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08-25-2006, 08:55 PM
Hi, I'm new and this is my first post/question. I began LAWL 10 days ago. I lost 4.6 pounds in the first 6 days but today when I went back I hadn't lost anymore! I was really disappointed. I have done everything exactly as I was supposed to with one exception - I didn't drink ALL the water - maybe half. Drinking water is torture for me. Anyway, is this normal? I was expecting to lose another 2 pounds at least. So now, instead of celebrating my loss, I'm resorting to my old thinking, "poor me". Why is it I can eat anything I want for a year and only gain one pound but eating healthy doesn't seem to make that big a difference??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. BTW - I haven't been eating any frozen foods, just fresh veggies, a small sweet potato, and lean meats. Also, I haven't yet begun to add exercise to my daily routine. I did have a bad cold and drank Nyquil to sleep every night. Thanks for the help.

08-25-2006, 09:02 PM
No--but in a good way!! 4.6 pounds in 10 days is awesome--the body can only lose so much in such a short time. I know it's hard not to get frustrated when you are doing everything right but you have already lost a lot. My best advice--DO NOT get hung up on the 2 pounds per week. I know that's what they promise but for many people it's just not feasible. Remember--the less you weigh and the less you have to lose the slower (and smaller numbers) it will come off. Probably not what you wanted to hear--sorry.

08-25-2006, 09:22 PM
Welcome Reddeborah
You've done great so far. Unfortunately, yes, you really need to get all your water in. If you have a problem getting it down, then maybe add some lemon or add a little crystal lite to give it a little flavor. I have been struggling to get my water in the past week and the scale has stalled, the first day after I get all my water in, I am rewarded with a 2 lb. drop. You will find that after time, you will be craving the water. Also being sick messes with your body and that could be the reason you haven't lost any more. Don't give up, if nothing else, you are making your body healthier.

08-26-2006, 02:31 AM
Okay, this is gonna sound crazy but here goes (some of you know by now that crazy is about right for me!)
I don't like to drink water either! The first week, I thought I'd never get it all in! We have wonderful, clean, clear, cool water from a deep well and it truly is the best! BUT, a friend told me to try putting the water in a bottle, like a soda bottle. She said her whole family of 6 will drink water out of bottles but not out of glasses or cups. So, I tried it and sure enough - now I'm drinking MORE than I have to! My dh is amazed, knowing how much I struggled in the beginning! I use my Aquafina bottle and wash it and reuse it! 3 of them plus what I use for taking all my vitamins and pain relievers and I've got all 64oz in! WOO HOO!
Another thing I'll mention. I have one cup of coffee in the a.m. and then nothing but water until I get it all in! After that, I reward myself with a diet soda or decaf tea or flavored water if I want something else.
My dh actually had to lower his water intake. He does not do manual labor, but he was drinking over a gallon a day, sometimes over a gallon and a half! So they advised him to lower his water consumption because he was literally flushing out his body too much! Go figure!
Reddeborah - You're doing great! Don't get discouraged! We women sometimes fluctuate due to water retention, TOM, stress, anxiety, the clothes we wear to WI, the shoes we wear to WI, not going to the bathroom before WI, etc., etc. The important thing is that you are eating healthy and your body will show the results inside and outside! You may not have lost that 2 pounds, but you BP may have gone down, or your cholesterol or whatever! You are on the right road with a bunch of losers on the same road and we're all here for you! This really is the greatest bunch of Losers I've ever had the honor of getting to know!
I know for me I just keep reminding myself - I didn't gain this weight overnight and I won't lose it overnight, but I WILL lose it! And so will YOU!
Now go drink your water! :cheers:

08-26-2006, 07:59 AM
Well, not getting all your water in will have an effect on weight loss. All cough medicine has a *ton* of sugar in it. Look at the bottle, it's amazing. They do have sugar free cough syrup out now though, by Nyquil. My boyfriend uses it when he's sick. Often when you're sick your body won't want to lose weight as much as usual. Your body wants to hold on to all or as much of the nutritian as possible. And another repeat of what the girls said...2 lbs a week is absolutely not going to happen every week. Some foods, even though they are on plan, are higher in calories and carbs than others, and if you happen to have a week of those higher calorie choices, you're not going to see as big a loss as if you chose the ones with less. Not all foods are equal! And not all bodies are either. One week you might not see any loss at all, because your body is stubbornly holding onto it, and then a week later it lets go and you've suddenly got a 5 lb loss. No week is equal. No formula is perfect.

08-26-2006, 09:41 AM
Personally, I love water so it's not a problem. They say it enhances digestion and nutrient absorptioné so I would do my best to get it in. Pearl's tip is right on. I keep water bottles AND I have these 32 oz plastic cups from QT (local gas station) that I am constantly refilling and putting in the fridge. The plastic cups have a lid on them and I usually even keep the straw in there when I put it in the fridge. There is something about drinking from a straw that makes it even more appealing for me. As far as the scale - ferget about it! It will move; just be patient.....verrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy patient. This is a lifetime journey and over time you'll see how easy it gets....

08-26-2006, 11:41 AM
Oh my gosh - you are all awesome. I can't believe I have access to all these great friends and losers. I consider it a challenge now to get that darn water into my system. Thank you again and talk to you soon. Deb

08-26-2006, 11:48 AM
Deb- I don't know if it helps as far as water goes, but I buy and fill Dasani water bottles. They are a hefty 20 oz each and I can carry them around with me everywhere. Crystal Lite is a good way to at least make water taste like something. I use them every once in a while when I'm interested in something a little sweet tasting instead of just plain old water. But I like water, the colder the better. I did find that after a couple of weeks of habitually drinking water from a water bottle, it became second nature. Now I feel like I'm missing something if I don't have a water bottle on me or nearby.

08-26-2006, 01:44 PM
I just had to post once more here. My dh came in at 4am this morning with a "present" for me. He had stopped at Walgreens to get the 48 hour juice BOGO 2 for $15 and he saw these water bottles (literally) 1 ltr in an insulated holder, so he bought one for each of us. Now I can take my water with me and it will stay cold longer! I just thought it was so cute that he was "supporting" me with my water intake. I just luv that man!
By the way, he's down 18.4 lbs today at WI! WOO HOO!

08-26-2006, 04:30 PM
Deb - as far as water, what helps me is the flavored water. But you have to watch and read the labels. Make sure that it is naturally flavored. Dasani has flavored waters, no calories, sodium or anything else.
As a rule, I buy bottled spring water (Wegmans usually has 24 pack for $3.99). 4 of those each day is my water intake. However, 1 bottle of Dasani flavored = 2 1/2 servings of water.

08-27-2006, 02:34 PM
Thanks Sherry, and everyone else. I went out and bought the water bottles with the little spouts and put them in the fridge. They are ach 20 ounces. I'm adding one little bitty packet of Chrystal Light and sucking all day long and this seems to make a big difference. I can't seem to drink water from a glass. In the a.m I am adding four ounces of water to a glass of four ounces of oj and that's not bad either. Thanks for all of your suggestions!!