue and I am a recovering KFC junkie"
"Hi SUe" I think MamaJ Had some good Ideas for you. SOmething has got to change in teh morning and I would'nt drive past the place anymore. I am not critisizing, But I think of all teh exercise time you put in and that lunch cancels out alot of your hard work.

Speaking of work how are you doing? It is very unsettling isn't it? Alot of stress, and closure issues. Being an RN you are so empolyable. But picking the right thing is so important w/the nursing shortage.

Lee My thoughts and prayers

Dana How are you doing? I love to swim. I enjoy the weights at my gym so much. What I like is teh fact that as you progress you can gage your progress as you weights increase. AS well as the more muscle you have the more cals you burn. Once you get used to it you'll love them

Joanne and Terri Hope all is well,
Pam how are you doing?
Make sure you get your e-mail address' to Sue so we have some support this weekend

09-21-2001, 07:16 AM

I never, NEVER thought those words would cross my lips....or my keyboard...but it is true. -----ONE CATCH-----You MUST stay on program, drown yourself in water, and exercise. IF .......and only IF you do those things.......he will be kind to you. Otherwise, you will be mean to you and throw unthinkable numbers your way. is with great pride that I announce another ======2====== pounds gone from my fat butt! Yes, that makes a total of 34 pounds gone since June 15 when I made myself sick as I put my bathing suit on for the first time this summer. I hear your applause...see your smiles....and thank you for your support! :lol:
OK......accountability time...weigh in day on Friday is agreed...but nasus will not weigh in until Monday for this week! (Pop quiz kinda got to ya, huh babe!!??? LOL) No, seriously..weigh in today...or Monday for this week all and report in. If nasus can ride us about the exercise....(and by the way...I got a cramp in my calf in the pool last night from you being on me......LAY OFF......I am exercising already...SHEESH!!!) we have ME getting on you for accountability with the scale...and nasus on you for exercising....we need a WATER ON PLAN pusher...and any other "FOREMAN'S JOB" you all can come up with to get us to goal. Ideas are welcome!

Again, I must appoligize for not speaking to you individually....but time is NOT my friend these past few days! And, as I hurry off to work.....I need someone to drive the bus for a few days as hubby and I head off to Parent's Weekend at my youngest son's college. ( know what you gotta do, "buddy".) I am prepared for the food challenge...not to worry.....and I have my I will be walking.......and I have plenty of bottled water! We will be back late EVERYONE....keep us rolling. I will still be on the bus.........but, well, you know!

I think of each one of you constantly and am SOOOOOOOOO glad that we have eachother in these difficult times to FIGHT THE FAT FIGHT --- TOGETHER ---!

Have a GREAT "On Plan" weekend! I will se back in touch on Sunday night!

09-22-2001, 07:47 PM
I was very physically ill yesterday and yes I try to post most everyday. It it important to me. I lost 1 Lb this week. Of course I have welcomed that tme of the month again two weeks after the last one so this to is no helpful. Another medical thing fto see to but I have had problems in this area since my daughters birth and death (all in one go). Sue I know you will understand this well but I am a DES baby and while my female organs are not deformed they are very small. That pregnancy was a miracle in it'self. I wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant ever... so I am just thankful I had her at all. As for this weight loss problem ....yes I am again at the crossroads but Sue (my champion) I am hanging tough. I must do this for my health and for my own personal self Idenity. This week has been very frustrating but sitting with my head over the garbage can for nearly two hours yeasterday did nothing to increase my spirits. Still, I know that really it is no big deal I just have to be Patient.
I admit it is a bit strained but still holding. I visualize my goal every day. I have been eating a more varied selection of foods.
I made Liver and onions last night , something I love but perhaps frying was not a good idea. No breading of course but bacon grease. I have been using butter on my boiled eggs. my omelet was just eggs and hot dogs but these hot dogs have no fillers and is made of quality meat , I have only one place I can buy they as they are kosher. Perhaps this is still a bad idea. I don't know.
I made beef soup this past week with yellow squash ,onions, celery tomato sauce canned, garlic salt , white pepper, carrots and round steak. I eat no bread or starches of any kind including
starchy veggies. I hope I don't have to live on tuna permanently but I will if I have to. I have no stairs and couldn't use them if I did. On a flat surface I walk fairly normally but outside of that my legs collapse. I haven't walked about as much as I have been ill but I guess plain tuna will have to be the diet this week just to get me past this wall and then girls even with the Atkins book I will appreciate food input. I may go back on the drink alone for a while if tuna doesnt work. Wish me luck. Ok so pray hard for me.

Lee, I am so sorry for your loss and for the pain of your children. It is a difficult time for us all but for you and for others who also have lost love ones there are no consoling words. Just know some of us understand only to well and all of us care . Vent all you want or need to it is better to lay it out and share than wear.
Give yourself a bit of time and the support of us all. Take care.