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08-23-2006, 04:30 PM
Yes that age old question: To Core or to Flex :?:

I was not sure which of the WW forums to post this on so I picked "General" and "Core"

I have recently joined WW again and it has been a real help to me. I have not even buckled down to sticking to the plans exactly yet but I have already lost some weight. Which is a Blessing because over the past few months I was GAINING. So I am so HAPPY that for the time being I have STOPPED the gaining.

Just knowing that I am going to a meeting to be WEIGHED is making me more MINDFULL of what I am eating. :hungry:

I also love the new Monthly Pass. I am eager to use the e-tools online and to try out several different meetings so I can get different ideas from different leaders. Each leader has wonderful inspiring things to say.

I also like getting ideas from other WW members sitting in the meetings.

I am still not completely decided on whether to do POINTS or CORE:?: . Right now I think I am sort of doing a combination of the two. I have learned not to say this to any of the leaders because they definitely NIX combining the two plans.

As time goes buy I am going to buckle down and stick to the plans more Exactly than I am right now. But I am happy that right now I am staying away from BAD foods (like "White" foods and Sugar and High Fat and Fried etc). I am also more mindful of my portion sizes and started to drink more Crystal light. I know pure WATER is better than Crystal Light but I am trying to be more realistic this time and drinking a LOT of plain water is hard for me.

I am also trying to get rid of my ALL or NOTHING mentality. If I "slip" a bit I don't want to trash the rest of the day. I know some folks on these forums talk about PROGRESS as opposed to PerFECTION and right now that is getting me started in the right direction.

As time goes by I am hoping to get better and stick more faithfully and exactly to one of the two plans.

Question 1:Is there anyone else who finds that just going to the meetings and getting WEIGHED and listening to the leader's messages helps them to WATCH what they are eating (even if they are not sticking to the plans EXACTLY).

Question 2: Is there anyone else who sort of COMBINES the two WW plans?

Thanks, Pooke (This is my first post in a really long time!):)

08-24-2006, 03:59 PM
Sorry - wrong Forum- :p I realize now this should have gone on the WW General Forum. That is where I am getting the responses. Thanks "OnTarget" Sandra for your PM. See you around, Pookie