Support Groups - Welcome Back LUSHcow---MOOOOOOOOOO to you!!!!

09-09-2001, 08:48 AM
Well----Lush is just as SAUCY as ever,but she at least POSTED----to think that we have all gotten fatter since we met,and solved none of our problems---just created new ones-----the THREE chillens ALL at the same school sounds dreamy to me!!!!Hope your mom does well----How is your younger brother doing????ANYway----I was happy to read your voice,even if it was only a pity visit-----and WHAT is wrong with QUEBEC---and BOSTON----and CALIFORNIA????YOur sister and I travelled extensively all summer!!!!!KIWONK-----I agree----you SHOULD have taken the sailing trip this year---it's not too late!!!!!Dd will be loving highschool,so get her out NOW!!!!!By the way---SUGARBUTT---YOU sent ME the hemmies{roids} and I have missed FOUR TIMMY's walks this week---it has me depressed----:mad:or rather ---ANGRY----have a nice sunday day----

09-09-2001, 04:00 PM
But I feel like crap.


09-10-2001, 04:52 PM
My DH is gone rodeoing this week and it has occurred to me that I have no life of my own. It was different when kiddos were little, but now they have lives of their own, not involving their mother. I was so desperate for something to do I rewired a lamp. geez. My mission for the day is a pedicure after work.

Hi Luscious one, hope your mom's treatment goes well for her. May I point out to you that though our lives may seem dull, I hadn't noticed you getting wild and reporting any affairs either. Congrats on keeping your DD away from those bad public school types for another year.

Crappy as in sick, or crappy as in a crappy attitude about life in general, Kiwi??

09-10-2001, 06:51 PM
Crappy as in mostly bad attitude. With a really sore shoulder thrown in to give me something to whine about. Thank you for asking.

I have no life either, Wab. I've noticed the same thing. DH and DD were off sailing for the weekend and I should have thought I'd be content to rent movies, watch tennis matches and enjoy myself for the weekend. Instead I slept a lot and felt crappy.

I've been thinking about volunteering for Meals on Wheels or a service to transport the elderly, something like that. I need to GET OUT of this house!!

Tomorrow I'm babysitting my friends' dog. :D They are moving and the movers are coming tomorrow to pack. They don't want her around getting underfoot and stressing out. So she's going to come here and annoy my old dog and make me throw tennis balls all day. I love it when people take you up on an offer to "do something to help". I never would have thought to offer to take care of their dog. I figured they'd ask me to help them paint or something. This is much better.

Later, elevators (largest thing I could think of that rhymes)


09-10-2001, 07:38 PM
You sound so much like me. I did watch one movie, but it was one that DS rented, so it was a dumb teenager type movie. I was in too much of a funk to actually go rent one that I wanted to see. I know that if I was a permanently single person I would acquire other similar type people to hang with, but weekends are usually husband time. I did take the light rail line downtown and had lunch with my sister at Nordstroms and shopped a little. Its just the evenings that get lonely. I also forgot how much I hate to sleep alone.:( Don't tell the DH, though. It wouldn't do to have him think I was pining away for him.

Dog sitting is definitely better than actual labor. The last friend I offered to help move made me look like I was actually organized. Her husband had moved on to their next home and left her to pack everything. She mostly wanted to sit in the middle of things and go through every drawer and scrap of paper that she had saved for 10 years. It just about sent me around the bend.