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09-11-2001, 07:40 AM
Hi everyone!
I'm a Swede doing the WW thing. Took me many years to admit I need help, but now that I've started it's going really well. My goal is to loose 100 lb until july 23 2002.

There's nothing like this site and forum in Sweden and I was glad when I found it. The recepies are great I must say. Some I can't do since I can't get hold of the ingredients.

I spent a year as an au-pair in the states and six months as a student, so it's great to get some US food recepies again! Last month i got my hands on som Tuna Helpers. I sure enjoyed that. Too bad they don't sell it over here :D

Some facts about me maybe; Maria is my given name. I'm 25 and love crafts and webpagecreating. I work as an assistant at AstraZeneca and enjoy that very much. I've started to get more and more involved in a website and that's were I want my career to head.
I do have my own weightloss site at www.mio.dot.nu, but since it's in Swedish you won't understand anything..

See you all around on the forum!


09-11-2001, 10:46 AM
Hi Maria! Come join our daily threads. Iam going to check out your site even though its in Swedish - and you shoudl try Canadian food, its much better ;)


09-11-2001, 10:58 AM
hi maria! another european - cool! (i'm scottish, but live in london).
welcome to the boards,

09-25-2001, 04:12 PM

I am relatively new to this site as well. I was using it for awhile and then stopped. :( I kind of fell off the wagon I guess. Anyways, I am back and looking to share motivational stories, receipes, exercise tips...whatever.

Today for lunch I had an amazing French onion soup and some peaches. Tasted great.....and low points :)

Well, I better get back to work but I look forward to hearing from anyone on this forum.