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08-19-2006, 11:06 PM
New pages! So what's going on? How's everyone doing? Pour your hearts out ... I'm taking notes! :write:

08-19-2006, 11:40 PM
Let's see, what did I lose in my last post...

To Kathy--I want the recipe, I hope all goes well with Shaun, and I can't believe how much you get done in a day. Oh, and I hoped that you found lots of goodies on my website that you want. :lol:

I was telling Sandra that I'm still glad she considers me to be in her "pod." ;)

I can't remember it all! Pooey!

I gotta get ready for bed. It really doesn't seem like a Saturday night to me, I guess cause we lost this morning. I really don't want to get up so early tomorrow, but I guess I'll have to! Another long day. My dad (and his family) is coming over for dinner tomorrow night. Wednesday is his birthday so I guess it's a birthday dinner. I hope it goes well--this is the first time they've been to our house. And yes, we live in the same city.
I'm off to bed! Good night!

08-20-2006, 01:19 AM
melissa, that's a good looking website. thank you for posting it for us to see.

well, i had 10 wpa's today. we snacked on coconut shrimp and eggroll tonight. i need to get to w a tomorrow after the grands go home. we're taking them to splash montana. i may do some water playing there, too. i need to move this old bod. i'm so full.

kathy, i didn't know abuelos meant grandpa. i don't really know much spanish. just what i've picked up. thanks for posting the site. i am already worrying about going to texas this fall. i usually gain a lot of weight. i'm going to have to do better this year. seems we meet everybody around tables. i don't know why we can't just sit and visit without putting things in our mouths. :lol:
thanks for posting the site. i'll check it out. i know we'll be eating a lot of mexican food. this would prob be a good place to visit folks. :hungry:

stacey, when i was in junior high (50's), my parents took my bro and me to chicago to see the yankees and white sox play. my bro was an avid yankees fan. so was i. there were no pro baseball teams in texas then. in fact, chicago was the closest place to dallas/ft worth that you could go to see the yankees play. we had seats right behind first base. this was the time of whitey ford, roger maris, mickey mantle, elgin howard, tony kubek and yogi beara. i'll never forget that trip and that game. vickie, the sox won that one.

melissa, you're no doofus. if you are then i am, too. pod ner.

i will prob have trouble sleeping. i'm not used to going to bed on a full tummy. oh, well. i've done this before so you'd think i'd know better. maybe i am a doof.

08-20-2006, 01:21 AM
kathy, i just looked at the site. i think i ate at the austin one with a gf a couple of years ago. it was fabulous!!

08-20-2006, 09:16 AM
Good morning, friends! I'm up early because Judd is about to leave on a bike ride -- I guess to test out the new one. He's riding roads this morning instead of going to the trails out by the lake. Then when he gets back, he'll be leaving for downtown Fort Worth. The guys are going there for a bit before going on to the draft party ... um, excuse me, MEETING. ;)

Melissa, I hope you have a great time with your dad and others. I understand about this being the first time to your house even though he lives in the same town. My brother lives about 8 miles away in Alvarado (where Sandra used to live, I think) and I see him maybe once a year and THAT'S usually at my parents' house, who live 3 hours away. We always say we should do better but we don't.

I'll PM you the recipe -- there's really no place to put it here because it wouldn't be considered Core and I'd hate to confuse people who are visiting the site looking for info.

Sandra, you'll recover from your evening, I'm sure! You've done so well and I have no doubts that you'll continue. I wish you would hurry up and figure out the answer to that age-old question of "why do visits always center around food?" :lol: It's true! Celebrations are eating times and it seems rude not to serve food to people when they come over, especially if they're going to be there for more than a few hours. Wonder why we always expect everybody to be hungry? Hmmm ...

I should be doing laundry today, well okay I *will* be doing laundry today but hopefully not much else. My beer should be flat by the afternoon so I'll make more bread to take to work tomorrow; this time in the small loaf pans but I just won't bake it as long. Dinner will be panseared tilapia with that tomato-red onion sauce (I'm just using coarsely chopped tomatoes and red onion, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard and a little bit of lemon juice) on top. Then broccoli and brown rice. Oh and I need to make some pinto beans so we'll have them for dinner tomorrow night. Other than that ... hopefully not much. Kate should be over here later but Erin has to work 3-11 today so I'm not so sure we can work lunch in there with all three kids. I was wanting to do that.

And I told Bindy I would take her for a walk each evening, starting tonight. I would take Zuki too if I had a stroller but I'm NOT going to let him walk. Last time I had to carry him back because he got tired. Spoiled brat.

08-20-2006, 10:09 AM
Good Morning,
Hey Niki, How was the wedding? I hope you had a great time.

Kathy, I too will be in laundry land today. It seems just as you catch up the pile is to the top again. I keep trying to introduce my older daughter to the washing machine. She seems to have a good relationship with it if she needs clothes fast, but doesn't seem to notice anyone else hamper full.

I'm baking some oatmeal. I tweaked the recipe alittle this morning. I only had one banana so I added crushed pineapple and coconut extract for a kind of pina colada taste. It already smells yummy. Hubby making fresh ground coffee so breakfast is looking good.

Game 4 with the Red Sox tonight at 8. I see a bowl of popcorn in my future. I just have to get through Chuck E. Cheese this afternoon with my little one. Thank heavens they have a really good salad bar.

I'll stop by later. Have a great Sunday. :flow2:

08-20-2006, 11:23 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Another quiet lazy day for me. I've really been a bum this weekend for the first time in 6 weeks. It feels good. All I got done was laundry and some paperwork. Today I'll be making a cleaning schedule. Yuck! Jim and watched the end of season two of 24. I have season three on order from the library. We are supposed to be getting the whole season at once instead of one disc at a time. I think that will be better. We were trying to catch up before the new season started. It doesn't look good. Maybe we'll record the current season and watch it after we catch up. Such serious problems to have in life, huh?! We are trying to be more carefree since Jim's tongue cancer. He has his first follow up appointment on that next Thursday.

How were all of you yesterday evening?

08-20-2006, 11:47 AM
Melissa, I bookmarked your website. I saw a couple of things that I'm interested in. I have to wait for discretionary funds to appear. I might put some of them on my Christmas list! Try to enjoy your Dad's visit. I'm sure he'll be really impressed with your home and those fabulous shelves!

Sandra, have fun at splash mountain. I wish I could get into the water today. Thank God for WPA's! I'll be rationing them out again soon. Do you eat your AP's? I first started going to the White Sox games in the 60's. Daddy always took me to the Yankee games since they were usually on Sunday and double headers. One year I fretted that they wouldn't give me a bat because I was a girl. I got one and I was SO proud and happy!

Kath, Judd goes out to have fun so I don't know why you have to feel like you need to work so hard! I'm glad Judd is ok. I'm sure you fainted at the price of his new bike! I'd love the whole wheat crust if you'd PM it to me. Jim and I were in Cooperstown in 1997 the year Nellie Fox was inducted. Nellie was Jim's boyhood favorite player. Cooperstown was SO cool but SO in the middle of nowhere!

Frouf, Trivial Pursuit now has DVD games. The triangles are all played as clips for each category. It's fun that way! I hope you got some rest yesterday. BTW, I stayed in my pj's all day Friday AND Saturday. I just kept showering and putting on fresh nightgowns! :D

Stacey, Jim and I met at work but it was our love of the White Sox that clinched the deal! Thanks for getting me the barley recipe. I have some balsamic chicken that I want to make and I think that barley dish sound like it would go with it perfectly.

Ok...perfect timing. I'm going to make a menu thread and go fix breakfast.

08-20-2006, 12:02 PM
Kathy, I'm looking for a WW cookbook and I was on the website. I looked up your fat smash book. It is in stock (I added it to my cart to be sure) for $6.52 with .97 shipping for a total of $7.49. I don't know what you paid at Amazon but I'm sure you could cancel that order.

08-20-2006, 12:10 PM
I paid $7.77 and about $4 shipping. I'll go see if I can cancel it and might just go to the big Walmart this afternoon and see if they have it in the store. If not, I'll order it from WM. Thanks very much!

08-20-2006, 12:12 PM
Nope, it's already shipped. That's okay though; hopefully it means I'll be getting it quickly.

08-20-2006, 03:55 PM
Hi gals! Just dropping in for a quick hello. We had a hectic morning--which translates into a bad morning for Aaron. We had a business meeting today at church (so annoying) and to make a long story short he is getting the short side of the stick. He's not being treated very respectfully and it's very nerve-wracking. So I'm just hoping things get better. I don't know what to do exactly.
Anyway I've got to go get the house cleaned up and start on the food for tonight. If it stops raining long enough we'll be grilling out. Actually I think we'll be grilling out regardless, because baking the chicken will take too long! I'm making a PC chocolate tart for my dad's birthday "cake." I'll talk to you all later tonight.

08-20-2006, 03:55 PM
Oh and thanks for the recipes Kathy. I appreciate them both!!

08-20-2006, 03:58 PM
Oh and Sandra I love it!! Podner! :rofl: You crack me up.

08-20-2006, 04:56 PM
Melissa, go to your room. You said the "R" word. :rain: I'm still melting here. No relief in sight anytime soon.

My first batch of bread today went pffft because I had the wrong measuring cup out: I used 1/3 cup when I should have used 1/4 cup. I tried to compensate by adding more flour, and eventually it rose. I used molasses in that batch and flat Fat Tire beer.

Second batch is more "normal" -- I used a Shiner Bock Hefeweizen, honey, and the proper amounts of the other ingredients. I will put that in the small loaf pans.

Next batch will be back to molasses, but use a Honey Brown beer and a teeny touch of flaxmeal in with the flour. Hopefully nobody will be able to tell and it won't send them to the restroom every 10 minutes either. It'll also be in the small loaf pans. And then I'll make a big vat of honey butter to take too.

I just got back from Target where I got a few things, some shampoo for Shaun (wrong size, gotta go get another one) and then Tom Thumb. I put it all up and now I'm going to Walmart to get the remaining things that I forgot.

I did manage to get four loads of laundry done and put up, but now I need to do one or two more to get it all out of the way. Fish is thawing for dinner but Judd won't be home until after 6:30 so I have a while. Erin just left for work and I haven't heard from Kate yet, so I guess lunch together is off. I think the only other thing I'm doing today is about 15 minutes in the flowerbeds tonight (after 8:30 or so, when it's cooler -- yeah, maybe down to 90?) and then will take Bindy for a walk. I need to get to sleep early because I'm supposed to be at work by 6:30 in the morning.

Oh and I have to wash, dry and straighten my hair tonight. So much for having a quiet day, huh? Why do I even try? :lol:

08-20-2006, 04:58 PM
Oh and I have to take Shaun over to the storage unit to dig thru his boxes that are stored there. He will get out what he wants to save and the rest that was from his apartment goes off to charity -- bed, dresser, loveseat, computer desk, TV stand ... Kate is taking his washer and dryer. I'd like to get rid of that storage unit and save $75 a month.

08-20-2006, 05:39 PM
Kathy, you'll have to DEMAND a day of rest in order to get it. You are mosting demanding of yourself, though it seems. Hey....we really needed you guys to beat Detroit...thanks ALOT!

Melissa, take a deep breath. That stinks about Aaron. We all prayed so hard for him to get that job. I thought working for a church would be good. Apparently not.

I've been working all day on updating my compute to Service Pack 2 since I had never done it. I just read that Microsoft will no longer support SP1 after October 2006. It took forever!

BTW, that horrible ache is back in my stomach. The only thing that has changed in that I switched from blueberries to bananas. I need to go research to see if bananas can cause and achey stomach.

I'm off to putter some more. I cut up Jim's watermelon. We have a ton. Jewel had a whole one for $2.98. I was paying that much for about 2 cups of cut up melon.

Hope you are all having a great day!

08-20-2006, 06:32 PM
Hey there, girlie! Well, uh, I'm not the one who does the demanding around here! :lol: I guess I'm the more laid-back of us, the one who does all the stuff because it's easier than causing a scene. Nobody else likes or wants to do housework and errands, and since it has to be done, it falls to me. Judd always jokes that I'm the most low-maintenance woman he's ever seen -- I buy my clothes at the thrift store, ebay and Target, won't set foot in a mall except once a year when we go buy personalized Christmas ornaments for the nieces and nephews, and I do all the housework. What a deal!

I haven't gotten to the store again but am going soon. I ended up making some queso dip for Shaun because we were nearly out of salsa and he wanted a snack; also MIL called to say their next-door neighbor whom they've known the entire 28 years they've lived in their house passed away this morning. He was a pathology doctor in Fort Worth and was retired. She was taking food over to his wife tonight; so I'm glad I didn't already go to the store. Now I can get a sympathy card to send.

First batch of bread just got out of the oven and by golly, I think I didn't damage it too much. I'll probably slice it though, just so I can taste it. If it's okay, I'll take the slices to work. The second batch is on its second rising and so far, looks great. Third batch is on its first rising.

I made my black beans for lunch tomorrow; boiled eggs but I only want the whites so I gave the yolks to the dogs. Good grief, you'd have though I was passing out CRACK!! They were going crazy! :lol:

Okay, it's at a convenient time to go to the store so I'll hurry and get back. Fish has thawed and I'm waiting until Judd gets home to start cooking, especially since I'm not sure what time it'll be. He estimated 6:30; we'll see. If it's past 9, the fish goes back in the fridge and he gets no dinner.

08-20-2006, 06:51 PM
Hi Ladies, boy am I recouperating today, I had a blast at the wedding, I had numerous Watermelon Martinis that towards the end of the night I was calling then watertinies, I had my table in stitches we were laughing so hard :D :D The Cocktail hour was 1 1/2 hours and out of this world, our table was in front of the seafood section, I can't even begin to tell you how many different sections there were. The food was fabulous and I am not ashamed to say, I did not give Core a second thought last night especially when I saw the Vienese spread they had :devil: :devil: I will get back on track tomorrow!!

Will catch up on the posts and check back in a bit, this old lady is not use to partying anymore! :o

08-20-2006, 07:06 PM
hi there. i'm back on track today after having 10 extra pts yesterday. thank goodness for wpa's.

kathy, i did live and teach in alvarado for many many years before retiring. i know what you mean about visiting folks more when we're far away. i'm in touch now with a lot of people from johnson county that i didn't visit with much when i was there. i guess miles cause us to rethink what's important to us.

stacey and kathy, i'm doing laundry today, too. i do it almost every day so this is no big deal. just a few loads.

stacey, this is a popcorn night for me, too. i haven't had any since wi fri. it's time.

hi, vickie. curtis and i try to take time to smell the roses more, too. we are very very laidback. we'll have our hummingbird watching time later today. last night was fun. we had the grands. i made them (me!) a late night snack. that's what caused me to go over. not them--me.

those are great baseball--and being with father--memories. you are a lucky lady. i dont' use aps. at least i haven't so far. i'm working hard at having more calories going out than in. so far so good.

melissa, i'm sorry aaron's being mistreated at church. you'd think church folk wouldn't do that. on second thought..... i hope everything gets smoothed over soon. you two have had way too much stress the past months. okay, podner. have a good--stress free afternoon.

nikki, i love it!!!! you're a hoot, girl.

08-20-2006, 07:20 PM
Niki, the wedding sounds great! It's nice to cut loose every once in a while and just have fun!

I'm disappointed in the molasses bread. It's bitter -- wonder why? I'm throwing the whole mess out, even though the consistency is just PERFECT! I just wish it tasted better, but now I know to use honey with beer and nothing else. The second batch is baking now, third batch will wait.

Melissa, I hope Aaron's situation clears up soon. This is enough to test a person, isn't it?

08-20-2006, 07:27 PM
Niki - those drinks sound amazing- and I'm sure you are equipped to report back on that! I remember having this drink in toronto called 'watermelon wigglers" - they were addictive and powerful - and oh so yummy. Hope you get to recuperate today and relax!

Kathy - I agree that you need to delegate more and take some time off for yourself. sounds like Shaun is almost ready to ship out - hope all goes well for him! And I shall now join Melissa in her room (:D) as I mention the depressing gloomy gray and rainy weather we're having today - very yucky!

Vickie - glad you are having a more relaxing weekend! Nothing like lazing around when you can!

Sandra - sounds like you did okay only using 10 wpa! Good for you.

Melissa - Sorry to hear Aaron's is being unappreciated - I hope he can speak up for himself and ensure he is getting the respect he deserves!

Okay - now I need to go find the dvd version of trivial pursuit - that would be so much fun!!!

I am having a miserable day by the way - hoping it's just the weather? Went to bed around midnight - dragged myself to shower at 9 am cuz I was meeting my best gf for breakfast at 10 am at Denny's (we both had the 'slim fare' eggbeaters veggie omellete - no cheese!). It was fun catching up on the latest news - as her youngest son is engaged to be married next sept she is making the wedding cake - taking this very seriously and taking courses and PRACTICING. Her work colleagues are thrilled as each week she brings in the 'practice' cake for them to eat. She also does WW core and is getting worried about how she will look in the wedding pics - at least she has a year to work on it!

Now this morning when I got up my lower back was bothering me - so I am a bit hunched over today - in any case I went to Winners after breakfast (discount designer store - like TJ maxx I think?) - needed more undies for the cruise (and I refuse to pay $10 a pair) - I like those soft stretchy microfibre type (no seams!) - and I found 2 black and 1 white (around $4 each) - and a slinky (citiknits type) black tank which I can always use and black pantyhose.

This is when I started feeling so down? (was it cuz I knew all those skirts I was looking at would not fit me??)...or cuz I could not find a beach bag? Anyhow - I ended up going to Farmboy after that to get some groceries (also got a $2.99 watermelon!) and had to use the cart to lean on as my this time my back/legs were hurting.

Got home around 3 pm - ravenous - and ate everything in sight! What's up with that? Depressed eating? Now I can barely keep my eyes open - not sure if it is from real tiredness or just carb/food overload? No dinner for me!

Was thinking of going to movie tonight w/dh - but feeling tired - I think I am depressed about going to work tomorrow - I have stuff to do and I don't know what I'm doing! I feel overwhelmed. Need to ask for help I guess? Too much going on - and my manager off for 2 weeks - UGH!...then there's school prep for kids - school supplies, shoes for little ds, tuition for big ds, new furniture for dd...and I still don't have a BLACK BRA!!!


08-20-2006, 07:57 PM
Hi Girls, a bad day for me yesterday, it was our anniversary and we went to see our grandson at a try out for hockey before we were to go, and he got hurt, knocked out cold. He was taken to the hospital and he had no recollection as to what happened to him. The Dr. said to wake him up every two hours.
He seems some better today but a bad headache.

Today, I was running around to get a digital camera that our daughter wants for her birthday. I finally go the one she wanted after much searching.
I am leaving again either tomorrow or the next day for a few days so I may not be here for a while again. I will come back later and read this evening.

Kathy hope your son gets away safely and is happy. We never stop worrying about our children do we.

Waving to you all and will be seeing you on the boards when I get back.

08-20-2006, 08:01 PM
frouf, sometimes shopping depresses me, too. i remember crying after having to take back clothes i'd gotten for christmas only to find that nothing fit. well, nothing that looked like it was intended for someone in her 20's or 30's. i hope your spirits are lifting.

you're our cruise girl. you're a very lucky woman. i hope you're smiling now. that's my intentions here.

08-20-2006, 08:03 PM
rose, that's awful! i had a feeling yesterday that something was going on. i don't know why. i just had that feeling. i hope your son keeps improving. that's scarey.

you're right. we mothers will always worry about our children.

have fun at the cottage. e when you can.

08-20-2006, 08:08 PM
Hey everyone,

Froufy, I'm sorry you've had such a bad day today. I totally understand. I've absolutely had more bad ones than good in the last 6 months, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel or in your case the gangplank. Just keep focusing on the trip and how wonderful it will be.

Niki, it sounds like the wedding was awesome. I love trying different drinks. At the Cheescake Factory (not that I eat there...LOL) they make a tropical martini that looks like a sunset....Yum.

Vicki, I made the barley. Its one cup barley to two cups water or broth. I finely chopped vidalia onion and baby bella mushrooms and threw it all into a pot. Put a lid on and simmer. You may need to add some more liquid but it's pretty fool proof. I'm having it with cornmeal chicken breasts. I'm making extra for lunch tomorrow.

Never really got any laundry done today. There's always tomorrow. I'll stop by later. See ya!

08-20-2006, 08:56 PM
Hey, youse guys! Poor Frouf! I'm so sorry you're hurting and feeling down! I know you dread going to work; me too! I need to figure out what I'm wearing, making for lunch, etc. I hope you feel much better by tomorrow and get more sleep tonight.

I just found out I have to watch what I say here -- Kate has been reading! :wave: Hi, Kateepate! How's my baby today?!?!

We're going to figure out dinner; Judd will be here in a few minutes. I think we might either go somewhere or go get something to bring home.

Be back later...

08-20-2006, 09:21 PM
hi everyone
im thinking about trying to core plan but how different is it from south beach. ive done sb before and lost wt but i found the reciepes difficult and expencive
any thoughts would be really be welcome

08-21-2006, 09:17 AM
Good morning!

Raylene, welcome! You already know the particulars of South Beach, so I'll tell you the differences and then if you have more questions, feel free to ask! I'll just compare Core against SB Phase 1.
Both allow lean meats, eggs, olive oil, and unlimited vegetables
SB allows low-fat dairy; Core specifies that dairy must be fat-free
SB prohibits white potatoes; Core allows them
SB prohibits fruit; Core allows them
SB allows nuts; Core does not
SB prohibits brown rice and whole wheat pasta until Phase 2; Core allows them
Sausage, deli meats, bacon and other highly processed meats aren't allowed on Core
SB prefers chicken breast to dark meat (legs, thighs, wings) while Core doesn't specify
Both allow for "cheats" -- I'm not sure about how much SB permits but on Core, it's 35 extra WW points per week for foods that aren't on the usual Core food lists.

I think that about sums it up but I've left anything out or given you wrong info, I'm sure someone will be along soon with corrections or clarifications.


I'm staying home until after Shaun leaves; he really doesn't want me to because he said it was going to make it harder for him. He thinks I'll be crying which will upset him, so I'll try not to. If I don't think I can handle it, I'll wait until around noon or so when I know the Chief is on his way, tell him goodbye and then go. At least he won't have to be alone all morning.

What's everyone doing today? I am seriously not doing much (and I mean it this time) ... tonight will just be cooking dinner and cleaning up the mess.

08-21-2006, 09:37 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I'm just here with my morning cup of coffee. I have a million things to do today and this week so it's a good thing I had a relaxing weekend.

So far, I'm still returning to my WW meeting today. There is no joy or excitement for me. It isn't dread but it's more like grim determination. That's ok for me. I've always been a "put your head down and trudge along until I get it done" kind of a girl. I'm actually kind of looking forward to getting back into a routine. I'll be leaving at 9:30 and then I'll be running errands. I'll be back later!

Have a great on program day!

08-21-2006, 09:43 AM
Good Morning,

Welcome Faylene, I'm new to this group and they have welcomed me with open arms as I'm sure they'll do for you. I've gotten lots of support and hints.

Stay strong Kathy, Shaun will be fine.

You know I'm doing Core at home. Yesterday I had pizza and was up this morning. I'm alittle depressed but know that now I'm back at work and much more structured. I brought lunch and the rest of my frittata from Sat. for breakfast. I'll make sure to drink lots today to flush out the salt. I'm due for my cycle but I haven't been regular for about a year so I'm not sure if I'm going to get it. (thanks mom for the early menopause) I sure wish she was still with us.

The morning wasn't a total washout though. I woke up to find out the Yankees beat the Red Sox in the 10th for the fourth game in a row. :cp: They play again today at 1. My radio is all set up.

I'll catch you all later.

08-21-2006, 10:01 AM
Good Morning ladies, not much planned for today, will do some housework & laundry. I am going to prepare some Core foods today, have to get right back on program, I feel so much better mentally and physically when I am. Got TOM yesterday so I am feeling a little blah!
I forgot to take my camera to the wedding, but my sil's had theirs and took quite a few Pictures, when they email them to me I will check them out, if I like one of dh & me I will post it :D

Kathy I hope you don't get too sad when Shaun leaves, isn't it bittersweet, they drive you crazy, then when it is time for them to go you just want to hold on to them.

Vickie good luck at weight watchers, I have got to get my tooshie back their, I missed 3 weeks, I guess I will just rejoin also.

Stacey my dh is estatic with the Yankees they are doing great!! I am right there with you today, back on program :carrot:

Froufy I hope you are feeling better, did you find a BLACK BRA?

08-21-2006, 10:10 AM
I had a few minutes after all!

Niki, I'm glad you had a great time. We all splurge now and then. It might even boost your metabolism. It really seems like it was a spectacular wedding. People still talk about how much fun that had at my wedding.

Sandra, I'm hoping some of your positive determination will rub off on me!

Frouf, I hope your back is better this morning. That and the eating actually sound like impending TOM to me. I hope that's all it is and that you didn't injure yourself some how. We need to keep you healthy for your cruise. I'd love to find stretchy microfiber panties in my size. Does Lane Bryant ship to Canada? Because their Cacique bras fit great. I know we've talked about this before so it must be that they don't ship there.

Rose, I'm sorry about your GS's accident but I'm glad to hear that he's ok. Happy Belated Anniversary! How many years for you? Jim and I will be married 15 years this year. Wow!

Stacey, thanks for the recipe.

Melissa, how was your party? Did the chocolate tart come out good?

Welcome, Faylene! You are going to LOVE it here. I did SB for a couple of months but couldn't stick to it. I've been on Core for 2 years and I believe I can live this way for the rest of my life.

Gotta go shower!

Saundra, are you home? Did you have a great time?

Angela, how are you feeling?

Kathy, good luck to Shaun! Be strong for him.

08-21-2006, 10:14 AM
Frouf, I just checked. Lane Bryant now ships to Canada! They make a big deal of this fact on the website.

It's new and all Cacique bras are buy one get one 1/2 off! I only wear their brand of bra. Don't go to lane bryant catalog website because they are totally different than the website I gave you above. The website I gave you above is like what is in the stores.

08-21-2006, 10:18 AM
I missed a few posts,

Welcome faylene!! This is a great group!
Rose sorry to hear about the accident, glad he is fine! Happy Anniversary!

08-21-2006, 11:49 AM
Geez, I was doing fine until I went into the kitchen just now and read a note that Judd left for Shaun. Now I'm crying again. This is NOT going to be a fun day, I can already tell!

08-21-2006, 11:51 AM
I am sending Hugs to you Kathy :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

08-21-2006, 12:29 PM
Bummer :mad: , I was so in the mood for Diet coke Chicken, I took out the thighs to defrost, was ready to make it, and guess what NO DIET COKE anywhere in my house. I do have regular caffiene free coke, am I reading correctly that it is only 3 points for 12 ounces, if so I am willing to use 3pts out of my 35 wpa for it. DD also loves the cola chicken!

08-21-2006, 12:37 PM
Well, unless you're going to eat the whole recipe and all 12 oz., I'll bet you'll be using less than a point's worth, so I'd say go for it.

And thanks very much for the hugs. I am trying to hang on because I don't want to make it harder for him.

08-21-2006, 01:42 PM
Quickly sending :hug: to Kathy!

08-21-2006, 02:23 PM
Vickie, thanks for asking. I'm slowly feeling better, but still not 100% at all. My eating was horrible, but since I felt so cruddy, I'm not surprised.

I'm on for the 2 week challenge though...but like others, I will have to weigh tomorrow.

Kathy, hugs to you. :) I am already steeling myself for tomorrow's kindergarten drop off. My sweet little girl, at school for the first time. :/ It's happy, and sad at the same time.

I'm off to fill in my menu for the menu thread...


08-21-2006, 02:52 PM
First of all I want to say I know how you feel Kathy. Our son left and travelled ALL by himself all over the world. When I hear of his experiences now I would have been sick, if I had of known. I made him phone collect every month, which he did. If he had not phoned I would have gone crazy wondering what happened to him. He was gone for 2 Years, we flew to Australia to visit him when he was there, also to Greece to visit him there.
Sure glad our daughter did not want to do that.

Except for Vicki and Sandra can you guess how many years we have been married.?? See who comes close. :chin:

Not sure when we are leaving, thought we would have left today but hubby is busy doing jobs around the house.


08-21-2006, 02:54 PM
Rose I am going to guess you are married 45 years

08-21-2006, 03:14 PM
Hey Chicks! I'm home for a couple of minutes. I did it....I went to my meeting. My friends were still there and they squealed with delight! It was fun to see them. They missed me and were worried about me. My favorite person and I exchanged last names and phone numbers so we wouldn't be out of touch again. My Leader was delighted that I was there and is really being supportive to make sure that I come back next week. It was hard but now I have a fresh new start. I didn't have to rejoin so I won't lose credit for all the weight that I already lost.

Today's meeting was about being kind to ourselves. I'm WAY kinder to others. I'm going to include me in my kindness from now on.

I'm just waiting for my Niece to call. We're going to meet and go to Target together and a new Yankee Candle store. I have a BOGO free coupon, so I'll splurge on a candle.

How's everyone? I think I'll go see.

08-21-2006, 03:44 PM
Afternoon chicks,
Its a beautiful day here today..almost fallish, my favourte time of the year. I bought some plain gelatin free yogurt Im trying yocheese! Crossing my fingers...
Rose, Im glad your GS is ok,,Happy belated Anniversary!
Vickie,,kudos to you!! I bet they were happy to see you back..your a great friend!
Angela, give that little girl an extra hug tomorrow..they grow up wayyyyy to fast
Nikki Diet cola chicken is soooo good..have you tried it on porkchops? yummy I also add crushed garlic to my recipe.
Kathy,,,you will be fine. In fact in a couple of months you may even start to enjoy the house (almost) to yourselves. Dh and I think of it as starting over again. Almost honeymoonish..haha. Hard to think of that now but give it time. This is what we teach our children to do ,, be independent. (huggss)
Welcome Faylene!
Not sure whats for supper tonight ..hmmm cola chicken?? haha

08-21-2006, 04:39 PM
Niki close, but no cigar anyone else guess???

08-21-2006, 04:48 PM
Ack! Rose, surely you've mentioned it before -- I just can't think. I'll go with 48 years.

Patti, I've got two down, one to go with the kids. 22y/o DD is still here but will be leaving for graduate school probably in January. She's a senior in college and is the extremely quiet and tidy one of the three, so it's no chore at all to have her here. We rarely see her anyway.

Vickie, I'm glad you had a great time at the meeting this morning and hope you didn't lose too much ground during the time you were away.

I'm back from taking Shaun to the recruiting office; turns out I had said let's go get some lunch and he said, okay let me call the Chief to tell him. Chief said why not have your mom bring you here since you'll be out anyway, so that's what we did. I did quite well ... no tears or anything. He's understandably nervous but I'm sure he'll be fine.

08-21-2006, 05:15 PM
Kathy close again but no cigar

08-21-2006, 05:36 PM
My sil mentioned to me that splenda has been recalled, I tried looking online but did not find any info, did anybody hear about this, I use splenda everyday and don't want to use it if it is going to kill me :dizzy:

08-21-2006, 05:39 PM
Haven't seen anything. I'll go look now!

08-21-2006, 05:39 PM
kathy, be strong. shaun is going to be all right. this is a new beginning for him. he's going to do well. just keep thinking positive thoughts. that was sweet of judd to write him a note.

welcome, faylene. it's good to have you here.

stacey, congrats to your yankees.

nikki, i feel better when i'm op, too. you'll be all right.

vickie, i guess determination is one of the most important tools we have, don't you? i really really miss w a on the weekends. i keep saying i'm going to go and do them on my own, but i've only done that once so far. i feel sooooo much better when i've had a good workout in the pool. makes me think of you and your pool. i wish i'd done exercises when i had a pool when i lived in texas. i just floated and read most of the time.

angela, are you feeling better now? i'm going to use my last fri wi for the challenge.

rose, is it your anniversary? i'm thinking it is about now. happy anniversary, dear friend. no, i won't spill the beans.

vickie, i am so happy you went back. i knew they'd be welcoming you with open arms. you already sound happier. makes me smile.

patti, i love fall, too. i always think of high school football games. well, i also think of walks in the woods with the leaves changing colors and falling.

nikki, i use it all t he time, too. i'll go check.

08-21-2006, 05:43 PM
CNN has nothing; FoxNews has nothing; WebMD has nothing; World Health Organization has nothing.

I'd say she needs to tell you where she got the info.

08-21-2006, 05:48 PM
Okay, then if Sandra knows something, it's apparently a biggie.

I'm going with the big 5-0 this year. But I've seen your picture and unless you got married at age 15, there's no way I'm right.

08-21-2006, 07:11 PM
Nope Kathy it is not 50 but you are hot.

08-21-2006, 07:18 PM
Why, thanks, Rose! You're not so bad yourself! :rofl: Oh wait, you meant the temperature. Yes, it's around 103 right now.

Geez ... must be 49 years?

08-21-2006, 07:21 PM
Kathy, I'm glad Shaun did well and that you two got to have lunch together. The next time you see him I bet he'll seem more like a man than the boy you delivered. I'm proud of you for not crying. I would have cried for sure!

Niki, I haven't heard about Splenda but you know I had to stop eating it and go back to aspartame. Splenda seemed to make my intestines cramp 24/7.

Sandra, the exercise is going to be one of my hardest chores, especially once pool season is over. Me and my treadmill......

Jim is home with my Chipotle so I'm off to eat. I'm very hungry!

08-21-2006, 07:38 PM
Thanks, Vickie. I think now I'll make it ... and as long as he makes it the whole time, I'll feel better when it's all over. As it stands now, looks like the last weekend in October for graduation but we'll know for sure pretty soon. Judd says we're both going and making a weekend out of it, so hopefully we'll be able to get together with you and Jim for dinner. :D Judd wants to see both baseball fields and go to Sears Tower. Other than that, the weekend is open (except for graduation, that is).

Enjoy your Chipotle! I'm about to go cook Judd's dinner (fish, broccoli, brown rice). I'm not hungry right now.

08-21-2006, 07:52 PM
lol, nope not 49, anyone else guess. Actually yesterday was our anniversary.

08-21-2006, 08:54 PM

08-21-2006, 09:24 PM
I am going to take another guess and say 51, you got married when you were 10 :D :D :D :D :D :D

08-21-2006, 09:49 PM
i'm back from w a. earlier today i weeded another rosebed. i guess i worked out there for about an hour maybe a little less. we have company right now. 2 men and a young boy. they are buying a bow.

vickie, is there a water aerobics class near you? i highly recommend them. we had a different instructor tonight. she didn't work us as hard as our regular one but it was all right.

kathy and vickie, i'm glad you are going to get to meet in october.

08-21-2006, 09:53 PM
Hey everyone,

Rose I'll say 51. I know I'm probably wrong.

Kathy, it sounds like your focus is on the future. That's great! It gives you something to plan for and look forward too.

Niki, How bout them Yanks. Five straight against Boston. I'm watching the replay now since I only heard it on the radio. I want to see everyone after they win. The reporters said the players were pretty emotional.

Vicki, it looks like we both went Mexican tonight. I made the lazy girl tamale pie for the first time. It was great! I'm bringing some for lunch tomorrow and I'm going to cut up some avacado to go with it. I made Pineapple cheesecake pudding for dessert. I love going back and printing new recipes. Froufy I printed up your roast recipe. I may try it this weekend.

Anyway, hope you all have a great night. Work hard on your 2 x 2 challenge. I'm hitting the treadmill tomorrow. :woops:

08-21-2006, 10:41 PM
Hey gals!

Kathy, I'm glad Shaun got on his way okay today, and that you managed to hold things together. :) I know it's been a long emotional ride for you.
Oh, and Hi Kate! :wave:

Vickie, how are you friend? I hope that you are having a good evening. We almost went to Chipotle for dinner. I'm loving those burrito bols.

Sandra, you're just a little fish aren't you? We're still working on finding some activities to do. We want to do biking but they are so expensive, and there's no where around here that we know of that rents bikes. We'll keep looking I guess!

Rose, I'll guess 1 year!! :lol:

Gotta get to preparing for tomorrow...Good night!

08-21-2006, 11:00 PM
Melissa your birthday is the same day as my brothers. My sil is going to have a little barbeque party for him since it will be his 45th birthday.

08-21-2006, 11:07 PM
Stacey, you are right on,:cp: :flow1: we were married Aug. 19 1955. 51 years. Oh gosh that sounds like forever. lol I turned 70, this summer, hubby is 71 this summer.
Blue Skies,

08-21-2006, 11:25 PM
That is amazing Rose!! Congratulation!!

08-21-2006, 11:27 PM
congrats on your anniversary Rose - wishing you many more years of happiness!

Kathy - glad Shaun got off okay - I (like Vickie) would have been bawling my eyes out- you are a stronger woman than I!

Vickie - I am very proud of you for going back to your meeting - it could not have been easy - and I know it will help you get back on track! Good for you. Thanks also for the lane bryant link - I shall go check it out.

stacy - good luck on the treadmill tomorrow! Every little bit helps!

I had a bit of a rough night and miserable day at work - I was up around 5 am - let one little thought of work enter my mind - and then BINGO - that's all it took to start the worry wheels turning in that old head of mine! I kept trying to relax' and 'empty' my mind but it just wasn't working. I got up feeling so depressed and still overwhelmed.

I'm pretty sure it's a work related issue - (which is also affecting my eating of course!) - I have things to do that would normally have been done by my employees - and while I kinda know the stuff - I don't feel confident and some of it I've never done before and this is freaking me out!

And you know when you get into your office and there is a post-it note stuck to your monitor from the (acting) Director saying' urgent come see me asap re deployment of new staff' - it can't be good news! sigh.....

Yes it seems we can't deploy Mr. Winnipeg into the position we wanted to cuz it isn't vacant yet (well duh!) - so found 'another' REAL position - (yes my mgr called from home while on holidays as she is still watching all the emails) - but here's the government catch - that position is designated bilingual - and this fellow isn't - so need to change language profile of the job (english only) - BUT need to provide rationale, get upper level approvals, etc - and they want to know why you need to change this - and it can't be BECAUSE THE PERSON ISN'T BILINGUAL - the job designation is attached to the position not the person.

So all seems to be falling apart - and in fact Mr. Winnipeg did not call me today which was a blessing in disguise as I don't really know what to tell him??? So I sat all day in my office with most of the lights off trying to stay calm.....and I won't even go into the contact name I was given to get a code from - turns out this person retired LAST FEBRUARY - and we've been sending emails? Go figure - I finally called out of desperation - and got this exciting update!!!- talk about slow moving gov - this person still listed in gov directory with phone #/address, etc...and email still operational - geez!

Then a meeting I thought wasn't happening was - so had to review docs thru lunch hour - and got into the cookies- thankfully I keep arrowroot cookies in my desk - it could have been worse!

Good news is I did do my floor exercises this morning and went to the gym after work - bad news is I took ds to movie while dd was at dance camp and had popcorn for supper and one peanut butter cup (which resulted in a huge HIVE right under my eye) - hope it disappears before dh gets home (jamming) cuz he will have a fit!

Waiting for dryer to buzz then I should head off to bed!


08-22-2006, 12:00 AM
Thanks girls, 51 years have just gone by so quickly. At the time people said it would never last, as we were so young, I had just turned 19 and hubby had just turned 20. We were lucky, he worked for the Airlines until he retired at 56
Well off to bed. Take care now, look after each other.

08-22-2006, 12:43 AM
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ROSE!!! you and dh are a fine looking couple. you know i don't think you look anywhere near 70. you're a cute tomato.

melissa, i'm having a hard time finding swimsuits that aren't too low. my girls need more covering.

frouf, don't let it get to you. keep telling yourself--cruise, cruise, cruise. i'm glad you did the floor exercises. that has to be good for your morale.

kathy, how are you tonight? are you doing all right?

08-22-2006, 09:03 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I'm just sitting here with my cup of coffee. Jim and I got all our first morning chores done. You know, feeding and watering the cat and dog, getting newspapers, taking out garbage, and making coffee.

Cassie has a bath appointment at 9:00 and Jim and I now need to schedule time on the treadmill. He's usually an early guy so he'll probably want to go first. I have a pedicure today at 4:15 and then I'll be coming home to cook dinner. I'd like to get out after lunch to get the things I need for dinner and do my chopping for today and tomorrow's dinners. Can you tell I'm already planning more after one day on Core?! :D

I did ok yesterday. I spent 6 points....too many...and probably ate a bit more than I should have. All and all not a bad day. I know I was obsessed and feeling a little anxious about being back on program. I know exercise and my meetings are REALLY the key. The eating usually follows ok for me. I'm coming up on my second anniversary on Core. I thought it would be easier by now and that I would have maybe been at goal. Enough excuses. Sigh.

How were all of you last night?

08-22-2006, 09:27 AM
Good morning, I am watching my neighbors little boy this morning for a few hours, he is a few months older than my ds so he is very happy to have a play date. You have to see how cute my kiddies are, dd climbed into bed with her brother and he is now reading her a story, he is so loving & protective towards her, my older brothers always tormented me when we were kids :D my younger brother was always close to me.

Vickie you are doing great, I am the same way with the exercise, don't be so hard on yourself alot of us are right there with you.

Froufy I hope this situation works out for you soon, exercise is a great way to relieve some stress, like sandra said think CRUISE,CRUISE,CRUISE and when you are on the cruise have some watermelon Martinis they are real good :devil:

Melissa I forgot to mention, I Love your website!! Very Nice!

Sandra I find it hard covering my girls in bathing suits also, sounds like you had a great workout yesterday, good for you!

Kathy how are you doing this morning!

Stacey the Yankees did fabulous, what do you think about the new stadium they want to build. I read you use to live in Brooklyn, what part I have friends there, I grew up in Astoria Queens not far from brooklyn.

Rose if my dad was still alive my parents would of been married 46 years, they also got married at 19 & 20.:D

08-22-2006, 09:28 AM
Kathy, Jim and I would LOVE to get together with you and Judd for dinner! We have several Fall birthdays but I'm thinking it won't be a problem to work around them. I'll probably have a birthday party for my BIL on Saturday, October 28th. They haven't scheduled yet but they usually pick Saturdays. Friday and Sunday are wide open right now. My Sister's birthday is earlier in the month so we should be ok there. Halloween is also booked for us too. It's so fun to spend it with the Great Nieces and Nephew! The Sears Tower view is breathtaking and US Cellular Field aka Comiskey Park is amazing. The other place....not so much! ;) How are you doing this morning? Have you been into Shaun's room yet?

Sandra, as much as I love my pool and the water, I'm not ready for public consumption in my bathing suit. I haven't been able to find one in the last couple of years that covered me well enough to make me feel that I could go to water aerobics. It's definitely a thought for the future, though. I'm sure we have the classes. We have quite an elaborate community program.

Stacey, I make a tamale pie also but it's a pretty elaborate recipe with polenta for "crust". I cut mine up and freeze it in serving sizes and have it for lunches. Jim wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. He thinks polenta and couscous are YUCK! I'm happy that he'll eat most Core foods because I would not cook two dinners. Nice job by the Yankees. We are not doing our job beating Detroit. The way they and we are playing, our only hope is the wildcard at this point.

Melissa, I'm good! I love the burrito bols too. It feels like fast food and I consider it Core enough...except for the cheese and I count the points. Did you have your Dad's party already?

Rose, I think my Sister and BIL have been married for 45 years. They were the same as you and DH, both very young. I think my Sister was 19 and BIL was 21. They basically grew up together and were lucky enough to still love each other when it was all over. Jim and I married late in life. We're praying for 50. Congratulations again! It is quite the accomplishment.

Thanks for the support, Frouf! :hug: It wasn't easy to go back. I was a little quiet during the meeting. I didn't feel I should be talking alot after not showing up for 3 months! Ugh! I am SO sorry to hear about your work issues. I was just telling Jim the other day how grateful I am that I don't have to deal with all of that anymore. It was especially bad the 2 years before I retired since I was the big cheese! I did have some good staff though so keep fighting for people that you know will make your job easier. Yesterday's meeting was all about not comforting yourself with food. It was important for me because I do that. We are supposed to try to create other comforts for ourselves....reading, games, exercise, shopping, etc. I'm going to try. Keep up with your exercise like you have been and it will take care of you until you get your eating back under control.

Ok....Jim is on the treadmill so I guess I'm up next. I think I'll go eat breakfast. I got up early so I can eat early. Yippee!

08-22-2006, 09:43 AM
Niki, what a great story! I always wanted a brother. Sigh.

08-22-2006, 10:16 AM
So last night and this morning, I've been all a twitter because today's the first day of Kindergarten for my dd #2. I had the plan of how the morning was going to play out all worked out in my head. And then, when I got dd #3 up, she threw up all over! There go my plans. :lol: Thankfully, my mom is willing to come over and sit with sicky so I can take the girls to school. And I guess my morning walk around the lake is out. Darn.

I did OK for a first day back on plan yesterday...until late evening. I was super hungry and nervous, so I had a piece of pizza and two pieces of buttered toast. Oh well, each day is a new one.

I'm off to take my medicine and try to calm myself. I think I'm more nervous than she is. :)


08-22-2006, 10:19 AM
Angela, you're adorable! Calm down will all be ok. I was hungry and edgy too yesterday for my first day on back strict. We will succeed! My Great Niece went to her first day of kindergarden. My Niece didn't seem traumatized at all. I think she was ready for her to go.

08-22-2006, 10:38 AM
Hey Angela , I knoe how you feel, my ds's first day of Kindergarten, dh & I followed the school bus to the school and watched ds get of the bus and walk to his class with all the other children :o , they were so little. Now he is a pro and will be going into 1st grade but I will still meet him at school on his first day. DD still has 2 years to go and I will probably follow her bus too!

08-22-2006, 10:45 AM
Angela! :hug: It'll be okay and she'll have a blast, I'm sure! It's funny how we get more traumatized by these things than they do!

Vickie, "the other place" ... :lol: Judd actually had the nerve to say the name out loud! We'll just call it WF so that we don't have to stoop that low. And yes, he wants to go there as well as Comiskey. I have not gone into Shaun's room but Kate did and said it was remarkably improved from when he was in there. As long as all trash, food, dishes, etc. are out of there, I can deal with whatever else he left. I'm going to wait until Thanksgiving weekend and hopefully get it all re-done then ... painting and carpet cleaning and furniture placement. As long as it's done by Christmas when all of Judd's family is in town, we'll be fine.

Rose, my parents had their 52nd anniversary this year. Times sure flies, doesn't it? I always tease them that they've been married longer than I've even been ALIVE ... and they say, um ... yeah, well of course we have! :lol: My mom was 22 and my dad was 20 when they got married so I guess I just told their age!

I did pretty well last night and only woke up once. Of course, I had to cry after watching Everybody Loves Raymond because it was the one where Ally and Ray went to a father/daughter dance. Ray was remembering when she was born, and then after the "memory" scenes, they showed them back at the dance. "You are the sunshine of my life" came on, and that was the song that Ray and Debra had used during the childbirth and then Ally said something about her dad not liking to dance to the slow songs, and Ray said "it's going fast enough" -- of course talking about how quickly the years were passing and then I was like a big ol' mess!

SO ANYWAY ... I started a letter to him this morning but am going to write it in a blank journal and write a little every day, then will give it to him at graduation. It'll just be about the little day-to-day happenings around the house, the dogs did this or that, so-and-so asked about him, yada yada yada. It'll probably bore his socks off but it'll make me feel like I'm keeping in touch. Stupid, I'm sure, but oh well!

And my eating got off to a horrible start when I woke up having an ugly day, then didn't want to get out of bed, then didn't want to make my breakfast before leaving, then didn't stop for anything, so I had a coke. So much for the challenge, huh? I'm not giving up, though! I was 143 this morning so I guess I'm still sorta on track. I just have to remember to drink all my water today and not hoover thru the kitchen when I get home.

On with the day...

08-22-2006, 11:01 AM
Oh gosh, I have been married longer then the age of most of you. Do you know at first I was afraid as I thought you guys would think what a old lady. :) Thanks Sandra, I do not feel 70, in fact when I hear that someone is 70 I right away think of a old person, then I think, oh my gosh, that is me. I remember going to a group and the ladies were all my age but I thought (JUST FOR A SECOND) what am I doing here with all my Mothers friends. :o It hit me then gosh, this is my age group. :rollpin:
I must say though two of my best friends are 20 years younger then I am.

Kathy how are you today, it gets easier but it is hard when there is change even if it is for the good.

As far as sending them off to kindergarten that is a funny feeling also. I feel for you also. I remember my son going to kindergarten I was so sad (it quickly left me though):) :smug:

Well we are leaving tomorrow for a few days so I will bid you goodbye.
Saundra should be back from her trip to Picton. Picton is a nice place with the Sand Banks. I would guess they would have a good time.

Waving to you all, and will love you and leave you.

08-22-2006, 12:18 PM
Angela - good luck with the kindergarten drop off - I remember being worried about dd cuz she was so tiny and born late (e.g. November) so she was just 3 in september when she started junior kindergarten (for 4 yr olds) - she was so small she couldn't reach the bottom step of the school bus - dh had to lift her up! ( I was practically crying already) - then god forbid she leaned backwards - with that backpack on her back (probably heavier than her?) she would have fallen right out of the bus!

Kathy - I think the journal/letter is a great and lovely idea - and I know Shaun will appreciate it and all you've done for him. Good luck w/the redecorating - and I don't think one coke will make all that much difference!

Rose - have fun at the cottage!!!

Vickie - sounds like you are in Core prep mode which is great - I know if we are prepared that is half - actually more than half - the battle! I was tired last night - but forced myself to make a salad, then a big 'vat' of tuna salad and I prepared some fresh strawberries to take to work - I know if I'm not prepared I will reach for that which I should not reach for!

Need more sleep - woke up a bit at 5 am (potty break) but I think I fell back asleep on and off til 7 am! Dh gone to meeting this am - so I was official chauffeur for kiddies!

Got to work at 9 am - and yes a message on my phone from Mr. Winnipeg - DECLINING the deployment - I am so depressed and upset - and after I had everyone bending over backwards to make this happen (even the admin officer stayed late last night to do the language approval forms) - says he can't leave cuz his manager is leaving - reorganization, etc. So now I have NO ONE - NO PROSPECTS - NOTHING - NADA - ALL ALONE (and still don't know what I"m doing:D)

Muddling thru as best I can - I sent an email to my ex-employee (she is just in the next tower) asking if she could spare 30 mins to walk me thru the financial committment system again (the most NON USER friendly software ever invented!) - I did take notes when she showed it to me - but basically I don't know what I"m doing!!! Also doing all contract prep, security statuses, vendor codes - all by my lonesome - I am feeling the pressure (yes I shall think cruise, cruise, cruise).

I do intend to exercise after work - well after I drive dd to dance camp at 6 pm....then need a calm, relaxing evening, right???


P.S Did I mention the big contract we have worked on for OVER A YEAR which has fallen thru? Seems there was a glitch/problem with the interpretation of one of the mandatory requirements so the whole thing has to be redone - and now I have a meeting with my 'client' (bureau director and associate director) to explain how that happened - boy I can't wait! NOT :(

08-22-2006, 01:11 PM
I just finished my 35 minutes on the treadmill. I'm off to shower and start my errands. Hang in there everyone!

08-22-2006, 01:40 PM
Dd did very well, and I'm happy to say, I didn't cry, at least not in her presence. :) She was nervous, but we had role-played the whole thing yesterday with Grandma, and I really think that helped. I'm looking forward to picking them up today at noon (it's a half-day) and hearing all about the day's events.

I got a bit of a shock though, when the school nurse called this morning! I was thinking, "OK, WHO threw up??!" but then she said big dd has an immune-suppressed classmate, so the nurse just wanted the details of little dd's illness, I guess to protect him. I'm pretty sure it's the boy who has leukemia... he was going through his 3rd round of chemo last school year, poor kid. I'm thrilled that he's in school now. He's technically been dd's classmate for 3 years now. Anyway, I was really glad it wasn't about one of my kiddos.

Little dd is begging for food, and so far has kept down ice chips, a popsicle, and some dry rice krispies - oh yes, and some Tylenol. So I think if I can keep her fever down and keep her resting today, maybe I can pronounce her on the mend tomorrow?? We'll see.

I've been starvingly hungry the last day or two...trying not to eat the house down. :D


08-22-2006, 04:53 PM
Hey everyone,

I can't believe it so late and this is my first post. I've been so busy since I got to work at 8:15. Anyway.

Rose - Congrats on the Anniversary. My mom and dad would have been married 53 years this past June. Dad turned 76 last week and he's just a big kid. I told him he can get old but never act it.

Niki - I lived on Ocean Parkway near Kings Highway. I lived in the same building my whole life even after I married. Even though we've only been in the house for a year it seems like forever. Whenever we go back to Brooklyn it just seems foreign to me.

Froufy - :hug: Just hang in there. Keep venting to us and we'll keep making you feel better. The exercise is a great idea. Listen to your favorite music. I'm a Barry Manilow geek and his music has gotten me through the worst of times including almost dying when my older daughter was 7 months old and then when she had open heart surgery at 2. Just keep thinking CRUISE!

Vicki - The recipe I found was actually here under core recipes. It's so yummy. Dad is having some tonight for dinner and I'll probably bring it again for lunch tomorrow with fresh guacamole.

Angela - It seems just yesterday I was taking Nikki to 1st grade with Briana 2 months old in her stroller. Now Nikki is going into 10th grade and is trying to start a modeling career and Briana is going into 4th.

Kathy - I think the journal is an awesome idea. It helps get your feelings out and gives your son a chance to catch up on the little things he may have missed.

Guess I should finish my day at work. Nikki has guitar at 6, pick up the dh at 6:40, cook dinner at 7 and collapse after playing with briana at 8. Then start all over again tomorrow. I'll stop by later.

08-22-2006, 04:54 PM
hi there, chickiepoos. it's a great day to be alive and be op. curtis and i just got home from running errands and visiting with some folks. now we're readying to do chores around the house. i have my 2nd load of laundry washing already.

vickie, you sound much much happier today--more like your old self. last night after i got home from w a and after company left, curtis and i watched tv then hot tubbed. that's about it for us.

niki, i got me some sports bras today. i'm going to try to cover the girls in them under my suit. hope it works. that's cute about ds reading to dd--a hallmark moment for sure.

vickie, some of the ladies wear t-shirts and shorts over their swimsuits. i thought of doing that myself.

angela, i'm sure dd #2 is doing fantastic. i remember those first day blues, though. ds went to k right down the hall from my 4th grade class. that made it easier for us.

kathy, what a wonderful idea writing in a journal for shaun. he'll love it. i'm not surprised you had your cry last night. we moms can hold those tears in only so long. i hope your day is better now than it was this am.

rose, i guess i got here too late to say, "good-bye." i know you and dh will have a great time.

frouf, how much longer till you can retire? i can't imagine having that much pressure at work.

a girlfriend is going to w a with me tonight. we're going to have a blast. i'm off here now to fold towels and see what else needs doing. have a great day, all.

08-22-2006, 08:52 PM
Hi: No, it is not too late Sandra, gosh it looks like our plans may be changed. It is not the cottage we are going it is to Ottawa for a couple of days. Our son sold his house and we have to get some of the things out. He got what he asked for but they want him out in two weeks. He has Grandma's dishes etc. and we want to go and get them. The cottage is on hold now.
I am just waiting for our son to call us and see what is what. So---I may be here tomorrow and I may not. lol

Stacey and you other gals that still have your parents on this earth are so lucky. I had a hard time when I lost mine. My Mother died in "86" Dad died in 2002, he was 90 years young. I had the most amazing parents, the nurses in the hospital said that Dad prayed lots and he brought some to know the Lord.
He volunteered in the hospital until his late 80's and was loved by all. He walked 8 miles a day for exercise until he was in his middle 80's and then he would go about 3 miles.
Well must run, don't take any wooden nickels girls and frouf hope you get more sleep. It is hard when things keep running through your mind.

08-22-2006, 09:01 PM
rose, i'm glad you and dh are able to help ds. i'm also glad you may be posting here tomorrow. (i'm selfish.)

08-22-2006, 10:43 PM
Hey gals! Found out today they are cracking down on all internet usage at work, so I'm trying to avoid getting in trouble. Had a busy day and tonight was busy too. I'm sorry to be short but I'm so tired. And so hungry! I'll talk to you all tomorrow.

08-22-2006, 11:40 PM
Rose, I know it's going to be hard when I lose my parents. :hug: We just went thru losing my sister four years ago and it was hard on all three of us. We were with her when she passed over, and my mom wouldn't even consider it any other way. She said, "I was there when she took her first breath and I'm going to be there when she takes the last one." Now when I lose the two of them, I'll be thinking of the bond we formed when we held hands around my sister's bed. Makes me want to cry even now.

But hey, what DOESN'T make me want to cry? I've cried for the whole day and at the stupidest things. Judd and I went out with the Air Force guys tonight -- to a movie tavern -- and on the way I was telling him about yesterday and the things that Shaun and I did, and I think I cried throughout the whole time I was telling him. He was very patient with me though, and let me talk. I needed that.

The Chief called me at work today to say that Shaun left on time and the swearing-in ceremony went off well; said Shaun would be calling either late tonight or tomorrow at work, depending on when they let him. He gets 2-3 minutes to call and let me know how he's doing.

Melissa, we recently had some people fired for excessive internet usage; although one of them was doing day-trading while using company resources and charging to the program. That IS excessive. Other than that, they let us have our little breaks and whatnot, and read the newspaper, etc. I really shouldn't be online during the day either; most of the time I feel really bad about it. I think if you can break the habit and watch the usage, then so can I. I'd rather not lose my job over something like that!

I'm really tired so I'm going to go to bed now. I'll be back ... hmm, I guess it'll be tomorrow after work! Nah, I'll check in at least once or twice during the day, but it probably won't be much.

08-23-2006, 12:00 AM
Well here I am - exhausted - and cranky!

Kathy - you need to vent too - and it is sad that Shaun is away from home - so I'm glad you were able to talk to Judd about it.

Vickie - congrats on getting your exercise in today - good for you!

Sandra - hey just jump in with the sports bra on - how about a little excitement at the pool? :D

Rose - have fun in the 'big city' - hope you are able to retrieve what you need!

Angela - sounds like drop off went well - await report of 1st day at school!

Stacey - hope you are having a well deserved quiet evening!

I had a major meltdown on the way home - to be expected I guess? dh came by and took me out for lunch which was nice (indian food which wasn't that 'nice' for me! but yummy). I tried to do that financial stuff but couldn't even log onto the system - so now I am freaked about getting the paperwork completed so contract can start on Friday - guess now I will be begging tomorrow to get someone/anyone to help me out??? This is pathetic.

....I feel a bit behind in my work too - so on the way home now I am feeling so bad, depressed and just want to cry and scream. Get home and unfortunately dd ended up getting the 'brunt' of my anger. I came home to find dishes on the counter (left by her and her brother) and can't understand why it is so hard to put them INSIDE the dishwasher??? So when she comes downstairs (driving her to dance class) I ask if any of these plates are hers? Of course (and the can of pepsi by the couch) and I start shrieking at her like a madwoman about putting our dishes in the dishwasher and not leaving a mess - etc....I continue this rant in the car - she of course starts crying and I pull over saying I cannot take her to dance class if she is whining (she is crying cuz someone took her bathroom cup out of her washroom - and she doesn't know where it is? ) ya try the kitchen cupboard (duh?) it was in the dishwasher to be cleaned?

Anyway you can see how the evening is progressing (and she is now asking for this pair of sunglasses she wants for tomorrow's camp trip to the waterpark - ya like i have nothing better to do tonight). Drop her off -head home - now crying in the car - come home (dh gone to get ds) so I can continue my pity party on my own for a while.

Decide to make pancakes for dinner? (and I'm not even hungry) - dh comes home takes one look at me and sees the meltdown in progress! So I have been in a foul mood all night - I can't believe how much work is affecting me? I feel so useless and I don't want to go to work - or even go on a trip anymore - what's the point? Just come back to more work and pressure! Everything is bad, bad, bad - no good news in sight? (is it my bad karma causing all of this???)

Went to pick dd up (and did manage to find the sunglasses for her) - needs to clean her room and bathroom first tho - I really need to sleep - but can't imagine falling asleep? I sure hope I DON'T wake up - cuz it will be all over and I will be up for a while.

Tomorrow is birthday lunch day - going out with work team - chinese food place - I'm driving (ya that's what happens when you have a van) - don't want to drive - don't want to go - don't want to act happy - feeling crappy!

And my director is back so I am meeting with him tomorrow to debrief him on all that has been going on (he was gone for a month) - my mgr off til sept.

i don't know what's wrong with me - I am so pathetic - I am usually such a 'go-getter', action type person and this is really dragging me down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


08-23-2006, 12:08 AM
Hmmm ... sounds like a trip to the doctor is in order for our Frouf. What do you think, girl? Do you think you need something -- maybe temporarily -- to get you over this hump? You're right though; this is SO not like you.

08-23-2006, 11:11 AM
Well, good morning! Do I win the prize for first and last post? :lol:

Today's GOT to be a better day for me and the challenge. I'm losing ground -- weighed 144.2 this morning which isn't good.

Anyway, I thought I'd check and see if anyone was here. I'd better get to work now...

08-23-2006, 11:45 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Sorry I wasn't on last night. I had shopping, and a pedicure and cooked a big meal. After dinner I talked to my Niece and my best GF.

Best GF is back in the hospital. It's VERY serious and I'm scared for her. She now has a bowel obstruction. Normally surgery would be the answer but she cannot have surgery because her immune system is so compromised. She was supposed to start the whole bone marrow/stem cell transplant process next Monday. Now, it's postponed because of this obstruction and because her blasts are up.....may be going into Leukemia. She cannot have the transplant until she is in remission and they are thinking chemo first. She isn't being very clear and I'm thinking it's because she can only absorb just so much bad information at a time. She's on morphine every three hours because the pain is so intense. She can't have any flowers or visitors. They are hoping the obstruction will resolve itself. Sounds like they have no options. She's been getting no food or water for over 24 hours. I asked how they are nourishing her and she said she doesn't know. Lordy......she wasn't even able to take her oldes son to his first year of college on Saturday since that's when she was admitted to the hospital.

Thanks for letting me get that out. I've never felt so helpless in my life.

That's what is consuming my life at the moment. I'm going to go see how all of you are.

08-23-2006, 11:46 AM
Sorry to hear it, Vickie. :hug: Don't worry, you didn't miss much last night anyway.

08-23-2006, 12:10 PM
Niki, I LOVED that you and DS followed the bus to school. I remember my Mom said that she was crying/sobbing because I was happy, smiling, and waving goodbye! What can I say....I'm a people person.

Kathy, I remember that Raymond episode. No surprise that it made you cry. I think he'll love the journal. You write SO beautifully. Have you heard from him yet? It's a beautiful day here in Chicago.

Rose, you are only as old as you feel and act! 70 doesn't seem old to me anymore at all. My oldest Sister is 64 and my BIL is 67. They are very vibrant and enjoying retirement. I'm 50 and they are my favorite people to spend time with. I still miss both of my parents very much. Dad died when I was 22 and Mom died when I was 43. Mom got Alzheimer's in 1989 but didn't die until 1999. It is a hideous disease. She and I were best friends.

Frouf, what a picture you painted of DD's first day of school! Those are some powerful memories you all have. I cannot believe the horrible run of luck you are having at work. Anyone would be upset and stressed. I agree with Kathy, though, it sounds like you need a trip to the Doctor. Maybe being the Acting Director is too much for you. There's nothing wrong with admitting that if it's true. It doesn't mean you've failed. It really sounds like there isn't enough of a support system there for new Management staff. I remember exactly what you are going through. If the exercise isn't enough to bring you out of the funk then maybe you need some anxiety type medicine. This cannot be good for your blood pressure and it certainly is NOT adding to your quality of life. With what is going on with my GF, all I care about at the moment is quality of life! You are absolutely NOT pathetic. I think you are amazing. You just sound completely overwhelmed and need some help.

Angela, I hope today's school drop off was easier on you. How is baby DD feeling this morning? How are you feeling?

Stacey, isn't it amazing how our days can blur and get repetitive after a while?

Sandra, you're right. It is a great day to be alive and healthy! Did you enjoy wa with GF?

Melissa, how dare work cut down on internet usage! Now we'll never hear from you. I'm sad!

Wow! It's amazing that we lose an ounce sometimes, isn't it? My scale is actually down a tiny bit this morning. I said I wasn't going to look but I couldn't help it. All that really matters is next Monday.

I have to make a tamale pie now for lunch and for freezing. I'm also making smothered barley chicken for dinner. We haven't had that in a long time.

I'm going to go make a menu thread.

08-23-2006, 12:17 PM

Vicki - my thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend. It's extremely hard to see someone you love suffer. My dh and I have lost 3 parents and it never gets easy. Keep positive thoughts and know that we are all here for you.

Kathy - I'm a little up this morning as well. Had a great Core day yesterday until that small slice of sicilian pizza that nobody ate called to me. Took 7 points off my week and feel sick about it. We're going to our friends on Sunday. They always have a nauseating amount of food. They're all kinda heavy and don't really care so its hard for me but I'm going to be strong.

I'll stop by later after work. ;)

08-23-2006, 12:17 PM
Good morning all...sounds like most of us could use a big hug this morning. :grouphug:

Little dd is feeling a bit better today. She still has the fever, but is eating a bit, and moving about better. The first day of school went very well for both of my big girls, and today's drop off was super easy. :) I'm just crossing my fingers that they don't get sick.

Now I have to figure out how to organize my days...I'm still on my summer schedule. It's a little harder because little dd doesn't want me to be separated from her, but she doesn't feel well enough to follow me around. I spent a long time reading yesterday.

I've been reading a history of the Jews by Chaim Potok, one of my favorite authors. I have to say, it's fascinating. He has such a great writing style, even nonfiction, and the subject is so interesting. I love reading history.

Maybe I'll see if little dd will let me put some laundry away. :D


08-23-2006, 12:32 PM
Angela, you're right. We probably ALL need hugs. Here's mine for all of you :hug: .

Jim is on the treadmill now. My turn is next. I think I'll go work on the tamale pie for a while.

08-23-2006, 12:47 PM
Hi all: Well it is all settled we are leaving as soon as hubby loads the trailer. We have so many things to bring back with us. It is going to be a fast trip and not the fun I had wanted but what the heck it is good we can help ds.
Here he is 50 and I still think of him as a kid.:D

Kathy, it is **** to see your family die. I also lost a sister about 8 years ago, she was in her late 50's. I then lost my Mother and then Dad. I thought I would never be the same but you know time does help. BUT---- It is like a sore. It scabs over but every once in a while it breaks open, and do I cry. I was very close to them.

Frouf, sorry to hear you are so upset with work. This will pass also. I remember when I had little ones and it was a hard day my Mother would say that I would laugh about these days, and guess what, I do, and wish I had them back again. :carrot: with all this energy. I really do marvel at you gals that work and then come home and work again. I don't think I could have done it as well as you do.

Sandra my friend, you are on a high for sure. Keep up the good work, your health will benefit for sure. Sending you more :dust:
Did you decide not to move??

Angela, you are right everyone does need a :hug:

Vicki, so sorry to hear about your friend. I lost a friend to Cancer and it was so sad as she was in her 50's and had so much to live for. They had a 46' boat, lots of money and a wonderful life. Bingo, it was all gone in a short time. We just do not know when the Lord calls us, so be ready girls. :angel:

Melissa hope you are able to continue with the posts to us. I love reading about your life.

Niki, I love the bus story also. I can just picture it.

Saundra, you still away, love to hear about the fun you had in Picton. I may be able to get on my son's computer if he does not have it packed away.

Stacey, I know what it is like going where they serve enormous amounts of food, it is not easy to stay on track. Do your best.


08-23-2006, 12:50 PM
:grouphug: What a sad bunch we are lately, huh? I hope it gets better soon for everyone.

Shaun called at 12:20 a.m. -- probably not by choice -- but the collect "operator" (recording) couldn't hear his name although *I* heard it and they told him to hang up and try his call again. Of course, there were probably 80 people in line behind him and he couldn't call back. I assume they had just arrived in Great Lakes. He sounded really tired ... well, the one word I heard, which was his name, sounded really tired. I hope he was able to sleep on the plane or in the terminal or bus or somewhere, because I imagine they got up early this morning for PT. Actual processing week doesn't start until next week because everyone is still arriving from the different parts of the country, or so I was told. Maybe he can try another call soon.

Angela, I hope the baby gets better soon. It's gotta be rough on you to need to be doing things, but she can't tag along and you can't exactly spend 24 hours a day with her.

Lunch is being brought in today, Schlotzsky's, and I'm hoping they ordered some salad or fruit too. The AF will be gone after today, thank goodness. There's always too much food around when they're here.

Back to work ...

08-23-2006, 01:22 PM
Kathy, at least you know Shaun made it here. He'll call back when he can. He sure isn't in control of his time right now.

Saundra, hope you're well and that you just decided to extend your vacation.

It's my turn on the treadmill now!

08-23-2006, 01:33 PM
Rose, enjoy your trip! I know your "kid" appreciates the help. Stay safe!

Guess what??? It's not going to be over 100 today! Woohoo!!! :carrot:

08-23-2006, 01:36 PM
melissa, we got the same memo when i was teaching. we had puters in every classroom and the teachers would e each other. (me included)

kathy, i'm so glad you got to release your emotions. i think that's very important. my weight was up yesterday but is down today. i think these fluctuations just happen. try not to worry. think of how you eat most of the time. you rarely have a night out. when you do, enjoy it.

frouf, i agree with kathy. do what you need to do to get over this hump.

vickie, i'm sorry about your friend. that's sad. my gf and i did have a good time at w a. the sports bra under my suit worked beautifully. i didn't have to stop once to make any girl adjustments. the instructor last night is our age. i like her. she's my personal trainer there, too. (even though i'm not doing any on land work)

i'm going to the doctor today for a weightloss followup. i'll let ya'll know what i find out when i get home. curtis has an appt, too. he's wanting to drop cholesterol meds and try diet/exercise. i hope he has to bring a ww card to the doc next month. that will help both of us.

angela, you and little dd will have some good alone together time. i guess you're both having to adjust to having the other dd's gone to school.

rose, the land we were looking at may have burned up. there's been a huge forest fire in that creek drainage. 7300 acres last report and the there's to be a new report today. anyway, it's bad around here. there are numerous other forest fires and our valley here in town is filled with smoke.the road is closed to traffic so we can't find out anything. we are now sort of rethinking about staying in town around firetrucks. thanks for the dust. i need it. i've been hungrier lately. have a good, safe trip. i'll look for you back soon.

kathy, i'm glad you got to hear shaun's voice. now you know he's there. maybe he can call again soon. i hope so.

08-23-2006, 01:37 PM
congrats on getting out of the triple digits!!!!!

08-23-2006, 02:20 PM
Afternoon everyone,
had an upset stomach last night and feel blah today. Just going to lie low. I ate some crackers when I had morning sickness and it helped so I tried it this morning. not core but... Im having fun with the yocheese..someone suggested adding carmelized onions and garlic to it..dosnt that sound good! Could use good oil to carmilize them as well. She also heard if you let the yogurt sit longer it tends to be more of a firmer texture. Some let it sit 2 days. I have a new batch in the fridge so Ill try it out and see what happens.
Vickie,,((hugss)) Im thinking of you and your gf right now and sending you both good thoughts....this is so hard to go thru.
Kathy Im glad you heard from Shawn,,even though you couldnt talk you know he made it ok...
Angela, its tough to keep up with stuff when your kids are little and sick. Im glad you sat with her and did lots of reading. You both need that.
Rose dosnt matter what age your kids...good luck on the moving trip.
Sandra good luck at the drs today! Im sure he will be so impressed at your new figure(s) lol
Frouf I agree with Vickie,,,
Be strong Stacey..maybe bring some of your own snacks??

Heading back to the couch here ..will check back in later

08-23-2006, 02:42 PM
patti, i hope you're feeling better. i've used crackers to settle my stomach, too. they seem to work.

melissa, i was putting some pasta with peas into a tupperware container. after i closed the lid, i saw 2 peas on the counter. i thought of you and me.

08-23-2006, 05:36 PM
Hi chickies,

Here I am muddling through! Thanks for all the support and kind thoughts. I did have another meltdown at bedtime which was NOT GOOD (note to self - 11 pm at night not a good time to talk about finances w/dh) - this made us both depressed - then started thinking and crying about work again. Poor dh was trying to console me - so here I am today with puffy eyes, yawning and bad headache.

Good news is - I did find someone (our admin officer) to help me out with the financial system thing - AND short term committment to handle this for me until I find someone to help me out - I can't tell you what a relief this is (altho this lady is a bit pushy, loud and domineering - I think I can manage it). All I have to do is get paperwork to her when needed (and lots of it) - I will give her whatever she needs - altho it will probably take me time to get it all together!

Also got contract signed, couriered over and emailed over so as long as I get it signed back by friday we should be good to go. My meeting w/director was helpful and he was very upset about the contract that fell thru and now insisting we talk to Director General of the contracting section so we are pulling out the big guns! YIPPEE!

I am predicting I shall sleep tonight as some of the pressure is off now? Also went out for lunch today - which was fun - and yes I did have a nice piece of chocolate cake (bad froufie! - I think I shall be gaining 2 lbs during the challenge instead of losing them - does that count?:D)

Kathy - glad you at least got to hear Shaun's voice to confirm he arrived safely - I'm sure he will try and call again at the next available opportunity.

Vickie - hugs to you and your gf - what a sad situation - I sure hope the bowel thing works itself out and she can get the marrow transplant she needs. Keep thinking good thoughts.

Patti - poor you - hope your tummy is feeling better soon!

Sandra - good luck w/dr appt - I am sure we will be hearing how pleased he is with your results. Hope curtis can get off his meds too!

Rose - have a nice (short?) trip to the Big City!

Stacey - good luck at your friend's place - try keeping some chewing gum in your mouth at all times!:D

Angela - glad the girls had a good start to school. Poor little dd - I"m sure as soon as she feels better you can slowly inch away from her - and try to get something done? Good luck.

I am almost heading home - not going to gym as my head feels sore with a bit of minor pounding in the background. What I really need is sleep! Need to drive dd to dance camp at 6 pm but will ask dh to pick her up at 9 so I can get into my jammies early???

17 days to sailaway!


08-23-2006, 06:17 PM
Hey Chicks! I made my tamale pie and had a piece for a late lunch. I walked on the treadmill for 35 minutes and went a little over a mile and a quarter. I'm not back up to my top speed yet.

I just finished separating and vacuum sealing the packages of chicken thighs and.....I'm headed out to the pool. I have to vacuum and put chemicals in. Should have done it on Sunday but I was too busy and distracted. I'm hoping to get a little exercise in the pool. Kathy, Shaun must have brought a tiny bit of Texas with him. It's 86 out there now and was supposed to only be 82.

I'll be back. Must call GF from the pool.

08-23-2006, 06:17 PM
17 days, frouf? the excitement is building. i'll be living through you again. i'm glad you got some help at work. sounds like all will work out. that makes me smile.

the doctor was pleased. i hopped on his scales and my weight was down .6 lb from what i weighed at ww last fri. i go back again next month. as to curtis--he's staying on his meds right now. we are both having labwork tomorrow. the doctor said curtis' cholesterol prob were hereditary. curtis asked for diet pills. doc said "i will prescribe you some if you are going to weight watchers." do i like this doctor or what? curtis is thinking of joiining. i'll let ya'll know what he decides to do.

gotta run for now. we bought some watermelon on the way home. it's calling me.

08-23-2006, 06:19 PM
hi, vickie. i see we were posting at the same time. enjoy your tamale pie. i have a roast in the slow cooker. we'll have it tomorrow. i'm not sure about tonight yet.

curtis is downstairs eating ice cream trying to decide whether or not to join ww.

08-23-2006, 07:18 PM
Hey everyone,
Froufy - I can just tell how much more relaxed you are. Help, no matter where it comes from is always welcome. Hopefully now you'll be able to relax on the cruise.

Vickie - I made tamale pie on Monday and I had it for lunch today. My friend at work tried it and now she wants the recipe.

I'm making extra lean burgers and oven fries for dinner with a salad. :burger:

see ya later,

08-23-2006, 09:03 PM
Good evening ladies, I can't believe how well my stuff is selling on Ebay, I still have days left and so far my total sells are $220.00 for stuff my kids outgrew.
I love it, I use to give things away, not anymore I would rather sell it.

Frouf it is good to hear you sounding a bit back to normal, glad the pressure factor has dropped a bit. 17 Days!!!!!!

Vickie so sorry to hear about gf, that is so sad for her I hope she gets better soon :hug:
I have to try that tamale pie, it sounds soo good.

Angela how are the girls feeling?

Sandra that is funny how Curtis is eating a bowl of icecream while thinking about joining WW, I guess men do that last meal binge before also.
You are just melting away, you will be at goal in no time!

Kathy did shaun call back? How was the yocheese.

Rose enjoy your mini vacation.

Patti I hope your stomach feels better.

Stacey sounds like you are doing really well with core, Like froufy said keep gum in your mouth at the party :D

Hi Melissa!

08-23-2006, 09:11 PM
Hey Chicks! The pool temperature was 85 degrees and quite nice. I got a ton of exercise. I was in there for an hour and a half and I never stopped moving. I ran and jumped. I talked to my GF for 45 minutes and walked the whole time.

She feels better today. When she answered the phone I could tell by her voice. You know how you know by the sound of your best GF's voice how she's feeling. I didn't even say hello...I just said...OH your feeling better today. I think I'm going to cry. We cried together for a little while. That's what GF's are for. Jim has a follow up with his ENT for his tongue tomorrow but we are going to go see her on Friday. She can't have flowers. I'm trying to figure out what to bring her. She's still not eating. She's progressed to ice chips. She hasn't had any solid food since Thursday afternoon. The bad news is that she officially has Leukemia now. She started chemo today for a week. She has to stay in the hospital the whole time. Then she has another bone marrow test to see if it's in remission. If it is, we move on to the transplant; if not we have more chemo.

It's REALLY hard for me not to eat and just give up. I know it won't help her or me so I'm going to stay on program. It's hard though and I'm lashing out at those close to me. Both Niece and Jim have told me today that I'm very crabby. Sigh. They're right.

Sorry to be a downer. I'm making smothered barley chicken. I didn't start it until around 6:40. I forgot the darned barley has to cook for 45 minutes. I'm going to go shower off the pool while it cooks.

I probably won't be back until morning. I'll catch up with you all then. Have a great evening.

08-23-2006, 10:15 PM
niki, you're making some big bucks on ebay. that's impressive. i don't know if he'll join ww or not. i'm really doubtful. guess we'll find out soon.

vickie, sometimes we just can't help being crabby. everyone knows that's not like you. you'll be your old self again soon. there's a lot of stress going on with your gf being so sick. just hang in there.

08-23-2006, 10:33 PM
Hey, girlies. I just now got on here; I've been resting for a while.

Shaun didn't call back and I don't know if he'll be able to anytime soon. Since he has to call collect, he has to call at night instead of calling me at work. After I get an address, I'll find out if I can send a phone card. Also, I've read a lot and they say do NOT send boxes of goodies ... it gets them in trouble, with punishments ranging from laps to push-ups and everyone has to do them. I wouldn't want to be the reason his fellow whatever-you-call-thems get mad at him. I'll just send letters, and will try to send one every day. I don't even know about cards. And in each letter, I think I'll try to send an stamped envelope with a sheet of paper in it so he can write back. I hope that's okay. Guess I'll find out sooner or later.

I didn't check the yocheese. I actually just don't care right now (although I sure hope it's going okay). I'm not hungry tonight but I'm sure I will be tomorrow. I need to clean out the fridge.

Vickie, I'm glad your GF is doing better but sorry everything has progressed like it has. At least Shaun brought you enough heat so that you could get in the pool. :D

I'm going to check a few more things and go to bed.

08-24-2006, 12:24 AM
Wow, look how far behind I am! Stupid work rules!
They are really cracking down, sent around memos today and stuff. It's so annoying. I figure I'll avoid all extraneous internet use for the next few days, and then once they get it out of their systems I can visit, at least long enough to read and catch up!!
Tonight's been busy. Had to work late and then went to my PC director's house to watch her do a show. Then out to eat with some friends. We just got home a few minutes ago. I'm SO tired. I've been feeling like I'm getting sick and not resting isn't helping. Oh well.

Vickie, :hug: I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I know that this is emotionally and mentally draining on you as well. Please let us know how she is doing.

Kathy, a :hug: for you too. I hope Shaun is doing well. I'm sure he is!

Frouf, I hope that tomorrow is a better day for you!

Sandra, you're so sweet!!!

I've got to go to bed gals. I'm so sorry. I am so tired and not feeling all that great.
A big hello :wave: to Rose, Niki, Stacey, Angela, and Patti!!!

08-24-2006, 12:28 AM
Melissa! Maybe ... :preg: ????

08-24-2006, 09:07 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I slept well until 6:15 when a horrible thunder storm moved through here. It got as black as night and it's been raining ever since. Of course the dog and cat are all neurotic. I woke up with my ankle hurting. It didn't hurt after the treadmill so I can only blame all the extra exercise I did in the pool last night. I won't be exercising today. It's probably just as well since Jim has a doctor's appointment after lunch.

I think I'll catch up now!

08-24-2006, 10:27 AM
Stacey, thanks for the support. It means a lot to me. It is SO hard to lose weight when life's emotional trials get in the way. That's when I've always eaten. I'm trying to break the cycle.

Rose, have a productive trip. I'm 50 and they still think of me as the kid/baby in the family. I like it most of the time! I have a friend who always says we should enjoy our life because it isn't a dress rehersal....everyday is opening night!

Kathy, how are you doing? Maybe you could slip a $20 in the envelope for Shaun and he could buy his own goodies. I wonder why they are so strict?

Sandra, that is SO sad about the land you were interested in. But maybe it helped you to make the right decisions for yourselves. I couldn't live somewhere without fire protection. I can't even imagine losing everything. Congratulations on your continued success on program. What clicked for you? What was the magic motivator. I'm curious because you have gotten back on the program and followed it SO faithfully this time. We need to bottle whatever it is! You made me laugh out loud at your description of Curtis. Jim would never join. He's too much of an introvert. He'd never talk and he doesn't want to know what he weighs. He's internally driven anyway. He was on the treadmill twice yesterday.

Niki, thanks for the support! That's great about your Ebay sales. One of these days I'm going to get brave and list something.

Patti, I hope you're feeling better today. I've been free of colds/flus for a while and I hope it stays that way.

Frouf, you do sound better! I'm glad that things are starting to improve. All Admin Officers must have that personality. Mine was a wicked young woman but good at her job. I hope you got some great sleep last night and plenty of it!

Melissa, I miss you on the board but it isn't worth getting fired over. I hope you feel better this morning. Do you think you have a cold? When is your first PC show?

Thank you ALL so much for your support while I try to stay on program during all this stress with my GF. I'm also really nervous about Jim's follow up today. I'm really praying the cancer is gone for good.

08-24-2006, 10:27 AM
Good morning ladies, I hope you are all getting some well deserved rest. Not much going on today, just some laundry and since I am going to be in the basement I think I am going to go through alot of baby toys and clean house down there, I can't even begin to tell you how much stuff we have. Ds was the first granchild on my side and he was showered with alot of toys. My cousin has a 6 month little boy, I think I will pass along quite a few toys, the rest I will probably donate to a childrens home in the next town.

Vickie we are suppose to have rain today. Maybe you twisted your foot the wrong way in the pool, I hope it feels better soon. Glad gf sounded better on the phone.

Kathy how do you get those cute little pictures on your posts? I just see the basic ones.

08-24-2006, 10:28 AM
I forgot to mention that my weight is down a bit this morning. I hope it stays off and goes lower for next Monday. I'm worried about not being able to exercise today.

08-24-2006, 10:31 AM
Hi vickie I didn't know Jim had cancer , I must of came on board after. I hope it is all gone also. You are a strong women, seems like you have been through alot.

08-24-2006, 10:43 AM
Niki, click on "Go Advanced" and you'll see another box over to the right that has smilies (probably around 15 or so) and then under that, it should say [More]. Click there and there's a whole page of smilies.

Vickie, they aren't allowed to have money. Sorry you were woken up with rain; and I am *thoroughly* familiar with waking up in ankle pain! Happens every day to me and but it particularly makes me mad when that's the reason I wake up! I hope it feels better. And Jim doesn't want to KNOW what he weighs? I can't imagine! Is he afraid it'll be more than it should be?

As for the temps, they were wrong about yesterday. They changed the high sometime during the day to 103 and that's where it got. Today's the same. Tomorrow's the same and the day after that's the same. I'm beginning to think it'll be 103 here on Christmas Day. GRRRR...

And I ran off and left my breakfast at home. I already have tuna salad (container of premade, but better than nothing) at work, but last night I had put some blueberries, strawberries, and plain yocheese in a bowl to bring, along with a little container of milk. Now I'm ticked ... and hungry. I think I might have a package of oatmeal in my drawer.


08-24-2006, 10:57 AM
:thanks: Got em Kathy!

08-24-2006, 11:07 AM
Niki, can you sell the toys on Ebay too? I'd love to get money for used stuff. Maybe I'll buy Ebay for Dummies or something like that! Jim had a cancerous tumor removed from the underside of his tongue in April. Doctor said it normally happens to people who chew tobacco or smoke and Jim has done neither in his life. Sometimes, stuff just happens. We are thankful that I'm so rabid about us going to the dentist and doctor regularly. They believe we caught it early enough.'s always there in the back of my mind.

Kathy, isn't Jim a funny guy? They weighed him once for a ct scan and he was mad because they told him what it was. He was surpised at how high it was and he lost quite a bit after that. My scale is in my entrance way and to my knowledge he's never gotten on. He says what difference does it make exactly what it says. He knows he's fat and needs to lose weight. His words...not mine! Poor Shaun. This bootcamp stuff isn't going to be easy. Oh yeah.....the rain was violent this morning. I wonder when the last time was that Shaun saw that much rain or thunder and lightening for that matter. We had to let water out of the pool. It rained over an inch in about an hour.

08-24-2006, 11:08 AM
Boy, I'd hate it if I had a great breakfast fixed and I forgot it. Speaking of breakfast, I'm late for mine. I'm going to go fix it now.

08-24-2006, 11:22 AM
Yeah, and I'm going to fix your title. It's THURSDAY, you retired woman! :lol:

08-24-2006, 11:23 AM
Vickie thank goodness they caught it early on.
I probably could sell the toys, I would have to see what I have & what condition, I also have big items which would be a hassle to ship. You should really think about selling, it is real simple, I would help you if you need it.
Now with the money I earn selling stuff they outgrew, I will buy them both new clothes & sneakers. They just grew too much over the summer, dd even grew out of her size 3t I bought her for this summer, ds fits into nothing from last fall.

08-24-2006, 11:30 AM
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Tuesday....Thursday.....they all blend together when you're retired!!!! Jim is laughing hysterically on the treadmill. I do this alot. :o I never miss my appointments, I just sometimes lose track of the days.

Thanks, Niki! I might get brave one day.

08-24-2006, 11:47 AM
:rofl: I completely understand. Heck, I get confused enough with what day it is just when I have a long weekend!

08-24-2006, 11:53 AM
BTW, the only reason I'm whining about my ankle is that it is going to keep me from getting on the treadmill. I NEED to exercise to lose weight. Maybe I'll try to do some weights but I have to be careful of my elbow and shoulder. Yikes! I'm falling apart.

It really stinks that your ankle is going to be hurting your for a long time.

Hey....was Saundra supposed to be gone this long?

08-24-2006, 12:25 PM
I didn't think she was.

I'm almost used to the hurting by now and don't take anything. It reminds me about every 30 seconds that it's still there though. ;) Oh and I didn't think you were whining at all. Pain is pain, no matter what the reason is. You have every right to be annoyed by it!

08-24-2006, 12:36 PM
Whining was my word. I didn't think you were calling me a whiner. Although you have every right to!

I'm off to shower now. I'll be back mucho mucho later.

08-24-2006, 02:20 PM
good morning, chickiies. we're home from having lab work done. you know that means we were starved. nothing like being told you can't eat after midnight even though it's very very seldom that we late night snack. we went to cracker barrel for bfast afterwards. i had biscuits/gravy. i'm figuring 15 pts. not many points left for the rest of the day. i do have some wpa's left and i never use my ap's, so i'll be all right.

vickie, i'll be shocked if curtis does join ww. i haven't asked him yet what he's decided. i thought i'd ask him later today. i'm guessing he'll prob say he's going to try it alone. what is motivating me this time? health and looks and age. this spring i was feeling very very old all of a sudden because of feet and arthritis problems. also, i have a photo of me taken at the indoor nationals receiving an award and i look totally horrible. i have other photos just as bad but this one got to me. i am turning 60 this coming january. i don't mind. i'm actually looking forward to it. the problem for me is that i don't want to "feel" 60. i have big goals for my archery in 07. i am competing for at least 4 national titles. this past season i mistakenly thought i would be better off not exercising or worrying about my weight while training for competitions. when i got to the championships, my self-esteem was much lower than it would have been if i'd felt confident about my looks. (that plays an important part for the mental aspect of competing.) i'm not making that mistake again.

the best thing that happened to me to help me lose this weight was (and is) my primary care physician. he understands that it's hard to lose even when doing ww. he is prescribing diet pills for me to take to help me with portion control and urges. he's monitoring me closely having me come in once a month bringing my ww card. i got tickled yesterday because he zeroed in again (2 months in a row) on a 10.6 lb gain i had back in the spring. i guess he's reminding me what can happen if i'm not careful. i'm not going to give the pills all the credit. i have taken diet pills before and not lost. i think a person has to really really want to lose before anything works--even diet pills. i know most ww'ers lose without pills and i probably could, too, but right now i need a crutch to help me walk in the right direction.

and, of course, water aerobics is helping. it's definitely a biggee. trying to exercise on my own is nothing like being in a class with an instructor. also, i'm having fun doing it and am meeting a lot of other women who are doing the same as i. i'm going at least 4 times a week.

i have set a goal for myself to lose 40 lbs before we go to texas. we're leaving in november so i still have quite a bit of time. while we're down there, we'll be competing in some competitions sponsored by the texas field archery association. i saw a lot of texas archery folks at louisville last march when i weighed almost 200 lbs. i want to surprise them when i walk in the door. i think i will.

i understand stress eating. i do that, too. i remember a sign at a ww meeting years ago (about 20) that read; "we can't always control what is happening around us but we can control how we react to it." i use that to help me when i can. think positive thoughts about jim. as for your girlfriend all i can think to say is try not to let it get to you. be there to support her but also take care of yourself. it won't help her if you sabotage and self-destruct.

i wish we had some of your rain. it's almost desert dry here. our humidity was 9% for a short time the other day. most of the time it is higher than that but is still awfully dry. the fires are still burning. one north of yellowstone was at 300 acres yesterday am when it started. by last night's news it was 3000 acres. there are very dry high winds fueling them. the smoke here in the valley is better this am. yesterday the air quality was classified as "poor." people were cautioned to stay indoors and out of the smoke as much as possible. it's very depressing and is hard to keep spirits up. also, we can tell folks aren't thinking as clearly--especially when driving. hopefully, we'll get some good rains soon and the air will be cleaned and the fires will end. since this morning is better, i'm planning to do some more weeding in the backyard when i get off here.

congratulations on getting back on track. you'll get your rhythm going and it will get easier to stay op. maybe you can do some treading tonight while watching tv if it's bothering you to not exercise today. if not, then don't worry about it. just get back into your routine tomorrow. i'm proud of you. youalready are very successful. a church marque here says: "you will end up where you're headed." i think that applies to weightloss as well as the everafter.

sorry i typed so much here. iguess i got wound up. i hope this doesn't bore but helps you and anyone else who reads it.

kathy, i hope you had a good lunch and aren't hungry any more. i hope your heatwave breaks soon. we got an e today from a friend in austin. they're suffering from the heat, too. curtis and i have to mark off days on the calendar so we can keep up with what day it is. and he still has trouble. i don't know how many times a day he'll ask me what day it is. we also write every appointment we have on the calendar. if we don't, it gets spaced. :lol:

well, i've written a book here. i guess it's time i got off here and got busy around the house. i can't find a maid who will work for free. oh, well...

08-24-2006, 05:06 PM
Sandra, I LOVED your post! Thanks very much. It was very introspective and inspirational. I don't think I'll exercise hurts that much. I'll try to be back on tomorrow. My eating remains great! Jim and I split a SBD chocolate peanut butter bar when we were out. I carried the wrapper home so I could calculate and record the points. That a BIG deal for me.

BTW, I got on to tell you all that Jim is cancer free for his 3 month check up! The Doctor said it looked so good he wasn't sure he was looking at the correct side. We go back in 3 months. Jim has to keep wearing the night guard and using peroxide twice a day. Small price to pay. I'm feeling some letdown.

I'm going to go work on my check book and watch the Sox game. We're playing Detroit and chasing them for the division.

08-24-2006, 05:19 PM
Great News about Jim!!

08-24-2006, 05:21 PM
vickie, that's fantastic news about jim. you two deserve a celebration with your sox. have a wonderful afternoon. you're doing great. i'm like you and try to keep up with the points. that's the best way to know what's happening, isn't it?

i was able to finish weeding all rosebeds today. when i finished, i cut a bouquet to share with all of you.
vickie, the large pink in the center is my all time favorite rose. i first owned one bush back in the late 1960's when i lived in texas. i bought this one over in oregon about 6 years ago. this rose's name is CHICAGO PEACE.

08-24-2006, 05:31 PM
Sandra what beautiful Roses, thank you for sharing them.

They smell better than the last bunch:joker:

08-24-2006, 05:34 PM
thank you, niki. maybe it's the honeysuckle in them. :lol:

08-24-2006, 05:39 PM
Thats it ! I just couldn't put my finger on the smell. :D :D

08-24-2006, 08:22 PM
Sandra, THANK YOU!!!! I recognized the Peace rose as soon as I saw it. I would recognize them anywhere. I don't know of any other rose that has that beautiful pink and yellow coloring. It was my Mother's favorite rose and we had several bushes in our yard. They always smelled exquisite to me. Some roses are too heavy....but not the Peace! It made me smile and think of my Mom. I needed that today.

Jim and I had a lovely dinner and I'm now going to put my pj's on and lay on the couch and catch up on some TV. I never did my banking so I should probably do that tonight before I lay down since I'll probably fall asleep.

08-24-2006, 08:31 PM
So, Sandra, are you doing Core or Flex? I just reread your motivational post and you said you used 15 points so not many left for the day. Did you really mean day or week. Just curious.

08-24-2006, 09:49 PM
oh those roses are beautiful Sandra,,,,,,Vickie im so glad Jim got a good check up. Hows your gf doing?? any more news?
I made some of those blueberry lemon muffins today,,,I decided to try it with zuchinni and cinnamon instead..they were very moist but kind of tasteless. Wont do that again. Good with yocheese on them though. Back to the couch again...just wanted to pop in and see how everyone was doing. Still not feeling *normal* whatever that is..ha

08-24-2006, 10:04 PM
Hello gals!!! I'm missing you all so much!! They are really, really getting worked up about computer usage at work, so there's no way I can get online at work anymore. It's a silly, childish story, so I won't bore you. But some people can be so immature! :)
I hate being so behind, but Aaron is wanting to snuggle on the couch. ;) We've been working tonight on music/Pampered Chef, respectively. :D

Vickie, I did see that things went well with Jim, and I'm so glad. For some reason I just knew everything would be okay, but it's always fabulous to hear "official" good news. I hope that your pain has eased up!

Sandra, I love hearing you so on fire podner. :) Your flowers are beautiful!!

Patti, hope you are feeling "normal" soon. :)

I'm so sorry to be so brief...I'll have to catch up with everyone later. Lots of love to you all though! :hug:

08-24-2006, 10:42 PM
good evening chicks
well thankyou for the helpful info it really sounds like core would be a good way go but because the closest meeting is over an hours away im gonna depend on this board ALOT im glad to meet you all and hope we will become friends my dh is a truck driver and gone for weeks at a time so i im on the puter alot. well it is late over here on the east coast so catch ya all later

08-24-2006, 10:47 PM
Hey, it's MEEEE!

Yeah, so we had this big thing in the parking lot after work. Hot dogs (didn't have any), beer (had some), lots of heat (couldn't help but have THAT).

Then I went to Costco and got things for the breakroom at work tomorrow.

Then to Kroger for Dr Pepper for Erin, whole wheat pitas for me.

Then home, where Erin wanted a pizza, so I ordered it and it came -- and I paid for it.

About the time that Judd got home, and said HEY PIZZA! So he ordered another one, and we're waiting for it.

Meanwhile, Erin came down and said her financial aid was messed up and she's having to put $3,200 on her credit card until they get it straightened out and send her a check. YIKES! She also needed some books, so I found two of them on ebay and bought them for her.

Now I'm trying to decide what to do. Eat? Go to bed? Watch TV? Laundry?

08-24-2006, 10:48 PM
Faylene, hey, do a google search on "Weight Watchers Core" and you'll probably get a whole lot of information. We'll fill in the gaps since you aren't able to go to meetings.

08-24-2006, 11:58 PM
vickie, i'm glad the roses brought good memories to you today. i have a "queen elizabeth" that was my grandmother's favorite and a "tropicana" because it was my mother's favorite. i can feel their presence when i'm working with those roses. as to core or flex, i am really doing flex right now. i am eating a lot of core foods most days. some days i eat all core foods but i still count points. i lose better when my intake is smaller so i'm trying to eat between 20-24 points each day. some days i go over (last 2 saturdays come to mind) i ended today having used 23 points. i may have miss figured the bfast. i don't know i was worried after having the big bfast that i'd go over 24 --especially because i have wi tomorrow. i still may have had too many carbs, so i might not have a good loss. guess we'll find out tomorrow.

anyway, what i'm doing right now is working for me. last week our leader asked each of us to change something in our program. i honestly couldn't think of anything to change. i have already made many many changes to get the results i'm now getting. i hope this answers your questions. feel free to ask if there's anything else you'd like to know.

patti, i'm glad you like the roses. wish i could bring you a live bouquet to help cheer you up and make you feel better. i hope you are back to normal soon.

melissa, i'm glad you and aaron got to snuggle on the couch tonight. i'll miss seeing you here as much but fully understand about puters and work. okay, where's that new job?

faylene, i know i look like a hypocrit here on the core board doing flex. everybody here knows how i am and that i will be "core" again before too long. i love the core plan just like i love the flex plan. i guess i'm doing what's called "flore" right now.

kathy, what did you decide tonight? i had a ff pizza earlier. it's not the same as the real thing, but it's pretty good and only 3 points before adding core goodies to it. (mine totaled 6 points tonight after adding lean burger, bell peppers/onions/tomato)

08-25-2006, 12:37 AM
I had no pizza ... and there are three of them in the kitchen right now. One even has jalapenos on it, and that's my favorite. I just can't eat tonight; I'm pretty unsettled about my whole program. I'll figure it out soon though.

08-25-2006, 01:15 AM
I just popped in to say goodnight.

Kath, why are you unsettled? Is it emotional or just in trying to decide what plan is right for you? I feel like I missed something.

Faylene, we love extra support and enthusiasm. I look forward to getting to know you too!

Where is our Frouf?

Thanks, Sandra, I figure you were doing Flex or Flore. My Leader suggested that I do Flex but I won't. Maybe Flore but not Flex. I'm working hard on my portion sizes but I've been really hungry these last couple of days.

Patti, I hope you are feeling great again soon.

I've had some intestinal issues tonight and I've also had an anxiety attack. That's why I haven't gone to bed yet. Jim just couldn't stay up with me any longer. I'm going to go play poppit for a while and see if that is theraputic.

I'll talk to you all in the morning.

08-25-2006, 03:12 AM
Well, I've surfed for 2 hours and I'm finally tired. I still feel anxious but I'm going to go try to lay down. I'm thinking this is hormonal. Sigh.

08-25-2006, 04:03 AM
See what you all have to look forward to? I'm REALLY going to bed now.

08-25-2006, 07:50 AM
Good Morning all you Chickies,
In reading over posts I realized I wasn't there. Yesterday was just one of those days at work. I'm not going to dwell on it. When I got home the Family wanted to go out. They wanted to go to the Outback. So we grabbed Dad and off we went. Except for a few bites of Bloomin Onion I did great. Salad, no cheese or croutons with ff dressing, steak, steamed veggies. I have some steak left for lunch today.

Sandra, those roses are gorgeous. The woman who owned our house before us was into gardening. I'm sorry to say that is not my strongpoint having lived in an apartment my whole life. Cross stitch, crochet, knitting and puzzles and I'm there. My friend said she'll start helping me. I'm more focused on the inside of the house still.

Vickie - That is awesome news about your hubby.

I haven't had coffee yet and I need to get ready for work YUCK!
I'll stop by later.

08-25-2006, 10:27 AM
Vickie, I should've come on here with you last night. Dd #1 has succumbed to the illness...fever, vomiting, etc. No school for her today, and she's sad because she has gym today. Anyway, I was up with her a few times last night, although it's not bad because she's old enough (7) to know what to do.

I made a blanket yesterday for dd#2 for Kindergarten rest time. I found a very cute flannel for the back, purple with monkeys...monkeys are her favorite. As I predicted, she loves it. Yay. It's the ugliest, sloppiest job, but for a 5 year old, perfect. :D

I may make another today, as it seems I won't be going anywhere.

My eating is all over the place...I just can't deal with sick kids, stress, and all that, as we all know.


08-25-2006, 10:51 AM
Good morning Chickies, I also had a bad night, I was having nightmares, kept waking myself up and having a hard time falling back to sleep. I also had to use the bathroom about 3x also, which is annoying but at least I know I am getting enough water. I finally weighed myself this morning and my weight is down a nice amount, I won't reveal it till the 2x2 challenge results :D Four of my auctions ended yesterday two of them were huge lots, one had over 50 pieces, one over 30, one had 14 pieces the other just one item that was new, combined they sold for $230.00. I still have 10 items listed that end today & tomorrow, so far so good.

Stacey I have never been to Outback, I hear the food is good. Sounds like you did real well with your food choices.

Angela I feel for you, I hate the stomach bug, my kids had it in March and it really takes a toll on them. Hope they feel better soon.

08-25-2006, 10:52 AM
Oh yeah Stacey, I know exactly what you are saying about not being a gardner,I also grew up in an apartment in the City. I have lived here for 7 years and I am still learning.

08-25-2006, 10:59 AM
Good morning, chickadees! I'm finally at work -- took me long enough to get here! :lol:

For some reason I don't think I'm going to do well in the challenge but will just wait and see. I've gone up instead of down but I know why, so I'll try to do better and that's all I have to say about THAT!

Hope everyone has a great day. We hit 104 yesterday but today is only going to be 101, so maybe it'll feel a bit cooler. The heat is really getting on my nerves.

08-25-2006, 11:27 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I've been back up since 8:30. Cassie decided to alert the neighborhood about the meter reader in our yard. She did NOT like that! I'm tired but ok. The anxiety attack finally ended.

Oops...gotta go. Talking to GF on phone to get update!

08-25-2006, 11:51 AM
Hehe ... I hear you about the hormonal issues! After 20 years of taking estrogen, I'm going off of it and starting on Black Cohosh. My doctor told me that occasionally if I wanted to, I could stop the HRT.

I just feel like I've gained (am up a little over 2 from this time last week) but it's not from eating ... thank goodness I'm not an emotional eater or it would be more like 20 pounds! It's from not drinking water, not sleeping, and being nervous. It'll pass soon I'm sure. You didn't miss anything though; I was just thinking out loud.

I hope your anxiety issues resolve soon. Maybe you should look into the Black Cohosh too. It's what the doctors recommend for herbal hormone replacement if someone doesn't want to take the conventional drug. Evening Primrose Oil is good too, but mainly for PMS symptoms. Anyhoo...

On with the day. I'm supposed to be off today but am working to get ahead for next week because I *might* try to go to the doctor. Still deciding...

08-25-2006, 01:04 PM
Hi Ladies, here is something for you American Idol Taylor Hick Fans, what else will they think of :D tcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem

08-25-2006, 04:19 PM
I'm definitely making a doctor appointment for myself. I need to get a referral to a gynie who specializes in menopause. In the meantime, I need to talk to Internist. I'll ask him about alternative therapy since he is so adverse to pills anyhow.

Kathy, maybe it was the beer? You'll get it off. You always do. Just keep plugging away at it. Any word from Shaun?

Niki, that's great about your Ebay earnings. You make me want to dig around my house.

Ok, I'm officially alarmed about Froufy. It isn't like her to be gone so long. I hope nothing bad has happened.

08-25-2006, 04:34 PM
I talked to a Navy guy (coworker) yesterday and he said he thinks it was maybe week 3 or 4 before he got to call home. I suppose I won't worry for a while, but I'd like to have an address so I can start sending letters.

Yes, that night when we went to the movie tavern, I had fried pickles and some beer. Salty pickles, who-knows-WHAT-kind-of-oil, and beer ... all combined to conspire against me. Now Judd says he wants to go downtown Fort Worth tonight to Razzoos (more salt and fried stuff) and I am asking him, why on earth are you trying to sabotage me? What's up with that? I think it's because he isn't losing, so he doesn't want me to maintain or lose more. That seems awfully mean to me, but maybe I'm just imagining it.

Froufy better get her tail back in here before we call out the Mounties!

08-25-2006, 05:28 PM
hi, chickies. i'm home from ww. i lost 2.4 lbs this week. that makes 23.2 since june 16. i'm a happy camper. i have a gf going with me to w a today. we'll just be doing our own thing as there's no official class. should be fun, though.

kathy, sometimes challenges backfire on me especially if they are long term. that's why i didn't join the christmas one. remember how i used to never meet my challenges? i'm trying to keep any challenge i'm in now easier to attain. (like the exercise) i have had a bad habit of self-destructing with the long term ones. razzoos! i love that place but i understand your wanting to stay away. i don't know of anything point friendly there at all.

vickie, how's your day today? do you have those anxiety attacks very often? you're smart to go to the doctor to get some help.

stacey, outback sounds good--and you did very well making healthy choices. i love working in the yard. i have over 100 rosebushes. next year i'm going to do some landscaping. right now, my beds are just roses except for one. i'm going to add some other flowers and plants.

angela, i hope you're having a better day today. is dd#1 feeling better?

niki, what's up with everyone's bad night? maybe there's something coming through cyberspace zapping each of us. thanks for the hicks fix. what a hoot!

frouf!!! where are you?

08-25-2006, 05:56 PM
Hi friends! I hate being so behind!!

Vickie, I hope that you managed to get some rest today and are feeling more chipper. Not being able to sleep takes such a toll on you.

Kathy, I wish I wasn't an emotional eater! :p Fried pickles sound awesome. Maybe Judd isn't trying to sabotage you conciously, but just wants someone to be off the wagon with him. ;)

Sandra, :bravo: CONGRATS!!!! :cp: :hb: Oh wait, no cake for you! :D I'm so proud of you podner!!! You're doing awesome!! I'm so impressed. Seriously, you're inspiring.

Angela, I hope that the kiddos are feeling okay. You're such a great mom, making dd her very own personalized blanket!

Niki, wow, congrats on making so much on your ebay sales!

Alright gals, I need to get going. DH and I are supposed to work on the garage tonight (it's still in the same condition as when we moved can't walk through it) but that requires a trip to Lowe's and whatnot. :p Oh well!! I'll talk to you all more later tonight or tomorrow.

08-25-2006, 05:58 PM
Oh and Kathy I just remembered your, I don't think it's :preg:!!

08-25-2006, 06:00 PM
thank you, melissa. hey, pod, i'm missing you here. just found out we might be able to take a low fare trip via nw airlines. i need to go have a powwow with curtis. you and aaron remind me of hgtv. i love that channel. i can just see you two fixing things up.

08-25-2006, 06:00 PM
darn! i'm ready to be a cyber aunt.

08-25-2006, 10:35 PM
:lol: I'm working on it Aunt Sandra! :D
Where are you going to go on your trip?? How fun! Oh and yes, we are regular do-it-yourself-ers around here. ;)

08-25-2006, 11:53 PM
So these big guys in red jackets, funny hats riding horses came and just DRAGGED ME onto this board - the nerve!!!:D :D

Here I am - alive but struggling! ha ha ha

Sandra - I just LOVED the flowers - esp the pink one of course - and congrats on the fabulous report from your dr visit - keep up the fabulous work! Whatever you're doing is sure working for you.

kathy - I too would be a bit unsettlted if I didn't hear from ds - but I'm pretty sure he is in good hands and will call when he can. I agree that sabotage is not pretty - as for fried pickles? I think I'll pass:dizzy:

Angela - sorry about dd - poor thing. As for the monkey blanket? you should probably make more and sell them on ebay!

Speaking of which Niki - you are doing a great job. I have always wondered about selling and might consider it more seriously!

Vickie - how was Jim's dr appt? and how is your gf doing? Hope all the news is good news.

We are awaiting 'bad news' here actually dh's mom's sister (his aunt) was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (age 72) and already so far gone that nothing could be done. And of course mil was not on good speaking terms with her (some long time feud thing going on) of course now she is at her bedside- she is in palliative care - last stages - and poor mil has not been home in 2 days - several other 'siblings' have been in out and (from Montreal and other areas) but some can't be in the room at the same time due to other 'feuds' (don't ask!). Anyhow she needs to go home and take care of herself and take her meds so dh and I may do some driving back and forth to hospital with her - she is not the best driver and she is obviously very stressed right now. As well the $12 daily parking fee is eating into her budget we hear! Every time the phone rings we expect 'bad news'!

Thurs night big ds and I went to the Super Ex (annual fair/exhibition in Ottawa - around 12 days?) - to see The Nylons ( a pretty amazing acapelle group. Ds has been a fan since age six - and they put on such a good show! Show was at 8 - got there at 7 after trying to find parking (parking on fair grounds is a whopping $20!) and people who live in the area 'ren't out their driveways for $15 (no street parking in the area). We ended up finding 'street/free' parking a few blocks away thank goodness. And had amazing front row seats for the show such fun! Ds came home with bags of beer nuts (he loves those) and candy apple and cotton candy for his siblings. I had a run in with some KFC - need I say more???

...and today I STAYED HOME - yes my calendar was somewhat clear and given my stressful week I decided a 'break' was in order (yes I ended up handling some office business via email but it all went well!). It really helped me mentally to stay away from the office today. Took dd to camp then little ds and I had breakfast at Mcdonald's with a rousing game of air hockey in the playland. Then to walmart - little ds has bday party tomorrow - got gift and a whole wack of (very cheap) school supplies, some t-shirts for dd and more undies for cruising froufs (okay you need at least 2 pairs a day - no kidding!).

Came home for a little break - then hairdresser appt at 3:30 pm for the cruise do! Had my highlights redone - I think they look too 'yellow" - but might need to get used to them? will wait and see. Then to mall to pick up sequin blazer, got new mascara, earrings and an ANKLET - how radical is that? A silver one with some dangly things on it - very caribbean don't you think? Not sure if I can sleep with it on? Feels a bit weird on my foot! I might get another one on the ship - they do that 'by the inch' thing so i can pick the chain I like and they will prepare to proper length.

May go to gym tomorrow morning if I"m up early enuf - ds' party from 11-1 pm - and must take dd to Ikea to check out new furniture for her room.

That's the plan!


08-26-2006, 12:09 AM
I like the plan! Not much else to say right now except that I wear an anklet year-round and sleep in it as well. I don't think I've even taken it off in a few years. You should be able to handle it.

Sounds like a busy time!

08-26-2006, 12:36 AM
Frouf it's good to have you back. I wear anklets a lot too...I'm sure if you aren't used to them it would take awhile. You should really go out there on a limb and get a toe ring. It takes getting used to but I wore one for about 6 years and didn't take it off (yes, I did clean my toes!! Everyone asks that. :lol: )!

08-26-2006, 10:19 AM
I win!! It's been awhile since I won the first/last post prize. ;)
I hope that you all have wonderful Saturdays. I'm going shopping with my mom in a little while. I'm hoping to get some rest this weekend, too!
I'll talk to you all later!

08-26-2006, 11:07 AM
Hey, good morning, sunshine! You were up and at 'em early today! Congrats on winning the prize too! ;)

It's already hot, so I'm going to do my errands this morning and get back home. I need to clean some but don't want to, so I might just sweep the tile and that's all. I'll definitely be cooking dinner tonight since we went out last night. We weren't out late at all, which is good. Judd and his friend are riding bikes after it cools back down (cool down means under 90 degrees!) later on tonight ... they'll probably go around 7:30 or so.

I got Shaun's box of stuff yesterday that he had to ship back when he arrived in Great Lakes. Clothes, shoes, backpack, etc. I'll just stick it in the closet until I send or take his things to Pensacola. He can have his own clothes there but can't have anything in basic.

On with my Saturday. Happy weekend to all!

08-26-2006, 11:17 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I actually slept all night. What a great feeling. I've got some aches and pains but what new?!

Today is the birthday party for my Great Nephew who will turn 3 on September 2nd. He's adorable. We bought him a 2 foot stuff Batman from Target that he was visiting every time he and the family went to Target. Every time I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said "Batman and my very own Weepster!". Of course Mom had layed claim to the Weepster so that left me with Batman. $18 bucks for a Batman shaped pillow from the Target kids bedding department. He's pretty cute though....cape and all! I also got him a Backyardigans Leapster game, and a SpongeBob Square Pants 3D viewmaster movie since he's also getting a viewmaster projector. It should be fun to see him open the gifts because he's old enough now to realize what they are.

There won't be much that I can eat at the party. Italian beef, fried chicken and some kind of sausage. The Niece ususally cooks something special for me but really hasn't done so since baby Sarah arrived. Her hands are more than full. I'm bringing some core mashed potatoes that I had frozen and a bag of edamame (which I'm sure will be better than the chili cheese dip that everyone else will be eating!). I'll try to eat the center of the chicken and maybe some beef it it doesn't look too greasy. I also made another lemon poppyseed pop cake. You know....Sandra's recipe. Other people liked it beside me last time so I thought it made sense. I'm bringing a tub of FF cool whip to top it off. I'm also going to stop for a Dunkin Donuts black decaf iced coffee. I'll get some light cream on the side and pay points for it. That will make me feel special and not so deprived. Sometimes when I go to parties I come home feeling deprived and then eat bad stuff at home. Weird, huh?

Wow....I'm just the chattiest chick. I'm going to go see what you were all up to last night while I was watching the White Sox lose.

08-26-2006, 12:07 PM
Stacey, when I'm a zone I can be good when I eat out too. You just have to make up your mind to not cheat. I think you did great. Imagine how much of the blooming onion you would have eaten before!

Angela, I hope things are better in your house this morning. I'd have a hard time dealing with healthy kids so I can't even imagine dealing with sick ones! Are you feeling better?

Boy, Niki, you and Angela and I should have had a party the other night. Congratulations on getting your water in and that the scale is going down. Mine is inching down too. I'm afraid to jinx it by talking about it. Beside, the only weigh in that matters for me is the Monday morning one.

Kathy, that heat would get on anyone's nerves. I had a hard time with it after about 4 days. I'm going to talk to my Internist about Black Cohash. Somewhere I think I remember reading that it interacts with blood pressure medicine. I'll see what he says. My new vitamins will have evening primrose oil. That's cool! Wow...that boot camp stuff sounds serious and kinda mean. I guess the movies aren't exagerating the way they portray it. Try not to worry, Kath, he needed to go and get some direction in his life. He'll be ok. :hug:

Sandra, WOW!!!! :cp: :cp: :cp: You just keep right on going :bravo: :cb: :cb: and you'll be to your goal in no time. I am SO very proud of you. :dancer: It just reinforces that if we follow the program, drink our water, and exercise we will be rewarded!

Thanks for asking about my GF. She's had two good nights. She's progressed to clear broth and jello which is hurting her stomach by the end of the day. They are going to keep taking it slow. She's mad because her weight has gone up 14 pounds since she's been in the hospital and she's eaten nothing! I told her to stop thinking like a weight watcher for a while. She started the chemo on Wednesday and Friday's blood tests (which aren't as accurate as a bone marrow biopsy) say that her blasts are coming down. They need to get back to 0 and she's not there yet but she's making progress. Thank goodness. They still, however, have no idea what to do about the owel obstruction. They are hoping the chemo helps. Meantime, I just keep praying.

Melissa, it is always SO good to hear from you. How'd you do in the garage last night. Have fun shopping!

Frouf....thank goodness you're ok! I was really getting worried about you. Last we heard you were embroiled in all these stressful situations. I'm sorry to hear about DH's Aunt. We lost a 43 year old friend to pancreatic cancer. It was a horrible and very painful disease. I'm glad that you stayed home yesterday and are allowing yourself to have some relaxing and positive experiences. Those are much better for your blood pressure! Thanks for asking about Jim's appointment. He is cancer free and the Doctor said that his tongue is so perfect that he wasn't sure he was looking at the correct side! Pretty impressive since he had lasered it down to the muscle. I have been wearing an ankle bracelet every day for the last 17 years. I never take mine off either. It's a fairly thick yellow gold diamond cut rope. I don't even notice it anymore. It's looser now than when I bought it. QVC has some amazing ones. I bought mine at a gem and jewelry show and they did what you described; measure my ankle and cut it right there and put the closing links on. I love it.

So I guess ankle bracelets is yet another thing that we have in common. Sandra, Saundra, Niki, Stacey, Angela....waiting for you to check in on the ankle bracelet issue.

Ok chicks....we need a menu thread!

08-26-2006, 12:49 PM

Mind if I join you? "On target" can give me a character reference.

I'm new to these boards but not new to WW. Like "On target" I'm going to be in Texas --my home state-- in November and am using that date as a target for losing at least 20 pounds.

I've been eating on the "flex" system and trying to eat only "green light" foods on the GI diet. I think that Core and the GI are very close. I am going to try Core for a few weeks and see what it's like.

Rhonda aka Tejas

08-26-2006, 12:56 PM
Vickie, I also wear a ankle bracelet, never take it off, wear it all year round:cool: Mine is silver with little crystals. I do take it off to clean it :D

08-26-2006, 12:59 PM
Hey there! Boy, Sandra should be getting paid for all these referrals! :lol:

Where in Texas are you from? I hope that you like Core and do well ... I think 20 pounds by November is totally do-able. We'll try to have more mini-challenges a time or two by then and maybe that'll help.

But anyway, even if you decide you don't want to follow Core, you can still stick around! Not everyone here is 100% Core but we're friends now and can't bear the thought of not coming here to visit anymore.

If you have questions, ask away! We love to talk! WELCOME!

08-26-2006, 01:23 PM
Thanks for the welcome. I too think 20 pounds in 3
months is doable and have done it's just so much harder this time around even though I've been true to counting the points. I think 24 points is just simply too many for me and I'm cutting back to 22 and 20 on some days. I know about not going below 20.

I'm mostly from the Ft. Worth area...but also lived and went to university in Houston. Lived in NYC in the late 60's and moved to Ontario in 1975.

08-26-2006, 01:42 PM
Very cool! I moved to the DFW area (Arlington and Mansfield) after high school in 1975. Before that, I lived in Beaumont, Silsbee, Liberty, and Livingston; then for a few years in my mid-20s I lived in Houston, Humble and Kingwood. My dad was transferred a lot when I was younger.

08-26-2006, 04:47 PM
howdy there, tejas!!!!!!! i am soooo happy you're here. can i tell everyone that you're my cousin-to-be?

you are all going to love tejas. rhonda and i have never met irl but have bonded via email very very fast. we first started e'ing each other last spring. we've been helping each other with ww.

curtis and i went to see some friends this am who are building a game room onto their home. he's the fil of the contractor friend i already told you about--and he's a contractor, too. i have to tell you--what he's building is fabulous!! he was putting in the flooring today. antique looking boards for the upper level of the game room and flat rock for the lower level. he has real life looking tree trunks going from floor to ceiling. he's built a fabulous bar/entertainment center. he also built an office for his wife. it's hard to explain everything but it looks like it's from a northwest magazine.

melissa, we're going to texas in nov/dec but won't use the fall special airfares i found. we're taking the travel trailer. we're hoping northwest makes the same type offer in the spring so our fares to louisville will be lower. we're flying to louisville 2 times next year. once in the spring--once summer. we're also going to salt lake city in march. seems we've been home a long time now but our traveling will soon start. you inspire me with your do-it-yourself power. i need to go watch some more hgtv. :lol:

hi there, froufie. it's good to see you here today. i was worried about you--like everybody else. i hope your mil and her sister can make amends. that's important. an anklet! okay, i need one, too. that sounds like a fun thing to have and it wouldn't get in the way of my bowstring. :lol:

kathy, sounds like you're planning a relaxing saturday. i'm glad. you need a break. are you going to watch some movies or something else fun?

vickie, you have a good plan for today. i can feel your resolve in your post. you'll do fine. it's a good idea getting some goodies that help you feel like you're not depriving yourself. i'm glad the cake is a hit. i have some killer brownies on the counter now. i'm trying to limit to 1 or 2 max per day. so far so good. one time i ate 7 in one day and thought i was going to die that night.

i don't have an ankle bracelet yet but i'm going to town in a few minutes. :lol: i don't want to be left out.

08-26-2006, 05:39 PM
Hold on now! Your cousin-to-be? You have to explain that one!!

And no, my Saturday ended up being anything but relaxing. I did laundry and dishes all morning, then went to Barnes & Noble for a book. Came home and made some whole-wheat bread and roasted chickpeas, folded clothes, and am now preparing for dinner. Actually all I'm doing for that is thawing fish and shrimp, and then will boil the artichoke in a few minutes so that the hearts are ready for my saute later.

I must say, Sandra, that you sound so good! I like knowing that you're happy and doing well. It makes me smile.

08-26-2006, 05:44 PM
Hmm, no ankle bracelet here...I'd probably get it caught on something. I have extremely ugly feet (very very flat) so I don't like to draw attention to them. In fact, 2 years ago was the first time in my adult life I actually wore open toed sandals.

Dd #2 is now down with a fever. No vomiting yet, but I'm sure it will come. Good news is, dd #1 got over it very quickly (like 18 hours) so I have high hopes for the last one.

I picked a grocery bag full of grapes off our grapevine this morning, and am going to make them into grape preserves now. We'll see how it turns out.

Later ladies,

08-26-2006, 06:21 PM
thank you, kathy. i am happier than i've been in a long long time. i have a large stack of "too large" clothes that i'm ready to give away. my self-esteem is higher, too. i am ready to lose another 20 before we head south. i have to tell you, though, i'm a little concerned about my exercise routine (w a) while in texas. i don't want to lose any ground. i need to find an indoor pool around the cleburne area. i think i would be allowed to sign up for a temporary membership somewhere.

even though you did a lot of cooking, i think you've enjoyed your day. you enjoy cooking, don't you? i know some days i want to stay in the kitchen and cook and cook. it's sort of relaxing for me. i hope it is for you, too.

no ankle bracelet yet. curtis and i went to town together so our stops were at a sporting goods store and the archery center. i may go back out tomorrow. not sure yet. this is a popcorn night for me. i have curtis some cake mix cookies baking. we'll settle in and watch a movie in a few min. we have "annapolis."

angela, you are soooooo domestic. i am impressed with your making grape preserves. are you making sf?

08-26-2006, 06:29 PM
Ack! Still didn't explain this "cousin-to-be" thing!

And yes, my happy place is the kitchen. I'm a gadget freak and could use twice as many drawers and cabinets as I have, as well as a 4-door SubZero fridge, indoor grill, triple oven with convection ... you name it, I would like it. I have a large kitchen but would like to have it even bigger. And THIS with it basically just being Judd and I now.

08-26-2006, 06:55 PM
It's easy to explain. My high school sweetheart, whom I am going to marry in November, is "On target's" first cousin! Isn't that sweet!

08-26-2006, 07:05 PM
Sandra, nope, I'm not making the grape preserves sugar free. It's for the kiddos' peanut butter sandwiches. I don't really care for grape myself. :) And it does take loads and loads of sugar. Oh well. :lol:

I'm on the 2nd to last's definitely easier to buy jam.


08-26-2006, 07:24 PM
OOOOOOOHHHH! I think it's our first wedding on the board! I am SO excited!!

08-26-2006, 08:05 PM
Hey Chickies,
I'm late checking in again today. I don't know where the time goes. I've read all the posts since yesterday and I try to remember everything I want to answer.

First, Tejas, :welcome: I joined this group just 2 weeks ago and they welcomed me with open arms. I know look forward to coming here and reading all the posts and getting support.

Second, I don't wear an anklet anymore. I used to but it broke. However, if it is a requirement for the group, I'd be more than happy to go out and treat myself to a present. HMMMM, maybe I should do that anyway.

It's been a busy day. My older DD Nikki did a photo shoot 2 weeks ago at this modeling company and today we had to pick the pictures that will be shown to the agencies. They'll be online soon so I'll tell you where to find them when they're posted. She's very excited. She may actually get to go to a modeling convention.

Froufy, we missed you. I'm so sorry about your family member. It's very hard watching someone slip away. Unfortunately, I've watched 3 parents (2 inlaws) pass. Try to be strong and know that soon she won't be suffering.

Niki, that's so great about your ebay sale. Now that my younger DD is growing so fast I should put her stuff up for sale. Can always use extra cash.

Tomorrow our day at the friends. I already have gum in my bag so I don't forget. Anyway, I'm sorry if I missed anyone. Making Chicken for dinner and "pineapple cheescake" for dessert. See you all later.

Stacey :wave:

08-26-2006, 08:22 PM
Sorry, Stacey, but an anklet seems to be required here. Please go get one at your earliest convenience.


08-26-2006, 08:40 PM
I have a collection if anyone needs to borrow one. ;)
Well I ended up shopping almost all day with my mom, now I'm exhausted. I actually fell asleep on the couch for awhile (apparently, because DH got a lot done while I was there--it only seemed like a couple of minutes to me!). I guess we're going out for dinner (AGAIN) tonight. I must go to the grocery store tomorrow.

Vickie, I'm really glad that you got some sleep last night. I hope that you have a fabulous time at the birthday party and that you don't feel deprived at all. I totally understand what you mean about being good and then eating everything in sight--I've done that several times before!

:wave: Welcome Tejas! We're always happy to make new friends.

Sandra, you sly fox, you are doing so awesome. I had no part in your success but I still feel very proud of you. I'm hoping to follow in your footsteps very very soon. :hug: Oh and I'm going to have to try that Lemon Pop Cake. I must go to the grocery store!! :)

Angela, good going making your homemade jam. I'm so impressed! :D I'm sure the girls (will eventually!) appreciate it.

Stacey, that's so exciting about your daughter. Please keep us updated!

Well I think DH is ready to go find some grub. I'll BBL gals!

08-26-2006, 09:02 PM
kathy, i do more cooking now than i ever did before,:chef: and it's just curtis and me. i used to be called the "fast food queen." :mcd: i forgot to explain about rhonda's being my cousin-to-be. i'm glad she caught it and explained.

angela, again you are impressing me. i made apricot preserves a few years ago. our trees haven't produced since. next time i'm making sf. curtis and i use apricot preserves diluted with water as a dip for coconut shrimp and to drizzle over different foods. we have one jar left.

stacey, how exciting about dd! we'll all be waiting to see the photos. your dinner sounds good. we snacked (popcorn :corn: and a killer brownie for me) during the movie. now we're too full to have dinner. guess we'll have it later tonight. we like to eat early so this is sort of radical for us. :lol:

melissa, my ww leader and i were talking the other day. i told her all about 3fc and all of you. you are definitely a big part of my success. remember all those :hug: :hug: and ;) ;) ;) ? they gave me pushes to get me started. and now the :high: are keeping me going.

we have company coming in a few minutes. it's a young man from the archery shop who's interested in buying a bow from us. (yes, we have a lot of bows.) i did a quick pick up around the place after the movie. this will be his first time here. i want to fool him into thinking i'm a good housekeeper. :lol:

08-26-2006, 09:06 PM
Sandra, I just love you so much! You are a hoot, girl, and I can't wait to meet in person!

I actually laughed out loud when you said you wanted to fool him into thinking you were a good housekeeper! That's ME! When we have company, the place is spotless and so people think that's how we are all the time. Uh ... no, we aren't! :lol:

08-26-2006, 09:11 PM
curtis dusted off the treadmill. i got tickled at him and started to ask him if he was kicking up dust while walking.:woops: i'm anxious to meet you, too. wouldn't it be neat if you, rhonda, and i could get together this fall? well, we could bring our hubbies, too, i guess.

08-26-2006, 10:51 PM
A nice breezy sunny day here - but certainly cooling off as we head for September - kathy - are you still in the middle of a heat wave?

Tried to sleep in this morning but lots of 'visits' from little ds - then had to get up anyways to take him to bday party - and I was off to Walmart - returned one tank top and came home with a bunch of other stuff! Including a new lipstick (for the plane ride as I can't take my 'usual' types), new sea bands (can't find my old ones - think big ds has them somewhere?) and more sunscreen (neutrogena dry sunblock 45 spf - not greasy at all!).

Then picked up ds - home for lunch - then w/dd to Ikea (where everyone else in the city was this afternoon - very busy place!) - got two dressers, one 2 x 2 cube thing (she was very OPPOSED to the 4x4 cube thing - insists she doesn't have that much stuff - ya right!), some drawers for the cube thing, cd holders and a cool metal whiteboard thing w/built in clock, cubbies and you can write on it too (it's red and white and black - which will be her new 'room' colors). One of the red bookshelves we wanted was out of stock (2 more weeks) - which was a good thing - cuz it all added up to over $500. Still need new bed, mirror, and she wants room painted (grey with red pinstripes?). My head is spinning - and arms aching from loading and unloading all this heavy stuff from the van.

I sure wish I could have had a nap today. Then the 'babies' all wanted to be fed so I cooked up pot of pasta and made some stir fried veggies (my first green pepper from the garden!!!, onions, red/orange peppers, mushrooms) and added to pasta w/light cream, parmesan and spices - very yummy.

I must say I am stress eating today as dh tries to complete this 'submission' for gov grant for new businesses - as it stands now I am sure he won't make it - according to his schedule no 'product/revenues' til month 11 - and frankly we can't wait that long either! He is trying to fix it up (has a friend who got this grant and is helping him) - but frankly I think it's a write off - he has to deliver big package with all questions answered by tuesday am - so we are very focussed on this right now.

I am feeling depressed again about the whole $$ situation and feel bad for him too - but the reality is we have bills to pay and we must do what we have to do!

Now Sandra: i want to fool him into thinking i'm a good housekeeper. Now all you really had to do is get that ANKLET - he would be so distracted and mesmerized by the sparkling thing on your dainty ankle he would barely notice anything else!:D :D

Angela - I too have flat feet and fat ankles - in fact I bought this anklet cuz it was the only one I could find that might fit (and thankfully it did). I am kinda used to it now - but still wondering if I should get rid of the 'dangly' leftover chain part? Can't wait to have a custom made one like Vickie.

Hope dd recovers quickly and no one else succumbs!

So ladies who wear anklets year round - what about pantyhose - does it just get smooshed against your skin underneath? What about runs and getting it caught - and bumps???

Melissa - sounds like a fun shopping day for you - I don't think I"m quite ready for a toe ring yet! ha ha ha

Hi tejas and welcome - we are thrilled to have you here - when's the wedding?

So dh and I home tonight altho both 'babysitter's here - we feel too guilty to go spend $$ for a movie altho we could both use the distraction and time away from home. I have taken this opportunity to do laundry - yes laundry on a saturday night - does it get any more exciting than this???

Froufie, The Anklet Instigator

08-26-2006, 11:17 PM
frouf, i'm doing laundry tonight, too. it's typical for me. it really doesn't bother me, though. we're watching some scifi. now i lead a very exciting life, to, don't i? i'm wondering how i'm going to wear th

08-26-2006, 11:20 PM
I want to meet everyone too!! Can we have a 3FC party??

08-26-2006, 11:36 PM
No, Frouf, it does NOT get more exciting than laundry on Saturday night. About darn time you stayed home for once and experienced *OUR* lives! :lol:

I have had quite an exciting few hours. I made my usual batch of bread this afternoon and was slicing the first loaf, when I sliced straight thru my thumb. YEEEE-OUCH!! It bled and bled and bled, and I couldn't find a band-aid, so I ended up taping a paper towel over my thumb for a while. Then Judd came home from riding his bike, and said he had ridden thru a neighborhood that he wanted to show me. He SO wants to move, but at the same time he loves our house and would like to stay here if we could get rid of a few nasty neighbors. We loaded into the truck with Zuki and Precious and took off to look at these houses. Then while driving thru the neighborhood, we saw one for sale so I hopped out to get the brochure in the little tube thingy over the realtor sign. And I shut my finger in the door.

Sigh ... so now my left hand is pretty much out of commission. The thumb keeps bleeding, and the pointer finger is blue, swollen, won't bend and is probably broken. I'll be damned though if I'm going to the hospital tonight. I will splint and see what it looks like tomorrow.

And imagine typing with one hand. Yeah, it's a lot of fun.

08-26-2006, 11:53 PM
Kathy!! You are really never lacking for excitement or good stories to tell, are you? I hope that your finger(s) are feeling better. Please get it looked at if you need to! I can't imagine. Bless your heart.

08-26-2006, 11:57 PM
Oh, Melissa, you are the sweetest thing ever. And no, there's no shortage of drama around here. He invited a neighbor over to watch a PPV of ultimate fighting ... something that I can not and will NEVER understand.

The good news is that the thumb isn't bleeding anymore ... but here's something funny. I was putting up dishes from the dishwasher and opened a cabinet door and saw a big red splotch on the side of a white bowl. I realized I had been bleeding on all the dishes I had just unloaded so I had to find them all and put them BACK in the dishwasher.

I'm hoping Mr. Pointer isn't broken but it sure is big and blue. It's what I get though; I just wasn't paying attention.

08-27-2006, 12:12 AM
Kathy, that's really gross. :lol: Luckily you noticed it before you had company or something. :rofl: Seriously, I'm sorry that you hurt yourself. Like you need more pain and suffering.

I guess I should go do some laundry. You all have inspired me. :D I'm actually teaching Sunday School in the morning so I'm trying to get ready for that too. I'm all wound up for some reason tonight. Maybe it's the giant coke I had earlier. :o

08-27-2006, 12:37 AM
Well I'm headed to bed. Good night friends. And remember, tomorrow is another day. :sunny:

08-27-2006, 07:55 AM
Morning chicks,

Kathy.....Are you alright? I worked at a podiatry office for 21 years so toes and fingers are very similar. I'm putting on my medical hat right now. :drill: How long ago was you last tetnus shot. They last 10 years. Make sure your putting antibiotic on the cut and keeping it covered and dry. For pointer, ouch. You can ice it for up to two weeks after an injury to help with swelling and pain. That and a margarita won't hurt.

Talk to you all in a little while. Going to make breakfast for Briana, younger DD.

Stacey :hun:

08-27-2006, 09:50 AM
Thanks, Stacey! It's nice to get professional advice, and seeing how clumsy I can be, I'm sure this won't be the last time you have to give it!

I can bend my finger this morning but it's still swollen and blue. The cut is really painful and looks icky. I'll keep doctoring it and make sure it doesn't start looking worse.

I'll be back later.

08-27-2006, 09:55 AM
Time for a new board!