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09-08-2006, 08:32 AM
Wow, can you believe it's Friday already? Another weekend to look forward to!

Well, yesterday was Audrey's turn to get sick. She seemed fine in the morning, so I took her to school, but when I picked her up at noon her teacher told me she seemed tired. She just picked at her lunch, then up it came. :( Right after that her temperature shot up to 103.7. Poor child! So I had her put her jammies on and it was her turn to lay on the sofa and watch TV the rest of the day. Little Maggie enjoyed playing nurse and waiting on her, it was adorable to watch. So she won't be going to school today, I guess it will just be a quiet restful day. This virus has been making it's rounds, Audrey had it a few weeks ago, but never had the tummy ache from it. I hope Maggie doesn't get it again! :crossed:

Tomorrow Jake and I are going to a big Amish auction, we have to get up pretty early for that, but it will be fun! I'm not looking for anything in particular, mainly browsing, but it will be a nice way to spend a Saturday.

09-08-2006, 08:54 AM
Good morning gals! Well we had another afternoon of it yesterday. Jack called yesterday morning around lunchtime complaining of the chest pains again. We discussed it and I repeatedly told him that if he felt bad to come home and we would go to the hospital. He finally came home around 1 PM and I took him to the ER. They ran an EKG, blood enzymes and xray and found nothing. His heart sounded good, his bp was good etc. They sent him home with a nitroglycerin derivative saying they thought it might be spasms. We are now thinking it is the niacin he is taking. I contacted my dil who is a pharmacist and ask her is it could be one of the rare side effects to this medicine. He started these pains in June of this year, he started the niacin in February of this year then had the flushing symptoms around the same time as these weird pains started so I am beginning to think it is this medicine. If she says it might be I am talking to the surgeon on Tuesday and finding out for sure. The poor man is just worn out from all of this. He has so many bruises from being in and out of the hospital he looks like a heroin addict. On top of it all, this nitro stuff gives him a bad headache! He just can't seem to get a break, poor thing.

Cottage: Hope Audrey gets to feeling better poor little thing. I bet Maggie is a top notch nurse. We can always hope it doesn't make the round of the rest of your family or repeat to anybody!

Everybody must be layabouts this morning. It is almost 8 AM on the east coast so let's rise and shine gals!!!!!

I hope everyone has a super weekend. I have to go to the commissary and grocery shop, which I hate, Jack wants to have the car looked at about a little problem we are having and we want to get the upstairs shampooed before his surgery and I have people all over the place here.

TTFN Faye:)

09-08-2006, 09:05 AM
Good Morning, Faye! I'm glad Jack was able to get a diagnosis and a new medication for his pain. I know you'll both be relieved when he finally has his surgery and is on the mend again.

09-08-2006, 09:22 AM
Hey Cottage - That stinks your baby is sick, but relaxing quiet day sounds so nice!

Faye - that stinks! I know it's hard watching a loved one go through that! You guys are in my prayers.

Me - It's Friday yaaay! Have so much planned this weekend, gotta be a chick in control... Tonight is a big birthday party for a friend at swank club downtown, tomorrow we are going to Beerfest (and it's a theater where you can order food and drinks while you are watching, and then the University of Texas/Ohio game... lots of potential for indulgence so send the willpower dust my way please!

Have a great day!

09-08-2006, 09:43 AM
good morning ladies... i'm a beachy gal.... today i'm driving to philly (from baltimore) to get my son and bring him home....

then i'm making dinner for all of us.. i have no idea what i'm making yet...

enjoy your friday

09-08-2006, 09:45 AM
Layabout?!?! Hardly! I've been up since four trying to restore peace in the neighbourhood! Somehow Bambi's Mum managed to leap over the dog garden fence and was in The Girls' yard. Naturally Miss Lucy had to get up on the bookcase to see out and really raised the alarm. Poor Bambi's Mum couldn't get a good run at the fence from this side so I had to go out in my robe and herd her out via the gate while the Girls screamed and barked to protect me. My neighbour Moel came down the hill to see if he could help and we ended up having coffee outside once peace was restored. Of course his dog, a wee Yorkie, followed him down here so there was further barking and yapping as they all said good morning. I guess everyone's awake by now. :lol: We also had a flock of geese fly over honking loudly and The Girls rose to the occasion. And then there were the loons doing their morning commute! Who says Delta is a quiet little town? Last week Austin's cattle escaped and went mooing down the street.

Cottage, so sorry the kidlets are sick. The good thing about kids is that they recover so fast. You and Jake have a lovely day tomorrow - I love auctions.

Faye, what a scare you must get from Jack's chest pains. Let's hope this can get resolved soon. Is he still scheduled for next week or do I have that wrong?

Sarah, lots of :dust: on its way to you for tonight's party and the beerfest tomorrow. Strange but I have a dessert and threatre party tomorrow night too.

My stress level is down to alleged normal now and I'm keen to get back to clean eating today. :carrot: I'm off to the big store in town to get fruit and veggies plus a case of red peppers to freeze - actually I'm getting two, one for the chef at the Long Horn.

Catch y'all later.

09-08-2006, 10:02 AM
Goooood Morning Beachies! :beach: Where's the cawfee?????? :coffee:

Cottage: Hopefully whatever bug the girls have will pass quickly! I miss going to the Amish Auctions.. We had a Amish market close to us in Jersey.. I admire their handiwork.. We got a wooden glider set and a trash bin, and some lace embroidered table runners and mats -the work is a marvel! My favorite though was going to the butcher for fresh cuts of meat.. It was somewhat unnerving though as the butchers son lost both hands and had lie!

gma: I hope they diagnose poor Jack, the stress alone of not knowing must be such a burden. could it be angina?

Sarah: Here's some :dust: now go and have FUN! sounds like a great weekend planned!

Ruth: It was an All Dog Alert this morning :lol:

:welcome3: to the boards Ladybugnessa!

I had a nice visit with the dogsitter yesterday.. The girls were fine except for some reason Darby took a dump and rolled in it.. :rolleyes: how embarassink!!!! And she was afraid of the steep steps , so while we went downstairs, Darby yelped at the top I went up got her, put her on the first step and gave her butt a nudge.. she got down looking like a slinky toy.
Quiet weekend here... Dh has to do cutovers which means he'll be on call all weekend..
Time fer my morning crossword puzzle :write: and another mug a joe :coffee:
Have a great day gals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09-08-2006, 10:09 AM
Sheesh! Thabks for sharing the poop story, Schatzi! :( I'm just in from cleaning deer and dog poop from my yard! NOW I'm outta here until this afternoon.

09-08-2006, 10:16 AM
Cottage- hope the cooties leave your house & fast!

Faye- sorry you had more medical excitement w/ your DH. Good luck at the appointment Tuesday! Oh and we were being sleepyheads today- the kids and I all slept until NINE which rarely, rarely happens. We really needed it :)

Sarah- Oooh Beerfest, sounds like my Mecca (pre-SBD that is) :D Stay strong & on plan, it's not worth it!

Nessa- drive safely!

Ruth- wow, what an exciting morning!! The poor deer was probably scared out of her mind!!

Schatzi- I have plenty of poop stories from my kiddos too :D TFS!!

Me- nothing planned for the day but it's beautiful outside this morning, so we'll most likely spend our day outside. :sunny:

09-08-2006, 10:40 AM
Good Morning Chicks--TGIF:cheer:

Cottage - Sorry the kiddies haven't been feeling well. Stomach viruses are horrible. Enjoy your day at the auction...that sounds like a fun day.

gma2one - I know you must be so worried about Jack. Atleast the man will go to the Dr., my husband could be on fire and he wouldn't go. I really hope everything gets figured out.

sara - sounds like you have a fun, fun weekend, but as you wish: :dust:

ladybugnessa - be careful driving and have a great weekend with your son.

Ruth - You should write a book, you have the most wonderful way of describing everything. Everytime I read your posts I can feel and see and experience your life. Thanks :hug:

Schatzi - Dogs just love to roll around in stinky stuff. That's why they like us so much :devil:

Emilie - Enjoy your day in the sun :flow2:

I am at work and counting the hours until I can start my weekend. I am so glad the Steeler's beat the Dolphins :frypan:

I have done really well this week on phase one, with the exception of a couple of beers last night during the game. I am still on track though, no cravings, great energy, I feel amazing.

I made the taco bake last night and WOW :drool: that was delicious. My husband was in love. I made homemade salsa and chopped up some fresh romaine....yummo!

We are having that for dinner tonight as well. I will be back tonight and definately tomorrow. Have a great day! :hug:

09-08-2006, 11:38 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm new to 3fc, and excited to find this site. I am an ex-beacher who's been on the boardwalk for about a year and is looking to head back to the beach. I started at 305, lost 35 lbs, had diabetes BS complications & was put on insulin, and gained all but 10 back! Sheesh! Now am trying to start over.

I've just been put on Byetta, a diabetic med that I have high hopes for, as it helps the BS and sometimes assist with weight loss, instead of wt gain, like insulin!

I'm an Animal Control Officer, so I can appreciate all the animal stories abounding this morning! I am "on-call" this week, but will be on regular hrs Sunday, and want to start on the straight and narrow! As I said, I'm new to this site, anyone have some suggestions for other good threads? I see the food threads, and am going to explore when I have the time Sunday.

Anyway, nice to meet you guys!

09-08-2006, 11:41 AM
Ruth: I am sure you didn't find it funny, but it sounded like a pet rodeo going on at your house this morning and I got the giggles. I find my pets are more exhausting then my kids were when they were toddlers! :lol: Jack has his surgery consult, but we don't have a surgery date yet until we talk with him on Tuesday.

Sunny: Jack wasn't much of a doctor goer until he had his heart attack in 2003 and I guess unrelenting pain will change your mind! I just feel so sorry for him because he just seems to have one thing after another lately. I thought the taco bake sounded yummy too. Jack loves those taco salad shells you bake in the oven so I thought I would just put the meat mixture, extra onion and some ff cheese in one for him. He doesn't like all the good stuff like the olives and sour cream and such. He is such a purist! :lol: Of course, to do that, I have to go shopping first. I had a moment of panic yesterday thinking they would keep Jack in the hospital all the family would show up and my fridge and pantry looked like a college student on a budget since I cleaned out all the bad stuff.

Emilie: I try and let Jack sleep in on the weekends, but my internal alarm clock never lets me go past 6 AM! Sometimes if I have had a late night I have to just curl up on the bed in the afternoon for a nap, but I'll be darned if I can go back to sleep past 6 and I usually get up at 5 or so every morning and we have no kids and the pets stay in bed as long as we are in bed. We just have wacky hours because Jack works 7-3 so he gets up at 5:15 AM and I usually get up with him. If I don't my yorkie (who is sitting by the back door wanting out onto the deck to sniff around at the moment) comes bounding up the stairs the minute Jack leaves for work and sits on the floor and either whines or does these little woofs at me so I will get out of bed and pick him up and put him on the bed. I spent $50 on a stupid set of stairs for the goofy thing, but he is scared to use them! {{{SIGH}}}:lol: By the time I am out of bed, I say to heck with it, make the bed and take the laundry down stairs and start my day.

Schatzi: Oh, I would KILL Fortune if he did the poop roll. Fortunately, I think he could be a gay dog. He is pretty prissy! :lol: Course, it may be because we removed his manhood when he was a puppy so he is confused about gender....:^: We lived in an apartment when we bought him. We lived in Northwest Indiana at the time and it was the dead of winter. We couldn't take him out in the snow to go to the bathroom because he would disappear under the snow (he weighed a lb) so carried him down to the chain link fencing at the end of the complex and had shoveled out a section where he could walk and go poo. Since then, he won't go unless he can go against something ie, a fence, a wall, whatever. If I let him out into the back (we live in a condo so have just a small deck area/patio) he will only go against the privacy fence or the back of the wall of the condo or the wall of the garage. I have to say it is easy to clean up and no one ever accidently steps in it because it is always out of the walkway! :lol: If we take him for a walk, he won't poo in someone's yard etc because it is out in the open!

Nessa: Hope you have a super weekend!

Sarah: My husband grew up in southern New Mexico and is a big Texas fan so I am sure he will be rooting for them. Really the only team he consistently roots against is Notre Dame, which he hates. Funny, he married a gal that grew up about 20 miles south of South Bend and his son and dil live 4 blocks from the college with the golden dome! I imagine it is some kind of retribution....:devil: My son and all my family are big ND fans so when we go up there to visit during college football season Jack programs his computer to play the opposing teams fight song when them make a touch down! :lol: The man has an evil side!

Well, the phone hasn't rung this morning so I guess Jack is doing ok. The day of payday (which is today) they get an hour for lunch instead of 30 minutes so I may call at 11 and see if he is doing ok and the headache has gone away. He ran out of lLean Cuisine meals and it is still too hot to start back on his Slimfast so he had a turkey sandwich packed for lunch today. His plant is out in timbuktu so there is not way to go anywhere for lunch even with having an hour.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend. We are finishing up the honey do list I have for Jack of thinks I need done and can't do myself and the dreaded commissary. Going to our Naval commissary is like playing bumper pool with old people on their scooters and I am the ball! :dizzy: They are either blocking the aisles with the scooters while they visit, fighting over which detergent to buy with their spouse and blocking the aisles, or running you down with the dumb scooter. :tantrum: Then if you are dumb enough to have gone either around SS check time or Navy payday, you stand in line for 30 minutes or more to get to a checkout! I always look forward to it so! :rollpin:


09-08-2006, 12:15 PM
Wow! Already so many posts that I can't reply to all of them (not with the work I need to be doing anyway).

gma - thanks for keeping us posted on your husband. He is in my prayers. I hope he has a good day today and they get this resolved.

me - Busy day at work. And I need to find time to at least get our pack website update today. I've got lots of preparation to do still before next week's roundtable but I got some of it done yesterday. I THINK I am working tonight but I'm not sure yet. We have been waiting for two emergency patches and I don't know if they will be ready to install.

I do plan to make it to the gym today. Tomorrow I will miss my Powerflex class so I want to get in an hour today if I can. That hour on the stationary bike felt good yesterday! Tomorrow I will spending the morning helping with registration and helping them teach the New Leader Essentials. In the afternoon, I will be taking the Webelos Leader Specific class (while peaking in on the Cub/Wolf Leader Specific if I can since I'll be teaching that on the 19th). Brian has a birthday party to go to in the evening. I may let DH take him so I won't be tempted by the pizza and cake. I have a chicken breast in the freezer that I'd rather have.

09-08-2006, 12:32 PM
Nessa - Enjoy your day, grab a recipe from the board or find a new one (buf if you find a new one make sure to share it!) And have a great day!

Ruth - Sounds like your day started out a little more exciting than you would have hoped/planned, glad your stress is back down, yaay for clean eating! Feels so good...

Schatzi - Sounds stinky! Atleast she didn't proceed to roll around the house after the poopy incident? I'm sure dogsitters are used to everything!

Emilie - It's gorgeous here too, was a cool 72 degrees this morning when I went for a jog, we've been LOVING this cooler weather here in Texas but it's back to the upper 90s for the weekend...

Sunnybunny - See you know how hard it is to resist a brewsky while watching sports! I agree, the taco bake is fantastic! Even non-SBers love it!

Birdlover - WELCOME! I recently started getting into the threads that deal with emotional eating/binging in addition to the BS forum, this may not be for you but there are all sorts of other threads to look into, maybe dieting with obstacles because you mention you have diabetes?

Faye - Yeah I'm actually kind of nervous about the game tomorrow, was born and raised here in Austin, went to UT sports games when I was 5 and attended UT for a year so I "bleed orange" as they say, Glad Jack seems to be doing better!

Barb - I just got back on the exercise band wagon and man it feels so good! Here's to hoping that your day isn't too stressful and that you don't have to work tonight? Way to avoid tempting situations by not even going to the pizza party!

09-08-2006, 01:02 PM
I went grocery shopping this am before eating breakfast - always a mistake - and did OK! my only impulse buys were shampoo and cute little fruit shaped ice cube trays, no food impulse buys!

I couldn't find the cat a while ago. one of the cats. The one who has never made any attempt to get out of the house. She was a stray before we adopted her. Searched all over, and apparently I had locked her in the furnace area when I was there yesterday after dinner. :( I'm not sure my kids would ever forgive me if I lost her for real.

09-08-2006, 01:36 PM
Rebel: Boy I can top that cat "lockup." Butterscotch is the sneakiest thing and I have locked him in closets and linen closets and who knows what else. BUT, a few weeks ago I had opened the door to the dryer and got called away to answer the phone. I came back and felt the clothes, saw they weren't quite dry so started it again. My dryer started acting up about a minute later like when you have tennies in it and then I heard a YEOW! B got into the dryer while I was on the phone and somehow buried himself so I didn't feel him when I checked the clothes. I sat and cried for an hour. Jack kept laughing saying he was ok, but I thought I probably brain damaged him! He was fine though. :^:

09-08-2006, 02:05 PM
We've only had cats since December. I grew up with them, but am allergic so haven't had them as an adult. We finally caved and got these anyway, and the joy and love my kids feel for these cats is worth every sneeze or itchy eye or antihistamine, and then some. I have to admit I fell in love, too, though I try to keep my hands off them :LOL:

beach bum
09-08-2006, 04:35 PM
HI Ladies:)

Its a late post but We Just got back from the cancer center,I forgot to tell you that he had a appointment with the doctor today. Leos Ok,the doctor took him off of the predizone,and won't have to report back to the radiation doctor until Jan of next year. We still have to see the chemo doctor next month.

I'm losing again from indulging at the Labor Day Weekend..I hope it go down further by Mon W-I.

Will post early tomorrow

Hugs :) BB

09-08-2006, 05:17 PM
Happy Friday, everyone!

I got sent home from work early today, since our power went out and we had to close. Reminds me of when we got snow days in school! Of course, it just means more work when I go back tomorrow, but at least I got an early start to my Friday evening. :D

I've been checking out the various SBD threads a bit more - a lot of info and you all seem like a real lively bunch!

Sunnybunny, is the taco bake recipe posted somewhere here? My husband likes that kind of thing so I'm thinking I might try that. I'm off to do a search for it.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Edit: Found it! Looks like a hit - I may have to make this our inaugural SBD supper on Monday!

09-08-2006, 06:46 PM
Taco bake is a sticky on Phase 1 recipes - it's a fave of everyone around here!

09-08-2006, 09:24 PM
We just went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and Dairy Queen for dessert and I didn't cheat! Not a single teeny tiny bit- I was such a good girl!!!1 :D