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09-08-2006, 04:07 PM
Im new here at 3FC too and this is my first post. I will probably mostly be checking out the alternachicks and Atkins discussions. I was so happy to have found a online support system.
I have been "chubby" since childhood and have been on and off diets since 13. Diets so far have always been lonely journey mostly becasue in my family a diet is almost taboo although many of us are overweight. If any one was on a diet we would pretend that we just werent hungry when eating around other people. My first diet consisted of not eating anything all day while at school and then having a normal meal at home or else my mom would ask questions. Now that I think back she probably would have suppported me if I had explained to her how unhappy I was at my weight but I never thought of it that way.
Right now I have the full suppport of my hubby.. I just got married this year to a wonderful man that has been encouraging me to do all teh things I have dreamed about but never before felt I could.
So I have really made a commitment to myself to fianlly be at a weight where I am comfortable with myself.
I'm trying the Atkins diet since I found out that I am sensitive to simple carbohydrates-- I get very drowsy and irritable after eating a lot of sugar and it realy makes sense to me that the amount of carbohdrates in my regular diet was making me fat... other than carbs I really wasnt a big eater and I did moderate excercise and still gained weight.
SO far it is going really well..I havent lost that much weight but at least Im not gaining and Im also not hungry although I am definitely eating way more calories than I did on my regular diet.
so some other stuff about me:
Age: 26

Location: Southern NJ but soon to be moving to oregon

Status: Newly wed and loving it

Pets: "B!t#h Kitty" is our special name for her... I looooove cats but this is the first cat I have met that was just so antihuman. She is extremely moody, playing with you one second and then trying to bite u the next.

Degree/Job: My husband and I are both taking the year off to do an internship in Oregon. It is lovely to be at home and just garden and make a nice healthy meal, go for a walk or wherever we please. Officially though I have a bachelor's degree in Environmental studies

Books: I've always loved reading but lately havent had as much focus. There are just so many books I want to read that I end up trying to read three or four at once.. right now though Im just reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I've really been enjoying it. I enjoy most philosophy based novels and lately Ive also been reading a little more Buddhist philosophy.

Music: Proabably my favorite band is Tool but I think that is a remnant from when I was younger and angrier.Ive mellowed out a lot and I like Beth Orton, Ani di Franco, and other similar stuff. And also music to shake my booty though I mostly do that mentally unless Im alone!! So I love sean paul and some Soca and Chutney(I'm originally from Trinidad)

Movies: I like scary movies but not bloody gory things. I also love absolutely stupid comedies and the occasional romantic movie

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, aikido, nature walks, canoeing

Dieting: currently in the induction phase for Atkins diet jsut previous to that I was in a simple low cal, lots of veggies and moderate excercise plan that I made up as I went along.. which also included ice cream twice a week!!

Goals: I hope to lose about 20 pounds by this time next year... I want to do it slow so that I will change my way of life instead of doing a part time diet yet again.

Religion: I grew up Hindu but now I just am spiritually minded. I recently did a very interesting Vippasana meditaion course which has benefited me greatly and was completely non religious. I havent practised much meditation in teh past few weeks but I hope to start again soon... otherwise I just try to be a good person and love myself..its a good place to start!

09-08-2006, 09:34 PM
Welcome Mealybug!

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09-10-2006, 10:22 AM

Hello from another Jersey Gyrl:wave: (although, my heart's in Pittsburgh,PA...GO STEELERS!!!!:cp:)

You've come to a great place for support, advice & encouragement!!

All the best to you!!


09-10-2006, 10:28 AM
:welcome: from yet another Jersey Girl ;)