South Beach Diet - Saturated Saturday/Sunday/Monday Weekend Chat!

09-02-2006, 08:38 AM
:rain: :rain: :rain: :rain: :rain:

Good Morning on this very rainy and windy morning! Our power was out overnight due to some downed trees, and I don't know how long we'll have it on today. I have to go out later for some groceries, so I hope this storm eases up by then.

The girls and I had a great time at the aquarium yesterday, it was really fascinating and educational, too. We could have picked a better time to go, though, because the place was packed! It was hard to keep track of the kids, they kept wanting to run up ahead, so I made them hold each other's hand to stay together. The rain held off until we were headed home, so the driving wasn't too bad, thank goodness.

So what's everyone doing today? If you're in this storm's path, stay dry and be careful!

09-02-2006, 08:55 AM
Good morning! Yes, please, please be careful and stay safe. Rain and wind are looking very scary over the East Coast. :yikes: Here we are expecting strong winds and lots of rain but nothing like they are getting in NC and other spots! :grouphug:

Cottage, my power isn't out but I have no water! :( When I went to get my bedtime drink, there was nothing but air coming out of the tap. I think the pump may have died. "Yes, Dad. I did check the fuses." Of course the timing is lousy with the long weekend. I am going to call my friend Charlie who is in the plumbing business and see if he can do anything. In the meantime, I will run a very long hose from the well in the meadow to the house for water! It's a good thing I have at least 300' of hose! I just may have to put up with lugging pails until Tuesday. :shrug: (I suspect Charlie and family are away for the weekend.)

BUT it's not going to ruin my weekend! :) I plan to cozy in and do some easy jobs like sewing and a bit of paperwork and have a book to re-read for my book club meeting next Thursday. I have a dental re-check that same day so could spend the weekend flossing too. :rofl:

What's happening on your stretch of The Beach? Are you soggy? Windswept? :cofdate:

09-02-2006, 09:18 AM
OY Vey! Ernesto left, but has left behind lots of flooding , downed trees and power outtages all over this area of NC... Our power was up and down all day yesterday, and the main street in the development is a swamp. Nothing planned for today... may just stay indoors to wait for stuff to dry out!

09-02-2006, 09:24 AM
Good Morning Chicks. It is NASTY here - the rain and wind are awful - I am sure not as bad as it is in some places, but bad enough. And to think I need to pay the rent, go get food, go get school supplies today - what was I thinking not doing them yesterday????? Oh wait - didn't have time :D

Anyway Penn State has their first home football game today - feel bad for them - I would not want to be playing in this - town will be nuts - it isn't all that big here so when it is football traffic just plain sucks!!!!!

Ruthxxx - I am so sorry about your water - hey good point - you can count each pail that you carry as excersie time - you might just become the queen this month - on a serious note - I hope that you get it fixed :(

Well my daughter needs to go check her webkinz (any of you parents out there - great toy for kids - teaches them so many things - I don't think I can post the website but it is kind of like sims but with pets for kids - my daughter has 29 - you have to feed them, play with them, bathe them and work for $$$ - really neat and the stuffed animals that you buy are just too cute)

Well I hope everyone stays dry today and warm too - cold out - hard to believe that it was almost 100 last week - not it isn't even 50 :dizzy: )

Take care and keep on beachin - RMT

09-02-2006, 10:21 AM
Wow, the weather isn't playing so nice with some of you!

Today marks my official first weekend on the Beach.... and we're going up to my family's cottage at the lake- a.k.a. the land of brownies & beer! :faint: Wish me luck, I'll need it!!!

09-02-2006, 10:59 AM
Geez girls. Be careful with all that crazy weather! That's nasty business with flooding and such. Not to brag, but it looks as though it'll be a nice day today. Sunny and a high of 78. I haven't decided if I want to be outside all day or not for work. It's just a lot of work setting up a sidewalk sale. I do get to dress down if I go outside though. It's such a tough decision...

Otherwise, let's hope that my day goes better than yesterday did. I had so many angry guests yesterday! I can't count the number of times I got yelled at, and my partner Mike, too. I got heart palpitations and had anxiety from it even. Not a good situation. Of course, a little relaxation last night got rid of all that so I feel good today. I try not to let it get to me, but after the first 3, I started to get a little stressed. I told my boss about it and he said "Well if you're crabby, the guests are going to be crabby too." I wasn't crabby until after the 3rd one, and that's when my patience ran out. I thought I did pretty well being patient with the first 3, but that's just me.

Well, I think I'm going to camp out on the couch for an hour before I have to get ready for work. Hope everybody has a great (and dry) day today! Be careful!


09-02-2006, 11:03 AM
cottage - Brian loves the aquarium. He can spend hours just observing. That's our favorite thing to visit when we go to see my sister. I'm glad you have your power back on. I can remember going for days without it in Florida after a hurricane but we don't have that problem here in Dallas.

Ruth - take it easy with the water hauling. I'm glad you've got the long hose. Hauling water is hard work.

schatzi - I'm glad you're okay but it doesn't sound like any of you chicks have had it easy. Thank goodness it wasn't worse. We don't need another Katrina this year.

RMT - We have some badly needed rain predicted here. It seems like in this drought we will have two good stretches of rain. The 4th of July holiday and Labor Day weekend. We need any rain we can get. Wow! You guys have really cooled down. It feels cool in the morning here but it was still in the upper 90's yesterday. However that's a lot cooler than last week so I'm enjoying it.

Emilie - I found that when I let my friends know that I was eating differently in order to be more healthy and I brought tasty on plan food to share, that they were very supportive. And very encouraging as the weight and inches came off. Be strong and bring food you can eat!

Me - Powerflex is cancelled due to the holiday but Kwando is still on and I think JB is going to make the class longer so I'll be up at the gym soon. I need to get out there and do some gardening too if the rain hold off. There is more okra to pick. Hmm. I've got quite a bit up in the freezer. Maybe I should make gumbo this week.

09-02-2006, 12:15 PM
Hey girls, it's good to see some of you floating, blowing or swimming by. Glad Ernesto is about done. Sorry to those of you suffering the after effects.

Cottage the aquarium sounded fun, but sheesh, trying to keep track of kids....exhausting.

Ruth, sorry about the no water thing. It's amazing how often you turn to the faucet. Be careful with hauling the water, don't want to strain something. Don't you have some handyman that could help? We all always enjoy reading about them.:D

Schatzi, hopefully you'll be able to do lots of stuff indoors today. Hoping there isn't too much damage for you!

RMT, the drastic weather change is tough, 50 isn't usually cold....unless you've just left 100!

EmiliB, take the land of fruits and veggies with you, sip v8 and maybe you won't hit the land mines of brownies and beer.

Weezle, breathe deeply, go to the happy place...........imagine all those customers a big split in the back of their pants, their fly unzipped or broccoli in their teeth..........SERVES THEM RIGHT!:devil: :D

Barb, you are an exercising animal! Also a dedicated scouter! you are amazing!

Well, I'm off to help with the bathroom remodel, it's about time, we've been minus a bathroom for about a month. Ya'll take care this weekend and wear your seatbelts!

09-02-2006, 02:50 PM
I see everyone is up and at em this morning. Most of you seem to be swimming though! Hope everything moves through quickly. It is lovely here, low to mid 80's and partly sunny. They even decided to open the pool up for the last weekend. It was stupid to close it for a month, but then I am not on the condo board and don't make the decisions. Next empty spot though either Jack or I am claiming it. I am tired of having problems here that no one seems to want to fix.

I don't have time for personals today. We are trying to get everything done we can that I wouldn't be able to do by myself once Jack has surgery. He needs to take stuff up to the attic, shampoo carpets, stuff like that. I can do the carpets, but he gets prissy about it so I quit and let him do it. Like I care if I lose one cleaning job to do! :D I want the condo to be in good shape because I am liable to have a houseful of company.

We had to postpone his surgical consult for a week because he can't see the surgeon without a referral and can't get a referral until at least Tuesday. Only problem is this guy operates all week and only has office hours ON Tuesday so we made it for the 12th. Jack physically feels fine and is having no problems so all we can do is just pay attention if he starts to feel bad or anything. He knows the warning signs and he is not one to let something go. So, with that being the case, it might be the end of Sept before he has surgery. I am much better than I was. Just takes time to swallow everything and it was a shock. We really did think the most they would have to do is put in another stent.

Onward and upward girls! Have to get the work done, then it is in the recliner with a book for me!


09-02-2006, 02:50 PM
The rain looks like it's about over, right now it's just drizzling. Of course, Jake and I couldn't wait, we just had to brave the storm at it's worst, running errands and getting groceries. But we had the store to ourselves, which was great! We made it back home safe, but soggy.
I've been craving pizza like mad, so I picked up a frozen SBD cheese pizza for myself for lunch, and it wasn't bad at all. I didn't want to read the ingredients, I knew there'd be a lot of " FRANKENFOOD" :fr: garbage in it, but I could have done a lot worse, and it DID satisfy the cravings. I had a cup of Carrot Ginger Soup with it, Mmmm, so good! (I get the soup at Trader Joe's). So we're just staying home for the rest of the day. I just finished making a Cauliflower salad for our BBQ tomorrow, and later I'm going to make a Chocolate Mousse pie, using SF FF chocolate fudge pudding mix, FF Cool Whip and LF cream cheese. I make my own version of a graham cracker crust, using Fiber One cereal that I put in the processor with a little splenda and Smart Balance margarine. If I make the pie I won't be tempted to eat the cake and ice cream. We're celebrating 3 birthdays tomorrow, so there will be plenty of temptations for me to try to avoid. I'm really motivated right now, so I know I'll be good. :smug:
Jake must have fallen asleep, I can hear him snoring all the way up here! I'm going to snuggle up with a book, and maybe join him in a nap. :goodvibes

Ruth, I hope you can get someone out to fix your water problem today! I hate to think of you hauling water, especially in the rain. :hug:

09-02-2006, 03:38 PM
Yippee! I have water! Charlie dropped in for coffee on his way through the Village from the campground - trying to escape his nagging wife and whining triplets, he said, but I know it was in response to my voicemail. (I managed to call Mike and cancel him before he got here - I guess I owe him a beer or two.) Charlie had the pump fixed and running in a half hour and I won't have to haul water this weekend. I am insisting he bill me but he says "If I remember!" C. is on the Fair Board with me but it still was a business call on a holiday weekend even though it is about to rain.

I can manage fine without electricity but water is another matter!

So...maybe a nap now and then some reading and plan something good for dinner. :) :carrot:

09-02-2006, 04:13 PM
Good afternoon everyone. I hope that your day is going well. Despite the rain it has been a wonderful saturday. My daughter and I had so much fun buying the school supplies.

Ruthxxx so glad you have water - sometimes we forget how lucky we are with modern technology.

Quick question - cottage cheese 1% is ok on phase 1????? I had some for my snack just a few minutes ago w/ some cinnamon and splends - it was very yummy and took my craving for sweets away.

Well hope all is well and you all have a great day - RMT :carrot:

09-02-2006, 04:58 PM
RMT, it's fine. Please check out the Phase I revised Food List.

09-02-2006, 05:58 PM

HI Everyone, I am on day 13 of south beach phase 1 . i have lost 3 pounds this entire time. I am walking every morning for 30 minutes. Staying on the right foods from the allowed list. WHAT is going on?????????????? I am soooooooo discouraged I could just cry. Why dont these dang diets work for me?

09-02-2006, 06:27 PM
Keen, how much do you want to lose? Loss is much slower if you weigh less than 200. Please post a day's menu WITH quantities and we'll take a look at it.
Um....have there been any other pistachio "incidents"? Also, is TOM on the way? You could be holding water. You might also consider completely eliminating SF treats like fudgsicles. Eating clean is very important.

09-02-2006, 07:03 PM
Hello guys!! I started the sbd yesterday but i am not sure if i should count these two days- yesterday i had WAY too many beans and today i have had like 3 servings of mixed nuts :( I think i am going to eliminate all nuts from my diet and change the beans to a half of a cup a day. That will be tough for me but i have to!

09-02-2006, 07:27 PM
Afternoon ladies!

I have been meaning to check in all day, but am just now getting around to it. Nothing to eventful here- a trip to Walmart this morning, laundry, the usual. My mom stopped by for a bit this afternoon, we went to Old Navy- not to shop today, just to try stuff on. I think I may actually be darn close to a size 10. :) 12s were a bit big, although I think I need to lose a few more to be a comfortable 10. No money to buy anything right now, so it doesn't matter too much.

Cottage I am actually having a SBD pizza for dinner as well. Saturday has kind of become our pizza night- the girls love it and we have a salad along with it. They really aren't too bad. (I know, Ruth, you are shaking your head. :))

Barb Where is this rain they are predicting?? Bring it on!!!!!!!

Was pleased to see 155 on the scale this morning, so hopefully I didn't do too much damage with my August eating. I feel like I am back on track, which always feels good!

Tomorrow night the girls and I are having a sleepover at my mom's. Pending the weather we are going to take them swimming, watch movies, jsut be silly. I am making a Whole Wheat Veggie Lasagna to take over. I think it will be fun!

Okay, need to start chopping some veggies for our salad. Later!

09-02-2006, 07:32 PM
Hello again Chicks -

Thanks RuthXXX - I was looking in the wrong place - I lent my "blue" SB diet book to my one friend at work - and I was just a little worried.

Welcome to all the newbies - wish you all the luck - eveyone here is so helpful and always has the best advice - so hang in and you will do just fine.

I got discouraged for a few days becuase I wasn't seeing the weight coming off - then I thought I can't see all of the benefits becuase most of them are happening w/in my body - I fell SO much better since starting - I have lost a total of 7lbs and today is day 14 - but I FEEL GREAT and that is what really matters the rest will happen in time.

So the moral of the story is - you all will do just fine - just keep coming back to this site and keep a positive mind and you will do just fine.

Also, if you are like me and started excersing that could be some of the reason you haven't lost too many lb's remember muscle weighs more than fat !!!!

Well I hope you all are doing good and have a great saturday evening - off to get a movie for the family to watch :carrot:

09-02-2006, 09:50 PM
Kiko - I've been watching the radar off and on today and the rain seems to be staying northwest of us. I did get out and mow the grass (and dirt - yuck!) and then I pulled a bunch of weeds since I was already so dirty and sweaty. Actually I did this after getting back from the gym so it felt really good when I finally got clean. We had turkey sausage and penne pasta for dinner out of the Quick & Easy cookbook. Recipe calls for mozzarella but Brian thinks that is too stringy so I used parmesan this time when I made it. I added mushrooms and a salad for me. Sounds like you are doing well to be down 2 pounds already. I ended up down three in Aug but that was after gaining 5 in July! The extra exercise should help but Sept is going to be a very busy month.

We didn't make it to volunteer at the animal shelter today. Brian spent the afternoon working with a router/drill press/lathe that he got for his birthday. And I spent it with yardwork. We'll have to at least stop by there tomorrow if we want to volunteer on Monday since the shelter is closed for Labor day and we have to sign up ahead of time to help out when they are closed (but that is when they really need it). I do still need to plan meals too. Better start on that.

09-03-2006, 08:37 AM
What a weekend! :rain: :rain: :rain: I don't think I've ever seen it rain as hard as it did last night - and I'm really old! It's still pelting down and the Girls are refusing to go out for their post-breakfast potty trip. They'll wait until they are desperate. A fine pair of Portuguese WATER Dogs they are!

My bath is running and I'm definitely going to Church this morning although going back to bed seems tempting. For the second night in a row I did not sleep well. What's with that, I wonder.

I really should go visit Harry but won't do that long drive in pouring rain. I should also visit a friend's studio tour. He does cast stone reproductions of pieces of historic buildings. I need to buy a piece for a wedding gift but think I'll wait until the sun shines again. I'll post a sample of his work if I can.

What's happening on your squishy part of the Beach? :cofdate:

The attached is copied from our Parliament Buildings and is part of the British Columbia sculptures in the rotunda of the Centre Block. Neat, eh?

09-03-2006, 09:09 AM
Morning everyone! It seems to still be raining all around us and we didn't get anything. We could use rain, not a huge flood of it, but a good soaker sure wouldn't hurt.

We never did get to the carpet yesterday so it will have to be done sometime today, but he is still off tomorrow so I guess if it waits until then, it is no great shakes. I may start my weekly cleaning today instead of tomorrow and get some of it done instead.

I need to sit down and make out menus for myself and Jack, but I can't keep my mind on anything. Just about the time I feel I have adjusted to this whole mess we are going to have to face, someone calls with a "How are you?" etc and then here I am dwelling on it again. It is really tough for us because Jack and I are so close. We pretty much do everything together, there is no boys night or girls night out, that sort of stuff. On top of that, I don't have friends here and no outlet for them since I don't work, etc. I had made plans to join a Red Hat chapter, but I have had to put that on hold because of this. The chapter leader has been so nice about it all. Jack doesn't socialize with the guys he works with either and we aren't particularly close to our dd and sil exactly. Besides, they have their own life and friends. We just have a grand time being together and having fun by ourselves. We have been so looking forward to our trip next year because we weren't telling anyone we were going so they wouldn't invite themselves. The first year we went was for our son's wedding and of course had no time to ourselves to scope out Vegas because we had all these group things that we did. Last year, we thought we would have a nice romantic vacation (yes girls, there is still romance after 33 years! :lol: ) except I happen to mention we were going on vacation to my sister (not where just that we were going) and she insisted I tell her where. They live in Southern Calf and decided to come over. I thought they were coming over staying the day, overnight and going home the next day. They stayed HALF of our vacation and my bil is one of those that we do what HE wants so we all followed him around like lap dogs for 4 days. I love her dearly, but I was so glad when they left. My older sister was here at our house in April and told me when we went next year to let her know ahead of time and she would fly out and meet us! UGH! There is no way I am dealing with her on a vacation. So, we had decided we weren't even telling our kids until the last minute where we were going so we could be alone. Jack and I look so forward to every little bit of planning to do for the thing because we have so much fun deciding on shows, siteseeing, flights etc. We have now decided to not to even start planning and just put it on hold until after the first of the year to see what happens with him. That makes us both sad, but we know it would be foolhardy to start all this then have to start canceling hotel and getting stuck with show tickets and stuff that had a no return policy.

On the sunny side, Jack told me this joke he was told at work. (it is clean, ladies I wouldn't tell a dirty one)

This lady had a pet duck and she loved the duck dearly. The duck died, but she refused to believe it. She carried the duck around a couple days talking to it, but when it didn't quack back, she went to the vets.

"Doctor, my pet duck is not feeling well can you do something for him?"

"Mrs. Smith, your duck is dead I can't do anything for it!"

"Oh no doctor, I can't believe it! I won't believe it until you
do some tests to prove to me he is dead."

The doctor sighed and said ok. He went into the back of the office and brought out a big black lab. The dog put his front paws on the table, sniffed the duck, looked at the woman and shook his head no then got down and walked into the back of the office. Next, he went and brought a cat out. The cat jumped up on the bed, sniffed the duck and looked at the woman and shook her head no, jumped down and walked back into the back of the office.

"Ok, doctor, I guess I am going to have to believe you, what do I owe you?"


"Three hundred dollars, why so much?"

"Well, Mrs Smith, it would have only been $20 but you wanted a lab report and a catscan."

:lol: :rofl:

Have a nice Lord's Day!


beach bum
09-03-2006, 09:22 AM
Good Sunday Morning Ladies:)

I'm finally back from our washed out Labor Day Weekend.

Well, this is my story for last week. My company came on Thursday & went home yesterday [Sat],and I was so sad to see them go.My DD was going to stay a little longer,but with the hurricane:rain: rements hitting N.Y. over the weekend she decided not to take the chance & left before it came. At least she stayed for 1/2 of the weekend.

The grandchildren grew a couple of inches since we saw them in March. My daughter & son were happy:) to see their father. They told me that they worried :fr: about what he really looked like after the cancer remission,but they were surprised he doesn't look at all like he ever had the disease.

Didn't go anywhere,just sat in the livingroom and :blah: talked:,while the grand kids played with their toys. Had a simple dinner ,and went to bed early as the trip up here took a toll on my daughter,as this was the first time driving from L.I.,N.Y. to the Cape Cod,Ma.

On Friday we went to different stores & espeically the Christmas:tree: Tree Shop,she was like a kid in a candy:candy: store,she practally bought out the whole store.

After shopping we went to the 99 :cofdate: Restaurant as that was the only one that crated for kids. I stayed closely to low carbing as much as I could. Lets see what happens at Mon:goodscale: W-I.

Saturday the crowds:grouphug: were coming down in droves. Stayed close to home,thats what happens when you live in a tourist town.We went back to the Chrstmas:tree:Tree shop and bought another barbie suv for the other grandchild.Going to mail it to her on Tues and she should get the toy by Thursday.

I have to go back and read all the post since last Wednesday.Just heard on the radio that the :rain:Rains are keeping the tourist away that they expected. Light traffic
on the roads last night & this morning on the bridges.

Have to get ready for church , will post later.

Hugs :) BB

little grasshopper
09-03-2006, 09:27 AM
Hi guys...been in Wilmington, NC - the area that Ernesto decided to hit land AGAIN with. They did just fine. With the way the flooding and winds effected other areas you expect the coastal areas to really be effected but they were fine. The flooding drained off fast! When I left Raleigh (a 2 hour drive to Wilmington) I40 (interstate) was closed in two places near the coast because of flooding and 17 roads in Wilmington were closed becuase of flooding. 1 hour into the trip all roads were open. They handle stuff so well and drain off so well. I think our flooding here lasted longer :)

Anyway, did the cake tasting thing. There are some RUDE people in the wedding industry. We walked out of one cake tasting. We'd been there 20 minutes and the lady had done nothing but put us at a table and give us the nastiest piece of cake (it tasted like crisco and was the size of the last knuckle on your pinky finger) Then she walked off AGAIN but left us with the order form to fill out. She didn't even talk to us or ask if we had questions! We just walked out and she made this big deal of going "Well EXCUSE ME....were you leaving?!" I just said "thank you for all your great customer service, we've decided to go elsewhere." In the end we decided to go to whole foods and just get several regular cakes. I'm much happier with that idea. Their's taste wonderful!!!

Excercise has hasn't. I'm going riding today though. I've still felt bad. I use to feel this way during all hurricanes growing up on the ocean. I guess the pressure still gets me this far inland. must move further inland! Feeling better now though...almost normal - just tired.

Well, better go. Lots to do today. Talk with you all soon! Meri

09-03-2006, 09:33 AM
Gma- I laughed out loud at that one, I wasn't expecting the punchline at all, hehe. Thanks for the morning giggles.

It's pouring here, not so windy yet though. I have a wicked cold (booo!) so I really don't want to leave to go food shopping but I have to! I have nothing but orange juice and soup (neither being Phase I friendly). So I want to stock up for the coming week. Yuck, I hate being sick though. Damn colds...

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and stays dry!

09-03-2006, 10:48 AM
Thanks Ruth,
Heres a Typical day for me
LOL! No more pistachio incidents.
2 scrambled eggs & 1 4oz cottage cheese. breakfast
tuna 1 pouch in water & 1 lg tomatoe & lettuce lunch
lettuce & tomatoe with chicken for dinner
snacks 2 blue bunny yogurts, 1 glass ff milk, 2 cheese sticks, crispy pepperonin slices, pistachios=30 sf fugicle, and celery. I need to lose about 50 lbs. I weigh210 and am 48 yrs young! I had my resting metabolic rate done back a few months ago and that was 1959 so i know i cant eat alot and lose .Thanks for your help

09-03-2006, 11:25 AM
Gooooooooood morning everyone! I can't believe I slept in until 9:00! I must have needed the rest. Terry is banging around in the garage and it didn't wake me all morning.

So how is everyone today? What are all your big plans? I have to go to David's Bridal and FINALLY pick up my bridesmaid dress. Then I need to figure out what I'm going to get for Molly for the shower. Sometime today we need to help my MIL close down the pool. This evening my parents are having a cookout, which will be fun! Always nice to see them and the doggies (HI HI HI HI HI KISS ME PET ME OH PLEEEAASSSEE HI HI HI.) Mom usually has pretty healthy stuff. I think she's making bruschetta with our home-grown tomatoes. We have tomatoes, green peppers, and jalapenos out the wazoo this year! No radishes though. Very strange.

Well, I think I'm going to go out to the garage and see what someone's up to. Hope everyone has a fantastic day!


09-03-2006, 11:27 AM
Keen, I see part of the problem! You need about 4½ cups of veggies per day and that's not just lettuce. Check out the stickies in the FAQ Section for the best veggies. What are the inggedients in the yoghurt and in the crispy pepperoni? You should also have some legumes. There seem to be a lot of things as snacks - or was that not in one day?

09-03-2006, 11:46 AM
Ruth and Keen - If it's Blue Bunny Lite 85 then it is a great yogurt for phase 2. My stores never sold a FF plain so I always used Dannon for phase 1. I definitely agree that you need to add more veggies. Variety as well as quantity. Check out some of the recipes here. I used to eat them plain before I discovered some of the wonderful recipes. They are also good roasted with a little olive oil (and I like to add Italian seasoning). Try snacking on some raw zucchini, cauliflower or red pepper strips. They are good and low calorie.

I should be planning that grocery list. It's almost time to leave for church. THis is my last Sunday before Sunday school starts and we'll have to get moving about an hour and a half earlier. I'm up a pound today but I'm not worried. It seems like I often go up a pound when I have an intense day of exercise.

09-03-2006, 12:26 PM
Happy Sunday! I just finished tidying up the house, don't know why, it would make more sense to clean after the BBQ, but I like to know my house is clean when people come. :smug: Senor Ernesto left us finally, after doing some minor flooding and lots of wind damage. Today the sun is playing hide & seek, but no rain is expected so we should have a nice day for sitting outside, and it's a little cooler, too. I wonder if anyone is going to be brave enough to get in the pool, the water is freezing! Jake wants to close it up next weekend, so this is the last call. I hate to see summer coming to an end, but Fall has always been my favorite season, just too bad it doesn't last a little longer.
Well, I'm going to go see what else needs doing before everyone starts showing up. Our BBQ gatherings usually last into the wee hours, but at least we'll have tomorrow to rest up.

09-03-2006, 01:00 PM
G'morning. I really have been up a few hours, didn't get up just now. :)
Tomorrow we have to get up earlier, since I told the kids we're doing a dry run for when school starts the following day.

My 11 yo ds is getting into cooking. yesterday and today he made crepes. I need to see if I can get him making something a little more friendly to my desired WOE, but I don't want to quell this.

I've been off any attempt/pretense of watching what I'm eating the last 10 days. Been in and out of the hospital, and feeling sorry for myself and eating far to much of those things I had eliminated or limited. Target date for getting bach on track is Tuesday, which is when school starts. I'll be off work the next 2 weeks. At home = less stress, but also = more availability to food and time to munch. In the past I've enjoyed vigorous exercise at times like this (off work for one reason or another) but thins time that's rather limited, so I am a little concerned about the effect that will have on me.

Our only goal for today is to go for a little walk in the arboretum. beautiful weather, sunny and mid-70s.

09-03-2006, 02:44 PM

Just checking in- home from church. I wound up teaching the 4th grade class as their teacher was sick today. They were a bit on the rowdy side for me, I think they were trying to take advantage of the fact that I was subbing.

Anyhow, making the lasgana right now and am going to head to my mom's once Megan wakes up from her nap. She is pooped after church on Sunday as she misses her morning nap. It is a bit drizzly here, so I may curl up on the couch for a bit before we take off.

Everyone enjoy the day!!

09-03-2006, 04:14 PM
Good Afternoon Chicks - hope you are all having a good afternoon. Slept in till about 8:30 this am (after getting my husband up at 4:30 and off to work at 5:30) felt good - my daughter and I laid around a bit - had breakfast - 2 eggs, zuchinni (sp) red pepper, tomatoe and some lf cheese - it was yummy and 2 slices of the sb approved cadian bacon was great!!!!

We went to a local park - my daughter took one of her friends - and I did my run/speed walk for about 25 minutes and then played on the equipment for a bit - then came home.

What a wonderful day!!!! We are going to go visit the neighbors for a bit then home for some family board games and then dinner (husband and daughter are getting order out pizza - me after reading yesterday how good they are - I got on of the sb pizza's that and a salad for me for dinner - I have been craving pizza for over 2 weeks now :dizzy:

Well I am off for a bit - hope you all enjoy this wonderful day :carrot:

09-03-2006, 05:06 PM
i will email you directly the ingredients.

09-04-2006, 09:21 AM
Good morning, Beach Babes. It's Muddy Paw Morning #3 but looks like it may clear. 'Tain't gonna ruin my weekend!

Please remember to enter your weightloss in the 3FC Forum-Wide contest. See Suzanne's "Click here" at the top of this page. The prizes look good and are randomly selected. If you don't enter, you can't win. The deadline is TODAY!

Today is Labour/Labor Day but I don't intend to do much labour. :lol: Ever since I got back from Indiana, I've not been doing as much - still in holiday mode. However, the week is looking busy with my book club starting up, a dental recheck, TheraPaws stuff and, of course, Harry's hernia operation on Wednesday. So far they've not confirmed that so....

Today I'll just putter away at house odds and ends because it sure is too wet to do anything outside. The good news is I don't need to wash my car - the rain took care of that! :cb:

What are you doing to celebrate "Labourless" Day? :cofdate:

09-04-2006, 09:45 AM
Good Morning everyone!!!!!


Not much going on here - my daughter is sleeping in today b/c it is her "last day" to sleep in as the 5th grade is calling her name for tomorrow. Hubby is at work - he works for an SCI here and as you know - they never shut down -can't imagine if all of the inmates were locked down and by themselves for 1 hour let along a whole day - no rest for the weary.

Anyway - think that I am going to take my daughter to the park again today - play a little basketball and hang out - havn't made breakfast yet - on Phase 2 and just a little scared - had a total Phase 1 yesterday but for the SB Pizza - a little scared - I have read and re read all of the Threads for Phase 2 but I am at a stand still with the weight loss and just plain scared.

Oh well - I feel GREAT!!!!!! Have been so happy and just feel like myself again - :hug:

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day and don't work too hard:dizzy:

As Ruthxxx said - at least I don't need to wash the car - the rain took care of that - that one made me laugh Ruthxxx - thanks

HAVE A GREAT DAY :carrot: (I just love that carrot)

09-04-2006, 09:59 AM
Ugh. Morning. I apparently don't want to get up today. Good thing Terry's home today. I shut my alarm off at 7:45 and he woke me up 10 minutes later.

I get to work insane hours today as construction starts. Hopefully I won't have to stay too late tonight. I'm absolutely wiped out! It's going to be a very long week.

Hope you girls enjoy your Laborless Day today. Rest up and such for me. I'll be working my behind off. Take care chickies!


09-04-2006, 10:09 AM
Good Monday Labor Day Morning! It is a beautiful morning here. 64 degrees, sun is shining and it is only supposed to get up to 80 so it will be really nice. We never got a drop of rain yesterday, but it was dark and cloudy all day. The house looked like night all day yesterday it was so dark in here.

Jack is snoozing in. He stayed up and watched all of the Nascar race then came upstairs and around 11 I found him in his office playing games. Poor thing told me yesterday he doesn't want to go to sleep because he can't control what he is thinking then. I have to say, I have never seen him this way before. He is always the one to say everything will be ok, we are going to be alright, don't sweat it, whatever. He is now really really quiet and I can see on his face he is thinking about it. I am trying to be the positive one here. It will not be easy, but easier when we go to the surgeon and hear what he has to say and can ask all the questions we want. Waiting is always the worst.

Ruth: Hope Harry's hernia surgery comes along ok and the young uns do well at their "school." Good news about your pump too! I agree, it is tough to be without electricity, but water is a nightmare. I always hate it when it is flush the hydrants day because we are without water all day.

RMT: It is kind of pathetic that grown men (I assume he works at a men's facility) can't be trusted to behave themselves even if they are incarcerated. But, I guess if they were trustworthy, they probably wouldn't be where they are. Hope your dd has fun on her last day of freedom for awhile. My grandson has been in school since August 7! In fact, their first fundraiser wraps up the 6th. I had to buy 10 items so he could be principal of the day again, which is what he wanted as his prize. I guess they don't do it by $$$ but by the # of items he sells. Unfortunately, there is nothing less than about $7 in the whole book! :lol: That's ok, his Nonny bought enough for him to have 45 items so he could be principal again. I am now going to be the proud owner of about a bazillion sheets of wrapping paper, bows, etc because that is mostly what I bought.

I have one of those old lady nights where I had to get up and go to the bathroom every two hours or so. I have one of those every few months and I always feel like I never slept. I need to get up and get going and moving around and wake up. Have lots I would like to accomplish today.

I hear my sweety squeaking around upstairs so I need to go so we can have breakfast. You all do something fun today!


09-04-2006, 11:01 AM
ok. Gained a tiny bit back (i'm not updating the tickers, because I know it is going to come right back off). I know that it was the weekend off *ahem* drinking. 2 beers friday, 3 Saturday, and gasp, one on Sunday. Yummy, but no more. I am back on plan full force, and ready to embrace September fully.
I like being on plan, and feel bloated and farty when I cheat (or like this weekend, have an entire affair with carbs).

That and it is starting to look like some old high school buddies will be meeting up over Christmas break. We missed our 10 year 1 year ago exactly, because Katrina made I10 road conditions impossible and impassable for many of us to go home. I know that I will never be my prom weight of 120 by then (or ever for that matter) but I can at least stay on plan and hopefully get closer to my goal by then. Heck, I'll even take 150 by then.

Happy Day off to all (my kids are celebrating by turning everything into a drum. yay)

09-04-2006, 11:16 AM
It's raining today. One of those slow rains that will hopefully soak the ground. We need it SO much. Brian and I offered to go back to the animal shelter at 10 this morning to help out. There are 6 abandoned kittens there that have to be bottle fed. They couldn't get any of the nursing moms to foster them and we've already had one die. I hope someone fed them last night. Two of them don't even have their eyes open yet. And the other four are probably only a couple of weeks older.

09-04-2006, 12:16 PM
WOW!!! Tooo mannnnny posts to catch up on! No time fer individual replies today... We're finally dried out and spend yesterday cleaning up the yard from downed trees...yep :yes: Trees... my muscles are sore from chopping the woood down for fire..and our back yard neighbor had to have a tree squad come and use our back yard to get down two lollily pines...OY! Today Landlord/ess are having a BBQ, so I'm heading out to the store to pick up items for my Mandarin Orange salad.. and Mexican Pinwheels... I can't wait until the Fall arrives here..I am so tired of this bloody hot weather! OK chickies..Happy Labor Day and see youse tomorrow!

09-04-2006, 12:27 PM
Ooh...fell off the wagon with a BANG! yesterday. :o Back on track today...thankfully didn't do an immense amount of damage. :crossed:

Weekend's otherwise been good...bathroom's taking shape. Got the mirror and light fixtures, shower curtains, etc. up yesterday. DH is putting in baseboards and toilet today. So excited to have it done! :hyper: Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

09-04-2006, 03:05 PM
I need to read "the book" today and get geared up for re-starting Phase 1 tomorrow. This'll be the first time that I'll be trying to watch my eating in any way while off work for more than a day. We'll see. School starts tomorrow. Have to do a seriously big grocery shop, so should read and do some meal planning before that. It's when I don't plan ahead that we eat the worst: meals based on masses of pasta or rice., or pizza.

Hope everyone's having a good labor day.

beach bum
09-04-2006, 03:07 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies:)

Hope you having a wonderful Labor Day.I did,but I went overboard on my carbs. Yikes I will never learn.

Its a new week and I'm going to start cutting back on the carbs again. W-I was this morn and I maintained,went too heavy on the bread carbs. The trigger was Edy's new ice cream that I had to try and finished the whole gallon over the weekend.No more ice cream while I'm on the low carb diets.

The sun is shinning & I managed to get my power walking along the beach done,this morning for 40 mins.Going to consentrate on my exercising this month as it was a disaster last month.

Have a greagt day

Hugs :) BB

09-04-2006, 08:52 PM
Well, I survived my first weekend on the diet. I did OK- not perfect, but OK. Good news is I didn't gain and I've been grocery shopping to stock up for week two of Phase 1.

09-04-2006, 10:29 PM
Slow night around here....

I just made those mini breakfast quiches in the SBD book for breakfast this week. And I had my first ricotta cheese dessert- I just mixed a packet of Splenda and a tsp. of baking cocoa into it and it was really quite good. I was pleasantly surprised :)