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09-13-2001, 10:36 AM
Good Morning Everyone. I wasn't expecting to be one of the first posting here this morning but I guess everything has been thrown off this week. I hope you are all faring pretty well considering what has happened. I haven't checked the news yet this morning so I don't know what the latest is. I have a friend who was supposed to fly back to England today from Newark airport (after spending 3 months here in the US) and I wonder if she'll be able to... I'd guess not. Just wanted to get us started off this morning... need to go check the news and then I will probably be back.

09-13-2001, 10:50 AM
hi shalyne and all those about to post.

In case you hadn't heard, tomorrow will be a day of mourning across Europe. At 11am (UK time) there will be a 3-minute silence. Everyone here is thinking of those affected by the tragedy. all i can think about is the terrible events of tuesday, but i'm going to try and focus on more positive things, before i spiral into a depression.

so, i have a suggestion. rather than focus on losing pounds why don't we measure our weight loss in inches (or cm if you're a metric gal) for a few weeks? i can start a thread if you like. this week, measure your bust, waist, hips and thighs (and any other parts - ankles, upper arms?) and post your measurements on the thread. one week later do the same. so even if the numbers on the scales aren't going down, you'll be seeing the results of your hard work. (and i'm hoping to tone up a bit since i have less than a month till i'm on my cruise!).

i'll come back later. hope you're all ok.
love kirsty

09-13-2001, 11:40 AM
Kirsty... had not yet heard about the day of mourning across Europe...

Measuring in inches (or metric) sounds like a good idea... I will have to get a tape measure. I've been meaning to do that for ages. Is that the cruise that you won? How cool is that... I'm sure you'll have a great time and hopefully everything will have settled down by then.

09-13-2001, 11:59 AM
The weather is here, the weather is here!

I just wrote an e-mail to a friend in San Francisco saying how the sky was blue and the sun was out and how good that felt ... and suddenly the heavens opened and the poor silver birch tree outside my window is whipping around in the wind. I can see the tiniest patch of blue sky, but it's hardly enough to make a cat a pair of trousers (unless it was a very small cat or it wore hotpants). Ah well.

Hi there Kirsty, Shalyne and everyone else about to post. I've been on light duties all day today - translating and baking (ie no thesis!). [Ok, the rain has gone as quickly as it came ...] I made Nigella's veggie curry (yum! and only about 1pt in the entire recipe, if you count turnip/parsnip) and then WW crunch fingers, except mine couldn't be fingers because I don't have the right shaped baking tin. They're sort of blobs instead. [Ooh! A rainbow
:D ]. The onyl ingredients are margarine, oats, malt extract and dried fruit and they are YUMMY (couldn't wait for them to cool!). There are 27pts in the whole recipe, so mine have come out about 2pts each.

Like everyone, probably, I've been trying to distract myself from the news (can you tell?!). We went to see Moulin Rouge last night and it was FAB, totally escapist and I recommend it unreservedly to ALL of you - Nicole Kidman is SO beautiful and she can really sing!

hugs everyone,

09-13-2001, 12:37 PM
where has everyone gone? come and post. we miss you. and need you!

lolly. pass me a crunch finger. they sound fab. that nicole kidman. anything she can't do? (just don't mention tom and penelope!).

so, anyone know how i can look amazing in a bikini in less than 4 week's time?

Trish O
09-13-2001, 12:46 PM
Kirsty: lots of fake tan! That always helps. Your cruse will be so much fun.

Lolly: Can I come over for lunch? Your curry and crunch fingers both sound great!

Oh, and I am not going ot measure right now, if that is ok. My heart could not take it. I am so big around!

Well, we are 24 weeks and boy did I feel the little guy move around yesterday. The Dr said it would still be a a little come and go right now since he is about 1# with lots of fluid around him.

Sarah: I was thinking about you and your Dr. appt. last week. Hope that went well.

Oh, Brenda is doing well for all who asked. She has internet police at work. She is moving into a new house very soon and I think very excited about that.

Well, I must get back to work. Talk with you all soon.


Trish O
09-13-2001, 12:48 PM
I just have total pg brain. I bet your friend does not get out today. It is going to take a while to get the system back up and running. Hope you are doing well.

09-13-2001, 12:51 PM
hey trish - that is so fab you can feel your baby move!! do you know that "he" is a boy then? it's so exciting.
and of course you don't need to measure yourself!! but the minute you drop that sprog you're coming back on the ww wagon with the rest of us! (ok, you can have a couple of days off to enjoy wine and choccies but after that...)
fake tan. i like it. but i'm awful at putting it on. still...might invest in a salon treatment before i go. i'll come back whiter than when i left!!

09-13-2001, 01:00 PM
HI all.... Oh how I hate measuring. After having Emma and rejoining WW, I decided not to measure, tho wish I had. Now I don't know how many inches were lost. But that is OK, since it was PG weight I was losing. Soon I will be back to just losing my excess!!

Emma start baby swim class tonight. She is a Shrimp! Hubby packed both the camera and video camera!

OK, how can you make other tenants in the building NOT smoke in there offices. The smell has gotten so bad this week I am sick! Today when I left our suite to use the restroom I thought I was going to gag. The new building manager is a HUGE jerk that will do nothing for the tenants anymore.

Kirsty.. have fun on the cruise. I have been wondering the same thing about the bikini. My suit strap broke and I forgot to get it fixed, so tonight I have to wear a bikini. It is one that is shorts and a top. Not my special vacation one yet!! I hope I don't get laughed at, and I hope it fits since I haven't worn it in ages! I am desperate!

Lolly... YUM, post the recipes!

Trish... Yah on the movement!!!

Shalyne... are the airports even open yet?? As of last night they weren't!

Oh back to work.. got a huge headache from the smoke. I don't react well to cig smoke.

Trish O
09-13-2001, 01:11 PM
Kirsty: go get it put on at the salon. That will be a fun cruse investment. I am ok with my leggs but I would never be able to do my arms. Do they have those fake tan spray things there at your salon. I have heard they work well. oh, and I am going back to WW the first Sat after I give birth! I really need to get back with it!

Jen: I am sure you look great in your suit! Anyway, everyone will be looking at the little babies!

Oh, and to all, yes, I found out Monday that I am having a boy. Today I had to stop at baby Gap for a babyshower gift for someone and was so close ot buying out the store. But I resisted!

We have not picked out a name yet...and I don't see that happening any time soon. But my college roomate likes the name Paden so much she is callng my baby that already. However my hubby does not like that name...oh well, what can you do with a hubby with no name imagination.

Well, almost lunch time and I am ready to eat!


Trish O
09-13-2001, 01:14 PM
Oh, and Jen, on the smoking issue. I bet it is not legal to smoke in the building in your state. Maybe call the police! The smoking police? or the fire person...what do they call that? Or city hall!


09-13-2001, 01:30 PM
I emailed the Pres and VP here and the VP made a call to the building manager. He is a putz and has no respect for Women (Pres is a woman too!) The building is NS except for the restaurant in the basement. But no one enforces it. It sucks. And everyone gets into everyone else business (other tenants) and it gets very political. So hopefully something will happen now. They also smoke in the mens bathroom.... bluchhh!

Did I say that the building manager ran for Mayor and lost.... it was a huge mud slinging battle. So now he manages properties for a larger company and is horrible at it!! I have had my words with him.

Trish O
09-13-2001, 01:45 PM
Jen: very rude of them! What is this, High School. Please!

Good thing that person is not now mayor of your town.

09-13-2001, 02:57 PM
Fake tan! Kirsty, I totally recommend piz buin spray, it's fab! Gets in all those hard to reach places. And it looks so natural.

Trish - a boy! So exciting!

Jen - smoking, yuk. I guess it's hard to enforce without doing the policing thing. Use air conditioner!

Ok, here's the crunch fingers recipe:

50g rolled oats
100g malt extract
50g polyunsaturated margarine
200g dried fruit (I used 100g dried apricots, 100g dates), chopped finely

pre-heat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas Mark 4
melt the marg and malt extract in a pan
stir in the oats and fruit
press the mixture into a shallow NON STICK baking tray
bake for 20mins or until golden

take it out and mark it into fingers but leave it to cool before you cut it. The WW book says 20 fingers at 1pt each (but 27pts total in the recipe ... go figure ...).

And ... ENJOY :D


09-13-2001, 03:08 PM
Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!! ARGH! Tom is horrific this month, have horrid cramps and am very tired and full of work....

I went to see American Pie II last night....very cheesey as I expected but I did laugh! I know, lame...but true

Trish- congrats on your little boy!! That's so cool....

Kirsty - good idea of the measurements thing. I htink that your cruise will be awesome. Fake tan is a must - but be careful...I had a bad experience!

lolly - flash flood?? that's crazy!!!

Shalyne - I don't think that planes are flying much in the US - up here, only 10 left from Toronto today...its pretty slow go.

I heard the US and UK bombed Iraq today - probably not related though....that was an aside

Jen - hope the pool is warm. I took my niece when she was about one and it was so cold she turned blue, so I didn't take her back. She loves water though adn is in lessons again, as well as dance for 2 year olds....VERY cute.

Kim I LOVE Twix, its my fave.

Okay, better mosy, hi to all...


PS tomorrow is WI adn I am nervous - I have been OP all week, but only exercise is walkign to and from work. Also, I have bad TOM. He started late (yesterday afternoon) which means, I might not have lost the water yet...very very nervous.

Horsey girl
09-13-2001, 03:21 PM
Hi all quickly as the internet police abound at this place. Just wanted to stop in and see how everyone is after yesterday - i'm glad everyone seems well so far. My thoughts and best wishes to all of you who've been touched.

On the brighter side of things...Lolly, that sounds like a great recipie - can't wait to try it. Kirsty - I love the measurement thread -my mom measured me just before I started so I'll try to find those and get her to measure me again. Trish - I agree with Hubby - Paden!?! - I can't even figure the proper pronounciation. Jen - Hope Emma enjoys swimming - I used to teach the five month to five years set, the little ones were always the most fun. Belle - drink lots today and flush that evil TOM water out with it - good luck on WI tom. o everyone else - Hi! and Happy Thursday.
Gotta go, police back from coffee

09-13-2001, 03:39 PM
As for the smoking here... the Air Cond. is wrigged into the building, so that is why my office stinks, it comes through the pipes. UCKKK. The manager told us that he is going to send a memo to all tenants. There are 4 stories here and a basement, so there are quite a few tenants. And this is an old historic building, so there is not much we can do about the ventilation... and the windows don't open. I think it is getting better tho!

Lolly... I have a recipe for something like that, but it is made with puffed rice cereal. Haven't tried it yet, but I want to. I will make it, and if it is good, I will share the recipe. These are not made into fingers, tho I bet you could do that... instead you made balls out of them.

Wow... it is almost 2:00 already... I have work to do!!!!

09-13-2001, 04:40 PM
Hi everyone-I tried to post yesterday and the computer wouldn't let me...I was confused by this thread-it is thursday....but it seems that everyone is posting here today...
We of course were all devastated by what happened here in the states...my family is from NY-I have many frineds that live and work in Manhattan...one family friend was on the 80th floor of the WTC-he literally ran down 80 flights of stairs, said he was jumping over bodies...and got out right before the thing imploded...how sad...what a shame...here on the news there are people holding up pictures of their loved ones asking if you have seen them-it is horrific.
Glad to see everyone is well...I am going to WI tomorrow am-wish me luck...I will measure tonight and post to the measuring thread...I have recentl;y added strength training to my workouts...so we'll see-

09-13-2001, 05:24 PM
Lori... totally did not even realize this morning that it was Thursday... guess I've lost days this week. Oops! It's been such a crazy week. I'm glad that your friend was okay... he was very very lucky. So many people did not make it out.

Trish... aww a baby boy... that is so cool :) Which names do you like?

Jen... you'll have to let us know how Emma likes her swim class. I love to swim so that sounds like a lot of fun. My mom took me when I was a baby too.

As for the planes... my friend is still stuck in Albany so who knows when she'll get back to England. I know they were sending home everyone who had been in enroute (well, those who hadn't already rented a car or hopped a train to get back) and were starting a limited schedule... not sure about the international flights tho.

09-14-2001, 01:32 AM
Hi friends,

Sorry I haven't been around. I haven't been doing very well eating this week due to the whole tragedy and my TOM should be here right away. Stress eating is so bad. I mean I eat a whole bunch of junky comfort food and I didn't enjoy it. I have felt so bloated for the past couple of days. How is everyone faring? Glad to hear you are all safe. I feel so sickened by the whole thing. It really puts life into perspective. My so called huge problems seem so trivial now. I'm glad to come on here and hear some good news from you all. Trish congrats on the boy! Have fun picking out names :) I am really tired so I'm not going to reply to everyone tonight. I have the day off tomorrow so i should be stopping by. Take care everyone.