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09-07-2001, 08:24 AM
for love.

Herbie and I had a misunderstanding on Wednesday and I've been unhappy since. He's stressed over some work thing and I'm stressed over everything else. Tonight I'll see him and we'll be happy again. !!!!

I've been drinking chocolate soy milk. Does anyone else? The soy is good for us wimmins and it has the calcium and protein of milk. Tastes wonderful, too!

Today I will eat carefully and take care of my body. This is my affirmation. "eat carefully" means be careful about what I eat.

Do you know I once saw a child's 3rd grade paper here in Dogpatch after it had been graded. She wrote "I want you to come to my birthday party." The teacher added the word FOR: "I want for you to come to my birthday party."


09-07-2001, 01:32 PM
Imagine our demure Peachblush sounding the Love Horn like that!!And to think I thought she had remained chaste!!!!Never Mind---as long as she stays good and fat,that will keep me happy----what are your hamhocks weighing in at lately---- I have a good idea----Let's all post our weights so that we can have a good laugh.:dizzy: Mabe not----what's up for the weekend???We know what I will be drinking tonight,that's for sure----at least three-----WHERE IS LUSH,AND DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET A HOLD OF HER AND COMPLAIN THAT SHE IS NEEDED??????:o

09-07-2001, 07:26 PM
I'm on my way out to dinner, all by my lonesome (well, I will meet some friends there). DH and DD and one of her friends went to the coast for the weekend to freeze in the boat.:lol: I'm staying home to watch tennis (Williams sisters meet tomorrow night for the singles title!), take care of my doggie (she is doing very well but still on meds), and write an incensed letter to the editor. More on that tomorrow.

Have a good weekend, and don't eat that.


09-08-2001, 09:18 AM
How sweeeeeet!

I can't drink soy milk 'cause of my thyroid so I'm going to become dark and menopausal and drive everyone nutso.

Went to see Bridget Jones' Diary last night. Hilarious.

I weigh 160. Take it or leave it. I had a cold but now it's gone and I have stomach flu instead, which didn't stop me from eating a hot dog for lunch. Can't be that bad, eh? I'll probably pay later.

The units arrive on October 1st. Gotta start cleaning. I'm thinking of burnt almond with avocado trim for the guest room. Ya right! I'll be lucky if I even get the rug vacuumed in time.

09-08-2001, 05:53 PM
I am so lucky that I happened to stop by when my absence was mentioned. My computer is still broken. It requires a trip to the computer guy because DH is too busy to fix it. NO time.
My mom is starting radiation next week. Her surgery has has several complications so I'm been pretty busy with that.
School started. My DD has started HIGH SCHOOL. She went back to the lovely Catholic School, rather than the real world public school. Her decision was based on Cheerleading, but that 's ok. I'll take whatever I can get. The boys little school is closing. It is very small and can no longer support they have moved, with their friends, to the school DD goes is k-12. DS11 loves it, DS9 hates it....go figure.
I'm fine. I"m a tank. Stress is not good for me and I'm perpetually exhausted.
I am reading The House of Sand and Fog. I am disturbed that Herbie has upset my sister. I am going to go read. I always say I'll come back with replies...but I never do because now I am one of those occasional posters who blabbers on and on about herself and doesn't show any consideration for the rest of the group. Wouldn't it be more interesting if I had something to say?
I miss all of you. Last time I was here, Wabby was sad....Sugar had friends, Bagz was going to a concert, Kiwi's DD had won a float contest, and Sissy :s: was not provoking my BIL. She is so difficult sometimes.

09-08-2001, 06:08 PM
You poor darling!!!!!! A rough summer to be sure. My solution isto find the extraordinary opportunities in your life. What business??? I'll buy something. I don't even know what you do???
Anyway, I did read. I read everyone else's stuff but they don't deserve comment as not one of them had an extramarital affair or went to an exciting place or did anything wonderful...though Kiwi's mice came close.
I am being pressured to get out of the library. So adios till later....

09-08-2001, 08:04 PM
How good to c you!

I'm amazed that your DD went back to Cath school, but I'm sure you are relieved. And how much simpler to have all 3 in the same school! My DD started 8th grade and seems to find it terribly dull. One of the stupidest things about it I must agree with her: One of her classes is Teen Skills which I assume is sex ed, consumer ed, values, drug avoidance, that sort of thing. This lasts a semester. At the same time in her science class, they have, instead of something worthwhile, like SCIENCE for instance, for the next 6 weeks, the guidance counselor is teaching "Life Skills", much like last year and the year before. Values, drug avoidance, that sort of thing. Gee, does that sound just A LITTLE BIT REDUNDANT??????? :mad: Sometimes I wish we had pulled her out this year and gone sailing. She wouldn't have even had to do home schooling, because she wouldn't have missed anything!

Rant, rant, rant. I watched a stupid movie last night. 3000 Miles to Graceland It was sort of amusing at the beginning, but it went downhill and just became stupidly bloody. Much like, in fact almost exactly like, Reindeer Games, if you've seen that. The best thing about the movie was the ending credits where Kurt Russell was singing an Elvis song in his very tight white Elvis pants. It even had Kevin Costner in it, who I generally love, and he was blah.

I am reading a science fiction series that DH really liked. It's the Riverworld series by Phillip Jose someone or other. Sort of interesting. But you notice I'm hanging around here, not devouring the printed page. The amusing thing about it is that it was written about 30 years ago and keeps referring to things that were "commonplace by 2002" which definitely aren't happening. Like making metal out of energy. And an alien on TV.

Tata folks.