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08-25-2006, 04:54 AM
G'day everyone,

Firstly a big welcome to Bernice, nice to see a new face. I agree with Glenda, not sure why people pop in and then disappear again, we really are all VERY nice:D ;)

I got back again yesterday quite exhausted for many reasons.
Just to make me feel really good my main computer has crashed and I have been very upset thinking I had lost a lot of my 'stuff'. Believe me I have a lot of STUFF!
It is being repaired at the moment and they are hopeful that most can be saved. I do back-up regularly but of course had not done so for a few weeks.

My dear dh had installed email on my 'old' laptop thatI am using now until my computer is fixed hopefully to the middle of next week.

Of course I cannot really remember who said what on the previous thread other than that Ann, Karen and Bernice all had lunch together. That must have been really good fun.
I also read Karen's advise about the scales, I may as well chuck mine out I never stand on them!!!!

Now that the new grand daughter has been born we can get back to planning our US trip. We got some books from the library and thank you Ann for your suggestions.

I hope everyone is well and I really look forward to getting some good nights sleep and get back to normality.


Karen L
08-25-2006, 07:44 AM
Maria Glad you made it back safe and sound. New Baby sure is cute and looks just as sweet. Your excitement over you US trip is rubbing off on the rest of us. I do hope it is all that you expect and more. There is so much to see and to do.

Bernice I join with the rest of the gals in hoping that you will continue on with us. We are really very nice I promise.

Lunch with Ann was a treat. She was so pretty all dressed in red. Last time I saw her it was blue and looked pretty but I really think red is her color. And I did like her hair very short. Like she said her spike was not behaving. Kind-of flopping over because too long but still cute. Just So all of you will know know Ann is just as warm in person as she is here. Always with a ready smile. it was fun.

So Sunday nothing to eat or drink after mid-night I don't even go into the hospital until 10:50am I will be starving!!!!!!!!! Surgery isn't until 3 hours later . Aren't there laws or something against that???So I figure I will start eating about 6:00 Pm on Sunday and continue on until mid-night that way I should stay satisfied until I can eat again. What do you think? Sound like a plan? I was told I will be able to put my full weight on my knee as soon as surgery is over . Will just need crutches to steady myself because of the big bandage. Sounds like I won't even get to whine & cry or nothing. Wednesday the bandage comes off. 2 weeks later the stitches come out. And I'm good as new! That Right Gloria?

I was up .2 after lunch with Ann this week but my weight loss still stands at 18 pounds gone and 3 pounds under goal. This week I'm staying very close to my losing points because I know I won't be able to exercise next week. And it seems what I do one week shows up the next.

Have to go get dress. Sprout is looking at me it's time for our walk. See you later.


08-25-2006, 05:11 PM
Karen, that sounds like a plan to me, a good one. This operation is usually just a snap and relieves so much pain that it is so worth it. My son keeps up with two little boys now and he has had 2 of these. 18 pound gone! Be proud, be very proud!

When I went to the doctor, I was my regular (for the last 1 1/2 year at least) 8 pounds over. He told me it takes 3 months before thyroid medicine makes much of a difference. He also told me I probably wouldn't have anymore problems. It is that "probably" word that keps the adrenalin going.

We bought another car, a gently used car. It is a 2001 with 20,000 miles. The lady who had it didn't go much. Anyway, this is my old new car and we will kept our old newer car. Now, we are a 2-car family! Yea!

Slavika, where are you? You haven't been heard of for awhile. My officemate is handling the heavy grieving process right now. It has been 2 months for her and she said she still feels this is unreal. I wish I knew what to say to her. Are your grandkids in school? Are you still thinking about the fitness club?

All, hope you have a great weekend. Next week we are supposed to be in the 80's. Be still my heart!

08-25-2006, 11:02 PM
Hi all, Thanks for welcome, Maria and Karen. Lost.8lb this week and the total so far is 18.6 so I guess I am on track. Found vita muffins in the supermarket and at 1 pt they really are good but a bit pricy. Has anyone else tried them?
Karen, I take it from your post you are having knee surgery this week. My son in law went thru that 3 weeks ago and he was just fine 1 day later. He's back to work(a cop) and goes for physical therapy. His problem was a torn miniscus. Good Luck.
Maria, I see you are planning a trip to NYC. If you need some info maybe I can help as we live an hour outside the city I'm not sure when you are planning to come but the fall is a great time to visit. There is so much to see and travelling around is not difficult as the subway and bus system is quite good. A fewmust see I would recommend is the financial district, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building,South street Seaport, Chinatown, Broadway, the lower Eastside, and Central Park. just to name a few. Be prepared for high prices in restuarants and you don't need a car as it's impossible to park and just going from West side to East Side can be a hassle. Traffic is awful and so much construction. If you have any questions just fire away.
Hi Ann, Hope all is well-sounds like lunch with Karen was fun. We are hearing reports of a maybe hurricane hitting Fl, Hope it doesn't. Be safe.
Hi Glenda.

Karen L
08-26-2006, 09:14 AM
Hi Bernice glad to see you had a loss this week . Good for You My knee the same as your sons. Hope I do as as well.

This will be a weather watch week-end . There is a storm moving into the golf but the weather computers don't show it coming this way. Let's hope the computers are as smart as we think they are.

We have rain in the area again today so it is kind of gloomy outside. I do get crabby when it is like this so am going down to aerobics in hope's of raising my mood. See you later.

Karen L
08-27-2006, 03:48 PM
Here we are again on Hurricane watch.:fr: We are prepared!. Today we just made sure we have enough batteries?check. water?check. food?check. gas?check.Money?check. clothes?check. Important papers?check. Now we just have to wait to know which way to run. What a pain. :tantrum: My Aunt called this morning. And I told her that if the house blew down we would bulldoze the rest of the house and drive north and that my friends is the plan. At least my knee will be done by the time all this is suppose to take place. Again I say what a pain.:censored:

Well for now the sun is shinning. But it wasn't long ago that I heard thunder so don't know how long the sun will last. I'm finishing up on my wash today just one small load in the washer and I'm done. Have steaks for DH to cook on the grill for Dinner will have salad and fresh fruit to go with them.

Tried to call my Mom a little while ago but she must be out gallivanting with someone I hope.

Well I guess I can go get my clothes out of one and put them in the other. So see you later.:wave:

08-27-2006, 07:55 PM
Hi Karen, Glad you are prepared. We worry also even tho we are not there :?: believe the damage we saw in Punta Gorda 5 months after it happened after Charlie. TV just doesn't do it justice and I guess when you watch all these events on TV it just doesn't seem real. I hope my neighbors are prepared. Last year they said it was frightening to go thru a hurricane as it sounded like a freight train about to hit the house. Because alot of Florida houses have no basements and have alot of glass, there is nowhere to hide.
We have had awful weather this week-end with torrential downpours and lots of thunder and lightening. One of my dog is shaking so it's like holding a vibrating machine. Poor Muffin suffers so during storms and often knows it's coming before it actually does. She could get a job predicting weather as she is often more acurrate than Doppler Radar.

Karen L
08-27-2006, 10:38 PM
Poor Muffin. What kind of dog is Muffin? My little Sprout doesn't really like the storms either. But he's more into barking at thunder. He's a little strange.

08-28-2006, 08:03 PM
Muffin is a maltese as is Misty and then there is Kasha and Pitzi who are toy poodles. Our lives revolve around these four and when we go to Fl we drive in a minivan because of them. They are all girls and just delightful little furkids.:goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes

08-28-2006, 09:02 PM
BerniceI was wondering where you got the user name from, is Muffin the oldest of the 4 furkids? You must really love them to have 4. I am sure they keep you busy and give you tons of love back. I love dogs too. We used to have a King Charles Spaniel and she was a nervous little thing. When there was a thunderstorm you could see her shedding her hair.
On the last board I got quite a laugh out of the grandson stories. I thought Grimda was a hoot! Where do they think up these things?
Well Karen & Ann I am keeping my fingers crossed that the hurricane doesn't come your way. Are you going to stay or go? Ann I am sure all the stress isn't going to help your digestion out. How is the knee Karen?
Glenda I have been meaning to ask you how the vegetarian diet is going. Do you miss eating meat at all and why did you go on the diet in the first place. You might have told us this already... just bear with me.
Something else I have wanted to ask Maria. When you had the facial hair removed, were you satisfied with the results? How is that computer coming along? We haven't heard from you in a few days. I just dread it when mine acts up.
I talked to Slavika on the phone today, she was her usual funny self.
I can't remember anything from the previous board, so I will say Hi to Peggy and Gloria.
My DD and kiddies will be coming over tomorrow so I am baking some Chocolate Chip cookies. I have this new recipe that calls for a 1/4 cup of ground flaxseed to the 2 cups flour. They are really good and I can convince myself that they are HEALTHY. I am getting my hair cut in the morning and the little :angel: is going to get hers done after me. Should be fun.

Bye for now...

08-29-2006, 01:01 AM
G'day all,

Still have only limited computer access, my main computer is still away being fixed.:(

Bernice your dogs sound gorgeous, a friend of mine bred pappilions and at one stage had 17 :eek:. I ended up having 2 pappilions but they have now passed on and as much as I loved them, they were a real tie so it will be a long time before we would consider having a dog again.

Trudy yes I did have some of my facial hair removed by laser, unfortunately white hair cannot be removed by laser, the laser needs the pigmentation of the darker hair to be succesful so I have been sort of happy with it.
I have stopped waxing as it does nothing to my skin but use an electric women's razor, sounds ghastly but I have no choice. I am naturally very fair and I have no idea why I am so hairy :mad::mad:

Tuesday the day we look after Matilda. She is such a little trick! We took her down the beach this morning, it is a lovely sunny spring day here, she ended up splasing in the water and then of course the inevitable she fell in the water!
We quickly walked home, stuck her in the bath, dh looked after her whilst I raced around the corner to a St.Vincent de Paul op shop to see if I could get some clothes. Bought her 2 little outfits for the princely sum of $10.50 and was back home within 10 minutes. If I had gone to the shopping centre I would have been away at least 45 minutes and probably quite a bit more out of pocket. The volunteers in the op shop thought it was hilarious and all helped me pick out a few suitable items.

I have just heard her wake up...must fly...


Karen L
08-29-2006, 10:22 AM
Just dropping by to say hi. Knee is done. Not too much pain. I can walk on my own that is good. Had a pretty good night was up several times to you know what and fell asleep on the toilet. I can fall asleep anywhere when I take pills. Lucky I did not fall off. Woke up each time and went back to bed. Dh was wondering where I was ? But did not get up to check.

Ann was sorry to hear about you weekend. But glad to hear you are OK.

Bernice., Doggies sound cute. But four? I have my hands full with my little Sprout. He is Half Yorkie and half Brussels Griffon. That's why the name.

Have to go Phone calls to make.


08-29-2006, 06:11 PM
Hi Everybody....and welcome to the board Bernice. It was nice seeing a new face here. I love dogs too. The last dog we had was a Bichon, Nikita, and she was so sweet. DH and I talked of getting another pup but we wanted to travel and didn't know what we would do with a new dog. For several years we have gone to Maui for winter holidays and you sure can't take a dog with you, but I do miss not having one. Karen I am so happy that your surgery went just great and sorry the your sugar levels are up. When your all healed, and able to walk your sugar will likely drop a little. Before David died we had talked of getting new carpeting for the basement level in our house, so I just recently ordered a Berber carpet and it will be laid around the middle of Oct. LOL LOL :dizzy: ;) :) I will NOT be taking out the old one like my brave friend Trudy, I'll let the carpet guys do that. Ann how did you make out with your medical insurance? Did they cover the costs or do you know yet? I sure hope that you are fully recovered. Gals, one of Ann's daughters makes bracelets and Ann had her make one for me. Her daughter researched what the colour for Multiple Myeloma is and it's sort of burgundy colour and she made up a lovely bracelet for me, and yes you gals are right Ann is just as sweet and kind as can be. I had this lovely bracelet waiting in my mailbox for me and it just so happens that I have a big silver riing that matches it so well. Once again Ann, thank you. :hug: My little "Diva" granddaughter is now finished performing in the stage production of "Wizard of Oz". She enjoyed the whole experience very much. After her last show on Thursday, Son and family took off for Minneapolis and got home last night.
School starts on the Sept. 8th I think. Gloria, I hope your eyelid has healed up. Ryan sounds like a fun kid. My grandson is much like that too.
Last Wednesday, coming home from our day out, my friend Irene and I were stopped at a red light and a woman driving a HUGE van just smashed right into the back end of my friend's small little Toyota. I did hurt my neck and back and start physio on Thursday. Some of Peggy's comments to emails are funnier then the emails themselves. Hi Maria are you rested up after helping our your daughter with the new baby.........I guess tho, that Matilda keeps you busy. Talk to you all soon.

08-29-2006, 07:45 PM
Saw the Dr. re the follow up on my eyelid surgery....everything is OK. It was benign which I thought it would be. It has healed beautifly and only is the very slightest pink which I am sure will fade soon. I usually heal very quickly and this was no different.

Slavika: That accident was too bad, I hope the physio will help with what must be some aches and pains. I'll bet your:angel: hasn't come down from cloud nine yet. We will have to look for her at some Academy Award show in the future and say we know her grandmother.

Karen: So glad that the knee is done and only time needs to pass before you will be out there squiring Sprout around again. That kind of surgery seems to be an easy way to get a sore knee better fast!

Bernice: Wow! Four dogs....that's a house full but they sound so cute. When we had dogs.....a dog's age ago, we had St. Bernards. Over the years we had 3 different dogs. Their only saving grace is that they were outside dogs Summer and Winter. After they are a year old they can stay out during the winter but we had 2 at the same time under 1 yr and they stayed in the kitchen each night. Boy, I had the cleanest kitchen floor that year....I had to wash it every day! No dogs now, retirement and travel and dogs don't mix.

Maria: Matilda sounds like she likes to explore, somewhat like her Ooma! Falling in the water now is different that when she first discovered the ocean and didn't like it. :) :)

Ann: I hope you are feeling better each day after your bad weekend.

Hi to Trudy, Glenda & Peggy


08-29-2006, 08:02 PM
Thanks for the welcome Slavika and Karen, Yes four dogs can be a hassle when one is retired but I had them before hubby retired and before we even thought of going south for the winter. Because of them we had a devil of a time finding a place that would allow four as most deed restricted neighborhoods have a 2 or 3 dog limit. Where we finally settled there was no such restriction and my neighbors are wonderful but I also just wallk them on my property and clean up after them. Trips mean boarding them and that gets expensive but we just figure it's part of the vacation costs. Travelling to Fl is interesting cause we stop every 3 hrs to walk and water and of course its good to stretch our legs as well. Have to make sure we stay in pet friendly hotels and we have the whole deal down to a science now. St Bernards-beautiful dogs but I can't imagine the amt of poop that needs to be scooped plus don't they shed?
Karen-surgery over? Hope you are on the mend.

08-29-2006, 08:08 PM
G'day everyone,

Karen great to hear your surgery is all over and it sounds all is well. You will have to stop falling asleep on the toilet or at least get your dh to check up on you!!!!;)
Amazing that you can already walk unaided.

Gloria good for you that all is well with the results of your recent surgery. Eventhough you thought it was benign it is still nice to get that official confirmation.

Slavika how thoughtful of Ann and her daughter to make the bracelet.
I don't think I will be in for any surprises when I finally get to meet some of you next year.
Good to see you posting and I hope the physio will take care of your aches and pains after this stupid woman crashed into the back of your friends car:mad::mad::mad:

I got a phonecall from Matilda's Mum to say she would be late picking up Matilda because she had just had a car accident:( It wasn't her fault and all is well, but of course police reports, insurance claims etc. etc., something she did not need.

Beautiful day here again today but it would be even more beautiful if my main computer is fixed today:dizzy::dizzy:
I am lost without it but of course quite lucky to still being able to access my emails and the net through my laptop.

Hope you are all having a great day...


08-30-2006, 03:24 PM
Hi everyone:
I can't believe that I have missed a whole thread. My weekend escapade set me back, I guess. All is well now, and I do believe that our insurance will take care of the whole mess. I got a prescription for Prilosec, to take once a day, and a follow-up next week with our Dr. But I am feeling fine now. I just took it easy Mon. and Tues. I was so tired when I got home. You know you can't sleep in a hospital, and so Sunday nite I went to bed at 9:00 and slept until 9:00 the next a.m. Of course with the bathroom trips now and again.:D:

Slavika: So sorry about the 'dimwit' who hit the back of your friends car. And I sure hope that your therapy will do the trick. I am so glad you liked your bracelet. Are your grandkids looking forward to school? Some do and some don't, so wondered where they stand about school.

Karen: I'm so glad your surgery went well. those must have been powerful meds to fall asleep on the toilet. Glad you didn't fall off. And thanks for all the nice words. I did get my hair cut after we were together, and now it spikes very well once again. If we only had a digital camera I could send a photo. One of these days.

Maria: Loved the picture of the new little one. And Matilda must be a lot of fun now. She is getting into the curious age. Karen & I will be sorry that your trip can't include Fl. but understand. You'd need unlimited cash and at least 6 months or more to see all that is of interest in the U.S. and Canada. Hope you get your computer back today. They are advertising something here in the U.S. called a Tweezie, which is supposed to make hair removal much easier, and not painful.

Glenda: Nice to now have two cars. We have finally learned to live with just one. It is not always handy, but we manage. Do you have a Curves near you? That is a great place to exercise, I have found, at least for me. Did your Dr. think that the thyroid meds might make you gain?

Bernice: Sounds like your furkids keep you busy. When do you plan on coming south? Were you affected by the flooding there in Jersey? Now there is worry about flooding as a result of Ernesto. Especially in the Carolinas and further up the coast. We are fine, as it has been downgraded to a tropical depression. It ran out of steam across Cuba and just never regained strength - for which we are all very glad. We are supposed to get more rain and wind tonight, but nothing serious.

Trudy: I seem to remember that you had those same pesky esophageal problems last year. Do you still take meds for it or are you okay without now. Your Chocolate Chip cookes sound good, and flax is very healthy. So is chocolate, but of course in moderation- not 6 or 8 cookies at once:D:

Gloria: So glad there was no problem with the eye. For some reason the eyelid doesn't have much nerve endings. I had the lid reduction a couple of years ago, and I had no anesthetic, just a vallium and it was not difficult at all. St. Bernards are BIG dogs. A good thing they could be outside. Our last dog was a poodle/cocker mix. A 9 pounder. And a loving dog. It was sad when we had to say goodby. Now we have our Smokey cat, and she is gradually coming aroung, getting in my lap more. For some reason tho', she still won't sit on DH lap or have much to do with him. I suspect that sometime a man was mean to her.

Peggy: Are those terrible people who killed the little boy in jail? I would certainly hope so. I suspect that this week-end will be your last celebration before school starts once again. That is one of the things I truly enjoyed about retirement. I could just watch the buses go by and know that I didn't have to have any concerns with the kids on them. Have you had time to do your crafts this summer? Anything new?

I played the piano at our coffee hour this a.m. The regular gal was staying home with her DH who had surgery yesterday. I enjly doing that once in a while. I guess I have caught up with everyone now, and hope to get here more often. Ann

08-31-2006, 11:09 AM
Wow, we have heard from everybody now, I think. So, everyone is now in the pink. Ann, glad the hospital visit seemed to do the trick. You are such a good friend to send Slavika such a sweet meaningful gift. Yes, there is a Curves in Stillwater, but it is on the other side of town. I have to make up my mind within the next two weeks, I guess, from the three possibilities. And Gloria, hallelujha about the benign report. Always good to actually hear that wonderful word!

Bernice, four dogs! We had two for awhile and now just have one. But he is so very weird! His is a miniature Schnauzer and he acts much more like a cat than any dog I have ever had. About 1 1/2 years ago we lost our Kassie. I don't know if there will ever be a dog who means as much, but we do everything we can to take care of dogs. Understand the details of traveling.

Slavika, sorry about that stupid wreck. Good for you, getting new carpet. You are doing it my way, not like our workaholic friend who got down on her knees and cleaned up padding dust. Yuck! I am still getting therapy from a backend wreck back in June. I hate it. Just wish I felt good.

Trudy, I finally went vegetarian and it hasn't been at all hard, because I was more or less like that anyway. I had lately found myself gagging when eating meat anyway. The thyroid medicine is supposed to give me a shot at losing weight. Low thyroid throws metabolism out of whack, but we shall see.

Karen, so glad your knee is fixed. Must be some strong stuff you were on. Glad you didn't fall off the stool. My hubby sometimes makes a wrong turn after a bathroom visit and sleeps the rest of the night on the couch.

Maria, Matilda is so much fun, isn't she? Just seeing the world through her eyes is fun. You paint a very beautiful picture of a beautiful spring day on the beach. Did she look surprised when she fell in?

Peggy, are you back in school yet? How are the craft projects?

08-31-2006, 02:06 PM
Just a quick hello; We excaped any problems from Ernesto. He just fizzled out. But we did get some very good rain. Not even much wind. So this a.m. I went out and pulled weeds. it was a good time to do the job, since the ground was really soaked. The darn things grow so fast. Had a bit of a tangle with a sharp bush and wounded myself. Nothing serious, just blood all over. Peroxide cleaned me up nicely.

DH is taking me out to dinner tonight. When I got home from the hospital I had lost 4 lbs, all fluid I think. this a.m. I had regained 2. I don't want to regain any more.

Glenda, as a vegetarian what sort of things do you eat? do you eat fish , or eggs or cheese? My granddaughter is a vegetarian now. She started after whe went to Haiti on a mission trip, and saw what they ate there. She sometimes eats fish. I sometimes think about being a vegetarian myself. But does that mean I couldn't have chicken broth as a soup base? No chicken just the broth?

Hi everyone. Have a great day. Ann

Karen L
08-31-2006, 03:15 PM
Had a visit with the doctor yesterday. And he gave me the exercises to do Owe. I haven't been able to lay my leg flat on the floor since this all happened and that is one of the things I have to do is press the back of my knee to the floor and hold it down. Owe. That and leg lifts. Then DH has to hull me off the floor. That in itself is not a pretty sight. Am getting around better . Not so much pain medication.

Doing some wash. Also we were able o put our stuff back out on the car port now that Ernesto has moved out of the area. Was able to move my plants back out of the storage room. So I can wash.

Ann sorry you tangled with the bush. Was a holly? Those things always leave me a bloody mess . Where you going for dinner?

08-31-2006, 10:02 PM
glad Ernesto was a bust. We have been told our weather wil be lousy the next few days as if that's something new. Most of this summer was rainy and dreary. Labor Day weekend is not suppose to be good and I don't have any BBq plans so it's OK with me but I feel for those planning outdoor company.
Missed my WW meeting yesterday as I had to go to a funeral but went to another meeting in another town today other wise I thought I'd give myself permission to eat more as I didn't have a weigh in. Lost 1.6 lb for a total of 20 lbs. Only a mere(LOL) 60 to go.:carrot:

09-01-2006, 09:47 AM
Hello, people.

As I walked this a.m. I wondered if you all were still around. While I haven't seen all the posts, I did recognize most of your names.

Last April, my sister and I joined Weight Watchers again! We are almost at goal and I am enjoying smaller clothes. I still have to watch what I put in my mouth, but hopefully AM FINALLY GETTING IT!

When I dropped out of this site, Karen was moving to Florida and Maria was planning a visit to the USA. That's a while ago.

Good memories of this board.

Marnie in Minnesota

09-01-2006, 05:12 PM
Marnie the quilter! Sure we remember you. You were on our collage. So glad you are getting the hang of losing weight. Will you please share the secret? I have felt so unwell this summer with the heat, I think, that I have done no exercising and just feel soft and yucky! Next week is my goal to get out and walk and join something. So, how have you been in other ways? Maria is coming next year to see us and Karen is totally enjoying Floria. We are all still trying to be healthy, as usual. There are more grandchildren for Maria and Trudy. Just the same delightful same old same old.

Ann, I think you can do whatever you want. I have always hated everything to do with chicken so any kind of broth sound yucky to me anyway, but why not? I eat a lot of, I think the brand is, Vegetable garden meat. I love the bacon, the sausage patties and the spicey bean burgers. I love them because they are never pink so they never remind me of eating flesh, but they taste good. I also love cheese and way too much carbohydrates.

Our first football game at the college is tomorrow. The poor people attending will be coping with so much street construction. I will enjoy being at home. Fall is really almost here. Our small town has turned into a metropolis with students everywhere and most on cell phones. Who do they talk to?

Karen L
09-01-2006, 09:19 PM
I almost fell off my chair, How the Heck are you girl! it is so good to see you. Almost at goal! Good for you! Life is full of surprises. Weight Watchers works for those who work. Is what I always say. Tell us what has worked the best.

I am back at goal after gaining back 16 pounds. I went back to meetings in April . With some friends here in the park. We take turns driving the Weight Watchers express . Didn't make my meeting this week because of my knee surgery. But will be there next week. Have been in contact with my leader via Email so am not out of the loop. I don't work for them any more but I still shoot my mouth off here lots. Been living in Florida for 2 years now .

Marnie,Hope you stop back by and visit with us again.

We plan on having a quiet labor day also. nothing planned. Just glad the rain is moving out of the area. Tired of gray skies.

Went out and bought some good cross trainer shoes today. They were on sale which means the latest and greatest will be on the shelf next week. but that's OK I ain't the latest and greatest either. Previewed another walking tape. It's Leslie Sansone Abs Tape She has the 1-2-and 3 mile in a set. I tried the 1 mile myself and was able to do it with my taped up knee so I bet the 2 mile one is one the gals I usually work out with can do no problem. I'll take it down to the club house tomorrow and talk to them about it. I get tired of doing the same one all the time. Well see what they say. Other wise I'll just do it at home on alternate days.

Well have to go


09-01-2006, 11:44 PM
Hi Marnie: Nice to see you back here. How many quilts have you made since last we heard from you? And great that you are nearly at goal. I'm working at getting back there again. It sure is a life time struggle, as we have all been talking about lately. We just can't ever give up, and that sure is hard, especially when you really like do-nuts. :D: Hope you keep coming back.

Glenda: I like the veggie burgers, and also the sausage. I like lots of fruit and vegetables, but am not susre that I could give up all the meat, as yet. I think probably I will just cut back a lot.

Karen: Glad you are coming along well with your knee. It is too bad that therapy is painful, but guess that it is necessary to get back to normal usage. Do you walk on a treadmill?

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We will be having festivities Monday at the clubhouse. Pancake Breakfast, various games throughout the day and barbecue that night with some entertainment. The only thing I had anything to do with was booking the entertainment.

I had intended to go to line dancing tonight, but discovered blisters on two toes. I can't imagine where they came from. But they are not comfortable. I am afraid that an old pair of shoes is going to have to go.

Time for bed. :yawn: Ann

Karen L
09-02-2006, 04:16 AM
Ann the walking tapes are done like aerobics in your living room or in our case at the club house.We have a big screen TV and a VCR down there we use. I am going to have to give up a little of my outside walking the doctors said too hard on my knees. So will have to go to the treadmill and bike. We do have those also at the Clubhouse Exercise room. I can continue to walk Sprout. But no more Power walking on the street. So that means DH will either have to go by him self or come with me to the clubhouse. I venture to say he will come with me to the clubhouse.

Here I sit it's 3:00am and I am wide a wake. So thought I'd wonder around the world for a while until sleep catches up with me again. Don't know what's going on. Sometimes I wake up like this and am so weepy??? Is this some Menopause thing?????Or is it just some Karen thing???? It's very recent so maybe it's just a knee thing. Can't explain it .And I know it would upset DH if he knew. So have to STOP!

Sure have gotten a kick out of the cartoons and jokes that have been coming in the email this week. Some have been belly laugh out loud funny. DH has heard me laughing from out side and come in to find out out why. So even he has enjoyed them.

Well I'm off to serf the net. See you later. This is always my first stop.


09-02-2006, 03:44 PM
Hi Karen: sorry you were having asleepless night. I have those once in a while, but I can't go on the computer as it is in the bedroom and DH is asleep. The light would from the monitor would wake him up. So I go in the living room and read or do crossword puzzles until I get sleepy again. Hope you got in a few hours later. Are you still taking pain meds. for your knee? That might influence your sleeping patterns. Whatever the cause, I know that a sleepless night is the pits. I always blame it on the full moon.

Weighed in this a.m. and was so sure I'd be down and I was up .6. :mad: Have no idea why, as I followed carefully all week, and not even any flex points used. I know that I do have a tendency to retain fluid, and maybe my meals yessterday were salty, I don't know but I'm not giving up--yet.

Have a good weekend everyone. Ann

09-02-2006, 05:56 PM
G'day all,

I am laying low again with a shocking cold :(:mad:, very annoying.

I just quickly wanted to say 'hello' to Marnie, it was lovely to 'see' you and to hear you are doing so well.
Since we last saw you, I have had 2 grandchildren and another on the way.
We have now actually booked our flight to America and look forward to a 10 week visit next April.
It would be nice to see you post with us again Marnie.

I am going back to bed.....


09-03-2006, 10:34 PM
Maria: so sorry that you are 'under the weather'. Please take care, so that you don't get pneumonia or some such difficult thing. Ann

09-04-2006, 03:46 PM
It was nice to hear from Marnie again. Glad that you are doing well and keeping busy. Don't be a stranger.
Maria How is that cold coming along? Are you able to get a lot of rest? I gather you have little Matilda with you.
I also heard about Steve Irwin dying. What a freak accident he had. What were the chances that the sting ray barb would enter his heart? I always found him entertaining and I understand he did great things for the zoo and Australian wildlife.
Maria, where is the Great Barrier Reef? Near where you took your last tour? I like that little map you sent out in the e-mail.
I saw a program about Tasmania. Some people from England wanted to move to Tasmania, they had a real estate agent showing them different areas so they could decided where to settle. It seemed to me the house prices were very affordable and the scenery was gorgeous no matter where they went. I didn't know anything about this Island that is part of Australia. I suppose you have been there already.
Karen Last night, as I wandered the house unable to sleep, I thought of you and Ann. I remember the posts you both had about sleeplessness. I tried the computer, that didn't work. My living room is empty and I didn't feel like going downstairs to turn on that tv. I sat in the kitchen and tried to get interested in a book... THE LOOP by Nicholas Evans. Eventually I did fall asleep, but it was the kind where I toss and turn a lot. Karen Good to hear your knee is mending nicely. Your not letting it get you down either.
Ann From what you wrote, today is fun day at your park. I hope your entertainment is a hit, I have no doubt that it will be great.
Glenda Now I remember you telling us why you were going to cut out animal meat. I like a small portion of meat with my din dins, never have been able to eat a lot of meat. Cheese is a favorite of mine, could eat that all the time.
Bernice According to the news, you got a lot of rain your way. They showed a lot of flooding. Ernesto sure had a lot of rain.
Gloria I guess you are in the same area and got the heavy rains too.

We are having a glorious sunny warm weekend... the temp have been around 27C.. I think that is low 80's F. Slavika went out to her friends cottage, I am sure she is having a lovely restful time as her family was going to be out there too.

As for my DH and me... we have been moving furniture out of the living room, emptying out 2 hallway closets while the painter comes in and out, various times of the day. He had some plaster to fix up, nothing big. Today he is doing the ceilings. Tomorrow our rugs should be put down and then the painter will come back on Wed and Thur. We will be without furniture until the 14th of Sept. I will be so glad when all of this is finished. I can hardly move in this computer room, the china cabinet is right up against my back. Everything has to get worse before it can get better!

Bye for now...

09-04-2006, 04:56 PM
It is Labor Day and I had planned a simply little do nothing day....but....DH was out front watering the flowers early and the neighbor diagonally across the street from us came over to him and offered us two tickets to today's Red Sox game! WOW! They are a young couple, she is about my youngest's age , 43, and they have no children. They are always on the go if not work then play on their boat. It seems they also have season tickets to the Red Sox and couldn't use them today. DH often waters their flowers when they are not at home. Long story, short...the tickets listed the start time as 2:05pm but it has been changed to 7:05pm. We will park near the T (subway) where I used to work and take the T into the game. Should be fun. Haven't been to a game at the park since the kids were small and prices were much lower. We are not the biggest Sox fans but they are the home team and even though they have been on a losing streak we will still root, root, root for the home team. The seats are the second row of the grandstand so we are looking forward to a good game.

Maria: Hope your feeling better by now. Don't let whatever it is get ahead of you! That was a great map of Australia. Your trip to the outback was even longer that I had thought. Sorry to hear about Steve Irwin...his show was one of Jack's favorites. You never know what will hit you, especially taking the chances he did.

Marnie: It was nice to hear from you. I think I came here just after you left. Coming here was one of the best things I have ever done. A good group.

Karen & Ann: Your sleeplessness seems to have invaded MA....the last two nights I have woken up and been unable to fall back again for a long while. Maybe after tonight's game I will have broken the routine and I will sleep through the night.

Glenda: I don't know if I could go without meat entirely but I think I could cut back a lot. However, Jack is a meat and potatoes man so I have to accommodate him.

Bernice: It has stopped raining here I hope you are having a clear Labor Day as well.

Trudy & Slavika:Enjoy your nice warm and sunny weekend, even if it is almost over. Today turned out OK...just clouds, no rain.

Need to get moving and find out what I will wear tonight...it may turn chilly after sundown.


09-04-2006, 06:05 PM
First may I say Maria my condolences to the people of Australia on the tragic death of Steve Irwin. I saw it on the computer at 2:30 am as I couldn't sleep either and I thought this doesn't make sense,killed by a sting ray. I never knew they had a poisonous barb for a tail as when you go to acariums here they often have displays where you can handle them. He certainly was a character but we enjoyed his programs on TV and when he was interviewed by Larry King. I( guess the shock was the same feeling as when we heard Princess Diana had been killed. They were both hugely likeable people. He will be missed.
Yes, we had quite abit of rain and it was just miserable. We went out to the movies and saw The Illusionist. Was pretty good. My daughter's friend had a tree fall on her house demolishing the bathroom and bedroom. Luckily noone was hurt.
Today is Labor Day and it's pretty nice today but tomorrow is another story according to the weather channel. Oh well,it's just another rainy day to look forward to. Got to go prepare dinner and I'm not inspired.

09-04-2006, 08:27 PM
I came back to ask if anyone has ever made a doll cake? You know the ones that you stick a Barbie doll in the center of a cake mound and then ice it like a dress? I am looking for tips. I found a couple of site on the net, but wanted some personal information.


09-04-2006, 09:26 PM
Onto the next thread....