Support Groups - Seeking a Small, ACTIVE Group? ** ONGOING MONTHLY CHALLENGE **

09-03-2006, 10:04 AM
Many forum threads fall prey to the same pattern: an energetic, gung-ho start that dwindles in intensity over time. By the end, there are just a handful of people left; folks have long since stopped posting messages and updating their progress. And as always, due to lack of replies the thread gets knocked to the end of the line ... yet another victim of poor follow-through.

I'm starting an ongoing support group whose main goal (other than the obvious duo of weight loss and improved health thru diet and exercise) is to keep the lines of communication open and strong. I think smaller groups have a greater chance of success because there's more intimacy and bonding -- large groups bursting at the seams with members tend to be more impersonal and overwhelming, and some members feel left out. With a small and intimate group, I can hopefully avoid that! :D

I'm making my lil' group the ONGOING MONTHLY CHALLENGE. No challenge ending date, and hopefully no falling off the bandwagon or dwindling of the group due to lack of interest. It's a *continual* shared journey of self-transformation and growth, strengthened by the support of others experiencing similar challenges, trials, setbacks, and triumphs!

I'm going to try to keep the group as small as possible, hopefully no more than 10-15 members. We'll all check in on a regular basis with updates -- good and bad -- and support and motivate one another through the weeks and months. Since it's ongoing, my hope is that REAL friendships and camraderie develop. :grouphug:

If you're excited about the 3FC weight loss community and even more excited about joining a close, tight-knit, ongoing group within a group, please send a PM expressing your interest. Since it's an online community, geographic location is unimportant. I look forward to meeting you, and LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


09-05-2006, 12:08 AM

We are currently five members strong! :grouphug: Yippee! If you're at all interested in joining our little group, please feel free to send a PM. Best wishes to all at 3FC on their weight loss and health maintenance journeys!