Support Groups - Moderation & Motivation!!!! Loozing Floozies #89

09-04-2006, 02:01 PM
Just like the title of this thread says, we're committed to motivating each other through our times of moderation!!! (Some of us need more motivating than others--me! me!)

This is a great group of ladies, and if you're looking for a group to join, we could be it!!!

Stop by and visit for awhile--we always welcome newbies and visitors! :hug:

09-04-2006, 02:03 PM
How's that for a short and sweet opener? Y'all were posting so fast on the old thread I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get a new one started!!!!!

Shelley, dear, thank you so much for keeping our exercise thread going! I've go to mosey on over there before I leave here today!

Gayle, the butt kicking definately helped! Getting my pa-tootie back in line this week, for sure. Luckily, I didn't gain any weight because of my week-long binge--maybe because I did really well over the week-end?


Ya know, since there seem to be so many of us on line right now, I wish we could chat!

09-04-2006, 03:00 PM

What should be call Tuesday? I like the idea of naming every day of the week!

Allison, great choices in wine. I'm not a big RS fan either. Have you tried Menage a trois red? It is a blend of cab, zin and merlot. Really nice for under $15.00. Also have you heard of Trove? It comes in a 3 liter box, equal to 4 bottles of wine. It is a premium box wine. The cab is really nice for the price and it will last forever because of the seal. You should be able to find a box of it for under $25.00, making each bottle only $5.00-$6.00.
I'm trying to cut back on my wine intake too...knida hard when we are always sampling new product for the store! LOL!

Shelley, your doing AWESOME! Keep it up!

Where is our moderation monday gal? Suzy, you wanna come out and play?

Monica, I love stained glass too! So far I have made a window section for our front door and then just a few sun catchers. I'm not sure how I would do under taking a large project. The most fun is when I get to pull out the soldering gun! I also want to learn glass bead making! If I could only mold my artistic challenges to one subjuct and then focus on that instead of 20 different things at once!
Got baby yet? Smiles!

Cheryl, I think it would be fun to set up a chat for one of these evenings! I'm game whenever it works with everyone else!

Janice, are you finding relief yet with the shot?

Dee, how is Dez? Did you get the room finished?

09-04-2006, 03:42 PM

How's everyone doing? I'm staying motivated and have been doing a good job at eating in moderation (so far) today. We bought a "new" antique dining room set last week and picked it up today, so I'm busy shuffling furniture around the house today.

Here's my idea for tomorrow..."Turn it up Tuesday". Take whatever you have been doing and turn it up a notch. Cut a few more calories, drink one less soda, drink one more glass of water, go a little longer on the treadmill, do a few extra sit-ups...whatever, just turn it up!

09-04-2006, 04:31 PM
GREAT IDEA SUZY Q!!! I think you should offically be in charge of naming our days of the week! Could we have wine Wednesday please?????? LOL!
The dining set sounds lovely! I'm happy for you. It is always so nice to add a new addition to the home.
For turn it up Tuesday, I plan to turn my eating plan up a notch and make sure that anything going in my mouth will be healthy.

Did you all hear about Steve Irwin? The croc hunter on animal planet? How sad, killed by a freak accident. Prayers go out to his wife, kids and family.

09-04-2006, 04:49 PM
Hey Cheryl, did you get my snake pic??

09-04-2006, 05:26 PM
I love the idea of naming the days! So far, I am following Moderation Monday! Not sure about Turn it up tuesday, as I am back to work, but will try to drink one more water and one less soda while there. Won't be able to turn up the exercise there tomorrow, will probably be swamped with kids wanting to change their schedules.

09-04-2006, 06:45 PM
My turn it up Tuesday will be to drink more water! Naming the days of the week is a great idea!

09-04-2006, 09:19 PM
"Turn it up Tuesday" it is then! :) I made it through the day with lots of moderation and now I'm really motivated! I did pretty well staying away from sugar today...I only had one gingersnap after lunch and then another one after dinner, so tomorrow for "Turn it up Tuesday" my goal is to go sugar free for the day. I'll put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with for Wednesday. ;)

That's so sad about Steve Irwin! He had so much life ahead of him. My prayers are with his family.

09-05-2006, 06:35 AM
On to day 5 of Core for me! Good for you, Suzy!

09-05-2006, 08:27 AM

Well I am already drinking 6 bottles of water, so another one and I'll never leave the bathroom !!!! Must be I'll do a whole Richard Simmons tape today, after my walk, which is where I am going now since my walking group is here.

Off for now, will try to get back later.


09-05-2006, 09:43 AM
TURN IT UP TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will kick it up a notch by eating only healthy food choices today! Wishing everyone much success!!!

Great job Shelley staying on plan!~

Suzy, have a great sugar free day!

Monica, come out of the bathroom long enough to post to us, K?

Debi, have fun back at work!

09-05-2006, 09:45 AM
See, don't I sound excited? :devil:

I'm turning it up by going back to the gym today! :)

Y'all are such a great group of gals--I don't know what I'd do without y'all! :hug:

09-05-2006, 10:24 AM
YAY FOR CHERYL!!! Getting her bootie back to the gym! Do you still have the hottie trainer working there? You is ok to look......just don't try copping a will get you into trouble every time. LOL!!!!

Dont'cha all just love my humor?

09-05-2006, 12:17 PM
So far so good for Tuesday. I had a healthy breakfast and have a great salad on hand for lunch.

I have not heard of those two wines, I'll look for them AFTER I've lost my 4 pounds for the month!!!

09-05-2006, 02:22 PM
Happy "turn it up Tuesday" Floozies! So far so good for's 1:15 and no sugar!

Cheryl ~ Way to turn it up girl! Good for you! :cp:

Allison ~ Sounds like you are off to a great Tuesday too!

Monica ~ Walking plus a workout tape...WOW! That's great!

Shelley ~ Day 5 for you! Almost a week...keep going!

Gayle ~ What's on the menu for today? I need some new lunch ideas...I'm getting tired of cottage cheese and fruit. :dizzy:

09-05-2006, 05:24 PM
Turn it up Tuesday is a great idea. I missed out on monday because I was parading around at the beach.

For turn it up tuesday I am going to start journaling again. I let it slide. I will journal every day this week.

09-05-2006, 10:16 PM
How did everyone do on turn it up Tuesday? I made it through the whole day with NO SUGAR, but I have to admit that a hot gooey chocolate chip cookie or twelve would taste really good right now! :lol:

Are you all ready for "No Whining Workout and Don't Forget To Drink Your Water Wednesday"? The object for tomorrow is to workout! Try something different in addition to your regular workout...add some crunches, try some weights, dance around the house, just do 10 extra minutes of whatever. If you don't normally do a regular workout then just do 10 minutes of some kind of exercise! AND whining and don't forget to drink your water! :)

09-06-2006, 12:12 AM
I'm ready for whine free Wednesday....sure glad it isn't wine free Wednesday!

Turn it up Tuesday went well. I chose only healthy foods to feed this body.

Wednesday will be a challenge. After working on order day, I am wore out from all the lifting etc. to the point I come home, cook and basically veg. I will try to add an extra 30 minutes of some type of exercise in. Water will not be a problem, I actually like it!

Suzy, GREAT JOB GOING SUGAR FREE!! You asked about lunch. My lunch today was peppered turkey wrapped in a FF tortilla with FF ranch dressing and lettuce. YUMMM-OOO!

Dee, how did the journaling go?

Have you all been watching the shows about Steve Irwin? He was a great husband & father besides everything he has done to inform people about conservation and educate about animals. I really feel for his wife and kids, he was so young to go so quickly and tragically.

09-06-2006, 07:00 AM
I am reading for no whine Wednesday! Suzy, great idea about a bit more of a workout today. I will try to do some arm weights and situps as my 10 minutes of extra whatevers. I am on to day 6 of Core and doing great. I don't think I'm eating enough, but my stomach has really been hurting.

Gayle-Maybe a few situps could be added to your day. Whatcha think?

Dee-Did you journal, or were you parading in your bathing suit too much yesterday also??

Have a great day, everyone!

09-06-2006, 07:45 AM
Will try to fit in some exercise today. Today is the first day of classes, so again busy day for me. It calms down some next week, when everyone knows what classes they are in and what is going on. Then I will have some time to myself, but for right now, every second is taken at work. When I get home, we are busy working on the bathroom redo!

09-06-2006, 12:49 PM
Looks to me like everyone is motivated. Way to go! I will continue my journaling. I really need to get real.

Today I will jog on the beach, normal I just walk on it back and forth and back and forth. You get the idea.

Larry took today off for a stress day. I don't think that he is going to cash in on his doctors letter of approval for two weeks off so I guess one day here and there is better than none. I asked him last night since summer is over and it is still going to be beach weather for the next few days if he would take the day off and we could beach it. I think that it is good for him.

I forget who asked about Dez but she seems to be doing ok. You never know until she crashes. Right now I am not to sure about her work hours. They have her working nights and days in the same week with over time. I don't think that she will be able to do that for to long. I don't know why she does that to herself.

Well better go get packed for the beach.

09-06-2006, 03:11 PM
Happy No Whining Workout and Don't Forget To Drink Your Water Wednesday!

Hey, we are half way through the week to getting back OP! I don't know about you all, but I think it's a lot easier taking it one day at a time instead of looking at the whole week or weeks ahead.

I'm babysitting today, so haven't been on the treadmill yet, but I will later tonight and I plan on doing an extra 10 minutes of toning exercises. I am also drinking my water and I'm not whining! ;)

Dee ~ Enjoy your day at the beach! I have a feeling that it won't be long and beach weather will be over. :(

Debbi ~ Good luck with your first day of classes today! I hope all goes well!

Shelley ~ I'm sorry that you're having such a problem with your stomach. I hope you're feeling a lot better very soon!

Gayle ~ Your lunch sounds like it was yummy! I'll have to look for some ff tortillias next time I'm at the grocery store.

My baby boy turns 21 today! It's hard to believe that 21 years can go by so quickly. seems like I was just 21 last year! :lol:

09-06-2006, 10:13 PM
Suzy, I get the Mama Lupes 98% fat free tortillas/ 128 calories/1 gram fat. Not quite fat free but close enough for me. I also purchased the Prima Della brand peppered turkey in the walmart deli section. Word of advice, if you ask for it, make sure they pull out the correct brand and it is turkey instead of ham. I have tried other brands and this one is tops with Steve & I. It is marbleized with pepper throughout instead of pepper just coating the outside. I think it is 50-60 calories for 3 ounces.

NO WHINING TODAY! I had an easy day at work, I walked for 30 minutes and tonight I am goofing on the puter. Tomorrow I have the day off and plan on cleaning out my turtle tank. I also had water, water, water, water.......
I think of you Suzy every time I need to take a P break! LOL! Your idea to increase the water, you know. LOL!

Dee, I have never been to a beach. Imagine that! I will trade you a beach for a wheat field or two. Wanna trade? I'm happy to hear Larry is taking some time away from work and dez is feeling better.

Debi, how did work go today? When will you be finished with your bathroom? Redecorating/remodeling is such hard work and time consuming.

Shelley, I may take your advice and get in a few sit-ups tonight. Are you still OP? Tummy better?

09-06-2006, 10:14 PM
Hi All,

Sorry I missed you all yesterday, but things were a bit crazy. I did stay OP, but I didn't finish the WO tape. I tried, hope that counts. My doctor laughed at me, told me to look at my drivers license incase I forgot I was 60. My granddaughter called and asked me to go riding with her since her mom is still awaiting the birth of the baby. So off we went for a horse ride. Well the ride went well, it was the dismount that got me. I got my foot caught and fell. Boy...what a sight that was. Well I am now in a ankle brace and on crutches. A real CLUTZ. My daughters are all still laughing. I have had a horse since I was 16 and never have done anything so stupid. I hope it's off in 10 days.

I am NOT Whinning on Wednesday, just had to let you all know. So my new plan is to not eat out all week and to be better about my journal.

Shelley glad you are doing better.

Dee hope the beach was fun.

Lynneye- Are the candles ready for the bathroom ?

Gayle -Thanks for the info on Stella.

Suzy- Thanks for all the daily ideas, they are great. What's Thursday????

Janice and Allison --- Where are you, are you ok ??

Later all, Monica

09-06-2006, 11:22 PM
It's been a tough day here for me today. I hate Travis being so far away and not being here with his family to celebrate his birthday. I guess knowing that he won't be here for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and who knows what other holiday makes it even worse. Anyway, I did ok eating and even managed to make it through the day sugar free, but only because there is no sugar in the house and I was stuck home with the kids all day. What I wouldn't give for a bowl of ice cream right now. Hmmm...I guess I'm whining. :sorry:

Ok, tomorrow's another day...get ready for Tone Up Thursday! :) What's your trouble spot? Take tomorrow and do a toning exercise specific for that trouble spot. I've noticed that my arms are really's that chicken wing thing! :lol: Tomorrow I'm going to break out the weights and work my triceps!

Monica ~ I'm so sorry to hear about your accident! I hope you're feeling better really soon!

Gayle ~ You have no idea how much it means to me to know that you think of me so often during the day! :rofl:

09-06-2006, 11:36 PM
Loads of hugs go out to you today Suzy, I meant to post earlier about Travis, but it slipped my mind. He is so young to already have experienced so much in life. Tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Auntie Gayle!
BTW: I'm writing this on my laptop as I take another P break. Hows that for a visual??? LOL! :p

Monica, I hope the ankle is better soon. Glad it wasn't any more serious then it was. You don't have time to nurse an injury with new grandbaby on the way! :hug: HUGS!

Okay...miss smarty pants....TONE UP THURSDAY, you say? Work on trouble spots you say? Lets just say if that is the case, I will be working ALL day Thursday on ALL of my body! My entire body is a trouble spot! ;)

09-07-2006, 06:42 AM
Suzy-I meant to send you a Happy Birthday to Travis with lots of hugs yesterday. I hope today is better for you.

I didn't do anything in the way of exercise yesterday. Does it count that I wanted to? It was thundering and raining out. I just wasn't feeling up to the situps or weight training. My stomach is really doing me in right now.

My menu yesterday
L-Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle (not Core, but good for my tummy)
D-Romaine salad w/ff dressing, ground beef mixed with rice, peas, eggs and mushrooms.
S-2 pieces baked oatmeal, 2 ff/sf Fudgsicles.
Stomach hurts this morning, but not quite as much as when I ate the head of lettuce the day before. I know I'm not eating enough. I just don't know what I can eat and still feel okay.

Tone up Thursday-I'll try for the situps again!!

09-07-2006, 08:27 AM
Hi everyone!! I miss being able to sit and really chat about everyone! Hopefully in a couple of weeks, I will be back on schedule and able to do that.
Yesterday was very hectic with the students coming back. I was giving directions to various rooms all day! In fact, room 268 was very popular and difficult to find!
Not sure when the bathroom will be finished, but what is done, looks fantastic! The problem is, our handyman works full time at the college and comes here after work. He also has five kids so he is running to soccer, cross country, band, etc, driving the kids. So time is an issue. But the last few days he has been here doing things till 10 every night. The tile is going up and I really like it. Getting those candles and a bottle of wine ready!!!

Suzy, you know you and Travis are always in my prayers (as well as the rest of the clan!). Hope Travis had a very special birthday! He is one special young man! Also, great job keeping away from the ice cream yesterday!

Dee good to hear from you again! Glad Dez is doing well.

Shelley, hope you feel better soon.

Monica, hope you are feeling better soon too! Sorry to hear about your accident, but it does sound like something I would do!

Gayle, I have this mental picture of you and Suzy in the bathroom.....YIKES!

Hope everyone else is just busy and unable to get here to post! Have a great

09-07-2006, 10:17 AM
Happy Tone Up Thursday Floozies!

First off...thank you Gayle, Shelley and Debbi for your kind words! :hug: I'm feeling much better now and I got through it without ice cream! :)

Ok Gayle, don't be a party pooper (see how I worked that potty talk in there? ;) :lol: ). Just pick one trouble area to work on today for 10 minutes. :hug:

Shelley ~ I know you're working really hard to stay on the Core program, but maybe you need to treat your tummy with a little TLC for a couple days. The chicken soup really isn't bad. Even though it may not be Core it's still low in calories. Why not look for some low calorie foods that will be easier on the tummy and stay away from the lettuce and such for awhile?

Debbi ~ Your bathroom is going to be so nice once it's all finished! Hang in won't be much longer!

09-07-2006, 10:27 AM
Just lurking....

I love your day names!!! I'm gonna join you in Tone Up Thursday - I've been out for a run at lunch and I've got 2 kickboxing classes tonight - that enough toning? Although I suppose a weights session would be better for toning, but whotcha gonna do? Can't wait to hear Friday's name!!! ;)

09-07-2006, 11:01 AM
Welcome 2 frustrated! You are free to post anytime you would like.
Our very own Miss Suzy Q came up with the naming of the days...pretty neat if you ask me! I think we should continue, it seems to motivate the group a little more. Looking forward to her ideas for Friday, Saturday & Sunday!
Sounds like you will get in enough toning for the day with your classes tonight. Again, feel free to come here when ever you want motivation our a light chuckle.

Debi, post a pic of the bathroom when your finished please. Sounds HEAVENLY!

Shelley, I agree with Suzy. Your food choices sound OK other then maybe the salad is the culprit in tearing your tummy up. How about cooked veggies? If you continue to have problems, maybe you need to see the doc. It could be something more serious.

Off to clean turtles then tone....not sure what area of my body I will pick yet. Probably will just jump up and down a few times and see what jiggles the most.

09-07-2006, 11:15 AM
Gayle the jiggler jester that juggles her job while joking around.

2 Frustrated enjoy our crazy little group. We could always use one more nutty one.

Thanks Suzy for being so creative. This is inspiring.

My brain needs more toning; I think that I will go spend some time at the library after a bike ride that will reduce the flapping of my legs.

09-07-2006, 02:50 PM
Hey all! I'm still here. I had a rather frustrating day yesterday. Nothing to do with diets--just a lot of frustration. Then this morning, after having to fast for 14 hours, I went to the lab for blood tests and off to my yearly mammogram. What fun!

2frus--how long until the wedding?

I'm still on track for losing 4 pounds in September...can't seem to fit in any exercise, though. If I just didn't have this desk job......well, I guess I can't fire myself! LOL! I've now been 4 days sans wine. So far so good, but after that frustrating day yesterday, I did check out the liquor cabinet, but nothing looked good. Good thing I didn't have a bottle of cab in there!

09-07-2006, 05:56 PM
Sigh. My butt kicking didn't last long enough. I'm suffering PMS mixed w/depression and eating everything that doesn't eat me 1st.

Stewart has been driving me nuts. He told me I was pathetic (strong word, IMO) on Monday because I didn't have his supper on the table when he got home--it was ready by the time he got out of the shower!!--and I didn't mow the yard (which didn't look that bad to me) or wash ALL of the laundry--I did four loads, including bed clothes.

So, I was SOOOOO GOOD yesterday! I went to class and did about an hour's worth of work in the library. Then I went to Sam's and bought food for him to take for lunch and to have for breakfast and snacks. Then I went home, washed all of the towels and underwear that had been thrown in the bathroom floor. Then I cleaned up and burned all the paper that had been piled on the table--you know, the credit card offers, empty envelopes where bills had been paid, etc., and burned the garbage. Then I picked up all of the stuff in my puppy's "chew pile" outside. Finally I cooked supper--sloppy joes and fried mushrooms.

Ok, by this point I was satisfied with my day. I did everything I had set out to do and the house and yard looked decent (oh, I mowed, too--even though I couldn't tell where the lawn mower had run except by the tire imprints). Stewart gets home. Do you even want to GUESS what the 1st words out of his mouth were????
"I thought you'd cook spaghetti or hamburger helper so I'd have something to carry for lunch tomorrow. I'm getting tired of sandwiches." Then he asked me where the french fries (as in cut up potatoes, not Orieda's) were. I told him he had four bags of chips and he got mad and said that those were for his lunch and I should have known better.

I want Doritos and french onion dip. And a couple of banquet pot pies. And something else. Anything else that's edible. Maybe some brownies and ice cream.

Really I want to cry and throw in the towel. How do you live with someone who you can never please? I wish I could afford to move out on my own. I'm just so unhappy with my marriage right now.

I know (I hope) things will eventually get better--they always do--but then they just seem to slump again.

Anyway, I'm sorry I didn't post to everyone. I've been reading the thread every day and keeping up, just don't really feel "in there." if you know what I mean. I should've posted yesterday before my day "blew up," but I was at school and actually in a working mode and didn't want to play around too much.

Love you all,

P.S.--good thing this is no longer "No Whine Wednesday" :lol:

09-07-2006, 07:32 PM
I would go crazy if I had a DH like yours! I count my lucky stars because mine is not only non-criticizing, but he helps around the house. Y'all remember Bonanza on TV (okay, I'm aging myself here!), well they had a Chinese guy who worked for them, named Hop Sing. My DH refers to himself as Hop Sing because he's the guy who does the laundry at our house!

I do all the cooking, but I'll tell you, he's never complained about what I fix. Sure, I ask ahead of time what he'd like (from time to time), but most of the time I make the decisions. There have been a few meals that weren't the greatest, but still he didn't complain. Best of all, if I don't feel like cooking, he offers to take me out or order pizza. Gotta love it!

09-07-2006, 07:55 PM
Cheryl-Is Stewart still drinking? He makes me so made when he treats you the way he does. Ya'll are still practically newlyweds. This is way too early in your marriage for things like this to happen, let alone happen at all. Please feel free to vent here anytime and feel free to email me if you want to "talk". I love you, girl!! Keep your chin up.

09-07-2006, 10:06 PM
Cheryl ~ I'm sorry things are so difficult for you right now. I really don't have any advice for you, but do come here and vent as much as you need! :hug:

Gayle ~ "jump up and down a few times and see what jiggles the most"? You're too funny girl! :lol:

Allison ~ That's funny about calling your husband Hop Sing! :lol: Around here if something doesn't get done then we just joke that "Consuela" called in sick again. :lol:

Dee ~ How was the library and the bike ride?

2 Frustrated ~ There's always room for one more Floozie...welcome!

Are you all ready for Low Fat Friday? Tomorrow's goal is to pay attention to how much fat you are actually eating and try and to cut as much of it out of your diet tomorrow as you can. While you're at it, how about sharing a favorite low fat recipe with everyone?

09-08-2006, 12:34 AM
Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl sweetie, time for me to chime in. Do I need to come down there and kick some Stew butt? He is behaving like a child and I feel like you know it. You are too sweet of a person to put up with mental abuse and honesty, that is the game Stew is playing. He sounds just like my first hubby, nothing was ever good enough or everything was my fault. I want you to be happy sweetie, but maybe you should look into counseling or something because it seems like he continues to get worse. KNOW I am saying this because I WANT the BEST for YOU!

Ok, miss smarty pants, we are doing low fat Friday? YOUR ON! I will have the lowest, less fattest Friday of all and maybe even post a recipe...watcha think about that?

09-08-2006, 12:56 AM
Hey, miss, Gotta name the days of the week! Check out my avatar! Are you saying drink the water???

LOL! HA! HA!!! LOL!!!!

09-08-2006, 06:33 AM
Gayle-I love your avatar!

2Frustrated-Welcome aboard!

Suzy-I live low fat Friday, so I won't have a problem!!

Working daycare after work, so it will be a long day. Have a great day, everyone!

09-08-2006, 08:46 AM
Happy Low Fat Friday Floozies!

Gayle ~ I noticed the new picture first thing and laughed right out loud! :lol: What a way to start the day. I don't know what I would do without my daily giggle from Gayle!

Shelley ~ I hope your day goes well! Once upon a time, I taught Pre-K and then ran the after school care program after classes. It does make for a very long day!

09-08-2006, 09:01 AM
Low Fat Friday here I come! :D

Cheryl - sounds like you could do with some kickboxing lessons ;)

Allison - The wedding's November 4th!!! :eek: Gotta shift these pounds!

09-08-2006, 10:31 AM

I better go change my pic, it may be too offensive for some people. Glad it got a giggle though!

09-08-2006, 11:37 AM
Gayle ~ The only thing that chickie was missing was her was perfect! :rofl: You're right though, some people might not see the humor. :o

09-08-2006, 12:41 PM
Gayle I am glad that I checked in last night to see what you were up to or I would have missed you on the potty. hehe Good One.
We have plenty of wheat fields around here too but many many lakes. I think that Manitoba has 100,000 or 10,000. More than I have been it.

Cheryl you are being abused. You are worth more than that. You deserve better. Get into some counciling or check out of there. He is tearing you down. We are here for you anytime. We love you. {{{HUGS}}}

Suzy so what are you doing for low fat friday? It will be a tough one for me but I will try to make the best choice that I can. We are going out for lunch again this Friday. Larry missed one of his Friday afternoons so he is making up for it today. This will be the last one. So low fat friday it is.

Monica how are you doing? Are you healing up? Any Grandbady being born there yet?

Allison I hope that you have a better day today. We all get a few frusterating days thrown in there so that we can appreciate the good days.
My hubby is a Hop Sing too. I hate ironing and he is better at it than I so he can have the chore.

2 Frustrated our wedding anniversary is Nov 8th. We had a snow storm on our wedding day. What kind of weather can you expect?

Shelley you are doing really good on core. How many days have you been on it now? How is the tummy today?
Is the house to quiet for you now?

Debi will you get out of that tub and post. We need to see pictures too. Of course if it was Gayle she would post pictures of her on the potty and not in the tub. lol

Time to walk my Amigo and then go get ready for lunch.

09-08-2006, 03:56 PM
Hi All You Fat Free Friday Floozie's,

Cheryl - Just a few words to remind you that NO one has the right to belittle anyone. Sometimes I think hurting with words are worse than those with actions. You must not allow yourself to be put down. I always try to ignore those that have nothing good to say. Maybe if you continued to do what you can, and ignore him he might stop. He might be doing it just to see how fast he can get you upset. It's been many years since I was married, but my ex was a drug user (back in the early 70's) and I never could please him so my da told me to ignore him and I did. If I didn't argue with him he got tired and left me alone. I left him when he started to bring his drug buddies home. Good Luck and I will add you to my prayer list.

2 Frustrated welcome, and stop by and post lots....we love all that come in.

Shelley - WTG with staying on core. Please think about what the others said about giving your tummmy a rest from the salads.

Gayle - Darn it I was gone all day yesterday and didn't get to see what everyone is talkig about,,,,serves me right for not checking in.

Well has anyone tried Chicken and Broccoli. I make it at least once a week and it is easy to do. You can do some of it the night before and then only takes 20 min in the oven when you get home.

Here goes: 1 lb fresh broccoli cooked and drained
3/4 lb cooked chicken breast ( do these the night before in oven)
1 can fat free broccoli cheese soup (Campbell's makes one)
1/3 cup water
1/2 cup shredded Cheddar cheese

Using a 2 qt. shallow baking dish put cut broccoli in bottom add chicken cut into chunks. Mix soup and water and pour over chicken Sprinkle cheese and bake for 20 min at 450 or until hot.

Now I am hungry so I guess I'll go fix dinner. I am off my crutches around the house, but still need them when I go out. See the Doctor Tuesday, if my daughter ever has the baby.

Later all. Monica

09-08-2006, 04:07 PM

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