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09-06-2006, 08:55 AM
Is everybody sleeping in today? It was so hard to get up this morning, actually it's been hard all week. I guess the long weekend really did me in! Yesterday right after I started out on my errands, Cindy called to tell me Maggie had just thrown up all over the place as soon as they got in the grocery store, and could I come right away and help her. So I hurried right over, and never got my running around done. I got Maggie bathed and settled on the sofa with her blankie and cartoons, and before long she was back to herself again. I kept her on bland food most of the day, but we did make cupcakes in ice cream cones later, and she ate one of those and kept it down, so I think the worst is over. She had been running a high fever for 3 days, it's a virus that has been going around. Audrey and several other little ones have had it too, so it must have been Maggie's turn. Better she get it now, before her school starts next week. Audrey had a great first day at school, she came home all excited about her day and the new friends she made, and was looking forward to going back again today.
I don't know what we're doing today. I don't have to be in until 9:30, and it's just Maggie and I until we pick up Audrey at noon. Maybe we'll spend the morning at the library, if Maggie's up to it. I hope it's dry outside later, I'd like to get the kids out in the fresh air a little this afternoon. I have leftover chili for my lunch, looking forward to that!

09-06-2006, 09:19 AM
I was up all night peeing :dizzy: All I can say is I must be having some serious water retention issues. My first day back on the beach was so awesome and I feel just fine.

It was so funny because last night when I got home from work I spent about an hour on the 3FC site reviewing SB recipes and got so excited because I forgot all the yummy stuff I can eat.

I have been so burned out on food lately, it is nice to get some new ideas. Last night I made the radish fries--I love those.

Today is a busy day, so I had better get to work.

Have a good day everyone,

09-06-2006, 09:25 AM
Good Moring All - hope you are having a good day so far.

I too had a problem getting out of bed - even harder time staying awake here at work - things are way to quiet and it is so dismial out I want me bed!!!! Oh well - only 6 1/2 hours left and I can go home (:dizzy:)

Cottage - I am glad to hear that Maggie is feeling better. There is nothing worse than a sick child - I hate to see my daughter feeling sick.

Well I guess I might as well get back to work. Had egg beaters and 3 slices of ff sb approved lunch meat for breakfast - a salad for lunch - not sure about dinner - hungry for so many things but not enough $$ to go to the store to get much. Not much in the house either :?:

Hope you all have a great day - Rosalind

09-06-2006, 09:44 AM
RMT, I hear you about not enough $ to go shopping! We are going to be having a lot of WW pasta this week cause there's not much else in the house and we really can't spend any money until Monday. Summer has been rough! I did make a WW pasta bake with homemade tomato sauce--it is delish. But who knows about the rest of the week! Hope hubby likes eggs and pancakes and rice?? Maybe cereal? I know this is not SBD happy but...
cottage, I hope Maggie is feeling better! Such cute names, Maggie and Audrey. My good friend has a little girl named Maggie, she is about 18 months. Being tucked in the couch and waited on sounds really good right now. Even if I'd have to puke to be there! It is the best feeling to be taken care of by Mommy. Sadly, Mom now lives 13 hours away!!
Sunny, sounds like you are off to a great start! I always forget how delicious the SBD food is until I get into the recipe section. Who wants to bother with French fries when you can have such good things?

I am off to a class this morning from 8-12 on "Thunderbolt Thinking." It should be fun and something different! Work's been pretty boring so I'm looking forward to it. Then back this afternoon to putter around for a few hours. Tonight is church and my 4th grade girls!! [I teach a missions education class on Wednesday nights for them] We are actually going to "big church" to hear about a mission trip to Poland.

Enjoy your Wednesday--Jessie

09-06-2006, 09:50 AM
Good morning gals! I have been up since 5:15 AM our time, which for you Eastern gals is an hour later. I wanted to stay in bed and snooze, but after Jack got up and got ready for work, just couldn't do it so got up and did my daily chores and started posting at the site.

I actually started with paying my bills and that takes awhile. I am trying to pay stuff ahead etc so I had to write notes to some places that I was paying for Sept and Oct payments and why etc and to not expect any money until NOVEMBER! :lol: Don't you wonder sometimes who is running the accounting dept of some of these places? We have had issues with the company that holds our car note. For some reason they started paying the straight principal on the note then charging us late fees because the interest was mounting up. That one took me 3 months to get straightened out. One of the problems with the online payment and contact thing is that so much of it is outsourced to other countries and when you contact them they seem clueless and no help half the time.

Mother Hubbard's cupboards are bare and all ready to be loaded up with SBD foods. Jack came home and looked in the freezer and grinned and said, "I see you have been cleaning out the freezer." I got rid of anything I couldn't eat and that Jack won't eat. I also cleaned out the pantry and found empty cereal boxes of Jack's. {{{SIGH}}} Why is it men don't seem to know where the trash can or the laundry basket is located???:lol:

Rosalind: I pretty much eat the Egg Beaters over eggs unless I want hardboiled or over easy ones. I really like Egg Beaters. They give them to Jack when he is in the hospital and he won't eat them. He says they taste funny. I like to add mushrooms, onions, some ff cheese and some hot sauce to mine. Yummo! I also like to have a virgin bloody mary for breakfast. I got hooked on those things at the casinos since you get them free and just drink them without the alcohol. Nice way to get your tomato juice in and a nice pick me up.

Cottage: Hope Maggie is back fit as a fiddle. Poor little one. I remember those days. Now I clean up dog puke instead! I can't seem to teach him to run to the toilet and put his paws on the seat and puke! :lol: Then there is of course hairballs. I had never had any experiences with cats and the first time that happened I freaked out and thought he was dying! :lol: I think of the money I could save teaching them to use the toilet. Ahhhh, well! :^:

Sunny: Just wait until you get older then it is up EVERY night. Sometimes I feel like a jack in the box. :lol: I know that when I drink a lot of water it takes time for my body to adjust and I usually end up with 3 or 4 nights of every two hours having to go. Hope it settles down for you soon.

You gals all have a great day. I am going to make up and pan of soapy water and wash all my shelves etc in my fridge and wash down it and my freezer.


09-06-2006, 10:18 AM
Mornin'. I've got a case of the crabbies today for no good reason. :halfempty

Faye- thanks for the custard recipe. I have everything on-hand to try it except for the maple, so maybe I'll try subbing vanilla or almond extract and see if that works :) Oh, and when you're done cleaning your fridge, mine's next ;)

09-06-2006, 10:35 AM
Good morning! I was up really early this morning - 4:15 but just not UP enough to start the daily. I feel a bit more positive now after driving HArry to the hospital and handing him over for his operation. Now I'm home waiting to hear from the doc who insisted I go home and try to relax. The surgeon, Tom, is a close friend so I followed his orders. I'm expecting a call from him before noon and will then know when to go back.

So as "not to be wastin' me time" to quote an old Irish Auntie, I've started a batch of pea soup in the crockpot with the ham bone I've had stashed in the freezer since Easter. It's Phase I OK and will be wonderful on cold fall days. I must check to see if the recipe is in our Recipe Forum.

Now I'm going to log off, do a bit of sewing and wait for my cell to ring! I may be back in later in the day when life falls back into place.

09-06-2006, 10:38 AM
I woke up out of the wrong stage of sleep. still just dragging. both my kids (ages 9 an nearly 12) were up and dressed and eating breakfast before I dragged myself out of bed; usually the reverse is true.

Yesterday was my first day back on the beach. I really wanted some dessert/treat after kids were in bed. I can't believe I forgot to buy ricotta when I went shopping this week! I did have some SF jello already made up, but it wasn't what my tongue wanted.

I need inspiration for dinner; was going to do something vegetarian SBD friendly crock pot, that everyone in the family would be willing to eat, but I'm afraid such a thing might not exist:lol: Next choice would be same without crockpot; since I am home from work this week.

09-06-2006, 10:43 AM
Ruth: please keep us posted on Harry - I hope all goes well - will keep him in my prayers.

Read through some of the great food ideas and might make chili tonight for dinner when I get home. If I put it on at 4 - should be ready by 6??????

Well back to work - Hope you all have a GREAT day :smug:

09-06-2006, 12:38 PM
Hey ladies -

So I decided I was going to do this thing called the Master Cleanse (10 days of fasting, drinking this lemonade concoction from maple syrup, fresh lemons and purified water), I made it through 8 days of it, and then caved.... and then pigged out all weekend... the cleanse convinced me that I should be vegetarian for a while, so now I'm reading Diet for a Small planet so I make sure I'm eating complete proteins... and feel like I'm going CRAZY! :dizzy:

Too many fad diets, trying too many things, just trying to get healthy, clean myself out, and it's all driving me crazy... haven't exercised in a couple of weeks so I'm SURE that's taking a toll on me... haven't been around in a while but I miss the support... Miss you guys!

Cottage - Sounds like your little one is doing better thank God!

Sunny - Welcome back to the beach!

RMT - Hang in there! Sounds like you are staying OP but agreed! SB diet is expensive!

Jessie - That class does sound interesting! Mission trip to Poland???

Faye - Sounds like a productive day so far! Go you!

Emile - I'm feeling crabby too!

Ruth - Hang in there! Sounds like you are being smart and staying busy!

Rebel - veggie chili maybe? Welcome back to the beach!

Hope everyone has a great day! Kind of woke up on the wrong side of the bed, need to FORCE myself to go jogging after work today!

09-06-2006, 12:39 PM
:wave:: Beach babes!
Cottage: I hope maggie gets better jiffy quick! Ah, the first days of exxxxciting! I use to love going school clothes shopping and those first days!

:welcome3: back Sunnybunny! oh yes radish fries..and roasted chickpeas...and mashed cauliflower..some of the staples in our house now!

RMT: :rain: dismal here too.. crappy rain rain rain..and thunder and lightning! I dunno what's with our street, but we have our power go on and off :shrug: to the point DH is thinking of getting a portable generator!

Jessie: hmmm what is Thunderbolt thinking????

Gma: :lol3: on hubby in the freezer...mine does the same! he is allowed his ice cream and that's it fer treats in this house! :sumo: I have put my foot down!

:wave: Emile:

Ruth..Sending good health vibes to H! I'm sure all will go well..he seems to have the constitution of an ox!

:welcome2: rebel... hmmm, how about a bean chili -hearty, nutritious and easy!

Connectivity is hit or miss since Ernesto..whoddathunk?! :shrug: and the new storms we've been having..I swear we live under a rain cloud here... If you go 5 miles away ...nothing! yet it pours here... DH was at work yesterday getting severe weather warnings..and nothing there in the RTP MONSOOON! I just finished up a contract today I haveta clean this crack house! WHHEEEEEEEEE watch out Dustbunnies :rollpin: SCHATZI's A Gunnin fer yas! .................................................. ............!!!!!

09-06-2006, 01:34 PM
Emilie: Ruth can grouch me out if I make a booboo with this, but I believe the sf cool whip is allowed on phase I and if you take sf jello make it until it is that soupy consistency then whip in cool whip then chill it until it sets, it makes a nice dessert too. Glad I could help with something different for you. I guess I should post it on the recipes then the recipe team can check it out and make sure it is a-ok.

Well, my fridge is all sparkling now. Looks brand new in fact. Only problem is you have to be careful when you take it apart because there are a couple extra parts and one fell off when I took out the glass top to the veggie/meat drawers and I didn't know where it came from! :lol: I sat and wondered if I could leave it out...:dizzy: but then thought I should just figure out where the heck it went. There is a plastic section that goes in over where the drawers go, then the glass fits into a groove on top of this plastic part and the long mental bar fits across the back to keep the glass from popping up if you put something heavy on it I am assuming. Anyway, except for the jigsaw puzzle of what row to put what shelf (my fridge is only a year old and so has all these extra pieces) how far down to put the third drawer and make sure I have one of the shelves high enough so the iced tea pitcher and tall things will fit, I came out ok! :lol: I have to say this spillproof glass is the bomb. It was really easy to take the shelf out and clean it and put it back in. I usually only remove stuff from the shelf and rub it down with a cloth instead of taking it apart so I was pleasantly surprised it was this easy. I am going to wait until the day before all the company arrives to set the cleaning thing a ma jig on the oven then my appliances will not be an embarrassment.

I need to go. Fortune is sitting here whining because I am sitting at the computer so I better go love on him a bit.


beach bum
09-06-2006, 04:14 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Sorry:sorry: I was so late in posting. This morning seem to fly by,even though I had nothing to do,but go marketing after my walk along the beach.

COTTAGE-Hope & Hugs:hug: you little girl get better soon.I see what your going through my DD eyes. She has little ones heading to school yesterday,and when they go back in the fall they always get sick.

SUNNY-You body will adjust to the water drinking,I might suggest get your water drinking done before night time. I know I alway like to look for fresh recipes.Hate :devil: eating the same time every day always have to find something different.

ROSALYN-I gots some ideas that make recipes from thing in a cupboards any canned veggies with protein, pizza in a bowl[veggies on bottom of bowl than layer with TS. mozz ] nuke until cheese melts.

Jessie-Have a fun day,going to school and with your group this evening.

Faye-Thats a job have to do after my grandkids were here,.The refrig has to be cleaned.

Ruth-Cossing :crossed:my fingers that Harry comeout of the operation with flying colors

SARAHASLACKER-Welcome:welcome: back,cleaning whats that???????????:lol: I did most of my heavy cleaning last week before kids & g-kids came up to see us.

SCHATZI-We get the same thing up here in Cape Cod. It might being raining:rain: in one section of town and the sun:sunny: shining in the other. Hope you dry out soon.

Hugs :) BB

09-06-2006, 04:31 PM
Hi, ladies. I had a great time last night with the Wolf Cubs. They earned quite a bit and had a good time. We did get two people to agree to serve as their leader and assistant so they should be off to a good start now.

I'm on vacation today. I spent the morning assisting with the New Leader Essentials leadership training. I've got lots of ideas now on what I'm going to teach when I teach the Wolf/Bear Leader Specific training in 13 days. I'm going to try modifying the Powerpoint I was given to add extra stuff. It's only 15 slides right now and I know there is stuff I can add.

I turned in my report on my Wood Badge ticket items yesterday and today heard back that my report was excellent and I could go ahead and work on scheduling my beading ceremony when I get awarded the beads I have earned for this training program. I'm so excited since there has been a lot of work involved in completing this program. This way I have completed it in about 11 months. :carrot: I really want to get them before I get my picture taken for the Wood Badge training that I will be staffing.

I'm going to head to the gym for a bit today since Saturday will be taken up with training and I won't get my Powerflex class.

09-06-2006, 04:51 PM
Well, FINALLY :dance: for Barb VAAACAAAY TION!!!!! :jig:

(for you beachers who haven't been around that long...our Barb has got to be one of the most hardest workers out there! Not only with her job, but with the scouts! ) ..True to form, I see there is no down time Barb :lol: Enjoy !the gym and the scouts!