South Beach Diet - Wonderful Wednesday Chat - August 30

08-30-2006, 07:54 AM
I'm feeling perky this morning because Lucy aced her TheraPAws test. Right now she's bashing the door downstairs - she probably wants a special breakfast. Back later!

08-30-2006, 08:43 AM
Good morning girls! Hope your day is starting out well!

Ruth: As I am a newbie, is Lucy having some sort of physical problem? I have a little yorkie that I love to death, but sometimes he drives me nuts. He is VERY clingy and wants to be in my lap all the time. He gets mad at me when I sit at the computer here in the kitchen because he wants me in the living room in the recliner so he can get into my lap! :lol: We also have a fat cat who looks like the old Morris on the cat food commericals. He can be a terror to the dog as he outweighs him by about 12lbs!

Tomorrow is the day my husband Jack has to go in and have another heart catherization. He had a heart attack in 2003 and had a stent put in. A couple weeks ago he had a nuclear stress test and then last week at his yearly cardio appt the doctor says there is a place on the test where the dye didn't flow freely and so they want to go back in with an ultrasound thingy through a catherization to see what kind of damage if any there is. We have been on pins and needles about this wondering how bad it could be. He was just in the hospital 2 months ago and had a full blood workup, xrays and a catherization and they found nothing wrong. I just want it to be over with so if we have to face something we can just face it.

I need to get hopping. Today is clean the upstairs bathes and dust upstairs. Unfortunately the cleaning fairy seems to pass me by and I have to do it myself!

Have a great day everyone!


08-30-2006, 09:11 AM
gma, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll hear some good news from the doctor. :crossed:

It's been raining here since Sunday, and although we needed it badly, now we're having some flooding. Yesterday, getting home from Cindy's was a real picnic, several roads were under water and I had to drive way out of my way, but I made it home safe and sound. Today I'm taking the girls to Boomer's (indoor playland), where we're meeting some friends, and we'll probably have lunch there, too. The kids can play all day and us grownups can catch up on each other's lives. This will be the last week of summer vacation for Audrey, she starts kindergarten on Tuesday, and Maggie goes back to nursery school the following Monday. This summer has just flown by!

08-30-2006, 09:18 AM
Faye, so sorry your DH has to go through this stuff. Isn't it great that medical science has advanced so much though. If the cleaning fairy shows up at your place, send her over.

Lucy has absolutely NO physical problems: in fact, she is a 10/10/10 according to the vet, breeder and handler. Her test last night was to qualify as a therapy dog for TheraPaws I can't believe she did so well! She's such a goodball! :crazy: Yorkies can be clingy - I'd be clingy with a big cat terrorizing me. :lol:

Cottage, as usual, your day sound like fun. I do miss having little kids around. School starts here on Tuesday next and I won't have my extra grandbabies popping in to pet the dogs. :(

Well, Faye's cleaning fairy hasn't shown so I'd better crank up the vacuum and get with it. My garden helper has high school orientation this morning so I can't use having to supervise him as an excuse! :shrug: And then there are the tomatoes!! :(

Have a great Wednesday, Beach Babes! :cofdate:

08-30-2006, 09:24 AM
:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :cp: for Lucy! Congratulations, Ruth!

08-30-2006, 09:35 AM
Ruth: DUHHHHHHHHHH! Now I feel like a total dope! I cannot believe I thought TheraPaws was some kind of doggy Physical Therapy! :lol: Hope you can clean and laugh at the same time!


We are hoping that the heart thing is really nothing to worry about. He does have an artery that has some blockage and they are keeping an eye on it with medication so we are hoping that is what they were seeing.

Everyone have a good day! It is so great to be part of a big group. I used to have my own thread for 3 years that I finally gave up on a few months ago when I couldn's get people to post then I am part of a tiny group of 4 ladies who have become dear friends. It is just great to be part of a big group and hear all the things that go on with everyone!


beach bum
08-30-2006, 10:00 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

I 100 % this morning no headaches and finally I see the sun shinning. Oh good news my DS, DD & her family are coming up to see us tomorrow,so if I'm not posting you know where I am.So EXCITED to see & be with them again.

Ruth-That exciting news:woo: about Lucy,Don't forget to give youself some special food also.

Faye-I'm Crossing my:crossed fingers also for your DH Jack.Take care of yourself,don't stress:stress: out.

Cottage-I see the same thing with my grand children they grown up so fast.Ours are starting the first grade,kindergarden and nursey school. The summer:beach: & years are flying by,enjoy them while they are young.

Have to get moving the furniture around in the computer/guest room so our sofa bed will pull out for my son, my daughter & kids will be using the other sofa bed in the living room.

Hugs :) BB

08-30-2006, 10:26 AM
Hello Ladies.

Not having a good day today - not sure why - I am usually a very happy person and very upbeat but not today - hopefully the day will get better.

CONGRATS Ruthxxx - that is wonderful news.

Well I must get back to work.

Sorry to be such a downer today :(

08-30-2006, 10:35 AM
((((RMT)))) I hope your day improves immensely!

08-30-2006, 10:38 AM
Thanks RuthXXX - I am sure that it will - just don't feel "myself" and very down - not sure why -

I have been doing very good and haven't cheated - I am sure that it will all pay off - having pizza brought into work today for a webinar (seminar over the web) - I brought chicken w/ green & red peppers, mushrooms, onions w/ salsa and lf cheese - hopefully that will satisfy me :-)

08-30-2006, 10:53 AM
I'm just poppin in real quick right now.. I had a wangdoodle of a migraine yesterday..and today still not feeling with it.. hopefully this afternoon or tomorrow I'll be right as rain....

08-30-2006, 11:10 AM
Ruth - We all had faith in Lucy! It sounds like she will be great!

Faye - I'll keep your DH in my thoughts today. Hopefully everything will turn out fine. I saw on the reading thread where you were keeping the new Nora Roberts book for today at the hospital. Is it a new hardback? I've been trying to stick to library books for awhile but I LOVE Nora Roberts and do end up buying most of hers.

cottage - Have fun today! The summer did fly by. Brian has been back in school for over 2 weeks now. They do grow up so fast.

beachbum - Glad your headache is better. Enjoy the visit.

RMT - Sometimes with me I think it is hormonal. Hope you feel better soon :hug:

schatzi - Sounds like you could use a :hug: too!

Me - Last night was our first pack meeting of the school year. It went pretty well. If I can find time today I'll type up the progress update for the last of my Wood Badge ticket items and send it in to my troop guide. Hopefully he will agree that I have earned my Wood Badge beads! I need to get the pack website updated today with lots of information. The Powerpoint our cubmaster used was too hard to read on some slides so we need the details where everyone can get to them. And then I need to be up at the school at 2:15 for the rally to get the boys excited so they will have their parents come up for the Join Scouting Night tomorrow night. I love recruiting new boys! And somewhere in there I have a lot of work to do too but I started early today so I've gotten lots done already. I love being busy.

08-30-2006, 11:36 AM
You ladies are too hard to stay away from. Of course, could be I am stalling the upstairs chores this morning! :lol:

RMT: It is always crummy to have a feel rotten day. What my grandma called the punys. Not sick, just blah, ick! When I feel like that (menopause likes to kick me in the behind and make me feel this way time to time) I always think of the Jetson's episode where their robot maid is love sick, but they don't know it. She walks around bent over going "oh, ahh, oh ahh." I always chuckle thinking about it and makes me realize things are quit so bad. I also ALWAYS find something to do for someone else when I am in one of my moods. Cheers me right up. Hang in there, it won't last.

Barb: Ok, I goofed that one, big time. Will have to go back to the book thread and fix it. The book is by Sandra Brown not Nora Roberts! Boy my DUHHHHHH meter is going strong today!:lol:

Schatzi: Hope you get to feeling great in no time. My dd gets migraines so I know how debillitating they can be. She can get some doozys.

I HAVE to face the bathrooms upstairs so TTFN


08-30-2006, 11:40 AM
Tee Hee! Just finished cleaning my bathroom! Neener! Neener!

08-30-2006, 11:59 AM
Hellooooo ladies ;)

I only have a minute to post, but I wanted to give an update on how things are, since I am SOOOO happy about yesterday!

I had a great omelette for breakfast. Lunch tasted sinful, having taco beef with light sour cream, avocado, and light cheddar in lettuce wraps, served with a side salad of tomatoes, cucumber and avocado mixed with dill, salt and pepper. Dinner was my biggest victory though! I got invited out to Swiss Chalet, and I ordered the quarter chicken (skin removed), with steamed veggies, and a garden salad with blue cheese dressing. I had only half of the dressing. I totally ignored the warm bread roll on my plate, and I even avoided the carrot strips in the salad., since it's not P1 friendly. My friends wanted to share a dessert, so they did, and I just kept drinking my water, watching them enjoy every sugary bite. I totally didn't even feel deprived either, which is absolutely SHOCKING to me!! The only minor craving I had yesterday was for pie, and only because I was at Farm Boy, and I absolutely LOVE their apple pie. It's amazing how easy it's been making the right choices. How is it I don't feel deprived in the least?! Maybe because this is new to me... but I really am loving the program so far. I think the Dr. really knew what he was doing when he came up with this program.

Anyway... sorry I can't remark on everyone's posts, but I've got lots to get done today. I hope you all have a fantabulous day!!! :D

08-30-2006, 12:50 PM
Ruth: I just finished both the bathrooms AND all the dusting! naninani booboo!

Chal: Great job! Keep up the good work!

Gotta go. Need to get some fresh air and get the Tilex out of my nose!


08-30-2006, 01:08 PM
Congrats to Luce! :bravo: She's a winner, alright! Did she get a special Doggie breakfast in compensation? ;)

Busy day...trying to log my food and purchase new cordless phones. Ours has a dead flash button that we've been dealing with for two years now. Can never pick up call waiting! :rolleyes: Our floor guys were supposed to be here "after 10:30". I've been home from the gym since then and they aren't here yet. I have to take a shower but bet they'll show as soon as I jump in. <sigh>

Can't wait for the floors to go in, though! Kitchen and nice to finally have good floors, be able to use the tub and shower and toilet upstairs again...:cloud9: It's worth the wait!

Have a great day, chicks! :sunny:

08-30-2006, 01:24 PM
I'm so happy- I just discovered I can have 2TB/day of PEANUT BUTTER!!!!! :cloud9:

08-30-2006, 01:55 PM
Wonderful Chicks - thanks so much for all of the kind words today - made me feel so much better - just looked through the threads again - it is so nice to have such a support system!!!!

I am so tickled about everyones accomplishments - it really makes me want to try even harder.

the pizza that was brought in for our webinar - the smell was just so tempting - but whenver I opened up the lid to set it out - I didn't even want any :carrot:

anway just wanted to say thanks again to everyone - and hope that you all have a bright and sunny happy day :dancer: :thanks:

08-30-2006, 07:09 PM
I finished grades! Woo hoo!

Ok, so I have to do this again in 3 weeks. But for now I am done!