South Beach Diet - Hump Day Chat on the Beach - Sept. 13

09-13-2006, 07:35 AM
Good rainy :rain: morning. It's a good day to stay home and I can today, if I choose! :carrot: The past week has just been too darn busy and my eating (and scale) have shown the results. :(

I'm back on track today. The knee doc yesterday gave me a bit of a look when he saw I had not lost weight over the summer and said that losing 20 pounds would help the joint. He's right, of course, so...onward and downward.

Grab a coffee or tea or other potable and sit and chat a while. :cofdate:

09-13-2006, 08:20 AM
Good morning gals! Hope your day is starting out well. I am gearing up to go and walk then come back and start cleaning. I have everything lined up on a time line so I should have everything spic and span when Jack's sister gets here. I think Jack would have just preferred to stay home the rest of the week, but he doesn't have enough time off to do that and take it for surgery too. It is one of those things where he is anxious and can't express it. He says he is not fearful or anything, but he just thinks about it all the time. I told him that was natural, but it is frustrating for me because I can't help him.

Third day for me and everything is going well. Cottage brought to my attention I had a lot of sodium products yesterday and that was true. It was kind of a messed up day with being at the doctor's half the day so I think I grabbed stuff that was ok to eat and didn't think about the salt content. I promise to be careful today! :)

Hope everyone has a super day and maybe I can check back later. I have lots to accomplish and need to get with it!

Later, Faye

09-13-2006, 09:09 AM
Morning Gals ! Getting on line is gonna be hit or miss today... Problems with our Firewall-yesterday and this morn the bloody thing keeps going down and needs to be reconfigured everytime :tantrum: I wish DH would just go out and buy another one..

Nothing going on here ... will take the girls out for their walk before it rains... and may settle in to read...

Have a Great Day Gals!!!

09-13-2006, 09:20 AM
It looks like it's about to start raining here, too. I'd love to stay home, but at least I have the morning off. I love getting back to my school-year schedule and having more free time. I'm holding true to my word, I made it to Curves this morn for the 3rd day in a row! I'm mostly staying OP, too, but I had a run-in with a coffee milkshake yesterday, but kept my calorie count down for my other meals, so hopefully I didn't do too much damage. Faye, I do hope you weren't offended that I pointed out your sodium intake yesterday. I hate to give advice, because I'm always afraid someone will take it as criticism, and I sure don't mean it that way, ok?
I've been looking through the cookbook for something good to make with shrimp, and I think I'm going to make the Shrimp Scampi and serve it over broccoli for tonight. I have some carrot/ginger soup and a red pepper and hummus packed for my lunch, so I'm set to go for the day. Oh! I bought some amazing peaches yesterday, they're scrumptious, so I'll have one of those as well.

09-13-2006, 09:28 AM
Good Morning Ladies - sorry I didn't check in yesterday - the hubby and I were cleaning out the basement, mud room and so on - even painted. I did type up a nice post in the am - hit post quick reply and noticed it didn't take - then I realized I wasn't signed in - oh well

DOING REALLY BAD - I haven't lost anything being so careful of what I eat and all - so last night I was so pissed - we ordered out b/c of so much going on - and I got a cheese steak (chicken w/ extra lettuce and tomoate) it was good but now I fell like SH@&!!!!!

I gotta get back on track - I did good so far today - egg beaters and 3 slices of sb cad. bacon - but I feel gross.

I am so upset that I haven't lost anything I looked in the mirror this am and watned to cry - I fell like just giving up - but I can't.

I hope you are all doing well today - raining here like crazy and freezing here at work - got in this am b/f 6 and it was 65 - I cranked up the heat - but then some of the guys turned it back down. Now it is freezing - it is what we call the temp war.

Hope to check back in soon.


09-13-2006, 09:46 AM
Good Morning Chicks,

Ruth: I hope you stay in and have a relaxing deserve it :hug: I think sometimes that Dr.'s really do think that we can just grunt and drop weight. I just love that disappointed look they give and I want to say, "You think you're disappointed, you should go clothes shopping with me!"

gma2one: You just need to keep in mind that you are such a support to Jack and that you are a comfort to him whether you know it or not. I just know he is going to be fine. My birthday is the 18th, so I am sending you both extra special birthday healing vibes. :hug:

Schatzi: I hate when my computer doesn't act feels so helpless I just want to kick it!

Cottage: Way to go girl for going to Curves!!! You will feel so much better for it.

RMT: When I am stressed I crave the same stuff as you...nothing better than a big hoagie, but it is just amazing how crappy you fell afterwards. You will do better :)

Today is a crazy busy day, I have tons of work to do. My work-load at work is insane this week and I have two papers and an assignment due for my college class :dizzy: I really am dizzy.

Last night I went to Subway and got dinner: Subclub salad for me and WW Roast Beef for DH. He went to the store night before last and bought a huge bag of Tostitos and a can of that Cheese dip and he sat there last night munching that and I was eating my salad and I could smell that corn....I really wanted one and I said, "I think I would chew my arm off for a tostito swimming in that cheese." He said, "You want one?" (In that goofy, oblivious, DH way!!!) I said, "No, that's ok, my lettuce is just fine...nice and crunchy." He looked at me like I was a little off...he never got it! But I love him anyway :)

So chickies have a good day and stay away from my husband and his snacks...:)

beach bum
09-13-2006, 10:49 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Nothing going on in my neck of the woods,very quite up here.We're going down to the beach to get our walking done.We have to get birthday gifts for the twins and mail them before their birthday Oct 1. Leo is not ready to drive down,and our DD doesn't have our guest room for us anymore.She gave it to the live-in maid,just recently.She told us the reason she hired a live-in so she as someone to get the children ready for school now that all 4 are going.

Ruth-You must listen to your doc. Speaking about knees my hubby had knee surgury 4 years ago,even when he lost weight the pain was still there, still bothering him. Doctors couldn't figured it out. Than the funniest thing happened he went to a shoe store and bought &ordered an triple EEE shoes and WALLA his knees are not hurting anymore.

Faye-I did the same thing with the sodium over the weekend and my W-I on Moday was a diaster. Cottage told me to watch the sidoium intake a couple of days before W-I.

Schatzi-SENDING YOU SOME GOOD:goodvibes:VIBES SO YOU WON'T GET SO FRUSTRATED. Things will work out. Hang in there,talk calmly to your DH and maybe he'll see your point about the firewall.

Cottage-I count carbs grams and calories. I think they are important even on the SB. I having problems with carbs and have to go easy with them.

RMT-Oh!! do I know your pain,I have been there several times. The beach is heathly woe but I'm having so many problems with GOOD CARBS.As soon as I start eatting them I gain. So now on a low carb diet,that my doctor put me on. Nothing is happening on the scale either. I going to see my doc on Thursday for a cholestrol blood test and I going to mention that low carbing is working either. There has to be a better way.

Sunny-Big congrats that you didn't get into that tostitos. You don't want to blow that 10 lbs weight loss that you had yesterday.

Have a great morning,will post later

Hugs :) BB

09-13-2006, 11:08 AM
* I actually posted this on the Sept 12 post, but did it late, so I thought I'd repost and sneak in an addendum - so, o.k., I'm lazy!

Those darn 'dillos! Urggg!! Set more traps and ran the two that I had out already - all the bait was gone, and nary an armadillo one. Blast! I'll get you, my pretties! Just you wait!

That was the start of my day - now, one extra large frustrating day later, I'm trying not to medicate with chocolate. I have some small packs of dark chocolate almonds that I think I'm going to nurse along all night - some of the pleasure without too much guilt, as I'm not "officially" on the beach yet.

If I can just make it to Sunday I have EIGHT glorious days off! But first I have to teach a Canine CPR class at our annual Bark in the Park fundraiser. Have you ever done CPR on a dog? No? It can be done, just very carefully, they can come out of it biting! I've even done the Heimlich on a goose - and it resuscitated, by golly! However, even cat-lover that I am (I have 5), you really, REALLY have to love your cat to attempt rescue breathing or CPR on one! I don't know, kitty had better be seriously down before I'm gonna try that one!

I know that there are a lot of dog and cat lovers out there, so here is a link, if you are interested, to how to do animal CPR:

I put a (fairly) lean pot roast in overnight last night, but as it went on about midnight, it wasn't quite done when I got up this am. So I stuck it in the fridge, and am finishing it off in the Crockpot tonight. It got me to thinking, though. Wouldn't it be great to have an overnight BREAKFAST meal in a Crockpot? Just get up and have at it! So I googled the idea, and this is what I came up with (well, it WAS a quick google):

Southwestern Breakfast Casserole: (

To SB-ize it, substitute Turkey Sausage and Smart Balance Butter

I'm going to try it this week.

SunnyBunny - I'm aimin' to follow in your footsteps! Great job on the wt loss! I hope I will be fast behind you.

gma2one - our prayers are with you and Jack both, this will be a stressful week, I'm sure we will all hold you up and be thinking about you guys!

AM addendum: I'm off today and determined to dump a bunch of recipes onto the recipe threads. I pulled out all my old SBD recipes, and many that I have found recently elsewere. I haven't tried all of them, but I'm going to, soon! I'll try to have them on by tonight.

Everyone have a great day!

09-13-2006, 12:36 PM
Cottage: Good heaven's no I wasn't offended. You were right. My only excuse was I was watching WHAT I was eating but didn't pay attention to the salt content. I am great today though as I have a true test if I am retaining water and that is my fingers swell up and they are all boney this morning. MY bp is ok too so I guessed I survived being careless! :lol:

Sunny: I just feel so darn helpless because I can't take on this burden from him. I told him when we were in bed last night that if I could find a way to take on the burden of all this I would. He just grabbed me and said, "You have enough burdens right now you don't need more even if you could take it on. I will be fine." We will have our 34th wedding anniversary in November, never had other relationships before than etc and we are totally wrapped up in each other. It is nice, but in cases like this it can be extra hard on the couple and it is for us. We shall get through this fine and he will come home late next week and be on the mend then we can start planning our summer vacation to Vegas! :D

Birdlover: I saw that Splenda has some pretty good recipes too. I have also used the American Heart association and adapted where I need to and several other places. There is a lot you can do if you are willing to put a little bit of effort into it I think, don't you?

BB: I think people underestimate their shoes a lot! We try to save money by wearing them until they fall apart, but in the meantime if we tend to wear them out wrong, once that happens we end up with back trouble and knees and hips etc especially if you are older. I think satan invented spike heels for women and I am always amazed when these dumb women go shopping in spike heals. How hard is it to put a pair of tennies in the back seat to go shopping. I am too old to give a darn about how fashionable I am if I am grocery shopping!

Rmt: hang in there kiddo it will start coming off again. Just get back up on that horse and ride! Don't be too frustrated when the scale doesn't move, it is overrated anyway. You are doing great even with your little slip last night!

Schatzi: You gotta love em or hate em. My dh has a laptop up in his office here at home and has an external hard drive attached and it pooped out and it has ALL of my Las Vegas pictures on it! Jack found a CD he made that had a few pics, but I may have lost all my son's wedding pics and our vacation pics from last year. I need to have at least one FAT VEGAS picture to compare for next year! :lol:

Ok, I have stalled enough and need to get upstairs and get the cleaning done and closet cleaning and stuff I want to scratch off my to do list today. I did get out and walk for 30 minutes at 6 this morning and have the laundry in the dryer and the guest room bedding dried and ready to go on the bed so I have made SOME progress. Right now I am freezing from the AC but I don't like adjusting it up and down and it will have to be turned back down this afternoon as it heats up.

See you on the flip side I am heading for the second floor and the vacuum, swiffer duster and bathroom cleaning supplies!


09-13-2006, 01:24 PM
good morning all,

rainy again, but the kids were up and dressed before I was out of the shower this am, so we were off to a good start!

RMT, :hug: . I fell off yesterday and you know, we can get right back on. I hope today's easier for you. I'm kind of craving, and keeping myself from heading to the kitchen and browsing today.

Birdlover, I remember once when my cat was acting sick and I was worried, and his little heart was beating so fast! I later found out it was a pretty normal cat heart rate. I probably should take kitty CPR, and my kids would probably like it. They just took human CPR classes.

sorry, so bad at mentioning each and every one of you. Do you always do that, every morning? If so, I'll be intimidated enough to just read and not post, so I hope that's not the case.

as far as shoes, I always feel badly for women whose job "requires" them to wear shoes with heels. I'll never know why people voluntarily do the high heeled thing. Though I do like feeling taller in my highest of heels, 2 inch heels on boots.

09-13-2006, 01:49 PM
Morning ladies - So I'm starting my food diary today - I've never done this before so we'll see how it goes... going to write down everything I eat (which I've done before) AND how I'm feeling, why I'm eating etc. - I know it's going to be easy during the week and normally, but really curious how it's going to play into my binging, weekends etc.

Morning Rebel - I'm jealous of the rain, no you def don't have to respond to everyone but I think it's fun! Plus I have more than enough time do this right now at work.

GMA - OMG I totally just teared up when you described your night in response to Cottage, it's so beautiful how much love you have and 35 years is amazing!

Birdlover - CPR on animals? A goose? That just sounds plain silly, but hey I'd do whatever it takes to keep my puppies alive even mouth-to-mouth so I guess I can understand, bring those recipes on! Any veggie recipes?

Beach Bum - Hope you have a fantabulous day!

Sunny - Great job on your self control! I'm a texas girl and was bottle fed on chips salsa and queso so I don't know if I could have resisted!

RMT - I understand how you feel about plateauing except that it's my own fault that I haven't been more disciplined, each day is a new day fresh with no mistakes though right?

Cottage - We need rain desperately here in Texas, so very jealous! Great job on Curves, I could take a lesson from you (although I'm proud of myself that I got some cardio in this morning, working on getting back on track)

Schatzi - Mornin' - hope you have a fantastic day!

Ruth - I am in the same boat with my eating, trying to get back on the exercise band wagon, just one day at a time

09-13-2006, 02:50 PM
Poor Ruthxxx!

I did, indeed do a recipe "dump" - which I admit was more like a flood! I got excited because I dug up a whole lot of recipes that I didn't know that I had. I think I almost drowned her!

I will, however, parcel them out individually as I try them (the new ones, that is), in a trickle rather than a flood!

Sigh.. I guess one can be too overeager.

Well, I'm halfway through the day and haven't made it far from my computer, time to go do some chores & shopping!

09-13-2006, 03:05 PM
I need a nap now!

09-13-2006, 03:06 PM
I agree with the Ruth - work today is making me tired - i have had enough ready to go home!!!! Making Pesto Grilled Chicken w/ ww pasta w/ pesto and a hughe salad for dinner - I can't wait!!!!! Dessert?????

09-13-2006, 03:23 PM
Bored at work thought I would pop back in and say hello to everyone - hope you are having a great day

09-13-2006, 04:12 PM
RMT: You have a beautiful family and your dd is gorgeous. Don't you hate slow days at work? They are almost as bad as the ones where everyone wants everything from you yesterday.

I am officially pooped too. I cleaned all the upstairs except the hall bath, which I will do Saturday so it is sparkling for guests. I got my guest bedroom all ready for Jack's sister and niece. They might be squished on a double bed though. No one sleeps on a double bed anymore. My son and dil have a double bed in their guest bedroom and we have to push it against the wall and sleep spoon fashion so we can fit and not fall off! :lol: On top of that, they always want us to bring our dog and the only place he will sleep is in bed with us. It is kind of nice to be able to snuggle with Jack though. We have a lovely king size bed at home, but the cat and dog both sleep with us right between us. If I scoot them around and snuggle up to Jack they walk on us and lay on us until we move! :lol: If we put them out, Fortune barks until we let him back in. We can't win.

Well, I am just messing around like some of you. I am too tired to start another cleaning project. You all have a good evening and I will talk to you later.

Oh, if you haven't rented Phat Girlz you need to. It is a delightful movie and I love her attitude. I have always believed if you can love yourself fat, you can love yourself thin, but if you can't love who you are now, you will find something wrong with you when you are thin. It is a great story.


09-13-2006, 06:53 PM
rebel - If I get on when only a few have posted I will write something to each but usually I just don't have time so I'll post a comment to someone if I feel I have something special to contribute. Otherwise, it's all about me! Today is one of those short on time days. ;)

I'm on vacation today. I spent all morning helping teach Cub Scout Leader training. I had fun and they really needed my help today. One of the new leaders is a lady I worked with 10 years ago! I can't believe she looks exactly like she did back then (except now she has a second grader).

Then I had a dental cleaning. I've got two fillings that need to be replaced. Hopefully I won't need crowns on either. The minor pain I've been having he thinks is caused by some inflammation at the base of an old root canal so I'll need to go see an endodontist to see if anything can (or should) be done.
Then home where I threw together a project for Roundtable and now I have 70 minutes to make dinner (homemade tomato and spinach soup with grilled cheese sandwiches) and eat dinner and then off to a camp director's meeting. I REALLY hope DH works with Brian on his spelling tonight and they don't end up just watching television.

I've been reading my work email and I have quite a few things to follow up on so tomorrow will be busy. Talk to all of you later!