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09-05-2006, 12:08 PM
OK, I am going to try this one more time :)

I started SBD in February 05 and lost 50 pounds. I don't really know what happened, but I am back to square one. All the weight back and I feel terrible. When I say I feel terrible, I mean emotionally and physically.

I am excited to be back on the beach and I am determined to make this work. I think if I had to say what made me fail...

1. Limiting myself too much. I was really successful, but I didn't follow phase 2 with enough sensibility. Rather than incorporating healthy starches, I tried to not eat them at all and then I just fell off the wagon. Six months was just too much without properly balancing my healthy carbs.

2. I started short-cutting and not eating healthy proteins and fats.

3. I let stress dictate my eating. I am not sure why this was a problem, because I always enjoyed the foods on the beach...just got lazy and depressed.

I hope that you will all be supportive, because I remember really enjoying this forum and all your advice.

It is good to be to all Sunny :hug:

09-05-2006, 01:50 PM
:welcome: Nice to see you back, Sunny! It sounds as if you have your head truly together this time. Let's go! :grouphug: