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08-20-2006, 12:21 AM
The Winning Losers

Welcome to the Winning Losers!! Here is to a new week of success and motivation!! Let's all keep trucking along in our weight loss, posting about our triumphs and obstacles, our ups and downs and any tips and ideas.

Newcomers are always welcome! Please don't be shy, just go ahead and jump right in!

Challenge(s) this week

Water - Goal of at least 10 - 8 oz glasses each day.:drool:
Physical Activity - Some sort of activity as many days per week that you can muster. :tread: :dance:

Note: No one is obligated to be part of the challenge(s). Completely voluntary.

So here's to another week of good health and much success. :high:


08-20-2006, 08:39 AM
Good morning everyone. Oh, my back....

My lower back is aching from the skating. Oh well, that means I used muscles back there, right? :) I'm still glad I went and I'm going to go back.
Don't forget about the exercise challenge! At first I was going to post the names and number of days each person exercised. But we can all just post our own! So far I have 5 days in, but I'm going to get in one more exercise session today. Then I'll post in great big, bold letters "Amanda exercised six days this week!". :lol:

Don't forget to post what you've accomplished so we can all celebrate together. Great job everyone!! We'll start a new week tomorrow.

PS If you missed my personals to everyone they'e on the other thread. They're the second and third to last posts.

08-20-2006, 10:14 AM
::slinks back in::

Um...hi. I'm sorry I dropped off the face of the internet for so long (and thanks for the pm, Danielle, it reminded me that I really need to get back here). The past two weeks have been kind of insane, what with my mom's birthday and family stress and my job and trying to get my act together for my last semester of grad school etc. etc. I could go on, but it's all boring excuses when the truth is I just haven't made time to be online.

But I have been keeping up with my fitness regimen, at least for the most part, and I've lost about four pounds since the last time I posted. Of course now my weight is creeping back up for no apparent reason, as it likes to do just to mess with my head, but I'm trying to ignore it and continuing to work out. Which I need to go do now, since I have to be at work in a few hours, but I wanted to stop in here and say hi and I'm sorry I abandoned you guys before I put it off for another two weeks.

So hi! I hope everyone's doing well and I will try to catch up with the conversation after I work out. Hi to the new people I haven't met yet!

08-20-2006, 10:31 AM
:coffee2: GOOD MORNING CHICKS!!!!!:sunny:

Hi everyone!

Amany- I keep forgetting to post my water and all that. I have excersised everyday since Thursday. I was too sick before that to keep going. I have kept the water challenge, I always drink all my water- so that's all good! Ah, remember being younger and how things like skating never left us scathed and in muscle pain? :lol: Now we just get all stiff and have to use heating pads and aspercreme... Yeah, I keep looking at my old clothes and I long to wear a sleeveless shirt. I remember when my husband first saw me do laundry years ago, he said my shirts looked like children's shirts! And no, I never wore revealing clothes I just was I outweigh him and I just feel like... :( *sigh* Well, :cheers: Here's to a new life and lifestyle. I want my old body back.

thistoo- :hug: So glad to see you back! Congrats on the weight loss.

08-20-2006, 11:06 AM
:wave: Hello Ladies Great Morning.
Amanda roller skating I remember doing that I havnt dont that in over 20 years. I used to go every weekend but I went one time and I have an employee come up and ask me if I was Pregnate Please Dont get on the floor. I was so upset that I never went back because I wasnt Pregnate. Great Job ther is only one rink around here and we Stopped By once and it was terrible. The place had food and garbage all over the place. Me and the hubby said we wouldnt go back.

I will post later on tonight and let everyone know what I have done this week I have to get going and take the kids to the docs will check in later.

08-20-2006, 12:46 PM
Good Sunday Morning lovelies!!!

Danielle....I'm so happy to see that you turned it all around yesterday and put the pizza behind you! I knew you would!! Great job yesterday, you should be proud!!!

Brat...Well there you are!!!! I hope when you get back to the computer and can read this your mouth is feeling better! How's everything else going?

Bonnie...all that housework and trapsing around the mall burned some calories. Plus its good to give your body a day off to recover, you've been rocking that exercise pretty hard so it deserves a break. Got your water handy? its hard to get it in when you are out and about! I'm sorry to hear about your skating incident...some people are so ignorant!!

Amanda...I think skates are an excellent reward!!! I'm so happy you had fun! I remember those exclusive skates when i was a kid. Arent men the biggest babies when they are sick or hurt! LOL! Hope his back is better soon! Way to go on controlling your sugar craving yesterday!! Girl you are so amazing! Such an inspiration for me!

Elycia...thanks so much for starting a new thread! I'm ready to meet those challenges head on!! No more excuses and no more looking back for me!! good to see you back here!! When you've got so much going on thats exactly when you need your support group behind you! We are always here for you to keep you pumped up and doing what you want and need to do to be fit and healthy! Great job on the exercise and Yay!! 4 lbs gone!! You are doing so GREAT!!!

5 days in a row of 100oz of water or more!!! Now only 2 more to go and that yoga mat is MINE!!! Made my fresh salsa last night and it turned out so good! Amanda there's not really a recipe but this is what I did
2 large tomatoes, seeded and diced
1/2 onion diced
2 jalapeno peppers diced
1 serrano pepper diced
2 cloved garlic minced
2 TBSP Cilantro (I used dried but soaked it in water to soften it)
3-4 TBSP lime juice
Mix it all together and let sit for 2 - 4 hours
and you can play around with it for how hot you like it serrano peppers are hotter or find mild peppers, some people use bell peppers.

Okay...I'm ready for a great day! but really gearing up for a FANTASTIC week!! I think my bike was sold, drove by last night and it wasnt out front like it had been, but the place could have been closing up for the night I dunno! Today was supposed to be my sleep in day but I just couldnt sleep in!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

08-20-2006, 02:29 PM
Caroline!! :hug: I wondered where you were chicky. Don't stay away so long next time. Congrats on your weight loss!

Danielle - Thanks for bringing Caroline back. Between you and Melissa, we'll be 100 strong in no time. :)

AquaChick - Great job on the exercise. Congrats on the three new pounds!! Trying to be quiet about it, were you? Hmm...? You know I'm a big mouth! :lol:
BTW, I know how you feel. I put on a pair of my husband's shorts just to run out to the car real quick one day and couldn't even close them up! :rolleyes: I want to be lots smaller than him. It would make me feel more feminine, I guess.

Bonnie - Great job on all your hard work this week!!
:hug: I'm so sorry that happened to you. It's too bad that the one rink you have is a mess. I'm surprised the owner(s) would let it get that bad. Pitiful...

Melissa - Thanks so much for the recipe. I can't wait to try it out. I love salsa atop broiled meats. I can't wait to do it with homemade. Mmmm...
Yes, men are HUGE babies. Whenever my husband is in the beginning stages of having some sort of sinus problem, I nip it in the bud right away. God forbid he get sick. Life has to stop and he has to be catered to. :rolleyes: On top of being a man, he's the only child of a single mother. He's soooo spoiled.

Well, ladies, I'll check in later. Have a great afternoon all!

08-20-2006, 02:29 PM
Hello! Hello! Gosh you guys got busy here early today! :) Wonderful to see such motivation and excitement about exercise, water & healthy eating. Amazing what all that can do to a person's psyche.

Amanda, I am SO proud of you for going skating! You sound like you had the best time ever. How you described the rink doing certain songs for certain people, exactly how I grew up. Talk about flashbacks! You definitely used muscles in your back you never knew you had! Isn't it funny how when we were kids none of that happened and we just went & went & went, day after day? I get tired thinking of all the energy I had back then! I definitely think skates as a reward is an awesome idea! Go for it chicky, those skates will be yours in no time!

Elycia, how has the weekend been? I hope you wre able to get thru your plans this weekend okay with the girls and all. Thanks for starting the new thread, definitely needed it I think. We're a chatty bunch! :dizzy:

Brat, there ya are darlin!!! I was wondering what happened to you. I am so glad you posted just to update and let us know what was happening. Hopefully soon when you have more time to spare you'll be able to chat it up with us!

Caroline!!! I am so glad you came back, I've missed ya woman. You are doing so great, you have alot to be proud of!! 4 pounds is amazing! I'm sure with work and school and everything else doesn't leave much time for extras, just please come by when you can and let us know what you're up to, ok? Just know that we are here to support you and motivate you any way we can to keep you truckin along. You are doing so well, I couldn't be prouder! :)

Good Afternoon Aqua, hope your day is going beautifully!

Bonnie, ugh, I have pregnant stories coming out of my ears! lol I've been asked if I'm pregnant by people standing in line at Subway TWICE (2 different occasions), by little kids at my kids school, even my own Aunt!...I could go on... point is, I've got a poochy belly, too much weight gained w/ each "real" pregnancy and 3 c-sections to show for it...enter the dancing belly! Ugh! I will be so glad to see most of this thing leave! Thank God no one's asked me if I'm preggers in a few years now, but man, it sure does sting when they have! I hope the girls check ups go alright and they're doing a-ok!

Melissa...2 more days, 2 more days!! You are so close to getting that mat! Woo hoo! You WILL have an amazing week, I just know it! I pray pray pray that your bike is still there! Your salsa sounds yummy, reminds me of football Sundays coming up!!! I can't wait! I'm so ready for all this pre-season stuff to end and get to the good stuff. lol

I am moving pretty slow today girls! Bob really kicked my hiney with that workout yesterday. I am sore from the top of my head down to my tippy-toes! And you guys think I'm joking! I'm not! I slept like a rock last night tho, but waking up today, OYE! His workouts entail using every muscle you've got and boy oh boy am I feelin it today! LOL

I made a decision last night that I am going to add in fruits. I need to try something because this dragging around with no energy is for the birds! I'm going to try adding the fruit in and maybe some grains...maybe make it like a WW Core program typa thing. I just know that I hate feeling like this. Somehow someway my body is rebelling against this strict low carbing and I cannot deal anymore. Its like my body chemisty is different now or something? Weird-o-rama! I'm VERY nervous about doing this, entering a realm of fruits and grains is something I've only done doing a low fat regime...I'm still going to try and keep it lower carbs and see what happens. I hope I am not setting myself up for major failure here, and the scale decides to go the other way. OR, worse yet, my bingeing tendancies come back with a vengeance! That is why I need lc, but man, I am tired of being tired. And miserable. And grouchy. And sleepy! We'll see how it goes. Keep yer fingers crossed! :crossed:

Have a great day ladies!!!

♥Progress Not Perfection♥

08-20-2006, 03:03 PM
Good After noon Chicks wasnt feeling to great this morning and I went and did a work out and now I dont feel so bad. I dont know how we were going to be doing this But I am going to post my Exercise stats for the week. I keep it a note book and right down everthing I eat and exercise and I need to start me Watertoo .

SO here it is.

Monday watp total 67 minutes
Tuesday None
Wesnesday watp-airstrider-walking total 144 minutes
Thursday watp- total 30 minutes
Friday watp- total 71 minutes
Saturday None
Sunday watp -total 105 minutes

the whole total for the week is 417 minutes.
Unfortanlly the water wasnt as good I only made the goal of 100 ounces only 1 day this week. Will try harder next week.

08-20-2006, 03:42 PM
:) Hi everybody!

Hun.e.B- Good job on the water intake, and thanks for the recipe! :)

Sugar-N-Spice- Nice to see you today! :) I know how it feels to be a little whooped after a workout. It makes you stronger though, and it's a "good" hurt. You know you were doing something right.

Butterfly50- Good workout regimine you got going there! Glad you are feeling better. :)

Amany- :wave: You always bust me on sneaking my new stats

08-20-2006, 04:39 PM
Hello all!!

This will be short. Just posting that I EXERCISED 6 DAYS THIS WEEK!!! :carrot:

Monday: Tae Bo / Pilates
Tuesday: None
Wednesday: 3 Mile Leslie Sansone / Pilates
Thursday: Just the Miracle Mile (I was under the weather)
Friday: George Foreman Walk and Box / Pilates
Saturday: Roller skating
Sunday: Abs of Steel 2000 /shadow boxing / Pilates

It's fine if you don't know what you did each day. Just posting the number of days you worked out is fine. Great work everyone!!! :)

08-20-2006, 06:40 PM
Ok, now that dinner is on I have a few moments. Cornish hens and broccoli. Yummy!!

Aqua - Of course I'll always bust you when you sneak in your weight loss. I'm proud of you! I know how hard you've been working. You deserve to be celebrated. :balloons:

Bonnie - It feels good to work through the "ickys", doesn't it? Good for you! Your exercise regimine is impressive. You are really motivating me to step it up. Don't worry. You'll get better with the water. Eventually you'll prefer it to other drinks.

Melissa - I hope you're mistaken about the bike. I really wanted you to have it. Do you think you'd be able to find any other bikes you like as much? I know you'll definitely have that yoga mat soon though.
Thanks for all your kind words. Now I have to try to live up to them! :)

Danielle - Lots of things seem to go downhill sometime in our twenties. When I was a little girl I used to skate for hours and run just for the heck of it. I would actually go to the track and run for about 2 or 3 miles just because it was fun. Now it seems unfathomable.
Nothing like a good workout to give you a good night's sleep. :) It sounds like Bob has been good to you! He's transforming your body.

08-20-2006, 09:09 PM
Thought I'd kick my kids off the computer and see what you all have been up to today! Its been a lazy day around here, I wanted to go to the lake but it seems my dh decided to go golfing after work instead. Perhaps tomorrow the girls and I will go. I've almost got my 100oz of water already! you feeling this afternoon? I hope a little looser! Bob sure kicked your butt! LOL! I dont think eating healthy foods is setting yourself up for anything but success!! You didnt realistically think that you'd cut fruit and whole grains out forever did you? And I know you are all about making this your lifestyle, not a diet. So maybe your body is just telling you that you forgot something! You'll figure it out, I know you will!

Bonnie...are you feeling any better? I hope so! You did so great with exercise last week!!! Way to go!! Keep it up!! And Cheers on that water!!

Aqua....Congrats on the 3 lbs!!! You should be shouting that from the rooftops! LOL!! Excellent job! Life is looking so great on you!

Amanda...WOOOHOOO!! that is so excellent!! 6 days!!! GREAT job!!! Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious!!! I'm sure there are other bikes out there that I would love just as much, I just have this problem of finding one thing and getting focused on it! LOL! Hopefully its still there come friday!

Alright, we are having burgers tonight. Not the healthiest but its summertime eats. Moderation right! And big brother will be on soon...anyone watch? Have a wonderful evening everyone! And lurkers, come out and play!!!


08-20-2006, 09:31 PM
Oops! I always forget something. :rolleyes:

Danielle - I agree with Melissa. Maybe it is time to start adding back the fruits and grains. Try doing it slowly. Like a one or two things every two weeks to see if you're still losing. If you decide to try to phase low-carb bread, I hear that Ezekial Bread is great. It's supposed to have sprouted grains as opposed to processed flour.

08-20-2006, 09:45 PM
This day has flown, I can't believe its already gonna be Monday!

Amanda, you rock! Look at you and your exercise! I love your rewards you've set up for yourself. I know you will attain every one of them. What I'm most excited about is being here to see you do it! :mag:

Bonnie, hope you're feeling good. How are the kids?

Melissa, I'm bummed you guys didn't go to the lake, hopefully tomorrow! No, I didn't expect to cut out grains & fruit forever (you know me better than that!), but you know me and lc'ing. Was really hoping to het a good chunk of this weight off doing more restrictive, but I guess my body has other plans. LOL its all good with me, it just feels really good to know that I'm ok with weight coming off slower, knowing that I am finding a way to live and not diet. For so many years it was all about the next diet that all it did was propel me back up to the weight I am at now! Feels real good to be focused and at peace at the same time.

Still really feeling that workout- I did however ride my bike for 40 min while I watched a movie. We're making progress! :D

08-20-2006, 11:25 PM
G'day ladies:

Whew! What a whirlwind weekend. Ohh, I am so proud of my girls. They did excellent. The convention was 3 days long and basically all day and they did splendidly! Towards the end today, Mya got a little antsy, but other than that wonderful and of course they were just the center of attention. Everyone was stopping my husband and I telling us how cute they are. :o Anyways, they were very very good and I am so thankful. Thanx for asking Danielle. :D

Well, on to the nitty gritty. I have been doing very good sticking to plan. Tomorow will make a full week of NO POP! Yayyyy! I am so excited. No pop for a week is a big deal for me. I am so proud. In terms of workouts, I got in 4 days this past week. I was doing very well up until the convention. They lasted all day and so by the time I got home, fixed dinner, bathed the girls and got them ready for bed, I was ready for bed, so no workouts this weekend.

I will be weighing in on Wednesday and I surmise that I will have lost a few pounds. It is going to feel so good to move that ticker in the right direction. :carrot:

I think that this check-in along with my determination to succeed has really been strengthening aids for me. I haven't even reached for a pop this week. Also, I have not eaten from a fast food restaurant all week. Typically after the convention, we may go out to eat with friends or family, but each time I was invited, I declined and came back home to cook dinner. This week made me feel very good. I have been feeding my family healthier meals and it feels great! I feel like I am investing in my family and I know that the payoff will be very good in the end. A healthier, happier family which is my goal.

So good to see everyone posting. Anna and Stacy, hope to see you guys soon. Amanda, very good on that exercise. Great job! I look forward to seeing your ticker moving in the right direction on the 25th. :) Butterfly, you rawk! Look at that exercise log. :yikes: You are doing great! With all of that exercising, I hope you up the water soon. Great job! Aqua, congrats on the weight loss. Caroline, glad to see you back! Danielle, I think that you definitely have to listen to your body. If you body thinks you are rebelling, maybe it needs a change. Try something new, like you are thinking to add some fruits and veggies. Try it! I have never done Core plan, but I hear it is wonderful. You will find what works for you. Melissa, good job on that water. You are real close to your mat. :) Your excitement for the coming week is exciting to me. That's great! Also, thanx for adding the link. You just keep our little thread thriving. :)

Well girls, I better get going. I still have to fill the dishwasher and straighten up for the night. I have missed you ladies and I will be around more this week.



08-21-2006, 10:48 AM
Good Morning Sunshines! Everyone ready for another great week?

I added in some fruits yesterday and other veggies, and yanno, I felt a whole lot better. My body was definitely trying to tell me something! Today is the first day in over a week that I was able to wake up without that tiredness in the back of my head & eyes. I am going to look into the Glycemic Load diet. Still lower carbs but it will allow me fruits, various veggies, even dairy. All with some sort of structure--which I'm sure, once I get the hang of it I will tweak to what's comfortable! LOL I always figurerd there was some type of plan out there that was exactly what I wanted but never knew this was it until I started really digging yesterday( thanks Melissa!) And read and read and read. Isn't the internet a beautiful thing? :lol:

Elycia, I am thrilled you had such an amazing weekend! Wonderful news that the girls were the star of the show! Of course, what else should we have expected, right? ;) your excitement about a healthy lifestyle for your family is wonderful to see. Its super that you're doing it now while the girls are young, thry will know nothing else! Unlike me, a constant tug of war with treats, veggies and new meal ideas! Its been hard but well worth the struggle. I know you will achieve your goal with this and find a thinner you in the process!

Ladies, got dh in my hair today. Not sure what the plans are besides a trip to the bookstore & grocery shopping, but hopefully I will be here for personals later!

Make today the best you can, keep reaching, accept nothing but the very best for yourself. You're all worth it!

08-21-2006, 11:02 AM
:coffee: Hello Ladies! GOOD MORNING!!!!

Amany- You are really working hard! Good job! I have been treading every day at least two miles, but soon I will have to change it up to see better results. What you are doing is super good.

Sugar-N-Spice- I'm glad the change in diet worked for you.Thank you for the words of encouragement, all of those things help pull me through the day. :)

u2girl- Good job avoiding pop! That is a HUGE deal!!! That is like someone taking my coffee away. Wow, big hugs for you. :hug:

Hun.e.B- Hi hon!

To everyone else, hello! I want to greet everyone personally, but I gotta roll. A million things on my "To Do" list... :cool:

08-21-2006, 12:10 PM
Good Monday morning everyone!! Alright, 1 more week and I'm back to classes, I'm ready. I'm bored to death the summer break has just been too long. Plus being in school helps me alot in attempting to keep a schedule. Less time to be bored so less time to do that mindless eating I've been famous for the last few weeks. I've decided that I've got 1 1/2 years to lose the weight. Hows that for nice and slow? LOL! Usually I'm all about saying "oh I've gotta lose X amount by Christmas, or X amount by summer." And those holidays come and go and I the same! I just know that I do not want to graduate heavy. I want to wear a cap and gown, not a tent! Plus lets face it, my chances of getting a job are going to be better thinner, as sad as that is it is the truth. Plus maybe taking the pressure off will help that much more!

Danielle...way to go on getting in that biker ride despite feeling so sore yesterday!!! Woman I'm so proud of you!!! When you make sense out of the GI/GL plan let me know! LOL! I think its fascinating stuff but too confusing for me. Anymore visits from Bob?

Elycia...I'm so glad to hear that you and your girls made it through the weekend. And NO POP!!! WOOHOO!! I'm so proud of you for breaking that habit!! The rewards will pay off nicely! I've never been a big pop drinker but my dh drinks at least 6 a day, maybe more. He drinks diet so not totally bad but still!! I be the news on Wednesday is going to be great!!!

Aqua....Have a great day!! I hope you knock out that todo list!!

Alright, I'm off to work on some journalling with Dr. Phil! Today is Day 1 with dh on board with me. Keep shining everyone!!

08-21-2006, 12:48 PM
Whew, I feel like the welcome wagon this morning! LOL!! But there were so many ladies with great stories and great energy over there in the buddy up folder looking for buddies, I invited them all! LOL! Hopefully they'll pop in and say hi! Danielle, one lady is even doing the GI diet!

Anyway, I forgot to add something this morning. Part of the dr. phil plan you've got to create an environment for success. which intales throwing out all the foods that arent on a healthy eating plan. My problem is, having kids, I'm finding this impossible. Throwing out things like ketchup, margarine, kids cereals, most all of their snacks. My feeling is that they are kids! They dont have weight problems why cant they have an oreo ever so often. There's no way in heck they will eat Fiber One cereal. am I setting myself up for failure by keeping these things in the house? or am I using the girls as an excuse to not clean out the house? I do think its good for them to learn healthy eating habits and eat the right kinds of foods, but the are KIDS! And if they dont get it at home, they are gonna get it somewhere and be more likely to binge on it. Well, just wondered what you feelings were on that! Not sure what I'm gonna do about it yet! LOL!


08-21-2006, 12:53 PM
Hello again:

Just popped back on to see what was going on and reading the new posts.

Melissa, you had alot of good points in your post today. I posted about this previously, but I really do believe that there really is a fat prejudice or a stigma that if you are fat you won't be a good worker. I think it is ridiculous, but an issue nonetheless. When I was thinner, I kid you not, I got the job EVERYTIME!! I had to turn down job offers. So I am attributing this to either 1) the fat prejudice or 2) it is overwhelmingly clear on the interview that I do not really want the job 3) I am applying for jobs that really are not suited to me 4) a combination of all of them. Who knows? I decided that I am not going to stress over it. I will find a job and lose weight and whatever else I chose to do when the time is right.

Regarding schedules, I have to agree, when I am on a set schedule, things go much more smoothly. When I worked full-time, it was much easier to lose weight. I think I am going to try harder to schedule my time at home better. Perhaps I will get better results by sticking to a schedule.

Well, I gotta go. Hey there Aqua and Danielle, good to see you guys.

Oh and by the way, we are all friends here, helping each other out and I LOVE, LOVE LOVE our group. I wanted it to be clear though, Anybody can start the new thread on Sunday's. If you are the first one here, start it. I think it will be kind of kewl for different people to get us started each week.
So, do it up however ya like!



08-21-2006, 01:42 PM
*sheepishly waves hello*

Hi girls! It's been WAAAAAAYYYYYY too long since I've posted, but I have tried to read the thread every now & again to keep up with all the AWESOME PROGRESS you girls are making! I also like the challenges; the water usually isn't a big deal for me, but OH. MY. GOODNESS. Somebody needs to get me off my arse to do some exercise :o . I guess I've never been physically active so it's all new territory...hmmm...I've always been overweight, too. Coincidence? I think not...

Anyway, the scale has been moving down, albeit SLOWLY, but I'll take every pound I can! My mom is currently going to LA Weightloss and having tremendous results, so I think I may take a peek at that program to see if I should try it. She seems very satisfied & happy about what she's doing, so I'm very excited for her.

Otherwise, I'm just busting my butt at work (I'm here at 6:40AM every morning :yikes: ) and trying to spend some time with the wee one before school starts next week...for ME...not her!!! My last semester isn't going to be fast enough, I can already feel it! My classes are so not fun...Geotechnical Engineering, Wastewater Engineering, Transportation, and Concrete Theory & Design...sounds like fun, huh? You're jealous, aren't you! LMAO. Oh well, it's good motivation. Graduation is Dec goal is to be 215 or less by then...

OK, duty calls. I will TRY, TRY, TRY to not be a stranger!

Later, girls!

08-21-2006, 02:42 PM
Jest wanted to pop in this morning and say that I feel Awful:( My Daughters are doing great. The doc gave them meds to get them better quick. Then I woke up Yesturday morning and what My nose is stopped up one minutes it runs and the next I cannot breathe. Sore throat the works. So the Doc gave me some meds.I hope they help me soon I do feel terriable. I cannot miss the joy of the kids going to school on Wednesday.:carrot: I feel like I have no energy I cannot even convince myself to get up and do anything.

Well For a Low Carb Diet ???? Some of you may know this But I learned this a Bannana is A fruit But it is also considered as a carb. I have been doing the Zone diet and they mostly work on the foods that makes your Insulin level go up and down and you would not believe what foods are considered to be a High Insulin getter.Its crazy. I know since I have been on this diet I have had no problem with my IBS Thank God.

Well I need to take me a nap My meds are making me Sleepy I hope to feel better soon.

08-21-2006, 03:33 PM
Hi girls, popping in real quick after the grocery! Headed out for a bite to eat ,d then the bookstore.....but I couldn't not leave something here real quick!

Aqua, I've posted here a zillion times with the intention of congratulating you on your 3 lbs and I forget! I'm sorry I've been a bad friend, please forgive me! I would kill for a 3 lb loss that's for sure. You're doing amazing! WW's definitely agrees with you.

Melissa, I'm so glad you are getting some time in with dr phil today. You know me, I don't ever agree with what "they" tell me I should do regarding food for the family, Altho, here we have cut WAY back on everything and quite honestly the kids haven't missed it at all. No breakdowns or tantrums and we do substitute with various things as well. Granted we do go out to eat a lot and I never get on them about choices...its working tho. They've ordered salads and steamed veggies all on their own its been amazing! I think you just do with what you feel comfortable doing, regardless of what others think. For us, this works.

Bonnie, I hope the meds work fast, we need ya well chick! But isn't it the way it goes, kids get sick, get better and then poor mom's left in the dust sick in the end! Get better lady and drink lots of liquids. :hug:

Stacey!! I'm so glad to see you sunshine! I'm thrilled to hear the weight is coming off for you. I know slow is the worst, but I bet you feel fabulous! I can't believe you go in to work that early! :yikes: almost done with school, I bet you can't wait!! Don't be a stranger lady!

If I forgot anybody I'm sowwwy, I'm on my blackberry- takes forever if I gotta scross back around for posts... I'll double check when I get to the computer!

Stay strong my lovelies! :grouphug:

08-21-2006, 04:28 PM
:) Hello, hello, hello!!

I promise to get to personals later. I just wanted to drop in really fast and greet our fabulous group. Things are picking up a little around here for me. On top of that board members will be here until Wednesday. That always makes people around here just a little crazy.

I just love that everyone is having so much success. I think it will only get better from here. I want to challenge us all just a little more...

Let's try to intensify our workouts this week just a bit more. Don't kill yourself, and please don't injure yourself! But, if you're using a video, make bigger movements with your arms. Kick a little higher. Work your thighs a little more when you can. If your walking, pump your arms or walk a little brisker. Try for 4 to 6 days of aerobic exercise this week for at least 15 minutes. If you can't do that, then do the absolute best you can without harming yourselves.

Just a quick note to Bonnie. I hope you feel better soon. Take good care of yourself. Your family needs you and so do we!

Danielle, I copied this information about the GI Diet. I had never heard of it. Are these pretty much the basics?

A few basic principles of the program: We know we have lurkers out there so please join us even if it's to just stop by and say hi!

A few basic principles of the GLD: counting of calories or carbs or anything primarily meat, fruits, vegetables, full-fat dairy, healthy fats and nuts
...avoid starches (even so called "healthy" whole grains like brown rice and wheat bread)
...avoid sugary soft drinks and fruit juices
...a small amount of chocolate is permitted but only after a meal, only to satisfy your taste buds and never to satisfy hunger can drink wine (but be careful not to let alcohol dull your appetite and trick you into drinking more), coffee, tea, diet drinks, milk, water
...exercise is non-negotiable. At a minimum, you should walk/jog for 30-40 minutes every other day. to satisfaction but as always, don't stuff yourself with food
...please read the book for more specifics about the plan

Ok, everyone I'll check back in later. Bye!

08-21-2006, 04:35 PM
Hello Ladies, My name is Norma and Elycia was so nice as to PM me concerning your group and thought I might like to join. I read your posts and I would like to join. I love your challenge, because it will definately be a challenge to me. I dislike water and I have to work at getting 16 oz down a day and I'm sneaking up on the exercise. I'll measure out 10 cups of water in a pitcher and I'll see how far I get on it. I'll get back to you as to what exercise I did today and how long. Thanks again to Elycia for the special invite. I hope I'll be able to contribute to you fantastic ladies.

08-21-2006, 04:37 PM
:belly: Good Afternoon Friends!!!!

Hi harkeyvalley !!!!!:welcome3:

Hun.e.B- I think it is really cool that you recognized what you need to make your goal- time. The time game works on me, but I will admit that I have fallen several times by not making it all the way to my goal by such and such a time. If you do not have nerves of steel it can be devastating when you don't meet the goal you set for yourself. :hug:

u2girl- I had a job once that I started skinny at. I got bigger and bigger because I was preggers, but kept it a secret.Maybe this was wrong, but I had my reasons. Well, my boss treated me like !@#$ when I got big, and I ended up in tears and never went back. He called me a penguin (black and white uniforms) in Spanish, and was poking fun of me to the Mexican employees. He didn't know I can speak and understand Spanish well enough to know what he was doing.Well, I made it a point to stop in a couple of months later when I was basketball belly. And yes, my gorgeous (and wayyyyyyy better looking than my boss :D ) husband had me on his arm. When he saw my belly, and my husband along with me he acted really funny and kinda- disappeared. Anyways, yes, there are butt munches that treat people bad because of weight. There is usually something wrong with those people though so they pick on the esiest target. After all, it's easy to spot an overweight person, and you can almost be sure they are sensitive about it.

phoxiekat- Hey sweetie! Don't be sheepish, this is your home as much as it is ours. We are happy to see you. :hug:

Butterfly50- Awww. :( Get well soon... :hug:

Sugar-N-Spice- Oh my gosh you are so sweet!!! :o You and Amany, you don't let the pounds get past your watchful eyes.... :lol:

08-21-2006, 06:20 PM
Hi Everyone,

May I Join your group?

I having been getting bigger over the years and just can't seem to stop the cycle. I had a little girl last year, and actual lost weight during the pregnancy. I have sinced gained that all back and some.

I don't eat constantly, But when i do eat that meal for the day, its a lot. I don't eat breakfast, normally lunch and dinner maybe. My husband is not complaining about my weight, but he will make sutle comments here and there about food or how I eat. He'll say your not big, you just need to lose your stomach. I want to have more energy for my daughter. She is one now and very active. I do not want to continue at this weight (212 lbs, 5'1, and 37 yrs old). It is getting to hard to handle and I do not like the way I look at all anymore. I feel really lazy and with a new babie this is unacceptable.

I recently joined a gym and I just started the atkins diet (never tried before)yesterday. Gosh I love my carbs too, but I have do this because I'm am tired of being overweight. I found this site today and everyone seems to be so supportive. I welcome the support this journey.


Trish (

08-21-2006, 06:25 PM
:welcome: Norma! I am so glad you decided our little group. These women are amazing, you wil love the support you get here! Water is hard for many people, I really commend you for making a big effort because its so important. Exercise is something I'm working on at the moment too, so don't feel bad! I swear, I think it must've literally taken me 3 months to get up the courage to start doing it again! For some reason I get so overwhelmed with that first workout after a long absence, I know, weirdo, huh? :lol: Again, welcome to our little space and I hope you enjoy yourself as much as we have!

Aqua, I had noticed the change in you weight on your siggy and I was so happy, sorry for being such a ditz. :dizzy: how'd the treading go today?

Amanda, ugh, big cheese on the premisis, huh? Those make for very long days sometimes, I hope it is stress free for you. As for the GI thing, I'm still trying to read. I ran into a bookstore and found several books on glucose dieting, GI, and some GL. I bought the G.I. Diet, by Rick Gallop but haven't read yet. I jusy skimmed roughly but liked what I saw. Somehow tho I dunno if this is the same as the GL Diet. :dunno:. I do know where you got that info tho, I just read that post last night!! LOL those ladies are crazy! I guess maybe I could be brave and ask one of them what the difference is, if there even is one. I really think that this is something that even my dh might do, this excites me. I will keep ya'll posted on what I read later today!

Later girlies! I gotta run home and pick up clothes and school books for my son-- he's going to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert tonight with his best friend. Of course that means I run all over town beforehand! LOL.

08-21-2006, 06:27 PM
Hi Guys --

My name is Liz and I'm new here. I just want to say that I love this forum and I love the fact that everyone is so supportive of one another. I've been battling my weight for a long time now and it's really good to feel like there's so much support out there. My weight has yo-yo'd for about 10 years now (since I started college) and has been as low as 117 and as high as 182. So, I'm really just trying to lose weight in a permanent, positive, and healthy way. I'm in the process of training for the Avon Breast Cancer walk and thought that would be a very good place to really start dedicating myself to taking care of my body. I also just became an auntie to a beautiful set of twins! I watched my sister struggle to get pregnant for 6 years and have come to the realization that it's so important to take care of yourself. Lord knows I need the support though!

Anywho, I guess I just wanted to add to all the positive comments and say that I think it's really fantastic that we have all decided to take control of our lives in this way. It's a very personal decision and it's nice to be able to share it with others who have made that same decision. Weight has been such an issue for me over the past 10 years.....obviously I'm preaching to the choir!

Thanks for being so welcoming!

08-21-2006, 06:44 PM
Wow!!! This sooooo rocks!!! Welcome sapphire35 and iwantnewpants, please make yourself at home on this thread!!



Sugar-N-Spice- Thank you!!! I hope your son has a great and safe time. I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers. :D

08-21-2006, 06:45 PM
Thanks Elycia for inviting me to join this group :) My name is Sara. I love meeting new people and making new friends. This challenge is great for me because I was already trying to think of this weeks challenge as one of my weekly goals for another thread :) I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys better and vise versa. Have a wonderful day

08-21-2006, 06:54 PM
Thanks so much AquaChick! Again, I can't believe how nice and supportive everyone is. And I love the challenges for this week. I had a very sedentary week last week and drank quite a bit of soda this weekend, so this is great!

08-21-2006, 07:02 PM
Hey ladies:

Danielle, isn't that something how adding fruits and veggies made such a difference? I am glad that you are feeling better. There are so many different eating plans out there and you just have to find what works for YOU! The ones that kill me are the ones that totally banish complete food groups. I mean even banishing fat is not good. I understand "LOW", but I don't understand "NO". I remember when I was trying to lose weight several years ago and I tried the Stillman diet. He had a book where he had all types of "lose weight quick" plans. Some were like nothing but fruits, another was nothing but veggies or meat with no condiments. I think he was the predecessor to Dr. Atkins. It was very, very strict and while I lost weight initally, ewwww weeeee, was it hard on the body and the psyche. Just too much! It would never, ever work for me long term. Anyways, I've heard good things about the GI diet. I started to look into it at 1 point, but for some reason I didn't. Your library might have some good books. Tell us what you think.

Melissa, thanx for the congrats on the pop. The no pop thing really is a big deal. I tell ya, I was knockin' out 3 liter bottles every other day or so. It was really bad. Well, during my entire pregnancy, I pretty much abstained from pop, so it is almost as if I was making up for lost time. :) Anyways, I have been pop free and not even missing it, so that is a good thing.

Stacy, so glad to see you back. I completely understand a busy schedule. Just glad to hear that all is okay and you are hanging in there. :)

Aqua, congrats on your weight loss. Sorry I missed. You are just rawkin' and rollin' getting this weight off!!! I am so glad that WW is working for you. You are putting me to shame. I better step it up, huh? :D ~~Regarding that guy you worked for...isn't it fun to gloat sometimes? I tell ya, I can't wait till I get my slim and trim body again. That convention I went to this past weekend, we have it yearly and to tell you the truth, I felt kinda embarrassed when I saw all my old friends as big as I am. But you know what, next year, I am going to look alot better. I refuse to look like "A MOM" and by that I mean, the woman that focuses so much on everyone and everything else that she just let herself go. Not the kid! I am going to get this weight off. I will still be a mom, but a "Smokin" Mom. :)

Bonnie, sounds like the whole house is on meds. I hope you all get to feeling better soon. Get all the rest you need. :hug:

Amanda, I will try to intensify my workouts this week. I really want to get more workouts in period, but those that I do, I will try to give them a little more UUMMPPH!!! :)

Norma, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome. So glad that you decided to join us. This is a really nice and motivated group of ladies. If you hang in there with us, you will get pumped up. This check-in has helped me so much. It took a little while for me to get going, but now that I am going I don't think I am going to stop. I had so many opportunities to mess up recently, but I haven't and I attribute alot of that to this group. Great group of ladies and I think you will find alot of encouragement here. Again, welcome and post away. :)

Speakin' of the look of "A MOM". Earlier today, I was visualizing myself at goal and it brought a smile to my face and excitement because I am on my way. So I thought I would pose a few questions to you guys.

1) What if anything do you plan to change when you get to your goal weight?

2) What piece of clothing can you not wait to wear when you reach your goal?
For me

1) I plan to change my hair color and the hairstyle. Right now, my hair is black and shoulder length. When I reach my goal, I am going back to the way I used to wear my hair. Long and wavy and a lighter color. It's really exciting to even think of wearing my hair that way again.

2) I can't wait to wear a form fitting black dress. In all actuality, it will be nice to wear anything form fitting, but a form fitting black dress and a night out on the town with my husband will be just a dream.

Ohh, I can't wait!!!!! Why did I keep this weight on so long? :D

Well, I better go. I look forward to hearing your responses!!!



08-21-2006, 07:09 PM
Wow, I have to do a BIG WELCOME for all of our newcomers!!!!

Welcome to all of you.


So glad to have you. Please, jump right in anytime. We are so excited that you decided to join us and we look forward to getting to know you.



08-21-2006, 07:21 PM
I cant remember where I read it but someone was telling me that if you dont change your diet or excersize and you just quit the soda pop then you would loose at least 15lbs or more depending on how much soda you drink.

I'm quitting the soda too Elycia, werent in the same boat

08-21-2006, 07:27 PM
Hello Everyone!!! My name is Tricia and I am 30 years old. I currently live in Philadelphia ( which is where I taught for the past 8 years), but I will be moving at the end of November (not sure where). I am actually starting a new teaching job in NJ. In addition, I am getting married next June. I feel like it is really just around the corner, so I really need to get my behind in gear. I am hoping by joining this support group, I can actually do what I already know I need to do......So I havent started yet, tomorrow is my first day of dieting. I joined the gym and now I just have to get moving. I am excited to have friedns to help me along...:carrot: (

08-21-2006, 07:32 PM
Good Afternoon everyone!! I finally kicked the kiddies off their games so I could come check in! You've been busy! LOL!! Water is going great again today almost 70 oz so far so I should make that 7th day of 100oz!!! Yay!! Its been confirmed the bike I wanted has been sold, but this bike shop had some others that will do in a pinch, a little less expensive too so I'll just have to settle LOL! great to see you again!!! Ugh, classes start for me on monday too and no I am NOT jealous of your schedule! LOL!! You can make that graduation goal! You can do it!! Just dont be such a stranger!!!

Bonnie...I'm so sorry to hear that you are sick! At least your little ones are feeling better so you dont gotta deal with that too! I hope you feel better SOON! I think alot of the "diet" thinking now days is revolving around the glycemic index (playing with your insulin levels) yesterday Danielle and I were reading about it, I got confused! Seems like regular pasta has a lower glycemic index value than brown rice, and that just doesnt make sense to me! I healthy and its gotta work right?! are my inspiration with how you deal with food with your kids. You've done such an amazing job with them. We are going to work on it here, one day at a time right!? I hope you are having a great day with the B man!! LOL! How are you feeling today soreness wise? I bet ds is so excited!!! We got our rolling stones tickets in the mail today! I'm almost thinking maybe we will go afterall instead of selling them LOL!!

Amanda...I'll take you up on that challenge! Unfortunetly for me just DOING some exercise is going to be taking it up a notch! Tonight I will go for a walk, and tomorrow I will too but I'll add some stretching and strength training. Babysteps!! Thanks for that GI info, its basically how I want to eat, some of it is a little confusing learning what is low glycemic and whats not, its not neccessarily what you'd think either!

Norma...WELCOME!!! I'm so happy that you are joining us!! This group really is the best!! I dont know what I'd do without them already! Good luck with your water, just keep at it and sooner or later it'll be a habit! How'd your workout go? congrats on 9 lbs gone already!!!! You are doing GREAT!!!

Aqua...I'm so glad you went back and put that jerk of a boss in his place!! Hopefully he learned his lesson! How did we as a people get to be so cruel to each other, I hope I've never treated someone like that!

Trish...HELLO HELLO and WELCOME!!!! I just posted to you over on the buddyup board!! I'm so glad you came over!!! You are going to fit in fabulously with these amazing ladies!! I bet your hubby doesnt mean his comments in a mean way, I bet he's just worried about you. Gaining weight can be scary for people. He wants you fit healthy and around for a long long time!! You've taken the first steps to stop the gaining cycle!! It only gets better from here!!

Liz....Hello and WELCOME!!!! This is so exciting today!! it is so important to approach weightloss they way you are. Its not a race, its a new way of living life. The weight will have no choice but to come off when you are taking care of your body!! Congrats on taking control!! I love your attitude!! I want so bad to do a breast cancer walk! I almost got signed up for the 3day walk this year, but backed out because of finances...I'm gonna do it one year! How exciting for you!!

Hi Sara!!! WELCOME to the group!!! I'm so happy to meet you!! OOO Hawaii I'm jealous!!! LOL! Cant wait to get to know you better!! Congrats on your 6 lbs so far!! You are doing GREAT!! Keep it up! No more soda! You can do it! that the pop isnt a habit, girl that weight is gonna fly off!!! I'm so proud of you!! You are gonna be a MILF in no time!! LOL (sorry if that offends its meant in the best of ways!!) The smoking mom comment just made me think of it! Never thought I'd fit into that category but I suppose I could! We all could!

To answer your questions...what do I wanna change... I always said if I lost all the weight i'd go get another tattoo, this time on my low back. I dunno if I still wanna do that or not. And the other thing is definetly HOW i dress. No more baggie ugly tshirts! I cant wait to wear fitted shirts!

Whew!! I think I caught up!!! Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!!


08-21-2006, 07:33 PM
Nope..missed one! LOL!! WELCOME Tricia!!! You've got so many exciting things going on in your life now, all amazing reasons to stay the course and make those goals!! I know you can do it!! And we are all here for you along the way!!! Keep up the good work!!


08-21-2006, 08:29 PM
Melissa, I want some more tattoos for my final goal. I'm pushing hard because I really want it. I'm starting to think of mini-goals for each 20lbs that I loose I'm going to reward myself with something (non-food) When I hit my 20lb mark I'm going to go dye my hair professionally. I want streaks! when I hit 60lbs mark I want those Nike Plus Shoes with ipod sports kit. I want to be able to track the miles I run and calories burned and so forth. Final Goal is the tattoos, I'm not sure what I want for the other ones theres plenty in between.

08-21-2006, 09:15 PM
Good golly, I'm gone an afternoon and look at all the action I miss!

To our lovely new ladies :welcome2: it is really great having you ladies here with us as we trek the journey of weight loss together. Strength in numbers, right!! :dance: I look forward to getting to know each one of you, I hope you'll pull up a chair and stay awhile with us!

Melissa, I am way bummed about your bike! I guess its good that there were others you could live with but still....!! :tantrum: I tell ya, its not been an easy journey with getting these kids to eat "right" all the time. Ales was the easiest, but he's also old enough to understand how health is important. The girls give me fits at times but we always manage to come thru together in the end. Kori I thought was gonna die without her fruit gummies! LOL she got over it real quick tho once we showed her all the choices she had. Granted a lot of what they get for snacks, etc, is not stuff I'd eat for myself, I really just concentrate on balance and that its ok once in awhile to have that DQ ice cream, but keeping in mind it doesn't have to be the biggest thing on the menu. This philosophy doesn't work on me right now, or that's what I'd do! LOL

Ok, dh is yelling that dinner is ready, so better scoot. He made dinner so I best not be late! :) I'll check in again in a bit.

Take care ladies!

08-21-2006, 09:43 PM

Jest wanted to Pop in and see how things are going THanks For all the Well Wishes. I sure do feel better then I did this morning. I hope to be up in the am cutting threw my Exercise like usual. One more day and the Kiddies go back to school THANK HEAVENS.

I know that sccordling to my zone book if I would like to have Brown Rice I can only have a 1/5 of a cup and the pasta is 1/4 But I do believe that Brown rice isnt all it said to be. To me if you eat healthy and exercise you should loose weight .

As I was sick today and wanted to exercise but didnt have the will or the energy. I thought back about 7 years ago we jest moved to Iowa and I had stood on a scale and it said I weighed 299 pounds all I could think of was that One more pound and a regular scale couldnt tell me how much I weighed in at. I sat down and cried and then got off my butt and got in motion. I did my own plan and It did well I lost weight like it was butter melting off my body. I weighed in at 240 when We moved back here to SC and Now Ima back up to 288. I am so Determined to get this weight off.

Well For the question.
I would change my hair and probley lighten it slightly. and I would go from wearing clothes that I only by because they were cheap and I neede something to wear. To something Knock out. I do think that my dress code would change. You know Trade the Big Baggy shorts or pants for something that is more fitting to my body and they change those baggy shirts that cover the belley to something more Revealing at least to me. ( Not too Much their).
Gotta go have to get in the Bed this Meds make me so sleepy.

08-21-2006, 09:55 PM
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I'm almost done from work and I just finished my third water bottle. thats about 1 1/2 liters. so far so good

08-21-2006, 09:57 PM
Wow!!!! :grouphug: Look at all of you!!! Thank you for coming here, we are happy to have you.

We are gonna be successful because we are stronger in numbers!!
:lifter: :strong: :woops: :ebike:


:o lol, and thanks again for everyone that noticed my weight loss when I posted it. I am touched that you all noticed my new numbers. I don't blow the horn too loud, but next time I'm gonna. :D

Love you gals so much.

08-21-2006, 10:40 PM
Hun.e.B (Melissa) shared this thread with me. I'm new to the website--looked around earlier this month, and posted my intro and a few replies the other day. I think I will get a lot out of these forums and hope to provide support to others, too.

I'm 43 and am going to lose 60 to 70 pounds--depends on how I feel as I approach goal. Really I want to be a size 12--size 10 would be okay, but we'll see. It usually takes me 20 pounds to drop a size, so I figure 60 is good for my initial goal. My goal with my doctor is one pound per week--I'm hoping for 1 1/2 to 2 pounds per week, but anything is progress!

I see from reading the threads that I should be trying to get 100 ounces of water in each day--I have some work to do in that area, as I usually feel I have accomplished quite a bit if I get in 64!

I also see where folks track their exercise in minutes; what's that about? How do I set my goal for this?

08-21-2006, 11:36 PM
Bonnie, its great to hear from ya. Great news that you're feeling better! Keep getting that rest and you'll be as good as new in no time. Anyone ever notice how much quicker you heal once you've been eating clean and working out for awhile? Another awesome perk to keep doing it right!

Sarah, you're doing great with the water! :carrot: I don't know what I would ever do without my water, I crave it all day long. Keep up the great work sweetie!

Aqua, you keep tooting your horn LOUDLY! Any weightloss is cause for joy & celebration, so keep on screaming it from the rooftops lady!

Deborah, wonderful to meet you! I'm so glad you decided to join us. We have quite a few new girls today so we're all just getting acquainted, your timing is perfect. I like your idea about just waiting to see how you feel when you reach 60, its so important for us to remember its our bodies and we have the right to be at a weight that feels good to us, something livable. Best of luck to you, and I look forward to getting to know you.

Melissa, forgot to tell you earlier.... Yes Bob has been "talking" to me even tho I didn't get his workout in. I did just about 15 min on the exerball with some weights. Nothing too fancy today. LOL but yeah, that man has been bugging me everyday to make sure I work out! I swear I was meant to hear him that night on tv.

08-22-2006, 12:21 AM
Hello Deborah. Welcome to our little group that seems to be growing exponentially. It is very exciting. Water definitely can be a challenge for some. The best way for me to get in throughout the day is to fill up a large bottle with water and drink from it all day, until it is gone. Sometimes I end up refilling it. I was telling everyone last week that Leslie Sansone recommends filling up a bottle half way and putting it in the freezer at night and then in the morning, fill up the bottle the rest of the way and then you have ice cold water most of the day which is great for these hot days.

Hopefully, Amanda will be on soon and she can explain the minutes of exercise to you a little better. I don't really do it in minutes. I just try to workout at least 4 days per week. That's what works best for me.

Anyways, best of luck in your weight loss and I look forward to getting to know you and all of our other newcomers better.



08-22-2006, 01:15 AM
Good evening ladies! I think I'm gonna take the girls to the lake tomorrow so not sure if I'll get to check in in the morning or not, so I thought I'd better do it now!

Sara...nonfood goals are the way to go!! We all need to stop making food a reward! I love the rewards you've already laid out for yourself!! How exciting!! Great job on that water!!

Danielle....your dh cooks?! How did you manage that feat! LOL!! Good for him! You and I are opposite on the kids, the older is definetly the harder to change her snacking habits, like I said before she literally believes she'd die without oreos! LOL! Silly girl!

Bonnie...happy first day back to school!!! I hope you are feeling great! You and I shop the same way...whatever is cheap that will cover me! Cant wait for that to change! Make sure you rest your body while you are sick, you'll get better that much faster if you dont push it. blow that horn loud and clear so all the world can hear!! You deserve that much!!

Deborah!!! WELCOME!! I'm so happy you came over to join us!! This site is amazing in the support and strength you can get from it!! Use it to its full potential!! You are going to reach those size 12s and we are going to help you do it!! As far as exercise you just gotta start somewhere. Dont push for too much too soon. Even if its 20 minutes 3x this long as you are moving! If that seems like too easy then go for a little more.

I just realized that I didnt walk tonight!! I dont even know where the night went. Dh and I got to watching this 9/11 thing on courtv and here it is 10pm! I feel like I was more active today than usual so I'm not going to beat myself up about it! Definetly gotta get that exercise in tomorrow though!

Oh and guess what....I did my 7 days in a row of 100oz of water!!!!! That means I get my yoga mat!! WoOHOO!!

That doesnt mean the habit stops!! 7 more days of 100 oz of water and that lithium scale is mine!!

Have a lovely evening everyone and if I dont see you in the morning a FANTASTIC day!!

08-22-2006, 01:55 AM
Wahooooo Melissa! Making that water goal has got to feel good! I am so proud of you! Now its time to get that scale! Have a great time at the lake tomorrow, we've got huge storms headed this way--of course it's still gonna be 500 degrees outside! LOL I have trained hubby well! :) actually, he likes to grill so its real easy for him to take charge of that. Now to convince him about cleaning up afterwards.............

Ok, so I've gotten thru about roughly half this book ( the G.I. Diet) and so far all I'm seeing is a lot of "can't have's". :eek: seriously do not know if I can do low fat/fat free cheeses, salad dressings, or cream cheese. Blech! And no real eggs! I might die! :lol: I know that in the long run, its probably a lot better for me but man... :tantrum: Well gee, and here I wonder why I'm still fat! LOL still need to finish the book and see if changes happen later on. Also, I want to find a book on the Glycemic Load diet.. Seems to me that its a tad different.

Everyone have a great night!

08-22-2006, 07:06 AM
Good Morning Everbody! :sunny:

DeborahB- Hi! :)

Sugar-N-Spice- Whatever works to get you motivated. Maybe he has practice in hypnotherapy type speech or smething, and he sorta "hypnotized" you with his voice. Whatever it is, so cool that you are getting motivation from many sources. :carrot:

u2girl- This group is growing amazingly fast! It is so cool to watch that happen. :D The water is easy for me to get down. I have even quit wanting coffee so much, coffe makes me feel parched and I don't like that feeling. Pretty much I have been straight water. I got a comment from my husband the other day about how much water I drink, he was surprised. Gotta have it though, plus if you keep drinking it it can help prevent those nasty migraines some people get when they excercise and don't get enough agua. (I'm one of those people)

Hun.e.B- Congrats on getting a yoga mat!

Well, I have a non-scale victory to report. I have been walking 2,3, or more miles a day on the tread. I can feel a difference in my outer thighs. They haven't really shrunk down...(betcha my thighs and butt will be the last things I wave bye-bye to), but they feel noticably more firm. I can press them and it is definately noticable to me. I know it isn't a major thing, but it is something for me to cling to at the moment :lol: ... it just goes to show, a little effort does start to change you.

08-22-2006, 07:27 AM
So far time has not been kind to me this week. I'm sorry that I haven't made it around to personals yet. I will try to do better!

Just a quick hello to all our new chickies!! :wave: :wave: :wave: We're so happy you showed up!!! Welcome, welcome, welcome.

AquaChick, because of all your hard work on the treadmill I have something special for you!

Hope you enjoy the treadmill dance. :lol:

08-22-2006, 08:33 AM
Good Morning Amany!

Ugh, they so ripped me off!!! :rolleyes: I do that every morning!!!!


And here I go again.....

Actually, that was freaking amazing!!! Are those actuallythe guys in the group doing that? (not paid performers?) So cool!! :cp:

08-22-2006, 10:26 AM

Deborah Welcome to the group I hope that you will like it here.I find its Nice to have a place to go where people actually understand you.

Aqua I want to congradulate you on your weight loss and say you should feel proud that you can walk on that treadmill for 2-3 miles I cannot I hate the treadmill. I can walk longer out side then on that thing. I guess that why mine is piled full of stuff. I wish I had the enthusim to do it but I dont.

Amanda No rush. We Fully understand.

Melissa Congrats on getting your mat:carrot: :carrot:

Sugar go to the library and see what you can find. Hate for you to buy all these books and no use for them later. Have you checked the internet. I have printed some things off about a year ago and I jest pulled them out to look them over I forgot I had them.

Congrats to everyone and Keep up the good work.

08-22-2006, 10:44 AM
Good moening ladies! :wave:

Aqua, I'm sure you're legs are a lot firmer than when you first started! That is a lot to be proud of, look at all the walking you've been doing, your thighs don't have any choicr but to give it up!! LOL Keep up the great work, its definitely paying off!

Amanda, ah well, duty calls sometimes and you gotta do whatcha gotta do! Work is work and we all understand. In the meantime we just keep your spot warm for when you've got some time to sit awhile with us. :hug:

Bonnie, yep heading to the library probably today if its not pouring rain to hard (read: monsoon) , if anything I'll just take this book back that I bought. Hope you're feeling better this morning!

My mission today is to try and locate the other book I want to read and compare the 2 different ideas. I also need to workout (Bob is still whispering in my ear this morningW ;) ) .

Time to get the kiddies up! BBL

08-22-2006, 11:15 AM
Hello Ladies:

Hope that everyone is having a Terrific Tuesday. So far things are going pretty good. The girls are down for their morning nap, so I snuck my workout in. I did Taebo Basic - Get Ripped. It was the first time I did that one and it was nice. Not so much of a sweatfest as some of the other workouts. I'm not worried, I will be working my way up to the sweatfest real soon.

Allright Melissa, High Five! :high: Congratulations on the hard work for your yoga mat. That is so kewl that you stuck to it and able to reward yourself. Very empowering and we are all very proud of you. Keep up the good work! Hope you are having fun at the lake!

Amanda, girl you are so crazy. I love that link. I had to post it on my fitness forum. It was hilarious. I wonder how they did that. I also wonder how many times they fell on their faces to get that right. I don't even want to attempt it. Very good link. I loved it!

Aqua, so glad to hear your about you NSV. Hey, NSV are just as important as the scale victories. Although, you are able to count both as you have lost weight as well. Good job! To feel your fitness level improving is just an awesome thing. Keep up the good work.

I think I missed Tricia yesterday. Welcome to our group. We got quite a jump in number yesterday, but that is just fine. :) Together we are stronger. Again welcome to the group and we look forward to getting to know you better.

Good morning to Bonnie and Danielle. Hope you guys are having a great day. I don't think I missed anyone.

:wave: Hello to all of our other Winning Losers and our newest members. Fabulous group we have!



08-22-2006, 12:06 PM
Good Morning Everyone,:flow1:

There is so much I need to learn about this forum and how to post pics and things. I can't find this forum listed in the support groups area, am i missing something?:?: I keep clicking on the link that Melissa entered in the Buddy forum.

Well enough about that, I started my work out yesterday. I biked for 7.2 miles and got quite a bit of weight lifting in. I am trying to do 5 days a week as a goal. Then on to 6 days. I have a mini-goal weight of 20 lbs by oct 4th. I will be going to see some friends in florida.

I hate water but I managed to get down 36oz yesterday. Not Good. I'm going for 100 oz of water today wish me luck.

Reading everyone's post is so inspirational. I couldn't wait to get on the computer this morning to see what everyone had accomplished yesterday. I want to all know all your little secrets on weight loss. I to work out alone this makes me feel like I have workout buddies.

UMMm, what would I change? I would stop shopping in the plus sizes finally. Stop getting upset when I see an outfit in another area of the store that is not in the plus size section. I would cut my hair really short and sassy and not worry about my neck roll showing.:) I want to be able to wear those low rider jeans and pants.

Well i guess i better start learning this forum and all the little tricks it has to offer. I will post personals soon. I'm so excited about this more than I've ever been before.:dance:

trish (

08-22-2006, 12:06 PM
Good Morning Everyone,:flow1:

There is so much I need to learn about this forum and how to post pics and things. I can't find this forum listed in the support groups area, am i missing something?:?: I keep clicking on the link that Melissa entered in the Buddy forum.

Well enough about that, I started my work out yesterday. I biked for 7.2 miles and got quite a bit of weight lifting in. I am trying to do 5 days a week as a goal. Then on to 6 days. I have a mini-goal weight of 20 lbs by oct 4th. I will be going to see some friends in florida.

I hate water but I managed to get down 36oz yesterday. Not Good. I'm going for 100 oz of water today wish me luck.

Reading everyone's post is so inspirational. I couldn't wait to get on the computer this morning to see what everyone had accomplished yesterday. I want to all know all your little secrets on weight loss. I to work out alone this makes me feel like I have workout buddies.

UMMm, what would I change? I would stop shopping in the plus sizes finally. Stop getting upset when I see an outfit in another area of the store that is not in the plus size section. I would cut my hair really short and sassy and not worry about my neck roll showing.:) I want to be able to wear those low rider jeans and pants.

Well i guess i better start learning this forum and all the little tricks it has to offer. I will post personals soon. I'm so excited about this more than I've ever been before.:dance:

trish (

08-22-2006, 12:20 PM
Good Tuesday morning everyone!!! I couldnt not come see how everyone's day was getting started!!

Danielle...I think we start getting into some serious trouble when we start telling ourselves we cant have something. Make something forbidden and you want it that much more. Especially when its stuff you love and you know isnt really that bad for you. Eggs for instance. Eggs are an amazing source of protein, and I'm sorry but you'll never EVER catch me eating egg whites alone. When I took that Health and Wellness class we had a nutritionist come speak and she said "there is no such thing as a bad food, only a bad portion" Those are words to live by if you ask me!

Aqua....WOOOHOO!!! Way to go on those walks!! Dont you just love your new thighs!! that is so exciting..those are the moments that make all this hard work worth it!! Keep it up girl!! Fit is looking fabulous on you!

Amanda...that youtube video is funny!! A person could get addicted to that site! ya feelin today?

Elycia....Excellent workout today!!!

And to everyone else who hasnt checked in yet!!....Hello!!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day today!!

The girls and I are for sure headed out to the lake, but first we have a little shopping to do!


08-22-2006, 12:22 PM
Good morning Ladies!

First off thank you thank you thank you for all the warm welcomes! This is really cool.

Also, congrats to all those who reached their goals this week. Please forgive me for not being more specific as I am still in the process of getting to know everyone! I do know that Bonnie has been feeling under the weather, so my thoughts go out to you Bonnie! Drink lots of water and take care of yourself!

Also, Aqua, DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT! That's a great accomplishment! Just getting out there and being active is a great accomplishment in and of the firmer outer thighs.....that's like icing on the cake! Or should I say fat free cream cheese on the low carb/gluten free bagel.....

I finally got off my butt yesterday and picked up my training for the Breast Cancer Walk. I realized I only have a little more than a month to go and that I really need to be serious about it for the next 6 weeks. I walked 2.5 miles and plan on walking 8 today. It's structured so that you do shorter walks/longer walks during the week and then really long walks on the weekend. I did a 12 mile walk last weekend and it was really tough! Aghh! But that's okay....I'll make my goal. I just know it!

I've also already ripped through 20 ounces of water today.....that water goal is such a great goal. I bought a new water bottle last night so that I would know exactly how much I'm drinking. And I'll be buying a new scale tonight for my weekly weigh-ins.

But, of course, I have to have a bad temptation near me.....I'm at work and sitting directly in front of the "snack" table which is filled with random goodies that people from my office bring in EVERY day. It's terrible. But, I'm going to be strong!

As for things I'll change when I lose the weight I want to lose.....hmmmm....well, in addition to being an attorney, I'm also a comedic actress in Chicago (I take classes and perform at Second City). So, my weight has prevented me from doing things that I would have done trying to get a good agent. So, I think I will try to get a good agent! What a fabulous goal! Of course, I will also totally re-vamp my wardrobe. By next summer, I want to be able to wear white pants and not be scared out of my mind. Ha!

Well, ladies, keep reaching for the stars, stay healthy and have a WONDERFUL Tuesday!


08-22-2006, 12:24 PM
Sorry Trish and I were posting at the same time! LOL!! Way to go on that workout girl!! When you first start using this site it can be tricky. The best way to find us (for me anyway) is to go to the support groups part and then look for the little envelope on the left side of the screen with a white arrow on it. That means that you've posted to that link...just check the name and you should find us! You can also make this thread a subscribed thread but for me it takes a little longer, unless I'm just not doing it right. You'll get the hang of everything!! Excellent job on your water yesterday too....I say go for 40 oz today!! You can do it!!!


08-22-2006, 12:27 PM
sheesh LOL...Liz too! WOW!! Girl you just amaze me with every post! That breast cancer walk is going to be an outstanding accomplishment, something to be proud of your entire life!! My oldest daughter wants to be an attorney when she grows up!! And a comedic actress too!! Is there anything you cant do!!! How exciting for you!!! You need that fit healthy body just to keep up! And I know you are gonna get it!!!


08-22-2006, 12:37 PM
My gosh Melissa! You are so sweet! Thank you for seriously just made my day.


08-22-2006, 12:53 PM
Hello All!! Sorry I've been so neglectful. I finally have a few moments. I decided to stop spending a little less time on the computer at home because I feel like I'm starting to neglect my poor, very spoiled husband. At work things are a bit mad at the moment. Since I really don't have
I wanted to sort of boost things, so I'm trying out a new exercise schedule. In the morning 20 minutes of aerobics, followed by 20 - 30 minutes of either ab work, shadow boxing or stretching. In the evening, 40 - 50 minutes of aerobics, followed by Pilates. Last night I thought I'd tweak my Tae Bo a bit because it's become too comfortable to me. So I decided that I would use my 2 lb hand weights while doing it. Whoa mama!! What a difference. I was huffing and puffing through the entire workout. I finished it but I had to stop twice for 2 or 3 seconds to get my bearings.

Norma, Trish, Liz, Sarah an Deborah - Welcome home!! You will absolutely love it here. We're all ready and willing to give support and offer whatever advice we have when you need it. We're so glad to have you.

Norma - It will get easier with the water. One of the tricks I've learned is to have a glass or two of very cold water as soon as you wake up in the morning. I read that it would make you crave water for the rest of the day. I don't know why it works, but it does.

Trish - Atkins is a good program. You'll love the fact that you never get hungry. Just remember that the key is to eat until satisfied. Not stuffed. That's where a lot of people go wrong with Atkins. And you should still be somewhat mindful of calories. Don't be surprised if you go through sugar withdrawal. It may feel like the flu almost.

Liz - Trying to lose weight can be a pain. We're all here for you though! I post on two other boards but had it not been for the ladies here, I think I'd have thrown in the towel by now. That's just how wonderfully supportive everyone is.

Sarah - I've read or heard too about how not drinking soda can help you to lose 10 pounds over a years time. They have a ton of calories and the high fructose syrup spikes insulin levels and makes people even hungrier.

Tricia - Congrats on the engagement!! Are you going to become a Bridezilla?!! :lol: I love that show. Do you watch it?

Deborah - Youdon't have to post how many minutes you've exercised. You don't even have to post the exercises you completed either. Make things as simple as possible for yourself. For the challenge try to get at least four days of aerobic exercise for at least fifteen minutes. Then brag to us on Sunday on how great a job you did! :) If you can't do four days then just do what you can. The idea is just to start forming healthier habits.

AquaChick - Congrats to you on your new thighs! Good job on the exercise too. Once the exercise really begins to become a habit for you, it feels as good as the results doesn't it?

Danielle - I'm glad you're feeling better about what you're eating. I think I need to tweak things a bit too. I've been thinking of adding in some yogurt or something to have as a mid morning snack. I've been hungrier lately due to all the exercise, I think. I should have something around to snack on so I don't cheat. A few moments ago, I was sooooo hungry and we have all these dang Snickers around here. Well, I think you can guess what happened... :o I'll move past it though. I'll have some sugar-free yogurt here with me tomorrow. I've heard of this stuff called yocheese that some low carbers eat. Do you know what it is? Maybe I could find some. If it doesn't look icky, maybe I'll try it. :)
I agree that eating better does allow you to feel better sooner when you're ill. I had a little sinus issue last week that was much better in just a couple of days.
So you know where I got my info, do you? Shhh..... :lol: I actually registered there over a year ago and just started participating a little over a week ago.

Elycia - I agree with you about avoiding diets that require you to cut out entire food groups forever. What good is plan that does not eventually lead you to better eating habits and moderation. I don't believe in deprivation as a way of life.
I'm glad the Awesome Cutesome Twosome behaved this weekend. Maybe they discussed it amongst themselves and decided to be really good for you as a reward to you for being such a great mom. Or maybe they somehow know that Christmas is right around the corner. ;)
You will indeed be smokin mom! You'll be a smokin' and I'll be a fox when I'm 70! That's my goal. Of course I'd like to get into "foxhood" sometime this year...
Glad you liked the treadmill dance! :)

Melissa - I'm glad classes will be starting up for you soon. I know how easy it is to get ansy while you're on a break. About the kids diets. It's kind of tough...
My sister-in-law is really adamant about my nieces not having a lot of sugary foods. In fact they always had to ask permission before eating their Halloween or Christmas candy or cookies. Even when they were at someone else's house and brought their treats with them. My SIL does not talk about diets or losing weight. She has always stressed being healthy and active to them. But they started out that way. I have some other nieces and nephews who would throw a fit if they're parents started that out now.
When I was growing up we almost never had out food. Now that's not to say that the food we had at home was healthy. My parents just didn't believe in having out food very often. When I was 18 and had my own car, I couldn't get to the fast food places fast enough! Or often enough! But I also had binging issues, so...
I'm not a parent, so I don't know if I can give really good advice about this, but I think what I would do is keep healthier foods around the house. If they have some favorite healthy snacks like nuts, fruit roll-ups, etc then those would probably be good options. Twice a month I would take them out for their favorite fast food. I think I'd be like my brother and sister-in-law but a little less rigid. But like I said, I have no children, so it's all theory for me right now.

Stacy!! - It's great to see (read) you. Jealous of those classes..... Um, nope! Don't think so chicky! :lol: Just drop in whenever you can. We all understand about being busy.

Bonnie - I hope you're feeling better. Don't feel bad about the exercise. Sometimes you're just too dang sick for it. Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

Well, I hope that was everyone. I'm so glad I got a chance to get a good posting in! I'll check in a little later. Have a great afternoon everyone!!!

08-22-2006, 01:44 PM
Butterfly50- Thanks for the encouragement! :) I hope you are feeling okay today.

Sugar-N-Spice- Hi sweetie! I hope you get in a nice workout today. :carrot:

u2girl- Tae Bo sounds kinda like fun. I am not much of a jumper, so if it is straighline stuff I'm cool. I'll probably be able to handle more intensity some day.

sapphire35- Wow! Great job on the bike riding! Awesome! :ebike:

Hun.e.B- Thank you for the words of encouragement. :)

iwantnewpants- Hi! :) Wow! That is a long walk hon! Good luck to you, I know you can! How long did it take you to walk 12 miles? You might be famous someday! Second City has a way of churning out famous comics/actors. That is so neat!

Amany- Dang! You are getting into fighter shape! Good for you! I carry the weights with me on the tread, it is a BIG difference.

08-22-2006, 01:57 PM
Well it's absolutely pouring rain outside. :rain: Days like this make me ohhhh so sleepy. Got a sick kid home today--tummy ache, so won't be venturing anywhere now even if I wanted to.

Elycia, great job getting that workout in! I don't know what it is, but Mr. Billy scares me. LOL Don't even know why, I've never even have seen any of his work but just by his commercials in the old days would freak me. Weirdo, I know! The other one that freaks me out is Turbo Jam, even tho I think I'd love it, I lurve dance music so I think it'd be perfect. Something tells me tho that its not geared for the truly big. :dunno:

Trish, before ya know it, those low rider jeans and short sassy haircut will be yours! Your goal of 20 lbs sounds very attainable, and your friends will love how beautiful you look. :flow1: Working out will definitely shape you and give you tons and tons of energy. Say adios to the plus size section chicky! :)

Melissa, well that was my concern when I started reading thru what the "green light" foods are. I was really trying to weigh the options to see if I could really live like that. My answer was a big NO! LOL I know that restricting for me leads to all out binges and I refuse to go down that road if I can help it. This is why I want to follow up with that other book on GL and see what they offer. I question it only because info that I have gleamed from other people doing the GLD seem to eat real eggs, cheese and full fat dressings. Now, that, I can live with. Take away my full fat dressings and someone gets a salad fork in their eye! :devil: I think that over the years I've learned enough about health and nutrition and my body, to know what the best course of action for ME should be. Big question remains..what is really doable and wont frustrate me so that I give up. Alot of the Atkins principles still lie with me, I remember the first time I read his book at what a chord his philosophy struck me, that I think I am having issues letting go of the big picture of his ideas. The masses of people who have lost & maintained their weight with that plan,not to mention improved health issues, cannot all be wrong, so...... sorta leaves me in a quandry. Unfortunately for me it's not as simple as "just eating" body reacts so differently to many foods that I need to be super aware....too bad I didnt do this when I was 20! Coulda saved myself a few pounds and lotsa frustration.LOL

Liz, wow 12 miles! I have every confidence that you will knock out those 8 miles easy today! A lawyer & a comedian, huh? Got any good lawyer jokes? :devil: My BIL is an attorney too! Is doing comedy work alot of fun or is it alot more work than it appears? Everyone seems to make look so easy, so was curious. I loved watching that show Last Comic Standing--too funny! Just keep slugging down that water and you will reach that goal in no time. Right now in the heat, water comes real easy for me, but when it cools down, really gotta work it! lol

Amanda, you are a workout machine lady!! Pretty soon you will look like whatsername...forgot her name! LOL You know who I'm talkin about! As for yocheese.......YUMMMMMMMMMMM I make it at least once a week. I dont ever worry about fat, carbs or calories with it. I don't believe that it causes cravings with me, nor a stall. It is very filling- a little goes a long way! I think you will like the "other place". I've lurked there for years and am constantly amazed at the success that goes on there. I think it's one of the biggest reasons why I cannot give up on low carb life. I KNOW IT WORKS! I also know that truely, this is what my body wants & needs. Just gotta find a way to tweak it again I think. For some reason it's having none of this "detox" stuff and letting me know in a big way! I've felt fine the last few days as I had done sort of like an OWL type of may just stick with that if all else fails. I may lose at a snails pace, but hey, gettin healthy is where it's at, right? :dance: Don't let the madhouse get to you today at work, when it does, come back and play with us here! I'm sending out for the pool boy here in a minute to bring me a snack and a cool drink! Care to join? ;)

08-22-2006, 02:02 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,

I want to say that I got my Butt kicked by Bob today I did the BL workout and I had all I could do to finish it. OMG That was a workout in its self I will have to do that one alot more. Will also help when I get to know all the moves and wont have to watch the tube to see what up next.

Somewhere down the line I have gotten lost I see more Post on here when I reply then I did when I read it on the pages?:?: May be Because I still HAve Dial up:stress: . Cant wait to get my New comp My DH is going to have High speed put in then and great timmming school starts tomorrow and I will have it all to my self in the day time.:crazy:

Great News I am on my 4 Bottle of water and it is only Lunch time.:cheers: I am telling my self that I can do it. Tomorrow I am going to weigh in and see where I fall. Good Luck to everyone. Have a Great Day.:sunny:

08-22-2006, 03:11 PM
Oh you guys are so funny.

Bonnie, way to plow through your illness, work out, and drink the water. I have such a hard time recuperating after being sick that I usually turn to comfort foods and my couch. Way to go!

Danielle and AquaChick....yeah....Second City rocks. Thanks for asking about it! It is so much fun. It's a ton of work, but I really have a passion for it, so the work feels natural and fun to me. I just finished directing a show and am currently rehearsing for two more. It's a crazy schedule between my job and theater, but the madness is worth it because I find it all so rewarding. As for the 12 took me just under 3 hours and 45 minutes. The walk itself is a marathon (26.2 miles) one day and a half marathon the next, for a total of 39.3 miles. So, I have a LONG way to go! But, I'm doing it with my best friend, so it should be fun!

I'm already finished with 80 oz of water today! Hooray! Granted, part of that is knowing I have to do a decent walk tonight. Seriously, for those of you having trouble with the water, I highly recommend buying a large bottle with markings on the can see how much you're drinking and there's such a sense of accomplishment even when you get half way through the bottle. And don't beat yourself up because there are lots of ways to get water without drinking actual water.....eating fruit, eating vegetables, drinking herbal teas (and hot liquid makes you feel fuller and more satisfied!).

And kudos to all the Tae-Bo people out there. I'm not very coordinated and have fallen down every time I've tried to do Tae-Bo. Seriously.....right on my butt (or side or front or other side or knees). Then again, I trip on sidewalks and carpet, so I suppose that's to be expected. You guys are awesome though....that's such a tough workout!

Alright chicks, time for my afternoon walk around the block!


08-22-2006, 03:12 PM
Hello Ma'Ladies

I'm having a bit of a minor set back, but I've had a victory as well. Overall, I'm just feeling kind of "blah".

About 5 minutes ago, I was staring at two huge peanut butter cookies. You won't believe the food we have around this place. I won't mention what I typical week is like for fear of tempting someone. Seriously.

So, I'm looking at these two cookies, thinking it might not be a big deal. I already fell off the wagon earlier and had a Snickers. (Poor planning. I'll have a snack on hand next time) I ended up tossing them. I don't even know why I wanted them. I've been doing really good for a long time with the cravings. Maybe the candy bar spiked some carb cravings or something...

I weighed this morning. I'm at 234. Down two pounds in the past 8 days. I think that's pretty good, but why in the world was I disappointed?? Have I lost my friggin mind?! Especially considering I floated around in the 230s for a long while and have been working out quite a bit, therefore building muscle. I should be glad the scale moved at all!!

I read somewhere today that 68% of people trying to lose weight go off plan when they hit a plateau. I lost 2 pounds and I had the nerve to consider that a plateau. Weird...

On top of everything else, I'm just really tired. I don't know if it's the workouts or not. The workouts feel really good though. I'm thinking that if I add a few almonds and yogurt (or yocheese), or something similar during the day, I might feel better. I haven't been having any snacks, but maybe I should start. Or maybe I should just request a couple of vacation days on a Monday and Tuesday. I haven't had a day off in months. The weather is also getting cooler. Could it be that? Could be PMS. With all this extra weight, my cycle is really unpredictable. Oftentimes I have no idea when my "visitor" is coming until a day before.

*Sigh* Thanks for letting me vent.

08-22-2006, 03:23 PM

It's easy to say, but cheer up. You are doing so well and are well on your way to reaching your goal. You are down 16 pounds....that is SO awesome! 2 pounds is not a plateau, silly! Especially when you're building muscle! And the more muscle you build, the more little fat burning furnaces you have! The other thing you should feel good about is feeling bad. What I mean is that your guilt about the cookies is indicative of how much your lifestyle has changed. It shows that you are so conscious of what you put in your body because you respect and love yourself. And that really is what this is all about.

You're doing great! Hang in there.....and DEFINITELY take a couple of days off!


08-22-2006, 03:24 PM
Amany- You have not lost your mind. I wish I could make it all disappear with the snap of my fingers. It is hard though, and you work your !@# off, and even though 2 pounds is wonderful, it seems like it will never happen. It's a tough road, and though the battles seem small when you look back on them, they are enormous struggles in the moment.

08-22-2006, 03:55 PM
Hello Ma'Ladies

I'm having a bit of a minor set back, but I've had a victory as well. Overall, I'm just feeling kind of "blah".

About 5 minutes ago, I was staring at two huge peanut butter cookies. You won't believe the food we have around this place. I won't mention what I typical week is like for fear of tempting someone. Seriously.

So, I'm looking at these two cookies, thinking it might not be a big deal. I already fell off the wagon earlier and had a Snickers. (Poor planning. I'll have a snack on hand next time) I ended up tossing them. I don't even know why I wanted them. I've been doing really good for a long time with the cravings. Maybe the candy bar spiked some carb cravings or something...

I weighed this morning. I'm at 234. Down two pounds in the past 8 days. I think that's pretty good, but why in the world was I disappointed?? Have I lost my friggin mind?! Especially considering I floated around in the 230s for a long while and have been working out quite a bit, therefore building muscle. I should be glad the scale moved at all!!

I read somewhere today that 68% of people trying to lose weight go off plan when they hit a plateau. I lost 2 pounds and I had the nerve to consider that a plateau. Weird...

On top of everything else, I'm just really tired. I don't know if it's the workouts or not. The workouts feel really good though. I'm thinking that if I add a few almonds and yogurt (or yocheese), or something similar during the day, I might feel better. I haven't been having any snacks, but maybe I should start. Or maybe I should just request a couple of vacation days on a Monday and Tuesday. I haven't had a day off in months. The weather is also getting cooler. Could it be that? Could be PMS. With all this extra weight, my cycle is really unpredictable. Oftentimes I have no idea when my "visitor" is coming until a day before.

*Sigh* Thanks for letting me vent.

Ooohhhh Amanda, this has been my mindset (see "red") for so many years and the result has always been me quitting. The difference for you is you are AWARE NOW of what is happening and can nip it now. I am SO proud of you for listening to your body like you have been. I really believe that this is going to keep you going towards your goal. You said you're tired, alot of your mindset (with the snacking and the not so happy thoughts regarding the scale) could just be from that very fact. Maybe taking a day or two off just to be with you could make it all better? Ugh, and PMS is nasty any which way, I am headed that way here any day now too. Hang in there lady, you have much to be proud of, much to celebrate! ♥

08-22-2006, 04:29 PM
Amanda everyone here is right you should not beat yourself up and loosing only two pounds I guarentee that you have lost more then that With all that yu have done working out. Jest remember that Muscle weighs more then fat. Even though you dont seem to be loosing you are loosing and at the same time you are gaining muscle. Keep your chin up you can do it. The cookie thing I know what you mean I thought of making A cake but I would want to eat it and then I thought of making a pie and I thought I would want to eat it so I decided that I was worth it and Ate me an Apple. You should have at least two snacks a day dont want your body to think that you are starving it. Have a snack between the longest Meals of your day If you get up like I do and Eat breakfast at8am then I will eat lunchabout 12 then since I dont have dinner till 6 I will eat a sanck in between Lunch and dinner and possibley Between dinner and Bed it all depends on what Iam doing.

Great News I only have to drink one more bottle of water and I have had my 100 oz today:cheer: Remember that is what we are all here for is to keep each other going. You may all Vent any time. I would like to send you a big :hug: for getting rid of the cookies .

08-22-2006, 05:00 PM
Aqua - Congrats on your non scale victory! I'm happy for you keep up the great work!
Trish - If you need any help I'm here for you. I remember when I first got into message boards I didnt know how to do anything. Remember I'll be happy to help you.
Elycia - Great workout! I've been wanting to try it. How do you like it so far?
Liz, glad to hear your training for the Avon Breast Cancer walk. I'm an Avon Rep and wish they had a walk in my area.
Amanda - The treadmill video was hilarious, I know if I was to do that I would fall on my butt! I really liked some of your rewards for your goals. I might even steal the last one! hehe.

As for me, I'm working hard to drink those 6 water bottles a day (3 Liters) yesterday I only had 4 but today I'm really going to aim for all 6. Yesterday I walked to the store to grab some healthy food, it ended up raining but I still walked and really enjoyed it

08-22-2006, 05:56 PM
lovethatsara- Thanks for the nice comment. :)

I keep thinking about you Amany. This is such a difficult thing to do, you'd think it would be easy, less calories, more excersice- right? Simple equation, but there is such a mental struggle to fight off fake hunger pangs, sugar addiction, and just plain old compulsion. I am doing this mind war everyday. What you said touched a chord in me, and what Sugar-N-Spice said in the post below you just kept giving me residual thoughts. It's such an emotional thing for me I want to cry! There is a pivot point during this re-training period. Actually there are a lot of pivot points. You have to learn to jump over them, and it is so dang hard. How many times have I opened the cabinet or fridge and stared? I can't even tell you. I have to fight that urge to go into "blackout" and just mindlessly start eating. And yes, the urge gets worse after you see you lost only X amount, when you feel like you should have really lost X amount, and your little compulsive voice tries to tell you lies and say things like "well you already ate the __________ you might as well go ahead since you blew it already" or "I think I am just meant to be big and I'm not getting anywhere with this routine so I'll eat it" Those are just two examples, but that is in part what one of those struggles is like- and sometimes we aren't aware of what just transpired between compulsion in the mind and grabbing the bait until we already have it in our tummies. (I think this is the particular point that leads a lot of folks to bulimia- the guilt and regret of the "blackout binge") So the fact that we are recognizing it helps us stifle it. It is still so hard, but it is more than a step- it is a LEAP in the right direction, and the more times we jump those pivot points the weaker those times become. I do believe though that we will have to watch ourselves for the rest of our lives. I think the desire is ever looming somewhere, so becoming the person that works out and just eats salad or healthier options may not be in our nature- but we force it into habit ( ;) ) so that we never have to deal with feeling this pain of being overweight and the journey to being at a more managable size again. This is so hard some days that if someone paid me a million dollars to gain it back and diet again I think I might skip the million. I don't think people realize how deep this weight loss thing is.


08-22-2006, 06:05 PM
Had to order the book I want. None of the bazillion libraries around here have it, nor did any bookstore. Should have it by the beginning of next week at the latest. In the meantime I'm just going to worry about water and moving more. Food will just be whatever I feed the rest of the family (all healthy) and see where I am at that time. Who knows, maybe by the time I get the stupid book I won't wanna do it anymore. LOL I could end up doing fabulously just winging it, on the other hand it could end up in disaster. :dunno: whatever the case, I know that water and exercise will be good if I can get lots in this week. Should be interesting to say the least!

08-22-2006, 06:08 PM
Sugar-N-Spice- I think you will be fine hon. I would advise you to set yourself out specific portions of healthier options, and do just like you said. Water, exersice. You can't go wrong with exersice anyway- but you will be a super well oiled machine if you can manage the rest. :hug:

08-22-2006, 06:25 PM
I know all about the mind war. Aqua I do it all the time. Wanting something you know you cant have. Trying to make healthier choices. For some reason I'm always hungry. Expecially now that im working out I feel hungrier. Loosing weight is hard work! I've had all the im just gonna stay big or i was meant to be a big girl thoughts, and it just makes me wanna push harder through them. I litterally had to put a little piggie in my cabinet for all those times i go in there and im not really hungry or for those times where i think one cookie wont hurt...

08-22-2006, 07:00 PM
Aqua I know what you mean I am doing the same here. The war of fighting off the demonds sometimes can get the best of you. I am jest glad we have all these Lovely ladies to help us out.

08-22-2006, 07:14 PM
It is still so hard, but it is more than a step- it is a LEAP in the right direction, and the more times we jump those pivot points the weaker those times become. I do believe though that we will have to watch ourselves for the rest of our lives. I think the desire is ever looming somewhere, so becoming the person that works out and just eats salad or healthier options may not be in our nature- but we force it into habit ( ;) )

Thanks so much for this Aqua. I agree with you totally. We spent a long time cultivating the behavior that brought us to these weights. Even though we are learning to recognize the compulsions, that behavior is deeply ingrained in our psyches. We're literally deprogramming ourselves, aren't we? We'll just have to continue to go through the motions. We know what we should do and should not. We should do what we know is right regardless of what our feelings dictate.
I also think you're right about my being impatient. I just keep trying to remember how quickly a year goes by. So, if I can just continue for a year, just imagine what I will have accomplished? What will we will accomplish.

Liz - Thanks for your encouragement. You're right. No 2 pounds is not a plateau. I honestly don't know where my mind is today. Thank you for inserting a little common sense. Sometimes I need it. ;)

Danielle - You always make me feel good about myself! Thank you so much. I think you and Liz are right. I probably do need to take some time off. I really like the company I work for. So it's sometimes hard for me to come to grips with the fact that I will experience burn out at times.
BTW, I think consistancy is the key to success. Regardless of the plan you're on. If you continue with the water, exercise and portion control you'll lose weight.

Bonnie - Just like Liz, thank you for inserting some common sense. It's crazy of me not to eat snacks. Especially with all this exercising. I think following your advice will make me feel a lot better.

Sara - Feel free to steal the reward. :) Wait for the end of the year sale though!!
I guess your working out has us in a similar boat. Bonnie is right. We should keep some healthy snacks around, so that our bodies won't think we're starving. And so we won't cheat! Water also helps with hunger pangs. Sometimes when we feel hunger we're actually thirsty.

Everyone - :grouphug: I'm so glad we're going through this together. Losing this weight is way too hard to go at alone. As supportive as my husband is, he has no idea what this is like. I'm excited for the success we're all going to have.
I guess I'm having multiple issues today! To those of you that are new here, this was me having a meltdown. :dizzy: :faint:

08-22-2006, 07:18 PM
I want to see if my new updates are working? I hope I got this right.

Melissa I never thanked you for inviting me here to this forum. SO THANKS:smug: That whole water thing was a chore to do but I managed to get 57oz's down so far. Have fun at the lake. What lake are you going to?
Liz It sounds like you have a very interesting life with your careers and hobbies. Living in chicago has to be fun all by it self.
Aquachick Congrats on your new thighs. Nice compliments from friends and family are fixing to start pouring in, you just wait.
Amany Congrats on the weight loss. That is a number to be proud of. No number would be disappointing but 2lbs, thats great. :carrot: I am staying fuller you are correct with the atkins diet but i am very dizzy. I don't think I like this feeling. I might have to introduce some small carbs back in. I might have to take Elycia advice on cutting out certain foods.
U2girl You go taebo lady:jig:. I have taebo but billy scares me also. He really talks his a;s of to you though.

I have to go figure out why I so dizzy right now. Its a little scary. see yah


08-22-2006, 07:48 PM
lovethatsara-My gosh I totally understand what you feel. I have the weirdest moments. I can go all day, being a perfect health nut and luvin' every minute of it. But I turn into this beast somewhere after 6 PM. I get so mad, I want a cookie, I want a candy bar, I want I want I want... I know it isn't hunger in my case, it is the compulsion. So far I have been warding it off pretty good, but I have to ask myself often, usually during the day when I'm fine- when will it get easier. *sigh* I'm guessing when there is considerably more weight lost. I will have more on the line that I am not willing to surrender.

Butterfly50- That's right hon. I come here to take refuge from those demons a lot. To talk, look at my ticker, and see where I'm getting in all this.

Amany- You're welcome Amany. :hug: I know it seems like forever, but this struggle to lose weight for a year (and then maintenance of course) is way better than more years of continuing to baste ourselves because we have a problem with food. It affects out self esteem, appearance, health, and general well being. The long term affect of this shorter term battle is worth it. It's hard to remember that though when you are staring down a pint of Ben and Jerry's.

sapphire35- Thank you for the nice comment. :D I hope you are okay sweetie. Might be blood pressure. Try to rest. :hug:

08-22-2006, 08:14 PM
Good Afternoon ladies!! oh so much going on here today and I missed it!! We had a great time at the lake, the drive up there is so beautiful as well as the drive back. Makes me LOVE my state! I dont think I'll ever leave. I managed to drink 2.5 24oz bottles of water up there too!!! But now I've got a pounding headache, I think its all the smoke in the air. So I'm gonna skip personals now, just had to throw some good vibes out there hoping everyone is having the BEST day! Amanda...YOU ROCK!!! Congrats on the 2 lbs!!! I'm so proud of the strides you are making, especially the last week or so! to recover before dinner needs to get started otherwise I fear the pizzaman may come knocking!!! Have a wonderful evening!!


08-22-2006, 08:16 PM
I just had to add...Trish, you've gotta be very careful when cutting carbs. Try to think SMART carbs not NO carbs. I think Aqua has a phrase she used in that regard but I cant remember what it was now. Your body needs carbs to function and that could be the reason for the withdrawl. I hope it passes soon!


08-22-2006, 08:32 PM
Okay, I am having a totally bad day..... and I just planned on starting my diet... Neeldess to say that it did not go so well. In fact, I woke up this morning, did some packing and took a shower. I swear that everything I own is tighter than ever. My pants were so freaking tight that I had the biggest mushroom cap ever. I wanted to just start screaming or crying. It made me feel like dirt. So anyway, that was the first bad hump... then I go to my parents... what is for dinner??? Pizza.... fan-freaking-tastic! So that was my second hump and it isnt even wednesday.... errrr

Congrats to everyone that is doing so great. I need to follow all of u and the incredible job you are all doing.....

08-22-2006, 09:06 PM
I've said it before, and I'll say it again...probably go to my grave saying this... but..... weightloss is 99% MENTAL, the other 1% is the easy part (in comparison)---workouts, food, water. It's HOW we choose to go about (mental aspect), that 1% that gets so many of us in trouble! I am the first to admit that the mind games I play with myself is the sole reason why I have not succeeded at this yet. I know I am perfectly capable of eating right, drinking water til I float away, and working out for 2 hrs a day....but my mind has to want it. I am reading a book by Gineen Roth about compulsive overeating, what amazing insight this woman has. Another book of hers, "When you eat at the fridge, pull up a chair" has alot of comments about why we feel compelled to overeat like we do and how we can change them. It's been awhile, may have to drag that one out again and give it a browse for some ideas for us all! One of the great benefits to working at a bookstore at one time---I found some really great reads.

Trish, if you're doing Atkins, please please please make sure you've read the book first. There is too much at stake, (like your health), to go into something without knowing all the facts. You really need carbs everyday, and at least 20 no less (for Induction levels), all most predominantly from veggies( cheeses,eggs..). I'm not sure how closely you're following Induction so I'll leave it at that, but had to respond to your feeling of ickiness. Also, if you've been prone to high doses of sugar before, cutting back to low sugar eating will cause you to feel headachey for a few days. Take something for it by all means, no reason to suffer! But definitely yeah, make sure you're getting in those healthy carbs--your body needs them! Be smart-there's only 1 you! :)

Sara, I think you've got a good mindset right now to get the weight off. Everyday is just another chance to push thru and get to that goal. You can do this!!

Melissa, glad you had a great time at the lake. A shame that there's smoke to get in the way of that tho. WTG on the water!!! You'll be floating in no time! ;) No pizza man, he doesn't deliver to your house any more, didn't I tell you????? :devil:

Tricia, I'm sorry you've had a rough day. Hang in there hon! Just know that you are doing something about those clothes now and before you know it, you'll be out having to buy new stuff cause everything's too big! :woo: Patience my lovely, you will get there!! Uh yeah, we won't even discuss pizza! I had to deal with my share of it last Friday, so know where you're coming from on that point! I hope you just did the best you could and know that the next meal can be different. Do you always eat at your parents? Do they know you're trying to lose weight? If you're there often I would suggest maybe bringing stuff you made so you know what you're getting with no surprises and it will keep you honest. Not to mention how great it will feel when you stick to whatever plan it is you do! Having that power of control is priceless and I know you can do it! Keep smiling chicky! :)

I have to tell you guys...on another board I go to for low carb stuff, I was reading a post by someone who was saying how she had "diet ADD" cause she kept flipping plans so much... this is EXACTLY how I feel! :lol: :lol3: I swear, never know what I'm gonna be doing! Drives my dh nuts, I've been doing this for years now. Hhhhmmmm, :chin: think it explains why I have YET to lose this weight?! LOL

08-22-2006, 09:10 PM
hi everyone well since monday i have been determined to stay on track and put more effort with the dieting or shall i say change of lifestyle:carrot: sunday i weighed in at 222 so that is my new starting points i drank 5 cups of water today way better than what i have been doing and i stayed pop
enough about me how is everyone i bet everybody is doing great if you have those bad days dont give up look how long it took to get my butt into gear

08-22-2006, 09:44 PM
Woops. I haven't been on a scale in a while and was estimating my weight to be 165 based on the way my clothes were fitting me. Imagine my dismay when I got home and weighed myself on my brand new scale and discovered that I am actually 189! I can't believe I was off by over 20 pounds! Aggghhh! Well, I'm especially glad that I have the support of you lovely ladies right now because I need it!

08-22-2006, 10:04 PM
Aqua - I'm having trouble the most staying away from Icecream. I was a big Icecream eater. I havent had Icecream since before June and there is icecream in the freezer. I've been craving a bannana split. The only thing healthy in that is the banana. I'm chosing not to have one because i know it would ruin my overall goal. But boy is it hard! 11 weeks without icecream... Dang!
Hunnie, Glad to see you having fun at the lake, love to hear more about it. You drank lots of water! I'm only on my third water bottle with 3 more to hit my daily goal. Anything else happening with you?
Trish, be easy on yourself. We all have slipped before. You just gotta realize tomorrow you can be extra careful. We are here to support eachother I know you will be able to achieve your goal

08-22-2006, 10:58 PM
Mia, its great to see you! :wave: I was wondering where you'd wandered off to. 'Atta girl, great going with the water today! Baby steps right?

Liz, I'm sorry the ESM (evil scale monster) was not kind to you tonight. Those extra 20 will be gone in no time. Especially with all that walking lady, put us all to shame! ;) We're here when you need us (or even when ya dont! :D) all ya gotta do is yell! Support is the name of the game sister, you asked for it you got it!! :hug:

Sara, ice cream is my all time fave thing to eat EVER. I am really really proud of you for making 11 days already!!! You can do this sweetie, we're all behind you 100%.

Alrighty, well dinner's done, kitchen cleaned...time to get my reality tv fix so I'll see ya girlies in a little bit!

08-22-2006, 11:55 PM
Iwantnewpants I know what you mean when I got a new scale I did the same I almost set down and cried.

Mia Congrats on the water you did good I drank 5 bottles of water was so busy cooking dinner and running around after dinner that I didnt get the last one in.:(

Danielle I total agree with you . My doc says that I wont lose weight till I tell myself that Iam going to and I have to want to.

Tricia Sorry to hear that things didnt go well for you this week. I agree when you go out take along something jest in case. I do when I vist my sister I take along my own contanier of food . I am telling you I think that our bodies need carbs the good ones verses the bad. Our bodies are in shock when we take all of this away from it at once.

Melissa I hope that you had a wonderful time with your children at the lake. Congrats on the water .

Well I better be running to bed have to get up at 5am to get my son Up for school tomorrow. Then the girls follow at 6:30.

08-23-2006, 12:17 AM
My, My, My you ladies sure can post. :) Ohhhh, I think that great! Our little network of support. Time for my book for the evening. Here goes....

Danielle, I don't quite know which book that you are talking about. Did you order from Amazon? I always order books used from either or and get great deals. Sometimes the books are new just have a remainder mark and are in otherwise perfect condition. I think it is a great idea for you to stick with exercise and water. You will be doing 2 wonderful things for yourself. But what you are doing is what I want to do for my family. I want to prepare healthy for the entire family, not separate meals. What's the fun in that?? Besides, it is too much work. Tonight I fixed spaghetti and meatballs and salad. However, I used the Fit & Active Turkey Meatballs that are much less fat and I put the spaghetti sauce and meatballs in a separate pot so I could put the amount of sauce that I wanted on my spaghetti. I mean there are definitely ways that you can prepare healthful meals for the entire family without complication. Kudos to you Danielle!

Sara, I hear what you are saying about being hungrier when you workout regularly. That is why I chose not to add too much cardio to my routine. Too much cardio definitely makes me hungrier, then I feel like I am defeating my purpose. You are not alone in saying "I'm just going to be happy fat", I have definitely been there. However, I know that there is no way I would be happy at this size indefinitely. No way! Plus my daughters, I have to be a better example to them. Those factors plus my vanity made it impossible for me to keep all of this weight on me. It's gotta go! Your little piggie idea is funny. I may have to borrow it if/when I get discouraged along the way. Thanx for sharin'.

Amanda, you are rawkin' and meltin'. :) Congrats on your 2 lbs. loss. Girl, be proud of your loss. I'm sure proud of ya. I do know what you mean though. Now that you have resolved to lose the weight, you just want it off already. But, we know it didn't come on overnight, although it may seem like it, and it isn't going to leave overnight either. Like you said a year will be here in no time. You will be lookin fabulous and feelin fabulous in no time. I know when I think about the fact that the girls are 9 months, I can't believe it. The time just flew by. It's going to be the same way with your weight loss. You are going to look in the mirror one day and be like "Where did I go?" Hang in there! You are doing wonderful and a your enthusiasm and weight loss is an inspiration to all of us.

Trish, so glad that Melissa invited you and that you decided to join us. It's always nice to hear new thoughts and ideas. I am sorry that you are feeling dizzy. Last Monday was really my first day and I tell ya, for at least 3 days, I had the most horrible headache, I just wanted to be knocked out. The ladies here thought it might be sugar withdrawal or something which is very likely. Fortunately, I got through it and I am so happy that I did. Since I have been working out regularly and eating cleaner, I feel 200% better. So, I hope you figure out what is making you dizzy and get to feeling better. Regarding Taebo, I think he RAWKS! He is so full of energy and it is contagious. I love when he comes to the screen and says "I can't hear you counting." He talks so positive and you know sometimes you need that when you are working out. I can't kick that high anymore, but I will one day soon. :)

Melissa, glad that you had a good time and the lake and gettin' that water in. Good job!

TriciaK, sorry about that rough day! I tell ya, it seems like when you want to get started everything in the world is against you. Well, what I have been doing lately is arranging my thinking around the "Dust Yourself Off and Try Again" mentality. Hey, if I mess up one day or one meal, that's okay. It does not mean that I have the okay to mess up the rest of the day or the rest of the week. Dust myself off and get back on target. So don't let today discourage you too much. I know that it is hard, but it will be so worth it if you persevere. Hey, as an extra measure, I am sending some {{{{good vibes}}} and :dust: your way. Hang in there Tricia. It is very good that you came here to post your situation for some encouragement.

Hi Mia, good to see ya. Good job on staying away from pop and drinking the water. Keep up the good work.

Hey there iwantnewpants! Ugh! Dismay would be an understatement for me. You have a very positive attitude and that is great!!! We love positive attitudes here. :) Well, like I was telling TriciaK, don't allow yourself to get too discouraged. Let the dismay empower you and invigorate you to get on the ball. It's so wonderful that you are taking the job of your health seriously and it is an encouragment to all of us.

:wave: to everyone else. Love ya ladies!

Well, I better get going. Oh my gosh, I almost forgot, remember the job that I was telling you I am not going to stress about. I got it! Yay! I start on Monday. I knew something would come through. I just had to be patient and allow it to happen. I think that ideology applies to so many aspects of our lives. On that note, I am going to get outta here!



08-23-2006, 01:28 AM
Elycia, the book I was talking about is the Glycemic Load Diet. I had bought the G.I. Diet yesterday but I don't think it is for me. Yes, I ordered it from Amazon for 10 bucks brand new. I order off there all the time, love it. I think if I quit putting so much emphasis on food (like I love to do--i love my food!) I will do ok. Like I said before, if I find I'm happy just watching portions and eating "normal", not necessarily low carb, before I get this book, I may opt to just stick with it. Another book for the bookshelf, which is fine by me, I love reading about new things so it'll be fun no matter what. Congratulations on the job!! What is it you'll be doing? I knew something would work out! You mentioned cooking seperate meals, ugh, I did that last time I did Atkins. What a pain in the butt! I can't even believe I did it for over 5 months! Got to be very very stressful.

Bonnie, you're dr is right! Too bad we gotta pay someone all that money to tell us what we already know deep inside, huh? :lol:

08-23-2006, 01:40 AM
Hello All: I've been doing pretty good on drinking more water. I wish I liked it better. I even got some stretch band exercises and a bit on the gazelle. What do you call this? Shusshing? You all are going gang busters. I feel like I'm burning calories just reading all that you are all doing.LOL
I may not post often, but I do keep tabs on what's going on.

08-23-2006, 09:22 AM
:flow1: Good Morning Ladies!!! :sunny:


Hun.e.B- Hi! Glad you had a good time on the lake, great job continuing to work on the water intake! :hug:

TriciaK- :hug: It's okay sweetie... take a deep breath... okay. We will help you get through this. I know what those tight jeans moments are like. I actually had a flashback when I read your post. :( What's important, (and the only thing we can do anything about) is the now. Okay, the clothes are tight. We just have to remember it is a slow process, but we can do it. You can actually use this tight jeans experience to your advantage, when those compulsions to eat something that will not help you come along, try to remember the jeans. Ah, I know it's hard. ((((BIG HUGS))))

Sugar-N-Spice- That's right about the mental battle! :) It is so hard. Once we can zoom in on it, and grasp that concept in the moment, we learn to excercise control.

Butterfly50- I have cried before after looking at the scale. My hubby is obsessive about scale #'s and I think it made my complex about that worse. Like the higher my number is the less he thinks of me. Probably in my head, but still. :( I hate the scale ....until it says what I want it to say... :D

u2girl- Congrats on the job! :carrot:

harkeyvalley- Hi hon! :) Great job on the water, it does get easier.

08-23-2006, 10:23 AM
Good Morning ,

Today is a good day for me. My kids started school today:dance: as you can see I am excited. I am also excited cause I got on the scale today and I lost 8 Pounds:carrot: :carrot: Iam feeling great at the moment I know I will come down here soon I have been up since 5:15 getting kids ready.

Now I can consider myself in Phase 2 of my weight loss plan.

Phase One - Deciding that I need to loose weight
Phase two- Actually doing it and loosing weight

Congrats to all of you and keep up the good work.

08-23-2006, 10:41 AM
Good Morning!

Norma, it is great to see ya. The water thing does get better. Have you tried maybe some lemon? I also heard that using a straw can help people who don't like water. :dunno: I don't know if it works really, l love my water. Just keep working at it, you're doing great!!

Aqua, there ya are, always ready with my coffee! ;) hope today is a good one for you.

Bonnie, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! 8 pounds is absolutely fabulous! :dance: I hope you stay on :cloud9: all day today. Yay, kids started school!!

Gotta go, coffee's ready, kids need to get up..... BBL

08-23-2006, 11:29 AM

Before I start on Me.

BONNIE congrats on the 8lbs.:hug: Job well done.

U2girl Congratulation on the new job. You go Girl!:bravo:

Mia Nice on the water. I'm starting to make a game out of the water issue. I'm trying to down a 9oz bottle every hour, if I don't I have to do 10 squats or pushups which ever the guys say. I work with all men. This helps with accountability. If I do the reward is knowing I did it. 8 hour day should be able to intake 72 oz before I go home. I should be able to obtain the rest at the gym. Just an Idea but you don't have to use men.

Sugar-n-spice Thanks for the advice on the diet. So far it has not been hard to follow. I think my dizziness:dizzy: came from the super dieter's tea I was drinking yesterday. I was only suppose to drink 6oz to start off with and I dranked 12 oz. I was in the bathroom every hour. It works. I was trying to kick start my diet. I learned my lesson.

Melissa Glad to see you made it back. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I bet the girls loved it. My family goes to the lake every year a couple of times a year. We're about 2hrs away from the Lake of The Ozarks. I am going to be smarter about my diet. I think I'm going to definitely have to do some smart carbs every now and then.

Tricia Guess what? I don't know if you've notice but we're both at the same weight now and close together in weight goal.:o I thinks that is neat. I'll be racing with you.
I know how you feel about going to your mothers and they have dinner done ordered. My mom stays home and keeps my child during the day. So there is always dinner when I get there to pick up Aliyah. Yesterday she had made a homemade peach cobbler, I wanted to kill her. But I wasn't feeling well so I passed it off as no big deal. But I bet the temptation will be there this evening. I'm going to go end grab my kid and race to work out.:carrot: Just tell them to cook healther or less carbs. They may do it to help out maybe.

Sara NO ICE CREAM:devil: Stock up on yogart much better for you. You got this girl. Now I just have to make sure I listen to the same good advice we'll all giving each other.

Man this is like writting a novel.:)

08-23-2006, 11:36 AM

Before I start on Me.

BONNIE congrats on the 8lbs.:hug: Job well done.

U2girl Congratulation on the new job. You go Girl!:bravo:

Mia Nice on the water. I'm starting to make a game out of the water issue. I'm trying to down a 9oz bottle every hour, if I don't I have to do 10 squats or pushups which ever the guys say. I work with all men. This helps with accountability. If I do the reward is knowing I did it. 8 hour day should be able to intake 72 oz before I go home. I should be able to obtain the rest at the gym. Just an Idea but you don't have to use men.

Sugar-n-spice Thanks for the advice on the diet. So far it has not been hard to follow. I think my dizziness:dizzy: came from the super dieter's tea I was drinking yesterday. I was only suppose to drink 6oz to start off with and I dranked 12 oz. I was in the bathroom every hour. It works. I was trying to kick start my diet. I learned my lesson.

Melissa Glad to see you made it back. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I bet the girls loved it. My family goes to the lake every year a couple of times a year. We're about 2hrs away from the Lake of The Ozarks. I am going to be smarter about my diet. I think I'm going to definitely have to do some smart carbs every now and then.

Tricia Guess what? I don't know if you've notice but we're both at the same weight now and close together in weight goal.:o I thinks that is neat. I'll be racing with you.
I know how you feel about going to your mothers and they have dinner done ordered. My mom stays home and keeps my child during the day. So there is always dinner when I get there to pick up Aliyah. Yesterday she had made a homemade peach cobbler, I wanted to kill her. But I wasn't feeling well so I passed it off as no big deal. But I bet the temptation will be there this evening. I'm going to go end grab my kid and race to work out.:carrot: Just tell them to cook healther or less carbs. They may do it to help out maybe.

Sara NO ICE CREAM:devil: Stock up on yogart much better for you. You got this girl. Now I just have to make sure I listen to the same good advice we'll all giving each other.

Man this is like writting a novel.:)

08-23-2006, 11:43 AM
Morning Ladies:

Hope everyone is having a Wonderful Wednesday! I am so far. I am soooo sooo happy to report a loss of 6.5 lbs since last week!!!! I am so excited and even more determined now to lose this weight. Nixing fast food and pop agrees with me I guess. Plus the water and activity.

Carrot dance time ~~~:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

Well, I have to run, but I just had to post. I also have to post that you guys have helped me so much! You guys keep me pumped and so encouraged all the time that I have to keep going! Thanx so much for all of your tips and encouragement. I am on my weigh and very close to my new pair of shoes. I better start thinking of exactly what I want. :) I hope to be getting them next week!

Love ya ladies!


08-23-2006, 12:22 PM
Good Wednesday Morning ladies!!!

Tricia...first of all {{{HUG}}} I'm sorry yesterday was a bad day. I've been in that place so many times, where everything is going wrong, clothes dont fit and feeling horrible about myself. But you know what? You've already started to turn things around. Each day your clothes will fit a little more and a little more, pretty soon they'll be too big!! Every healthy choice you make will take you one more step away from how you felt yesterday. Sometimes we need that little wakeup call to say hey...this is the right thing to be doing! You had a little bump in the road with pizza, but you got past it right? Today is a new day! YOu are going to acheive those goals! You can do this!! Its not gonna happen overnight but it will happen! I hope today is a better day for you!! Be strong, and smile!!!

Danielle....the pizza man snuck over!!!! But I really wasnt too bad. Have I told you lately I love your incites? 99% mental for SURE!! Thats what it so important we all have each other. I had to laugh at your diet ADD LOL!

Mia...Way to go on that water!! You are doing great and your attitude is outstanding!!! Keep up the good work!! We can do this!

Liz...its hard for us to judge our own weights, lord knows I see myself much smaller than I am! Just remember thats just a number on a machine, means nothing! How you feel and how your clothes fit indicate your successes!!

Sara...did you hit that water goal??

Bonnie...WAY TO GO!!! 8 lbs is incredible!!! Congrats on a VERY successful week 1!!!! You rock! All that exercise has paid off in spades! Did you take measurements too? Keep up the good work! You are shrinking away right before us!! I'm so excited for you!! Enjoy that first day back to school!

Elycia...congrats on the job!!! Way to go!!! I LOVE spaghetti! Where do you find these turkey meatballs you talked about? Or did you make them yourself? I think making separate meals is just setting yourself up, for me anyway. When I lost 75 lbs last time I ate right with the family, just had to really watch portions and use moderation. But it can be done successfully! OMG 6.5 lbs!!!!! WOOHOO!!! that is incredible!!! 3.5 lbs till your shoes!! Piece of cake!!!! Congrats!

Hi Norma!...Welcome back!!! Way to go on that exercise!!! You are doing great! Keep at that water, it'll get easier and easier!!

Aqua...scales are for fish!! LOL! I think I've finally figured out subconsiously I feel the opposite of what you talked about in your post. I think for years and years I've allowed myself to get bigger and bigger to stroke dh's ego, if I'm fat then he doesnt have to worry I'll leave him. Goes back to that 99% mental thing, and its amazing how its different for us all and how much someone else can effect what we do to ourselves.

Trish...way to go passing up the cobbler!!! I'm so proud of you!! those are definitly not smart carbs! LOL!! Dont worry, you'll get this all figured out!! You are doing GREAT!!

I'm feeling very blah today. AF showed her ugly face and is knocking me out with cramps! I've got shopping to start today, we have a wedding to go to this weekend and none of us have a thing to wear to it, so on top of cramps and bloating I get to go try on clothes!!!! OOOOH JOY IS LIFE! LOL! Tomorrow is more school shopping and Friday night I get to go have dinner with my inlaws again! I know you are all just so jealous of me! LOL! Pizza man came last night! I didnt do too bad. But I drank all my water! And I hope to bike shop today too! Have a wonderful day ladies!! I'll be checking on you when I can!

08-23-2006, 02:01 PM
Butterfly- Congrats on being on phase II! Phase II is really where we kick our own butts and get it gear. I'm glad you made it over :)
Saphire - The no Icecream is hard but i am doing it. I have yogurt in the fridge so I usually have that for breakfast on my way to work. I have to get up so early for work so thats the only thing i can grab before I rush out the door.
Elycia - CONGRATULATIONS on the 6.5 loss. that is awesome! I am very happy for you. Keep up the great work.
Hun E- I didnt make my water goal. I only drank 5 water bottles and then fell asleep! darn it. This morning I'm starting early so I can make sure today is the day that I hit my goal. I know I'm not used to drinking so much water but I figure since im cutting out the soda I'll just replace it with water.

Well as of today I loss 4.4lbs from last week. I'm very proud of myself. I've been going power walking every night and have been eating more healthy. I'm going with my mom to farmers market on Saturday, she heard I went last saturday and wanted to go. Keep up the awesome work ladies

08-23-2006, 02:23 PM
Afternoon ladies!
I'm new to this thread- I'll try to read and get caught up on everyone.

little bit about me:
I was on here before when I was preparing for my wedding (over a year ago now) and then after the wedding I seemed to lose all motivation and 200 crept back up on the scale. this time it's really for good. I have no wedding, fancy party, anything like that for motivation- just needing and Wanting to lose the weight for good this time and keep it off.

I'm 26 years old, originally from Maine (22 years) moved down to NC for a better job with my company and met DH down here, married, we have 1 teenage son 13- his from previous marriage but I adopted him and he lives with us full time, 2 adorable (most of the time) cats, Millie a black Maine coon cat- 11 months old and Tom a black "tom"cat that adopted us. he always came around our house and didn't have a collar and wouldn't leave so we kept him, the dr says he's about 2 years old, 2 guinea pigs (Shaggy 4 years old and Fred 2 years old) and my DH has 4 koi fish in a 60 gallon aquarium.

I still belong to Curves but haven't gone for a while due to conflicting schedules and I have a gazelle at home that I've been doing off and on. I know I can lose on the gazelle (doing the gazelle alone, not changing my eating habits, I lost 2 pant sizes about 3 years ago) and I can drink 64 ounces of water everyday without a problem. it's tough getting more than that in though.

I weighed 175 at the wedding March 2005, I was VERY happy with that but my goal was 165. so I'm going back to that original goal.

I need you guys for support and to keep me on track- that's why I came back! looking forward to sharing stories with everyone.

08-23-2006, 02:31 PM
welcome back Kandice. I know you will be able to reach your goal again :) You seem like a pet lover I know I am but only have fish for now :) see you around

08-23-2006, 02:52 PM
I'm so glad to be home right now! I went to the grocery store to pick up odds & ends and while perusing the aisles I started a dialogue with myself why it would be okay to binge today. I started reasoning with myself why it would be okay to eat whatever I wanted, skip exercise and just ignore the healthy stuff. The excuses went everywhere from "I'm waiting for my new book (GL Diet) to see what thats about, I'm not really doing anything now anyways...", " I haven't lost anymore weight now, so might as well"...or this one (I like this one), "AF is here today, I'm craving sweets, I deserve it"....UGHHHHHHHHHHHH, why do I do this to myself??????? I don't go to the grocery alone much because I do have an issue with bingeing..and like any good little addict I am VERY good at hiding it. Awhile back, per dr's orders, I was "asked" to not go to the store alone...can you believe this? I am a grown woman and I couldn't/probably still shouldnt, grocery shop alone! Mind you, it's been a very long time since I've binged, I am real proud of that, but I can't lie and say those urges don't come up almost every single day that I am alive. I used to scoff at my shrink when he would flat out say," just stop doing it". I was offended the first time he said it, and really mad and didnt go back to see him for awhile over it. lol But now that I have grown mentally I think I am really starting to understand what he meant by that statement. Needless to say, today while I clung to my little shopping cart, white knuckled it thru all the "bad" parts of the store -- the temptation was oh so strong--, no one would ever have to know--not my husband, not my kids, not even you guys-- but then I started thinking of my family, you guys and all the support you give and I couldn't do it. I just couldn't do it. So I left with my veggies, fruit, and tampons (:lol:) feeling extremely proud and astounded at the same time that I did it. So that's my little drama for the day.....

08-23-2006, 03:07 PM
Trish, I am so glad you are feeling better today. Please don't take what I said yesterday as being lectured, that certainly wasn't my intention!!! I realized later that it probably read that way, and just wanted you to know that was the farthest thing from what I wanted. I am a huge advocate of low carbing in general and really want to make sure the people who choose it as a means to lose really know what they're getting into. LC'ing gets such a bad rap for "not working", when 9 times out of 10 the people who say this, never bothered to do their research ( there is tons of it!), and find out what the lifestyle is about. I really want you to succeed at this, I believe it works if you work it right. More importantly and the last thing I would want is for you to get sick from not following guidelines that are meant to keep you safe. I wish you nothing but the best!!!

Elycia, you're shrinking lady!!!!! Absolutely fantastic news today!! You're gonna have to join Bonnie on that :cloud9: today!!! No pop or fast food agrees with you definitely. Be VERY PROUD of yourself!! You're rockin it toots.

Melissa, I guess we got the AF twins this month? :D The other one came to my house today too. Ugh! I will keep my fingers crossed for shopping today, no fun doing it when you're sorta in a time crunch (the wedding this weekend) and you really have no desire to try on clothes. I bet you will find something though, you always come thru. Seems like forever since your kids have been on vacation! lol But no, they were in school for weeks after mine got out, so guess it's only fair, eh? Sometimes I really wish they still did year-round here, would make the summer's seem less tedious IMO. Well, I'm gonna have to fire that pizza man then, he was given strict orders not to go to your house. How much did you pay him???? :p heehee....

Kandice :welcome: to our little group!!! I know you can do this!!! We are all here for you to support you in whatever way we can. I had to laugh when you mentioned the gazelle, now all I can hear in my head is Tony Little saying "you can do it"!! :lol: I hear those things really work though, so I say jump on lady and rock it! It's so great to have you joining us, looking forward to hearing lots of great things from you.

08-23-2006, 03:16 PM
Danielle....the pizza man snuck over!!!! But I really wasnt too bad. Have I told you lately I love your incites? 99% mental for SURE!! Thats what it so important we all have each other. I had to laugh at your diet ADD LOL!

Do you think I can take my Ritalin for diet ADD???? ;) :D :lol: :dizzy:

08-23-2006, 04:25 PM
Danielle. You dont realize how proud I am of you. I know I always have to take Matt with me when I go shopping. I try to Con myself into thinking I could eat that... nothing wrong with just that. The other day I asked my sister if I could have her snickers. Luckily she knew that I really didnt want the snickers in the end so she said No. I was glad she did because I didnt want to either. Not caving is really hard. No one said weight loss was easy. I am so glad that you didnt cave and you stuck to your gun. I am SO proud of you.

08-23-2006, 05:45 PM
Hello all.

I just wanted to drop in for a quick hello. I won't be able to do personals right now. Probably not until tomorrow morning. I haven't even been able to catch up on everyone's posts so far. I hate that I'm not getting an opportunity to get to know you new chickies. :(

I wanted to thank all of you again for all your support yesterday during the "meltdown". I decided to sleep in this morning, and skip the morning workout, to see if maybe I was working out too much. Although the extra sleep was nice, I was still tired. I didn't even feel like getting dressed for work. So when I came in today I requested off the Tuesday and Wednesday after Labor Day. Five days off in a row! Yes! :cb:

Another thing I did was to buy a single sized packet of almonds to have for a mid-morning snack. So, I haven't had any cravings today. I'll pick up a container of them today, measure out the servings and put them in little bags, so I don't eat too many of them. That would be all too easy to do with nuts. Also, I've heard that Trader Joes carries Greek yogurt. From the way it's described it sounds similar to yocheese. Yogurt with the whey completely drained. Therefore it has a much thicker consistency. I think it will make a good snack to have between lunch and dinner.

And heres the BIG news (drumroll please)............ I'm down one less pound! So I'm at 233 now! My weigh in is not until Friday, but I'm becoming a bit of a scale junkie. That's not good. I know. But at least the news was good, right? :D

Trish, I read about you having dizzy spells. I've read about that happening quite to people on induction. I don't know if it's necessarily normal though. Please get enough water and don't skip getting enough good veggies. Maybe ask the ladies on the Atkins section of this board. I'm sure they'll have some good info for you.

Until later.

08-23-2006, 05:52 PM
Amanda, so glad to see you chick! Congrat's on the 1 pound.....moving down.....woo hoo!! Almonds are one of my all time favorite snacks...altho portion control is something to be desired. I finally told dh to hide them. LOL Never have bought the greek's pricey isn't it? I have a yogurt strainer so I just buy the whole fat yogurt and drain to my hearts content. Love that stuff!! The longer you drain, the thicker it gets. Sometimes I love to let it get extra thick and then sweeten & add some sf cheesecake pudding to it...divine! I hope you have a really great day and that the tiredness subsides...I feel ya there..been struggling myself. Hang in there lady, you're doing fantastic!! :carrot:

Sara, thank you so much for the support. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I wanted to just grab all that junk and head home and eat!!! So glad I didn't. The support here on this thread has been tremendous and I attribute my success to it. Hope today is going well for you! :hug:

08-23-2006, 06:00 PM
DANIELLE you just made my day. That was so impressive what you did at the store. ;) I haven't went to the store yet since I actually started the diet. So I don't know if I could have fought off those demons.:devil: But you did and that is so outstanding.

What you wrote in your last paragraph on that message was so inspiring. The support in this great is overwhelming and I love it. The last five sentences in your message is how we all should be thinking and behaving.

Go DANIELLE, GO DANIELLE! GO!:cp: :cp: :cp: :cp:

08-23-2006, 06:01 PM
PS Ment group not great, sorry

08-23-2006, 06:31 PM
Is anyone else having trouble with drinking water? I just started on my 3rd water bottle its 11:30am here in HI and i really feel like i want to drink something else. Luckily I have no soda at work so I dont have that option :)

Also has anyone bought hand weights, i saw these hand weight gloves at and i've been wondering how good they work. I might get them but not sure
heres what im talking about

08-23-2006, 07:13 PM
Danielle - You were so right! That Greek yogurt cost four times as much as comparably sized yogurt. Way to rich for my blood. I just bought some plain instead. I'm going to use some coffee filters for strain it.

Ok, I'm off to the regular grocery store now. I'll try to check back in later.

08-23-2006, 07:32 PM
Hello everyone!! We just got home from the mall and my leg is KILLING me so I'm gonna skip personals this afternoon and go ice it on the couch! but, I'm sure I'll be back tonight! Just had a few things that couldnt go without saying!

Welcome Kandice!!! Congrats on your marriage! I think its almost better to not have something important that you are trying to lose for, takes the pressure off and you can make it more about making healthy choices and getting a fit and healthy lifestyle! You've got a great attitude and I know you'll reach those goals!! Good luck to you!! Cant wait to get to know you even better and cheer you on to success!!

Danielle...I cannot tell you how proud I am of you for overcoming the grocery store. I know what a terror that place can be for you but you won! You won the battle!! I'm so happy for you right now I could just scream!! You are my rock and that just proved it!!

Sara..I'm with you on water today, being out at the stores has left me high and dry! I've only had 2 smaller glasses of icewater and I'm parched!!

Okay, I'm not forgetting anyone I promise I just really need to find that icepack soon!! Keep on shining ladies!!


08-23-2006, 07:45 PM
Amanda, I told you that greek stuff was spendy! ;) I figure why bother when I can do my own at home? Let me know how the coffee filters work out. I've heard of people doing paper towels but that somehow bothers me. LOL

Trish, aw hon, thanks so much for the nice words. YOU made my day with your compliments. I really really hope that whenever the urge pops up again that I will be able to remember to THINK then follow thru. It's awful to just "black out" and binge and then feel so guilty afterwards. 99% of the time the guilt feels worse than the actual act. Horrible cycle!

Some times I really wish that I had been "born" with another type of addiction. Seriously, at least if it were cigarettes or drugs, I at least wouldn't have to feel like I battle it all day long, 24/7, 365 days a year. Having to eat to fuel my body everyday and the demons that coexist with this is alot different than trying to stay away from alcohol or drugs for the most part..... Does anybody understand this way of thinking? Sometimes I feel like I am the only person in this world with food addiction. My husband, god love 'em, just doesn't get it. While he expresses concern, he just isn't able to connect with me on this level at all.

08-23-2006, 07:53 PM
Sara, I'm sorry the water is a struggle today. Maybe try some crystal light in there or there are flavored waters on the market- Fruit2o, VitaminWater,SobeeWater. And I'm pretty sure all the grocery chains have store brands. Thats all I can think of for now. I don't care for the flavored stuff but I know that it's helped lots of people get that water in daily, so it might help you out. Do you drink it real cold? I find that the only way I can get down alot is if it's cold. While plain is always best, but if adding some flavor will help you get it down, I say go for it as long as it's sugar free. Hope someone can come along and help you out some more! And nope, I'm afraid I can't help with the weight thingy either. LOL

08-23-2006, 08:00 PM
Sara, Amanda has been working out with hand weights lately, I think. She may be able to give you more on that. I haven't used hand weights.

Anna, Aqua, Stacy, Caroline, Laramie :wave: Hope that all is okay with you guys.



08-23-2006, 08:50 PM
Thanks danielle, I think I will try those different kinds. I'm almost finished with my 4th one. hehe.

Elycia, thanks for letting me know. I'll have to ask Amanda more about it later.

08-23-2006, 09:28 PM
Butterfly50 - Hope the kids enjoyed back to school! I was always cool with back to school the first week or so... lol... :D Way to go on the 8 pound loss! Oh my gosh, isn't that an awesome feeling? YAH!!!!! BAYBAY!!!!!! :carrot:

Sugar-N-Spice- Today was a pretty good day! I know what you mean thugh about "just stop doing it" I mean, it's common sense, but if it was that easy we would. No one like to be compulsive on something that is making them feel bad. I'm actually surprised he said that, but I guess he was trying to let you know the struggle was mental and if you stopped it would solve the problem. LOL, I don't hear Tony Little when I hear the phrase "you can do it" I hear the guy who played Deuce Bigelow... when he used to pop in on those Adam Sandler movies and say "You can Do IT!!!!" .lol... I have often thought the same thing about a different addiction. Not drugs or smokes, but perhaps a sports addict or something... sex addiction (monogomous):spin: ? lol... That's a good one! Seriously, I know what you mean. This is hard, but we will make it.

lovethatsara- I can go to the grocery store and be okay, but going through the ice cream aisle is rough. I have a major addiction to sugar. I used to eat a lot of Haagan Daaz, Swiss chocolate, etc... I love the very rich stuff. I murdered my old waistline with it though. I can drink water without a hitch. I like water though. I think you can train yourself to become accustomed to it. Sugar-N-Spice is right, fruit2o or something like that might be a good way for you to go into a water regimine. I would alternate. One fruit2o, regular water, that way you can get used to plain water. Water loves you! You are water! :)

Amany- Congratulations on your one pound loss!!!! WOO HOO!!! :carrot: Hi Amany! I have some sort of meltdown on a daily basis. I'm getting better at pushing past them with each day though, but like I said yesterday, I think I will get to a point in my life where I am a healthy choice maker- but there is always that threat of going back to old ways. It is in my nature to desire sugar and run too far with it. Basically I will have to make sure I don't take my smaller frame for granted when it finally arrives. I will have to appreciate all I went through to ge there and never forget how to avoid getting larger. Very serious and difficult thing to admit to myself and face, but if I don't I will never remain in recovery from my addiction and the wrath it causes. Good idea with the almonds! That is so healthy too!

sapphire35- Hi sweetie! :wave:

Hun.e.B- Hope your leg gets to feeling better. :hug:

u2girl- Hi! I hope you are well today too! :)

08-23-2006, 09:48 PM
Has anyone tried using butter spray? Tonight for dinner, we had baked cod, baked potato, pasta and green beans. For my potato, I used the butter spray and to my surprise it was very good. The beauty of it is there are no calories and NO FAT. One of those rare little goodies. I just wanted to share that in case anyone may want to try it. It saved me so much fat and calories from using regular butter.


08-23-2006, 10:01 PM
do you think loosing 2lbs a week or 8 lbs a month for the next 16months is unreasonable? I'm wondering because I dont want to get my hopes too high but i dont wanna say in 3 years either. If I do it in 24 months thats about 5lbs a month.

did you guys set that kind of goal up? I'm not Im just thinking just incase.

08-23-2006, 10:08 PM
Welcome Kandice Jest wanted to drop in today I didnt get to do any exercise today man No kids and the day flew right on by. I started to work on the dress I was making for my granddaughter Next Wed is Her 1st Bday and I wanted to see how it would look. I finished the dress and it look Beautiful If I might say I even made her a hat to go with it. Well I better be going to bed Am comes early.

08-23-2006, 11:02 PM
Good evening lovelies!!

Elycia...the thing with butter spray is that its no fat and no calories for 5 sprays...if its the spray I'm thinking of. The cooking sprays that say that too are for like 1/5 a spray, you gotta be careful with that stuff. I definetly like the Parkay one, but I use more than 5 sprays LOL! Still less than a pat of butter I'm sure!

Sara...2 lbs a week is totally doable, in fact thats what you should aim for! I dont think you are being unrealistic at all, you are being very smart!! Slow and steady wins the race! Try not to focus on the big picture, that can get discouraging, take it babysteps at a time. 10 lbs first, then another 10 before you know it the numbers arent so big anymore!

Shopping today was trying. We went to ross and tjmaxx and I found some cute things but none of it fit!! and it said it was size 3X!!! I was just disgusted and wanted to cry but had to put on a smiley face for my girls. Then we went to the mall and I dunno, things fit better. I tried on a size 24 skirt and it was too big. Finally at T J Banks (the fat girl store) I found some REALLY cute stuff. Ended up getting a skirt size 22, probably could have gone for a 20 considering I'll wear spanx but oh well! And the sweater that matches is a 2X. This better be the last time I gotta buy clothes this big!!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful night! I'm trying to catch up on my lack of water before bedtime, not sure if I'll make 100 oz today!


08-23-2006, 11:35 PM
Sara, I think that 2 lbs per week is quite reasonable. That is typically what I shoot for. In the Thanksgiving Challenge, my goal is based on 2 lbs. per week.

Melissa, I am sorry that shopping was so frustrating for you, however, i completely understand. That is why I keep wearing the same thing over and over, I just can't bear to go shopping only for it to tell me some huge size is too small. I am very hippy. Even when small, I've got big hips and I am sure that having twins didn't help. It will be a good while before i go pants shopping if you know what I mean. Don't worry, if you stay the course, this WILL be the last time that shopping will be so frustrating. Glad you got a cute outfit though. :)

Regarding the butter spray, it doesn't say that only 5 sprays are free. I will have to look closer. In any event, it is much less than butter. :) Well, gotta run.


08-24-2006, 12:43 AM
Sara: I agree with the rest of the ladies. A 2 pound loss a week is pretty reasonable if you are quite overweight as I am. The longer you diet and get thinner, it will be harder to come off.

Bonnie: I love it that you are a sewer. I think we are a dying breed. If I lost my sewing machine or my serger, it would be like losing my arm. Since you're a crafter (according to your profile) take a picture of the outfit on your grand-daughter and use some of the fabric in the scrapbook where you put the picture!

08-24-2006, 02:47 AM
I did it. I finally drank all 6 bottles. its 7:46pm. wow. I cant believe I did it. Since Monday I've been trying to and now I did it. Goodnight Ladies see you tomorrow

08-24-2006, 09:04 AM
Thanks Norma I think I will do that I was goingto start a book for her any way and that would be a great way to start it.

Way to go Sara on your water I have to get all mine in to.

Got to get exercising ..

08-24-2006, 09:13 AM
u2girl- I Haven't tried butter spray, but thanks for the info! :)

lovethatsara- Nope, it is not unreasonable. At my next weigh in I hope it will be more than a 3 Lbs loss. ! :) Good job on the water!

08-24-2006, 09:31 AM
thank you everyone for the welcome!

does the pizza man visit everyone houses? DH suggested last night that we order pizza, and I know that LC has worked for me in the past so I suggested Subway and I know he LOVES subway- tuna on white, lettuce, tom, extra mayo- that's what he always gets! And I ordered a tuna salad with lettuce, tomato, onions and gps and 1000 island. the dressing had 11 carbs and I think the tuna said it was 4- probably mayo. so for dinner I did good. didn't exercise though. (but did get water goal of 64 ounces)
A few ladies walk the stairs at lunch- we're on the 19th floor, and I did it a few times with them but I'm going to try to do it today too. Boss never says anything and then they have lunch at their desks afterwards. I'll keep you posted!
Water- does everyone drink bottles? I found a gigantic jug- well it's 64 ounces and it's made for water, has all these water sayings on it- from Walmart. so I fill that up in the morning and I sit there all day with it- beleive it or not, I think it's easier because I can see all the water instead of ugh, here's another bottle...

Danielle- good job on staying strong and fighting temptations! That first aisle with the chips and little debbies is a hard one to skip! I will definitely keep you in mind tomorrow (I grocery on Fridays) as I make good decisions!
I think I'm going to put "You can do it!" on my profile. :D

Amanda- congrats on the lb. hey's it's almost friday isn't it?

Sara- have you tried the crystal light or similiar for your water? I had to do that at first and then I weened down- half a pack for the water now most of the time none. Fruit punch or raspberry icetea is a lot easier to go down than plain water.
2 lbs a week sounds good. just know that it might average. I know when I first start losing it all comes off- like 10 lbs and then it slows to a lb or so a week. (I'm down 3 lbs this week since Monday) You might do that too. So don't get discouraged if there are some weeks you don't lose 2lbs! we'll be here! :cheer:

Bonnie- I quilt, but dress making has always interested me. doesn't seem to be enough time, my last quilt was nearly a year ago now for my little sis for Christmas. I want to make a tshirt quilt someday with all my old tshirts from sports or concerts I've been too so I dont have to throw them out.

Melissa- sorry about the bad shopping experience. I get upset when I have to buy size 18 for my thighs- I'm pear shaped. Stupid labels! DH always says, buy what loks good, not what you want to look good. he's my personal shopper. he's been in more women's dressing rooms than most men I beleive! :D keep on ging and you won't buy that size again!

Hi to everyone else!


08-24-2006, 10:57 AM
Good Morning Gang! :wave:

Feeling a lot stronger today now that yesterday is behind me. Thanks to those who offered such awesome support when I really needed it! Definitely made me feel great for the decision I made. AF is kicking my butt. I get so dizzy and nauseated every month for about 3 days. I think I'm going to look into that procedure where you go in-office to stop your periods. Such a waste of my time and energy when 1. We are done having kids. 2. Even if I wanted 'em, my tubes are tied. LOL No reason for all this suffering IMO. Supposed to be getting another storm today. Gotta love monsoon season! Not that I'm already tired enough, now the rain's gotta come and make it worse! LOL

Kandice, thanks sweetie for your support, it means a lot. I've always hated the grocery store because of all that glorious food. :lol: I started getting serious anxiety attacks everytime I stepped in there, very even back then, when I wanted to go shopping alone, I was terrified to because I would get such huge attacks and needed dh there to help me. No way to live, I know. Seriously, who in the world builds up angst over the grocery store?? ME of course! :lol3:

Ladies have a terrific morning! Time to get moving here, coffee's ready. :coffee: BBL

08-24-2006, 11:20 AM
hi everyone hope today is going good well yesterday i did good again i got in all my water i stayed p-o-p( perfect on eatingplan) my scale has moved but im so scared to post it because i dont want to be dissapointed on sunday oh what the heck siince monday i lost 2lbs probably water since im taking in more but who cares
i see you guys scales are moving on down congrats that is inspiring for me
trish im going to have to borrow that water idea my hubby is a marine so i can get him to make the consequences for me
Kandice im in n.c also right now im in jacksonville but hubby gets out in sept so im hoping to move to charlotte.. welcome
well ill post at the end of the day because i see i miss out when i dont

08-24-2006, 11:28 AM
Hello everyone:

Just popping in. I just finished my workout. I did Maximum Cardio by the FIRM. It was tough, but I made it through. Did modifications to the tougher sections.

Mia, very good to see ya and congrats on your loss.



08-24-2006, 11:31 AM
MIA- I saw that, we're in Jonesville- about 40 miles west of winston-salem, an hour north of charlotte- right up I-77, small town but we love it! (not good for finding work though- I commute 45 minutes to winston and DH commutes to Statesville- 35 mins)

congrats onthe scales- mine moved 3 lbs since Monday probably due to Water too.

08-24-2006, 11:35 AM
Oh yeah Melissa, I did check on that butter spray. All the nutritional facts say 0. So if I put 50 sprays, 0x0 is 0 in terms of calories and fat, right? Now it did say that sodium 15mg per serving, so I guess if you are following a low sodium diet, that would matter. Since I am not, I am going to make sure that I keep it in my house.

Also, I wanted to add that I have been using a seasoning called Ms. Dash. It is an awesome seasoning with no salt. I use to season my grean beans with seasoning salt and I know that wasn't good so I bought this and it is great!
Just wanted to share.


08-24-2006, 11:36 AM
how is the firm? im like 5 minutes from deciding to buy it what series did you get? and do u have the step im sorry for all the ? but there are so many to chose from and im trying not to invest too much money
im also going to try winsor pilates
Kandice the job reason is exactly why we decided charlotte well the outskirts congrats on the wl

08-24-2006, 11:57 AM
Kandice I dont Quilt I havent never tried my sister does it all the time. She has made some pretty ones. She is working on one now for my niece who is having a boy.

I tried to figure out how to place the picture on here but Icant figure it out. :^: I have got the firl but I have never done it:?: Looks like a tought one thought.

08-24-2006, 12:32 PM

Hi everyone.... I have been absolutely awful on the diet.... not following what i intended at all. I have thought about going to different weight loss centers to try and get a place that I can work with. But I am not really sure about were to go. Sooo.... I will keep everyone posted.... I am heading to sam's club tomorrow. To buy tons of water.... Since I am starting school next week, I really want to make sure that I have everything planned out day by day. It will actually give me a schedule to follow, and I wont have much time to sit around and be hungry. so, if you have any input.... please let me know..... all the input would be helpfullll

08-24-2006, 12:52 PM
Hi Tricia:

I just realized that you are getting married in 10 months. Wow, do you know how much you can accomplish in 10 months? A LOT! I know that you may be dealing with the stresses and jitters of getting married, but my suggestion is for you to use that energy towards getting healthier and fitter. I think a schedule is an excellent idea. Definitely plan out your day. Keep fruits and veggies (that you like) on you so that when hunger hits you can snack. If you have those with you it is alot less likely that you will run to the vending machine to get some junk snack. Great idea to have bottled water as well. Again, it is at your fingertips and also, you know how much water you are getting throughout the day. So, you are definitely doing some great things to get your weight loss going. Start with those. Sometimes if you try to start too many things, you just overwhelmed and nothing is really fully done. Certainly keep posting here for suggestions and encouragement and we will help any way that we can.

Oh yeah almost forgot, here is your :dust:

See you guys later!


08-24-2006, 01:12 PM
Hi Mia. Its great to hear from you. Lots does happen here during the day, its been great.

Tricia, you are setting yourself up for great success by planning ahead. Good for you! All I can suggest is making sure you have snacks prepared ahead of time for on the go--stuff that's easily portable. I just think that you'll be fine as long as you just plan ahead tho. I'm sure someone will come along with something brilliant for you. Keep up the great work.

Regarding butter sprays, or anything that claims "0" for that matter....I thought that by law product makers don't have to list anything that falls below "1". So if something of one serving falls at say, .5 or .8, if you have more than a so called serving than you, in fact, are getting said number amount of fat grams, carbs, or whatever it is you're counting. Sorta like the whole deal with trans fat labeling, makers, by law, didn't have to put that in their labels either but now they do. However, if its anything under that proverbial "1" they don't have to list, so reading ingredients is key. Ok, now I'm babbling. LOL but seriously, this country makes weightloss and food/calorie counting so dang difficult and they wonder why there is an obesity problem! Makes me so angry! :mad:

Anyways! :) now that I'm done with my little tyrade, I'm gonna go find some breakfast.....

08-24-2006, 01:22 PM
Good Morning Sunshines!!!!

Sara...way to go on the water yesterday!!! Ready to do it again today! I know you can!! Keep up the good work! Cheers!

Kandice!!...WOOHOOO you beat the pizza man!! Danielle was gonna have a talk with him yesterday and apparently she did LOL!! Excellent job on making a healthier choice!! I hope you enjoy your lunch stairclimb!! And you are doing great on water!! I see some very exciting things coming your way!! Keep up the good work!! Way to go on the 3 lbs!!!

Danielle...I'm glad you are feeling stronger today! More trips and more triumphs like you had yesterday and the stronger and stronger you'll get. AF is a misery this month! I agree, there's not sense to these periods anymore, especially when they are like this. Let me know if you get some good info on the procedure. I might just look into it myself. are doing so great!!! Keep it up!! Can I borrow your military man to kick my butt into gear! LOL!!

Elycia...great job on the workout!!! What is the serving size of the butter spray? And whats the name brand? We'll get to the bottom of this for ya! I still think its alot better than using butter but I'm pretty sure its not zero regardless of what you use, but I could also be wrong! Been known to happen! LOL!!

Tricia...sorry to hear your frustrations, lord knows I've been there! I think what is more important than finding some sort of plan is to figure out what kinds of foods you love and how to fit them into your life in a HEALTHY way. Making good choices, using moderation and portion control at every meal and you'll build a lifestyle rather than follow a diet. Its easier said than done I know still working on that myself. You'll figure it out! And we'll be here to help anyway we can! And next to making better choices if you start exercising, you'll see more drastic changes in your body in a shorter time.

Was a rough night for me last night. Besides AF I've got some stomach thing going on. The girls want me to take them to the water park today but if this stomach doesnt let up I dont see it happening. I need to go bike shopping too, classes start on monday and I really wanted to be riding my bike to school instead of driving!

Have a fantastic day everyone! Be good to you!!

08-24-2006, 01:51 PM
congrats Tricia on the upcoming wedding! That will be a huge motivator I know! every bride has a picture of what they want to look like on their wedding day!
as far as weightloss centers go- if you've never worked out, Curves is an excellent starting point. They have a Curves diet too. take the test and see if you're carb or calorie. I did the low carb and it worked for me (while I was following it). 3 steps and then maintaining- I kinda messed up on the maintaining as you can see! :lol:

melissa- what a way to fit exercising in- bike to school instead of drive! you're on your way to a healthy lifestyle!

did the stairs! 38 floors- 19 down and 19 up. wow! feels so good! I can finish my water like nothing now! I feel like they looked on the biggest loser that time when they climbed all the stairs. (anyone else follow "reality" shows?) I probably look like they do too. :lol: but I'm proud of myself!! :cheer:

now just staying eating good the rest of the day... half over- 8 more hours! (I go to bed early!)

08-24-2006, 01:55 PM
trisha- just noticed we're almost at the same starting point- but you're going further than me! mind if I ask how tall you are?

08-24-2006, 01:59 PM
Hi Mia,

I have all of the Firm systems. I just bought the Transfirmer about 2 months ago. I have done a few of the workouts. They are fun but not a walk in the park which is good. Maximum Cardio that I did was one of the older ones from Anna Benson days. I got my Transfirmer system really cheap. I bought it from It was like 43.00 and shipping was like $1. Then I found a coupon code for an add'l 10% off, so I got it for like $39 shipped and it arrived around 1 week later. I clued my fitness forum in on it, so they sold out very fast. I haven't seen them having anymore lately. Try Target because if you buy from Firmdirect, shipping usually kills ya. It's a good system, you should definitely try it. Winsor Pilates??? Personally I am not a big fan of pilates so I don't really do it. Being the vidiot that I am, of course I own some Winsor Pilates, but I don't ever do them. I heard they are very effective though. Hey, do you have a Big Lots in your area. I got my Winsor DVD's at Big Lots about 1 1/2 months ago for $2.99 each. You may want to check that out. That way if you don't like it, it's not like you came out of a lot of money. :)

Well, gotta run.



08-24-2006, 02:11 PM
Amanda....I think I missed this before but WOOHOO another lb gone!!! Congrats on another great loss!! Sorry I must have skimmed over that before!!

Kandice!!!....WAY TO GO ON THE STAIRSS!!! I'm so proud of you!! i bet it feels GREAT to have done that!! Good for you!! What an excellent way to spend your lunch!!


08-24-2006, 02:15 PM
I did a little research on the butter spray. And the I cant believe its not butter brand and the Parkay brand work to...

12.5 sprays is 10 calories and 1 gram of fat, 25 sprays (1 teaspoon) is 20 calories and 2 grams of fat, and 37.5 sprays is 30 calories and 3 grams of fat. In case you're curious, the entire bottle contains 900 calories and 90 grams of fat!

so a TBSP of the spray is approx 80 calories and 8 grams of fat, still less than butter or margarine. Hope that helps!


08-24-2006, 02:20 PM
Melissa, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Hope the tummy troubles go away very soon. I know there is a bike out there waiting for you to find it--lol, sounds like a puppy, huh!-- will be great for you to be able to ride to school everyday. Hopefully each day I will get stronger and stronger...that's the idea anyways. Altho, dh is being a brat and made brownies last night. You know how l love my brownies.... :dizzy: I was good today, now that my chocolate cravings are stronger...I dunno..... I am praying real hard and staying out of the kitchen! lol

Kandice, look at you go girl!!!! Thats alot of stairs lady! Be very proud of yourself, I am!!!!! :cheer: Oye, dont even get me started on reality tv! You missed my gab fest about that last week. lol Anything reality and I'm so there, it's sad really. I wonder if I could be put into rehab for this??? :D The last episode of Family Jewels on A&E was absolutely hilarious, I don't think I've ever laughed that hard at tv before. And Biggest Loser...well I lurve lurve lurve that show....*looks at avatar here*....Bob, he's my hero. LOL

08-24-2006, 03:24 PM
Shame Shame on me. I got up this morning and did 1 hr of leslie. Then didnt have nothing to do . Then I find my self had eaten one 1 but 2 Oatmeal cream pies.:( I feel like Iam loosin control. I dont want to give back the 8 pounds that I have lost I want to loose more this is jest so darn hard. I am So much under stress( That Bad Culpert) Called the Elementery school and spoke with a nurse and am so mad right now I fell like Cleaning out the ref and I dont mean throwing things in the trash. Have been waiting on the psychriatrist to get in touch with me for my daughter. So I called now they claim that they never seen any referal papers on her I was SOOOO mad If I dont hear from then in a week I will Be looking for someone else to help her out. The end of last school year I had to have her tested and they told me she has Anxiety, Mood Depervation, on top of her learning Disability. If she isnt in a mood Swing she is Worried someone is comming to hurt her. I feel liike Iam the One to go crazy here.

Soo if I havnt heard from them in 1 week and Iam going back to her orginail doc and make them do something.

Well Sorry everyone had to hear me throw a tantrum .Hope that I will be better the next time. Thanks for Hearing me. I hate raning days.

08-24-2006, 04:50 PM
Hello Lovelies!!

I finally caught up on most of the posts. I will not be able to go in depth with any personals yet. Iíll do the best I can now based on memory.

Aqua, Danielle and Kandice Ė I love going down the junk food aisle. I love the way it smells. I love to go over to the ice cream aisle and look at the new products and flavors. In the back of my mind I feel it will eventually come back to bite me. I know I should stop. Thereís probably some psychology attached to all this, but I havenít seen a therapist in a few years. So, for the time being, I will have to remain undiagnosed. :lol:
BTW, I am another ice cream lover.
My problem is going to Arkansas. I had planned on visiting some relatives in Arkansas over the Christmas holiday. I changed my mind though. All we ever do down there is plan meals. We get up around 7, everyone is dressed by 9 and the whole day revolves around eating dinner. Every breakfast involves a honey bun. I donít know why, but they always buy these cases and cases of honey buns. Every time I visit them I gain at least five pounds. I donít think Iím mentally strong enough to go down there yet. Could you imagine what it will be like during Christmas week with all those ďno-nosĒ? Donít get me wrong, I plan on having holiday food. The day of and the day after. Then Iíll be done with it. Things are a little too intense down there though. The town has 3,000 people and there not much else to do there besides eat.

Danielle Ė The coffee filters worked great with the yogurt. I was shocked to see just how little yogurt is left when all that liquid drains from it. I allowed it to drain overnight. I put the filters on the insides of plastic cups, tape them at the rims and measured out 1 cup per. My husband thought it was strange, but didnít question it. He just sort of lets me be who I am and leaves me alone. :lol:

Elycia and Bonnie Ė Excellent job on the weight loss! I love to read about that. Whenever someone has success it reminds the rest of us that it is indeed possible. Congrats to you both.

Elycia - youíll have to tell us about the shoes! Youíll probably have them on some time next weekend! Thanks for the tip about the butter spray. Iíll pick some up and try to think of things to use it on. :lol:

Kandice Ė Nice job with the stairs. Thatís great exercise! Youíre fortunate to have exercise buddies with you. It feels good to work out doesnít it? Well, after the work outÖ J Itís nice to have accomplished something.

Tricia - :hug: Hey, just hang in there. Keep restarting as often as you need to. Weíre here to support you. Sometimes it just takes a while to get your head into it. But keep posting. Keep reading the thread. Weíre an infectious bunch. :D Weíll rub of off on you.

Melissa: Do I know how depressing it can be to go shopping for clothes! There were times that I just left the store because I was so depressed by not fitting tent-sized clothing. And those mirrors are merciless!! Many a time Iíve left the store without clothing and ended up having a cheesy, fried lunch instead. I havenít really bought much of anything after getting too big for my 14s. I havenít enjoyed shopping since being to big for a 12.

Bonnie: Iím so sorry youíre having a bad day. Donít give into the temptation to binge though. Youíve worked so hard. And treat the incident with the oatmeal pies as if they never happened. Donít chuck the whole day.
Please just come and vent to us whenever you need to. Remember what Aqua said. We have many pivotal moments that make a difference in the end.
I hope youíre able to get help for your daughter soon. Iím sorry to hear that sheís having a rough time.

Someone mentioned hand weightsÖ..
I started using them first with the Leslie Sansone WATP dvds. Recently I used them with a Tae Bo dvd. Boy do they make a difference! And theyíre only 2 lb dumbbells. My advice is not to start with over 3 lbs. If you use the gloved ones, those are probably much better. Control your movements though. Donít just fling your arms around. That could cause injury.

Oh and by the wayÖ.

WHY THE **** ISNíT IT FRIDAY YET!!! Good grief itís taking too longÖ.

Guess what?! Iím wearing a pair of pants that were too small a month ago. They are a size 18w. If I just keep at it, I should be able to wear those 16ws and 18 regs I bought a couple of weeks ago. There was a time that I thought anything over a size 12 was huge. Now Iím celebrating 18w. Life is funny isnít it?

08-24-2006, 06:41 PM
Thanx for doing that research Melissa. Geez, that stinks! If I elect to use a whole tbsp, that is as bad as butter. Oy Vey! Typically when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Allright, I renege my recommendation for the butter spray!!! Thanx to Melissa, I find that it is not as good as I thought. If you use in moderation it is good, but if you are a spray freak like I can be, it is dangerous. What a sneaky marketing ploy "0 calories per serving"! Humph! Gotta watch those labels guys.



08-24-2006, 06:55 PM
Amanda, hello Sunshine! I hope you're having a really great day today. Oye, the cookie aisle is evil evil evil! LOL No, guess it really isn't, I just happen to be one of those people who can't control anything sold in that aisle. LOL You don't wanna be diagnosed ;) you'll end up like me! Ha! There's only room on this board for one kook Amanda! LOL seriously tho, I have a sister who can just take whiffs of junkfood and be completely happy--could explain too why she's a size 2!lol my shrink (who just happens to be a big Atkins fan) once told me to quit giving the power to the food. He told me what he does when he gets a craving for something- especially there at the office with people bringing in junkfood- he gets himself a slice/piece of whatever and he just puts his finger on it and tells it he doesn't want it, that it holds no power. Now how is that for nuts? I tried it only once, and I'm sorry but those chocolate chip cookies begged me to eat them!lol I guess he's right tho, too often times we give food this power that it has no right having.

Bonnie, I'm sorry today is rough for you. I guess I must've missed something, not really clear on what is happening with dd? I do hope that things do get resolved tho, I know dealing with public school politics can be very frustrating.

08-24-2006, 09:21 PM
:carrot: hello everyone i did it again today i got my water in i ate exactly as plan and now im about to do some exercise this is getting easier i guess once you really decide to do this then you succeed
Elycia do you know if i can use the regular exercise step from walmart for the firm videos it inclines and all?
i cant wait to try some other videos im really bored with the taebo

08-24-2006, 09:59 PM
Sorry Ladies for earlier. Let me explain my DD was diagnoised with ADD at the end of last school year. On top of her learning Disability. The school is in the country and they are trying to set up appoiments where the Psychriatrist comes to school to see her where she wont miss any school. Well the school nurse sent her a referal last school year and now this year she said she had never gotten it. So we have to go threw all of this stuff all over again. It is a big hassell. Meanwhile things are getting worst with my DD. It jest makes me mad that they like to take their own sweet time.

Any way I went to Walley World tonight and My DH was so happy that I was loosing weight he went and told me to go buy me some shorts. I went to the clearance rack and he spent amlost 100$$ most of it was shorts and shirts that I could wear and workout in I was amazed that Iam in a 4X OMG. Now Iam feeling better I have had 4 bottles of water so far that makes 2 Liters of water today I am going to get up in the Am and Exercise and get back on track. Thanks for all the Pep Talk and will do better tomorrow.

08-24-2006, 10:08 PM
Hey Chickadees!!!!!!!!!

I would love to join your group!!!!!! You ladies sound so supportive, can I come play???? It took me two hours to read this thread. Shooo, it kept me out of the kitchen tonight. LOL

A little about myself, I am 35, married (two years) I don't have any children yet ;) my husband is in the Navy. I started going to Curves two months ago and I started my diet the first day of this month.

I am a binge eater, have been my whole life. I suffer everyday, every waking second. I quit smoking three months ago, smoked alot for the past 15 years of my life, 1 pack a day and it was the easiest thing I every quit doing, wish I had tried to quit years ago. But, this eating thing is a whole different ball game. I need a kick in the but and a bunch of wonderful, inspiring women like all of you to keep me on goal. Here is to getting to know you better.

I look forward to our journey together.

08-24-2006, 11:12 PM
Hi there Lori. Let me be the first to Welcome you to the Winning Losers! It definitely is a very neat group of ladies here. I can certainly understand that it took 2 hours to get through the posts. It is a very hard thread to keep up with at times, but as you can see, we do offer a lot of support and advice to help each other get this weight off once and for all.

:welcome: I am very happy that you decided to join us. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Mia, with Firm videos, they definitely require a bit of equipment. You will need weights and they have a tall box and a short box. You could get away with substituting things like a regular step but sometimes the big step gets in the way. The Transfirmer incline however is a little different. Before I bought the Transfirmer, I used my Reebok step and inclined by putting the blocks under 1 side. It worked okay, i guess, but I decided to go ahead and get the Transfirmer because I knew it was sturdy and wouldn't fall over. I didn't want to get injured because of some makeshift incline. Now BSS2 system came with the Fanny Lifter which is great! Even though I have the Transfirmer, I still kept the Fanny Lifter because it is smaller. That Transfirmer is HUGE! When I ordered it, I couldn't believe how big the box was. My advice is to try to get your hands on a Firm and make sure you like it. Some people do not like the "Stepford Wives" look and feel of firm workouts. They are effective and tough, so I stick with them. I think getting the Transfirmer is worth the investment, if you will do it. Your fitness level will definitely improve and you WILL lose weight if you stick with it consistently. I remember one time I did a firm rotation and I didn't even change my diet and I still lost. The combination of weights and aerobics really does work. Well, I HTH. Let me know if I didn't answer your question right.


08-24-2006, 11:14 PM
Mia- Congrat's on another great day! I bet you're feeling awesome for staying in such control! You're doing fabulous chicky, keep it up!

Bonnie, thanks for explaining about dd. While I think its wonderful that they want to be supportive and help out while she's at school, but gosh, does there have to be red tape for everything?! Good grief! I hope someone lights a fire under someone's tush and things get settled fast. All the stress can't be good for your daughter. I have ADD and I wasn't diagnosed until I was 34 so I can sympathize with her a bit! I'm just glad that she is being acknowledged for it instead of how I grew up with people always telling me I never tried hard enough! Take care sweetie.OH and congrats on the new clothes! I was at wallyworld the other day and was pleased to see some great looking workout clothes for us bigger

:welcome: Lori! I'm so glad you found us. This is a great group of girls here, I think you'll love it here. We're a chatty bunch, aren't we? LOL like you, I am a binge eater too. I have suffered with this for as long as I can remember. Hopefully we can support eachother in this area and reach success together. I wish you much luck on your nre journey and look forward to getting to know you. :)

08-24-2006, 11:18 PM
LittleLori: Everyone is always welcome here. We have a great bunch of ladies. I'm relatively new also, and I have found tremendous support. I hope you will stick around.

08-25-2006, 12:17 AM
I'm a dummy,
It's heck being old. I don't recommend it. Avoid it at all costs! I have been looking for this site for days not realizing that I posted on this same site today! Nuts huh. I went back and read all four pages. I remembered the first page but so many posted and so many new faces that I lost where I was. I guess I still have alot to learn. Sometimes I can't remember where I just came from and where to go next (on this site, not my real life thank goodness). So-o-o-o-o-o-o....

Hello Elycia, Amanda, Caroline, Aqua, Bonnie, Mia, Kandice, Melissa, Danielle, Trish, Lisa, Sara, and Tricia. I sure hope I got everybody. I took notes. I love this site! I wish I had as much trouble finding food as I did this place!

You all take care!

08-25-2006, 07:48 AM
Good morning lovelies!!!

Welcome Lori! We've crossed paths a few times before. :)
Norma, I'm glad you found us again!

Hey has anyone visited Great fitness video ratings. Ok, I have to go. ttyl

08-25-2006, 08:56 AM
Danielle- nice to have a reality chat buddy come sept 14th- survivor starts- should be interesting- you know they are dividing them on races?!
NOW THAT IS FUNNY! He puts his finger on the food and says it holds no pwer. I'm with you the Oreos look so sad sitting there in the package! :lol:

Bonnie- sorry about your DD problems! at least you feel bad about indulging- I would think that's a good step in the right direction... now get back on track- don't waste the whole day! :cheer:
what a great treat- new clothes! he sounds supportive!

Amanda- my family's that way too when we go to visit Maine. everyone wants to get us for dinner. My grandparents go out to Dunkin donuts every morning after they walk the mall, so of course- why do you meet us at dunkin... :lol: smart to not even give yourself that opportunity right now if you don't think you can handle it.
That's when I enjoyed shopping too- size 12. there's clothes everywhere for 10 and 12. I'm at size 18 right now too. congrats on moving down! what a NSV!

Welcome Lori! congrats on quitting smoking! DH is quitting right now, it's tough- I never smoked though. not smoking and living healthier, way to go!

I'm down another lb this AM- 207. 4 lbs since Monday. Onederland is right around the corner. This will be the LAST LAST LAST time I ever cross that threshold again.
hard to give myself credit for it because I know when I lost before it came off fast at first- water weight, so yeah, that 4 lbs is just water, but I keep telling myself I still did it with my better choices. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
This will be my last day until Monday. we have dialup at the house- live in the boonies and no highspeed!! so I only get on here at work, I can't stand waiting so long for it at home- so try not too post too much! takes me forver to get caught up every day! :D

be back later today!

08-25-2006, 09:05 AM
Welcome Lori Danielle Thanks I sure do hope things start moving too. I am going to be behind them and get them moving If I need to. The clothes are great I am wearing something as a matter of fact Nice to have some thing that actually fits well and not tight or feels Like it was two sizes to small. :carrot:
GTG amd get the hubby off to work so I can exercise and I have already drank 1 Bottle of my 6 waters Going for the second and its Only 8am.

08-25-2006, 09:15 AM
Good morning ladies~

Amany, I'm glad to know there is another ice cream connesieur in the house. It doesn't make it easy to lose weight, but now I know I'm not alone with that. I don't blame you about waiting until you are stronger to resist making your visit. This is a huge commitment you have made to yorself, and if you are afraid you will break it -- I think you should politely decline.

'Mornin to everyone else.

I do have a bit of a rant and rave session I have to release this morning. My husband, again. He is very supportive of my workout routine and ww. I have not been eating enough though. I ate once a day the last couple of days,I am having trouble wanting to eat during the day. I don't know if it is the excersise or what. So last night I did not want a ww meal. I wanted some cheerios, so I ate a bowl. I went back for another bowl and he flew off the handle. (mind you, I ate NOTHING all day) He was like "Are you getting another bowl? Gawd!!! Save some for me!!!"


I left the bowl on the counter with the cereal and milk in it and went upstairs and cried. Eventually he came upstairs and tried to be nice but I went off and tols him I wasn't a bleeping baby and didn't need an overbearing bleeping daddy to tell me what to do all the time. I'm sick of it ladies. He did the same thing in the car. I'm driving and he is telling me where to turn. I remember how to get home!!!
He did try to apologize. I slept with my kids, and he came in and told me he loves me. I am still mad though. We have gone through a lot because of his rude comments on my weight. Now I am pushing harder than ever to make a change in my life and he insulted me so deeply.

Well. I hope today will be better.

08-25-2006, 10:28 AM

sometimes people want to help us but they don't know how to act and think by doing that- telling you what to eat and such is being strong for you... if they only knew!

lots of hugs!

08-25-2006, 10:35 AM
Oh, I am sorry about that Amanda. :hug: Losing weight is hard enough without someone harping on you. Well, just try not to let it get you down and make sure your husband knows that you know what you are doing. I mean c'mon cherrios? How fattening can that be? It'd be different if you were going back for a second helping of something fattening! No matter what, DON'T GIVE UP! You are doing wonderful and we are all very very proud of you for what you have accomplished. Just a friendly suggestion, :) though, I would like to see you eating more. 1x per day is just not good for you or your metabolism. I understand being busy and finding it hard to get meals in, but maybe some fruit or energy bars that are easy and portable may be easier for you to get to.

Again, sorry you had such a tough night and hope that today goes much much better for you!!! You're doing great! I am glad to hear that you didn't get upset and run out and eat something that you would regret later. That is really awesome!

Kandice, congrats on your loss. That's wonderful!

Amanda, I visit all of the time. I am u2girl there as well. :)

Bonnie, great job on making the time for the workout and the water. Awesome!

Norma, yep, this site can be confusing sometimes. I have this page on my bookmark, that way it is always easy to find. It typically moves so quickly that it is always on the first page. Maybe that will help ya.

Well, hello to everyone and Amanda TGIF. :) I know you have been praying for today all week.



08-25-2006, 11:02 AM
Thanks ladies... :grouphug:

I'm feeling a little better now. He apologized several times this morning, I know he realized how much he acted like a butt head. I think he is really sorry.
What bothers me is his disgust, and the tone of disgust in his voice when he says things like that. I am trying to lose weight, I am also succeeding. I'm losing for me though- not him- and he needs to get that right in his mind. I feel like I have to hide from when it's time for me to eat, it's become an embarassing situation just preparing a meal for myself. "what's in the microwave, what are you doing in the kitchen, what's that, what's this...blah blah blah blah blah....:blah: I don't like him very much when he acts like that. I just want to scream "Back up pretty boy before someone is seriously injured in this house!!!!" :rollpin: He has a hang up with fat people, and he has a fat wife. It has created a lot of tension in the house at times.
Oh well. I'm glad it's over. I won't forget about it, but I won't let it slow me down either.

08-25-2006, 11:35 AM

Hello everyone.... I haven't been on in a bit and I tell you, You girls can talk. BUt I love it.... I had a better day yesterday.... I am not doing as well as I want, but better is good. Like I said, next Thursday my routine will start and I will actually be able to get myself motivated to stick to something. I won't be able to nap whenever I want, stay up until 1, or sit outside with my friends for hours on end. Last night we were out there and they brought out bags of chips..... and I actually said no thanks.... I was so thrilled. I was really proud of myself....

I just have to make it through the weekend. I am going to a birthday brunch on sunday, so I am hoping that there is fruit and better choices.

Kandice- I am actually 5'4" and I do see that we are starting at the same point. I think that will be great motivation for me......

I'll ve checking in soon.... until then, have a great friday:carrot:

08-25-2006, 11:56 AM
:hug: AquaChick :hug: I'm so sorry that this is what you're dealing with at home. Your home is supposed to be a haven for you. Not the place where you're stressed and harrassed. Good for you for not allowing it to frustrate you enough to blow your eating plan today. I'm glad you're doing this for yourself too. Other people are just a little too fickle and hard to please to lose weight for anyway. Ya know? You're a strong woman to be able to keep your head on straight despites what happened.
BTW, I agree with Elycia. If you can manage it, try to eat a little more to keep your metabolism going.

Mia - I love your statement about finally deciding that you need to do something and then just doing it. That's exactly how I feel. You're doing a fantastic job. I understand the boredom of doing just one workout at a time. Good for you for wanting to switch things up. I look forward to doing something different each day. Last Saturday I went skating. It was so great that I'm looking forward to going every weekend. It's like my end of the week treat.

Bonnie - I sure hate that those people lost all your paperwork. Is there a supervisor or director that you can speak to to speed things up a bit? Gosh, that's so frustrating! I know everyone makes mistakes but blatant ineffeciency just irks me!
Hey, congrats on the new digs lady. You deserve it! Sounds like your husband is just a gem!

Elycia - I don't think recommending the butter spray was a bad idea. :lol: It's just a reminder that moderation is important. We will all need to learn that in order to maintain our loses once we reach our goals.
Dang! I never congratulated you on the new job! WTG! I hope it's everything you want it to be. I think I got carried away by the news of your weight loss and the prospect of new shoes. :)

Kandice - Thanks for the encouragement lady. Have I told you how glad I'm that you've joined this thread?! :) You're fanatastic. Congrats on the weight loss too!
I heard about Survivor. I think I'm still too in shock to have an opinion on it. :lol: Race is a touchy, touchy subject. The other day I made a comment to another lady at work the other day about black women and weight. We're both black. I was telling her that too often in our community we accept being overweight, claiming that it's just part of our culture. As a result, that idea is killing way too many of us too soon. Yes, black women tend have have larger body frames than our counterparts, but that's no reason to be carrying around 50 extra pounds! All it means is that we tend to have heavier skeletons. I have forgotten the exact number but we make up a disproportionate amount of the overweight people in the country. I thought she was going to blow a gasket! She accused me of implying that we should all be size 2 or 4 and that everyone is not meant to be that size. That was not even what I implied. But weeks ago this same person also tried to convince me that I shouldn't aspire to be anything smaller than a 12 dress size. So, oh well.... :rolleyes: I've always been a bit of an independent thinker. Sometimes I grate a nerve or two as a result. That's another way of saying that I tend to piss people off sometimes. :lol:

Danielle - Are you going to completely hoard all the "kookiness" to yourself? I mean I could certainly have it part time couldn't I? I'm sure you're going to take a vacation sometime and someone has to fill in? Why not me? :lol:

I hope everyone is having a fantabulous day. I'll check in later!!

08-25-2006, 12:40 PM
trish- wtg on passing on the chips- if you read before- chips and little debbies are my weakness (and oreos... mmm. oreos!). I actually only allow the little snack bags of chips in the house because I could still there and eat the whole bag. no little debbies for now unless DH keeps them in his lunchbox in his car. hope I can get the willpower to stay away from them soon.

Amanda- I've had those same thoughts- genetic. I'm white but my mom, g-ma and g-gma are all built the same way- we all have thighs and a butt. my mom lost tons of weight a little while back and she still has hips. she said it's so hard to find clothes. just because of my family is bigger, or black women are typically bigger, is no reason for us to be big girls!

survivor- no kidding- the race issue. talk about opening some sterotypes. well the black men will win the athletic challenges, white people will be lazy, the asians will win all the thinking challenges. hispanics will try hard and work hard at everything, they'll be the first to have the shelter built. I think in the long run it will be good though- if they do the editing right. as many people that watch survivor will see we're all the same: we all have our weakneses and strengths. and not everyone fits into sterotypes, being of the positive thinking I would like to think Survivor thought of it this way, but who knows- it will make interesting watching!

such a slow day at work- but I get to be online! hard not to snack though but I haven't yet. been drinking water! I had a strawberry yogurt for breakfast which would have before been salmon cakes and potatoes and bacon. (I work in a country club and I am literally 20 feet away fromt he kitchen- so hard! and I eat 2-3 meals a day here- free for dept heads) but, come on if I can do it sitting on the kitchen door, anyone can!! :cheer:

ps- chef is awful too- we had a party for beating plan and he brought in Krispy kremes. I didn't get one- do you know how much carbs that has?!

08-25-2006, 12:44 PM
hi everyone today will be a good day for all of us here is some :dust:
aqua i kinda know how you feel my hubby is in good shape and sometimes he is alittle insensitive such as if i decide to reward myself and ask him to get me a milky way he gets the king size the problem is he likes big women i keep telling him that im not doing this for him its for me he does get upset when i keep buying products that is worthless or i dont use
i guess in the end you have to be your own motivator and you have to remind yourself that you are doing this for im sure our husbands love us they just cant see our point a view.
anyway im hope you are having a better day
dont worry your not the only one that was upset yesterday last night me and hubby got into it because of the stress of the getting out the military thing and switching to civillan life

08-25-2006, 12:53 PM
Good Friday Morning!! My last weekend before I've gotta head back to class..yay! I'm ready to have a schedule again! Its a rainy day today, which I usually love but not when i've got shopping to do. Glad I took my girls to the waterpark yesterday instead of waiting till today. Still gotta outfit my youngest and dh for the wedding. My oldest daughter is going to be a knockout! I'm even letting her wear a heal! Just a little one mind you! Dinner with the outlaws tonight...whoopie!! *lil throw up in my mouth* LOL!

Danielle...avoiding those brownies?? You know they dont taste dookie probably! LOL! Ahhh..I love bob!

Bonnie...emotional eating is such a huge obstical to get over. Its a day to day struggle and with each little battle that you win you'll get stronger and stronger. Sometimes we need to set ourselves up before the stress hits. Already have some kind of plan in mind of what you are going to do instead of eating. We turn to the food for comfort but it never helps and ends up making us feel worse. How about journalling? Have you ever tried that? When that urge to turn to comfort foods hits, grab a notebook or find a blog spot on the internet instead and work out those feelings that way. I'm sorry things are stressfull now. We are here for you if you need to vent! {{HUG}}
Way to go on that exercise and water btw!!! New clothes always make me feel better even if they are just shorts and ts! I hope it helped pick you up!

LittleLori...Hello hello and WELCOME!!!! Its so great to have you join the group!! As a military wife you have my utmost respect and admiration! I could never thank you enough for what you give up for us! Congrats on quitting smoking!!!! that is such a huge accomplishment right there!! Food is a harder one, since you HAVE to eat but I know you can do this too!! We can do this!!! dont gotta give up on the butter spray, I still think its a better alternative, just gotta watch your sprays! LOL!! Same thing goes with sprays like PAM too, they sneak that fat free stuff on us but you always gotta watch the serving size.

Amanda...guess what...ITS FRIDAY!! LOL!! You made it!! I just have to say a great big CONGRATS!! for your shrinking pants!! LOL!! You are just cruising along and its so exciting to see!! Come december you'll be stronger than any holiday food temptations!! I bet you'll do better than you expect!!

WOOOHOOO Mia!!! Way to go!! You are doing so great lately Keep it UP!! Wow and your bank is really growing!!

LOL Norma!! I dunno if I can avoid old age but how about we do it gracefully!! You had me giggling this morning!1

Kandice...I'm a reality freak too!! LOL!! Cant wait for survivor except that I heard th report that they were separating the teams by race this year and I dont find that appropriate at all. We'll see how it goes, I'd hate for them to ruin one of my favorite shows! WOOOHOOOO!!! Down another pound!! Way to go!! All this success is looking fantastic on you!!! Keep it up!

Aqua...{{{HUG}} I'm so sorry for your night. I think sometimes men just dont get how much little comments that they say can hurt. Look at how mean they are to each other. Make sure you keep telling him how that stuff makes you feel, he cant change it if he doesnt know. Hopefully last night was a wakeup for him and he'll work on being more sensitive. He loves you and wants to see you reach your goals, he's just gotta learn a better way around it. I hope today is a better day.

this is my new motto! "Back up pretty boy before someone is seriously injured in this house!!!!" Ha! LOVE it!!

Tricia...dont expect perfection, its not possible!! But as long as every day is better than the last you will win this race!! You can do it!! have a FANTASTIC weekend!!

Have a FANTASTIC day everyone!!!


08-25-2006, 12:56 PM
Speaking of the differences in races in regards to weight. Has anyone heard Chris Rock talk about this? Very funny and I'm sure I'll murder the punchline but he talks about how if you have a 400 lb black woman, she's wearing a low cut shirt to show her cleavage, she's got her heals and mini skirt on, come friday night shes out at the club dancing because she KNOWS shes sexy. If you have a 400 lb white woman...she doesnt leave the house for 4 years!

I laughed so hard when I heard him, anyway just had to share since the topic came up LOL!


08-25-2006, 01:18 PM
Hello Sunshines! The weekend is here, whatcha all got planned? Nada here except playing chauffer to 2 teenagers. :rolleyes: and cleaning house. I have been a lazy lazy girl all week due to AF kicking me around. I am looking forward to sleeping in a little bit tomorrow---I hate that darn alarm clock! :devil:

Norma, always good to see you. I hope you have a great weekend!! :)

Kandice, oye, I don't even know how you deal with work. lol I don't know if I'd be able to handle being so close to food all day. I worked at a bookstore and having the cafe there just about killed me... can anyone say Large Mocha Frap!!!! :dizzy: Ugh, and the pastries...good golly! It will definitely be interesting to watch Survivor. I didnt watch the last one, not one episode. I thought dh was going to faint. I dunno, just didnt appeal to me at the time. This one however, I think I will watch. I wondered how long it would take for them to do something like this. I hope that the people are portrayed fairly tho, too often times these networks are too hot for ratings and never considering the families who are "attatched" to these people. KWIM? Melissa (hun.e.b) is a huge reality tv buff too, the conversations we have! Hilarious. Will be good to add someone to the mix now. :)

Amanda, well...guess I can share the kooky spot with you. You are nice after all. :p ;) As long as its the two of us, eh? But does this mean ya gotta get diagnosed? LOL Could be its not official until "they" say you're kooky?? I know for me that being lighthearted by talking like this really helps my mood and mental mom (diagnosed Bipolar) absolutely FREAKS when I joke like this, even with my sisters...just freaks out telling us to knock it off. Hello, I'm freaking almost 40 years old, you're telling me to behave??? Nu uh!! :no: She isn't in my mindframe that maybe poking some fun at yourself is good for the soul. Oh well. Hey, ya going skating this weekend??? I remember when I was younger, the big deal was to go skating and hoping that the boy you liked asked you to skate with him on "couples"...Oh Gawd!!!!!, how is that for aging me?! lol

Aqua, aw hon. :hug:.... don't even know quite what to say here. I am really glad to read that you are not letting it derail your progress or your efforts. You have a very strong willed mind and I really admire that. Nice to hear that he apologized at least. Stay strong toots, you're beautiful! And BTW, you really need to eat lady!!! We want you healthy!

Tricia, good job staying out of the chips last night!!!! Awesome job lady! Staying strong like this proves your committment to yourself, you can do this! I know you will do fantastic at that brunch!!!!

Mia, how ya doing sweets? I hope that things with dh are cooled off enough now and you guys can really look forward to your new life together. I guess it would feel alittle intimidating for a switch when all you know is one way of living. I know you guys will be fine!

Melissa, hope the shopping goes well today. You got my rain I guess? Poured yesterday with flooding everywhere, expected the Arc to float by any second!! We're talking mass flooding over near PV mall too! Insane stuff happening. But wouldn't you know it, today looks like it never rained!!! One last weekend before ya gotta hit the books! Why is it I feel like you're deserting me?! LOL Funny how you get used to certain things... Cannot even believe that this summer is over! Fall is coming...then Xmas's going all too fast! No brownies...I made him take them to work with him. I love Bob too! :D

Have a great day ladies!

08-25-2006, 01:28 PM
Danielle- you can't be that old! I went skating and used to love the couples skate and the number prize too (we had numbers on the wall and then they would play music and stop- everyone at number 6 off the floor, then you would skate again and get a different number. they usually stopped it when there were like 10 people or so left. got a free skate pass or a free soda from the snack shack or whatever.)

08-25-2006, 01:29 PM
Kandice - The pizza man is always at our house.Matt loves pizza hut and if given the choice he'd probably have that over anything. Luckily I've been avoiding fast food in general. I drink water bottles. I used to drink out of this water jug but it was always "sweating" hehe. so I got tired of wiping off all the water on it and switched to water bottles. Kandice your doing great and congrats on another lb loss
Mia - thats great that you POP! hehe, cute.
Elycia - Thanks for sharing about the seasoning and the butter. It's always good to know that sort of stuff when your cooking.
Trisha - Planning is key. When I first started off I used to plan my week. I already knew that day what i was going to have for dinner. That way it took out the whole " I wonder what I'm going to eat... mmmm pizza sounds good" That might be an idea to consider.
Melissa - I really hoping your feeling better. Thats a good idea to ride your bike to classes instead of driving. I know I want to get a bike as well.
Danielle - I love realty t.v. too. I dont know I guess sometimes I'd rather watch real people than regular t.v. shows.
Bonnie - You are going through a lot hunny. I feel for you. I am a big emotional eater. Not only is Icecream my favorite food but it's also the thing that I a go for when I'm stressed. The one thing that I know makes me feel good. I Have now learned that when I know im stressed out instead of running for the fridge I go running out that door. I go for a walk. I grab my Ipod and I go. Hope this helps and hope everything gets better.
Amanda - Thanks about the hand weights, I really wanted to try them when I'm doing my powerwalking / jogging. I wanted to make sure they actually do work :) Congrats on going a size down too!
LORI - rhanks for joining and :welcome3: I look forward in meeting you and being with you through your weight loss journey.
Norma - your a cutie. "wish I had as much trouble finding food as I did this place!" that was funny :D
Aqua - Matt did that the same thing two nights ago. I had one sandwich and I was still really hungry so i went to get another and he goes, " I thought you just ate" I just shot him a look. I hope things get better witih your husband

WOW I was gone for one day and theres 3 other pages. I'm sorry for whoever posted on page 12 I didnt even get to read it yet. I will but I gotta get ready for work. Yesterday I didnt do too great. During work it was great but after work it wasnt too bad. I came home talked with my neighbor Mary who goes walking with me she said to take the day off from excersizing and to spend some time with Matt since we dont have days off together so I did and we went to the movies. We saw Pirates again (it was okay not the best movie) I had a small soda and some cheese and chips (nachos) God I felt so bad, while I was eating it I was thinking to myself I'm probably gaining a billion lbs with just this hehehe. Anyways gotta run to work. See you guys if not later then later tonight.

08-25-2006, 01:41 PM
Hello Ladies Well I jest wanted to check in before I have to get some cleaning done my granddaughter will be here in 5 days.

My Poor Kitty lets his friend come over and eat all his food and I forgot to buy more last night( actually I was so excited that my hubby wanted to buy me clothes that I forgot several things).So was sitting here and wondering what I was going to do for exercise so I put my shoes on and grabbed my Tunes and walked 1 Mile to Foodlion to buy him some food and then Walked my Mile home. So I walked two miles and is feeling pretty good. going on my 4 Bottle of water.

Aqua Sorry for the Trouble you have been having . I know what you are going threw some times my hubby does that to me and I have to throw something at him and make him shut up. He knows he is in the dog house when I wont talk to him. Going to send you a Hug:hug: . Hope things looks better for you.

I want to Thank everyone for all the support . Hope everyone is having a good day.

08-25-2006, 02:01 PM
TriciaK- Aww that pic is so cute!!! I hope you do have a wonderful weekend.:)

Amany- Thanks. :hug: Ya, he's been a jerk about my weight loss efforts in the past- and it only proved to make me go grab the ice cream. The fact that I went upstairs, got it out, and pressed onward was a victory. Coming here has a lot to do witht that to e honest with you. We have such a bond here that we try not to disappoint one another. Gives me fuel to run on. I hope your day is going good hon! Hope to see you on here later.

kandices2ndtry- Oh wow! You work in a hotbed of temptation!! :o Hang on sweetie, you can resist... the resisting becomes easier with time, little by little. Bless your heart.

miafluker- :hug: I'm glad we can come here to get support. My husband is a good guy, great shape, and a lot of times he is so nice to me about trying. Funny what you said abut the "king size" thing, my husband wants me to lose my weight- but this morning I was still upset with him so he was being especially sorry and sweet. He asked me if he could go get me a breve coffee (half cream half coffee) I said no... no thanks that's not allowed on my diet. He must've really felt like crap about his little tizzy fit over a bowl of cheerios... kinda silly in hindsight..:lol:

Hun.e.B- I like to have a schedule too! Keeps me rolling. I get super bored if I have nothing to do. ROTFLMAO over the *inlaws* comment... I'm feelin' for ya...:lol: Thanks for your kind words for me. I appreciate it. :hug: You like the pretty boy thing too huh? Cool! :D

Sugar-N-Spice- I gotta clean clean clean, and did I mention clean? :D I'm gonna try to get it licked early tomorrow because I'm feeling the urge to go shopping. Not for anything particular, I just like to wander sometimes. Thank you for cheering me up. I'm feeling better now. Yep, it was a victory for me to avoid running to food for comfort. I am very focused, and you ladies help me stay that way. :hug:

lovethatsara- Ah, so you know what I'm talking about. Yep... makes ya really... :mad: :hug: Thanks for being there for me. Movies sounds fun!! I'm glad you got to get out a bit, even if the movie was so-so for you. :)

Butterfly50 - Thanks sweetie! :hug: The hugs always make me feel better. Good for you on the walk!! YAY!!! :carrot:

08-25-2006, 04:13 PM
Danielle- you can't be that old! I went skating and used to love the couples skate and the number prize too (we had numbers on the wall and then they would play music and stop- everyone at number 6 off the floor, then you would skate again and get a different number. they usually stopped it when there were like 10 people or so left. got a free skate pass or a free soda from the snack shack or whatever.)

Kandice, sometimes I certainly feel old!!!! My kids had no idea what records were when they saw one, they thought it was some sort of gigantic cd! :lol: So they sure as heck don't know what roller skates are! These are the times I feel old. Especially when one of my lovely children asks a question starting with, "So way back then......."..or..." ya really had tv when you were little??"....what, do I look like I was roaming back with the dinosaurs "way back then"????? KIDS!!!!

08-25-2006, 04:16 PM
Hello Ladies.

I'm just so glad I'm able to spend more time with you today. Things are starting to become almost normal at work again. :)

Kandice - You are too funny! :lol: It will be interesting to see how Survivor is this season. It's all so shocking that I haven't been able to wrap my mind around the fact that they're actually doing this. When my husband told me I thought he was joking. I haven't even seen survivor since the second group ended. I will watch this season though. I'm sure the producers knew that this shock people into watching. Shock = Ratings.
I agree with you about weight. With the exception of a small part of the population with certain medical issues, ethnicity and genetics should not automatically dictate obesity. Bone density? Sure. Body shape? Of course. But we don't have to be fat!

Mia - I hope that the switch to civilian life will be as seamless for you as possible. Feel free to vent if you ever need to. I, like Melissa, feel nothing but gratitude for the sacrifice men like your husband make everyday.

Melissa - Yes, Friday it is!! All day long Chicky!!! :cb: I just need to coast through next week and I'll have 5 days off. I can't wait!
Thanks so much for always encouraging me. I feel like I really need to just continue to hold it together now and keep going. It would be so like me to just stop right now. It's weird. I have this looming sense of failure and I don't know why. When Danielle says this food issue is mental she's right on sooo many levels. When I look at those clothes in my closet that I want to wear, though, it helps to motivate me.
I'm really nervous about the fact that I just added yocheese and almonds to my diet. Isn't it sad when you fear food? It's crazy! It's 30 flippin almonds and whatever is left of a cup of sugar free yogurt once the whey drains off overnight. Sheesh!
I think I'm going to put off going to Arkansas until the summer. I'll be much stronger by then. Plus, since it will be summer I'll be more likely to take the 70 mile trek go to a mall. Or the 45 mile trek to go to a movie. The biggest business in town in Dermott, Arkansas is the Piggly Wiggly!!!
Yeah, I remember that Chris Rock joke. It was so funny. :lol:

Danielle - Nah, I don't want to be diagnosed. As I am I'm just quirky and charming. If I'm diagnosed I'll be "mental". ;) I think it's great that you can laugh at yourself. I use humor often to prevent some things from weighing on me so heavily.
In April 2005 my husband and I miscarried. Do you remember those "Little Clumpy" jokes Howard Stern and his wife made in Private Parts? We did the same thing. Our mothers were horrified. But that was how we dealt with it initially.
BTW, the "boy" I like isn't going skating with me! He'd rather spend his time with the playstation. :mad:

Sara - Let us know how you like working out with the hand weights. They make a tremendous difference. Even the light ones.
I know what you mean about the way this thread moves. If you miss a day or two it's doggone near impossible to catch up!

Bonnie - You are such an inspiration with all your walking! You're gonna be a hot mama in no time!

Aqua - Anytime. I feel the same way you do about this thread. I feel accountable to all of you. Like I'd better not mess up because so many of you are cheering me on and expecting so much of me. But not in a bad way! I don't feel pressured. But this is great support and encouragement.
I hope things smooth over between you and your husband. I hope that all your hurts will be healed. You're such a special and fantastic lady. You deserve the absolute best.

Well, ladies, I'm off for now. I'll check in later!

08-25-2006, 04:27 PM
Danielle- our son- 13- saw an 8 track at the habitat shoppe- (thrift store) and he thought it was a game for sega or something. he said "what system does this go in? I never saw these before" oy! Even I remember 8 tracks! my first radio/boombox when I was a teenager still had a record player on top and dual cassettes so you could copy tapes. we would make mix tapes for everything!

everyone else :wave: have a GREAT weekend! Can't wait to catch up on Monday! WillPower!

08-25-2006, 04:59 PM
You Ladies are on a role lately. My goodness I look at this site about 4 times a day and always say i can catch up in a minute. NOT! You girls are all about communication. LOL!

Get this I go to the doctor yesterday a new one I might add, because mine is young and he sucks basically. He can't get my blood pressure regulated. Plus I wanted to check out the dizzy spells. So i decide to go to my moms and dads doc. The Old man tells me I'm overwieght, diabetic, and need to get my blood pressure down. Duh. He asked me if I had every had an EKG before, and I said no. So he does one in his office. He says, " well this was not what I expected". I'm like what does that mean. He says your heart is not beating right, its doing the opposite on this print out. So he orders a STRESS TEST for next tuesday. I'm like WTF, your kidding right. He tells me to go on diet and lose 30lbs. He prescribes metformin and a water pill. He lets me know that being Black is also and issue as well with the blood pressure. DUH:o

So I rush to the gym last night and work out for 2 hrs. I can't be letting all this stuff happen. I got a 1yr old. So I''m really determine now.

Amany I am also from the El Dorado, Ark and my family are big eaters and church go'ers. So I know exactly what your talking about.

WELCOME :hug: Welcome Littlelori, You'll love this group.

Aquachick My husband grabbed a hugh piece of pound cake from my mothers the other day, starting eating it and said you can't have any. I passed it off and when we got home he asked what is for dinner tonight and I told him the pound cake you just ate and walked away.:D He was pissed. I let him know i need your support, not you to mock me. He apologized and admitted he was being incentive. I know its not always that easy. But If he loves you and wants to see you succeed, then he'll jump on board and show support. Let him know you value your marriage and you'd love to make this journey with him, But you can and you will make it without him.;) I'm sorry I'm just a little pig headed and my husband and I have been married for 15 yrs and over the last 2yrs we have been on an emotional rollercoaster. In fact I just let him move back in 2 months ago. Long story PM sometime if you want to talk.

Congratulations to you ladies that are dropping those pounds!!!!!:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: You are little machines.

08-25-2006, 05:16 PM
Well, Trish, you're definitely in the right place since you need to lose weight. We'll all get through this together. I hope everything is ok with the stress test on Tuesday. Please keep us updated.
ElDorado? I've heard of that town many times. I don't think it's that far from Dermott. I have a huge family of churchgoers down south too. Mostly AME.

Hey, have you guys ever read The Dieters's Prayer? Funny, funny, funny....

:lol: :lol: :lol:

My appetite is my shepherd, I always want.
It maketh me to sit down and stuff myself.
It leadeth me to my refrigerator repeatedly,
Sometimes during the night.
It leadeth me in the path of Burger King for a Whopper.
It destroyeth my shape.
Yea, though I knoweth I gain I will not stop eating,
For the food tasteth so good.

The ice cream and the cookies, they comfort me.
When the table is spread before me, it exciteth me.
For I knoweth that I soon shall dig in.
As I filleth my plate continuously,
My clothes runneth smaller.
Surely bulges and flabbiness shall follow me
All the days of my life.
And I shall be "pleasingly plump" forever.

Let's eat!

08-25-2006, 05:36 PM
Yes Amanda, you are quirky and charming. ;) I swear, being diagnosed only caused me to obsess more about my obsessions! I think I understand my dr now more than when I was actively seeing him. I was going once a week for about 7 months and then every other week....I finally just stopped going it got to be just too much for me emotionally. Going there made me depressed. :dizzy: Its like now that its been months since I've seen him, going back over notes of things we discussed 2 years ago, it is only NOW that I am really understanding him. Weird, huh? My sister has miscarried twice and her & my bil made the clumpy jokes too, much to my mother's horror. LOL All things are looking good still, she's headed into her second trimester so fingers and toes are all crossed for her! I can't wait to be an auntie again!!!!

Trish, keep us posted on your tests getting done. Sometimes it's those oldies that do the more thorough job, eh? I'm glad he caught things now before they have a chance to get worse. Hopefully it won't be anything overly serious that some good diet & exercise can't fix. :hug: Great job on the workout lady, you're doing marvelous!!!!!

08-25-2006, 05:45 PM
Hey Aqua,

I was just reading my Shape magazine and it made me think of you. Under Best Nighttime Nibbles was this:

Cereal (1 c with 1/2 c skim milk) - Best for weight loss...people who had a bowl of cereal after dinner for four weeks lost 2 pounds more than those who chose something else to eat instead, like crackers, a study from Wayne State University in Detroit found.

So see, you know what you are doing. :D


08-25-2006, 05:49 PM
Amanda great poem I like that Sounds like me sometimes.

Trish Do keep us posted on the results and let us know what up. were here for you. Cool I like the pounds cake things and your hubby. I would of done the same to mine if he did that.

Kandice I can remember the 8 tracks and the Records and my kids they look at them and call them huge CD's. I look at it when we are Old foggy's they will have so much new stuff out we will be calling on our children to teach us how to use them. Its insane the new technology that is comming out I mean cell phones so you can track your kids down.

Aqua how is WW . Are you eating their foods or are you doing meals on your own??

I have been looking over a few diet plans that I have I have thought about changing them But I dont know what to do. I do miss some of the foods the other plans offer. The Zone to me has no carbs everything has Veggies and fruit. The 6week make over has no dairy. The 21 day makeover has no fruit. So I dont know what to do.

By the way I have gotten all 6 Bottles of water in that 102 ounces today. and its not even 5 Oclock.

08-25-2006, 05:59 PM
You girls are doing fantastic with the water... I have only two bottles down, but I have to get my body trained again to not be able to use the bathroom whenever I want. The perils of being a school teacher. It will be helpful when I actually know my schedule....

I went and did some back to school shopping, that was pretty saddening. I hate looking at the sizes of the clothes. I didnt really want to purchase anything new, but I thought since its a new year- new me-- why not??? So i ended up getting a few things, but longing to fit into the really cute stuff. But by Christmas I am hoping to be able to wear something stunning..... off to drink some agua....

08-25-2006, 06:03 PM
Great job on that water Bonnie! Regarding your eating plan, you may have to try a few before you find what works for you. Right now, I am not following any plan. Originally, I was going to follow Flexpoints, but I never really got around to counting the points. All I have been doing is logging everything into for the past week and a half or so and I have been losing great! So, it's quite possible that you may not even have to follow any specific plan. :?: I dunno. I'm sure you will find what works for ya with a little more experimentation.


08-25-2006, 06:48 PM
Bonnie, I agree with Elycia. Sometimes a plan can be a good one, but will need some tweaking. Or just a common sense approach.
The basic things are that calories are important, fried food should be avoided, sugar should be avoided, avoid or limit flour, water is important to weight loss, it's important to get fiber and you should be careful with the saturated fats. That last point is often debated though :)

08-25-2006, 07:06 PM
"The ice cream and the cookies, they comfort me.
When the table is spread before me, it exciteth me.
For I knoweth that I soon shall dig in."

OKAY THIS IS ME~! That was cute Amanda I enjoyed that

08-25-2006, 07:57 PM
Hey, you wonderful ladies. So hard to keep up on this thread. So, give me a about a week before I start doing personals. It may not take me that long but hang in there with me...

I left work 1/2 a day today, why? I had to get my freakin hair hi-lighted. I have some of the thickest hair they have seen (so they say) and it takes 4-5 hours to do the foil. Well, the guys at work ( I work with all men-mind you they are all married) think it is hilarious that I have to take off 1/2 a day. I told them I have a head of hair and I do pay for it. Too much freakin money to make myself feel and look good. Oh, well if I was skinny I would be spending it on clothes.

I am waiting for my husband to get off work so we can go have dinner. He is with a potential recruit for the Navy - could be 10pm before I eat dinner tonight. Drinking water, lots of water cuz the stomach is growling. I have eaten all day - small meals and snacks and my stomach is growling. What is up with that????? :dizzy:

I am going to go get ready. Will catch up later tonight. Have a great evening.:D

08-25-2006, 07:59 PM
Hey Aqua,

I was just reading my Shape magazine and it made me think of you. Under Best Nighttime Nibbles was this:

So see, you know what you are doing. :D


:D Last laugh over here... last laugh...hahahahahahahaha
Thanks for putting that up there.

Butterfly50- Hi! :) I'm doing WW on my own. I stick to the meals, but I slid off and went and ate some cereal yesterday. You'da thought I ate two Big Mac's by his freakin' reaction. :rolleyes: WW is good. The meals are good, they are portioned properly.

08-25-2006, 08:31 PM
Elycia and Amanda
I was thinking of going and doing my own thing too. I think I would do much better. I like the Zone but I feel like I need a little more out of it. I will see what I can do. I dont do fried foods . I Will see what I can do this weekend and see how things go.

Aqua good to hear you are doing well with WW I wish I could afford the stuff I would do it.

Lori I would love to go get my hair done But I dont . Itsnt that the way it always go. I want it short but I want it Long. Oh Well.

Tke Care and Have fun this weekend.

08-26-2006, 12:03 AM
Hi all. :^: I was given a link over here and I thought I'd pop in and say hello. I hate being the late joiner in a group.

I'm not following any diet, just tweaking my food as I come along problems so I don't restrict then binge. I've troubled myself with eating disorders since I was a young teen - now 21 - and I don't want to go down the OCD food road again. For exercise I do TurboJam and DanceDanceRevolution. I'm hitting the end of week five with narry a pound lost - inches are flying away though. :carrot:

I love what an emphasis you all put on water (instead of carbs or sugars or what have you). Baby steps, baby steps.

Anyway, I've read through several posts and you're all really inspirational. I'll lurk for a while and feed off you all for motivation. Many thanks to whoever started this great group. :)

08-26-2006, 01:56 AM
Hello Altari! :welcome2:

Glad to hear you're being encouraged and inspired by us. We have a fantastic support system here. Please post too so we can get to know you. Join in the fun! :dizzy:

Don't worry about coming in a tad bit later. Just jump right on in! We're a friendly bunch and we love it when our little group grows.

Sometimes when you're exercising you'll build lean muscle. It weighs more than fat. So what may end up happening is that you'll be a leaner person, but the scale will not reflect that. Keep it up! You've lost 13 pounds so far. That's major! Great job on the eating plan by the way. Smarter eating is better than dieting.

08-26-2006, 06:18 AM
:coffee: Good Morning Everyone!!:sunny:

Hello ladies! Nice to meet you Altari! :) I think you will love it here. This the best support I could ever ask for in my weight loss journey.

Sometimes when you're exercising you'll build lean muscle. It weighs more than fat. So what may end up happening is that you'll be a leaner person, but the scale will not reflect that.

This is so true! If you are eating right and working out, something is happening- regardless of what the scale says. In time it will go down some more. :)

08-26-2006, 09:59 AM
Welcome Altari glad you popped in. These are some fun girls. Pull up a chair and stay a while.

Last night I was board and let me tell you I was feeling hungry and my Dh and kids were all in the pool having fun and I decided that I was going to put on my walking shoes and go for another 2 mile walk and let me tell you that fell good. I kinda powered walked. wasnt too fast but enough that I was drenched in sweat when I got back home. I was feeling really good though. I took me a bath and started reasing my BL book again.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend.

08-26-2006, 10:24 AM
Hi Altari! Welcome to the group. Aww, don't worry about being a late joiner, just jump right in whenever you can or have something you would like to add or ask. :)

Hey there Aqua, Amanda and Bonnie! :wave:

Bonnie, good job on getting that walk in! Instead of eating when you felt hungry, you went for a walk. That is awesome and that's the positive type of changes that will help you lose weight. Great job Bonnie! I'll have to try that next time I am bored and hungry. :)


08-26-2006, 12:13 PM
Last night I was board and let me tell you I was feeling hungry and my Dh and kids were all in the pool having fun and I decided that I was going to put on my walking shoes and go for another 2 mile walk and let me tell you that fell good. I kinda powered walked. wasnt too fast but enough that I was drenched in sweat when I got back home. I was feeling really good though. I took me a bath and started reasing my BL book again.

:hug: Bonnie I'm always inspired and amazed by you. I'm so glad you're here. Reading your posts about exercise continues to inspire me. :bravo: :cp:

08-26-2006, 12:33 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!!

I hope everyone is off to a fabulous start to their weekends!!! I admit, I am struggling big time. I haven't exercised for the last two days and food has been somewhat of a small disaster. Granted, I haven't binged or anything, but my choices have been less than stellar. Last night too after dropping our son off at a party, we headed to Chik Fil-A for a quick bite with the girls. Ugh, my stomach was hurting the entire night after that!!! We ended up car shopping and trading in my car. I was sad girls, I actually cried when I had to turn the keys over. LOLOLOLOL I loved my car but it's just way too small for us, with the kids growing like weeds. It was time for the "Mama truck". Oh is just a car right?

Lori, I bet your hair looks gorgeous!!! I hope you had a good time with dh last night.

Bonnie, you are rockin it lady! Another 2 mile walk, go you!! I think the other's are right, you just have to find something that suits you in terms of a way of eating. The biggest mistake I think we tend to make is finding something to "get the weight off" with the intention of going back to a more normal/sane type of eating plan when its gone. Well for me, it's this type of thinking that got me all the way back up to 250 pounds. So I am content with only losing a few pounds a month as long as I feel healthy and have lots of energy, and know that the food part is something that I don't have to suffer with everyday and I like what I'm eating versus doing a diet that I have to gag down food for. Does that make sense?? For me tho lately, I have had some serious diet ADD (just a joke--not to be confused with my real add!) cannot seem to make up my mind what I want to do. Again, loops back around to that thinking I mentioned a few sentences up. LOL . Anyways, I hope you find what will make you happy and healthy!

Tricia, your comment about training your body to not use the bathroom reminds me of my sister. She was a teacher too and that was one of her biggest issues, she wanted to drink all this water but was almost impossible while she was in school cause of the potty factor. LOL I hope you picked out some beautiful pieces for your wardrobe, you deserve to feel good!

Altari, welcome! I am glad you found us over here and decided to jump in. Yes, we definitely push the water thing alot, its important for all of us no matter what type of eating you choose to do. I hope we hear more from you soon, I think you'll really like it here!

Amanda, hey girly. Goin skating today? Leaving "the boy" at home to play games? lol I hear ya there, mine would be doing the exact same thing if it weren't that he had to work today! Let us know how it goes!

Aqua, ya doin chickies? :wave:

Okay, well time to scoot. Gotta run errands of which involves going back to the dealership for my detail--I want a shiny car! ;) --...and one of my headphone thingies for the dvd system is cracked. Ack! So now I gotta go and hope they will replace it. I hate dealing with car guys...and my husband is one of 'em! LOL
My goal for today is clean eating and to at least ride my bike for 30 minutes. I can do that, right?????

08-26-2006, 12:36 PM
I'm new here...I didn't do much today but cut my eating. I went to I-Hop (had no choice) and ate a thick sandwich (but small/cut) called Ham and eggs with toast and American and swiss cheese....I ate half...but half was pretty thick. Anyone who knows I-Hop knows this? Then I ate half of the stuffed french toast with strawberries sauces and strawberries...I had no mom made me. :-(....This was not what I had planned this morning....I wanted egg whites with toast and orange juice or fat free milk and a fruit. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. But I feel great. My mom (a medical specialist) says i didn't do bad. It was my firsts day....And I don't plan to eat a lot for the rest of the day. My diet is eating less and healthy as possible. I've lost weight gradually this way for days one time! Its morning...I still have the rest of the day and I'm going to finish great! Night time is my biggest obstacle. I get hungrier at night...maybe anxiety. Well thats my diet....

BTW, I'm new :-D





South Florida

08-26-2006, 12:54 PM
Hey ladies.... good morning... we had the biggest storm last night.... It kept me up for several hours, then the electricity blew out.... We just got it back about 10 minutes ago.. This was the first place i came....I did okay on the diet yesterday,... but not fantastic. We went out to dinner to Famous Daves, it is hard to be good there. I tried not to eat everything that I wanted, so that was a good start. I tried to do the portion control and not eat the worst thing on the menu.. Plus, I stayed away from all fried foods. I did have one cheat... I ate the cornbread... but it was yummy.. for desert I came home and had a ww ice cream. That was great.... It really satisfied my craving for chocolate.

Today should be an easy day as I have a lot of running around to do. Then I will be going to my parents and mom is cooking a balanced meal. That should be great. So....I hope you all have a successful day... I am hoping to keep the rain away and get in a good swim.... That will make me feel even better. I am not weighing in until next wednesday, so I am hoping to make a dent by then.

Welcome Icanchangemylife..... congrats on making the decision to change your life....

08-26-2006, 01:09 PM
Good Saturday morning everyone!! We are about to head over to the Farmer's market to stock up on some fresh veggies. Dinner with the outlaws again wasnt too bad, put on my usual smiley face and just went with it. I've decided to go buy myself that digital scale today even though I didnt earn it. I figure since I'm really going to focus and get serious might as well start out being accurate too. Later today we've got that wedding to go to, my girls are pretty excited they've never been to one before.

Danielle.....I saw the flooding down there on the news..amazing! I hope it drained off before you had to go carting the kiddos around. Those roads are so scary down there when they are wet. Be safe! and you bite your tongue about Christmas coming!!! How are you feeling today? I'm sorry it feels like a struggle but AF really hit you hard this week and I'm sure you are still recovering from her. You'll get it back into swing I know you will!! YOu are too strong and too focused not to win this battle!!

Sara...I'm glad you took a little time off to spend with Matt, you need to do that for yourself from time to time. The movie treats werent too bad and you were aware so no biggie! Just right back on track! Drinking that water to flush out the salt! Keep up the good work!! rock!!! Way to go on using your feet to get kitty some vittles instead of driving!! YOu are so focused on moving that body!!! Then another walk at night!!! Great job!

Aqua...sounds like you are feeling better after the dh troubles. I hope so! Glad to hear he was apologizing, hopefully he got it! are so right about survivor, its all for ratings, I saw an interview with probst and he was trying to say it wasnt but cmon! one more week till vacation!! What ever will you do with yourself! LOL!!

Kandice...I remember listening to the BeeGee's 8track over and over and over when I was young, it was the only one I had! LOL! I hope your weekend is going GREAT! the doctor shook you up a little huh? Well, as you said not like you didnt know what was going on, but maybe hearing it from him will drive it all home how important this journey to fit and healthy is. Way to go for getting to the gym and working it out though!!! That is amazing!! I love the fire you have!! You can and will do this!! clothes always make me feel a little better about myself even if they are in bigger sizes than I'd want! Im glad you spent a little on yourself!! Just think, next time you shop you'll be smaller!!! Famous Dave's is where I'm picking for my birthday dinner, we just got one here and everyone RAVES about it! Great job yesterday!!

Elycia...I think you are so right, a specific plan may not even be neccessary if you just use that moderation and portion control. Fitday helps me there alot! If I'm keeping track I tend to be better about portions just thinking about how to log it.

Lori...your metabolism is working hard with those smaller meals, thats a good thing!! I hope it wasnt too late before you got dinner!! No money is too much to make yourself feel deserve it!!!

Altari...hello hello and WELCOME!!! Not to worry there are no late joiners here!! Its so great to have you pop in!! You are so smart to just put your focus on the exercise! A person can really get a fit and healthy body just by doing that alone and putting less stress on the food part. I hope you keep posting with us!! Keep taking those babysteps to success!!

Icanchange...hello and welcome!!! Dont expect to be perfect on eating right off the bat, babysteps will get you to your goals!! You can do it! I tend to eat more at night too, its just my trouble time of the day, the key is to find something else to do to keep yourself busy and out of the kitchen! Good luck to you on your journey!! I'm looking forward to cheering you on to success!!

Alright ladies, time to wake the beasts so we can head out! I'll be back to check on you later!! Have a WONDERFUL day!!

08-26-2006, 01:23 PM
good morning everyone i see you guys talked about weight plan i do ww on my own its easier than counting points than calories but i realized that i spend alot of time putting in my intakes after each meal so i going to start writing it down then at the end of the day put it on the pc
i do have a ? for anyone that has the firm or turbo jam do u know where i can get the discount codes i want to get them so bad i have 1 firm dvd but i need a step and with us getting out of the mil we are trying to save as much as possible
anyway i have great news i cant believe it myself i lost 4lbs this week:carrot:
but its true i tripled checked my money bank is definetly growing
hope u guys have a good day

08-26-2006, 01:58 PM
Hello everyone.

Mia I will go to my fitness forum and see if anyone knows of any codes that work right now. I understand trying to save some money. The worst of the charges is typically the shipping. Anyways, I will let you know.

TriciaK, nice to see ya and hear that you did a good job of controlling yourself when you went out to eat. I tell ya, I don't know how much control I would have, so that is why I have made a point not to even go to restaurants. Kudos to you for using portion control!

Melissa, good to see ya. I need to try a Farmer's Market. I always hear that they have better veggies and prices than the local supermarket. I just never quite get around to going. Go ahead and get that scale! I love my digital scale. It leaves no question. If I lose .5, I want to know that I lost it. I can't tell on the other kind of scale. My scale also does body fat, but I don't even bother with that right now. Do you have one in mind? Mine is by Taylor. It is a pretty good scale. Well happy shopping.

Icanchangemylife, welcome to the group. Like Melissa said, don't try to change everything at one time, if you can help it. That is one thing that is very hard for me. I like to try to do everything at one time and I end up getting overwhelmed and give up. When I got started last week, I had the most awful headache for several days in a row, but these ladies here kept me so pumped, I didn't give up and I really appreciate them for that. So keep coming and keep posting and keep reading. You will also be encouraged and you will reach the goals that you have set for yourself.

If you are eating right and working out, something is happening- regardless of what the scale says. In time it will go down some more.

Thanx for posting that Aqua. Very timely for me.:(

Well, eveyone else have a wonderful day. I am going to go get some lunch. Healthy lunch of course!



08-26-2006, 02:03 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies, Welcome to you Icanchangemylife. Dieting is very hard But this place makes it easier theses ladies are great. Drink lots of water. I am on my 3 of 6 today.

Thanks you all for the confidence that you have given me the last couple of days I almost threw in the towel the other day but I figured I would keep given it a shot. Well I was reading my BL book and I think that is the program that I like I have something from all food groups you have the Better choices of course. I think Iam going to give that A shot and see what it does.

Hate to say it but the Zone is messing with my system so much AF has been here for over a week. The doc says its because I am loosing weight . But Every other diet never did that to me. I looked at the cover of the Zone book and it reads.Balance your Hormone and Insulin levels well no wonder.
Well Iam going to give it a shot.

08-26-2006, 02:16 PM
Okay, Mia, give these a try.

may or may not work anymore.

sign up for free trial membership, then in a few hours they email you a code, for 25 dollars off next order, use that on your first order at ck out. then cancel your membership online

others that may or may not work anymore

serttj for 20 percent off,2,95

That first one is a little too risky for my blood. :) Personally, I would try the 20% off code. BB is notorious for messing up with credit cards. Hmmmm. Anyways, another option is to join my fitness forum. It's an awesome place for fitness enthusiasts. We ask all kinds of fitness questions and I have been introduced to a variety of workouts through this forum. We all buy, sell and trade workouts at prices that no one can touch! I don't have over 300 workouts because I am rich. :D They just started this new thing where you have to become a member to visit the swap, but it is only like $7 for 6 months and with the wealth of information that you receive, it is sooooo worth it. Let me know if you are interested and I will send ya the link. I got my TJ from the swap section. Let me know. Anyone that interested, just let me know and I will send you the link.



08-26-2006, 04:09 PM
Good Morning Ladies!
I just wanted to say good morning before I headed off to Farmers Market with my mom. She heard that last week I walked down to farmers market and bought some fruits and veggies that she decided she'd pick me up at my apartment and we would go together. I cant wait to get some more of that home-made jam and those fruits mmmmm delicious expecially that white pineapple! I'll write more tonight when I get home from my parents house, (today is laundry day) Maybe I'll see if my sister wants to go swimming while we wait for my clothes to finish. :)

08-26-2006, 04:10 PM
Hey Gals! :)

Good to see everyone today. I am having a pretty nice day so far. I got my workout in early and I am on plan today, so all is well.

I hate to cut it so short, but I have some things to do. You all have a wonderful day, and hang in there. We are making this thing happen. :carrot:

08-26-2006, 07:36 PM
Hello ladies:

I guess everyone is on the run today. It has been several hours since anyone posted. I can't believe it. :) Anyways, just dropping in hoping that everyone is having a great day. Everything is going okay for me and I am about to go out and run a few errands. I am a little on the hungry side so I am going to eat something before I leave. If not, I know that EVERYTHING will look good to me.

Well, I am looking forward to seeing who will get us started for the next successful week.



08-26-2006, 08:32 PM

Are you familiar with this part of the board? It is WW recipes that may help ya.

08-26-2006, 08:37 PM
Aqua, I'm so glad you're having a great day! I meant to ask you how you were counting points? Do you just calculate on your own or do you follow online?

Elycia, how's it going tootsiepop! Very wise to eat before going to the grocery! Can't tell you how many times I've gone hungry and end up buying everything. Once I get it home and have a chance to calm down, I sit and wonder what the heck I was thinking with some of my purchases. LOL was very nice of you to find info on the Firm stuff. I have the transfirmer system but couldn't find any of the paperwork that came with it. So much for organization!lol I really want to try Turbo Jam but if I have half as hard a time with that as I do the firm stuff, I'd be in trouble. LOL I am so uncoordinated. Hope grocery shopping is uneventful and I'm sure you'll set yourself up for another stellar week! :)

08-26-2006, 09:17 PM
Ladies I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Danielle I went to the grocery store tog et bread and I went in and out the fastest that I have ever been in the store in my life. My DH was like are you done already? Went on my 2 mile walk today. I didnt know if I was going to beable to go my knee has been aching but made myself do it. Glad I did cause it feels better right now. Must of been telling me time to get up and get busy hey. I am hot and sweaty so I think Iam going to relax in the pool for a little while catch you all in the Am Will let you know How the new diet is doing . I hope everyone has sweet dreams tonight.

By the Way I have drank all 6 Bottles of water today. YEAH

08-26-2006, 09:30 PM
Fantastic job with the water Bonnie. It gets easier, doesn't it? :bravo:

Well, I don't know if this is maturation or laziness on my part but I had Mexican tonight at Xochimichos, and I don't feel guilty at all. My thought on it continues to be that I'm making a lifestyle change. So Mexican one night is ok. I did try to be somewhat good by having chicken fajitas. They were out of chicken fajita meat. I could have had the steak fajitas, but I didn't didn't want any beef. So I had the chicken chimichangas instead (fried). In hindsight I should have had something that wasn't deep-fried :( . But tomorrow is another day. Plus I know it will be a loooooonnngg time before I have anything like that again. I guess my attitude is onward and upward! I'm having a well adjusted moment, I guess. :D

I think another reason that I don't feel sad or beating myself up is that I never at any moment felt out of control. I could have made a better menu choice, but I didn't have a compulsive feeling. Or the big let down / depression later. Ironically, my Harvey Walden Fighting Fit, Fighting Fat came today. Yikes! :eek:

Oh yeah, skating was fun again. Not as much five year old road kill this time, but it wasn't as crowded either. ;)

08-26-2006, 09:39 PM
Sugar-N-Spice- I am going a very simple route.:) I buy the frozen WW at the store, they have the points on the box. They have breakfast sandwiches and everything! I don't go on points anyway to be honest with you. I eat the WW meals, and take them for what they are. A breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner. There are even WW muffins and snack cakes, if you would like to have one. Although, I have skipped various meals. The other day I didn't eat any of them and had cereal. (The infamous cereal moment :tantrum: )


Here are some of the meals if you or anyone else would like to see what's available. They taste really good. I think they key is portion control. If you have a problem with that like I do, then this will work it out for you.

P.S.- Amany- Mexican food can be very healthy! (not chimichanga, but like you said, you are still on track- you had Mexican one night. No biggie!) Salsa has 5 calories per serving, and makes a yummy salad dressing. Same with Pico De Gallo. Add some fresh roasted chicken, turkey, or steak- and you have an ultra low calorie meal! Don't like lettuce? Put the salsa on the meat and add the veggie of your choice! Basically a fajita, sans tortilla...:lol: Ah, anyway... glad you had a good time skating!

Hello to the rest of you ladies! Have a pleasant evening!

08-26-2006, 09:54 PM
just popping in- 8:30 on sat night and I'm having a snack craving. so I decided to get on here and catch up on everyone and maybe fend it off for a while.

I ate pretty good last night and today. Pizza last night- because it was grocery night and I didn't want to cook too. Had too many pieces- 3- and beleive it or not my stomach hurt after- it is a mental thing I know- like why did I do this. but I did gazelle for a hour while watching a Lifetime movie. DH calls it Wifetime... lol it was still 207 this AM. come on 206 tomorrow, please?

then today was real good- that's why I don't want to ruin it. I ate a bowl (1 cup) of special k and a cup of skim milk for breakfast, a 100 calorie pack of oreos for snack, another bowl of cereal for lunch- DH was sleeping all day for working last night and DS was off to a friends. (anyone try the "special K diet"? replace 2 meals with specal k and then eat your 3rd as normal and drop a pant size in 2 weeks?) I still have some curves protein shake powder so I had a 8 ounce choc protein shake for snack then for dinner everyone as here and boys- they like chicken nuggets so made some of those. I ate a smaller portion that what I would have normally eaten (plus when you have 3 teenage boys in the house- it all gets gone anyways!) I've drank my 64 ounces of water and I'm on my second jug now. about half gone- so lets say 100 ounces or so today. no soda pop at all! but I really want a snack right now. I'm a big "bored" eater. I'm not hungry- Just bored.
Oh took a multivitamin today too- started today- last time I donated blood they turned me away and said my iron was too low- granted AF was visiting and I know that decreases your iron and I think I must have low iron anyways because I bruise easy when I get hurt. So I figure a multivitamin can't hurt.

I agree, Bonnie- you are an inspiration- walking to food lion, walking everywhere. All you ladies are with your honesty about food choices and water/ exercise! I do feel accountable to all y'all for my choices- but in a good way.

Welcome to Altari and Icanchange- you have found a great group of supportive women!

I have a plan tomorrow. Once we get back from Church I am going for a walk outside. we have a great park by the senior center with an unpaved walking trail- I think 1 lap is about a quarter mile though- then I'll get back and eat a good lunch - keilbasea shishkabobs- I cut up everything tonight...
it's all about a plan isn't it?

have a great night! it's almost time for DH to call in on break and check up on us. (and we have dial up...)

08-26-2006, 11:24 PM
Speaking of "Wifetime", I'm watching a movie called Love, Honor and Betray on that channel. Sometimes the movies are so slanted against men that they make me mad. So I can see why men are sometimes offended by them. But the movies are still so good. :lol:

Have you ever noticed that in all the movies, if the men aren't evil and abusive, they're weak and immature? In every movie there's at least one guy who believes the woman who's fighting injustice (the woman is always fighting an injustice). But he's either a drunk, a drug addict or can't fight. :)

08-27-2006, 12:07 AM
Am I the only person up and ready to play??? :tantrum:

My husband is knocked out. We were supposed to leave for the drive-in at 9:30, but I didn't have the heart to wake him up. Plus, I have trouble sleeping when I eat a big meal. Even hours afterwards.

I did some different type of working out Friday and today. I did my own warm up, then did 30 or 35 minutes of shadow boxing and jogging in place in intervals. Shadow boxing for about 2 minutes and then jogging in place for five. All with the weights. In addition to the Harvey Walden dvd that came today (Celebrity Fit Club), my Aerobox dvd is on the way.

Not very long ago a woman who lost almost 80 pounds told me that she accomplished it when she started working out like a man. It kind of stuck with me. She didn't start trying to benchpress 500 pounds or anything, but she works out with a lot of intensity. I kind of took it to heart.

I'm shaking up my work outs next week. I'm going to do the workouts that I thought of as too hard before. I think I've worked up to them. Eventually I want to be able to go and jog a few miles on the track every weekend.

Oh, g2g. My husband the attention black hole just woke up. Big baby!! :mad:

08-27-2006, 12:35 AM
Hey ladies,

I am 17 years old and I weigh about 220-225 lbs! I know, i screamed when i saw that. My mom is also big, she doesn't look bigger than me but I tend to suck it in a lot. She ordered Turbo Jam from an infomercial. I am really hoping that it works like they say it does. I've tried a lot of different diets and quick weight loss things but nothing worked and I just kept gaining more each time. I am in my grade 12 year and I really want to fit into a nice size 6-10 dress for my graduation. I am a very emotional eater and I pretty much just eat to keep me entertained. If there is food around, doesn't matter what it is, there is about a 98% chance I will eat some of it. I think my mom is trying to help herself and me lose weight but she keeps buying chips, white bread, chocolate, etc. and then she asks me if I want some, well of course:) ! I think that if we got rid of all the unhealthy stuff and stopped buying it, we would be a lot better off. Anyways, I want to lose about 80-100 pounds and I am really going to go for it because I want to be referred to as a skinny, or slim, or hot, or cute girl not the sweet or funny or kind girl. Yeah that is alright but women need to be reassured all the time and for once in my life, I want a guy to take a second look instead of not looking at all. I hope I can find some women to support me and kick me in the butt when I need it cause I am not going to be able to do this strictly on will power (I don't have any!) So, if you think you can help, the more the merrier, I would love to hear from you and if you want me to help you too, I would be more than willing! Have a great day!!

Heather from BC, Canada

08-27-2006, 12:52 AM
No, you are not the only one up Amanda. I need to go to bed, but just haven't. The girls woke up and had a bit of a time tonight and so now I am still winding down. They have went back to sleep, so I hope they stay asleep.

Hey there Heather. Welcome to the group. Well, if you are looking for support, you have come to the right place. So glad that you decided to join us. Sounds like you are motivated and have goals and that is great! Jump right in and post as often as you like and definitely try to keep up with the posts. This is a very active thread, so there is alot of encouragement to be derived here. You are right, weight loss is not about just will power. It takes more than that. You must have support and goals, etc. So again, glad you decided to join us and we look forward to getting to know you better.



08-27-2006, 01:11 AM
Hey Elycia,

I'm really glad I joined this cause I am strictly on will power right now and I'm really excited to start everything but the next few days it could totally change and I need people around me to support me when I fall and kick my butt to get up again. Hope ur twins stay asleep!


08-27-2006, 02:12 AM
I'm beat. Absolutely dog tired. Long day at work, then I came home and did 40 minutes of strength training. Arg!!!

I ate so badly today! It was aweful! I barely had time to eat a thing, so when I could I just went for calories to keep me moving. I have no idea how much I consumed today but I'm still hungry and still feel weak. Sorry to complain. I just need to get my butt in gear and stop juggling 15 things at once. I need to prioritize...

08-27-2006, 08:27 AM
:coffee2: Good Morning Ladies!!!!:coffee: :sunny:

kandices2ndtry- Oh man, I was craving a snickers last night like nobody's business!!! :o I fought it off though, but I went to sleep with the mental image of a snicker bar in my mind. It was awful. I'm seriously having withdrawls. That walk sounds nice, I have been a walker for a bit, and it really can do a lot for a person. :)

Amany- Those movies hook you in though. I have to laugh on this, because if one is on my husband will roll his eyes. Then he sits there for a minute and before you know it he watched the whole thing and is all "That was a really good movie!" :lol: I added weights to my routine yesterday! Whoa baby! What a difference that made! I looked like I stepped out of the shower when I was done.

needhelp27- Hi honey! :hug: We are here for you. This is not an easy mission to accomplish, but I do have some advice if it will help you.

First, get yourself started on some type of workout- and no matter what- even if you make a mistake on watching what you eat~ you still get in your workout.
Second, start with a simple workout that you will not get tired of doing. This is important in the beginning so you don't talk yourself into blowing it off. I started with walking. Very simple. Set a time limit or distance. Then, in time, make it a bit more challenging. Carry weights, walk further, choose to walk faster, add a video to you walk, whatever you want.
Third, pick out an eating plan that you can manage.Plan your meals and prepare and portion them in advance if this is what you have to do. Learn about food. You want to try your best to break that eating cycle, so training yourself on what you really need and what you can manage in your diet is important. We say it here all the time the battle is over 90% mental, so you have to train yourself to get yourself to do the right thing.It is easier to follow a diet if you know that what you are eating works with the excercise, and the weight will come off. Take in less, work out more... but ... do not be totally discouraged when you slip up. Everyone does. It takes time and practice to learn control when it comes to food intake. Be patient with yourself, and never forget what you are trying to accomplish. I know it is harder when people around you are not on a diet and thay bring things to you that you do not need, it is hard to resist- but you will learn to resist. For example, my husband ordered pizza on Friday, then last night when the kids went to bed he ordered Chinese food! I was shaking, because I am still learning to fight the urges to eat. I made it though, and if I can so can you!

u2girl- Hi!

Altari- It's okay! I'm glad you did that 40 minutes. That is so good. :)

08-27-2006, 11:18 AM
Good Morning ladies,

Aqua - Great control on the Pizza and chinese Food. It is getting better for me to turn stuff away too.

Altari - Take you a sanck or something you dont want to over eat because then it will make you feel worst. May be a take quick lunch that you can eat quickly. Like some finger foods you can eat on the run.

Needhelp27 - Aqua is right You do need toget in at least a 30 minute exercise and then find you an eating plan that you will like. As far as your mom jest tell her you are doing this and please dont buy these things if you do please keep them put away for her self. Welcome to the group. You will find much support and motivation here.

Elycia - Hope those girls arent given you any more trouble getting to sleep.

Amanda - For a change I went to bed early last night I didnt hear a thing till I woke up at 9:30 this morning. Man walking sure has made my Insomia go away. Good luck on your new Video. My Dh said we are going to go look for a new one for me Because I am soo used to doing my others. Chinese food I cannot do that it runs threw me LIke crazy. Lots of luck.

Kandice - good job on what you are doing . I have tried the special K jest
not the two bowls a day thing.

If their is any one else that I missed Im sorry. I have go and get things done only 3 more days till granddaughter gets here.

08-27-2006, 12:03 PM
Hey girls,

I just wanted to thank you guys for being supportive of me and i'm glad I found a place where I can talk to real people who are going through the same things as me.

Bufferfly50: I will talk to my mom later on today and tell her what you said. Thanx for the encouragement!

Aqua: I did order Turbo Jam (its like a dance/cardio/kickboxing workout on a video...well dvd.) I will probably get a 10 punch pass later on so I can run and work on my ceps and glutes, etc at the gym. I did a karate class last feb./march and we got a eating plan for about 28 days and it has shopping lists and tells you like everything that the diet does, etc. I am thinking about doing that or going on the south beach diet. Does anyone have any suggestions about good eating plans that work and when you go off them, you won't gain like 10 pounds back.:(

Anyways, everyone have a good day and school starts in 9 days!


08-27-2006, 01:42 PM
I promise there will be personals later, but I just wanted to let you know that....

:cb: :cb: I EXERCISED 6 DAYS THIS WEEK!!! :cb: :cb:

:bravo: to myself!!

Monday: Miracle Mile, Tae Bo with handweights, Pilates
Tuesday: Abs of Steel 2000, 2 Mile WATP, Pilates
Wednesday: :faint: Nada
Thursday: Miracle Mile, George Foreman Walk and Box, Pilates
Friday: 35 minutes of Jogging in place and shadowboxing in 2 min intervals. With handweights!
Saturday: 35 minutes of Jogging in place and shadowboxing in 2 min (shadowboxing) and five minute (jogging) intervals. With handweights!
Sunday: 45 minutes of Jogging in place and shadowboxing in 2 min (shadowboxing) and five minute (jogging) intervals. With handweights! Plus about 10 minutes of ab work.

08-27-2006, 02:06 PM
Good Sunday Morning ladies!!! Do we want to start a new thread tomorrow morning? The wedding was very nice, they got very lucky with the weather it was beautiful. My youngest didnt want to leave she was having too much fun dancing it up, I felt bad for making her go. I've got a list a mile long of things I need to get done today since tomorrow I go back to classes. Cant wait! LOL! Mostly to get a schedule so I can get on track here and lose some weight, I got my scale yesterday its nice, way nicer than my other digital one. Today I get to go grocery shopping and stock up on nothing but healthy foods! Oh and i gotta mow the lawn LOL!

Mia...YAY!!!! 4 more lbs gone forever!!! Congrats on a job very well done!!! Keep it up you are just cruising now!! should definetly try the farmers market! The produce is SOOOO much fresher than in stores and that makes it keep for longer too. Some things are better prices, others arent but its worth it in my opinion.

Sara...ah another Farmers shopper!! LOL! How'd your trip go? White pineapple..yum!! I'd love to try that!

Aqua...I just love your attitude everyday!! We are so lucky to have you!

Bonnie...way to go on that water!!! WOOHOOO!! I'm thinking about trying to match your walks, you are so great about getting those in no matter what I need to do that too! Keep up the good work! are exactly right, one meal is not going to kill all your progress, and sometimes we need that one meal. You definetly have the right mindset! Its a great feeling to know food doesnt control you! Cant wait till I get there myself! Isnt if funny sometimes how men are portrayed on TV? Even in the sitcoms the husbands are always fat and stupid and the wives are hot and smart. My daughter even commented about it the other day. What is up with that? YOu ROCK on that exercise lady!!! Man!! I gotta start taking some example around here!! congrats on another successful week!'d it go? did you beat that craving!! I'm so proud of you for getting busy and trying to work through it!! You are doing GREAT!! I dont think you did too bad with the pizza, 3 slices considering how many would you have normally eaten..for me ALOT more! LOL!! So good job!! Its those babysteps taking you to success!! Congrats on some amazing losses so far!!!

Hi Heather!! Welcome to the group! Its great to meet you! You are at such an exciting time in your life and what better way to face it than with a fit and healthy body!! I think the exercise is going to do WONDERS for your body and your self esteem, you'll see such incredible changes there very quickly if you just do it and stick to it! As far as the food its just time to start making good choices for yourself. Maybe even going out and buying that dress you want to wear to your graduation as inspiration. Then everytime you are tempted to try that dress on! Even looking at it will keep you on track. You deserve this! You deserve to feel great about yourself and the new life ahead of you!! You can do this! and we are all going to help you!!! good luck!!!

Altari...way to go on the exercise!!!! Its hard to make the right choices when you have little time, A little at a time and you'll be more in the habit of it, just dont beat yourself up over it! Plus you exercised!!! Make every day better than the last and you will win the battle!!

Danielle....bob still whispering in your ear?

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


08-27-2006, 02:49 PM
Butterfly50- Thanks for the kudos on the control issue. There was leftover pizza, and I avoided it. Now there is leftover Chinese, and I have to avoid it. :censored: For someone that wants me to adhere to my plan, he sure is placing temptation at my doorstep. I'm not falling for it though.

needhelp27- Good, that is a really good start. Don't be afraid if you start feeling burnt out on it or if you don't like it. Just do something else. Even walking, (I'm becoming an avid walker- all for it! :D ) The big idea is to keep in motion, no matter if the diet is a flop for the day or whatever. Moving burns calories, and it also builds muscle. Muscle is more productive in burning calories. As far as eating goes, I don't know what your Mom is willing to do to assist you. Weight watchers meals... (you can buy these in the freezer section of the grocery store)

Are what I use to keep my portions and calories under control. I think this really is the key, portion control. I also take a multivitamin. If Momma isn't willing to shell out the money for WW meals, then perhaps you can insist that you make your own dinner plate (if Mom usually fills it up for you) and think about what you are doing each time. Think about what it is you are eating. Do I need this? How much should I put on my plate? Be reasonable, but at the same time honest. As long as you can do that much, and keep moving with your excersise- you will at some point begin to see the numbers on the scale move down. On that note, I strongly advise you to weigh in no more than once a week. Sometimes the scale doesn't move- even when you did everything right. Why? Because you are gaining muscle when you workout. So please don't let the scale dictate a pass or fail. You are young, you want to be a size six, and you can do it- and honey you WILL do it. The regimine is simple, absolutely easy to understand. Eat less move more. The real battle is within the mind. Cravings are not the same as hunger. Cravings can be an addiction to sugar, an emotional comfort wanting to be fullfilled, or whatever. It takes a long time to get past this, it is like a drug addiction. That's why I say, if you do mess up keep working out, but try to recognize when you are getting that little voice in you head that is trying to make you justify grabbing the donut, candybar, cheesburger, whatever you brand of "poison" is. Recognize it, and stomp on it. Then if you must, grab a lo cal snack, a glass of flavored water or something to help you along. That is also a great time to remind yourself I want to lose this weight, I want my size 6 dress on graduation day, and I'm gonna get it!!! :hug: This is a tough road, and I don't think anyone here would lie to you and tell you it's gonna be easy. But, it is one of the best things you will ever do for yourself in your life, and when it is over, and you met your goal, you will be driven to maintain. You will feel empowered. It's a beautiful thing.

Amany- Yay!!!!! You go Amany!!! you are smokin' with the workouts!!!

Hun.e.B- Glad the wedding was nice! Sounds like it was a lot of fun. :) Thank you for such a sweet compliment. You all are so important to me. I don't know if I could do this so well without you all here to help me. :hug:

08-27-2006, 03:45 PM
Okay, Mia, give these a try.

That first one is a little too risky for my blood. :) Personally, I would try the 20% off code. BB is notorious for messing up with credit cards. Hmmmm. Anyways, another option is to join my fitness forum. It's an awesome place for fitness enthusiasts. We ask all kinds of fitness questions and I have been introduced to a variety of workouts through this forum. We all buy, sell and trade workouts at prices that no one can touch! I don't have over 300 workouts because I am rich. :D They just started this new thing where you have to become a member to visit the swap, but it is only like $7 for 6 months and with the wealth of information that you receive, it is sooooo worth it. Let me know if you are interested and I will send ya the link. I got my TJ from the swap section. Let me know. Anyone that interested, just let me know and I will send you the link.



hi Elycia thanks for the info i am very interested in joining your fitness forum i am really trying hard to try tj out

how is everyone well yesterday was a freebie for me i didnt want to count points and i treated myslef a little but i still didnt binge or anything i think my body is getting use to my eating habits during the week
today im making a freebie as well because i went to church and its 3pm and still no breakfast but im so tired and have a headache that i dont feel like working out so with that said i wish everyone the best day and ill check back later

08-27-2006, 04:26 PM
Hello ladies:

I see that everyone is enjoying the heck out of this thread, but for now, I think it really is best that we start a new one weekly. It is hard to navigate when we don't and as noted can be intimidating to newcomers.

Please post on the new thread. Here is the link: It is called The Winning Losers - Wk of 8/27. Hope to see ya there!

Mia, I will PM you.