South Beach Diet - Make Way for Monday Chat - Aug. 28

08-28-2006, 07:13 AM
Monday is always a day for good starts or re-starts and I sure need a re-start today. I think my internal battery needs replacing! :D Food was not the problem over the weekend but a little too much wine crept into the menu.

:sunny: The sunrise is looking good - clear with just a few pinky tatters of cloud left over from yesterday's rain. We got an inch of rain and the ground should be well soaked. :carrot:

This morning I will finish the darn vacuuming. I kept getting distracted yesterday by books, dogs, a box of old photos, a glass of Fresca, etc. :nono: Lucy and I will do another training walk later. I am feeling more positive about tomorrow's test. It's being held at a library way back in the boonies so I may take a test drive there this afternoon to be sure I can find it tomorrow evening. Later on, Hersh and I do our TheraPaws visit at Maple View. 5:30 to 8:00 is an awkward time but it does give the residents something to look forward to after their supper. Hersh eats early and I eat late on visiting days. :shrug:

So what are you doing today? Come, sit and chat a bit! :cofdate:

08-28-2006, 07:20 AM
Good Morning Ruth.

I awoke to good news and bad. Good news? Down another .2 lbs. Bad news? The yummy lean pork I had braised for carnitas, and left to cool on the stove before going into the fridge overnight? Never made it into the fridge. Into the trash it went.

Back to the store to try again, after school.

Happily, I am still making progress on SB. That is truly what keeps me going, that every few days, just a little bit more seems to be gone, I just hope for good.

Good day today, everybody!

08-28-2006, 08:01 AM
Hi Everyone,
week 2 with phase 1. I need to be more strict:nono: My downfall is the snacking on the nuts. I just cant stay within the limit. and the sf fugicles,, maybe that is why i only lost 2 # last week.:carrot: Has anyone read the article in good housekeeping abput excercising on a empty stomach? Suppose to burn more calories. 20 min power walk with a few miutes of streching before and after. I am going to do that this week also. (assuming i get up earlier for work;) k Well have a good day everyone.

08-28-2006, 09:54 AM
Morning gals!

Ruth I could use a battery replacement myself. I did finethis weekend, but did eat too many triscuits yesterday. I think that slowed me down on the scale. I am hoping to have maintained this month and will move on in September. No chance of hitting my goal weight by my birthday, but at least I have made positive changes!!

Louren Congrats to you on your progress!! It feels great to be on track and doing the program, doesn't it??

It is actually raining here! It waited until I got both kids dropped off at daycare and to school.

Meals and snacks are planned for the day, so now I just have to stick with the plan. Have a great day all!!

little grasshopper
08-28-2006, 09:56 AM
howdy gals...good monday morning to you all!

Ruth - sounds like the training has gone really well! I'll keep my paws crossed for you guys. We are in serious need of some rain here. The lake isn't as low as it was last summer but trails are so dusty and the trees are trying to drop leaves already. What's amazing is that one side of town is getting plenty of rain and the other side is getting none. Maybe this week.....

Louren - every time DF cooks I have to get out of bed at night and put the stuff in the fridge. He'll clean up and put the kitchen back in order but he's just missing the chip that says to put the leftovers away (kind of like the one that says to put a new trash bag in the can after dumping the trash) :) My "thing" is slow roasting something and forgetting it's in the oven all night. ug.

Keen - I had to give up the pops and puddings too. I can't seem to eat just one. Better off not having one or saving it for the weekends.

Me - we had our first couple's mountain biking ride yesterday, to get us ready for Tsali next month. It was a TON of fun! We rode 10 miles of rolling hills and single track trail. roots, dips, trees and switch backs...even some log crossings (although I couldn't get over them for some reason yesterday). I did do several dips that I've never even tried before. They were SO MUCH FUN!! Makes you want to lift weights and train harder, just to be able to do more of them!! I'm actually thinking about racing next year. As either a beginner or a sport. I'm not sure where I'd be, but one race would tell me. That would give me constant motivation to exercise and get into better shape.

Anyone ever heard of the Muddy Buddy races? I'm also thinking about entering the one in Richmond. Basically you ride and trail run and then at the end you race through a big mud pitt. Lots of fun and families everywhere. I'm going to try to get a group together to do it. I haven't been this excited about exercising in ...well forever!!! Feels if I could just eat dress is getting closer and closer!

Have a great monday guys!!!!!

08-28-2006, 10:17 AM
Good morning everyone :)

Today is my first day trying SB (P1) and my first time posting on this daily thread. I really look forward to joining in this group, and succeeding with all of you.

Today is a great day! I have my grocery list ready to go, and will do my grocery shopping after I go for a walk with my friend. I'm looking forward to see how this day will end, with all the changes I'll be making.

I hope everyone has a fantabulous day, and remember to drink lots of water!!

Cya lighter! :D

08-28-2006, 10:28 AM
Good Morning Ladies.

Gald to hear everyone is doing well for a Monday am. It is raining here in Central Pa - been for 2 days now - but we do need it.

RuthXXX - good luck tomorrow - I am sure all will go well

Congrats to eveyone who is sticking with their plan and losing weight - keep it up - just come log on when feeling down - that is what I do. I see someone posts that they lost and are on track - it gives me a brighter outlook that I can too.

Weighed myself this am - down another 1lb - been power walking everyday for at least 25 min - not sure how far - but I sure am tired when done.

Well I am at work and must get back to it.


08-28-2006, 11:34 AM
Monday Monday doo dooo dobeee do good to me.......

morning chicadeeeees!
Ruth: Good luck with the Test!!! Today is my day to dwaddle.. just cant seem to get my act together today...

Louren.."weigh to go " you're making excellent progress!

Keen: as a fellow Nutaholic I had to completely eliminate them! I use to go through pounds of pistachios a week... seriously.... now I roast some chickpeas to help with any nut urges.

Kiko: steady as she goes! I'm sure you will come off yer plateau soon!

grasshopper! WOW girl! You are one mountain biker!

chal: Welcome to the daily chat thread!!!

RMT: You are doing supah dahlink!!!!!!

I really kept track of my calories this week, and ate clean foods... the scale gods have rewarded me with a 2 pound loss.. I just have lost my mojo fer exercising and Gilad is lonely now...

08-28-2006, 12:18 PM
Kiko is right. It is pouring rain right now! YEAH! With what we got yesterday this might help some of the huge cracks we have in our front yard. I've been very worried about our foundation even though we have been watering as often as we are allowed.

I am bummed about one thing though. I really wanted to make it to the gym and I just got scheduled for a meeting that will conflict. Oh, well, it is a serious work issue so I need to be there. I have a break in meeting this afternoon. Maybe I can walk around the building some (or outside if the weather clears and it isn't too hot).

08-28-2006, 01:44 PM
Helloo again Ladies - lunch hour thought I would see how everyone's day has been going.

Doing pretty good for a Monday - the rain stopped but still a little gloomy - hope it holds off till after I get my excerise in this pm :-)

Lunch today - I took RuthXXX idea (I think it was one of yours that I read - if not sorry for the mistake) and took egg plant yesterday - (I peeled it) and made hommade meat sauch (ground Turkey) (crushed tomatoes w/ basil - no sugar added and tons of xtra spices) and some LF Mozz cheese and layered them all in a pan and cooked for 1 hour at about 350 - it turned out GREAT - even better for lunch - forgot the salad but will have one for dinner.

Well hope everyone has a GREAT rest of the day - RMT :carrot:

beach bum
08-28-2006, 02:17 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Had a disappointing weekend. My children and grand kids didn't come up to see us,due to heavy rain:rain: with flooding they had in N.Y. She was afraid to drive with 4 small children in the back seat. TG they didn't come up as we had very heavy rains this morning andso the whole weekend would have been a wash out.

Hope you all had a great weekend than I did.

Switching my diet plan from one low carb to another. The one I'm on has more carbs to play with if I choose to eat them.But only catch is, you have to eat the meal with the carbs. in an hour sitting. Will return to SB when I can control my bread/grain or fruit carbs. With out gaining.

That what I''m up too,just wanted you to know.

Ruth-I glad it a new week,always have to refresh. When will I learn.

Louren-Big congrat:cheers: on your good new a loss, thats wonderful new.

Keen-I didn't read the article,but I heard tha long ago when you exercise :woops: before breakfast is more benefical than after. Don't know how true it is. Try it can see if it works.

Little Grasshopper-Mountain:bike2: biking Wow That a great exercise and can only ride the stationary:ebike: bike

ChalWelcome:welcome2: to this board and the SB. Its a very healthy diet and you'll like posting:comp: on the daily. We're a fun group.

RMT-Like your advice on being down. Big congrats:cheer: on your weigh loss

Schatzi- You're doing great. Send the weight loss gods to me as I'm stalling. Congrats :cheers: on your loss

Barb-Hope you find a chance to get your exercising in today :crossed: fingers crossed.

Hugs :) BB

08-28-2006, 02:49 PM
Just had a really yummy lunch! I put a cup or so of that ratatouille in a small casserole, broke two eggs on top, set it in a pan of hot water and baked at 350º for ½ an hour. Phase I acceptable too! A bit of Parmesan sprinkled on top would have made it even better. :)

08-28-2006, 08:25 PM
grasshopper - I have done the leftovers left out thing many times in the past. This hurt more (to me) because it was 2 lbs of braised pork that had just been cooked, and none eaten at all. Oh well.

I now have twice as much in the oven, and will freeze some of it for later.

My kids at school have their first football games this Thursday and Friday. Dh is so excited to go, as it is still many years until ds can play football (and now that I teach hs, we have an excuse to go), and dd doesn't start league hockey until she is 8.

Good evening to all!

08-28-2006, 08:42 PM
ughhhhhhhhhhh, i was so good today except for those pistachios.:mad: I must have snacked on 1 1/2 cups. :?: OMG what a oinker. and we are allowed 30!
Ok i must not even get them any more. Is there a limit to the ff yogurt on phase 1.?I tried it with the sf jello and it was awsome. Also, how many diet sf caf free pops a day are allowed. I need something to have unlimited use of !!