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08-22-2006, 12:29 PM
Seems Appropo for all our Mamacows no?

08-22-2006, 12:48 PM
Well, while I never intend to quit my love affair with caffeine, I will need lots of it to get through the CALFeine withdrawal... :coffee:

Little darling has apparently made a lot of progress on her packing -- her room went from a disaster area 2 days ago to all picked up
and nearly empty today.


08-22-2006, 12:55 PM
The calves are so smarty pants about becoming ... hmmmm ... independent. DS does not miss me. Returned my phone calls late last night and only then to ask if I'd mailed something and WHEN was I picking him for Labor Day??? Like he can't get a ride.

Shots you are so clever. You could get a job at a newspaper thinking of headlines and cutlines.


08-22-2006, 02:04 PM
hey, y'all. too depressing reading about all these empty nests. i still have one at home, but only for another 9 months. can't stand thinking about it. talk to at least one of my dd's every day.....younger dd seems happy to talk forever....somehow that makes me miss her more.

got a great job offer at a new store opening up here and turned it down!!!! made me think about my present job and realize that i really like it....and i like the flexibility of being able to take off whenever....a management position would pay a lot more but tie me down. also new store is lingerie, loungewear etc (Soma, Chico's newest baby), and I don't think i'd like fitting bras all day, nor would i get the same satisfaction from selling underwear that i do putting together a great outfit for someone.

all of you are being so brave about the calfs.

peachy, will there be enough sub work to warrent quitting day job? total drag if day job prevents doing what you really want.

painty, better living thru pharmacuticals....that's my motto!!!!

schatz...what's happening with property seeking? i'm at work today from 3 on....come visit me.

have to go help dh with taxes stuff....thank god for extensions.

love to all

08-23-2006, 12:47 AM
I seem to have missed saying hi to you Painty. Hi! I wish you luck on therapy. Food has been my most steadfast ally.
What else is there? I am reminded of something my mom went through quite a long time ago, and I think could be true of anyone: she went on a very successful diet program, lost enough weight to make a significant difference in her appearance and the way she felt physically -- only to find herself overwhelmed by depression. I'm sure it's not at all unusual for overeating to mask depression, but it was so clear and obvious, that it made her deal with it finally.

What else is there? That's the challenge, isn't it?

I've decided that my weight problem is a response to my own fear of rejection - i.e. just in case you reject me, it will be because I'm overweight, not for any better reason. Protective armor, eh?

Sorry, got on topic there for a second. Phew. Won't let that happen again...

Hi Frappe -- I remember last year this time, thinking of only one more year of DD being at home. That freaked me out almost as much as this one more day. Of course with one more day there's only so much you can do, lots less pressure than one more month, or one more year.

DD's bf came over this afternoon after accompanying his little bro to the Big City for his 2nd (and hopefully final) surgery on his hand. Little bro is doing fine. Anyway, bf stopped by and never left. Helped DD with some chores, went shopping with her for groceries, came back and stayed for dinner, went for a walk with her and the 2 of them stood on the dock as the sun set, went out for ice cream with us, came back and hung out some more, went for a ride together, and finally managed to part company for the evening. Lord, I felt like I should get out the violin... I'm torn between finding it amusing and finding it unbearably sweet.

And oh yes, that was an excellent meal by the way. DH has been doing a good deal of grilling lately -- tonight he grilled salmon with my special sauce. yummmm.

Must go up and commune with the packing.


08-23-2006, 12:11 PM
i need the special sauce for your salmon!!!---okay----this is one depressing week isn't it girls---today i am faced with this---Published Text
08/23/2006 BYRNE, GEORGE - In loving memory of George Byrne who passed away August 23, 2002. George was a wonderful husband, father and son. He was a great brother and uncle - a true friend to us all. We miss him so much. FROM WIFE MARGO, DAUGHTER SARAH, SONS PATRICK AND EDDIE, FAMILY AND FRIENDS---

[The Telegraph-Journal]-----it is hard to believe that it's four years ago today but i just read last week that ANOTHER forty-something man [tourist] who has three kids drowned in a riptide on Prince Edward Island -----stupid government won't put up warning signs cause it might damage tourism----the locals were on the news saying they were tired of visitors drowning and THEY were going to post their own signs---- SORRY TO DEPRESS,BUT IT SEEMS LIKE THE WEEK FOR IT!!!!--------------------------------kiwonk=----we are all thinking of youse guys this week---and peachers seems to be hanging in there so good luck kiddo and what a marvellous adventure for your baby!!!! { you can help me when i start freaking out about the overseas term coming up---stepdd leaves for Scotland in a few days!!!!}

08-23-2006, 01:21 PM
Bagz, I was just thinking it was this time of year when you lost your BIL. How is your sis coping? So very sad. :hug:

We are a depressing lot lately. Depressing or depressed. One and the same I suppose. I want you cows who's babies are flying the pasture to start thinking of this being a good time for you - time to focus only on what you want. Time to be deliciously selfish and self indulgent.

Painty, please write with any insights as to what the pyschological fix is for this eating until I pop. I understand that we will change only when the alternative is either so intolerable or the change is so inticing that we take action.

I took yesterday off to babysit my lil darlin'. She's sooo smoochable. She also totally wears me out. I went home at 1 pm and napped until 4 pm, then went to bed at my usual time and slept like a log.

Frappe, I want you to come and put together outfits for me. I'm a fashion dunce. I'm also always waiting to buy the really nice clothes for when I'm thin and lovely. So instead I'm fat and poorly dressed. I love to watch What Not to Wear. I should elect myself for it. I still haven't bought new cowgirl duds for the big rodeo next month. I've got to stop putting it off, b/c I don't seriously think I'm going to drop 20 pounds in the next 3 weeks and fit into my old clothes. At least my old boots fit. I think.

Schatzi, any new properties in consideration? DH is still trying to work on me about the place we saw the other day. He doesn't look at the house - he only has eyes for the huge shop and the land. I hope we don't strangle each other over this house shopping. If only he'd see things my way, then everything would be fine. ;)

Have we heard from Sugar?

08-23-2006, 01:59 PM
It's hard for me to believe it was 4 years ago too. Are they doing alright these days? I'm glad the locals are up in arms about the drownings. You would think that the gov't would have a few qualms about letting people drown as a cost of the tourism industry...

Your stepdd is leaving in a few days???? Yikes, where the heck does the time go? It sounds like such a great experience for her (yeah, keep trying to think of that)!

I did a search through my posts to see if I had posted my salmon recipe somewhere, and was surprised that I hadn't. I didn't think there was much that I don't blab about, but anyway here it is. It's from the Frugal Gourmet and it's definitely my favorite. You mix together the sauce and brush it on all sides if it is steaks or skinless fillets, or just on top with fillets with skin on. Can be broiled or grilled, a few minutes on each side (or 10 minutes or so for skin-on); be sure to oil the pan or grill (or brush some sauce on the pan first, it's plenty oil enough). Brush sauce on again when you turn them.
2 Tablespoons olive oil
1 Tablespoon soy sauce
1/8 teaspoon dill
dash of ground clove
1/2 Tablespoon lemon juice
This is enough for 2 steaks, I doubled it last night for 3 big fillets and it was more than enough.

I will go check that and make sure I got it right. Right now I'm starving and I think there's a little leftover grilled salmon if DD hasn't scarfed it down already...


08-23-2006, 04:58 PM
Thanks Kiwonkers!!! i will be trying that out SOON!!!!---i looooooove salmon!!---thanks for asking about my sis girls-----she is doing okay but even when things are "okay" i guess i just keep remembering how great a dad George was and it's like that missing piece that can never be replaced ----for those kids especially----reminds me of all the families of the 9-11 attack---there were SO many young fathers and mothers lost--so many children affected.; ANYway----enough depression for NOW_--i think Painty should be able to help us looose some weight---Painty--you are in charge of passing on your knowledge!!!! i think i overeat cause i am down in the dumps and overwhelmed by all the things i should be doing [and NOT doing!!!! like cleaning up this dump,doing laundry,paperwork for the shop--CLEANing the damn shop!!!}-----eating is a balm!!!!-----------------okay kiwonk-----tomorrow all the positive vibes are headed your way---enjoy this evening with your lovely girl~!!!xoxoox

08-24-2006, 04:49 PM
I'm upset that Pluto has been downsized. If you can't count on the planets remaining the same, what can you count on???

I bought 2 pair of pants yesterday in a size that I have never worn in my life. I could have shoehorned myself into the size smaller, but what would that have accomplished, really? :( WW's is looming. I'm so upset with myself that I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do something, but do something I must. Doing otherwise is not an option. Hey, I have an idea --- howz about we all actually get serious about loosing some weight????

08-24-2006, 05:10 PM
i guess i just keep remembering how great a dad George was and it's like that missing piece that can never be replaced ----for those kids especially--I know what you mean. In our extended family, we lost 4 fathers in the space of about 10 years or less; mine, and incredibly 3 of my brothers-in-law. It's one of the things that I think made DD different from most kids -- she had been to many funerals before most kids had ever known anyone who died. But of course the effect on her was nothing compared to the kids who lost their fathers so young -- in the case of my BILs, 5 kids all told. The kids are all doing quite well, but I don't doubt that there are scars that they'll take with them.

Well, not to get all serious and everything. I really just popped in here to say that DD left this morning at 7:15. We took her over to BF's house at 6:30 so they could all say goodbye and feed us doughnuts and coffee. It was good. DD was all teary, but she had her big strong shoulder to cry on all the way to Boston so I'm sure she'll be fine. I managed to keep it together until I got home, then I just felt sick for hours. Haven't heard from her yet, she should be checked in right about now and BF will have left to go visit his twin. So maybe I'll hear from one of them soon.

I hesitate to even relate this -- you'll think my life is caving in -- it's really not, it's just weird as usual: DH announced when we got home this morning that he was going to spend a couple of days on the sailboat. :rolleyes: But I actually think he needs some time to himself, he was so grim all morning (probably a reflection of my face too). And he did at least ask if I was going to be all right. :shrug: I'll deal.

Anyway, today so far I have stripped the bedding off DD's bed, took her down stuff to the cleaners, walked the dog and washed the car. You've heard of nesting? Apparently I got it backwards, I'm unnesting.

Later, kids


08-24-2006, 05:12 PM
Hey, I have an idea --- howz about we all actually get serious about loosing some weight????Well, I'd rather discuss planets, but sure, let's loooose some of this here flab. You first. :lol:


08-24-2006, 06:15 PM
Grim and Grimmer...

Wabby, I'm in ! I'm in a 2 pound challenge, and it is motivating me.. so I'll be yer Blubber Buddy. :hug: I'm doing a hybrid of SouthBeach/WW/Calorie Counting ...

Kiwi, you must feel meloncholy today..I hug you too :hug:

Bagz... sorry to hear about your BIL.. The acuteness of the pain lessens but the sorrow never leaves..:hug:

ohhhh alright I :grouphug: youse all!

I went on a job interview 3 hours away yesterday.. I told these Headhunters when they set me up fer this thing that I am not in a position to relocate...soooo, what do you think? After they pick my brain fer 2 hours, it is located there...3 hours away--one way.. When I was done my brain and hair hurt. And my big butt was sore from sitting on it driving 6 hours and 2 hours there..

We are renewing the rental fer at least 10 months or the year.. The land search has stalled fer now...

I'm making Gawampki's ( stuffed cabbage) and mashed potatos for DH... I will have a steak salad... and a blueberry smoothie fer dessert...

08-24-2006, 07:22 PM
Thanks for the hugs, Schatzi. Should I hope you don't get that job? 3 hours is insane, even just for an interview. Unless of course they might have anything closer.

I need to pass this along:
I only knew it was you by your aviator pic. Not a quote from anyone I know; I happened across it in another forum. I added that one to my collection of "Luluisms", named after a former co-worker who could really come up with some humdingers. Here's one of my favorites from my file:
(2 people surprised to see each other in a local store) -- "This must be a good place to conjugate!"
Swear to God. Heard it with my own 2 eyes, as Lulu would say.

Here's what I'm having for dindin (


08-24-2006, 08:28 PM
Awwww, Kiwi, here's one from me too. :hug: I bet DH is dealing the best he knows how, too. I think when our kids moved out it was harder on DH than it was on me. Of course, I can't even compare b/c our kidlets are both less than 20 minutes away.... but the house was still pretty quiet.

You heifers sound serious about loosing. I didn't know you'd take me up on it. We're going for a 5 day road trip, and the day we get back you're on - I'm signing back up at WW's on Wednesday, August 30th. Sooooo see yas when I get home..... and in case the boogie man is lurking, Gpa J and the doggies will still be home.

Kiwi, I call those a Ray El's. DH is famous for murdering the language and Ray El's is his code name. I'll tell you why some day. :dizzy:

See ya dizzy babes when I get back!!!! toodles!

08-24-2006, 11:41 PM
kiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii------------------------------thought about you all day long--you and peachers----------------------------you are having a 44 calorie meal by yourself---i would be into the cream pies by now----or the biscuits and jam---when i am down i make a whole pan of tea biscuits and eat them ALL----i think i better make some now before wabby gets back and puts us all on a diet------hi shatz~~ that interview sounded PAINful!!! forget it!!! xoxox i am zonked---think i am getting a cold ---good night dears~

08-25-2006, 04:06 PM
Have a great road trip, Wabs. Don't feel you have to eat everything just because you're going on a diet when you get wouldn't do that, would you? Heh. I would.

Don't worry, Bagz, I added a chunk of kielbasa to balance out all those vitamins and stuff...

I am so lethargic today. I blame the fact that I was motivated enough to go get my routine blood test thingamig done this morning. Had to fast 12 hours for the cholesterol test, and then they drew 3 vials of blood. Sheesh. Had a chocolate bar and a chicken pot pie for lunch. :rolleyes: Well, at least I'm done with that.

I fixed my piano bench and my vacuum last night. How ambitious of me. Now if I can rustle up enough energy, I'll finish tuning my piano and actually be able to use it. That would be nice.

Everything I do makes me feel sad, though. What a bore I am. Maybe instead of tuning the piano, I'll go get drunk with my dog friend up the lake.... Not a dog actually, a person who has dogs that play with Jet. Just in case you were worried about a dog drinking..:dizzy:

Where's Peachie poo? Did she get a sub job yet?

Oh yeah, heard from the kids yesterday. DDbf called me after he left DD at school. She called at 11 PM while waiting for the shower. They spent a couple of hours wandering around the campus before she had to check in with her program. She finally learned what she'll be doing this week. They are sleeping in a church hall not far from the campus and working in a nursing home -- anything from painting some rooms to taking residents out on errands to organizing activities with them.


Cherry Cow
08-25-2006, 07:55 PM
I can't post. When I hit backspace, my post goes away. I can't type without hitting backspace. Grr.

08-26-2006, 06:04 AM
I think I found a mate for Kiwi's Rosie... meet Robbie!

I'm sorry yer feelin bleu Kiwi.. While they say alcohol is a depressant I say go have some margies on the lake this weekend! Glad that DD arrived safely. She's probably soooo exxxcited!

I'm sure Wabbo is having a wonderful time... PEACHERS WHERE ART THOU!! Baggysaggypants feel better darlin ... Cherry cow Whose been messin with that backspace!!!

I may be related to Lulu and Ray... Here's one exchange to amuse..
Here's the scene: My gfren and I were taking a walk after lunch around the Corporate grounds in the Fall...
Act 1
Shatz: I love the Fall, the autumn foilage is so beautiful!
gfren: what, like the when the trees get all tin foily?
Schatz: Whaddaya mean?
gfren: It's Folliage .... we :rofl:

Act 2
We continue our walk, which in Jersey includes dodging those bloody spitting, pooping mean Canada Geese..

Schatz: Hmmpf, I wish these things would immigrate already
gfren: Oooh, I didn't know that geese have passports....

I like to make up words too. :yes: surprised?

08-26-2006, 05:41 PM
shatzi--you are insane---that is exactly why you fit in so well!!---KIWI---- drinking is certainly a distraction that in my opinion is well worth the effort at the time and maybe "not so much" later on {the next morning}---go for it---i do remember the only thing that made me feel "okay" about the nest vacating situation was the fact that the 'evacuee' was having such a GRAND time----that does help i think---i wonder how peachds is making out---he's been there for a week right???---drink up,me darlin!!

08-27-2006, 01:57 PM
I can't post. When I hit backspace, my post goes away. I can't type without hitting backspace. Grr.I've had weird things like that happen to me too. I'm pretty sure it has to do with some web page or software resetting my keyboard options temporarily because it always clears up after rebooting.

Schatzi, I love the immigration of the goose population, or in this case I guess we should encourage them to emigrate. When we had a trailerable sailboat, sometimes we used to go launch it in Moosehead Lake about an hour away from here and the boat ramp area and parking area were some sort of magnet for geese. Every inch of the grassy areas was covered with nasty goose poop (for those who haven't had the pleasure: it's the size of cat poop but much more disgusting). It would have been such a nice place to hang out if not for that. I've heard of some places where they hire herding dogs to keep the place clear of wild geese. Jet would love that! We don't get geese in any quantity around here though for some reason :crossed:

Bagz, you're such a bad influence...:thanks: I did go visit and waste the rest of the day on the beach watching the dogs chase each other and getting comfortably numb. Sometimes you just have to follow your instincts, eh?

Yesterday we went to the American Folk Festival in the big city. That was very good as usual, saw some killer piano players, and Throat Singing which was fascinating.

Talked to DD last night. She had spent the day gardening at the nursing home they are working at. :eek: That's a first! Today they will be exploring Boston.

Apparently the first night when they were still at the college gym, they had a visit from the weirdos who were heading out on the wilderness trip the next day -- a parade au naturel in the dark. Yes, I am serious. I do not know how you convince that many 18 year olds to streak, but hey, I'm glad mine was a spectator and not a participant. It is so comforting to know that the old traditions are held up for the next generation -- in 1973 on the very same campus in my freshman year we were treated to one of the first streakers any had ever of. Of course he was in broad daylight. How proud am I...


08-27-2006, 04:09 PM
THAT PROGRAM CERTAINLY SOUNDS INTERESTING KIWONKERS!!!!--- i am not quite sure how this works---what is the reasoning behind the nursing home assignment??? it is a wonderful thing to do,but i have never heard of such a thing around here----do ALL freshmen have to partake?? certain faculties???--how is it listed on the cirriculum??? DO TELL!!!---all the kids around here do is party and maybe stand on the sidewalk selling shoe shines and buttons for some charity-----{shinerama for Cystic Fibrosis---dd22 just tole me}sooooooooooo ---this is the big week around here----step dd 20 leaves for Scotland tomorrow---step dd starts first year ,dd starts third year,dd22 starts 3 and a half year {she took time off}----the house will be empty by next sunday except for the ds and dh and dd22 who is here sporadically----------------the washing machine may even get a twenty-four hour respite---that thing deserves a medal for all the work it's done this summer-------------speaking of the washer,the clothes need a foldin and the bed needs a makin----CARRY ON COWS.

08-28-2006, 04:15 PM
no cow is in the pasture... cept me.....
word for the day


used as following: WOW , this is Scalloping hot!

Genus: a mix of the words Scald and Gallop.

Meaning: When something is so hot that by touch causes one to hop around to try, unsuccessfully to cool oneselfs fingers tongue or throat.


08-28-2006, 04:21 PM
scalloped edges on sheets and blouses were started by a seamstress who was so hot she couldn't cut/sew straight.

scallops from the sea were invented when God got too hot to make anything I'd like to eat like broccolini.

This man I know got email from me about my computer problem and responded with "sounds like you want male company." I didn't answer for a week but finally told him I'd get back to him when DS comes home to give me more info. Told him I was depressed. He called to "cheer" me up. I learned all sorts of stuff about him but was not cheered up.

08-28-2006, 04:25 PM
PEEEEEEEEACHERS :hug: :hug: Ive Misssssed you :hug: :dance: :dance:

I think scalloped edging was "invented" by tailors who couldn't sew straight.

08-29-2006, 01:20 AM
Everyone who does not post on Tuesday must gain two extra lbs as a fine.

I would like scalloped taters.

I have this ex-sil who was paying child support for ex as he couldn't remember to do so. So confusing that it's apparently her own money she's been sending. I dont' get that at all so I asked one of the aunt's to explain. She forwarded my email to the exsil who had already told me she was stopping the check business this month. I emailed exsil to tell her that the check did not come ... I thought she'd want to know it was lost somewhere. She said that when I emailed her aunt, her responsibility to me ended. Can you believe that?

I mean this. She had no responsiblity to MMEEEEEE but to DS. Still, no one has explained why she has been sending her money and not his and no one will tell me why I'm not allowed to speak to the aunt. They are so jealous!! Both DS and his sis do not want me to speak to others in that family. There was nothing in the email to p*ss her off so .. she's just ... weird and I'm out the money.

Cherry Cow
08-29-2006, 01:25 AM
I'm here! Can't afford to gain two extra pounds!

(Oh, now I can backspace. Odd.)

I'm all excited because I'm going to get some cute new lunchboxes. I've been bringing my lunch to school lately, and it seems to be working out. So now, I need one of these (

Peaches, that's so strange about your ex-SIL.

I like scalloping hot! A few years ago, my boss and I invented a new term while IM-ing. "Snuckle." A combination of a snicker and a chuckle.

Gotta go. Weights at 5:30am. This is my second week of getting up at 5:30am to exercise, but now I don't have to get up at 3:00am to work.

08-29-2006, 02:33 AM
That's a WONDERFUL site, Cherry. I want one, too. They make lunch-taking sound appetitzing.

08-29-2006, 04:53 AM
It finally rained here a bit yesterday and today. It would be nice if it rained tomorrow, too. The temperature is FINALLY below 80. Even at 2 am. (I have no idea WHY I am still up at 2 am... maybe the iced tea after dinner.)

I saw a new therapist. She zeroed in on self-esteem and "worth" issues. I like her. Nevertheless, it's going to be a challenge to find comfort that isn't chocolate covered.

DS passed his state teaching licensing exam in MA and starts teaching next week. His fiance started work today.

08-29-2006, 11:20 AM
yay painty!!---good for ds and fiance----nothing like starting new jobs!!!---fresh young people--they are so lovely!!!--and your therapist---can she come to the cowshed and help us all out????----i have friends who live in Texas--they come up here to run in marathons cause it's alot cooler!!----CHERRY!!!---could you please get us doing weights again!!!--i keep looking at them in the corner and willing them to appear in my hands!!!---imagine thinking that getting up at five thirty is "late" haha!!! love it---i want one of those laptops for ds to take to school but i don't want to get slapped with duties---i must see if they have them in Canada---they look great--i think Tupperware might have something like that------WHERE IS KIWI??? I HOPE SHE HAS RECOVERED FROM HER MARGIE-FEST!!!! COME BACK HERE AND REPORT WHAT IS UP!!!----AND OF COURSE PEACHERS--THAT TWO POUND FINE HAS EVERYONE COMING OUT OF THE WOODWORK---- child support issues!!! i hear ya!!!----in canada they stop at 19 years----ds isn't 19 yet----what are the legal ramifications of her nutty remarks???? is there an agreement??? pain in the arse that is!!

08-29-2006, 12:47 PM
Things here usually stop at age 18. I don't think it's in the paperwork.

I got my hair cut this morning by ... MUFFIE ARE YOU HERE??? ... a person of another race. I was complaining about not getting it cut the way I ask and this woman at work said she knows someone who's good with mixed-race hair and might be good with mine so I went and it'sssss the best haircut in a while. I will send photos.

Sugar has jetlag but I hope she posts so she doesn't have to put those two lbs. on her bottom.

08-29-2006, 06:29 PM
So far the only words or wizdom I got from Tx session were "Defy the notion that you don't deserve to eat" and "keep a food log." I tend to mutter to self that I don't deserve to eat if I've done anything subpar... whether it's failing to do the dishes, fold clothes, clean the cat box, or finished all the previous day's leftovers. and of course then I'm really hungry later... so I'll eat anything that doesn't move.
I'm illustrating my food journal this time. It's much more fun. After lunch (Corner Bakery: 1/2 chopped Salad) I drew a picture of a questionmark on a plate... because I have no idea whether I ate enough. since I'm writing things down, of course, I'm trying to eat "right" so Doctor Dearest doesn't scold me. I know she wouldn't scold me... do you think I got scolded for whatever I ate in the past?! Ha! of course! And for those of you new to this thread, since I had the Mother of all Mothers, I got scolded both for what I did eat and what I didn't eat. Hard to win.

08-29-2006, 06:40 PM
kiwi ---you better post or you will be up two pounds by midnight!!! hurry up!!!---painty---of course you deserve to eat----we need to turn off those voices in our heads enjoy our years on this insane planet---it's crazy----and as far as i know- there is no FOOD in the afterlife {why bother attending i say!}

08-29-2006, 07:22 PM
Oooops! Looks like I got the 2 lbs! Or is it only past midnight where I am? I never know if the 3fc clock is right. Yes, I have humongous jet lag and feel like my head is going to fall off. Would like to sleep but must run back to school errands all day because school starts on Thursday! Blehhh. And whooooo!

Will catch up with all the reading tomorrow and divulge details of my trip, which was fabulous, of course.

08-29-2006, 10:29 PM
Sugar, you're home!!! This puter says you posted at 6:22 PM Tuesday, so you have saved your bacon, so to speak. And so have I, through pure dumb luck, because PEOPLE, I'VE BEEN ON THE ROAD ALL DAY! Goodness, good thing I checked the puter in the lobby at the motel or I would not have fit it my khakis tomorrow! And I have to go to a Legacy Reception tomorrow on them thar khakis.

We are unloading DD's stuff tomorrow morning early, then there are things we can go to all day and we skedaddle out of there at 4:30. We are hanging around Boston though, because we are going to pick up a friend's son at the airport at 11PM and deliver him to his parents up in Maine.

Cowpea, those people are right out of their gourds if you ask me. It seems to me if she is willing to take on her brother's debts, she would not have a problem with you asking a simple question about it. You might want to point out that the kid now has even more expenses as he is trying to get edumacated so he can avoid being a freaked out weirdo when he grows up. Oh, I suppose they might take offense at that. :lol:

Good going on all those excellent efforts, Cherry and Painty. When are we going to join you? I'm hoping that after we finally get DD settled in and get back home, DH will start thinking about what to do with the rest of his life and maybe I'll get the chance to do something with mine without having to trip over him in the living room every live-long day. A RLfriend is taking 2 medical transcription courses at the local tech school thinking that she might be able to do freelance transcription for a living. Anyone remember that lady on SystemGoddess that married the guy she met online and posted all her wedding photos -- she did that for a living. Anyway my friend wants me to take these with her. I kinda doubt I will, but it's a thought. I think I should tune pianos for a paltry living if I'm going to have to work anyway...

Peachie, you had me almost embarrass myself in this lobby laughing at the "mixed-race hair" comment. Really.

In my town, the hairdressers don't work on Monday. I tried to get a haircut yesterday while waiting for my car to be worked on, but the 2 I could walk to were closed. Then I went to the dry cleaners to pick up DD's featherbed and down comforter only to find out they had not cleaned them, and they didn't have time to do it either before I had to head out of town. Small town life.. Oy

Well, gotta go, someone wants the puter. Later


08-30-2006, 02:07 AM
I am sorry to have to report that Shots is two pounds heavier.

What is a featherbed? I thought it was a mattress but sounds like it's not.

08-30-2006, 02:08 PM
Hi cowsies! I'm back to the pasture. I see every cow's holding up despite the empty nests. I think a little temporary margie therapy is called for, Kiwi. Since Peach doesn't imbibe we need to think of something different for her... chocolate therapy perhaps.

We had a good trip. We went to Port Townsend on the Olympic peninsula, and to Westport and Longbeach on the southern Washington coast. Weather was wonderful, food was yummy and way too plentiful. It's good to be home.

My favorite LULU of all time was when Gpa Jim said he was surprised that my nephew's wife was pregnant b/c he heard she'd had problems with her "virginia". :rofl:

Time to catch up on some work around here. The bookkeeping fairy hasn't been keeping up while I've been away.

08-30-2006, 05:05 PM
Kiwi... where did DD settle? Brown? or actually IN Boston? My DD lives in the North End. She was less than thrilled at the apparent mid-night run of the St. Lucy's Day parade Monday Night. Drums and a marching band by her window after she was in bed... and then fireworks. Those Italians, whaddayagonnado?

Still not sure when/if I "deserve" to eat... but I've managed NOT to eat after dinner or after DH does to bed. If I could just stop "sneaking" food I'd probably drop 50 pounds. (And now, until I started logging my food, I had conveniently managed not to notice what, when and why I was stuffing my face.):twirly:

It is cool enough (finally) that I may take a walk before dinner.
Of course that doesn't mean we can forego replacing one of the AC units. I think that money was my New England Thanksgiving trip. :tantrum: Maybe I can earn enough to go anyway... there's an idea!! Except taxes are due in two weeks.:coach: :coach: :coach:

08-31-2006, 10:49 AM
can anyone relate to being upset by something but not wanting to talk about it because of not wanting any advice or opinion? It involves DS and Labor Day and travel and lack of communication.

Sneaking food .. I guess that's what you do when you live with someone who notices. ?

08-31-2006, 02:49 PM
Do you want to talk about it, but don't want advice or opinions? We can do that. :hug:

You'll be shocked to learn that I didn't go sign up at WW's yesterday. Stand by for news on that -- maybe tonight --- or would that just be silly to do before Labor Day weekend and the soon to follow hoedown at the d*mn rodeo? Can you tell I don't want to go?

What are all the 'mericans plans for the Labor Day weekend?

p.s. everybody else too - I forget if anyone else celebrates this holiday? You'd think I'd know after all this time.

08-31-2006, 03:58 PM
we have labOUR day wabs--long weekend---all the gang are headed to university this weekend so that will be the plan---talk away peach---we will listen!!

Cherry Cow
09-01-2006, 01:40 AM
I'm off to Iowa for the weekend, where I will eat very few plant-based foods and a whole lot of foods that are deep fried. I wish that sounded appealing to me.

Cherry Cow
09-01-2006, 12:20 PM
But before I go to Iowa, I have to clean the house. I love DH and appreciate everything he does, but every time I ask him to help clean the house, he does a couple of loads of laundry and calls it done... and I still have to put them away!! Gr! So this morning, I'm decluttering and organizing and this afternoon, I'm cleaning. I will check in more if anyone is interested.

Peachie, vent away!

09-01-2006, 01:09 PM
What is a featherbed? I thought it was a mattress but sounds like it's not.Technically I suppose it's a mattress, but in construction it's a lot like a down comforter. It makes a nice thick top over a regular mattress -- about 4 inches thick, but squishable enough to put an extra deep sheet over it. You can fold it half without much trouble, and you can fold it again sort of; if that helps you picture it.

DD is at Tufts, Painty. A few miles west of downtown Boston, in Medford/Somerville. During her pre-orientation course, they spent some time exploring Boston, and she was very excited about all the places they went. She was even able to show her group to one place she knew, a pastry shop in the North End where we'd been a couple of times.

We got back yesterday from our marathon driving and unloading trip. My computer has been acting up so I had to wait until DH installed a new power supply before I could come by and post. DD is settling in nicely, she had made several friends in pre-orientation and loved working with the nursing home residents! I think she may volunteer there some more or at least attend some of their events. This was a brilliant program they devised -- the group had to sleep in a church sunday school room, and make their own meals with a limited budget, make their way around the area and in and out of Boston on foot and by public transportation, and work with these folks in the nursing home, doing something different every day. I think it made the kids pull together as a group and make fast friendships. I was impressed. It reminded me of some of the reality tv shows like Real World or Big Brother, only nobody got voted out... :lol:

Now she's in a different group -- her advising group, with which she will be taking a seminar all year. She meets with her adviser today and registers for classes tomorrow. Busy busy busy. Her roommate seemed very nice and interesting. They will probably get along very well. As long as DD doesn't trash her own side of the room -- looked like the roomie was pretty neat and organized. DD goes both ways so to speak. After all, she has my messie genes.

Painty, I can identify with the food sneaking. I wouldn't say it's a matter of exactly eating in secret, just that you don't want DH or others to notice that you are late night snacking or whatever your particular vice is, because you are embarrassed by it. That's why I came up with my "21 day challenge" of going to bed earlier. Too bad I haven't actually done it.

Wabbit, if you need to wait until after the rodeo to join WW, don't feel bad about that, but you could actually join now and get something going especially for Labor Day and rodeo weekends. I know, sounds so Goody Two Shoes, doesn't it? Not like I'm doing anything productive. I'm planning on an all day orgy of food and beer tomorrow to celebrate a friend's 60th birthday. I'm decorating a cake for him today.

Cherry, please feel free to post about cleaning, maybe it'll inspire me. Haha.

And Peachy, I promise only to murmur supportively if you want to vent. :dizzy: So far we have been able to get hold of DD on the phone regularly, but I am anticipating a lot of frustration in trying to keep up with her when she gets into the swing of things at school. "I don't have time" has already been used many times when we've asked her to email or whatnot.


Cherry Cow
09-01-2006, 01:31 PM
Hi Kiwi! That sounds like a great orientation!

I'm still surrounded by clutter. Doing the 15/15 thing. Next time I'm on, I have to start washing the dogs' blankets and then clean up my cleaning mess in the dining room and living room. Then, it will be time to put away all that laundry, clean the bathroom, wash the dogs, vacuum, and mop. Sigh. And I'm so tired!

09-01-2006, 02:01 PM
Hi cows. I'm here listening. Cherry, we love it when you check in, be it about cleaning or exercising or just life. You're one of our most inspiring of the entire herd. I cleaned after work on Wednesday and on Thursday I was sitting in the family room and noticed the big 'ol cobwebs draped from one corner to the other. Now that my kids have moved out, I blame all the dust and dirt on my dogs.

For some reason, and even tho my kids are grown, I always feel like fall is a new beginning time. So these are my goals for the fall (deja vu Perfect1999) -
1. Walk every weekday.
2. Keep a food journal.
3. Start back with the flylady type house cleaning. (but I'm not signing up for the d*mn constant nagging emails.)
4. Get rid of some kind of house junk every week.
5. Work on getting a little more organized at work.

That's it. any more and I won't do any of it.

Bagzie, Labour Day sounds so much classier than plain 'ol Labor Day. I think we're planning on having a BBQ at some point and going out in the boat at some point, but other than that, just hanging out at home.

I wouldn't say I actually sneak food, but I'm aware of being embarassed sometimes at my food intake. Sneaking is the next step..... and how silly b/c no one else cares!!!

p.s. I found an old food journal I started back in 2003. I was within 1 lb. of my present weight. crazy.

Cherry Cow
09-01-2006, 03:08 PM
Wabby, I have a weight loss notebook I started in 2000. I gained 30 pounds since starting that notebook (I've lost about 16 of what I gained.) Just to put it all into perspective... when I started the notebook, I was 25 pounds heavier than I was when I first started posting at WLB.

Sigh... now I have to find my extension cord and vacuum. I'm tired of cleaning.

Cherry Cow
09-01-2006, 04:30 PM
Dogs are clean. Extension cord is missing. Will have to unplug and replug vacuum in every room. I did not use the extension cord last, but I'm the one who has to deal with it being missing.

Then to mop and pack.

Cherry Cow
09-01-2006, 05:02 PM
Vacuuming is done. Things are on their way back to where they're supposed to be. Guess I should go put away laundry.

09-01-2006, 06:49 PM
I AM TIRED AFTER READING ABOUT CHERRY'S CLEANING-- i had to work all day at the shop and right now i am SICK of stupid people and esp stupid customers---two asian guys were snarky to me cause i wouldn't sell them three cards for 7.50. the cards are three dollars each plus 14 percent tax. SOOO they said "no buy" and i said 'that's fine'. I don't like feeling bullied into giving a "deal"---we are a small shop---like my friend in the next shop said "would they go down to Hallmark Store and expect a deal??"---grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr------kiwonkers----glad you got dd all settled---my dd is settling in this weekend as well---i must call her!!

Cherry Cow
09-01-2006, 07:38 PM
Hi Bagzzie!

I guess I'm done. I don't feel all that accomplished though. Sure, it looks great, but by next Tuesday evening, it will look like a garbage dump again. I just get tired of the futility sometimes.

09-01-2006, 08:29 PM
We shouldn't feel bad, Cherry, just think what damage we could do if we didn't even try to keep the weight off.

Word on the futility of cleaning, but it's nice when you come home to a clean house, so it will be worth it when you come back from Iowa, Cherry.

....and word on the stupid customers, Bagz. Just had a call for service 1/2 hour after my guys day is over, the friday of a 3 day holiday. Do you think they might have called this morning?? When DH gives an estimate and the ppl try to work him down on the price, he always counters back with a price higher than the original estimate, it always makes the customers smile when they realize the price is going up, not down. Of course, he's soooo charming how can they not like him? So next time they try to buy cards for 3/$7.00, say they're on sale, 3/$10 plus tax and see what they say. ;)

Can you imagine how exciting life is for Kiwiette, Peachboy and the Little Bagz's? I want to be young and going off to school!!! Guess that boat's sailed.

Is Schatzi in the middle of a hurricane???? Hope you're ok, girl.

Happy Labor **** Labour Day to all you cowsies!!!!!

09-01-2006, 09:57 PM
good idea wabbs!!! i should try that---usually i am in a better mood and can deal with such things,but i wasn't in a good mood and i have had one of our cow-killer headaches that we all seem to get------------that was the kicker----now---peachers--where are you and did your problem get solved??? what the eff is everyone doing this weekend?

09-03-2006, 02:36 AM
So these are my goals for the fall (deja vu Perfect1999) -
1. Walk every weekday.
2. Keep a food journal.
3. Start back with the flylady type house cleaning. (but I'm not signing up for the d*mn constant nagging emails.)
4. Get rid of some kind of house junk every week.
5. Work on getting a little more organized at work.

That's it. any more and I won't do any of it.
That's all? I don't think I can possibly keep up with you. I am such a sloth.

Dogs are clean. OO, that's what I need, a clean dog. Can you come and clean my dog?

I have discovered a cool quoting device here -- have you seen the Multi-Quote button? I asked Suzanne about it and she said it didn't seem to do anything, so she had it fixed. Now if you click it, it turns orange, and you can click as many quotes as you want to use in your reply, then click one of the regular quote buttons and it will give you a reply box with all the quotes in it. Cool, huh? :cool:


09-03-2006, 08:19 AM
I don't have a multi-quote button. Where is it?

DS has his homework on the computer desk. On top of it is a google map to lcp's school. I hate this.

09-03-2006, 01:15 PM
DS is home? Why shouldn't he have directions to his gf? Is he preparing to skedaddle? Homework? What's that?

One of our computers has DDbf's photo as wallpaper. Not my puter, DH's--dd always used that one before she got her own. I keep thinking DH is going to change it, but he's probably not even aware that he's looking at it every day. :lol: Actually it's a pretty neat photo (below), but it seems somehow inappropriate for it to be the wallpaper on DH's computer, don't you think?

Here's what I don't like about what DD is doing at college: apparently her advisor thinks this is an appropriate course schedule for the first semester of her freshman year:
Expository Writing (requirement)
Elementary Arabic
Intro to Peace & Justice Studies
Intro to Islamic Law
Kathak Dance (northern Indian style)
Faculty Seminar (taught by the advisor) -- entitled "Love Literature in the Arab and Muslim World"
Granted she wants to major in Middle Eastern Studies, but this is ridiculous. Where is the History, Science, Psychology, Economics, Math????? What I think is that she's starting on a road to a 5 or 6 year education.

So that's my rant for the day. I'm hoping this will make Peaches feel like she is not alone.

Hey, I got peectures!!!! In the email!!! from my leetle kid!!! I'll post the one of move-in day.

The multi-quote button is the one right next to the regular quote button, with the giant quote marks. You know what else is cool here now? If you upload a photo and it's too big, the site will automatically resize it for you. I am trying that now, I hope it works right.


09-03-2006, 04:34 PM
i am trying this out--if it works,it's a sunset from my friend in nova scotia's cottage {we were there last month} he's the one whose wife is fighting breast cancer................................

09-03-2006, 04:38 PM
oh i am soooooooooo excited~~~ !!! thank you for telling me that about the pictures kiwonk---i always used to try to upload them but i didn't know how to resize when they requested it~~~!!!!!----my goodness,those courses of dd's sound DAUNTING!!!!---is she happy with them??? if not, i think she should let them know asap---it seems a bit concentrated for first year----my dd took all business courses the first year,regretted it ,changed to sciences cause she wants into Vet School,and is sorry she has all those useless {well,not entirely useless} courses that are keeping her a year behind the others who are applying to Vet School!!! i think---keep your options open!!!---stepdd wants to major in math,but we told her to keep it more general for the first year---take SOME math,but not ALL!!!!----what can you do!!! oh well---what's so bad about being in school for several years--those are the BEST years if i recall!!!

09-04-2006, 02:29 PM
That's a gorgeous pic, Bagz!! Isn't that slick how the program just resizes your photo for you?

-my goodness,those courses of dd's sound DAUNTING!!!!---is she happy with them??? if not, i think she should let them know asap---it seems a bit concentrated for first year-Yeah, that's exactly what I'm concerned about. I haven't been able to talk to her about it yet (so what else is new, eh Peachie? :rolleyes: ).

-what's so bad about being in school for several years--those are the BEST years if i recall!!!Oh sure, easy for you to say........sounds expensive to me!! :rollpin:

I'm looking forward (not) to a very long 24 hours. I have to go on a liquid fast for a certain procedure/test which shall remain nameless that I have to go in for tomorrow. All because I turned 50 years old in the past year. I do not think this is a very nice way to commemorate such a milestone. I am also not impressed that they called me up to tell me that my blood test for hormone levels says that I have actually gone through menopause (not that I didn't suspect that anyway, but who needs some stinky lab telling you?)

Yes, Ms Kiwi, in honor of your advanced age, we would like to present you with some vile tests for which you can not enjoy anything decent to eat for a day before and then we will put you in a backless seethrough poncho and further humiliate you! Can I offer you a suppository? Perhaps you'd like to invite some friends and relatives to enjoy the festivities? Would you mind if these 12 year olds we are training observe the procedure and take videos?

I think if I prepare myself for the most awful experience my imagination can come up, maybe it won't be so bad. In any case, I plan to spend the rest of the day today watching tv and feeling sorry for myself.


09-04-2006, 06:16 PM
awwwwwwwww kiwonkers!!the only good thing about such events is the JOY you feel after they are OVER!!!---i remember the drinking of barium that i enjoyed a while back while the lovely machine took pics of my esophagus and big fat gut.Such enjoyment and no one to share it with. I did manage to dodge the suppository but i hear they want people to start having colonoscopy exams at the age of 50-----then you get to drink cod liver oil styled drinks. This aging is so INteresting!!!!-----i am feeling sorry for you as well---i wish someone would tell me that MY mentalpause is over---i am all blown up like a balloon with an aching back waiting for AUNT DOT. or AUNT FLO or as i like to call it ---THE PLAGUE. This is proof that GOD is indeed NOT a woman!!!!!

09-05-2006, 03:04 AM
Well, except for last night, I didn't eat really really late. I suppose tonight I shoulda gone to bed already.

I had my own empty the nest meltdown when DH was clearing out what is no longer DS's room. (He's engaged, for heaven's sake. He's not coming back!) I was mostly OK... but just edgy and anxious. Maybe I shoulda had a beer. Probably less calories.

But I digress. DH and I walked yesterday!! AND today!! Yesterday inside the first enclosed mall in Texas. Getting bigger every year( The mall should get bigger... I should NOT.) Saw some pretty clothes at Dillards. I can't remember the last time I cared. But I'm not gonna get a wool jacket for $$600, even if it does mean I have great taste.

Then we went to a craft gallery that I didn't expect to be open. DH bought me a prezzie for no reason. Isn't it pretty? (see below... I hope the re-sizer works for me.)

Kiwi... DS's best friend graduated from Tufts... COOL. Very progressive and great for smart people. We need folks who understand the middle East. I hope she'll get to the economics soon enough... and that the profs can weave in the psychology and history. I thought the class titles at Mt. Holyoke were pretty strange, but DD ended up being an econ major!
Hope your procedure is boring and less traumatizing that you expect. I think drinking that stuff might make me bulemic.

Baggz, I hope your headache is all gone. And the dumb tourists. (Keep the smart, spendthrift heading that way, though. The Nova Scotia cottage photo is gorgeous. I hope your friend's wife is doing well. Except for feeling fat, I'm doing fine, myself.

Cherry, would you come vacuum our rugs? I know where the extension cord is because NOBODY uses it.

Cowie: Hang in there. Stay feisty. Hope you found the quote button. ;)

09-05-2006, 03:41 PM
Happy new week, cows.

oooooo. Lovely medical procedures. I think I've already had the one you're scheduled for, Kiwi. They give you enough drugs that you really don't care what they do to you. The bad part was drinking a gallon of swamp water the night before. They could have had me eat at McDonalds and it would have worked the same way. tmi, I know.

How do you upload a photo? It won't upload mine - says upload failed. Talk veeerrrryyyy slowly to me.

09-05-2006, 04:01 PM
OO Painty, that's purty! Yay on the walking! I'd be tempted to rejoin the local walking club if they start that up again this fall. It's not too boring when the weather is good, although it's only once a week which is certainly not enough. When the weather gets too cold they walk through the halls of the high school in the evening and that has got to be the most deadly boring thing ever to do. If an actual friend were to go with me I would do it, but most of the people who go are just "people I recognize". Some of them are in the Red Hat club. Not going there, don't think so. Well, not yet anyway.

Yeah, Tufts is an excellent school. I think it's a better school by a good leap than when I went there. I was chatting with a father who had been to the Legacy reception (alumni parents of freshmen) and he said he was pretty sure he wouldn't be able to get into Tufts now. DD is very happy with her class schedule; I talked to her for a long time last night. She understood my concern about the lack of variety in her courses this semester and she said she tried to get into Logic, Statistics, Environmental Science and some others but had not been able to because they were full. So she fully intends to get going on sciences and other things next semester. She's also applied for 3 different jobs and really hopes to get one in the music department in the events office. She said the places had not had a lot of applications yet so she may have her pick; that would nice for her for a change. She couldn't pay someone to hire her this past summer (okay, she didn't actually try to pay anyone, but you know), the jobs are so scarce here.

Did I tell you all that DD went on "Jumbo Idol" -- the Tufts freshman version of Amer. Idol -- and finished 3rd?! 1200 some odd kids (well, only 7 actually performed) and she got 3rd place. That's my girl. She already has a fan club. A girls' a cappella group is trying to get her to join. She is holding out for a part in a play or musical.

Ickiness and rant to follow; please ignore:

The "procedure" was horrifying but actually not that painful or disgusting. Sorry, didn't get the pleasure of drinking the barium solution, let's just leave it at that. DH has completely lost his frigging mind -- last night he offered to drive me to the hospital, which I really didn't see the point of, but since he was offering I figured it wouldn't hurt, so I said fine. But, I told him, I would have to get up at 6:30 and do some "prepping" and would he please please just stay in bed? Yeah yeah yeah. Well, no no no, he got up 5 minutes before my alarm was going to go off with the lame excuse that he was already awake. We barked at each other and he took off in his truck (because I said, no you cannot sit in the next room on the internet, why was this too much to ask?). I know this sounds nuts, but we only have one bathroom and it's on the first floor, while the bedroom is on the 2nd. And frankly this thing is humilating enough without an audience. So he stormed off and I cursed and muttered for 2 hours. Then he came back to take me to the appointment. :shrug: What? Okay, fine, I will pretend nothing is the matter with this. He was going to go get a coffee and a newspaper while I was in there, but he goes to park so I ask him why he is parking, and he says he was going to "take me in". Excuse me? Am I now an invalid because I have to have a lab test? I made him drop me off. Afterwards I was really in need of just going home, but I was really hungry too, so I asked him to go through the McD drive-through then go home and he wants to know if I'd mind if he went to the grocery store and picked up some ribs for dinner. Oh good god sometimes I just want to strangle the guy.

Do you know I fasted for 24 hours and I didn't lose any weight? That's not fair.


09-05-2006, 04:07 PM
The photo upload is pretty much the same as always, but they will resize it for you. The only problem is if the file size is more than the automatic compression can handle. If you try a photo that is somewhat smaller, it ought to work. You and I don't seem to use any of the same software, so I'm not sure how to tell you how to reduce the size of the file -- it is usually an option under "Save As" when you have the photo open. Make the compression % at 10% or something like Medium quality if it asks that.

09-06-2006, 06:02 AM
Hi dolls! Still catching up on all your doings and not feeling much posting mojo. MAJOR decluttering to do around here and I've actually done some of it today.

Glad "the procedure" wasn't too awful, Kiwi. I haven't had the pleasure yet, but according to my f-i-l and our next door neighbour (yeah, Germans talk about stuff like that in mixed company) here they just knock you out completely and you wake up feeling none the worse for wear.

We are all bummed to be back here again and have been very, very cranky. Especially me. Tomorrow will be better, right?

Hugs to all and sundry.

09-06-2006, 06:06 AM
Ooooh! I just got my tiny brain around the multi quote thingie. How cool!:carrot:

Must go vacuum something.

09-06-2006, 12:54 PM
Suggie!!! Welcome back darlin! git yer mojo and tell us all the wonderful things you and the fam did whilst back home!

Kiwi: How absolutely vile! I think any one that hits the half century :s: mark should be given a grand party (specially us folks who grew up in the 60's and 70s!)..DD sounds like she is jumping right into college life...good fer her..she will be a STAH!!!!

Painty!!!! I;m thrilled to hear that you are mooooving and DH is partner with you ..What you do with photos is amazing girl! such an eye for color and composition.. sigh..loverly!

Baggyone: you and Wabs live in Eden I swear... how beautiful that sunset is!

I just finished up a contract/consult job for my old employer.. They've been wonderful at trying to help me get back in the company ..but I live in this dreadful state where not many major insurance companies likes to do business... but I will keep my chin up --I'm sure I'll land a full time gig someday... We just finalized our plans to go back out to the Asheville area.. This time I got tix for the Biltmore, and the and after the train trip dinner here Tomorrow I will take the 2 "girls" over to meet the dog sitter... then we leave in a week or so for our long weekend..

but right now I have to go and smite some dust bunnies :rollpin:

09-06-2006, 03:21 PM
here they just knock :stress: you out completely and you wake up feeling none the worse for wear. I'm jealous. Actually this whole thing involved a series of X-rays, so perhaps was not quite the same thing. I know you'd have to be awake so you can keep flipping around on the x-ray table. Yeah, that was comfortable, especially perching myself on my left hip on a hard table owowowow.
We just finalized our plans to go back out to the Asheville area.. This time I got tix for the Biltmore, and the and after the train trip dinner here That sounds like a blast! My sister and her family love to visit the Biltmore House. I don't think I've ever been, although we went to that area quite a lot when I was growing up. My nephew (8) is particularly enamored of the place and has been drawing "architectural" plans of his future mansion. He says we can all come live there. It has a homeless shelter on the grounds -- isn't he the product of his environment! I used to draw house plans that always included a big horse stable.

Good luck on the job front, Schatzi, it's great that your former employer is able to point some work your way at least. What do you do for them? You have probably told us but my head is a sieve.

Yes, Arabic is the up and coming Must Have language apparently. There are something like 4 sections of the Elementary Arabic class at Tufts and all are full and there are so many people on the waiting list that they might add another. This is a school of about 4000 undergraduates. When I was in college I remember the hot language was Russian, not that I took it, but in the US at the time studying Russian was right on the line between subversive activity and wave of the future (remember Back in the USSR?). DD seems so serious about the middle eastern studies thing that I hardly know what to make of it. Her course called Peace & Justice Studies she says is going to be useful because it focusses on conflict resolution. Do you think maybe we should have encouraged her to be a rock musician? :stress:


09-06-2006, 04:01 PM
I was in the obscure part of and dental dahlink... policy setting, benefit adjudication, contract interpretation, systems enhancements to support the products , rolling out the new or changed stuff to the affected areas yadda yadda bleah.. I just rewrote sections of their HMO manuals for them for a new product twist..hohum.. but it was $$ so DH cant complain.. What's been bittersweet is that I have been offered nice jobs in so many states EXCEPT HERE..and those that are in the state but not within commuting distance.. oh woe.. but , I told him this before we moved :shrug: I can always throw that in his face if he gets ugly about me STILL being home.

I remember back...way wayyy back , I took a class in what was called "Critical Issues" - It was an Intro to politics, finance and international relations.--the professor urged us to take up middle east studies..that in the next 50 years , the "hot bed" of economy, religion, and nuclear activity would be centered in the "cradle of civilization" . Quite forward thinking -but with all your DDs talents and passions time will tell what education path she takes..How exxxciting!

09-06-2006, 04:03 PM
Canadian soldiers carry the coffin of a fallen comrade, one of five killed in weekend fighting in Afghanistan, during a ramp ceremony at Kandahar Air Field.

Photo: Sgt Lou Penney/DND/CP

09-06-2006, 04:17 PM
Reality is a Buzzkill...Did you try to post a Pic oh BaggyOne?

09-07-2006, 02:36 PM
Yep, reality does sober things up....

I didn't see a picture either, and it's sad what you get when you do an image google w/ "one of five killed" as the search phrase.

Are we due for a new thread? Someone think up something clever.

09-07-2006, 03:17 PM
Yep, reality does sober things up.... .

Absolutely. The fact that ANYONE is getting killed is just appalling. :( :( :(

Are we due for a new thread? Someone think up something clever

Or something clover, even. :moo:

:moo: :moo: :moo: :moo: :moo:

09-07-2006, 03:23 PM
i am trying to find that picture-i don't know if it will work,but i am damn sick and tired of KIDS getting killed over in the Middle East. We are supposed to be "Peacekeepers"---that is what our army was for. KIDS.!!! they are the same age as my dd's ---20 to 22 year old young men---getting themselves KILLED For WHAT????---the Afghani's don't want us over there,the Taliban are going to do whatever the **** they want anyway {when we finally leave} and it's none of our gd business. so what do we have??? a bunch of grieving families,young men with ruined lives--if they aren't dead they are SEVERLY maimed.AND!!! now that Canada is involved,we will be target for the terrorists as well. The only good thing is that when our Prime Minister tried to stop the media from publishing pictures like this----it didn't work out for him----i think George Bush managed to stop the media from "upsetting" the people with images of dead soldiers.

09-07-2006, 03:27 PM
still trying!!

09-07-2006, 03:29 PM
canadian soldiers.jpg:
Your file of 116.9 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 50.0 KB for this filetype.

kiwonkers!!! what happened ?? i thought they could fix that for me!!!! i am going to send it to you and see what YOU can do!! i don't know why i want you to see this pic--it was on the FRONT page of the National Newspaper and i think it's important for people to see.

09-07-2006, 04:29 PM
Yes, the American government won't allow it and a photographer was arrested for taking and publishing a picture of flag-draped coffins returning home.

09-07-2006, 05:03 PM
Bagz, did you send it to me? I haven't received it. There is a limit to how much they can reduce a photo, it seems, because I have had some resized easily and some rejected.

I'm going to start a new thread; thanks for the suggestions... :devil:

Here's the sad truth: the American government no longer represents the American people at all. Even the "leaders" we elect are either not who they seem or are cowed into ineffectiveness by the superpowerful who do not have our best interests at heart by any means. And you know how they say "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing"? That's our president.

Kiwi, who will start a new thread and not talk politics on it.