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09-07-2001, 05:30 PM
Hi, welcome to all lurkers and regular posters.

This is a place to offer each other and ourselves support as we pursue a low carb woe.
Plenty of room on the bus.

09-08-2001, 07:02 AM
Good Sat morning all,
Well feeling a little less medicine head. Thinking a little clearer today.
Can't wait to retuen to work as it is so much easier to stay Op when the routine is the same. Still having trouble keeping up w/ the water. Picked up the pace last night then made several trips to the bathroom in the night. I had some unplanned carbs yesterday via an IV LOL. Nothing I could do about it though then a regular ginger ale atht I had to drink so they would let me go home. So I was off balence all day w/ peaks and vallies .

Somkeone save me from talking to myself between now and when I check back in. :dizzy:

have a great low carb day


09-08-2001, 07:44 PM
I hope that you have not checked in yet as i am here and trying to post. i have had my parents come down for a visit from albany and they came about 10 min after i got back from exercisisng. aand they left and had to take dh out for boots. I was taken out for lunch at the ponderosa and ate....OP all the way!!! This bus has great seatbelts. I am ready to take on the world. I have a new beginning ahead of me and my life is readty for it. I was stalking to a psychic (whis was why i did not get here last night)and she said that i would loose another 24 lbs and that would bring me down to uhhh i was 177 that mrning so it would be to 153 that sound really close to goal as my lbm is about 130-132 so that would be at 15% bf and that is goal!!!! and she told me many more things that was great news. so I am happy!!!

an idea is to have everybody PM one person their email addy the form an email club and anybody that is lurking can still join is. I have found that they petter out quickly and i do not want this one to do that, and it is hard to get and post replies to all as the time frame is different, sso actuslly i preferr this way even if it is slow at times it is here and really will help each other.

09-09-2001, 12:49 AM
Hello! ON PLAN..that IS the PLAN!!! Went to the "Irish Festival" and the Pirate Game at PNC Park today. (I am from Pittsburgh for those who don't know.) Managed to stay ON plan by passing up the IRISH stuff like potatoes, stew and shepards pie and instead going for some spare ribs which were GREAT! (Um, no BEER either) The Pirates won so the day was a total success! Walking is easier also with the 31 pounds off! Sheesh......why did I EVER put this stupid weight on in the first place......and why does it like me so much?????? I want RID of it!!!!

Anyway....stay on plan all. Just keep telling yourself how MARVELOUS you will look NEXT summer. :dizzy:

09-09-2001, 07:30 AM
Good Morning All

How are we doing?

Joanne, Terri, Paula, Michelle How are you all doing?

Still on th ebus?

Dana Nice to see you are doing so well, certainly a great example of how being OP feels and the positive results of making better choices of what we put in our mouths. Sounds like you had a good time.
Sue I can feel your energy!!!! It is great that you are realizing that as one door closes another one is opening!! Some peopel just get stuck in teh hallway!!
iam OK, my gym re-opens tomorrow. Thank GOD
Take care

09-09-2001, 11:31 AM
HELLO I am still on the bus!!!!! have been busy cleaning this weekend as I had garage sale all last weekend and didnt get weekly stuff done....also we love college football and well, sat..was kickoff for our favorites so we watched alot of football games....

TOMORROW is weigh in for me and 1 week down on more week.....I know I am not getting in my water so that will be my goal for today....

EVERYONE STAY OP and I will check in sometime tomorrow or Tues.....;)

09-09-2001, 02:31 PM
Terri would you bee a cheese head??? (packerss fan) You sound just great like you are really gettingthings toghether. and 25 is right being OP is the onlyu way to go. I feel so good that i am doing something for my self and for me. whoooo hoooo drink atleast 1 oz for every 2 lba that you are. that will really help get the fat washed away!!!

Dana I can not believe your resolve to get that fat off. I am sooo proud of you buddy!!! you will be up next to me in the wweight loss dept before long !

Pat i honestly was thinking of looking for other employment before this happened. I was expecting this to happen for wuite a while and there is now things that i can go for that will get me going the right direction. I am ready it will be a hard road for a while as i will have to scrimp and pinch pennies but i know that i can do it!!! I will survive and comeout the better for it!! I know I will just as i know that i will lose this weight and it will (and has) been a long and hard road but i wll get there. i just need to hve the faith that god will provide and that i am strong and can do it!!!

We will all have to get together next summer and wear bikinis to the beach!!!:D :lol:

We may have to help Terri get to us as she is the farthest away but we can and will do it!!!

09-09-2001, 03:47 PM
Hello all! Hot and gorgeous here in Pittsburgh so I am, gonna hit the deck to get a little "color" on this pasty white body!

nasus.......Honestly! I would like to take a knife and cut the fat off..but since that is not possible...I depend on the Atkins plan and water! I can't wait to get to goal. (If my calculations are will take me about a year.) A bikini would be GREAT! Right now I will not even wear "sleevless shirts" with my Popeye arms!

terri.....glad you are still here! (I was a bit woried about you!) I weigh in once per week ..(on Fridays) You WILL lose on this plan..(on ALL Low Carb plans if you STICK with them.) But...NEVER get discouraged because it comes off in SPURTS! I will lose 1, 1, 1 and then BOOM - 3. As long as the scale is going in the LEFT is all good! I have taken off 31 since June 15 on this plan. I am NOT starving and I never felt better. Plan and stay on plan. It will come off, babe!

fralick....... Hit that gym girl! (I have not been exercising as I should. No excuse NOT to....I keep recommitting to MOVE MY BUTT...but then....the day is gone and well, you know.) I MUST get moving! Keep going!

To all you lurkers and bus riders..please let us now how you are doing. I will check in tomorrow. (Gonna go enjoy some sunshine!) :lol:

09-09-2001, 03:51 PM
Sue.....Im not a real cheesehead but I do root for GreenBay as my mom lived there for a little while and we still had relatives there so we root for them ......they are playing our Detroit Lions today and whooping on them real bad..hopefully Lions will have a turn around year...

but we really get into the College football...we are big Michigan State fans....hence the Go Green.....(we also love college basketball and have been to the final four for past 3 years)....

yes, things are looking better with hubby, he is going back to work for 2 - 4 hrs a day this week....hope to have him back fulltime soon ( not just for his sanity but mine too..:D


09-09-2001, 05:56 PM
I sure can see you wearing the bikini. mine is going to be very skimpy!!! i will have a bod to go with it. too I am so excited I will get to goal this year if it kills my gut(the area where i am concentrating right now i am hitting that almost every time i go) I will be looking forward to seeing you guys at the beach!!! Oh i get it green bay is in wisconcin duhhh i may be a bit slow here. Glad to see that DH is getting better, and getting out of your hair. he he he.

Dana are you hitting the gym??? i knew that you were weight training at one time. I know that pat is doing it to, but as winter is comming so quickly the gym is the only way to go now. as i do not get the extra umph in my exercises I am so glad that i have OZZIE my cabanaa boy!!! he sure gets the umph back in my exercises. you may want to try some thing like that. did you check out the body for life?? the before and after picts are so inspirational that i could not resist doing it. I will say that i would not be where i am now if it was not for that. i follow my diet plan but his motivation to exercise is absolutly phenominal. if you want i can send you the book that i have as i have OZZIE now, i do not need the book. but exercising very much my goal weight was 130 it is now changed as i have 130 lbs in muscles to have 15% body fat which is very good better that good (22%) i will be 153 lbs about, and that brings my goal to within 30 lbs.I will be about a size 10 maybe bur i will have a killer body!!! and that is where i am going. I want to have my belly button showing with a sparckely jewel in it when I walk down the street next summer. HECK I will do it at christmass if i get down there by then!!!

Lee are you out there??? I have been looking for you. I hope that you are ok! Michelle???? who else i do not want to miss anybody.

Pat i know that you are there, i just want to say that i am so glad that you are hitting the gym. I will be happy to help answer any questions that you have. just be patient it will take a while beforeyou see great results but you will see then and you will feel them first, the scale will not move very quickly as the muscle that you are building will weight more than the fat but things will staret to shift and you will see slight changes first before the scale moves. and remember to drink water and more water.

Lets go girls!!! and any one lurking just pop in and say hi. we love new buddies.

09-09-2001, 07:53 PM

Sorry for not posting in a few days. It's been EXTREMELY HECTIC. Work, home, shopping, work-at-home, fall cleaning, etc.

Just wanted to let you all know I'm still here.

I WI tomorrow. Will advise.


09-09-2001, 09:03 PM
Joanne ai am sorry that i forgot you. glad that you stoped in. check in tomorow and let us know how the weigh in went.

09-09-2001, 09:31 PM
I want belly ring TOO.......:o

I will be 39 in Dec. and want to be at my goal weight by the time I am 40. And I am going to wear crop tops to show off my abs!!!

I want to say "I am 40 yrs old and I am in teh best shape ever"

I was very OP today. Went to a stressful family gathering and DH and I ate our salads and ate no cake!!!!

We were both complimented on our weight loss :D

That's always nice.

I can go to the Gym tomorrow!!!! :)

I am so glad to see that peopel checked in, I was very lonely yesterday :( . I figured the lurkers would probaly take bets on how long I was going to answer myself :dizzy:'

:wave: Terri and Joanne

Sue - you have been very busy. I see your new posts allover.
I love the enthusasm It radiates off my monitor

Dana- How was the sun? :cool: Yes a bikini to match my belly ring!!

Terri _ so your husband's surgery was a success finally? I am glad he is making progress

Alright girls See you tomorrow


09-10-2001, 08:03 AM
Happy Monday! I need to hit the grocery store today to get lots of on plan goodies!

fralick....So nice to hear that people notice your and hubby's weight loss. Even after 31 pounds gone from my "bod" I still get, "Your new HAIRCUT makes you look 10 years younger!" (I did get 3 inches cut off my hair and it is now shoulder length, but it does not look THAT much different. It is the weight loss that has changed my appearance a bit...but I take the compliment anyway!

jdoneil.......ME WAS WORRIED ABOUT YOU! Glad to see you ckecked in! How is it going? What did that scale have to say?

terri..glad to hear hubby is doing better? Have you been able to get any ME time in? Very important you know! How is the weight loss coming?

nasus......OK, OK, OK, OOOOOOOOOKKKKKKK!! I am calling the local YMCA find out the cost and see if I can fit it into my budget! I need a kick in the butt to get me moving. I still get excersise in...but not enough! Wish we were neighbors so I could share your personal trainer! I did look at the website for that program...WOW! I would settle for a little less "jiggle" when I walk and wave to friends....let alone the cut bodies of those folks. I will let you know my plans! (I can hear you yelling..MOVE YOUR BUTT GIRL!!!!...Thanks, I need the motivation to MOVE!) PS..How is the job thing going?

Well...hello to any lurkers out there. Get on the bus! We are a great group of girls setting our sights on permanent BEAUTIFUL bodies to go with our dazzling personalities! ( SHUCKS! )

09-10-2001, 08:23 PM
Dana did I push hard enough???? :lol: :lol: :lol: ;) I had to laugh when i read your reply. I can not tell you how good it feels to get out there and do it. I love the way it is shaping my body, and after 41 years of ingnoring it the old bod is starting to respond and respond good. I think that i am going to sign up for another BFL challenge for this year. I have to do this it means so much to me to get to goal. WE can and WE will do it!!

Pat I will stand by and hold your hand while we get the ring done together. we will meet at the carocell mall and do it at the same time :lol: You are really doing great with the exercising. i know that you will be flat abs with me and dana (did you notice that she did not say that she wanted the bellyring? ) :lol: I will say that i was trying to see how long you posted to your self!! Way to go with the complements. is sure makes all the hard work worh everybit of it!! whooo hoooo you sexy thing!!

Terri checking in to see how things are going. first day back to work for DH was it as good as you thought that it was??? I hope so. i know that i can not stand to have my dh home for more that a day he gets to grumpy. staying OP??? just checking in. I think that i cam gong to make a challenge like i did of rthe low ccarb forum for us and post it. as a new thread for us so we can feel motivated. many people are respoonding to it wonderfully and it would really help us here .

Joanne I'm looking for you??? i know how it is to be busy. but soon i will have tons fo time till i fgind a new job!!! :( but i will survive and get a new and better job because that is what i will do!!! so girl come in when you have a chance that is all we ask but we do want you to stay OP so you can get your belly pierced too with me and pat and ???terri while dana watches!!! :lol:

09-10-2001, 09:26 PM
Hello all

I just wanted to stop by quick. I didn't sleep well last night and I am exhausted. Had a great OP day. My gym is open again WOOHOO!! I feel great. Tired but great. Doing well food and water wise. The routine is so imporatnt to me. Nice to be back on tract.

Sue Thanks for your support. I am still pondering your PM. I am not ignoring it.

Dana, I think you can get a fake belly ring :o

How is everyone else doing?

I am off to bed. Will see the gyn endocrinologist tomorrow.

09-11-2001, 12:17 AM

I know, I know, its late but geez, after working all day, taking hubby to store, picking up daughter, grocery shopping, helping with homework, by then it was 9:30.....

Hubby goes back to work wed. for a few hours and I get to take him and pick him up....just another stop for moms taxi hahaha

WHOOPPPEEEEE!!!! Made it through 1st week on induction and lost 5 to get thru second week...starting to lose appetitie ( gosh, I LOVE when that happens)...its always after 2 week induction that I lose motivation so PLEASE GIVE ME A PUSH WHEN THE WEEK IS UP...I WILL NEED IT... I am trying to get myself in different frame of mind for this, like tell myself I am starting induction again(to continue on) to get over the idea that I am done after 2 weeks...that is where I ALWAYS blow it......

Now to work on that exercising....and water....I KNOW I CAN, I KNOW I CAN

TAKE CARE and talk to everyone later!!!!!!

09-11-2001, 06:54 AM
Good morning all

Terri- Way to go on the last time you will ever complete the first week of induction!!!! As you will be strapped in on the bus. Great weight loss!! Sounds like your life is getting a little less hectic w/ DH heading back to work via Mom's taxi :lol: .The loss of appetite still amazes me.

Sue- You belly dancing mama you. how is your work holding up? I went thru a unit closure 3 years ago. My it took me along time to cope w/ that. I know that it was an emotional time for everyone there. In fact I am currently planning our third egt together.

Dana, How are you doing. Don't forget to update your weight loss total over at teh 100# club. We have some low carb people ovewr there. You are a inspiration that we must share.

How is everyone else doing? There are alot of quiet people on teh bus Sleeping?

I am doing ok. Found some new lower body w/o that I am planning on trying.

You all have a good day

09-11-2001, 12:17 PM




09-11-2001, 01:12 PM

Just sitting here watching the news and feeling so sad about all this.....still cant believe it......

Sending out prayers to everyone everywhere!!! We will all need them......

Hope everyone and their families are safe.......

09-11-2001, 07:08 PM
Hi all, I and my family am OK. Just glued to the TV. My DH just told me that afganistan is being bombed. What next and why?
we are in NNY.

Terri and Joanne I am glad you and yours are safe

Take care all and god bless

09-11-2001, 07:55 PM
Hello Princesses,

Just a quick check-in. All well here. My prayers are will with all. What an unbelievable tragedy that besets us all.

My love and prayers to all of you,


09-11-2001, 09:46 PM
Dana i was so worried whe i saw they had hit close to pitsburgh. i thi=ought of you right away. I am glad that you are ok (I saw a post up in the 100's)

I am glad that the other girls are doing ok.

I am having a bit of a hard time with work not just the closing but trying to get these girls off to other employment and that means i have to have several visits on them before i can give them their certificut and then with my nurse going out to the rescue i am in a huge puddle of shi* s i am not doing very well with the stress factor. UUGGHH

I am to tired and must go to bed as i can not think. I will check in tomorow.

09-11-2001, 10:03 PM
We need to pray! :cry:

What a sad day for America and the WORLD! None of us will ever be the same. I am an Administrative Assistant in an Elementary School. I heard the news when my mother called me after she saw it on television. I alerted a teacher in my office who immediately went to the lounge and turned on CNN. We then alerted each teacher and staff member one by one privately so as not to alarm the little children. Each teacher/staff member fought off tears, anger and disbelief so that she/he could give the children a NORMAL day of school. Our school phone rang non stop as parents called to see if school would be let out early, if they could come and get their children or simply to see if we were "alright." It was a school day where innocence was lost forever. I was in Kindergarten when Kennedy was shot. My crying Kindergarten teacher gave us the news. When I went home that day, my mom was watching tv, which was a very unfamiliar site as she lived in the kitchen! This day reminded me of that. The teachers and staff DID NOT tell the children. We wanted to give them a NORMAL school day...and leave the loss of innocense to their parents to share with them in their own way. I answered a hundred calls. Then, when the plane crashed in PA, (not far from us as I am from Pittsburgh), the calls and concerns grew! As parents requested their children, and the kids asked, "Why are so many kids going home." We made up a story about road construction and people trying to avoid it by getting kids early. It worked. There was not so much as a whisper about the horror of the day. When I got in my car at the end of the day....I just wanted to go home! I watched their sweet, smiling faces as they boarded the school buses....knowing that tomorrow, their faces would be much different. Tomorrow, every child in that school will be changed. Will they be able to fall asleep tonight? Will they be able to return to school tomorrow and not be afraid? How I wish it was YESTERDAY!!!

Personally.......I called my hubby and asked that he try to get ahold of our two sons. Both are in college. One is in Ohio and one is here in Pennsylvania. Thank God they were ok......and both called ME to say so. It was wonderful to hear their voices and I thank God for their safety. How horrible that we live in fear for the safety of our children. They are not safe to turn your back on in the grocery store to reach for an item when they are a baby. They can not ride their bikes to the corner store for bubble gum when they are 8. They can not walk to the store to rent a video game when they are 13. When they are 18 and 21 (as mine are), they can not be in college....away from home......"grown-up" and allow parents piece of mind. I worry constantly about them.....just the NORMAL stuff moms do......and now THIS. We have all lost something today; and I cry for that. I got on my knees at work today in my office and prayed to God. Sadly, I could not find the words to say. I was alone, and I just could not find the words. I pray all the time...but today...I could not find the words.

As friends......we need to pray. Even if you can not find the words, we need to pray.

The bus will keep rolling. We will perhaps be a little more quiet on the ride for a few days....but we will get to goal. We must promise eachother that we will not turn to FOOD as a way to avoid the stress. We must remember to smile and keep a positive attitude in spite of all that is going on around us. We are still here.......and that is more than many people can say. We are still here. Where there is LIFE, there is HOPE. We must stick together and "fight the good fight" as I always say. And....we must pray.

09-12-2001, 06:41 AM
What a sad morning.

I must admit that I used my exercise time to catch up on the world events. I have seen early morning footage of what remains of the wtc. It is horrifying. It reminds me of ww2 pictures after london was bombed. I feel so helpless and powerless. I can only imagine that there are so many people who don't know where members of there family are. and won't know for many days. I have a friend in teh army reserves and another whose husband is active duty. We live 30 mins from fort drum an army base. Much of the local community functions around this.

Paula thanks for checking in.

Dana- what a day for you. It is amazing how the need to protect seems inherant to us. My father did a roll call last night checking on his 6 children. Unfortunaley yesterdayu was 2 of my sisters birthday. I am sure there wasn't much to celebrate and this day will forever be in their memory as it will be in all of ours.

Well take care of yourself check in when you can.
Take a minute to be greatful for your blessings and pray for those much less fortunate

09-12-2001, 10:34 AM
I have been glued to the television since this all began. I kept it on in my bedroom as I tried to sleep. What a terrible tragedy!!!

As I have often found with the tragedies in my lifetime, life does go on, but friends, take time to grieve. It's normal and it's natural. Gather your loved ones and give thanks to Him that you are together. Pray for those who have someone missing whether by death, or unfound.

You are all in my prayers. We are all so devastated and share this tragedy together. Food is the furthest thing from my mind. There's no comfort to be found other than knowing the majority of my family is safe (I still haven't heard from those in New Jersey).

I had been suffering from terrible depression...this tragedy was a real slap in the face. I have nothing for which to feel sad, compared to what these families must face

May God bless you all and keep you strong.


09-12-2001, 01:54 PM

Shane woke up with a low-grade temp and an upset tummy so he and I stayed home today. While he was resting this morning, I called the few family members and friends that I could not reach last night due to busy phone lines.

My dad shared some very somber news. One of the pilots of one of the flights that crashed into one of the towers (Tim McGinnis) was someone we all knew. His parents had lived next door to my dad's parents growing up and my dad had often babysat for him. I remember his mom having him play "life guard" for us younger kids in the summer when he was a teenager while we swam in their pool. He left behind three kids and a wife. Another pilot (didn't get his name) who lived in Dracut, MA is the 2nd cousin of my brother's wife.

I hope none of you personally knew any of the victims in this cautastrophy. It makes it almost too much to bear.


09-12-2001, 06:02 PM
Good afternoon all,
Still very somber times. I think that the reality is slowly sinking in.

First I would like to apologize to Lee as I keep referring to her as Paula. You are very polite not to say anything

Joanne, How awful for you and your family. It is too much to bear.
I don't think we realize how many people we ourselves touch, or how small this wrold can be at times.

I hope everyone else is as OK as can be.
Take care all

09-12-2001, 09:44 PM
My brother was working on the marriott hotel that was between the bbuiling, but he had a dr appt. yesterday that prevented him from going to work. so he was safe. thank god.

I am eating OP today back on tract

bellydaancing tonight ddid good and really hard.

tomorow my cabana boy :love:

Joanne i am sorry for your loss. it is such a tragity.

Lee your depression is very real and still significant. dispite the others tragity. do not think that it is nothing to get treated. there is an imbalance and it needs to be corrected. and you do need to eat (healthy) but eat pleasee.

25 i am thinking of you and the kids. how good of you there to protect the kids as much as you can. how scarry tto be so close. god bless you and the kids.

09-13-2001, 07:30 AM
Sorry for not checking in yesterday everyone. Computer problems forced me to shut it down but I am up and running todaay!

Thank you for your kind words and consideration about the school children. Most do not realize the severity of it all which is a blessing. One 5th grader said, "If they wanted to hurt America, why didn't they just hit the Statue of Liberty?" She does not understand that they were trying to get the people. A 2nd grade boy thought that with all the parents coming in to pick-up their children that a BAD PERSON was going to come to the school to GET all the kids. Their minds work differently than ours. We hung the flag at half mast yesterday. Since I work at a Catholic School, we prayed during morning announcements and the teacher who leads everything on the public address system broke down as she recited the Pledge to the Flag which is the last part of the morning routine. She covered herself well, but I think that speaks volumes. The issues were discussed by most teachers with the children and everyone went to church during some part of the day. Pray is all most of can do.

nasus...we ARE joining the YMCA. Hubby and I discussed fitting the membership into the budget...and it is a go! I want to take of another 20 pounds before hitting the weight room there as it is very small...and most there are BUFF beyond belief. I have decided to SWIM laps there until I get 20 off while my hubby swims also and hits the weight room. He will learn all the weight room stuff and then assist me when I get over there. He also promised to teach me how to play racket ball since they have a court there and I promised to TRY racket ball if he did not blame me for playing like a 'girl'. We walked 2 miles last night at a local park and discussed it all. He would like to take off about 15 pounds...(wish that is all I had to lose) this will be god for BOTH of us! SO GET OFF MY BACK!! :lol: :lol: :lol: are you doing on plan? Has our buddy nasus gotten the EXERCISE BUG to bite you yet????? I am anxious to hear about your progress. I weigh in tomorrow and hope the "pistachio" kick I have been on will not haunt me when I get on the scale! sorry for your loss. I think by the time names are released...we will all "know" someone. We are waiting to hear about the brother of a friend right now. not let the depression overwhelm you!!!!!!!!!! I know what I am talking about from personal experience as there was a time I suffered from panic attacks. Get the help you need and take good care of yourself. We are all here for you....but YOU GOTTA BE STRONG! Help is available! We all want you healthy and HAPPY!

tornadoterri......glad to hear from you! How is your plan going? We all need to stay on the bus and get to goal together! Please share!

Lurkers as always are welcome to come aboard. (Sorry if I missed anyone.) Please check in!

I will check in tomorrow after I weigh in! Keep your fingers crossed that my buddy the scale is nice to me! :smug:

09-13-2001, 09:54 AM
I need to share something with you all. Several days before this tragic incident I started to become depressed. As the time drew near to the incident, my depression became more severe. The night before the incident, I told my husband that something was soon going to happen involving planes and that I didn't think we were going to be able to make our trip to New York (we had already booked our flight for the 22nd of this month).

On the 11th of September (a day of infamy), when my husband heard the news, he called me to check on me. He told me that he couldn't believe that I was right. He also told me that I had been having nightmares for several days about being in the plane and trying to help the other passengers and fighting the hijackers. Because of my depression, he didn't want to tell me that he had had to hold me down several times while I was fighting in my sleep.

You will hear much about PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). People who suffer from this have severe onsets of depression, sudden anxiety attacks, tremors, memory loss, and more symptoms. I am one of those people who suffer from PTSD. It is not as severe as it once was, and I have managed fairly well. My husband teases me (very gently and very kindly) about my short term memory loss if I forget to do something for him that he has asked me to do. When I am stressed and/or upset, my body seems to go into protective mode and I don't remember things. That is why I didn't know about the nightmares I had.

As for my depression, it has eased considerably; although, I am very sad about this terrible tragedy. None of us can help but to have our lives changed by this tragedy, and I am no exception.

On a lighter note, I have continued to stay on the program. I have decided that while I am on this program that I am not going to eat dinner out any more. The last time we went out for dinner, I developed another abdominal infection which caused me to gain 10 pounds (again). I have lost 5 of the 10, but my abdomen is still rather swollen. I wish I knew what it was that is causing this reaction.

I was going to write more, but suddenly have the need to get out of the house. Please, everyone, take care of yourselves. We all need this goal of losing weight to continue so that we can feel some normalcy in our lives. This is not an excuse to go off program (any more than I had an excuse not to eat).

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


09-13-2001, 06:31 PM
Pam posted this on the other thread so i thought that i should bring it over so we all can say hi and welcome her to the bus!!! (she means buisness!!!)

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Greetings all. My name is Pam ,I am 47 and have been a shut in for about 8 years. I have been heavy since childhood and extremely overweight since puberty. I spend alot of time doing genealogy, writing and crochet. I began this on the 8th of September,2001. I began at 338 lbs. I discovered I had lost five lbs in the four days I spent finding a support group and doing a good bit of low carb research. Boy was I surprised.
Sue has made Adkins my best friend once again and I will weigh on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I know I am losing as the metallic taste is in my mouth. Extra water has helped(bless you Sue) . Years ago I lost 108 lbs on Low carb and kept it off for several years until I was injured at work. A severe spinal injury that caused me to be bedfast for over a year. Several years later the weight kept building and exercise was impossible , Illness followed and so here I am. I will be successful.
I want the me I know to return and I have prayed for those years lost to be rolled away as well. Which means I ask for the hands of time to reverse about 17 years. Well... one can dream you know! I am determined to lose . My goal is 125 as I have small bones ( boy was I mad at the doctor who first told me that) . I have along way to go and support is new and wonderful to me.
I check in most everyday. I am so happy I found all of you. So far so good!!!!!

Pam (it is nice to have a name with a screen name:D) we are so glad to have you here. we love to help and please ask anything. I have been doing this for over a year and i know that it can be done. welcome!!! If you have a hint of falling off the bus Dana has a huge roll of indestrial strength duct tape and it is VERY hard to remove!!! so watch out you will stay OP just to not be taped on!!! :lol: :lol:

Lee that is a very wonderful but scary thing that has happened. may i ask what you had been tramatized form or if it is too personal you do not have to tell. I do have friends that have psychic powers and they can hit the nail right on the thread!! so I asm a believer. what a horrible thing to predict!! My heart goes out to you for suffering through the events before they happened.

Me I am OP!!! hear that Dana?? I have managed to keep my face out of the frosting, cokies, and KFC!!! I am ripping!!!

Exercise YES!!! i did OZZIE :love: today My cabana boy!!! :lol:

Pat how did all this affect the guys you work with?? I am curious. and UUUHHHMMMMM how is the exercise going???? :lol:

Dana I will never get off your back!! :lol:I want to see you hit goal as much as you do and i will see you all the way there. I am going to do the BFL chalenge again so it will help inspire me to keep on going as hard as i am!!! and you know what do not feel funny about going to the weight room a bit heavy i have huge legs and gut and nobody looks at me funny infact they all encourage me!!! so do not let that stop you (see i am still on the back) :lol:

Joanne how are you doing. did I mention exercise to you??? :lol:

Terri?? how are you doing OP???

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Joanne I am heart broken at your grief and for all who are grieving. I know only too well what it is to grieve for someone we love. My Father died with cancer at 49, my Grandmother, friends in car wrecks, agent orange poisoning for one and my own daughter at birth. I am stunned at the horror that has taken place and we all join you in the sorrow. The whole country is praying for the families. I have spent a long time doing that as it is all I have the ability to do. Americans are not used to feeling helpless in this case for most of us we are. Take heart at the love and selflessness that is given for all the dead, missing and their families. Know please how deeply we care. God bless.

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I just bawled today. at anything the computer, work, the radio, the tv, any thing. I do not think that it is over and many more things will happen please all take care.

I have managed to stay OP today, by the skin of me teeth, all else is well. i have been drinking but too much diet pepsi so i am wired. have exercised did the oliptical for 30 and hit over 400 what an effort. bellydancing tonight. just lve to see the fat jiggle!!! atleast i just have to start it and then it just follows!!! :dizzy: :lol: :lol:

Paam one thing that i do know is that if anything the nations has been brought together by this tragity. and we will be strong and we will survive. the unfortuante thig is that the people that did this do not knwwhat they are in for!!!

God bless every one

Love Sue

09-14-2001, 08:48 PM
As we were at 2 pages I started another thread #2

Lee How are you doing? I know you are in pain and stressing. I hope you are finding some comfort

See ya at #2

09-24-2001, 06:25 PM
Keep the duct tape handy.....I will let you know!!!!!Ha Ha.

Lee, I know how you feel....September 10th.... I sat watching tv and crocheting ( keeps hands and body busy) A new mini series much touted by HBO comes on it is called Band of Brothers. My Husband comes in and props pillows up and joins me." You know" he says, " I am surprised, you don't like war movies and yet you have watched the last three that has come out....Why?"
I turned and looked him in the eyes... " Something is happening, something is seriously wrong." Dan we are going to war and I can't stop it, I can't do anything about it in any way." Tears welled up in my eyes and I continued... "I don't believe in war,
vengence is mine sayth the Lord, Thou shalt not kill is the first commandment. I know that it doesn't say thou shalt not kill unless given good reason, but something awful is about to happen and we are going to war. More dead... so many more dead..." and I sobbed with all my heart for the lives lost. My poor Hubby was so confused. He replied ,"war is good for the economy..." he was just stumbling, searching for some comfort to a situtation he did not understand. And , I stated between sobs the funeral business. He put his arms around me and held me until I was quiet again. What is going on you have been so quiet for day's it is so unlike you....(and it is too) I know something really bad is about to happen, he ccut me off and said don't be silly everything is fine. The next day............well we all know.

Here we are in uncertain times and it is at these times that the greatness of the human spirit becomes so clear. When heros are a daily routine for so many and all our people come together as one. In our adversitity the greatness of America shines like the sun. Come what may we are joined again. Me , I , my, is lost in us , we, and service to others. All the factors that has made this country great reemerges in all it's glory and God is seen everywhere in thousands of faces. Together we grieve, cry, laugh,
and stand to face a new and uncertain day but we do it as one people and together we have and can do anything. Take Heart Lee, as a Nation we have come together and so much of the world stands with us. Out of the horror has come blessing and that is the way life works. No matter how painful or horrifing the situtation is, good emerges and this is what we must hold on to.
The miracles of love, compassion and strength.
God Bless us all and our world.