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09-04-2006, 09:28 PM
G'day all,

I am starting to feel a bit better again, don't know why I am getting all these colds etc.

It was a shock to hear of Steve Irwin's early demise. I have to confess that he did make me cringe at times however his passion for conservation etc. was quite incredible and he will be sorely missed.
He was probably more famous in America then he was in Australia. His American fame made us sit up and wonder who this character was.
I saw one of his interviews last night and he was passionate about his family, wildlife and just life in general, definitly a one off.

Glenda I certainly hope our coming summer is not going to effect my like it did you. I am no fan of the heat hence our descision to come to america in spring.

Karen I think what your weepines is, is just an age thing, I don't think this stage of our lives is all that easy. So many adjustments again and the thought that our working life is all but over, is hard to deal with.
It does make it easier when I read on the boards that we all go through our stages.

Ann many people blame sleepless nights on the full moon, I have never taken any notice when I have a sleepless night if it was a full moon.
Sorry to hear you gained when you expected to loose.

Trudy the great barrier reef is off the coast of Queensland on the east coast of Australia. Our recent trip took us to the centre and then the western side of Australia. The great barrier reef is spectacular but a lot more 'touristy'. Tasmania is a very pretty little island, known as the Apple Island because of the many apple orchards.
Tasmanians have a bit of a reputation of being a bit dense due to inbreeding!
When I was an airhostess so many years ago, I made many trips to Tasmania and I have to say they can be a little slow on the uptake.
I hope your house is almost back into some order and the inconvenience has been worthwhile.

Gloria my dh would just love to go to a ball game whilst we are in the US but I understand we will be there at the wrong time. I hope you enjoyed the game.

Bernice how awful to have a tree fall on your duaghter's friends house. I don't know what it is like in America but here you have to ask permission from the local council to cut down a tree, regardless if you planted it yourself. It has to be proven that the tree is a danger etc. before you can finally cut down the tree. In the eastern states we do have some violent storms and just about every year a tree gets blown over and does some serious damage.

Trudy cannot you buy a doll cake?????

Hope you all had a great weekend, for us it was fathers day but it wasn't a long weekend.


09-04-2006, 10:02 PM
Maria There isn't a single bakery here that is nut free. I sat down with the telephone directory one day and went through the lot of them. The little :angel: isn't supposed to have any food that has been made in a facility that uses nuts and all the bakeries have them. They might not use peanuts, but since all nuts come from the same holding facilities, they could give her a reaction. Her birthday isn't for a long time yet, but I thought if I was going to make her something special I would have to practice. She loves princesses so I could make one look like a princess.... maybe. She was at a birthday party last week and the cake was from a local bakery. Poor :angel: cried when she couldn't have any cake. I told my DD that I would supply some decorated cup cakes to any childs birthday that she is invited to. My DD felt so bad about the situation, but what could she do? I am sure no mother would refuse some decorated cup cakes that they didn't have to make. They could still use their own cake to blow out the candles, etc. and give my little sweetie a cup cake.
This could be a good business for someone, a bakery that is totally allergy free. I am too old to start something like that now.
Birthday parties are so elaborate now. She was at 2 in the last 2 weeks, the first one had 3 ponies come to the house and took all the children for pony rides up and down the street. The second one was at a Riding Stable where the kids donned helmuts and were on regular sized horses, being led. My DD hung around for that one, she didn't feel comfortable about that situation at all. The party was near the stables.. lots of flies. Both were for 5 year olds. It seems you have to have some sort of a theme these days.

Well, that was more information than you wanted...:lol: you asked why I couldn't buy one and I wrote War & Peace. :lol:

09-05-2006, 02:19 AM
Trudy I didn't realise that she had the allergy and secondly that it is almost impossible to buy a cake that is totally allergy free.
That must be very hard for your daughter to keep a check on everything she eats when she is outside the home.
I can imagine what todays birthday parties would be like :eek: :rolleyes:

The next surburb over from us is a very touristy spot, it is about a 30 minute walk. We took Matilda for a walk and ended up at the 'Beach Pit', which is all sorts of fun things for kids. The only suitable thing for Matilda was the Merry go round, she just loved it sitting on a horse and going around and around. :)
We had some lunch and walked home again, I am now exhausted and Matilda is having another sleep!


09-05-2006, 10:09 AM
So nice to hear from you.

Bernice and Gloria I'm glad you've found a nice home with nice people to share your ups and downs.

Karen, the knee surgery sounds hard to deal with; probably very inconveninent! Other than that it sounds like you're enjoying living in Florida. I do hope the hurricanes abate!

Maria, are you still as talented as ever? I was always amazed at all the things you could do with the computer. A little genius! Congratulations on having grandchildren - I really thought you were too young! I see one is Matilda. Did I miss the name of the other? I thought you'd already been to the US and returned. Condolences on your countryman Steve Irwin.

Glenda and Ann you asked about quilting. I've done a few flannel quilts and I just finished a flannel tablerunner. I'd never worked with flannel before and I love it - so soft and manageable.

Trudy and Slavika, I remembered that you are near each other and get together from time to time. That must be enjoyable.

There was some discussion about vegetarianism. I've tried Morning Star (Chicken) and the Spicy Black Bean Burger. I like them both.

I found a little pattern for a tote in a quilting magazine. That's what I'm doing today.

Again, thanks for your kind words.


09-07-2006, 02:45 PM
Hi all: Our Labor Day party was fun. I also played in the minature golf tournament in the afternoon, but it had been so long since I had played that between me and another gal, we helped team come in last. But the 'boobyprize' was .50. For a change, people stayed after the meal for the entertainment. It was a Bluegrass type band and very good.

Marnie: Are you making this tote in one day? Sounds like the kind of project I might be able to get interested in. Somehow I just can't get myself going on another quilt.

Maria: I'm sure all the people of Australia are greatly saddened by Steve Irwins freak accident. I could never watch him when he was wrestling with snakes. I knew he was a conservationist, but I didn't know just how much he was involved until after reading all about him now. He certainly took so many chances regularly, and always escaped any trouble, so now it seems strange
that his actual death was really an accident. Guess that when dealing with animals of all sorts, there is always that chance.
sounds like Matilda had a great walk. Tired you out, and I bet she slept well too. Whe do you plan to go back to Melbourne? Did I remember that you were planning to go back and help out with the new baby? or is that something I dreamed up?

Slavika: Hope you had a wonderful weekend at the lake.

Trudy: I was wondering- do you make the cake from scratch, or can you use a mix? I was thinking that a commercial mix could well have come in contact with nuts too. It is really a difficult allergy, and can be so dangerous to the child having it. A doll cake would be really cute. I think my step-daughter might have made one. I know she made all sorts of cake shapes. I'll ask her.

Karen- Hope you are now sleeping better. When you are all back to normal we will think about our date. It is good that you can walk Sprout some anyway. And it is too hot to powerwalk.:D:

Bernice: It must have been scary for your friend, if they were in the house when the tree came down. Was Ernesto responsible for that? I am glad that Florence is not coming anywhere near land, and maybe will totally miss Bermuda. Hope so for them.

Glenda: Do you use vegetable broth to make soups, and as a dressing for vegetables? There are a few Moringstar Farms products I like, and I also like Boca burgers, and the Boca pizza is good. Have you decided on a gym yet? I think that I will just eat more vegetables and cut back on meat, not give it up entirely.

Peggy- Guess you are back in the school cafeteria by now. Was it hard to get back in the 'groove'?

Gloria- did you enjoy the Sox game? For a long time they used Winter Haven as their spring training place, but then they got greedy and wanted the city to build them all sorts of fancy accomodations and new ball field, etc, and the city fathers said no. This is not a big city. So now the Cleveland Indians are here in the spring. They made some rumbles about wanting more, or leaving, but I understand they once again signed a 5 year contract. All of this reminds me of that email about golf and the fact that golfers are not tax-payer subsidized. That Tiger Wood is amazing, and he makes his money by himself and he doesn't have to go on strike to get it. Guess I better get off the soap box.

I just had a wonderful massage this morning. It always makes me feel so good. When I saw the Dr. for my follow-up he said that was a good thing, since I do have lots of back problems from osteoporosis, and arthritis. He explained that was why I had the pain in my back when the esophagus was acting up was because it is such a weak place. :rolleyes: Who knew? And he wants me to steer clear of any antibiotics unless absolutely necessary since they are discovering a new disease of the bowel related to too many antibiotics. I can't remember the name of it, but he said it is related to E-coli and happens because all the good bacteria is killed along with the bad with excessive antibiotics. He said that even three years ago he would never have thought he would be treating patients with this problem.

Enough already! Have a great rest of the day. Ann

09-07-2006, 07:05 PM
Wow, I haven't been here for awhile and you all have gotten so chatty.

First, Gloria, way to go, getting to go to the ballgame. When you do nice things for people, these nice things do come back to you sometimes. I think any big time games are such spectacles, even when they lose it is fun.

Trudy, I hope you get a cake recipe. I think your plan for the cupcakes is a good one. You might need to think about the parties she will have at school too. Do they still bring cake for birthday parties at school? You will really have to educate her and her teachers. Yes, all the young people need to rethink their priorities when it comes to BD parties. My DIL has a good philosophy. Kids come to the house, play, have a game or two, a cupcake or two and some punch and that is it. She is so against the hoopla of little kid's parties. But that is not the trend these days.

Bernice, are you a movie goer too? I want to see the Illusionist too. I have never seen such awful movies as have been offered this year. We see a movie about every week, except for the weeks when we have no weekend free. We last saw The Invincible which was pretty good. Predictable, but it is about sports, so they are always predictable. Who wants to see a movie about losers?

Well, an angry parent just interrupted me and now it is quitting time.

Ann, I only eat vegetables and have not eaten soup since becoming vegetarian. I love spicey bean burgers and sausage. They are by far my favorites and my hubby's too.

All, I will talk more tomorrow.

09-07-2006, 09:55 PM
Hi Everyone,
Well went to WW meeting and darn it I gained .8 lb. I did have a midnite binge one nite so I consider myself fortunate it was only that.
Yes the tree came down during Ernesto and if I knew how I would post the pics that they sent me. They were very lucky ,as the tree actually came thru the roof,sheetrock etc and landed on the bed. It's a good thing her hubby is a contractor ,he can fix it but I'm sure this was not in his plans.
Last nite did something stupid. Spilled a hot cup of tea on keyboard killing it and the mouse, So a trip to Staples has put me back in business.
A couple of months ago I washed and dried my cell phone. Killed that also. I don't think technology and me go together well.
My 5 yr old grandson started full day kindergarden yesterday. He loves it
and never even looked back as he climbed on the bus. Another milestone.
My daughter does Boxer rescue and the dog she has now in addition to her 2 boxers, is deaf and she is teaching him obedience with sign language.
We are house hunting up here to downsize as this house is huge and expensive to run. NJ is one of the most expensive states to live in and if my kids didn't live all around us we would go elsewhere. My problem pops up again as we look into the active adult areas as it did when we looked in Fl, as I am over the pet limit of 2. So as I refuse to alter my lifestyle we will have to come up with other ideas. In the mean time we look forward to heading South.

Karen L
09-07-2006, 11:02 PM
It's good to see everyone back at the board again. After a quiet summer. We mostly talked through email and that is good but this is fun.

Trudy, once a very long long longgggggg time ago I made a clown cake for my daughters 2nd birthday she is coming up on 40 that's why I say longgggggg. Any way in those days I had lots of patients. The clowns head was a cup cake and the cake was his ruffle and collar. I used a sugar ice cream cone for the hat and frosted it. I had a mess in my kitchen. But it did turn out cute. I only did that once. Lucky for me My kids had no peanut allergies. I wonder if you could hire some one to bake a cake in your kitchen with your stuff. So you would know what was going in the cake and frosting? Might be worth a try. If they knew the reason they might go for it.

Marnie, Good to see you again. I would like to know more about your tote too. I quilt but not big projects. Table runners stuff like that. I'm more into painting now. I was able to go back to my crafting group Wednesday. Had to miss last week Monday and Wednesday because of the knee surgery a doctors appointment. Then this Monday it was Labor Day so we didn't have crafts. I was not a happy camper. So when Wednesday came I loaded up my golf cart and was down at the club house early and ready to paint. I can do it at home too I have a room all set up but it's fun when there are friends to talk to.(me and my big mouth) This type of Knee surgery was really a piece of cake. I was down doing aerobics this morning. Couldn't do the whole tape. But did half. Don't even have to take pain pills any more. I'm walking with out a limp. I think I'm almost 100%

My friend who broke her arm Kay. Well she is now in another cast. The doctor has taken the pins out of her arm. She told me that was quite an ordeal. I told her I remember when my son had the pins removed from his elbow the sound of it was awful and I can't hear. But I could hear that ! The x rays showed the bone has stared to grow back together at least that's the way it looks lets all keep our fingers crossed for her otherwise she will have to have it reset. Not what we want to have happen.

Bernice I think you may be related to my daughter. Last night she dropped her cell-phone in the toilet. She said she really panicked because all her phone numbers are in there and nowhere else. But after she took it apart and got it dry it seem to be working. I did not ask for any more details. Good luck house hunting. My second child was born in NJ. Sorry about the weight gain. But keep on keeping on.

Ann glad your Labor Day doings were a success. They had something going on here but we didn't go. Do have a place in mind that we could meet in Lakeland that you like?

Maria Are you better now? Why do you think you been getting these colds so much? How is the new grand baby doing?

Glenda I know Ann asked but now I'm asking too. Have you found a health club to join yet? My DIL and DD are both in agreement over kids birthday party the simpler the better. This business of ponies and clowns is all going to send them all to the poor house for sure. Cake, games, party favors,few more games and let the play and have a great time. It didn't seem to hurt any of us.

Well it's time for bed

09-08-2006, 10:43 AM
I can't believe it is September already. The cool nights are a sure sign of Fall. However, we went to the Cape yesterday partly to visit my friend but also so DH could get in another swim. He said the water was cooler 67 than it had been a couple of weeks earlier, 70. He did enjoy himself. My friend seems to be no better but no worse that a few weeks agol. Her beautiful attitude and sense of humor has not changed. He husband, 86, with Parkinson's is taking beautiful care of her...waiting on her and reminding her of her meds etc. They are such a loving couple.

Glenda and Ann:To answer you question we had a great time at the game. As I said we took the T (subway) and had to change lines in Boston. The second line was sooooo crowded. It seems that every one was of the same idea...go early and beat the crowd. It was like a cattle car. We left the house at 5 for a 7PM game and arrived at Fenway about 6:30. The seats were great and the game was OK....we decided to leave after the 7th inning as we were losing and, again, we wanted to beat the crowd. No way! By the time we had walked to the T station there were hundreds ahead of us. Then while we were waiting for the second train, in town, DH saw a young woman and her son also waiting. They, also, had been to the game and they live on our street....small world! We were home by 10:45 PM. It was a fun experience and we hadn't been to a live game in about 35 years. Maybe in another 35 we will go again:D

Maria:I hope you are feeling much better now! When are you going to your DD to see the baby again!

Karen: So happy to hear you are back to your old self. I knew you would bounce back from knee surgery like that. WoW! Aerobics, so soon, that is great. I hope your friend does not have any more problems with her arm. Enough is enough

Bernice: I can relate to your technical problem. When I was working as a receptionist I spilled some coffee on the keyboard and shorted out the entire phone system. I thought I would be fired but we, somehow, got thru to the company who supplied the board and they were down before the end of the day to replace it. Never heard a word from the powers that be and boy was I lucky.....never left my coffee cup anywhere near the board after that.

Ann: You Labor Day sounded like fun even if it was only the 'booby prize"

The dryer is buzzing so I will 'talk' to you all later.


Karen L
09-08-2006, 02:18 PM
Gloria I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I agree it is a small world. I've run into my old WW members from Minnesota down here at Parkdale it's a Fruit and Vegetable market that is a popular place for people to go in this area. Also glad you had a good time at the cape.

09-08-2006, 03:52 PM
Hi Everybody: I just got finished reading ALL the posts. I really enjoyed reading about what all of you were doing. It was like having TEA TIME and all of us telling each other all about our summer and what we had done. :) MARNIE...it was great seeing you on the board again. Congrats on your weight loss, and BERNICE you sure are on the right track. :carrot: My grandkids are back at school. This year my son and dIL decided to send my grandson (Peggy's friend) to a private School. He's a very smart child and I think the new school will give him the extra challenges that he needs. Looks like I'm not the only one that is often up at night because I can't sleep. If we all end up in the same nursing home we could play cards at night or something. :gossip: GLORIA glad that you enjoyed your outing to the Red Sox game. That was a nice treat. KAREN it's great that you are doing so well. I have been going regularly for physio for my neck and back. I can't say that I am in really bad pain but from time to time during the day both give me a little bit of trouble if I do too much. ANN, there is a CURVES just down the street from me that I thought I would look into once my physio was over with. It's only a 5 min car drive or a LOL LOL a 2 mile walk (for me) to get there. :p Glad your weekend was good, so was mine. I did go out to the lake for the long weekend and it was wonderful watching the kids in the the boat. Grandson is a good water skier just like his Dad was. I enjoyed sitting at the back of the boat as "spottter" watching him, and my son driving and thinking back to all the summers David drove our boat while OUR son was the one that was skiing with all his friends. The years go by so quickly.
I was talking to TRUDY and I told her that many many years ago I had made a "Doll Cake" for my cousin's child. It wasn't the beautiful kind that you used to see in books but it turned out fairly decent. I made an angel food cake and put a blop of icing in the hole of cake and then put a "knock-off Barbie type doll" in the centre and stuck her feet in the icing. I spread her princess sort of dress out over the cake and iced the remainder of the cake. I think the "real version" of this cake was to put a naked doll in the centre and ice a dress on her. I wasn't that talented. I told Trudy that this way her :angel: could play with doll when the cake was all gone. One more thing......I must have missed your post GLENDA about not eating meat. Well gals I better do a little bit of work around here. Talk to you all soon.

09-08-2006, 04:58 PM
I have about 5 minutes before I leave for the rehearsal dinner. I told you all about GG getting married. So excited!

Yes, I did join a fitness group this week. It will be a full more week before I can get in for the fitness assessment but so far have walked on the treadmill for a hour at a time. It is a group affiliated with our hospital and there are people on walkers there and a few young people. I am going on Tuesday to the yoga class. My shins right now are so sore. But I feel so much better this week. Such a downer summer but going the othe way now, I hope.

Karen, we told you that knee surgery was a snap and you are proving it!

Bernice, you do love those pets. I understand. They are our second family. I hope to always have a furry friend. At least your friend is married to a contractor because that is a terrible thing. My son trimmed trees last April and sent a huge limb right into their family room. Thank goodness for insurance!

Cannot remember much. Happy Maria is better. Maybe you are just having a tough spell with germs. Hopefully your summer will be mild. I did enjoy the map of Australia. Wow, that is an interesting country!

Will see you next week.

09-08-2006, 06:38 PM
I wasn't able to get to my computer, and I mean that literally. There was so much jammed into this room it didn't seem possible for my DH to put anything else in it, but he did. The painter has come and gone and now we are slowly moving things back to their spots.

I cannot remember who asked me this, but Betty Crocker cake mixes will say whether or not they came in contact with nuts. Duncan Hines all come in contact with nuts and the same goes for the icing in the can. I usually try to bake from scratch, but in a pinch will use Betty Crocker. The little :angel: is aware that she cannot have nuts and will announce to everyone that she has a peanut allergy, even though she doesn't know to the extent of this problem. We were playing restaurant and she was the waitress, the first thing she asked me was if I had a peanut allergy... she is so cute.
Any tips you gals can gather from anyone about making the doll cake, I would appreciate. Might just do what Slavika suggested and use the angel food cake.
We got to baby sit last night and had so much fun with the little ones. It was nice to leave the chaos in my house and get away from it all with the children.

Bernice I laughed out loud at you today. I had a vision of you putting your phone in the dishwasher... :lol:, I am sure that is not what you did. I have come close to spilling my beverage on the keyboard, but luckily missed it. I told myself that I would never eat or drink by the computer, but that is not the case.

Glenda Who is GG? Forgive me if you explained that already... I forget easily.

I had a bone density test and got the results today.. AMAZING RESULTS, I might add. My risk of fracture has gone from serious to low risk. My doctor told me that the average 64 year old woman has a 13.6% chance of a hip fracture and now my risk is 10.6%... I was grinning from ear to ear. She is leaving up to me as to whether or not I continue with Fosamax. There is the risk of Osteonecrosis Of the Jaw now associated with Fosamax. I do have problems with TMJ (jaw joint). I could stop the drug and then get the bone density in 3 years time to see how I am doing.

Time to make something wonderful for din dins... with no idea at all the chance of this happening is slim... see you later..

09-08-2006, 07:18 PM
Hi Again:

I think Glenda, Ann and Karen asked about the tote I was making. It's from the Better Homes and Gardens: Quilts and More issue from Summer 2006. It's right on the front page.

I'm slow to catch on so, no, I couldn't do it in a day. I have the lining left to put in it. I will do another and follow the directions more closely!

DH is on his way home.


09-08-2006, 08:08 PM
G'day all,

wow what a lot of posts this morning:)

Ann your massage sounded wonderful, something I could do with at the moment! Interesting about the anti-biotics. I know you should only use them when absolutely necessary but wasn't aware of the other reasons.
I must say that little Matilda has NEVER had an antibiotic in her short little life. I know with my own, our son was always getting infections and was presribed antibiotics from a very young age:(

Marnie never thought of quilting with flannel, it makes sense that it would be very manageable.

Glenda hope the wedding went well and everyone had a great time. I really think you should put those angry parents in their place when you are posting to us....priorities, priorities :D;):D

Bernice sorry to hear you have gained but by the sound of it, it could have been worse:( Glad you are back in business after the mishap with spilling tea over your keyboard. When I worked, that was a very common occurence so common that eating and drinking was banned from employees desks.
Hard decisions when it comes to down sizing:(
I love my home but at times I think back of the large house we had and how lovely that was. I do snap out of it when I think of the miles of vacuuming I used to have to do and the huge garden which was beautiful but heaps of work.

Karen you are sounding very chirpy, pleased the knee surgery went so well and you recovered so quickly.

Gloria the game sounded like a lot of fun, I must say reading about the crowds that is always what puts me off going to any big event. guess I will have to start getting used to crowds if we are to spend 8 nights in New York;)

Good to see you as well Slavika and pleased you had a nice time at the lake. I don't know what private schools are like in Canada but in Australia, I personally think it is a very good option. I wanted both our kids to attend a private school, our daughter was very keen and went but our son refused. Both of my children have done very well for themselves with Uni degrees and good jobs. Our son maintains (he is a teacher now) that it depends on the child and everyone can do equally well in public or private but our daughter says that she would not have achieved as well if she had gone to a public school.

Trudy pleased everyone is slowly getting back in place, should all be finished by the time you get your visitors from Australia next April:D;)
I bet you were thrilled with your bone density results:carrot:

Boy I am slow getting over these colds :mad:
I am not sure when we go back to see little Saskia, the original plan was for me to go over and help after s-i-l went back to work but dd is coping so well that there is no need for me to go over.
We have set up our computer camera again and we use Skype to talk to one and other during the day and I can see the instant pictures of little Saskia. Technology is a wonderful thing!
Do any of you use Skype??? I used it in the past when dh was overseas and it was a good way of keeping in touch. I then changed over computers etc and didn't get around to re-installing it again but I am now up and running again and it certainly is a very good and cheap (cost nothing) system.

Off to have breakfast....

Have a great weekend all,


09-08-2006, 11:24 PM
Maria: There was a big article in the business section of our paper today about a merger of Alcatel-Lucent. It says that it will creat a mojor global player in the telecommunications equipment industry. Maybe Alan has already heard of this, but if not, thought he might be interested.

Hope you are doing better with the cold.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day and i hope to do better than last week. I'll have 'true confessions' tomorrow.

Have a good weekend, all. Ann

09-09-2006, 02:09 PM
A quick report. down .2 All I can say is that is better than going up. I ruined things by dumbly eating chinese last night and of course that makes one, at least this one, retain water. :mad: But there is another week to redeem myself. Ann

09-09-2006, 07:17 PM
Ann re Lucent and Alcatel, that has been on the cards for the past 12 months. The joke amongst Lucent staff has been that they all thought they had better start learning French (Alcatel being a french company) in order to keep their jobs.:D
I just hope it improves the price of Lucent shares:dizzy:


09-10-2006, 06:33 PM
Glenda, You asked awhile back about movies and I agree there is nothing to see out there that isn't dumb and inane. I can recommend however Boyton Beach Club which is about widow and widowers at a beveavement group trying to reconnect. It sounds morbid but actually is a very sweet film. If it comes to your area try to see it.

09-13-2006, 03:39 PM
Bernice, we are a little college town, so you can imagine the movies we get. All the slasher/sex/cartoons in the world. But the main attractions, the big "Hollywood" movies are so pathetic this year. We try to see a movie a week and this year has been a bad year.

Trudy, I am so darned happy for you regarding your bone density. That is great news and I didn't even know it was possible to improve that much. Sounds like your angel has been educated about her allergy. I know you have told me, but isn't there a percentage about those who outgrow it?

Slavika, I don't know if anybody caught that but my GG was actually my GD. Typo. My granddaughter got married last Saturday. It was a small but very, very pretty wedding. We met his relatives on Friday evening and I must say I was impressed in an unusual way. They are very backwoodsy people, but people who can do anything with their hands and who work very, very hard. They have big nice homes they have sawed the lumber for and built themselves. A lot different from the people I am used to. You know, just good folks. And he is a nice young man who pretty obviously loves her. My DIL, her mother, was the matron of honor and my Makenzie(3) was the flower girl. But my DIL ran into a bad situation and I was right in the midst too. Her bio-mother and her husband were there and her adoptive mother was there without her adoptive father. I will call them her mom and dad from now on. Anyway her mother was just angry, very angry that the other was there. There was tension at the reception that, thankfully, only we knew about. I was trying to talk to everyone and sit with everyone and my son was too. Finally, I just sat with my family and just let it go. So now my DIL is angry that they couldn't let it just be Brooke's day. She has a right to be angry, very angry. I think she will have a talk with her adoptive mother who has a mistaken impression that she will step in as mother when her mother dies (she is in bad health). As she told me, Jan can only be a friend. She has one mother and one mother only. Even when her mother is wrong, she is still her mother. What a mess! Too bad that 38 years later there are such bad feelings. I wish we could all just be "mothers", but can't walk in their shoes.

I hope you understood that mishmash--not sure I do.

Went to a yoga class last night. It was so funny. I was, of course, the oldest and about as flexible as a cardboard box. I also sometimes have trouble balancing on two flat feet. So I struggled and these people were so into it. I sweat like a horse, but I stayed with it and it was fun. I was so tired and driving home I was a menace, but slept the sleep of the righteous. I am going to keep going because I feel so good today.

Slavika, nice to see such a resemblance to your son in your grandson. This is the type of thing that sends me into nostalgic, sort of melancholy moods. But it is still nice.

09-14-2006, 09:40 PM
Hi All:
I do understand what you mean about the movies available. To me there is so much trashy stuff, and so we most often get a DVD and watch something at home.

Have any of you heard of or taken Red Yeast Rice, a natural way to help reduce cholesterol? Some friends of ours have been takeing it with success in lowering their cholesterol, so we asked our Dr. about it and he so ahead and take it. So we started yesterday. We'll see if it really works for us.

Trudy- Is your good bone density due to the fosomax? Wish I could take it. And the insurance has denied the Forteo so I am still with my Miacalcin for what little good it may do.

Glenda: If I understoon you correctly, you feel that the adoptive Mother is your DIL real mother, the one who raised her. Is it the natural mother who is in poor health? It is too bad that there was tension at the wedding, since it could so easily put a damper on a happy day.

Slavika- Did I miss a picture of son and Grandson?

We are all giving thanks that these hurricanes are all going out to sea. Sure hope that they will all do that for the rest of the season.

We are getting ready to fly up North to Utica, N.Y. to visit DG brother. He is not in the best of health. I also want to see my Aunt who recently had her 90th birthday. So we will have a busy 8 days. We leave on the 20th and back on the 28th of Sept.

Hi to you all- Karen, Bernice, Peggy, Maria

Karen L
09-14-2006, 11:10 PM
Thought I'd check in an see what's been going on since I was here last.

I've had a few rocky days. Remember when I told you all that my doctor had put me on a medication for my migraines. It was topamax. I started taking it in June and my headaches really did go away.Most of the early side affects wore off and I was getting along pretty good. Up until the last couple of weeks I began to get real depressed. My Hot flashes were more unbearable than ever. I could sit in a chair not moving and be covered with sweat. Crying all the time. My nose was either running or bleeding .(yuk) I tried to do the things I needed to do exercise , cook ,clean, walk the dog, but was having trouble getting any of it done. I was to the point that I could not even get a meal cooked with out DH help. I had no energy what so ever and if I did get a spurt of energy then I was down for the rest of the day. This has been coming on for a while but I just kind of shrugged it off thinking menopause crap. Finally after a weekend of sweating and crying and nose troubles. DH took me to the doctor . We went over my symptoms . And decided it was the topamax interacting with some of the other stuff I take. Plus some of the more usual side affects of topamax. So I no longer am taking it. Doctor said if I am not 100% better in 2 weeks I was to come back. He said It would take about 3 days for the topamax to get all out of my system. And he was right. The last one I took was Monday morning and this morning I woke up and was me again. But boy it I was Antsy coming off that stuff. Hopefully now that my blood pressure is down nice and normal I won't be having so many migraines. Other wise I guess I'll be seeing a neurologist. The topamax got rid of my headaches but I think it almost got rid of me too.

Ann your trip is here so soon. It seems like just yesterday we were talking about it. Have fun and when you get back maybe we can get together before we head north for the holidays.

Movies, We rent and buy a lot of them. RV was one of the most recent ones. Then by mistake DH rented Must Love Dogs I say by mistake because he never remember what we have seen. I've always said if he wasn't married to me he'd watch the same movie over and over and over. He likes Blood and guts I don't so we always get 2 one for him and one for me.

Slavika, I never saw a picture either. Sounds like life in your family is going good.

Marnie I never did find that magazine. it was out of the stores before I knew anything about it. So I guess I'm S-O-L . But I do have an idea of how to make a tote so I just might do it on my own. I understand it's supposed to cold in Minnesota this weekend. I know by the time I get there it will be freezing. Not like last November when I was there It was beautiful until just before we left to come back down here. The snow chased us out of the state. Then when my Father pasted away in January it wasn't too bad we were there until Feb. 14 and then brought my Mom back down with us for a few weeks to sunny Florida.

I got the stitches out of my knee and it looks good.

Well I think I've rambled on long enough and it's time to go to bed anyway.
so see you all later.


09-15-2006, 01:36 PM
Hi Everyone,
Weather is again awful,must be from the far aware hurricanes in the carribean. It's really getting old that when we do have some good days we cherish them.
Ann, I to0k Red Yeast Rice years ago to control cholesterol and it worked for a while and then those numbers started to climb so I now take Lipitor and that works better. Hope Red Yeast Rice works for your friend. Certainly is cheaper.
You would think people would put aside their differences and allow the Bride to have her happy day. There is always someone who likes to throw a monkeywrench into an event. So selfish.
Well, out to Pa househunting again and this time we changed agents and this one's on the ball. Really zero'd in on what we are looking for and I feel better about what I'm being shown. Even tho we are looking in a vacation area I am not the log cabin type with all the wood panelling. the kind of homes we are looking for do exist and in this particular community they have alot of recreational facilities and clubs to join without it being a retirement community. Like too see kids and not just old faces like my own.
Went to WW and down 2.6 lb for a total of 23 lbs. Just another 50 to go I think. I can do it-I can do it. I have no choice I have to do it. This is what I tell myself all the time.
Glenda, saw on the news another famous Aussie passed away. He was a race car driver and was to have a State funeral. Haven't heard much on TV about him it's still about Steve Irwin and now Anna Nicole
Smith's son's untimely death. He seemed like a sweet young man but can't imagine growing up with such a mother.
That's it from NJ-got to move clothers from washer to dryer, Regards to all.

09-15-2006, 04:21 PM
Ann, I knew that story of the wedding was hard to understand. I lived it and don't understand it. The adoptive mother is the real mother. She is the one in bad health. The bio has decided, I think, that she just has to bide her time and then she will slip into the vacant slot. It isn't going to happen that way. If she doesn't back off, she won't even be a friend. Isn't this all sad? Ann, enjoy your quick trip!

Movies, when they aren't making good ones, you won't even be able to rent them before long. I have never seen such stupid movies in my life. All I want is a story about people--not bears or cars or monsters or super heroes. Oh well.

Bernice, so you are moving from NJ to PA? I know you were moving, just didn't know why. You have to find a place that will take all the pets, right?

Karen, I am amazed at drug interactions. I never realized this until I got to be this age. Right now I take 4 prescriptions, 2 for BP, 1 for bones, and 1 for thyroid. I don't especially want to add anymore to my arsenal, especially after your story. Glad you are back to being YOU. And glad you knee is fixed and you can enjoy life again.

09-15-2006, 09:53 PM
G'day all,

A very long and probably my best post ;) disappeared into cyber space yesterday:(:mad:

It is just another glorious day here today, went for a walk along the beach this morning, everyone is out walking, ice bergers swimming and we also saw some dolphins.
We are told this is the earliest spring weather on record and the prediction is a very long and hot summer, be interesting if we are going to have the same record temperatures as some of you in the states experienced, I hope not.

Glenda glad the wedding went off well but it sure is confusing about the adoptive and bio mother, very sad. Pleased you are enjoying your yoga classes, I have tried a few but never really found a class that suited me, there are so many variations in yoga.

Bernice I am not a big movie fan and very seldom go to the movies, I hate the 'blood & guts' type movies and the sex once also leave me cold. The movie you mentioned sounds like on I would enjoy.

Ann I hope you have an enjoyable trip to 'Utica' wherever that might be ;):D, I wil consult my map!

Karen you don't sound as though you are having such a good time at the moment, topamax doesn't sound like the best medicine to take :eek:
I hope it will all smmoth out for you again soom now you are off the medication.

Bernice you are quite right another famous Australian died in a car crash, Peter Brock.
I wonder what you all think.....Peter Brock was a womaniser, was married 3 times, his former wife said that she could no longer tolerate his many affairs and left him. The woman he was living with at the time of his death was the wife of his best friend who left her husband and 2 children to live with him.
His former wife also said that Peter Brock never wanted to get old and enjoyed the lime light and would be thrilled that his funeral will be a state funeral and will be televised live.
He was a fantastic racing driver and he set many records but is that a reason to give a person a state funeral at the tax payers expense??? His private life was far from something you would want young people to role model. I have a real problem with seperating the racing driver and the 'husband' that he was.
This is the definition of a state funeral:

A state funeral is a public funeral ceremony held to honour heads of state (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heads_of_state) or other important people of national significance.

One could hardly class a racing driver as a person national significance:dizzy: there is quite a lot of debate about this issue and I find it strange that men dismiss his wandering eye and only speak of how great he was as a racing driver, most think a state funeral is a bit over the top but they still think it is OK.
Funny how men and women think so differently.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. We are off to see our son play in a football grand final and his last game of his career. He was supposed to have retired last season but gave it one more shot. I hope this time he will see sense and retire!


09-16-2006, 02:27 PM
Hi Everyone: Well today I played 'hooky' from WW. I will go back after we get back from our trip. On our scales I am just the same as last week. A bit discouraging, but that's life.

Maria: I agree with you about the state funeral. And men do think differently, that is for sure. In my mind, being a great race car driver, doesn't really qualify as being a national hero. Al Unser was a great race car driver here, but when he was killed in a race, there was no state funeral for him. He was mourned by all the race fans, but the funeral was a family affair. Maybe because of Peter Brock's horrible family life, that wouldn't be a possible solution. If you check your map of New York State, and find Albany then look a bit further west on the map and you will find Utica, and after that Syracuse. If you look north you will see the St. Lawrence River, and Clayton is where we used to live, and I expect that we will vist there to. Good luck searching. Back to men- I imagine it is hard for your DS to quit his football. I have read a lot about the difficulty that professional players have in deciding to retire from the sport.

Bernice- Hope you have good luck finding just the right house. How far over into PA are you moving? I seem to remember you mentioned at one time about forest behind your present house, and a bear in your yard, so am thinking you might just be going a bit across the border into Pa. And congrats on your loss. Keep up the good work. There was an article in our paper today about a man who weighed 700lbs, was 6'4", and he knew that he had to do something for his health. So he went on the Subway diet program and now he is 260 and hopes to lose another 35lbs. It took him about 3 years to do this. and he had to have a full body surgery to remove all the loose skin. He is now walking for the Heart Assoc. and wants to be a role model for people who are obese and need to lose weight for their health. So i tell myself, that if he can do it, so can I.

Glenda; Now I got the Picture of who is who, and surely hope that all is well for your granddaughter, and her Mom. We do a lot of watching of Turner classic Movies, and also the AMC channel. I must admit that I am not up on all the new actors and actresses, that seem to be so important. I used to watch the Academy Awards faithfully, but now I have no interest, since I don't really know anyone. Guess I'm on the road to being a 'fuddy-duddy'.

Karen: I'm so sorry that you had such a time with the medication. And also glad that it didn't take too long to clear out of your system. It is amazing how medicine can affect different people in such different ways. For some it is okay and others like you have such problems. I'm one of those problem people too. The Dr.on call at the hospital gave me Prilosec after my episode, but I can't take it. Just dragged me out. Now my family Dr. knows my history, and so he gives me as little medicine as possible. WHen do you plan to go north? We will plan to get together when we get back.

We got good news today. DD Holly had a biopsy on her tongue for possible cancer, but it was negative. It appears to be something connected to her Lupus. But a negative report was surely good to hear.

What is going on with everyone now. Hope you are all having a nice weekend. Tonight we are having a dessert party at the Clubhouse, and a young ventriloquist will be entertaining us. Sounds like it will be a fun evening, and not too late for the 'old ducks'.

See you all later. Ann

Karen L
09-16-2006, 09:54 PM
Ann, We will be leaving around the 20th of November maybe a few days before. Won't be back until after Christmas. I really missed being with family last year and I think it's important to be there this years being it's the first Thanksgiving and Christmas that Dad is no longer here for. I think it will be good for the whole family if All of us are together for those 2 holidays. It's a long time to be gone from my little corner of peace and quiet. But it will be good for all.

Ann glad DD biopsy came back good. That must have been scary!

Bernice hows the hunt going. Will you be moving before you make the trip down here? Great going on your weight loss. You just keep on keeping on and it will go.

I think I finally got my weight to stabilize. I am 8 pound below goal at least I was last week. Don't want to go lower. May even gain back about 3 pounds. I like the 5 pound cushion. But any more than that I look too skinny in the face. Not my belly but my face.

Went shopping today at Kohls. Hit the clearance racks 50-60-70-80-% off plus if you used your Kohls card you got 15% more off. When we got home my DH was looking at the pants and shorts I bought and asked why so many different sizes. And I told him that is why it takes women so much longer to shop than men because the sizing is screwed up. It depends on the style, the make, the cut and the fabric and some times if it black it needs to be a size bigger or smaller. Go figure?????. It's enough to drive a sane woman nuts. But the sale was great. I got 4 pairs of shorts one pair are Gloria Vanderbilt that I got for $12.00 2 pairs Gloria's Carpi's 1 for $12.00 the other for $14.00 2 others are Just some knock around shorts Erika I think the are for $3.00 a piece and then another pair of knit shots cant remember what they are now for $6.00. Got DH 3 shirt the nice polo shirts with the collar so he will be legal on some of the other golf courses For $6.80 I think they were . And a pair of shoes for him also . Boy was that a blast!. I love a good sale. Sally I also picked up a really nice silver ring 60% off. Then we went to Mimi's Cafe for lunch. First time I had been there. Very good we'll go back again. Prices were not bad. About like Perkins or some place like that.

We are having a beautiful weekend here. We have had so much rain that having 2 days without is great. Tomorrow is suppose to be more of the same. The evenings are starting to cool a bit. I mean down to around 79 or 80 and with the humidity being down you can breath outside. It's been wonderful.

Well I guess I've taken up enough space. So see you all later

09-17-2006, 05:29 PM
Hi All,

Been quite a while since I was here. Have so much to catch up on. School is in session now. We have new things we have to do in the cafe-constantly monitor the temperature of cooked foods, refrigeration, even the dish water and sanitizer water. Gov't stuff-I wonder who is going to read all this. It will take days. Now that we are getting used to it - it goes a little easier. You even have to count how many pizza's or whatevers are served daily. But the kids are cute so far especially the little ones.

Trudy my sister used to make doll cakes all the time for her girls when they were little. Basically the same as Slavika said. She used a naked doll and put her in the center of an angel food or bundt cake and decorated with icing. As fancy as you want. It is hard to find peanut free food or food that has been prepared in a peanut free place. We have kids at school with peanut allergies. They have a separate table and it is cleaned with separate cleaning sanitizer. You have to really monitor it and make sure no other kids sits there with any peanut food. We have a new kid with celiac disease and he can't have food that touches any thing else. I think if I were the mom I would pack their lunch to be sure that nothing happens. My grandson isn't allowed to have peanut butter-I am not sure why they are doing that.

Marnie still quilting I see. My sister made me a whack and stack quilt for christmas. I know that I am getting it but not allowed to see it until then. I think I might have to re-decorate.

Maria you new little one is adorable. So little and sweet. Matilda is getting big.

Glenda what a wedding day. You would think people could put aside their differences for one day and the newlyweds enjoy their day. After all it is their day.

Sally how is the gs enjoying the new school? Does he have friends going there also?

Karen you might have created a monster here. I have to go to Kohl's tomorrow and check out the sales. They alwasy have such great ones. Our evenings are cooling a little too. Down to the 60's at night. Makes great sleeping.

Ann I am glad to hear that dd's biopsy is good. That is scary.

I am tired. We went to the Prebble County Pork Festival today. About an hour away. There are men grilling about 2500 pork chops. Had to have one. About 500 craft booths so there was much walking. The lady I paint for was there. She had some excitement catching a shop lifter. The police took her away. As crowded as it was I imagine that there was a lot of that going on. I remember when I did a fall show I had a big fall wreath turn up missing. That took a lot of nerve to steal it cause it was so big. I need a rest.

09-17-2006, 10:47 PM
Hi Maria: The last 6 emails I sent you have not been delivered to you. They all say the same thing. "Reason: Remote SMTP server has rejected address
Diagnostic code: smtp;550-REJECT Your message from **********@shaw.ca to ***********adam.com.au was rejected because we found your mail server listed in bl.spamcop.net; Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?
Remote system: dns;typhoon.mail.adnap.net.au (TCP||17937||25) (typhoon.mail.adnap.net.au ESMTP ADNAP Exim 4.62 Mon, 18 Sep 2006 10:38:19 +0930)

I went to that spamcop web site but I'm afraid I don't I don't know what I am to do to correct this, and why did it start all of sudden. GRRR....computers. Any ideas?????

09-18-2006, 10:37 AM
Hi again Maria: I put my Numeric IP address in at spamcop and it is not listed. Try putting yours in to see if it;s listed.
Let me know.

09-19-2006, 05:17 PM
It is slow at work today so I will visit with you all while I have a chance.

Karen, I am so glad you are going home for the holidays. At this time in our life it is important to keep family contacts, in my opinion. And you did create a monster. I want to go shopping at Kohl's too. We don't have one, but we are finally getting a new mall with a Dress Barn and Ross Dress for Less. I would rather get a Kohl's any old day.

Peggy, my son the principal fusses about federal regulations in school all the time. They have so many forms to fill out about everything. But the kitchen regulations are to keep people as safe as possible. Remember our old cafeterias with the old ladies (seemed old then) who swiped the tables with one rag that had been who knows where.

Maria, state funeral for a race car driver? I cannot imagine why. I would fuss about this because my tax dollars should be going somewhere needed, not to glorify a man for no reason other than he drives cars well.

Ann, so glad you daughter's biopsy was good. Just the word "biopsy" makes us think of the cancer. Always scarey. I sure hope you have a wonderful trip.

Bernice, how is the house hunting going?

Sally, how is your GS doing in his private school? I know arguments for both private and public, but I think you just have to decide on a case by case basis. Some public schools just stink and others are good.

Over the weekend my middle son and his wife helped take out a half wall between our dining room and living room. Both are extremely small rooms and now it does "flow" better. Still some stuff to do and I am worried about matching tile. Really didn't want to get into an expensive retiling thing, but wonder how goofy this may look. Kids are coming in October and helping us paint these rooms too. Funny how if you don't really look you don't see how dated and dirty things can become.

Hope you all are well and happy.

09-19-2006, 07:58 PM
onto the next thread.....