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08-24-2006, 06:33 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's 92 degrees here, humid, windy and we got out of school early! I didn't think it was as bad today as yesterday because of the breeze. I was more miserable yesterday. :( I stopped at the Hallmark store on my way home because I needed a couple cards. I don't know if any of you collect or give ornaments as gifts, but they used put all of them out in July. I wanted the cat and dog series for the grandkids plus the new baby one. Another set is coming out in October which will include the ones I want. So much for being on time with the baby gift. *sigh*

I could have sworn I posted yesterday, but after reading all the posts I guess I didn't. My mind is definitely AWOL!

"Gma" -- I hope that Jack's catherization will show no damage and/or that something simple can be done to fix the problem. :yes: I'm sure this will be an anxious week for you both. {{HUGS}} Our cat will sneeze, but not very often and usually only once or twice. Do you think Butterscotch got into some sort of cleanser or powder of some sort? I would call the vet for advice or make an appt. if he doesn't quit. :)

Susan -- I've never heard of electric toilet seats! :yikes: I have a hard enough time with the toilets that flush automatically. They always take me by surprise. :lol: You would fit right in at our school . . . . we are 70% nonwhite and our ESL program has outgrown the number of teachers, aides, and space available! I hope that Stan's surgery goes well and you are able to get some rest through it all. {{HUGS}}

Gloria -- I could have retired this year, but I don't know what I would do with myself after I got all of my projects done and my house spic and span in case "Gma" would ever come to visit. ;) My IPERS increases quite a bit if I can hold out until 62 or even better at 65, but I doubt that I will last that long. I had to laugh out loud at Ryan's comment . . . I'll bet his mom just cringes when he opens his mouth in public. :lol: When he is a rich and famous entertainer we can say we knew his grandma! ;)

I hope you all have a nice evening, stay cool, and enjoy a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :grouphug: from Iowa!

08-25-2006, 06:38 AM
Good morning ladies! I have to take Jack to work this morning so I can go to the eye doctor. With what is going on, I am not particularly in the mood, but I am down to my last pair of contacts and have to go.

Gloria: The story of your grandson was priceless. My grandson is a character like that also. I think I told the story of the time my dd was in kindergarten and for show and tell told the class about my husband's vasectomy, telling them that "mommy killed daddy's electric fishies!" I got a phone call about that one! :lol: Sounds like you had a lovely time with your family.

Susan: We don't have any kind of contraption with regards to his stent. What is Stan's for? I guess this waiting and not knowing how serious it is causes a lot of angt on my part. I can buck up and stand things when I know what I am facing. It might sound shallow, but one of our huge concerns is if for some reason they find a blockage and can't use a stent and he needs surgery. He would be off work at least 6 weeks and financially we would be in BIG trouble as he doesn't have any kind of disability insurance. He only has 5 days sick time left and the 3 days vacation he is taking to go to Indiana, which we could cancel and that would be it. We would have no pay for the rest of the time. Right now I am just a mess with all this stuff going on at once, the Tricare issue, another financial issue (fight) we are having with a company, the cat and the sneezing issue, the car is acting up, this thing with his heart. I am about ready to go round the bend. I try and remember the Bible saying God won't give us more than we can handle, but I think my pitcher is just about at the top!

Jean: I am wondering if it could be either his cat litter (which is the same brand, but they somehow changed the formula and I wonder if he is having an allergic reaction to it ) or because he has taken to opening the door to the hall closet and going in and sleeping in there on the blankets and has had dust get into his system. The closet is under the stairs and I would imagine anyone climbing up or down would shake dust loose. He has taught himself how to open the darn door so I am going to have to sit something in front of it I guess to keep him out. He has no other symptoms except the occasional sneezing. I checked several cat boards and they all said cats can get colds and they can have allergic reactions to things so I am going to watch him close and if he shows signs of discharge, not eating, drinking, using his litter box, or the board said to watch for hoarse sounding meows too. If he seems lackadaisical I will get him to the vet or if this goes on more than just a few days or seems to get worse.

I need to get my chores done. You ladies have a wonderful day and be good to yourselves.


08-25-2006, 07:11 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is cooler and cloudy -- looks like it could rain any minute, but there is no rain in the forecast. Well, the first week of school is history and the freshmen seem to be worse at "not getting it" than in other years. I can't tell if they are playing dumb or really are that dumb. Since I see a different bunch of kids every hour, I love it when I can say I don't know what such and such assignment is. :shrug: They need to learn it is their responsibility to copy it off the board and we don't let them roam the halls during class time to find out. :yes: I was hoping to make a trip to Sioux City tomorrow; Bob just told me we are invited to a fancy dancy open house for one of his clients tomorrow night. They built a new home and I guess are inviting their neighbors and friends in for a tour of the place. :rolleyes:

"Gma" -- Does Jack's work place have a sick day bank by any chance? We have one at school that we can contribute to. I have maxed out at 135 sick days, but can only contribute 5 each year. I hope that I never need them, and it would be nice to be reimbursed for them when I retire. That will never happen. :( You have to think positive and hope for the best outcome! I know you can't help but worry and I would too. I hope whatever is causing Butterscotch to sneeze will go away and/or he gets over it on his own.

I hope you have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-26-2006, 06:42 AM
Good morning ladies! Looks like another hot one here. It was 100 degrees here yesterday. I kept the car so I could go to the eye doctor and I would get soaked with sweat just going from the car to a building and back to a car again. My eyes are a-ok, no change in my prescription either.

Looks like my kitty is back to being ok. He is not sneezing now so I think whatever he got up his nose, he finally sneezed it out. I have put something in front of the hall closet so he can't open the door anymore. I don't want to be going through this again. One problem solved.

As for this thing with Jack, we can't second guess, all we can do is wait. I have read tons of stuff on bypass and for them to do something that drastic, he would need to have a lot of damage that couldn't be fixed with a stent or involves more than one artery. Since the dr and nurse practitioner indicated it looked like it was in the same artery farther down, it is likely placque broke off somewhere. We will face whatever it is when it happens and until then just relax about it.

I got a notice yesterday that they are moving our mail carriers to a different post office. {{{SIGH}}} They screw up badly enough now without moving them. They said it is to improve service. Well, I guess that may be true because it can't get much worse! :lol: Everytime we go on a trip and I stop the mail, they screw it up and don't stop it and I have to go in and fix it. I learned my lesson a couple years ago and so now I stop the mail at least two days early to make sure it is stopped.

Today we are shampooing the dining room carpet. Jack wants to get it done first thing this morning, which is fine by me. I just know it needs to be done.

We went out to dinner last night, which was nice. Went to TGIFridays. It isn't my favorite place, but they have a decent flat iron steak I like and that is what I got. It was nice to just sit and visit kind of away from the animals and phone and everything.

Jean: No, they don't have a sick bank at his work. We have thought about taking on short term disability insurance at his work, though in case this would happen again. He couldn't sign up until October and couldn't use it until after the first of the year and we don't know the cost either. He will just have to try and build it back up, but that will be hard, because after next Thursday, even if they don't find anything serious enough to do anything about, I am sure they will have him come in 3 months out and check him to make sure it hasn't gotten worse. You didn't think I caught the "spic and span if GMA comes to visit," but I did!:lol: I truly never notice other people's homes and they don't bother me. I do have to suppress myself from going into like my kid's homes and picking up etc if like T has made a mess or something. It is impulse that I have to slap my hands and say "Bad Faye, very bad Faye." I do it to help out, but I know if someone came in and started doing somehting in my house I would be freaked out that they thought I was dirty so I try to just sit quietly! :lol:

Well, I want to go ahead and get morning chores done so we can have breakfast then get the rug done.

Have a great Saturday and have fun!


08-26-2006, 04:06 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I'm waiting for the dishwasher, washer, and dryer to finish doing their jobs. It's a beautiful sunny day in my corner of the world with 79 degrees and low humidity. We are going to the open house later and will head for Sioux City tomorrow. I'm hoping to catch up with the kids and grandkids for a quick visit. Bob wants to go to SAM's and I need to get a couples' shower gift at Target. If nothing else they will get a gift card. I am about ready to suggest we take one weekend a month and stay overnight there so we can do all of the running to different stores and still have time to spend with the grandkids. Beth and Jason live about 45 min. apart, but by the time we settle in at one place it's time to move on to the next house.

"Gma" -- Glad to hear your eyes are set for another year and Butterscotch seems to be back to his old self again! :D We get our mail delivered anywhere between noon and 5 PM . . . figure that one out! We are on "rural" delivery since where we live used to be out of the city limits and the carrier does deliver out in the country before he gets to us. If the weather is really bad and they call off the rural delivery we don't get our's either even though it is highway and paved streets. :crazy: The local post office trucks all of our local mail to a so-called city 80 miles to the east of us and then back again to be delivered. If I mail anything local it takes 2 days to get back here and delivered. Makes me nuts! Sioux City just had a BIG uproar going on because the feds wanted to close their post office and haul all their mail to Sioux Falls to be processed. Sioux City borders NE and SD and there were businessmen who were livid at the prospect of losing the local service because they bring their business mail there. I don't blame them. Same old story . . . the price goes up and the service goes down. :mad: Neither one of my kids live in neat/tidy houses. If the cobwebs are hanging they think "so what's the big deal?" Bob says it is a generation thing. :lol: My mother would have a fit if she could see my own nooks and crannies that don't see a dust rag or mop very often. She was a clean and neat fanatic, but she also didn't work outside of the home either.

I need to check email and get busy. Have a nice "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-27-2006, 08:11 AM
Good morning gals! I can sit here and hear the cicadas making noise outside. We have them kind of bad this year and they are such nasty looking bugs. They are so huge! On top of that, I have an ornery squirrel that wreaks havoc on my deck and is braver than the thing should be. I let Fortune out a few days ago and the thing just sat there. I do NOT like any kind of rodents or rodent family and I yelled at Fortune to come back in then finally shooed it up a tree so he could go out.

Boy, yesterday was hot. I went shopping and out to lunch with my dd (without my grandson along :( ) then came home and Jack and I had to go out and do some shopping ourselves. It is so miserable to step out of the car into the heat then into a cool building then out again, etc. It makes me pretty nauseous so by the time I got home, I was kind of green and miserable.

We finally got two of Jack's PT claims that have been PAID so maybe they finally got the stupid thing straightened out. I don't know if I told you that I contacted the main office regarding the rude woman who called Jack at work, but I got a response from someone and she told me she had forwarded my email to the person responsible for the local office and if I didn't get satisfaction to email her back and she would help me. I haven't heard a word and if I don't I am going to email her. She was a very nice master sergeant in the Air Force.

Nothing much else going on. I am going to get that rug shampooed this morning since I bought another kind of rug cleaner. Jack wants to go over it twice, once with the pet rug cleaner and once with another type of the same brand. It just needs to be removed and replaced, but that is just going to have to wait.

Everyone have a good Sunday.


08-27-2006, 04:28 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun has been playing hide and seek, but it is cool and nice in my corner of the world. My Sioux City plans fizzled when I talked to Beth and they are both working today. The "other" grandmother is babysitting. GRRRR! If I would have said what I was thinking, she probably would have hung up on me. I really wasn't in the mood to go over, but did want to see the grandkids. I have the rest of the laundry going and have read the papers. I do need to pick up and do some much needed catalog/magazine sorting when I finish here. I think they multiply when I'm not looking! :rolleyes:

The open house last night was in some kind of house! There are 3 floors completely furnished: HUGE walk in shower in the master bath with the various level shower heads plus a jacuzzi tub, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a family room in the basement as well as one connected to the extra large kitchen with commercial stove and refrigerator, formal livingroom, diningroom, his 'n her offices -- the couple's business is decorating motel/hotels and I found it interesting that they used the same neutral shade on every wall as well as on the ceilings. The carpeting is the same neutral shade in every single room . . . no wood looking floors, but they did use ceramic tile in the bathrooms, bar, and kitchen areas. Bob has two floors of the house insured for $389,000. After our tour and ending up in the finished basement, he mentally figured that would add another $150,000 at least. They live in the country, on a gravel road which is the only draw back, and they do have a security system. I know you only have so many seconds to turn it off after entering the house; I'd probably either forget to do it or forget the code.

"Gma" -- We have a squirrel that keeps digging in my flower pots and will come up on the deck to eat cat food. Needless to say, he really upsets "Mom" when he is on the deck. I am kind of surprised at her reaction because she doesn't get that upset with the stray cats coming and going. I would guess Fortune would come out on the short end if he ever caught the squirrel. :( I've had stray cats chase them up the tree and never get close so I doubt that a dog could ever catch one. :lol: I'm glad to hear Jack's insurance is finally straightened out. It has certainly taken long enough not to mention your frustration.

Have a relaxing Sunday and a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

08-28-2006, 08:36 AM
Good morning gals! Well, Jack is off to work this morning. He didn't look like he felt too well, but he said he was ok. With this thing coming up, I am now being a worry wart I guess.

We got the dining room carpet finished and it smells so nice in there. We did a full pass with the pet rug shampoo then I bought the same brand in a fiber cleansing that had a nice smell and we reshampooed with it. Now you walk in there and you smell green apple (my airwick air freshners) and not cat or dog. We need to work on getting the living room rug done and then tackle the upstairs again, but it might have to wait awhile with all that is going on.

Jack called his sister yesterday. I tried to talk him out of calling his sister until after we knew what we were looking at with his heart situation. She is a long time cardiac nurse and freaks out every time he calls her about anything to do with his heart. She started talking about flying out (heaven help me left with her for hours) and thank goodness he talked her out of it. She wanted his cardiologist's phone number etc, but Jack dodged that too saying he hadn't given them permission to release info on him. She is the head of the nursing department at her hospital so she has some pull, but she is also one of those people that has to feel superior and this would give her a kick to be able to nose around in his medical records. He got mad at me because he said I told my sisters. I told him that HIS sister has no contact with any of our family so wouldn't have accidently found out, while MY sisters do if my son let it slip to his cousin, who is a close friend AND the son of my sister, who would then contact my other sister and tell her. I said that if I could have kept it quiet until we knew what was going on we would, but I doubted that would have happened. Sheesh, what a mess just to keep up with the family issues.

Jean: That sounds like some house. Think of all the places you could store stuff in THAT house! :lol: Before we moved down here, we had to stay with my sister and bil for a week after having to turn over our apartment and they had a security system. We set the darn thing off, when we couldn't get the key pad to take the code. It was horrible and we couldn't get ahold of either of them. The whole neighborhood was being screamed at by this thing. Understated is still in so it doesn't surprise me they went with neutral throughout. I find it boring and my house looks like a rainbow and I don't care. I pick colors that make me feel good and I like. A beige or tan would depress me being in all the rooms. Sorry you didn't get to see the little ones. I emailed Thomas and asked him if he would like to go with us to a pumpkin patch in October. They have one in Hernando Mississippi that has a restaurant, hay rides, petting zoo etc. and thought he might like it.

Well, I have dusting and vacuuming to get done this morning before it gets too hot. Have a great day!


08-28-2006, 12:25 PM
Good morning, ladies. Stan's procedure went about the way the doctor expected - thank God the infection is still just in his foot an ankle so a below the knee amputation will be done. Waiting to hear about when that is scheduled for. Stan asked him to do it as soon as possible - doesn't want to know anything about it or the prognosis. Turns out Dr. knows head of Stan's home health care and he said he'd get that straightened out - nurse came Saturday full of positive outlook for getting along after the surgery and not more of this "I can heal it" crap. You can see the bone in his heal. It about grossed me out but I can't let him know that. It looks like raw meat in there. He tolerated the procedure well - after he came around again he informed me he wanted to go to Denny's when we got out of there - he slept another hour or so and then they discharged him and we went to Denny's. He ate his food and finished mine. Then I took him home and he slept most of the afternoon and evening.

Faye, I know you are on pins and needles. I'm praying for you and your dh. Stan has a card with the bar codes for all his stents on it that we have to carry at all times and show to any medical person so they know the position of the stents when they are doing anything with him. Maybe it's because they are in his leg? Don't know. Too bad you can't say this is from stress on his job and get workers comp to cover his time off. Usually disability insurance is not very expensive.

Jean, maybe the people think they'll be selling that house in a year or two so kept the decorating subdued? Who knows.

Waiting to see where the Hurricane goes ... we could sure use some rain but I don't want the weekend to be spoiled since it is the last days for Busch Gardens, Water Country, etc. They all go onto weekend only for September since all the kids who work there have returned to college.

08-28-2006, 06:58 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is cloudy and a very cool 69 degrees in my corner of the world. Talk about going from one extreme to the other! I wanted cooler, but not this cool nor this quickly. :( School was very boring today! So far very few students have needed help in study halls which makes the time periods seem to last so long for me. I can read, but that gets old too. Wish I could knit or crochet! :lol: I'm not saying anything at school because I'm sure that someone will find something else for me to do and I don't want to haul anything extra from room to room with me. :no:

"Gma" -- Do you think your carpet gets dirty quicker after each time you shampoo it? We used to have a professional come because our carpet warranty wasn't any good if we didn't have it cleaned once a year by a professional. It always looked good for a month or so and then it seemed like the traffic pattern started to attract the dirt quicker each time. I also have a husband who refuses to take his shoes off at the door! I love the smell of clean carpet! :D When we were touring the house I was thinking of all the places a cat or kid could hide if they didn't want to be found! The lady used shades of brown to decorate in each room with accents of green in some rooms and blue in others. It was pretty low key except for the little girl's room which was hot pink and lime green. Even her computer and TV were pink! In Bob's family no one shares information with anyone else! Sometimes I get really cranky because when there are babies, weddings, and showers, etc., we are the last to find out and usually can't attend the out of state ones because of the short notice. Be glad that Jack's sister doesn't live in the same city you do. ;)

Susan -- I've been thinking about you and Stan. :) I hope they can schedule his surgery soon and that all goes well. Did you get anything from Hurricane Katrina last year? I hope this hurricane fizzles before it hits land. :yes:

Guess I will go check the fridge for leftovers! Have a nice evening and a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-29-2006, 08:55 AM
Good morning everyone! It is the most humid day so far this year. Jack left his work truck keys and I called his cell and he came back to get them. I walked out to the garage to give them to him in my nightgown and was sweating when I got back to the house. It is awful outside. I thought the rain we had last night was supposed to cool things off, but it made it much much worse. I will definitely be staying indoors today!

Have you ever felt like you are on a merry go round and everyone else on it with you is dumb? I think I have solved one problem and another pops up. On Friday we got another medical authorization from that stupid local Tricare office for Jack to have physical therapy.:bomb: Now you ladies all know he is all DONE with his PT. Yesterday I got a call from a woman at the SAME PT facility wanting to schedule Jack for his appts! :crazy: It was not the same woman I usually talk to so I had to go through the WHOLE thing with her about how he has already had all 13 treatments etc. I then contacted a MasterSergeant who had taken my complaint about the local office asking her for help. I haven't heard back from her yet. THEN........last week I mailed in Jack's new prescriptions and the forms they require to fill them to Express Scripts, which is the mailorder place Tricare uses. I checked yesterday to see if they had gotten them and started to fill them because Jack is out of one of the meds. Well, yes and no! They were filling three and the other one was no where to be found. I contacted them by email asking where it was because all 4 were in the same envelope! I used the order number, gave them as much information as I could and got an email back they needed to know more information! GRRRRRRRR! :mad: Will it never stop????? The hospital did call and pre-register Jack on the phone last night for his hospital visit, so at least that was done correctly. We also got our co-pay refunded on his stress test as I am assuming you don't pay a co-pay for the procedure.

I got my South Beach book yesterday. I can follow the thing fine, but I am going to have to get some other recipes because I hate asparagus, I don't like salmon and a few other things in the Phase I recipes included in the book. I will hunt some out here to replace. I may sneak some of these past Jack, but the truth is, I am not going go be able to get him to go on Phase I because he won't give up all the carbs and he eats a limited amount of veggies so he would be repeating them constantly. I will work it all out so he eats healthy and starts dropping lbs again and so do I. He made a promise to me that he will start getting on the treadmill on Friday night, Sat and Sunday, which is fine by me. If he would do that for half an hour each of those days it would work out fine. There is no sense trying to do this until we get back from Indiana though.

Jean: Actually, I don't think the carpets get dirtier faster. It is more the smell we continually keep after. My dd's dog lived her a couple years and peed all over the place and of course, though we shampoo our dog can still smell it and will occasionally decide he is going to go in the same spot. The only time we have a problem is when the heat of the day really comes in the windows in the dining room. We clean the carpets about every 3 months religiously to keep them from getting dirt ground in. Jack takes his shoes off right after getting in the house and we don't wear shoes in the house so it is all pet stuff. Vomit is a pistol to get out of carpets even with my good spot remover. It stains until I can get it shampooed. I am thinking about buying one of the handheld style of my machine to do spot cleaning. Lord have mercy, if my sil lived anywhere near me I would have to kill myself! I must say though, that when they came through here a couple months ago she came through the door and gave me a big hug and told me how glad she was to see me as did her husband. I about fell over! She has always disliked me because I took her brother away AND I had the first grandchild AND her father and I were really really close. In other words, she was horribly jealous and for no reason. Of course, my siblings are no prize either. They are totally self absorbed.

Susan: I am so sorry Stan had to go through this mess again not to have it come out well. I agree with him. Get it done asap so he can get on to getting completely well. It is great that he seems to be eating well though. I have a ??? about South Beach. The recipes don't give portions for like meat servings that aren't part of a recipe. Should I stick to the 4-6 oz rule or what?

I hear that the washer is finished so need to go stick stuff in the dryer. Have a wonderful Tuesday girls!


08-29-2006, 03:05 PM
Faye, SB is eat until you are satisfied, not full so I start with 4-6 ounces of meat. If I'm still hungry (seldom) I'll have a few bites more. I love veggies but this wasn't always the case. I used to be corn, peas, carrots, green beans and iceberg lettuce. WW taught me to eat a wide variety of food and now I love all of them except artichoke hearts.

I like the newest SB cookbook a lot better - 30 minute recipes and they are simple and more like I cook. I find a lot of recipes in Light and Tasty and you can get them on their website. You can also get them at Kraft website and a free recipe magazine that comes out quarterly. It's well worth signing up for. Kraft has a SB section, too.

Jean, I couldn't stand not having something in my hands if I had to sit with those kids. I always have something - usually quilting or applique - going when I am sitting.

08-29-2006, 06:45 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another nice day in my neighborhood except it is warming up again. I love this weather! It was another "ho-hum" day at school and I'm beginning to wonder if it will continue. Other than travelling through the halls I have had very quiet days. I do not like eating late lunch at 12:30 because I am hungry at 11! I thought it would make the afternoon go faster, but it doesn't. Bob had a meeting this morning and went on to spend the afternoon with his mom; he plans to take her out for supper so I am on my own. :D

"Gma" -- I feel for you trying to battle the insurance industry! Good luck! :cheer: I hope you get all of Jack's prescriptions sooner rather than later. Makes you wonder what moron is opening the mail! We have a busy and slightly hilly blacktop on the south side of our lake -- there are farm fields between the lake and the road. This road is a connecting link (shortcut) from one highway on the west to another on the east. It has also become a popular bike route to go around the lake. Well, the county supervisors have decided to widen the shoulders and make bike trails on each side before someone on a bike gets killed. As luck would have it, a guy riding one of those bikes that look like you are in a recliner got hit at 9:45 the other night. :yikes: Now it is dark at that time of night and he wears black plus the bike's rear reflector is down pretty low. :rolleyes: The educated idiot is a professor at the college no less -- book smart and common sense DUMB! He was flown to a Sioux City hospital with no condition report available so no one knows how badly he was hurt . . . I would guess pretty bad if they ship him out of here to a bigger hospital.

Susan -- So far school has been pretty boring! Last year I sat in on five different classes and this year only one. I'm not complaining because my schedule can change at any time. :lol:

I am off to unload to dishwasher and make a grocery list. Have a nice evening and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-30-2006, 08:24 AM
Good morning ladies! It is a bit cooler this morning and not so humid, which is nice. Yesterday was awful. Jack came home looking like a limp dish rag. I ask him if he was unwell and he said no, just hot and sticky. He took a shower before we even had dinner.

Susan: Thanks for the info. There are veggies I really dislike like asparagus and squash, but I like most of them. That won't be a problem. I found some good recipes here at the site for breakfast and stuff. Do YOU eat regular eggs or egg beaters? I just noticed there was a lot of eggs on the phase I and wondered about cholesterol in them.

Jean: I can top that. We have bike or walking accidents where the person is BLACK and then wears all dark clothes. I have come close to hitting a couple crossing the street walking in all black in the dark. You absolutely can't see them until you get on top of them. It is a total lack of common sense. Did you get the new Penney's fall catalogue? It has some good stuff in it. I got my bedding on sale and I noticed they have it about $50 less than that now! I want to order a pair of roman shades for our bedroom to compliment the new bedding. They have a red and gold striped that will be perfect in there. I just have to get Jack to do the measuring so I can order them. I have until December though and with the hospital stuff, I just need to concentrate on that for the moment.

Well, we will know tomorrow what is going on if anything with Jack. I just want to get it over with so we know what is going on. It is tough waiting. I talked to my sister yesterday and a lady that we worked with at the law firm has a husband who only has a 10% working heart!! He refuses to go on the transplant list because he is having to work consultant and if they find out about this, he won't be offered a permanent position so they won't have any insurance. I told my sister you can always find someone worse off than you and be thankful for what you do have.

I need to get going and get my bathrooms started and the upstairs dusting done. Have a great day today!


08-30-2006, 05:52 PM
Faye, I alternate eggs, oatmeal, and cottage cheese for my breakfasts although you can eat anything for breakfast. I had some leftover ham and sliced tomatoes for breakfast this morning. I like 3/4 cup lowfat cottage cheese + 1 T. chopped walnuts and 1/2 cup diced celery - tastes like waldorf salad. When I use eggs, I use 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites, either scrambled or over easy. Since I'm on phase 2, I can also have oatmeal which I make with skim milk and chopped walnuts and a few blueberries - YUM!

Still waiting to hear when my husband's surgery might be. Talked with the doctor yesterday and he said they were getting it scheduled. It's really starting to depress me that he has to go through all this after he's been through so much. Hopefully this will get him back on his feet and enjoying life again.

We're finally getting some rain - off and on since last night. Expecting it to keep up all weekend but since we are having a drought it's needed.

Do any of you do Suduko puzzles? I love them. Keeps me busy.

08-30-2006, 06:43 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another beautiful day in my neighborhood! Oh, how I wish this weather would last for a long time! It's so nice to have windows open and fresh air in the house. School was same old thing on a different day. *sigh* WW is tonight and I'm out of the mood to go, but know that I should. Our summer pass expired last week so have to either renew online or buy the coupons again. I don't like the idea of renewing each month online.

"Gma" -- I will send positive thoughts and prayers your way. I will be thinking of you tomorrow! We have some Sudanese families in town and they are even blacker than the Negroes! If they didn't have white teeth and white around their eyes it would be scary! :lol: I am always surprised at the number of people who walk in the morning before it gets light and after dark at night, but wear dark clothing. :rolleyes: I did get the new catalog and whatever I was looking for at the time (children's winter pjs) wasn't in there! :mad: I was to go online and they weren't there either! I haven't ordered out of the catalog since our store closed and I'm still getting them for some reason. I do shop at Penneys and use my charge card to get the extra % off so maybe that is why. I would think if that guy only has 10% of his heart working, he isn't going to have to worry about having a job nor insurance.

Susan -- I hope you get a surgery date soon! It's so hard to wait! I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers your way too.

Guess I will head off to WW to face the iron monster. Have a nice evening and a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :grouphug: from Iowa!

08-30-2006, 07:42 PM
Good evening gals! I won't be able to get in here tomorrow morning as we have to be at the hospital by 6 AM so I thought I would post this evening.

Boy, I am madder than a hornet. We stopped at Krogers to pick up a couple things to take to the hospital tomorrow and I wanted to get some $1 bills for the vending machines as I wasn't sure if I was going to have to stay put for any length of time. The grocery has a Sun Trust bank in it and I walked up and ask for the bills telling the snooty woman that I needed them for the vending machines at the hospital as my husband was having a heart procedure tomorrow. She REFUSED because I didn't have an account with them :mad: . I guess they have special bills that are only able to be given to account customers! I can't believe that. You know me, I have a big mouth and I said loud enough for people to hear that I would drop dead before I had an account with them and it is pretty sad when a person can't even get change for hospital vending machines from a BANK! I went to the customer service desk of Krogers and ask them if they would change it out and they did.

Susan: I LIKE egg beaters so I will probably use them more than anything. Thanks for some of the suggestions. I am not going to start this until we get back from Indiana because it will be too hard being on Phase one and traveling and such, but I am excited. I wasn't sure I would like it, but I think I really will. It isn't as tough as people make it out to be even on Phase I. I guess if you are a huge carb eater like bread and such and sugar is hard for most people, but I can handle going without both those things. My 6 year old GRANDSON loves kid's Soduko puzzles and even helps his dad and Granddad with theirs. Jack can do the expert ones and loves the darn things too. I look at the darn thing, break out in a cold sweat and feel nauseous! :rofl: Jack has tried to get me interested, but uh-uh, just don't like them. I do like different styles of pencil puzzles though and bought myself a book of them and am taking it and a novel to the hospital with me tomorrow. The stupid catherization takes anywhere from 2-4 hours. I too, hope you guys can get a date and get this over with. The waiting is the worst. Face it, do it, then get on with your life. I am sure your poor husband is at that point in all of this mess, bless his heart.

Jean: Hope the ole :goodscale was good to you tonight. Sounds like you have SUCH exciting school days. I noticed the new catalogue was mostly home furnishings it looked like. I am always looking for something in that realm for one room or another. I did find a nice shirt, tie and dockers for my son for his birthday in October in an earlier one though. I just have to remember to sit down and order the darn thing.

I am supposed to have the director of the Tennessee Tricare office calling me about this whole insurance mess. I plan on nicely letting her know that the crazy woman at the local office needs to be fired. At this point, I just want them to pay the bills and be done with it. We have never had a problem with Tricare until this. They have always paid on time and we have never had any kind of issues except when I fell in the restaurant and we couldn't get an orthopedic surgeon that would take Tricare to see me because there were third party issues. That wasn't Tricare's fault.

I guess I better get things around for tomorrow. We are planning ahead in case he has to stay and taking a pair of clean undies, socks, and pj's along with his puzzle book.

Oh, Jack called me this morning and said his boss, the maintenance supervisor, went to the doctor thinking he had the flu since last Friday (this was on Monday.) His blood pressure was 280/190!! The doctor called an ambulance and said he was being taken straight to the hospital, which happened to be across the street from his doctor's. He said he wanted to go to St Francis, which is the hospital we use and is over here by us; about 8 miles away. The doctor told him no, that he wouldn't live to get to the hospital if they brought him here. I can't believe with blood pressure like that and probably like that the whole weekend the man didn't just stroke out and die! He is in intensive care and isn't even well enough to do any kind of procedures on him. Even a catherization has to wait until next week when he is stable! I guess he is a light one from the one your smoking kind of cigarette smoker and about 100 lbs overweight so I am sure that contributed to any problem he had too. Poor man, I do feel for him and his family.

I need to go and put away the basket of laundry. You gals have a great Thursday and I will let you know asap how things went. Thanks for all the good thoughts!


08-31-2006, 05:36 PM
Faye, I hope the results are good for you today. Still waiting for dh surgery date. It's amazing at what poor shape people can be in and still walking around.

Jean, now that Labor Day is here, WW will be crowded for the next few weeks with all those who want to get some pounds off before the holidays.

Rain is continuing, predicted all the way through next Tuesday so I guess our drought will be over.

08-31-2006, 07:25 PM
Well gals, things could have gone a LOT better. The blockage is below his current stent and as such they could neither get a good ultrasound nor could the doctor even get a 1 mm wire through the catheter and the blockage so he has to have double bypass surgery. I guess the doctor said because he couldn't see to put another stent in he would be doing it blind and that would be too dangerous.

He sees the vascular surgeon on Tuesday for a consult. He had to have his neck veins ultrasounded too to make sure he has no blockage in his neck so he doesn't stroke out.

The money situation is going to be ugly, but looks like my dd and sil are going to pay our mortgage for a couple months until he can get back to work. With this, we may be able to eek it out ok if I make no mistakes and pay all the bills ahead through November. Thank God for the Navy Retirement or we would be totally sunk. We just have to get the doctor to wait until the 11th to do the surgery, which is a week from Monday.

Thanks for the prayers lady, I sure do need them. I am so ashamed that I have totally fallen apart with this and I wanted to be so strong for Jack and take as much burden off him as I could.

Hugs to you all! Faye

08-31-2006, 07:42 PM
Faye: The prayers will continue! It may seem bleak at the moment but after the surgery when Jack is back to his old self it will be a whole new world. That is so good the your dd & sil will help you out during this difficult time. It is alright to fall apart a bit and I know how strong you are so that won't last long. During this whole time remember to also take care of yourself. Gloria